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  1. what you write does not correspond to reality, it is only the fear of seeing your destroyer to pieces
  2. ntboble I have not tried the new interceptor then I do not know, but I'm sure a superpower too much. wisealert I saw Santa Claus flying on an interceptor !! cinnamon troll get a life !!
  3. Let's say that most of the interceptor pilots are tired of having vehicles that are not capable of doing anything. 1) Let's talk about damage we can put any kind of weapons, but the fact is that damage is ridiculous soon as you meet an enemy you're shooting for a long time before you kill it, it is very possible to die first because you will be hired by other players. tactical nuke radius and minimal damage is ridiculous to call it nuclear, because most of the time you do not do harm to anyone. 2) talk about active modules on recon there are modules that are useless are more defensive and offensivi.per an interceptor that in itself does not do damage are useless. 3) talk about Shield's hull for an interceptor is normal to be weaker but if you do not do enough damage to the enemy think it is one triple disadvantage. 4) we talk about speed. to you it seems normal that a frigate or a destroyer go as much or more of an interceptor? To put an interceptor? RIP my friend !!!