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  1. i dont think removing is a good option. i love this mode. its a lot of fun if u play it right. but this game mode should be seperated from normal pvp que
  2. oh please let them. sit on spawn and only use special module = 1 less player on battlefield and less pressure on map objectives they put 6 gun* to LRF(Long Range Frig) and they don't bothering to use it. * %50 more dps than other frigate roles anyway one more thing they can do for this problem: adding more spawn locations and players can choose where to spawn. and u'll able to see how many players spawning those locations on map screen
  3. here
  4. so ur telling us that "if u dont wanna be captin play bad a few games" lol
  5. 1k healing per second looks like ellydium interceptors best friend Edit: CinnamonFake good luck balancing game after all ellydium ships relased
  6. what about putting one or two outpost on spawn that have really high damage just in regular team death matches? is that stop spawn camp?
  7. just like gauss railgun right? funny
  8. well, as another ellydium ships come ur dream will come come true and suddenly i think that modifier on nightingale. it scares me
  9. Best ship role for captain before 2017. Unkillable beasts.
  10. u'll get used to it