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  1. The torpedo is now doing an explosion similar to a cruise missile, we don`t see the Em cloud anymore, was that done by mistake or it is bugged?
  2. SpaceMafia - CEO MainBattleTank, Active, English, USA. 235 members. members online everyday.
  3. Interesting, and thank you for sharing. I should try Blender one day.
  4. The name should be Heavy Frigate.
  5. Amazing artwork like always, love the details. I do some 3D myself, but lazy a little, what software do you guys use more often for the design and building it? ( i own CInema 4D and Lightwave 11.6)
  6. True Gizmomac, the only problem at balancing the most hyper ship is the thar'ga, i could believe that a destroyer alien could one shot another destroyer but a little ship like, to much OP. But you know, players are having fun, i do love when i can kill one with a torpedo.
  7. Thar'ga are annoying and still op ship but they can be killed, i found that torpedo when time is right does the job.
  8. Je te souhaite bonne chance, les 2 langues du jeu c'est Russe ou Anglais. Il faut leurs donner la vrai traduction.
  9. entertainment

    yes, that on is pretty cool and i like it a lot. I love the paint job on the ship.