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  1. I found this video by Orca, is this some sort of joke or is this really happening? I can tell that the whole game is going to go wrong if these ships are added.
  2. hey! I just realized that Tai'Kin will get the job done xD
  3. -Boson cannon hitting target from almost across the map with 1k-3k damage per shot, fire rate way too high. -Dual channel repeater constantly gives gargoyle the high fire rate, dealing even more damage -Disintegrator modifier makes the sniper fires way too fast -No scouts placing micro locators these days, making any lrf almost invisible
  4. Hmmmm, I thought the limit has been increased to 10k? If no one will be in this contest, me and this other guy will get the crystals, tyty
  5. I just finished "Life of a SC mineralogist!" IGN: InfernalSam (also in the video)
  6. maybe it is broken, is there a bug that you can borrow your teammate's damage (if teammates fire on you) and concentrate them on a certain target? I did not fire at the enemy, nor was anyone else. I should receive minimal damage on my destroyer. However, I was receiving x2,5 damage from the multiplier, but even so, 57480 damage with no reflected damage makes no sense. I am not saying that this is a bug, but it should certainly be getting looked at.
  7. how do I hide my hud? I need it to make videos. I tried option (alt key for mac)+z and option+h like other people said but no luck
  8. no need to nerf, all you need is a thar'ga with a thar'kth, combat reconstructor, and inhibitor swarm, a tackler or a command with phaser would also be great. Escaping inhib crystal is ez if you have a thar'ga with teleport engine. Not really worried about its main guns, espically the one that fires missile since they're ez to dodge. What I'm worried about is its jump crystal because you can jump so many times in a row. but sure, if you wana nerf, nerf the gun damage and its speed
  9. I'm getting at least 20 crashes per day
  10. I'm getting a lot of crashes on this game recently, making it almost unplayable, fix it!