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  1. That doesnt give you as much reward and it's kinda harder, so yeah
  2. The daily inverter scanner run gives you 300k credits (450k with premium) and is very easy, can be done on any r7+ ship (fast ones recommended)
  3. For me, Inhibitor Crystal with 20k damage is completely overkill. The fact that Satellite crystal speed you up by 20% and slows down enemy ships like a constant inhibitor with almost no way to hit it is unacceptable. I'm fine with all the other modules, and Thar'Ok is also fine if you guys remove homing ability and make it some sort of trick shot gun, damage can still stay same. Tai'al is just instant dead for small targets and even big ones once locked on because IR flare can't deflect that much missiles at once and missile shields wont stop them. Virtual particle condenser is also a huge problem once you have it. Paired up with Jump crystals your ship is almost unbeatable with such regen. Camo shield deflector+return crystals=Instant death for slow captains in that mode. So yeah. Still need some changes
  4. This always happens when I play (mac)
  5. Just like in War Thunder, we have Russian Bias. In SC, we now have Ellydium Bias. Not only alien ships are OP, their modules also have premium texture compared to other ships
  6. tru, but destroyers with blaster turret is still a huge threat to tai'kin
  7. Ever since the proximity mortar update, guard ships became unbalenced already. Now, with the passive Mass Propulsion Inhibitor, the phase shield speed increase, pulsar damage resistance, and the induction laser, the ship has become the third most unbalenced thing in the game (tai'kin is number one while thar'ga is number 2).