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  1. then we can say that in this game no one ever asked the mate or guild mates to leave the game because maybe you do the more fast daily quests? or perhaps to produce faster synergy.? I believe first of all that the matchmaking should change player with rank against players with lower rank too high. also should put a filter to avoid that corporations play together or against in pvp, the most they can participate in 4 per game, tonight I saw a pvp nasa vs rest of the world. for competitive matches are the conquest, tournament and league, we do not need this even in normal pvp. so for me to be divided both together and against, avoiding conflicts of interest.
  2. as we well know star conflict is a game where the team is important, the actions of each player ally affects the type of game that you do. I noticed that in many matches players who disconnect, others who inexplicably stop is still more an attack. the result is that while you're dominating a game, the Allied team disappears between those who disconnects because he has more important things to those who do not care about anything but especially for those who play against players of the same corporation. sometimes an ally would be better to have it as an enemy. I think we need to change the matchmaking and set it with filters that prevent players from the same guild to meet against further matchmaking is not balanced, there are too many games where there are teams with high upgrades and other teams with teams with low rank and upgrades. think evil is wrong but sometimes maybe you have found a truth! mercenaries greetings