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  1. Pilots! Public test servers has been opened! Servers will be available the same time during weekend, from 15:00 to 19:00 UTC. We waiting for your feedback on Waz'Got in this topic
  2. And participate in our special contest 'Bug Hunters'!
  3. Don't forget to share your opinion in the discussion!
  4. Pilots! Each correct and confirmed bug report about Waz’Got will be rewarded! Simply start a thread following This Pattern in This Section! It's simple: Describe your bug as detailed as possible and follow the form In the bug can be reproduced by the developers, the author will receive 50 xenocrystals! The most important reports’ authors - 500 xenocrystals! Rewards will be supplied after the end of Waz'Got mass testing. The discussion of mass testing is going Here. Good hunting! Sincerely, Star Conflict Team
  5. Welcome to the discussion of Testing the new ‘Ellydium’ ship Waz'Got! Please, leave your feedback here The contest Bug Hunters is Here
  6. Cryptogram AIGF28-823715 From: Acting Head of ‘Ellydium Theta’ station Dr. Conrad Dimeni To: Subject: Project Evolution To all pilots in fringe sectors! We are re-opening the testing department after our latest research results. The new ship is the top of Evolution technologies, the most important line of human defence in the world of Aliens! Head of ‘Ellydium Theta’ station Dr. Conrad Dimeni ‘Ellydium’ Engineering Frigate Waz'Got The newest state-of-the-art engineering frigate ‘Waz'Got’ is the quintessence of scientific thought and the result of the collective work of all the employees and scientists of the Ellydium Theta station. The frigate's incredible capabilities will provide its allies with reliable support and will give a chance of victory in battle even over superior enemy forces. The tech used in special and active modules are a further development of advanced scientific theory, developed under the guidance of Dr. Matthew Gilmore and Conrad Dimeni. A unique feature of the ship allows it to use the wreckages of destroyed ships to enhance its own power. Currently, the ship is available for modification from rank 5 to 8. Attention! Every report of a real bug related to the ship Waz'Got will be rewarded! Learn more in our traditional Contest ‘Bug Hunters’ Ship Wreckages A unique feature of the new ‘Ellydium’ ship Waz'Got is the ability to process and use the remains of enemy or allied ships. Ship wreckages can be used to activate special modules, active modules and special weapons of the frigate. The maximum amount of debris on board the frigate is 4 The first 2 fragments can be created under certain conditions directly by the frigate's crystals The remaining debris can be found in the remains of ships destroyed in battle Fragments are available for a limited time after the ship's destruction The fragments are only visible and available to the commander of the frigate Waz'Got. Ship Cabin The cabin is the most important component of the ship. To build the ship, pilots first need to manufacture a ship cabin and obtain Xenocrystals. After construction, ‘Ellydium’ ships can be developed from rank 5 to 8 inclusive. Xenocrystals are required for the ship's upgrades. Some development nodes on Elydium ships now increase the limit of the ship's evolution upon acquisition. To increase the ship's rank you need to research such development nodes Engineering Frigate Waz'Got Special Modules Pilots can choose which special module to use for the ship Waz'Got. The ship's appearance changes with the selected special module. At the moment, the following special module is available for research: Scavenger Drones special module Picking up wreckages of destroyed ships, the engineer produces drones, attacking the enemy and repairing the ship. When activated, one of the drones rushes to its target. With the blast, the missile damages the enemies and restores hulls of nearby allies. Weapons of the Engineering Frigate Waz'Got WL13 projector Type: Beam Weapon Mounted on: Waz'Got Regenerates hull and shields of allies it hits. Can lock onto an ally Th’ak’Len Type: Kinetic weapon Mounted on: Waz'Got Projectiles of this weapon are capable of collecting debris. The debris is picked up if the projectile is within 50 m. from the wreckage. Modules of the Engineering Frigate Waz'Got Active Modules ‘Patron’ active defence Type: Active module Group: Engineering modules Mounted on: Waz'Got When activated, increases the speed of a single ally. If its durability falls below a specified value, the ally teleports to the ship, restoring 1 resource of the special module. Protective sphere Type: Active module Group: Engineering modules Mounted on: Waz'Got Launches a sphere that, when in contact with an ally, gives him a temporary shield. Modifiers CPU modifier ‘Production optimization’ Type: CPU modifier Mounted on: Waz'Got Accelerates production of the special module resource. Additionally reduces duration of control effects by 20%. Hull modifier: ‘Regenerator shield’ Type: Hull modifier Mounted on: Waz'Got When the shield's charge is above a certain value, the ship's hull is repaired. Trading System Trading system has received a significant upgrade. Now all pilots have a bulletin board for purchase and sale of in-game items. In the updated trading window, players can: Place an ad for the sale of an item. To do this, you need to select the product from the list in the trade window and press the ‘ Publish ’ button . After that, the advertisement placement window will open.It displays the item for sale and there is a field where you can specify the price for the item. View sale ads.To do this, just select the item you need in the trade window and click the ‘ Adverts ’ button .You will see a list of players and their prices for the item. Interface Hangar interface has been substantially redesigned. The updated version is simpler and more intuitive, and also has a modern and aesthetic approach to the design and style of the game. The top part of the screen is now occupied by the resource panel, the menu tabs, and the ‘Battle’ button. The button for changing the appearance and the notification list is in the lower right corner of the screen In the upper right corner of the screen are the player's portrait, the corporate window buttons, messages and friends list, polls and voting windows A Premium license is now available for purchase in the ‘Store’ window Public Test Server Testing will be carried out on Star Conflict public test server. Public test server is completely independent from live game servers where updates are uploaded for mass testing. Instructions how to connect to the public test server are located Here. Matchmaking on the server will work as follows: PvP queue for ranks 5-6 PvP queue for ranks 7-8 A shared queue for 5-9 ranks in Co-op mode Attention, pilots! The opinion of the Star Conflict gaming community about the new engineering frigate Waz'Got is very important for us. We will be happy to see your comments in the Discussion of the ship's testing. Mass Testing Schedule Public Test server is running for a limited time. The server is only meant for testing updates scheduled for live deployment. Friday: 15:00 UTC - 19:00 UTC Saturday: 15:00 UTC - 19:00 UTC Sunday: 15:00 UTC - 19:00 UTC Attention! Public test server accounts will get a bonus, which will help in testing. To do this, you need to sync accounts no later than 15:00 UTC. A container with the necessary resources can be picked up in the store window. Yours faithfully, Star Conflict team
  7. Pilots! It’s time to strengthen your fleet! UMC prepared a special promotion for this weekend. Special offer: +50% Synergy and Credits in battle х2 Synergy transfer rate Do not miss hot summer discounts on DLC! In these days, Star Conflict announce the start of a special DLC sale in our Game Store and Steam! Yours faithfully, Star Conflict team
  8. Attention, pilots! Special Offer from Lucas Horn: only today, on June 21, 50% Discount on Contraband Container! Lucas Horn from the station ‘New Eden’ reports that his friends have once again arrived in fringe sectors — the independent traders from the cruiser ‘Scotland’. This ship is not afraid to fly into the most dangerous sectors, and always comes back with a valuable cargo. Special offer is valid for a limited time and ends at 05-00 UTC on June 22! Sincerely, Star Conflict Team
  9. Hello everyone!Once again this is your eternal science blog presenter Marcus Chromakeykus! Today for the first time I am inside the unique new ‘Ellydium’ ship — Waz'Got frigate! During the tour of the ship I am accompanied by Dr. Matthew Gilmore and Conrad Dimeni. - Hello, Conrad, Matthew, I'm very glad to see you again! - And I'm glad to see you again, Marcus. I'm also glad to show you our new super ship. - Yes, I was very impressed last week, seeing it for the first time in action.But I am even more impressed today, having been inside for the first time. I heard that you somehow used biomorphs? - Yes, Marcus.Our ships use the latest technology developed in laboratories under the supervision of Dr. Matthew Gilmore. It is a unique combination of the features of Crystallids and their enemies — Biomorphs. - Wait! Biomorphs and Crystallids — are they not the same thing? - This is a very popular misconception.Our recent research convincingly proves that these are fundamentally different creatures. We believe that these are two warring alien races. - Warring?But they're quite friendly when they're attacking us, humans! - And nevertheless it is as it is.We believe that they are enemies to each other. We were led to this conclusion by our research on Leviathan, where our station ‘Ellydium Theta’ was built. It seems that this is a giant factory for production of iridium. And not only iridium. - So that's what you mine inside Leviathan! - Yes, Marcus. Leviathan is full of mysteries and enigmas. We've only just started researching it. - I wish I could have a look inside.It is a pity that it didn't work last time. - I hope, Marcus, that this is not our final meeting and we will definitely arrange an excursion inside Leviathan. - Isn't it dangerous?Conducting such experiments on cross-breeding aliens, and putting them into the hands of mercenary pilots? - Science should not be restrained by silly prejudices and limitations!Especially now, when alien attacks turned our Galaxy into battlefields. We must use every opportunity! Yes, there is a risk. But look what splendid results the pilots show on our ships! Meanwhile, we continue our research. - Thank you, Conrad. Thank you, Matthew. Science does work wonders! That's all for today. Tune in next week. I'm Marcus, and stay with us! To be continued... All issues: Science News. Back to the future! Science News. Life! Science News: Ariadne contract Science News. Free market Science News. Remains of the Lost Ships
  10. The UMC announces the start of production of the new caches! Get them in trophy search after battles from anywhere. A set of caches can be updated in a week! Achieve the necessary! Check out the full list of caches here!
  11. Pilots, the weekend is here! Time to prepare the fleet for new victories and build the destroyer of your dreams! Special weekend offer: +50% loyalty vouchers in battle 50% off containers: - Rare destroyer parts - Very rare destroyer parts Increased chance to get Electrum on 13 and 15 ranks Attention, important message from Leaders of the Federation and UMC! Sirius Destroyer Activators can be found in post-battle trophy search on rank 14 ships! Stay tuned! Do not miss the next specials to get resources for new destroyers! Yours faithfully, Star Conflict team
  12. Attention, pilots! Only one day, Lucas Horn and free cruiser "Scotland" team offer unique details for Ellydium ship Tai'Kin for low prices! One day only! Discount 50% on containers: Premium xeno-resource container Premium Tai’Kin resources Tai’Kin includes all the latest scientific achievements of Ellydium laboratories, which have reached new heights in the development of Alien technology. The ship turned out incredibly fast and maneuverable. Tai'Kin became the first ship that could fully use the unimaginable properties of singlet bosons for changing space-time. Don’t miss the arrival of the cruiser "Scotland" with unique goods! Keep an eye on the news! Yours faithfully, Star Conflict Team
  13. Leaders of the Federation and UMC are extremely concerned about increasing of Ellydium corporation forces. In retaliation, all pilots are offered the opportunity to obtain the necessary resources to build the best Federation destroyer in the shortest possible time. Sirius destroyer activator can be found in post-battle trophy search on rank 14 ships Federation destroyer CPU is now available for trading Attention! Event is available untill June 22! Federation destroyer CPU will be tradable all Summer. Strengthen your fleet! Together we can win! Yours faithfully, Star Conflict team
  14. Dear conquerors of the Star Conflict Universe! This topic is designed to collect and organize the players' questions towards the developers as well as their answers. In order to provide a better overview and easier search, this topics' priority will be focused on game related content in Summer. Answers are usually given daily on weekdays. Developers will read all questions, but questions which are not clearly defined, which are obviously stupid, which are lying on the "surface", or which violate the rules of the forum, will be ignored and deleted. How to ask questions: Formulate your questions as clear as possible. Try to ask only important questions. Use the search function before asking any questions, some questions may have already been answered. The following rules apply to this thread: 1. Posts that do not contain any game related questions will be deleted. 2. This thread is not for suggestions. Any suggestion posted in this thread will be deleted. 3. Any discussion in this subject will be considered as flame and offtopic and will be punished appropriately. 4. The questions are asked towards the game developers and therefore only they can respond. 5. The thread will be cleaned at least once a week. This means that all player posts will be removed and the questions will be added to the developers answers as a quote.
  15. On the verge of the hottest season of the year, Star Conflict team prepares a special summer menu for every taste. Starving for both innovations and classics — welcome to the table! According to numerous requests — rank 14 destroyers are back! The flagship of the Federation ‘Sirius’ will very soon be available for production at all shipyards in the fringe sectors. The ship's unique special module ‘Attilla’ and its active modules and modifiers will also make a return. As before, manufacturing the destroyer ‘Sirius’ will be available for a limited time, and later it will be replaced by the already familiar Jericho ‘Tyrant’ and the military machine of the Empire ‘Vigilant’. To build a rank 14 destroyer you need Neodium, Beryllium and, of course, a particularly valuable and unique material, Electrum. All resources can be obtained in post-battle trophy search on the ships of the following ranks: Ranks 8-11 — a chance to get Beryllium Rank 11 — increased chance of obtaining Beryllium Ranks 14-15 — a chance to receive Electrum. The most important component for construction, Destroyer activators, can be obtained from our old acquaintance — the Broker. He will also help you replenish your Neodium reserves. But be careful — his assignments are available for a limited time! Note that all unique destroyer parts will eventually become available for trade. The main dish is traditionally a surprise from Ellydium Corporation. The engineering frigate did not get its formidable name Waz'got for nothing. Its unique feature is that it actually ‘feeds’ on the remains of enemies and allied starships. Collecting parts among the debris, the ship will be able to use them to activate the special module. Crystal tech of the frigate can produce one charge independently, and additional ones will have to be found on the battlefield. The engineer has a classic for its special module — drones. In its basic version, the ship produces drones that attack the enemy and repair the carrier's body for some of the damage done by the drones. When activated, one of the drones is consumed and converted into a rocket that rushes to its target. When the rocket blows up, nearby allies are repaired. As is tradition, each version of the special module changes not only the functions, but also the ship's appearance. For example, one option is to send the drone to follow an ally, using up one part. The drone can heal or attack enemies, depending on the condition of the person to whom it was sent. For seconds: a set of unique active modules, modifiers and, of course, a special weapon for the engineer. You can become a happy owner of the frigate Waz'got by building its cabin and taking part in special events for its upgrades. The freshly built ship can be developed in several stages: beginning with the 5th and junior ranks, to the highest and last — the 15th. Each stage will be accompanied by a set of special tasks, which can greatly simplify the process of upgrading a new frigate. Stay tuned! For dessert, in the near future, we are preparing to thoroughly refresh the current version of hangar interface, and add a notice board to the trading functionality. Pilots will be able to leave their offers for sale or purchase and not worry about finding a potential partner for the transaction. Read more about these and other plans for the summer in the news and future developer blogs. Good luck in the battles, mercenaries, and see you in space!
  16. Attention! Special thread for Flood and Flame is here! This is a topic-marathon, which is open for a some time. In most of the cases - holidays or weekends. Here, each pilot can let off steam on updates or situations in battles, discuss or offer to discuss other stuff. Without moderation. Strict moderation will not be there. However, some paragraphs from the Rules are still active - it's 3.1, 3.2, 3.8, and 3.9. It's necessary to keep the mood nice and friendly) Important! We exclude some topics from 3.1 paragraph, like "trolling, flame, profanity, personal insults of forum members or administration or developers, rudeness, vulgarity". Abusive language is not welcomed. Developers or administration staff also can participate in the discussion and fully enjoy it Let's go!