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  1. Yes the state of things ....... MONEY, MONEY, MONEY!!!!!!!!! Increasingly smaller player base as veteran players leave the game for less greedy games. Increased queue times as the T-1 and T5 ships are thrown into the same matches to try to balance the micro player base. ....... The new ship ..... Yet ANOTHER ship that CAN'T tank at all removing even the newer players from the game as they move onto or return to MMO's that give them the option to tank. And now we get naked women to distract us from the poor development of this shrinking MMO..... DEV's fix this game before none of us can play it any more !!!!!!!!!
  2. sadly the trade chat spam ban limit was not discussed at all ..... what is the limit of posts you can post in trade chat per minute ? what is the limit of links you can post in trade chat ? what is the time limit on repetitive posts (one after the other) to assure your trade post is seen by as many players as possible ? PLEASE GUYS ADDRESS THIS ISSUE AS 100's HAVE BEEN BAN FROM CHAT . give us a list of rules and restrictions that apply to the 1.4.2 patch not the 5 year old set that are no longer accurate .
  3. also the trade chat ban is bugged badly .. many players can not mail items for sale due to EXTREME chat bans from 1 day up to over 400 million days we all hate chat spam ... but to ban players for the half life of plastic is EXTREME to say the least......
  4. We need to let the dev's know that the chat ban is broken or bugged ...... so the poll is do you want the chat ban to be removed for a few weeks till it can be fixed .........or do you want it to be left the way it is now and possibly never be able to sell anything again........ check one or the other
  5. Please fix this bug ... i do not spam chat and am perma ban for 1 day .... that day never gets less so i ether get un chat ban for a perma day or i cant play this game any more as the GS will now be necessary to play and a chat ban player will never get the parts needed for building
  6. Please  fix  this  bug ... i do not  spam chat and  am perma ban for  1 day .... that day never  gets  less so i ether get un chat ban for  a  perma day or  i cant play this  game  any more  as  the  GS will now  be  necessary to play and a  chat ban player  will never  get the  parts  needed for  building