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  1. 'Got something right there: a few days ago, there was a promotion on nightingale parts. Why was the ship actually removed again from the federation tech tree after that ? I thought it was supposed to stay available now that it's (supposed) empire and jericho counterparts (gargoyle+dart) are out too... And of course... will the thar'ga ship cabin in the "Thar'ga Starter Pack" be of any use to those who ALREADY have the thar'ga ? maybe for future Ellydium command/tackler-fighters ? P.S.: when (approximately) will the r14 destroyers be released again ? Once the 3 first Ellydium ships (fighter + interceptor + frigate) are out or once the WHOLE Ellydium-ship branche (all 9 of them) has been released ? P.P.S.: same question, but for the planned Open-Space update this time...