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  1. I wanna see the r14 dessies...
  2. by yours trully

    I'll get you a screenshot of my tyrant's paint scheme. get yourself some black, white, red patterns ready. ..once I get home
  3. So basically an actual ''Guard'' frigate? that actually guards people? yes please. the new guard frigate gun is basically a flakk cannon that explodes when within 200m of a target, which is suuuper good agaisnt interceptors, but yea something super defensive is a great idea for a ship class. would love if it was an actual ship with a branch in the ship tree without being a premium ship exclusive with painful grinds or pay-to-get-now type of deal.. (im looking at you Dart and gargoyle.. they're both great concepts but locked behind pay-to-get junk..)
  4. true. hmm.. what about a vigilant x10?. spawn, shoot across map. touch enemy 0.01 second, death. well.. no because everone else would be x10 too.. so everyone is cancelled out in terms of murdering eachother, but trinkets makes everything else super wacky.
  5. 700m/s destroyer strafing....mmmmm
  6. imagine x10stat pvps.. oh my lord.
  7. lets see what happens if we take something in SC and multiply its stats by 10. Iridium heatsink: +105% rate of fire, and overheat. for example, let your imagination go wild at how stupid some things can be when multiplied. downsides multiplied too. Galvanized armor: +390 armor resist, -300% rotation speed. these stats are off my head so they're not too accurate, but it gives an idea for some fun.
  8. honestly they should make the gargoyle the default lrf rifle. the whole damage multiplied per shot nailed? yeah.
  9. Remove star gem, they're overpowered.
  10. open space

    ah I see, was this map in this thread? I like this map alot more, its cleaner and updated, imma save it
  11. hahahhahaha
  12. open space

    there you go buddy, seems nobody wants to help map's outdated but all drones are there.
  13. open space

    allright then I'll add you, orca.
  14. aww, would be neat to fly my hangar in that game lol I'll check it out but im not gonna toss a single dime since my budget is for the main game <3
  15. open space

    I dont know if this has been answered but Im lazy to read the entire thread. what are the times of the event?
  16. am I the only one feeling that swifter kinda defends the tharga a bit too much? I don't know, he says its overpowered, then tells us we're wrong when calling out that its overpowered.. im confused.
  17. does it uses your account for your ships or its completely different from the main game?
  18. theres a phone star conflict game?!
  19. this thread should be moved for the OS rework section lol
  20. and by easter eggs you mean world bosses? would be nice to have a boss or pirate/alien raid that spawns every 12 hours randomly on any sector unnanounced or just "a boss has spawned somewhere in jericho/empire/federation space!". and that you'd have to spot it, then go back to the station to ask your corp or english chat to group up to take them down. Another idea would be squad-tier missions in OS. missions you can only pull off with teams, like clearing an area of pirates (that wont respawn during the mission).. so like some sort of PVE-type mission in OS. I wanna see more teamwork and reasons to fly together in OS..
  21. something i'd love to see is... seeing the secconquest battles happen before your eyes during OS. like you could just see two dreadnaughts above the map boundaries fire at eachother without displaying actual players.. for optimisation of course, and also out of the map so you cant interfere or idk.
  22. yeah! why can't we buy fuel at stations for a small fee? like 1000credit per canister of like.. I dont know 25-50 fuel
  23. seems to happen only to the templar S .. happened to me too in a PVP I think.. I've seen other reports of it
  24. relax buddy, lame enemy-team assisting is not too frequent and when it is.. well theres ways to deal with it.. try pinging them, so your team focuses them. no need to perma-ban some people and friends having fun. im sure they weren't trying to queue in opposite team to simply do that. but. in the spur of seeing like "hey my friend is on the other team, let me help him :)" honestly it would've been a bigger problem if it was.. I don't know.. more frequent and during important competitive games.. im in NASA and I havent seen that happen once, so this is news to me.
  25. you guys should test if they really nerfed to the ground the thartok thing or if it was just a switch mistake
  26. I understand the point that they have so many hitpoints yet all the damage they take is multiplied. but thing is. they're not for support of their teammates. they're suppressors. they're not supposed to go balls deep into enemy territory nor sit in the frontline either. they're made to sit behind their team and use their extra range and damagefor suppression, and to punish those who extend into enemy territory. only tweak they need is taking advantage of their high hitpoints that they got punished of having. destroyers right now are fine for their role but they still have the survivability (or lifetime) of an average engineer that gets focus-fired. I honestly think destroyers should be something that can take a beating but that takes a while to regenerate. but they accidentally made them the other way around. they regenerate rather fast while dying too quick for their slow and sluggish build. a buff? no. rework. sure. the destroyer META right now focuses too much on the wormhole projector or the shield resist module. which leaves you with only two suppressor modules.. which kinda sucks.
  27. I'll have to admit that my arguments are based on the ships that I make focuses on their role. my guard frigates are built to guard. not to hunt thargas. my tacklers are built to hunt interceptors. not thargas. so I may be biased in ship building. what worries me though is the fact that the tharga does those numbers of high damage hits on my ships that have over 50% damage resistance. which imagine if you had no resists at all? its a bit absurd. even then I die fast, and I can't run or heal or fight back agaisnt thargas. sure it takes 2-3 seconds to pull out 12k hits. but most ships have around 20k-50k total hp. which means in turn tharga only have 4-6 seconds to pull a kill and heal completely and get out. so yea I agree the problem with tharga is its hp regen and massive resistances when some modules are activated. but the tharkth or whichever gun's the alien kinetic one. still do a tad too much damage for comfort.
  28. I'll see for that. seems like a good idea. what are the ore names i should look for?
  29. the 20k survivability doesnt account the health regen. and yeah. I've been hit by thargas for 12-18k in a single hit (not in survival) which is about the same as positron. but the key problem is that positron's kinda ok because its EM, not Kinetic. I can counter maulers easely with cloaked covertops or destroyers. but tharga has no true hard counter that I could think of, off the top of my head. (you'd have to make a specialized build on maybe another gunship or tackler) I didn't mean "hard to build damage" on the frigate. I meant hard to not sacrifice proper projectile speed or range to get efficient hits that actually hit.
  30. I understands some numbers I explains were innacurate. but to be fair for some of these numbers: interceptors don't do enough damage to keep pressure on a tharga. guard frigates do 500 dmg~ non crit if you dont wanna build it on full damage potential. and tackler weapons I know I completely was innacurate on their damage output. but when every single player in the game builds a ship that holds a 50% damage resist tacklers have a hard time to actually reach over the 1k mark per hit without sacrificing something crucial. tharga has no problem dealing hits passing over 2000 per hit. I tried, for example, using a spark with the most assault railgun-focused build possible. sure I dropped frigates fairly fast and could skirmish other fighters. but that was at the cost of poor projectile speed making me unable to fight interceptors. tharga? it can deal with everything. I haven't seen a tharga have poor projectile speed, OR sacrifice mobility for more survivability. nor sacrifice energy for more damage or such. because all stats of the tharga are by default too good, or their health regen fill their flaws too well. I can't pull proper numbers as I haven't played tharga myself. but by experience i've seen entire teams unable to keep the tharga under debuffs or under proper dps and most of the time they get out alive or pull 5 kills before going down. in our spawn. the supposedly "suicide" zone for an enemy. yet they can kill them in such zones.
  31. because at least you're slow and its hard to build damage and projectile speed/range evenly . meanwhile tharga is just an extra tanky guard frigate with intie speed equipped with positron cannons that have super projectile speed..
  32. Okay I don't have alot of time to make a wall of text and devs seem to only read 10% of our suggestions so. Tharga should not be able to kill any frigates with merely 3 hit. Yes It could kill frigates fast. but not THAT fast. I understand the concept of a gunship. SO. SUGGESTIONS THAT MAKES SENSE(not saying use all of them. pick one or two if you will): Drop down the speed and agility of the tharga down to standard fighter ships from jericho or the emipre. Lower their stupidly high damage output. a little gunship based on DPS and positioning? mah lets give it 20'000 damage per hit. why not. Drop their damage to a fair 6000 dps~ ish I like the idea that the tharga focuses on health regeneration, give tharga some drawbacks. its "good" in every aspect. (I'll edit this later to explain my point of view in this regard) tharga does: extremely high damage. good shield resist and amount good hull resist and amount +absurdly quick health regen extremely high mobility that should not be possible on a //GUNSHIP//. Only way to kill a tharga is to have your teammates try to gun them down. No other GUNSHIPS have had the need to be under fire from an entire team to kill. from my statistics I see: bad tharga players do decently and pull some kills on par with a "decent-to-good" performance. and good thargas? well they just decimate entire teams and demands your own team to focus him alone and ignore the rest of the enemy team. **EXTRA RANTS AND MAYBE GOOD INFO/SUGGESTIONS BEYOND THIS POINT** SO to recap. knock down the tharga to some health regen based ship while giving it a good, exploitable downside to counter them with. and nerf their damage output down to a slightly better full-purple gear gunship like a pro mjolnir would.. (its a pay to win ship after all. so we cant make it equal to standard ship amirite?) the tharga right now isn't a gunship. its the best ship in the game, and the devs don't want to admit it. because its their only source of making money. give some suggestions on what should we nerf from the tharga without demanding drastic, unrealistic things like "oh hurr durr remove it from pvp" I want the tharga to be as good as a rank 15 standard ship, considering its a new faction ship tree Star gem. or whoever's working on the game. Please for the love of god ADVERTISE THE GAME TO GET PLAYERS AND MONEY, ITS NOT BY MILKING YOUR REMAINING, DYING COMMUNITY FOR MORE OVERPOWERED SHIPS THAT YOU'LL STAY AFLOAT I'm aware people wouldn't buy or try the tharga if it was "a tad" better than a mjolnir or something. but ruining the fun of the others who didn't want to pay for the ship is just rude.
  33. So short issue, I've been noticing ever since they scrapped upgrade kits that, metal plates and vanadium is extremely rarer than probably intended. short story, I accidentally deleted all my resources and started back from scratch and noticed that metal plates have been hard to get, even with open space grind only giving me around 3 plates in half an hour. This problem affects the loot search mostly, where I'm getting only computing chips or graphite most of the time compared to metal plates and vanadium.
  34. okay I swear on my mum. the vigilant is disgustingly overpowered with the spacial stabilizer, 8k range+ some garbage 10kdps is stupid. I keep complaining over any forum and Im not getting any answers. federation gets... speed and energy. jericho gets... shield.. empire gets high hull and high damage. this is stupid and empire is a bit too powerful "oh but! how are they gonna heal all that hull?!" simple. they don't need to. they sit at 8000m away from anyone and they just kill anything within seconds. nobody can get close and if they do? minelayer bye-bye pesky interceptors. and if you were to spend your life towards damaging a vigilant? too bad you only did about.. 5 to 10 percent of it's total hull before dying. which isn't enough in a gamemode such as team deathmatch. meanwhile the tyrant has been arguably the worst of all 3 destroyers with a lame +20% or so extra shield regen different from the other sides of conflict which doesn't change anything considering every destroyer ever uses either the vacuum resonance laser or the halo launcher. the isotope harvester only does so little damage and heals so little to the point where none of any tyrants I see in-game use it. most engineers are really good at healing hull while shields are getting a little neglected, especially the brokk works all it's life on hull so if there's two vigilants OR one vigilant+one brokk. just give up. "oh but its a team game" nobody has the brain capacity to focus a vigilant and especially since they sit eight thousand meters away, you'd have to take on all of their teammates first. the only enemy of a vigilant is interceptors that receive a thousand damage for getting hit for a fraction of a second to the resonance laser, or a longrange frigate that cant hit them because of static shields. or a weak guided torpedo can't damage them quickly enough. the spacial stabilizer almost only benefits the vigilant with it's no need for projectile speed laser, and the 80% extra damage is just disgustingly overpowered on the vacuum laser. im not asking for a massive nerf. I just want to see a more balanced rework of the spacial stabilizer, either a revert of the vigilant's empire might patch. OR a buff to the jericho and federation destroyers so they get a chance of retaliating. I had a 1 vs 1 with a vigilant, I was in a tyrant. and it was a pretty close fight, before the empire might patch. now I basically have no chance of victory if they use static shields and I refuse to use the halo launcher. the halo launcher is stupid and shouldn't be a destroyer's job to counter a destroyer. give that job to gunships and covert ops. oh. wait. they can't have that job. they die immediately on a smooth touch of the vacuum laser. (for the love of god give more projectile speed to the thermoactive weapon.)