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  1. Hello) Actualy it makes sence. For example when you need more iridium for GS right now, then it will be more expansive. To get less iridium is cheaper in this way.
  2. Thanks Will add your words to exceptions. Also will be a good reason to check all the list once again
  3. Hello there It's not a bug, rank 9 ships can be matched in high ranks battles. With current bonus system and matchmaker system working, rank 9 ships became competetive in these fights, that's why made this adjustments. This's a part of our experimenting with MM system, and it means that we will make some changes there from time to time, and we're watching closely how it is going. To not encounter any high rank battles, it's only need to pick up rank 8 ships for example and launch yourself into battle.
  4. Best Star Conflict Youtube Videos #3 Elite pirate frigate and legendary engineer - Phoenix! “Gotta catch them all!” Intense fights on one of the best Tacklers Little baby Thar’Ga is exploring ranks Top 5 Star Conflict Weapons Where to find valuable resources? Sector Conquest! Meanwhile we're reminding about our Star Conflict Partnership programm! We offer support in the form of game bonuses and promotion on our official platforms depending on the frequency and popularity of your content about Star Conflict. Be sure to subscribe to our feeds, and pilots will continue to delight you with fascinating collections of gameplay, guides and reviews! Sincerely, Star Conflict Team
  5. Tournament “Old School" T4 Finale Saturday, March 18, 16:00 UTC The Final Day starts with battle between "Yablo4niy Persik" and "Healer and 7 drones". Schedule: 1/2 Finals Match for the Third Place Grand Finale YouTube GoodGame
  6. Hey, pilots) Actualy, tardable items are available for iridium or can be found in trophy search. So, basicly, Star Conflict allows to earn GS right in the game by selling those items
  7. Discussion
  8. Welcome to discuss Thar'ga Testing!
  9. Discussion
  10. Each correct bug report in trade system or in Eng translation will be rewarded. Simply start a thread following This Pattern in This Section! It's simple: Describe your bug as detailed as possible and follow the form In the bug can be reproduced by the developers, the author will receive 50 xenocrystals! Rewards will be supplied after the end of the mass testing. Good hunting! Sincerely, Star Conflict Team
  11. Soon our game universe will see a completely new feature that allows you to acquire rare materials from other players. We suggest you take the opportunity to fill your account with Galactic Standards using the new feature of trade between players. Explore the galactic market on the Public Test Server. Please note that all settings are in test mode and can be changed at any time. WHAT CAN BE TRADED AND LIMITATIONS 1. Currently, products available for trade can be seen in a separate window, which opens when you activate the ‘Trade’ chat. 2. Players with at least 1 battle can engage in trading. 3. Established the minimum and maximum sale price. 4. UMC sets the tax at 10% of the traded amount for each transaction.This is the price for the work of couriers and UMC Trade Manager.The tax is paid by the seller. 5. The number of transactions per day is limited to 5 per day: - Each completed transaction reduces the counter. - A posted message with goods also reduces the counter. If the buyer does not buy the goods within the allotted time, the transaction is automatically cancelled and the counter is increased. - The number of possible transactions resets at 00:00 GMT 6. In a single transaction you can only sell one product. WHERE TO LOOK FOR GOODS? To sell something you need to find it first. Goods can be found among trophies in open space with the help of a spatial scanner or in post-battle trophy search. In trophy search you can sometimes find a valuable container, available for purchase for 100 Iridium in the store. The container is only available for three hours, so do not forget to visit the game store. The container contains 5 random items that you can use or sell. HOW TO OFFER GOODS Next to the chat button there is now a ‘Trade’ button that opens a chat tab with active trade, as well as a window with items that you can offer to other players. In this window the products distributed in several groups: - Weapon systems - shows your existing blueprints for Mk.5 weapon upgrades; - Active modules - shows your existing blueprints for upgrading modules to Mk.5 and pirate module blueprints; - Ship modifiers - shows your existing ship modifier blueprints such as ‘Crystal plates’; - Components - shows the components that you can sell. Each product has an ‘Attach’ button, and pressing it sends a link to the product to trade chat. If you hover over the link, you can see the characteristics of what you are selling. HOW TO MAKE A DEAL To sell a product, the seller must write a letter to the buyer through the in-game mail system. There's a new button ‘Attachment’ that you click to attach a product, indicate its price, and the system will calculate your tax on the transaction and display the amount you get. For example, if you specify the price of 1000 Galactic Standards, the tax will be 100 GS. Once the buyer confirms the deal, his account will be charged with the amount indicated by the seller, and the item will be available in the storage. At the same time the seller will receive GS for the sale minus the tax.
  12. Discussion
  13. Welcome to discuss Trade Testing!
  14. "Ellydium" corporation has spotted a group of pirates, who crossed Crystalids’ borders! She recruits the most courageous hunters in her ranks and is ready to pay a good price for the head of each pirate. These pirates are mercenaries, belonging to all the other three sides of Star Conflict, and one of the most dangerous criminals in known space. For the first time, not only hunters, but also pirates will participate in our new contest (pirates will receive a +1 point for each killed hunter). Pirate, who killed the largest number of hunters, is the winner among pirates. Game Modes: PvP, SCL and Sector Conquest. How it will work: Capture screenshots at the moment of killing and results after battle. Screenshots must be posted in a Special Thread and must be under a spoiler Registration For registration, it is enough to write your ingame nickname in This Topic. By applying you automatically become not only the hunter of the Ellidium Corporation, but also the target for pirates. The list of pirates is formed pilots with lowest carma points. The selection will be made from the first place and lower, with necessary agreement to be in it from the pilot. A total of 40 pilots can be represented in the list. The list of "pirates" will be published on the day of the end of registration. Registration will end on March 22 at 18:00 UTC! Then special Topic for Screenshots will be created alongside with list of targets for the hunters. Hunter Rewards: First Place - 1500 GS from Nova corp + 120 xenocrystals Second Place - 80 xenocrystals Best Pirate Reward - 100 xenocrystals The event will be held from March 22 to March 29. Good luck, mercenaries!
  15. Hello It will be very helpful, if you report your problem this way
  16. Unfortunately the easy option to just increase cargo space is not working due to restrictions on server part of the game. Well, seems like the best option there is to wait for new OS and fixes in the current system, which should be delivered with it. Most probably the item storage will be seriously reworked as well.
  17. Map: Base 'Ellydium' Velorum system Allowed Ranks: 4-15 A recently formed structure 'Ellydium' is engaged in research of Alien technology and study of the properties of Iridium. They constructed a prototype installation for the processing and the practical application of Iridium in military areas and followed it up with a number of successful experiments in this area. According to intelligence reports, the Cartel is behind this organization. We have to carry out a raid to seize the 'extra' Iridium from the 'Ellydium' base and hand it over to more loyal groups.
  18. Pilots! We continue introducing you to standard weapon types of our combat ships. In many ways, precisely because of the large selection of weapons we were able to successfully resist the alien invasion. Today we are going to tell you about the Beam Cannon. Beam Cannon is a succinct name for a device, using a directional focused radiation beam, burning everything in its path. At the heart of its design is a gas laser of continuous action with optical excitation. Beam Cannon is one of the oldest weapon types, but it has not lost its effectiveness over time. This oldest, along with Assault Railgun, type of weapon was developed a couple of thousand years ago. One of its major drawbacks is the large size and the requirement of additional space for a powerful energy source. It's impossible to put Beam Cannons on ships smaller than a frigate. But the possibility of precise hull burning and dealing direct damage to the inner structure of an enemy ship allows frigates to quickly suppress the enemy combat forces. Despite its age, Beam Cannon is still a serious argument in the arsenal of Imperial military forces. For those who like to combine precision and accuracy with dashing strokes across enemy groups, Beam Cannon is the best choice. UMC reminds that sketches in HD of Star Conflict weapons are always available for viewing and downloading in Artworks section on our Website.
  19. We're wroking under new quest system and if we succed in making missions optional and skipable it will be for everyone. Premium License purpose is only in boosting your ingame progress by additional rewards.
  20. Hello) This information is not classified. I think some pilots, who have opened Thar'Ga by now, can say how much resources it required. We're not planning to rework Ellydium interface at the moment, but it may change in the future with new ships coming up.
  21. Well, looks like in terms of control elements we have technical restrictions. Design team faced it recently when we tried to implement double-taping mechanics into the game, currently working on that though. But unfortunately, we can't do this control switching feature in the near future.
  22. Well, we recently separated SecCon matchamaking by 2 time windows and now t3 can't play at the same time as t5, also ships get bonuses when playing against more powerful opponent. I belive we're still far away from the end of experimenting with SecCon mode, we're keeping eye on it and trying to react as soon as we can on feedback
  23. Map: Abandoned Outpost Solaris system Allowed ranks: 4-15 The Family has long been battling Cybers, outcasts resorting to piracy. They are constantly plaguing us with attacks on convoys, trying to profit from implant theft and capturing family-controlled zones. Cybers never posed a serious threat, but recently scouts in one of the zones in Solaris system discovered an unidentified object resembling a radar installation for long-range signature scans. We have data that allows us to believe Cybers are behind this. Family agents are watching them, trying to understand exactly what the Cybers are studying with this installation. Given the situation, the family cannot afford a large-scale attack on this outpost, but suspects that the information collected by the Cybers can be very valuable. Pilots will have to raid the Abandoned Oupost to retrieve important data from the Cybers. Required to break into the base by destroying the Cyber outposts, which are protected by Cyber turrets shooting EM projectiles with a slow firerate, medium velocity and high damage. You need to capture 3 beacons to take control of the Long-range scanning system. The last stage requires to defend the scanner from cargo ships, players can do this by building Type 2 turrets, similar to the Cyber turrets, they deal a high amount of EM damage which will prove itself useful in destroying the cargo ships at a faster pace.
  24. Dear conquerors of the Star Conflict Universe! This topic is designed to collect and organize the players' questions towards the developers as well as their answers. In order to provide a better overview and easier search, this topics' priority will be focused on game related content in January. Answers are usually given daily on weekdays. Developers will read all questions, but questions which are not clearly defined, which are obviously stupid, which are lying on the "surface", or which violate the rules of the forum, will be ignored and deleted. How to ask questions: Formulate your questions as clear as possible. Try to ask only important questions. Use the search function before asking any questions, some questions may have already been answered. The following rules apply to this thread: 1. Posts that do not contain any game related questions will be deleted. 2. This thread is not for suggestions. Any suggestion posted in this thread will be deleted. 3. Any discussion in this subject will be considered as flame and offtopic and will be punished appropriately. 4. The questions are asked towards the game developers and therefore only they can respond. 5. The thread will be cleaned at least once a week. This means that all player posts will be removed and the questions will be added to the developers answers as a quote.
  25. "Old School T4" Tournament. Battle format: 8 vs 8. Tech level: ships of rank 10 - 12 . Number of teams: unlimited. Tournament goes in two stages - group stage and play-off. Group stage: group consists from minimum 4 teams, each team plays 1 battle with each team in their group. Points assigned are: 3 for victory, 1 for draw, 0 for loss. Play-off stage: single elimination (team must win 2 times to proceed). Tournament date: 11-12 march 2017, 18-19 march 2017, battles start at 15.00 UTC. Maps: Devil's Jaw, Threshold, Lava Spines, Northern mining station, Destroyed station, Pandora anomaly. Game mode: Capture the beacons. Regulations: 1. Ship of ranks 10-12. 2. Friendly fire - on. 3. Destroyers, Ellydium ships (as well as their weapons and modules), Dart and Gargoyle ships, craftable Attack drones, "Doomsday" missile, Cruise Engine Modification, Energy converter, Flux Phaser, Proximity mortar, Phase Suppressor, Mass Accelerator, Extended Hull, Spatial Scanner, Gun adapter, all craftable and event modules and weapons are FORBIDDEN. 4. Mk.5 weapons, Mk.5 modules, Mk.4 ammo are ALLOWED. 5. Team failed to enter lobby in 10 minutes after being called, or non-present team gets technical defeat. 6. For "contracted" battle ("loss on purpose", "pre-arranged battle" etc.) both teams will be banned from tournament no matter the stage of it. 7. If player drops from the game - it's team problems, battle continues unless conditions specified at p.8. 8. If member of a team is not present within 1 minute from match start (dropped from game, failed to enter the match) - team can request to change player and restart battle. 9. Team composition altering (adding/changing players) after registration is NOT allowed. 10. All other rules are stated in the general rules of cyber activities. In any questionable situation tournament rules have top priority. 11. For abusive, disrespectful behavior - objectionable remarks against the other teams, administration, streamers, or commentators - warning is given to the player. If player will get two warnings - he will be banned from tournament, and all further battles team will play without that player. 12. Server location is determined by administration aiming for equal conditions for both team. 13. Ships equipped - from 1 to 4 ships. 14. Teams from different corporations are ALLOWED. 15. Administration decisions in any disputable/questionable situation are final. 16. Teams and players who have deserted from tournaments/events after being registered and respective registration have ended are allowed to take part in this tournament only by administration decision. Registration form: 1. Team name 2. Team captain. 3. Team line-up: 8 pilots (captain included) + reserve up to 4 pilots. Registration is here! Rewards for winners: 1 place - 200 Xenocrystals for each pilot 2 place - 150 Xenocrystals for each pilot 3 place - 100 Xenocrystals for each pilot For being top team in group each team member receives additional 50 Xenocrystals and 50 Monocrystals. For each stage won in play-off each team member receives additional 50 Xenocrystals and 50 Monocrystals. Each pilot selected into "Tournament dream-team" receives additional 50 Xenocrystals and 50 Monocrystals. "Tournament dream-team" is assembled by game administration (Doombot, Lezort and CinnamonFake). Each pilot selected into "Tournament breakthrough-team" receives additional 50 Xenocrystals and 50 Monocrystals. "Tournament breakthrough-team" is assembled by tournament administration (Mzhelskii, Fedman47).
  26. Attention! Special thread for Flood and Flame is here! This is a topic-marathon, which is open for a some time. In most of the cases - holidays or weekends. Here, each pilot can let off steam on updates or situations in battles, discuss or offer to discuss other stuff. Without moderation. Strict moderation will not be there. However, some paragraphs from the Rules are still active - it's 3.1, 3.2, 3.8, and 3.9. It's necessary to keep the mood nice and friendly) Important! We exclude some topics from 3.1 paragraph, like "trolling, flame, profanity, personal insults of forum members or administration or developers, rudeness, vulgarity". Abusive language is not welcomed. Developers or administration staff also can participate in the discussion and fully enjoy it Let's go!
  27. Mercenaries, for the first time this year UMC presents its reports from the development of Star Conflict! 2016 gave us not only the long-anticipated destroyers and a bunch of new game modes and ships, but also significant updates to the proven and beloved tech. The game enters the new year with new innovative Ellydium Corporation technology, a global update of Sector Conquest and a trading system. In this developers blog entry we are going to talk about two latter two and upcoming innovations. Sector Conquest The most important change in the mode is the emergence of a full-fledged battle creation system. When a corporation attacks or defends a location, all active wings and corporation pilots will be able to participate in the battles. You'll just to need to launch into from the hangar into SeCCon on a rank 7 ship or higher, when the mode is available. The system will create battles and distribute all wings, squads, and even solo pilots. Successful battlefield activity of corporation members will bring Influence Points to the location where the corporate dreadnought is currently stationed, and the points will remain there when you move the dreadnought. Several corporations can compete for location ownership, provided that their dreadnought level corresponds to location level. When the owner completely loses influence points in the location, the corporation with the highest score in the same location takes over. Holding multiple locations at the same is going to become a difficult task that requires serious tactical approach in the planning of dreadnought movements. With each battle cycle the impact of competing corporations increasingly affects the owner, speeding up influence points depletion. However, the longer a corporation holds a location, the greater the reward becomes. In the future rewards will also change and become more diverse. Pilots will also be able to receive and complete special tasks for Sector Conquest mode. And battles themselves will become more dynamic and intense. The changes are just around the corner! Trade One of the most anticipated and intriguing features in the game. The feature, which can eventually radically change the economic system of the Star Conflict universe. The first thing our pilots are going to notice is a new tab in the chat window. This is where you can find the latest sale offers and contact vendors. The very process of transfer and payment of goods will work through the familiar in-game mail. Sale price will be freely set by the seller with a fixed minimum value in Galactic Standards. You can start selling goods starting with rank 9 and higher, and anyone can be a buyer. We have been hinting that the unused ship components for Dart and Gargoyle will be useful in the near future. They are going to be one of the first things available for trading, along with blueprints and some other crafting objects. Trading in Star Conflict still has a long way to go, constant updates over time will significantly expand and improve the functionality of this system. Details coming soon! The fifth anniversary of Star Conflict Star Conflict is 5 years old! The game, as they say, is in its prime! We are delighted to invite the pilots to take part in festive space battles! The festive program includes not only the classic rocket fireworks and traditional special event, but also new stickers, portraits and special colour schemes for your favorite ship. And every mercenary, whether veteran or novice, will become the owner of a unique title. Future UMC plans include pleasing pilots with traditional updates of Empire, Jericho and Federation ships, as well as new experimental modes for PvP and PvE. And ‘Ellydium’ corporation will soon be ready to present their innovative version of an interceptor based on Alien technology. Stay tuned — this is just the beginning!
  28. Welcome to discuss fan tournaments! The first one here is 'Old School'
  29. Update 1.4 ‘Evolution’ was successfully launched. From the third of January pilots could share their videos with the new Ellydium ship Thar'Ga and it was quite something to look at. Today we present a brief selection of fresh videos from the pilots in our gaming universe on various ships! As for all concerned, we remind you about the partnership section. We offer support with game bonuses and promotion on official platforms, depending on the number and popularity of your materials about Star Conflict The very first video of Thar'Ga in flight 33 frags on Gargoyle from Fedman47! ‘Needs more dps!’ by AdamWest Gameplay on KrisAE and Anaconda MkII Original opinion on Ellydium update by xKostyan Finally, TharGa ‘Full evolution’! Be sure to subscribe to our feeds, and pilots will continue to delight you with fascinating collections of gameplay, guides and reviews!