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  1. i don't have a tyrant and never will . Sadly as the new Elly ships come out the rest of Star Conflict will be virtually worthless. Those without Elly ships will be out of date and under powered for ANY... PVP , PVE , CO-OP missions in the near future . What i would like to see is a revamp of ship roles Guards truly able to tank , engineers truly able to heal , commands truly able to buff resistances , destroyers truly able to destroy or (suppress) ...... It would be nice to see Star Conflict return to true team play and dependency ....
  2. I'd just like to see a bit of originality for once. I'm sick and tired of the same old crap day after day . the Brokk is a crap ship for a premium ship and the Was'Got will be too probably... so where does that leave star conflict ..... a game that is 100% based on teams and team work and team play and team heals and team buffs and team debuffs ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????......... 1press nukes THAT'S WHERE !!!!!!!!!.... its bad enough you cant get a team but its worse when your team is only farming parts for new crap ships with 1press nukes but its unforgivable when a team based MMO sells ONLY 1press nuke ships for $100's a piece and says to hell with team play for good !!!!!!!
  3. Was'Got ?????? Just another R-9 brokk ? sadly I'm playing my newly acquired Brokk and i basicly seem to be playing a R-13 Was'Got ...... Is this how Elly is going to be from now on ? Cookie cutter premium ships with a twist and a ridiculously high price ?
  4. Don't give um any ideas .... they will start charging monocrystals per hour for "special time" with the new pleasure ships .
  5. Rotary gear: 'Tempest' launcher R7-9 This has become one of the most sought after parts in the last 2 weeks ... Yet it never drops ...... FIX THIS CRAP PLEASE ! ... put it in the GS boxes , give it a REAL drop rate , mail it to us for free , put it in random loot searches , DO SOMETHING !!!!! . 100's of players want this part for their R-8 destroyers ... GIVE IT TO US DEV'S !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. This happens to all games when they go beyond the original design . It will only get worse like all other 3rd world games that try to keep up with 1st world games and cant get the players to pay enough to maintain the server memories .. star trek online had the same problem trying to run 64 bit skills and graphics on a 32 bit system .. the only way to fix this is to upgrade the server or remove the skills and graphics that cause the problem . sadly neither will happen . so get ready for a slow motion star conflict as the rest of elly ship come out . because its the elly ship skills that are over taxing the server limits . and they wont stop the new unbalanced skill set to fix the server lag .
  7. the real question is "why would anybody ever spend money on this game" come on guys this is not a new thing . all game are like this rigged boxes and lottery percentages that start at .0001% chance . but Star Conflict has some of the highest prices for common resources that give you the same LOW chance to get something. so rather than spam the forums with conspiracy theory's just stop wasting you real world cash on this ridiculously expensive game. you know your going to get screwed if you buy it so .... DON'T BUY IT!!!!!!!!...... farm it and let the idiots buy the resources and pay you GS in the crappy trading system .
  8. this is OLD OLD OLD news ... Spec. Ops. has been doing this slow motion thing for 6-8 months it seems to happen once every 3 games or so and ALWAYS starts when the destroyer puts its shields up and fires missiles at outposts. but like i said i can play 10 matches and have the slow motion thing happen 3 times . i would say that its a server reaction to a players modual and that's why it only happens once in a while