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  1. Setting: Using Neuroconnector Rapidus III aka Rank 13 Empire Crew slot. Go into a PvE Match and use Gravitational Lens on enemies and make sure that you kill enough enemies to refresh the Gravitational Lens module before the previous one stops and point to a new position to start a new gravity well and it will actually not place the new one where you are pointing and instead just restarts the timer on the previous lens. I expected to start a new Gravitational Lens in the area I was pointing when pressing the key to start the Gravitational Lens. logs.7z
  2. When making a screenshot it does not say that a screenshot has been made which is confusing until you realize this. Not a huge issue but still something that should be addressed when making screenshots to upload proof of bugs is something that should happen especially on a test server.
  3. They aren't going to reduce monocrystal cost and I don't agree that they should. I want to enjoy this game for a long time and the monocrystal cost and game should be consistent with new content aka ships that you build with mono.
  4. bug

    I created a tool for logging ping and traceroute while in game: Working perfectly for me. However if you run into a bug/problem please let me know. It will not harm your computer and its unlikely that it will not work... https://github.com/mikeyhalla/SCTracerService/releases/ If you want some other features please let me know and keep in mind I can only do so much. C# Source:
  5. FYI, I am already making a tool that will run trace route when ping is too high and logs it in the same folder as the log folder for sc. When I am done I will post it in the bug report I created for the massive lag. PM me if you want a notification.
  6. bug

    I ran into more connection issues again yesterday hitting on average 600 ping jumping up to 750. This is insanely high, especially for a game like this. Am I supposed to keep giving these logs and WinMTR statistics in the same thread or how am I supposed to do this so that you guys can get the information you are needing. Please reply within 1 week or I will discontinue uploading these statistics. Keep in mind I am taking the time to try and resolve this issue and if you need me to do something then say so. I want this resolved as much as you do. More logs and WinMTR statistics attached. logs.7z WinMTR statistics.7z 62017917.7z
  7. bug

    I know, as it was explained to me, which is why I am uploading traceroutes. Anytime it happens I will so we can get to the bottom of it. I am not pointing fingers.
  8. yeah its 1 day only. Tried that
  9. Bank called today and said I'm OVER the allowed amount and I have to destroy the rest.
  10. You can +1 it all day but it needs to go in SUGGESTIONS and then I will definitely give it a +1!
  11. premium

    Steep maybe but I think it is a good move. Like I said, this could get more people to buy premium, Ellydium and SP ships.
  12. No offense to CinnamonFake but does this not seem like bs? I have been the farthest player plenty of times and get shot at the whole f'ing time. I can hide even and as soon as I show myself they start shooting at me again.

    Not a big deal cause I come across players that need some real help but still...

  13. bug

    Yes, I am 100% sure. It even said 1 part which is all I need but just did not go through the rest of the process of adding it to the module. Honestly those missions suk when you have use a certain type of ammo when I just want to go in and get it done but because its certain type of ammo then it may not be the best choice for the current situation. For example, if its beacon mode then I'm likely going to bring my ECM which uses the kinetic supercharger and putting any other weapon on ECM is kinda meh.
  14. Title says it all; send out premium ships on Gage tasks: for each premium ship sent = 1 Monocrystal with a license 1 premium ship = 2 Monocrystals. More ideas: Secret Project ships for irridium... Rank 8 destroyers for Berrylium Rank 11 Destroyers for Electrum Ellydium ships for Crystals or some other alien resources you need to upgrade them. This could also give more incentive to buy premium ships. GO!
  15. bug

    I got 64/65 parts for the Styx Special module last time I got the bundle for completing the missions for it. Today I was happy cause I finally got the last one then I go to build it and it still says 64/65. WTF? It took me 6+ months to finally get this much and now it wont give me the last one. Its not a big enough deal for me to go to support and see if they can get me my part cause its not a huge issue to do another mission for a spec module on a ship I rarely even use anyway. BUT its still a bug nonetheless and a bit irritating that I didn't get it and have to waste time. 2017.06.15
  16. Ok, so niripas told me to stay at it on reporting the connection issues so here I go again. 500+ ping just now which is a long delay for Star Conflict. Again, I have Gigabit Internet so I don't have speed issues. Ran the Connection Tester; RESULTS: WITHOUT WinMtr WITH WinMtr conntest.log WinMTR.log logs Random Servers.7z logs US Servers.7z
  17. So we recently had the poll on MM suggestions that you guys gave 50 MonoCrystals for completion. What are the results on this and when will we start seeing some changes? Yesterday I go into several PvP matches and almost every one of them were 1 sided and maybe 2 of them I was on the winning side. How is that even possible? Is the rumors true that if you are paying then you get put into the winning side more often? <--- Seems like bs but I wonder how I can get put on losing side so often and I am usually in top 3 efficiency so don't say cause I am nub.
  18. squads

    There is another problem that is similar and while trying to reproduce THIS bug you may find that sometimes if you try to go back to the main screen after a battle it asks are you sure you want to cancel the search when I never told it to search for a new battle to begin with and this only happens when in a group but doesn't happen every time. Also if you cancel at the precise moment that you hear the BOOM for Match Found you can move a ship to another slot or remove it entirely but go into the first Match found then when in the middle of the match it says match search timed out. When you get back the changes to the ship line-up are then taken into affect.
  19. The BP's is a must so I want to know is this not being considered a bug then? Should we make a new thread in SUGGESTIONS to get the BP's for those of us that this happened to?
  20. squads

    Invite 3 people to a group making it a 4 man group (2 man would work also but to make the frequency of it occur more often make it full group or make a full wing and do Coop) Go into a match whether it be PvP, Coop or PvE Play though the battle Start another battle Repeat steps 2 - 4 until it happens The steps I personally took were: Go into Defense contract After battle invite someone/s that had a destroyer (randoms) Go into Defense contract again and repeat step 2 until you get full group going Repeat until it happens
  21. The BP's is a must so I want to know is this not being considered a bug then? Should we make a new thread in SUGGESTIONS to get the BP's for those of us that this happened to?
  22. Well that's good that it cant be reproduced cause that means its fixed but for the players that it happened to we can get the BP's in mail maybe?
  23. I get what you are saying but ping is important in this game. If you are nub then you should not be pinging unless you are in danger which is rare anyway as most nubs know they are nub. I Also used NERW as an example by saying that he gets the wins NOT ONLY because he is a great player but also because following NERW and shooting everything he alone pings means you are focus firing which is advised in SC.
  24. @Mauroghen don't take it personal man. Someone has the be the scapegoat dude. Its just life. You guys already get to be in a top corp. so why not just let the guys say what they say? Does it really matter anyway? I too was in that corp and still have friends their and agree totally they are fukn great guys and hard to get/be mad at. I have told a few off in pm (NICELY) and they were just chill about it and was hard to stay salty at. Point being my dude, we all get irritated about getting stomped on and trust me I have seen nasa players get salty too. They think I am nub yet I kill them and they pm me calling me nub. LOLOLOL Just cause you don't see nasa or ninja behind my name does not mean I am nub and I have proven that time and time again.
  25. NERW is good though and is used to having to lead the teams to victory. I have been in plenty of battles with NERW and we nearly always get the win.
  26. squads

    While in a squad and after a battle ends I go to start another battle and sometimes the Readiness Check gets stuck and the person it gets stuck on needs to leave the group and then add back, then back to normal again. This is more than just a slight problem, when some of the people in the group don't speak the same language as you. The first log at the end is where it occurred and the last log is where I finally just left the group although I was not the problem in the case it was someone that spoke another language. 2 logs because I relogged in hopes that it would fix it. logs.7z
  27. Seal Clubbing? Oh and +1 to @Slacktivator for putting things into perspective. You got a knack for that it seems.
  28. lololol That clearly is not the case but funny as hello. o/
  29. Funny you would come up with this as just yesterday I was wondering why there was no way to see the range one someones ship.
  30. Hmmm, that's weird...
  31. Indeed!
  32. Agreed! Also why didn't you just paste the link?
  33. I apologize, seems as I have touched a nerve with you. It was a real question and I have seen you do it a few times. BUT, honestly it really doesn't matter anyway. lol Good day sir.
  34. Heh Hey what is the 3 under what I said? I see you doing that a lot.
  35. This may be an odd question but I am very curious as to how AI picks targets in PvE. It seems, most of the time, I'm the only one they shoot at. Like, I can be in defense contract and go to wait for the cruiser to spawn over 10km away form ai and they still target me. How they can even lock on at that distance is another thing.
  36. Also how are you STILL missing the point here? I even put an arrow pointing to what the point was but somehow you still missed it. WOW! Also everything you just said is complete nonsense and 100% in your own head dude. Honestly man.
  37. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  38. You know its easy to say all of that when you are in a top corp and honestly I'm pretty sure that Dojo [NINJA] is actually the best corp in the game and I don't see them bragging about how great they are. You sit back in your old mans rocking chair smoking cigars recruiting anyone that kisses your asphalt and rake in all the reward while doing customs all day. How is it hard for you to look through the eyes of those that ARENT in top corps and still want to have fun? <---- THIS IS WHAT YOU SHOULD BE REPLYING TOO!
  39. This same thing has happened to me repeatedly and I too was curious as to how but never made the bug report. Good job you.
  40. destroy

    Yeah I am just not one for wasting. I don't like wasting my time or anything. OFC some peoples idea of wasting time may not be the same as mine either...
  41. bps

    Ah ok thx, hopefully soon is BEFORE I get Sirius.
  42. Should I start a new bug report on this since it was fixed and now it is back again?
  43. Last 2 days I have not got the Mission for the Federation Destroyer Activators. Am I doing it wrong or is it just NOT showing up?
  44. destroy

    I keep getting Composite Panels and having to destroy them everyday. Why not make them convertible to something we do need? Like make it so we get a free bundle or convertible to mono or something other than just destroying them. Have you ever thrown away one of your pay checks because your bills were paid and you didn't need the money? I hope not, if so call me up dude and I will take it. Also I know that I can sell them for credits but a lot of us already have millions of credits, like I have ~400 mil or something like that...
  45. bps

    So I have Vigilant, Antares and Archon and I'm about to get Sirius and have bought all the weapons and modules for all of them. BUT, when I go to try and buy another one then I can't cause it says I need the Blue Print for it. Why? So how did I make them before if I didn't have the blue print for them?(in-game character obviously).
  46. So, what was the reason behind the removing the countdown? I mean they could have just as easily lowered it instead of going from one extreme to the other.
  47. The whole thing with destroyer weapons and mods being only obtainable via rare bp's is bs considering how the grind of a destroyer is tedious enough in itself. Now if they would have made missions to obtain these as well during this event and ran similar events in the future then I could better understand it. Also as per the main topic, I just tested it and if you remove your main weapon and do not slot one then it defaults to the coil gun (kinetic damage).
  48. broken

    That's super risky though because if you are just 1 meter outside of the 150 meters then YOU are the one that's ~50km outside the map. OFC I do see the irritation behind it also.
  49. Speaking of default weapons on a destroyer, if you do not slot a main gun then what is on it? Should be coil gun just like on most fighters, if not all, the rail gun. Try it and you may have a winner man.
  50. Am i missing something here with the Sirius Activators missions? I havent gotten one for 2 days now and Sirius is the destro i want to build this time. Someone please respond. :D




    ahahah not really emergency just funny as ballz to say casue many people are acting like that.


  51. Honestly, Octupus was a slight disappointment for me. It should be better than that. Dont get me wrong its still a great ship but not really what i thought when buidling a SP Ship.