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  1. i've spent 1800 for those bullcrap boxes and 0 spec module upgrade, so consider yourselves lucky!
  2. good luck countering yourself mr.trash
  3. You know when u put object between enemy team they cant see you like big azz asteroids and gives you chance to aproach enemy 3x damage more than enough if you want to one shor them Covie has orion and adaptive como even plasma arc that rip them apart Ecm has controlling effects make opponents mouse buttons useless, even keyboard Recon.. Well suck their shield and finish them with missiles. You cant? Make them visible to your team let someone else do the dirty work and stay alive Seems no need buff there another trash topic in the forum
  4. My guess: People dont play "scouts" because their main purpuse not DPS but support and support roles may carry the match but they rewarded poorly. Thats why everyone wants big damage. Blow ships = More Synergy Like Recons also ECM role having that problem too. Well used special module turns table but they only get little debuff assist reward if they didnt damage or kill. And that micro locators are really useful if a tackler or covie tries to sneak up on your "afk disintegrator snipers" ( i mean long range frigs )
  5. Fun is dead when ellydium relased thar'ga for ppl who have a life. Others have those elly ships
  6. redirect all energy to shields--->immortal guards but wait there is a "ACTIVE MODULE" for that redirect all energy to engines--->500m/s dessies oh wait there is a engine modifier for that "CRUISE ENGINE" for fighters redirect all energy to weapons--->thar'ga v2 u got this one redirect all energy to energy? whaaat thee flak?
  7. that nerf made strafe-ceptors little bit useless. rotate-ceptors still ok with it but imo that angle needs buff little bit yeah
  8. i wish there is a starter guide for you but you can read it and try to understand
  9. thats why nobody belives him exist but we do
  10. No more "steal enemy captain" ????
  11. i kill a long range frigate in 5 seconds with covert ops.... %100hp to 0
  12. pink tag

    go for hunters then easier targets good synergy average loot anyone tired of getting same things from that empire scientist working on elly theta? i mean 10 capped xeno things?
  13. true and if 2 dessy shot pyro same spot damage doesnt stack only one pyro hits
  14. he didnt mean that.. ship agile enough to avoid bullets.. i'm not a fighter main but that ship have better stats on speed and energy. and more engine modifier slot
  15. same rank empire vs fed fighter.... And there.. 3m/s less reverse speed, 26m/s more strafe, same roll-pitch, 68m/s more fw speed, 81m/s more afterburner speed... more energy regen, less afterburner energy use. nearly doubles energy reserves
  16. lol Rockets also deal damage good enough. If you are not flying dessy enter small holes. They'll turn their back if they didnt fit there and u have time to kill them! ABUSE THE AI !!!!!
  17. i like those words lol. elly ship came too early imo other standart ship needs more flexible advantages to make those ppl stop crying about it like hyena special module or styx's
  18. while ur trying to slow it, for most pilot you stopped to make proggress lol
  19. 10k is enough i expect less i'm ok with it but if it drop lesser than 2k the problem will start again
  20. 1. Description of the problem, what happened. CovOp special module damage values are become $weapon_damage$ and $additionalSpell_damaeg$ (bold one also written wrong) And minimum speed for additional damage is $min_speed_percent$ 2. What did you expected to happen. See the numbers not variables name 3. The conditions during the situation. Just hover mouse 4. Further details on the issue. look at the SS 5. Frequency of occurrence. After 1.4.3, everytime lol 6. Logs + screenshots or a video 7. If possible, the time when it happend. In this case we will be able to look more closely to the server logs. Also mention your time zone. time zone +3 but i dont think its necessary but its still happening 8. Information on the configuration of your computer (DxDiag) its not about it 9. The results of this program if the bug report is related to connection issues. nope 10. If the complaint is related to Sector Conquest, it is necessary to specify the location and time + timezone of the happening. nope