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  1. The trade system. The rework was nice, but the language barrier is annoying, there should also be a max price for items and no limit on daily trades. And why are y'all making certain items artificially rare? All the destroyer modules have a rare component, for example, the R7-9 Tempest Launcher Rotary gear or the R10-12 Tempest Launcher Blueprint. Why do that? We already have to save up a ton of components, and it really sucks when you're a relatively new player and already spend enough time building the destroyer, only to find you need more monocrystals and a rare part to build a missile launcher! I built a Procyon and found out that the rotary gear I needed was only available for 3K+ GS on the trade market (I've only gotten the container that has a tiny chance to drop it a couple times). I'm about to build the Brave, I looked up the stuff I needed for weaponry and literally can't find the tempest launcher blueprint on the trade market. Not one have I seen up for sale. Why make specific parts so rare? If it were for the ship itself, like the actuators/ship-specific CPUs for R14 destroyers, that's fine, but for a module? Ehhhhhhhh... This game has been around for awhile, and I'd think that the devs would be trying to attract new, dedicated players. I'm loving the game, but this kind of thing really throws me off...
  2. Well we have the WL-13EL for fast targets...
  3. This. Seriously, infinite missile launchers for guns? Dude. Why the devs think that adding super OP ships now is a good idea for the game's future, I'll never know. I'm relatively new to the game but it looks to me like they need to bring in more dedicated, long-term players if they want the game to keep going. And adding super OP ships like the Tai-Kin that can literally take on half of the enemy team on at once and win is gonna do the opposite. It's just stupid... A short term cash grab. Oh well, that means they will nerf it to a tolerable standard like they did with the Thar-Ga, eventually. And from my limited experience with it, the Waz'Got doesn't seem overpowered at all, so that's a step in the right direction.
  4. Hey guys! I'm fairly new to the game, joined quite awhile ago but just came back recently. Anyway, I want to join a corporation that regularly participates in dreadnought battles. My highest ships are Grizzly for Federation, Prometheus for Empire (I have both Grizzly-M and Prometheus X unlocked), and the Dragonfly for Jericho (I don't play Jericho much). I've also built the Spiral, Nightingale, Archelon, Waz' Got, and Procyon, currently working towards the Invincible. If anyone wants to take me on, let me know!
  5. Ta-daaaa!