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  1. I think remove that waiting time after nerf is neccesary.
  2. Remove all healing from external sources including repair kits on maps.
  3. I think it's very good idea
  4. What about pvp wing? If you want play for example 8 vs 8. Your opponents will be very good players or another wing.
  5. Why you making a lot of topics to one discussion?
  6. For me it's good idea but too high dmg. 3 turrets on destro deal a lot of dmg. 300-400 will be ok.
  7. Lol, make destro only for pve and they don't be angry for end of op.
  8. I think after last patch game is good balanced and don't need changes.
  9. hmm... yes
  10. There are too many players in pvp. my gunship is not usefull, big enemies group always killing me. Number of players in battle should be decreased. Players can't play tactic, they always defending and killing rushers. Number of players in battle should be decreased to 4-8.