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  1. gud god I must be bored if I'm on the sc forum *FACEPALM*

    1. Oregyen


      noo, it's like watching flowers grow. be one with nature!

  2. I personally do see his point about the ai targeting you most and the stupid turtles and demomans. I personally don't have much trouble in any teir pve except when I get a team that doesn't know what theyre doing. That said, teamwork is the win and sometimes you just get a $hit team including the other game modes. I will admit that when I get a new weapon and want to have fun with it but cant kill turtles directly with it and my team is off doing god knows what then its discouraging....
  3. My only REAL complaint is that I spent a lot of gs and time getting tai and when I finally do its nearly useless (energy efficiency is a joke, you cant use afterburners for more than say 10 seconds for example) and to top it off to upgrade the energy you need even more rare items than mono.
  4. dc

    So I'm not saying by the following that Star Conflict is not having network problems but I just found that my network card driver was updated by Windows 10. Microsoft has been releasing a lot of updates lately and loves to update drivers for us but I use custom drivers and junk not to mention the network driver Microsoft is installing is not working for my laptop.
  5. I started noticing this on octopus a week ago. I even use Heatsink. It seems to come and go for me.
  6. bug

    I login and accept the hourly broker mission for tai'kin parts. After I accepted then I went to do daily os missions and switching factions then go back to elly and the hourly broker mission I accepted is no longer there to do. I missed 1 of the parts because of this. Yes its hourly but I'm short and needed that. I have no log files for yesterday so I cant upload any which brings me to does the client clean up old log files? if not it really needs to. grinders like myself get massive amounts of logs.
  7. dc

    I randomly get disconnects over the last few weeks. Chat keeps saying connection lost to chat. And today it wouldn't let me login. I restart the game and it finally lets me login but 2 min later it kicks me again. I have gigabit internet so it can't be on my side and when this all started I even called my isp to see if any issues with my stuff and nothing is wrong. logs.7z
  8. I was mostly just messing around trying to get a rise out of you guys. After watching some vids on Tai'kin I can see that this idea is nowhere near the direction things seem to be heading and honestly thought of it and threw it out there with no expectation. Seems to me that it would be great to have but whateves. I go with the flow of the game (as if I really have a choice other than not to play ofc lol)...
  9. I really don't get you people man. You complain about this and that and want to get more of this and the other thing and when an idea comes out to give you those things you all shoot them down. Not to mention this forum is one big social platform. WTF? This is a forum man. People having off topic conversations and the reason you give when shooting down peoples ideas are lame. Open your minds people and see that there is a greater picture behind this. I mean really though you don't get how redirect power to energy regeneration works? And this, well it would be OP stuff is just old. My god people git gud! lmao EDIT: dude confused me with his redirect energy to energy; I never said energy I said power and if you think energy is power then rethink that. HINT: fuel in os
  10. What? Destroyers spec mod does this for the most part. you click one button to switch to either speed, shields or weapon boost. SAME THING! How is this complicated ffs I don't get it. Explain why this is too complicated. *Shaking Head*
  11. A great thing about advanced space crafts is that you can redirect power to engines, shields, etc... I know that destroyers have this option but it would be great for all ships. Redirect all power to: Shields Energy Weapons Engines To Engines: 100% boost no more than 700 m/s To Weapons: 100% with 25% critical bonus and chance To Energy: 100% regeneration + when receiving damage brings it up to 150% for 3 seconds To Shields: 100% regeneration + when receiving damage brings it up to 150% for 3 seconds When all powers are NOT on engines then strafing is still the same. DO NOT messing with strafing speed lol