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  1. TO be honest, Alanthier, i would have said the same thing, the game is broken af remove it too? Would that be different? no really, it is only a reply, not an abuse of the moderator. And i find it to be a good joke. Removing modules is not a solution, fixing it is the solution, if you don't like it, use something else to counter it or go destroyer the ship that use it. It is very impressive how people can get adapted to new thing and come up with tactics.
  2. the filter need to have the dictionary of each languages and compare them. Sometime a word is not even a bad word and you get filtered. It is almost as bad as typing SMS with suggestions. A rework or a big improvement is in need. The system should compare the word and not only see 3 letters from the word and bang, the correct word has been filtered. The community could help since the community as player around the world.
  3. I will say that, i am with Orca for that one, the simple way was to put in you're reply yes or no. I do like the suggestion you are putting in here. that would help pretty much the game play and balance the teams. One of the reason i don't like PVP to much.
  4. Interesting offers to make trade like this. But it is very risky too. Hope it work for you.
  5. Now something about time travel hit Star Conflict, me too I will get my delorean, prepare Mr. fusion.