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  1. I saw a lot of haters... If you dont like trade tax dont use it. No one force you to use it Tax is only for prevent abuse the system and if u have blueprints that u've alredy unlocked, u can sell other players to get some GS Simple brain usage solves everything...
  2. am i the only one wishes every game be survival?
  3. i wonder that devs tought about that teleport sh*t on ellydium dessie? lol
  4. (i feel some interceptor haters coming our way) everything must have some counter-play if u want this game balanced imo teleport sh*t must be active module and if u want easy escape u must sacrifice one active module slot like me to kill isolated LRF taking plasma arc instead of repair on covie and the combat shield must be uniqe that cant be stacked
  5. or just make them active module?
  6. here is my suggestion about thar'kth; damage must be reduced %40 critical "damage" might buffed %10-%20 and bullet speed must be reduced to 3000-4000 m/s
  7. on os when aliens come and background turns green its almost impossible to see blue and some ppl color-blind.. cant even imagine how hard this for them i agree spatial needs "visiual rework" but;
  8. You expect low damage from a thing called "Destroyer" funny... And ur suggestions about numbers are trash; 25k shield and 50k hull on procyon? If ur trolling, its funny. But if not, dont expect me to take u serius.
  9. if they be detectable would be nice but targetable.. don't think its a good idea. tempest launcher may send extra 12 missile [(4 module + special module + engine)*2] i dont want 14 missle locking on me like last man standing on alien destroyer spec ops
  10. by yours trully

    u had 7 seconds to make distance man u just nuked urself lol joke but i expect more distance than that still looks cool
  11. by yours trully

    Can u make falcon-m or peregrine while nuke explosion?