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  1. This ingame email with overcap items lives only for 24 hours, if you don't take it in time, it will be deleted. According to Brokk, it's an unusual problem. Could you, please, make separate bug report about this missing ship following this instructions?
  2. Welcome to discuss Star Conflict 1.4.4 Update!
  3. It looks more like a delay with rewards for those missions. There's also resources convertation going on right now, which may be the cause of it. In any case we're closely monitoring the situation.
  4. Pilots! At the moment you can find 2 new types of resources in your storage — Enriched monocrystals and Alien composite blocks. They were automatically converted from the corresponding old resources — monocrystals and Alien composite panels. ATTENTION! Outdated resources — monocrystals and Alien composite panels — will be returned to your storage in full over the next 24 hours. You can convert old resources into new ones 1:1 at any time. Conversion is free. New resources have a storage limit — 500 units.
  5. New Live Broadcast is coming! Be the first to witness Star Conflict Legacy! Two Legendary Spaceships from the era of space conquest will be revealed! Watch our live broadcast Today, April 26 at 14:00 UTC on Twitch!
  6. Pilots! Be the first to witness Star Conflict Legacy! Two Legendary Spaceships from the era of space conquest will be revealed! Watch our live broadcast Today, April 26 at 14:00 UTC on Twitch! New ships with unique special abilities and modules came out straight from time of humanity's first stellar expansion. Star Conflict Twitch!
  7. It may happen from time to time, when playing from NA. Some battles can be played on Ru or Eu servers, and that can lead to extended ping and packet losses.
  8. Hello!) For these discussions we have a special section called Game Discussion, there you can debate with other pilots on how the things works and why. And we're also checking this out. If you have a detailed suggestion reflecting some themes in game, feel free to post in Suggestion section. There's a lot of information, which is not included in the description in the game. When we do those, we have to choose the most needed info, cause the description should be short and undersandable in the first place. The interface should not be overloaded with text. I can offer you to create an article about that on SC Wiki for example, that's the perfect place for every additional information about the game
  9. Hello) Some special modules can be activated several times and it's not a bug in this case. When you firing Guided Torpedo, you can push the activation button again to blow it up after launch, at the moment you want. Pushing button twice may result in torpedoes exploding "in pilot's face" right after the launch.
  10. Pilots! We prepared special wallpapers for the fans of Ellydium technologies and their newest development, the ship Tai'Kin. Innovative interceptor is already here to decorate your desktop! And don't forget about other awesome Wallpapers and updated Artworks! Sincerely, Star Conflict Team
  11. I suspect this is related to your another thread there Post a screenshots there as well, please) Multiple topics about the same problem make collecting info much more harder
  12. Race and Rampage are 2 modes, which actually have a chance to happen someday. For Race we had a plans for a long time, but lack of human resources froze this concept in time. About Rampage, we previously had an expirience with mixing PvP and PvE elements, when introduced alien portals in PvP matches for one event. We liked that idea very much and hope to get back to it
  13. It could be great to have maximum customizable options in Custom battle, but due to technical restrictions we can't afford to do that. At least for now. But we're working on nice replay instruments for battles.
  14. trading

    For now as the priority we chose the HUD for trading. It should be more comfortable and provide as many trading information about as possible, and separate window seems like the way. For the rest we're not going to let farmable resources and credits be involved in trading somehow. In any case, there's a lot of changes ahead.
  15. Hello) We creating new unique structures for new craftable ships. As the latest example Tai'Kin has a several unique materials to complete, but they're all available in reward containers and via trading system. It encourages pilots to contact with each other and find pieces together, achieving their goals faster. At the end trade should be looking like this: farmable resources are available in game loot and in GS containers and not tradable; blueprints, unique materials and structures are available in iridium containers, sometimes craftable and tradable There also can be a small variations of the second tradable group. We're monitoring the trade carefully and looking at the items, and how the things going with them. mk5 never was too popular, but still doesn't mean that no one needs it. Especially, with trading works in every region now
  16. All design concepts are going through long process of preparations before implementing, including fitting design in our tech limitations. Basicly it's not possible to implement the whole model, but it's possible to use cool elements from your designs in ours. For now we're concentrated on Ellydium technologies, but will be doing some other new ships from time to time, if their idea will be really original. We've just prepared a couple for the next updates) There will be new equipment for the destroyers, when Ellydium one appear. We do buffs or nerfs on modules when it's stated in the feedback or if they don't fit into the new statistic tables. We will take a look on that. No such plans for now, but it doesn't mean it can't happen) This is one of our artists and it's his page) you can see that every SC art has special SC and Gaijin label on it
  17. Welcome to discuss New generation materials and resource limit increase!
  18. Only personal ads for selling are allowed in this threads. Please use private messages to communicate. Messages, which are not written by the form, will be removed. In case of numerous violations of the rules of this section, the violator may be given pre-moderation. Mandatory message form in the topics of purchase and sale: 1. Your ingame nickname 2. The correct name of the item(items) for sale and the desired price 3. Time in the UTC, when it is best to contact with you in the game or other ways of communication (if necessary).
  19. Welcome to discuss New changes in MM system!
  20. Dear conquerors of the Star Conflict Universe! This topic is designed to collect and organize the players' questions towards the developers as well as their answers. In order to provide a better overview and easier search, this topics' priority will be focused on game related content in January. Answers are usually given daily on weekdays. Developers will read all questions, but questions which are not clearly defined, which are obviously stupid, which are lying on the "surface", or which violate the rules of the forum, will be ignored and deleted. How to ask questions: Formulate your questions as clear as possible. Try to ask only important questions. Use the search function before asking any questions, some questions may have already been answered. The following rules apply to this thread: 1. Posts that do not contain any game related questions will be deleted. 2. This thread is not for suggestions. Any suggestion posted in this thread will be deleted. 3. Any discussion in this subject will be considered as flame and offtopic and will be punished appropriately. 4. The questions are asked towards the game developers and therefore only they can respond. 5. The thread will be cleaned at least once a week. This means that all player posts will be removed and the questions will be added to the developers answers as a quote.
  21. Pilots! We continue introducing you to standard weapon types of our combat ships. In many ways, precisely because of the large selection of weapons we were able to successfully resist the alien invasion. Today we are going to tell you about the Kinetic Supercharger. Kinetic Supercharger is a special kinetic weapon, available only to ECM interceptors. It generates a projectile by instantaneous gas pressurization. Upon collision with the target the projectile forms a cloud of debris, dealing kinetic damage to enemies. Kinetic Supercharger is very effective against vehicles or objects which have to be static and can not exit a cloud of debris. Historians believe that the kinetic supercharger was created by members of the family Mendes. According to legend, the device was created as a lab assistant's joke. They decided to play a joke on one of the test pilots, and replaced his weapon with the test project. The pilot only discovered the change when he opened fire on a practice target. And so as not to lose his honour in eyes of the family head watching the tests, he carried on as if nothing out of order had happened. Only when he arrived at the base, he learned that the family head had left the station, along with the gun's blueprints and scientists, and the pilot was promoted for a job well done. UMC reminds that sketches in HD of Star Conflict weapons are always available for viewing and downloading in Artworks section on our Website.
  22. Attention! Special thread for Flood and Flame is here! This is a topic-marathon, which is open for a some time. In most of the cases - holidays or weekends. Here, each pilot can let off steam on updates or situations in battles, discuss or offer to discuss other stuff. Without moderation. Strict moderation will not be there. However, some paragraphs from the Rules are still active - it's 3.1, 3.2, 3.8, and 3.9. It's necessary to keep the mood nice and friendly) Important! We exclude some topics from 3.1 paragraph, like "trolling, flame, profanity, personal insults of forum members or administration or developers, rudeness, vulgarity". Abusive language is not welcomed. Developers or administration staff also can participate in the discussion and fully enjoy it Let's go!
  23. Welcome to discuss New Destroyer Sirius Broadcast!