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  1. Looks a bit better.
  2. Increase mk5 weapons bonus.
  3. Mmmm, my gunship not like Waz'got
  4. Waz'got looks odd inside. Most stupid idea: pay gs to pt server.
  5. No, because someone can stop playing.
  6. He's seriously, it really doesn't work! Now you should balance game (not add super op things every month) to ppl want fight not leave. In my opinion good idea.
  7. How new trade system works? edit: It's xxxx'kin awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Reloading modules looks very bad, this counting down is annoying. Waz'got seems to be not very op, good. Can I change colour of windows (I hate blue)?
  8. I waiting for healer to my stingray
  9. Zeta-7
  10. Ok I was writing gravi-lens, sorry...
  11. You should check first. Nothing i saying you.
  12. There's no gravlens t5 bp in caches.
  13. You can make enriched mono from standard mono in workshop.
  14. When you spoiled Star Conflict, you going to make same with Crossout or not?
  15. It should be Charged Shell. And thi-lith should be Tesla Coil
  16. Increase minimum 10x amount of credits obtained. Actually noone is stupid enought to waste GS. Actually it's better to buy and sell blueprints for credits than do it.