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  1. Thats like saying the gauss cannon is a rip off of the assault railgun but with a different feature
  2. This "bug" happened again last sunday, we queued to attack a t5 sector and we got matched agaisnt some poor t3 team, it seems to me that the game matches whatever sectors players *arent* in together as it pleases, so lets not blame nasa here, we're simply prepared to win at all times so dont get mad for losing
  3. Its just called "new ships vs old ships" the reason for the texture resolution is simply because they lacked the technology and experience to make good looking ships back then, if you look at the tier2 empire gunships, theyve been visually upgraded. And its been confirmed that they will visually upgrade all the old ships in the future
  4. Pretty sure theyre gonna make broker missions give 12 raw electrum eventually, otherwise you can bet some people arent going to resist their wallets and blow it all on electrum chance boxes.
  5. Next up we're gonna have an all out war for anime..?
  6. defense turrets only, would be fair, because nerfing it to 75% or 50% would be pointless. Instead I say you'd have to buy and upgrade that second module, thats plenty expensive and fair for balancing
  7. Will most of the old ships go through a visual upgrade? Like they did with the empire t2 fighters?
  8. I mean the assymetry just gives a poor disadvantage agaisnt other destroyers (i.e: tyrant having only 2/3 modules available to point and shoot at a vigilant that can angle itself to use all 4 modules.) but it does indeed help when handling enemies orbitting around those.
  9. I just feel you shouldnt blame nasa itself for getting stomped, sure maybe just the sheer sight of a nasa title in the enemy team might scare you. But if anything it just makes nasa players more targetted, so they really are good players that can stomp while handling that much fire. i remember comparing my day 1 in nasa vs when I was in no corporation, I got shot at, alot more. So its kinda hard to play destroyers in nasa = ~ ='
  10. I think it would be a tad too powerful to have two of anything else than turrets...
  11. Ive seen the suggestion from another thread, but im re-submitting it for relevance. I thought it could be fun and still fair and balanced if we could equip one type of turret on destroyers, twice. So for instance: equip two thermal blaster turrets-> lock the ability to equip any EM blastet turret equip one EM and one Thermal turret->lock the ability to equip a second thermal/EM turret and so on, as long as you can equip only two turrets max. I think while it sounds like a disadvantage from equipping more modules, it opens to symmetrical, fun, and perhaps PVE-efficient builds. while still it sounds powerful, it locks away the ability to equip the more powerful modules, so it balances itself on its own while allowing players just to have fun symmetry and almost roleplay-like feeling to destroyers. (I swear to god equipping a shield emmitter on the side of my tyrant looks ridiculous but its the most efficient setup for pvp)
  12. I havent seen nasa behave the way these accusations are going, maybe the russians in nasa perhaps since i cant read russian, but i did record a round of sec conquest while being in the teamspeak and its up on youtube, and everyone is super chill not tryharding and super humble and patient (nobody cared when i warned them I could afk at any time since i was waiting on food delivery) so i think me and kostyan included would like some names on those who decided to act superior and being rude because of the nasa title above their head. theres no denying that nasa is full of good players and I personally cant blame nasa's glory being all about who owns the most ellydium ships, sure theyre rather unbalanced but I dont think most of us intentionally exploits those flaws solely to win and ruin the fun. On my run with the squad we only had one tharga in the group. the only people I know and witness exploit the ellydium ships on purpose is milf's group. otherwise nasa used to have pretty big joining requirements (i dont know what they are now) so you could blame nasa for having on average more experienced and progressed players (more full-purple geared ships) but honestly so far all I see is blind hate agaisnt the entirety of nasa just because few of us may be trolling specifically to get this kind of hate for lols?? Idk im speculating, but trust me when I say most english speakers are really welcoming and good people in this corp, and some of the russians make the effort of talking to us and you find out theyre really nice and chill too. So I suggest you keep an open mind for most of us in nasa just trying to have our own fun and we're happy to let you all in on the fun. joining nasa was the most different thing I expected when I was outside of it, I thought they were scary prestigious people too, and I started asking around whispering each of them if I could join, they told me they would but that I should be asking the leader himself. That scared me since I expected them to have all sorts of scary requirements and check ups to see if I was up to it. So i ended up whispering kostyan expecting scary authority only to be invited in and treated like a friend and I fitted right in, having the time of my life. All they asked back then was good pvp experience, and they had a quick glance at my profile and completely ignored their "official requirements" that I was slightly below of. dont let your fears boil your ignorance into hatred, and trust me I was scared and felt powerless agaisnt nasa, but we all lose at some point in life, but we also all win too.
  13. Since engineer players are not too frequent, and destroyers are on the rise... what about double healing effectiveness to destroyers as an engineer? yay or nay? Argueue and fight here!!