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  1. consider you guys lucky, i cant particpate in the Tal Kin Event untill they did the hotfix for me i couldnt even collect both resoucers and rewards from C.Demine and the special broker for more than a week and even that being said i even made a few bug reports with screens shots with date and time stamps w./file ,then get ingame mail with poll saying will get rewards and resoucres and now going for another week with nothing yet again ,and the event will be over! sweet lucky me well it can be worse i guess! what do you guys think?
  2. back again! well from an earlier issue that i have with collecting rewards and resources for the tal kin event which i still have.. what i did i went to my other pc and tried to do tasks and collect rewards for tal kin , results showing nothing different from what i am experencing from the past few days. its broken task ,so i have an idea which i deleted star conflict totally and re-install it ! thing it may be the client so after it was said and done i went to try it again to do the task for resources and rewards for the tal kin . can you guess what happen ? Nothing!!!!!! so now am stumped and i have no idea at this point what can it be ,, can someone here have any suggestions on what should i do?? can it be a bad client still?? or its just the server?? am open to suggestions please help can someone tell me what to do?? p.s. i can do task but when completed i can ot collect nor does it shows that it has been collected also its not in workshop either, thank you
  3. no sir
  4. hiya for the past few days i am unable to collect resoures and rewards for the tal kin event was finally able to get a few screen shots of the problem but after system reset itself did not correct the problem, so i am wondering is this a bug on server? i am not able to particabate in this event due to this tech. problem, once i have completed the broker mission and the C. Demeni mission it shows to be complete ,but once i click on tab complete and collect rewards it stays on a loading status and then it disappears with no rewards or resources for the completed missions i have done for the Tal kin event for several days now .photo (1-1) shows to be completed. photo (1-2) shows when clicking completed it stays in loading status..... .photo (1-3) stays in status mode........ photo (1-4) will show after being in the loading stage rewards and resources will not be able to be colleted.............. photo (1-5) will be shown as no rewards slash resources for broker missions and C.Demeni task which i not able to collect nor particapate in can someone help me to resolve this tech. issue here that be going on for the past few days now? which in turn i can not play star conflict and par take in this event like this giving that there is no rewards/resources in game for me please help thank you star conflict development team ...
  5. the whole weekend including with also today i have been doing the task/quest for the tal kin under fraction Elly. and both special broker and C. Demini is broken at the moment for me and i can not collect any special resouces for the Tal KIn of any kind or sorts i also try mutiple times to get a screenshot which it wont let m.. it shows when collecting its stays >>((loading))<< and seems like i am not the only one also here with the same problem. i tried to reboot and repair and all sort off things which leads me to always the same results which i do task for broker and C. demini which i can not collect tried the screen shot also wouldnt let me i hope this gets fix or how can i resolve this issue myself??