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  1. Scattered Eagles I purpose.
  2. that's why my tharga is r12
  3. P2p will be even better.
  4. Less players = more fun for me.
  5. when crossout obt?
  6. Just not enough players
  7. I have about 260 parts now.
  8. I'm using speakers and I'm playing on far camera.
  9. xDDDDD that's more funny than that memes from contest
  10. You can set key in kb settings, it's as I remember "free look".
  11. I can't hear 'Vulcan' weapon sound when firing, it's too silent.
  12. I didn't mean 2vs2, 7vs7 will be best.
  13. and wanadium ammo is for credits... lol
  14. Battles just need to be smaller and more of it.
  15. I getting to t5 pvp in 3-4 min.
  16. Interceptors don't need buff. Frigates need it.
  17. Look at thar'ok.
  18. But why all playing singularity on it when it has got bonus to kinetic weapons?
  19. Avoid bullets? On this ship?
  20. It's not designed to be long-range.
  21. Everyone know Piranha - B2 is the worst T5 ship. I looked at it's parameters, and this ship has got too slow side and rear speed - same as tanky empire gunships. It needs buff.
  22. It's funny. Ppl trying to defend yourself from incoming massive op.