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  1. That's why it's called Old school
  2. Mercenaries! The beloved show "Jackpot" is back! Starts today, January 20 at 16:00 UTC! Your objective - to get into one battle with broadcast hosts, and earn MANIAC medal! You'll need to eliminate 10 hostile ships and assist the destruction of 10 or more enemies in this fight. Today's reward starts from 1600 GS and grow by 100 for each battle, untill the winner appears. Your hosts and targets are Mzhelskii and Fedman47! Ranks will be declared online! Russian broadcast is held on GoodGame
  3. dlc

    We have cellphone network proveder under the same name here in Russia) We didn't plan to expand our DLC list in this way, but I liked your Bee passion
  4. What's wrong with Defiler SO?
  5. Discussion
  6. Welcome to discuss fan tournaments! The first one here is 'Old School'
  7. Format: 8х8, Best of 3 Tech level: 7-9 Ranks. Teams: 16. Date: (January 28-29) Tournament Grid - single elimination; Maps: Devils Jaw, Threshold, Lava Spines, Northern Mining Startion, Destroyed station Game mode: Capture the beacons. Regulations. 1.Tech level: 7-9 ranks 2. Friendly fire enabled. 3. Destroyers, Ellydium ships (as welll as their weapons and modules), all craftable ships and special modules (Archelon, Nightingale, ‘Phoenix’ drones, ‘Styx’ drones, ODG ‘Mantis’, ‘Bastion’ shield), craftable combat drones, Cruise Engine Modification, Energy converter, Reverse Thruster, Shield Sync, Amplifying Shields, ‘Nailer’ Gun, Tractor Beam, Regenerating Shield, ‘Harpoon’ Plasma Launcher, Flux Phaser, Phase Suppressor, Mass Accelerator, craftable and event weapons and modules are forbidden. 4. Мк.5 weapon, Мк.4 ammo and Мк5 modules are allowed. 5. Being late for more than 10 minutes to the match means the team receives technical defeat 6. For contract match, both teams will be disqualified and excluded from participation. 7. The team is responsible for any problems with connection to the match («Disconnected» state) – match will continue, except p.8 cases. 8. If the pilot is disconnected before the battle or during first minute - the team can make a request about restart of the battle with the replacement of the pilot. 9. Replacing \ add players after the registration is forbidden. 10. All other rules stated in the general rules of cyber activities. In contradiction of the general rules and regulations of the championship - the priority considers the rules of the championship. 11. For incorrect behavior, namely objectionable remarks against the other teams, administration, streamers, or commentators - the player warning is issued. If a second warning is given the player is suspended from participation in the championship, and then the team plays less numbered before the end of the championship. 12. The server is selected be the administration with the best possible rates for the teams. 13. The amount of ships equipped - from 1 to 4. 14. Allowed to assemble a team of players from different corporations. 15.The final decision on any dispute is made administration. Additional information: 1. Battles of every stage are held separatele 2. With the 16th team in, the registration for the tournament is considered closed. Registration blank: 1. Team's name. 2. Captain. 3. Team line-up: 8 pilots (captain included) + reserve (up to 4 pilots). The Rewards for Winners: 1 place - 120 Xenocrystalls for each pilot 2 place - 80 Xenocrystalls for each pilot 3 place - 50 Xenocrystalls for each pilot Rigistration on Russian Forums
  8. Discussion
  9. Welcome to discuss the Best Star Conflict Youtube Videos
  10. Update 1.4 ‘Evolution’ was successfully launched. From the third of January pilots could share their videos with the new Ellydium ship Thar'Ga and it was quite something to look at. Today we present a brief selection of fresh videos from the pilots in our gaming universe on various ships! As for all concerned, we remind you about the partnership section. We offer support with game bonuses and promotion on official platforms, depending on the number and popularity of your materials about Star Conflict The very first video of Thar'Ga in flight 33 frags on Gargoyle from Fedman47! ‘Needs more dps!’ by AdamWest Gameplay on KrisAE and Anaconda MkII Original opinion on Ellydium update by xKostyan Finally, TharGa ‘Full evolution’! Be sure to subscribe to our feeds, and pilots will continue to delight you with fascinating collections of gameplay, guides and reviews!
  11. Made changes in the way the results in the game are filled, it was very interesting, however, I think they should take a look at a topic I created, where I suggested the count of deaths suffered, so that this would negatively influence the score of the players that were destroyed In battles. Follow the path of my comment.


  12. Yep, now they can be met only on highest difficulty
  13. It's a part of HUD rework, which is in the progress. This and more active effects will be coming back in more usefull way, more noticeable. And implants should be there as well
  14. Well, the ship is good only in a good hands. Our stats showed that in overall it was kind of weak on the battlefield. Its a tough contract, but with some nice reward And, you're actualy able to fly in highest difficulty battles with rank 10, you just have to chose this ships, without higher ranks. Rank 10 merges just between 2 difficulties.
  15. Meanwhile, the Discussion of New Update 1.4.0b is going Here!
  16. Discuss the new update Here!
  17. Welcome to discuss Star Conflict 1.4.0b Update!
  18. Patch discussion will be opened pretty soon, I hope to see you there
  19. Unfortunately savepoints in open space can't be possible due to server limitations. That's why we try to do OS missions not so far away from the stations.
  20. Dart & Gargoyle are actualy premium ships. But there may be the way to obtain their components even after January 17 patch
  21. hiya was wondering how do i raise my karma on star conflict?

  22. Will do More dev blogs are coming soon, about Sector Conquest rework, trading system and other new features.
  23. Pilots! We have prepared new special desktop wallpapers for the adherents of ‘Ellydium’ and crystal technologies! The innovative ‘Thar'ga’ fighter, the ultra-modern ‘Ellydium Theta’ hanger and the elegant ‘Nightingale’ are ready to decorate your desktop. And do not forget the other great Wallpapers in the refreshed Artworks section! Yours faithfully, Star Conflict team
  24. Well guys we need a more clear video footage of bot using desintegrator when moving. Will much appreciate it
  25. Well, some special effects are similar to different ammo and even to some weapons. That's nothing strange about it We wish to deliver something unique to every detail in the game, but some things, this included, is beyond our current capabilities)
  26. Trading will be implemented as soon as it will be ready, but not in January 17 update. We will try to deliver some new info on it in the next Dev blog
  27. The next update will come up only on January 17, so no changes in xenochips untill then. By the way, SC birthday is coming next - 5 years!
  28. Pilots! Christmas is celebrating in Russia at last! And it's the perfect time to reveal the winners of our little contest ‘Wish Star Conflict a Happy New Year!’ Thank you so much for all the congratulations! Reading of each is particularly warm and pleasant, and with it, we gain strength to rush into a new 2017 for new challenges. Creative writers pleases and surprises as always Winners' selection was incredibly hard this time! However, after much debate, we have been able to come to agreement, and are ready to present to you the names of the lucky ones: *Author's spelling preserved Thorkarn SgtDoss ORCA1911 ApollyonHellsing Rookie_Ace AdamWest HopyOne xXThunderFlameXx We much appreciated all what you've done, pilots! Happy 2017 Year to you all and see you in space!
  29. Mercenaries! EMC prepared a special review of the new developments of "Ellidium" corporation to ship "Thar'ga". This is a super-modern weapons created with technology Alien live crystals, and has a unique effect. Curious pilots can find a description of modules and their detailed images right here. The images in HD format will soon be available for download and viewing in our Artworks section. Active modules for Ellydium corporation Fighter Thar'Ga Missile reload This active module is only available to ‘Ellydium’ ships. An extension of the missile compartment, allowing it to carry out an immediate and full reload. Crystal drone An active module only available to ‘Ellydium’ fighter ‘Thar'ga’. Detaches a stationary drone from the crystalline portion of the hull, which can hit several targets simultaneously. Alien intuition An active module only available to ‘Ellydium’ fighter ‘Thar'ga’. Increases critical hit chance, but disrupts its own guidance systems. When using this module, locking a target is impossible. Inhibitor swarm A nanobot swarm is launched in the crosshairs' direction. Enemies hit by the swarm receive EM damage and have their maneuverability reduced.
  30. Dear conquerors of the Star Conflict Universe! This topic is designed to collect and organize the players' questions towards the developers as well as their answers. In order to provide a better overview and easier search, this topics' priority will be focused on game related content in January. Answers are usually given daily on weekdays. Developers will read all questions, but questions which are not clearly defined, which are obviously stupid, which are lying on the "surface", or which violate the rules of the forum, will be ignored and deleted. How to ask questions: Formulate your questions as clear as possible. Try to ask only important questions. Use the search function before asking any questions, some questions may have already been answered. The following rules apply to this thread: 1. Posts that do not contain any game related questions will be deleted. 2. This thread is not for suggestions. Any suggestion posted in this thread will be deleted. 3. Any discussion in this subject will be considered as flame and offtopic and will be punished appropriately. 4. The questions are asked towards the game developers and therefore only they can respond. 5. The thread will be cleaned at least once a week. This means that all player posts will be removed and the questions will be added to the developers answers as a quote.
  31. Dear pilots, the year 2017 is here, and we have our traditional New Year's poll for you! It's only going to take a couple of minutes, but your feedback is important the most We will publish the poll's results at the beginning of the year! View Survey Sincerely, Star Conflict Team
  32. Welcome to discuss 2016 Year in Review
  33. New Year is just around the corner! It’s time for our festive competition ‘Wish Star Conflict a Happy New Year!’. The number of winners is not limited! To wish Star Conflict a happy holiday, you can make a card, a video or write a beautiful creative text. The only limit is your imagination. Just remember that your submission has to be devoted to the game world of Star Conflict! Entries are accepted in a special form. Enter your nickname, email, and a link to your submission or text. We will select the best entries by evaluating their originality, humour and quality. Prizes: All winners will receive 5000 Galactic Standards Submissions will be accepted through January 6. Winners will be announced on January 7. Good luck, pilots!
  34. The Main Update of the year is here! Welcome to discuss Star Conflict 1.4.0 Evolution