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  1. Is there a location for farm materials in Empire sector of the map? Maybe Scrapyard? Sanctuary (Antaress system, Jericho sector) Destroyed Station : (Cosima Triama system, Federation sector)
  2. rare resources

    Build all 3 rank 8 destroyers ? Maybe, but would deplete much of the monocrystals. Thats what let me try to put up the list above: demand and rarenress. Monocrystals are all too rare! If I would like to build I can't because of relative mono rareness.
  3. C contains all listed items in each 'Protector' container .. unique items, one cannot build them hereafter buy - like after learning from a blueprint, sadly though - Ellydium station is not smoked any more (Linux)
  4. rare resources

    Lets work it out. I learned how to get shards (and computing) so these are out. What else is wrong?
  5. Thanx guys, valuable infos!!
  6. Charge Buff!
  7. buy only
  8. Ah - o.k will inspect it. It's not listed as hull repair rate in the ship stats window, though, yet.
  9. Not stricktly related, but a similar case: Mill, you certainly want to buy the new guard weapon: Proximity Mortar (kinetic dmg) !! For sure
  10. May be connected to this (from patch 1.4.1 notes): ..restore hull pts in respawn wait time - or what? I can not make exactly sense out of this.
  11. The recent patch 1.4.1 brought much fun for the guard class. Here are some specs in relation to the Guard ship class: All guard ships are now able to restore hull, if they are not in combat And also quickly reach the battlefield with proper use of the special module Special modules now further increases ship speed on activation The new Proximity Mortar weapons are great and powerful, with explosive projectiles that explode on contact. The passive module (CPU) Gun Adapter increases the main weapon's damage depending on the number of enemies in 2000m perimeter Pulsar active guard module: increases resistance to all damage on activation Emergency Shield Boost active guard module: reduced cooldown (55%) and ship recovers energy in proportion to the number of opponents in the vicinity Mass Propulsion Inhibitor active guard module: reduced by 24%cooldown and power consumption reduced by 45% Signature masking active guard module: reduction of enemy weapon damage, only has one-time energy consumption Spectre field active guard module: 35 sec reduced recharge time to 35 sec, shield and hull resistance incre (40%), extended range (2000m) It's imho a genial patch, it make real fun to play the guards now.The guard can be positioned by its speed gain of 75% for 5s to fight/retreat position more flexible and the weapon is very fun, its like a blueball for guards. I hope that such a patch will come for engineers also, because they will further be inferior to guards and other classes now and will stay at low engineer count
  12. Not smoked any more after patch 1.4.1 on Linux
  13. Hey! Patch 1.4.1 gives me the full view of the Ellydium hangar for the first time - unsmoked! Thanx !
  14. to be filled
  15. I have encoutered this sound stutter occasionally on russian servers in massPvPs.
  16. rare resources

    Classes of rare resources (SC v. 1.4.1): 1) Highly Rares <> High Demands Monocrystals (monos) 2) Medium Rares <> Situational Demands Impure Neodium (neos) Impure Beryllium (berries) Gold Standards (in-game money, GS) 3) Fairly Rares <> High Demands Iridium Xenocrystals (xenos) Alien composite panels (panels) 4) Temporarily Absent Rares Impure Electrum (electrums) I feel like been overwhelmed by the management of all these rare resources at the moment. And, on the other hand, unnecessarily restricted by the variety of rare resources because a combination of these is required regularly to craft some materials (save GS). Now, with the new Ellydium ship line (SC v. 1.4.0), we have a new rare resource: Xenocrystals. But the need for the rare resource Monocrystals and Neodium and Beryllium is still present if one wants to build a new Ellydium ship like the Tharga and its new Ellydium modules and weaponry. I would love to see some logic behind it: at least I'd like to see the monocrystals moving down from very rare to fairly rare - the crystal shards likewise. List of prices: Gold Standard (GS) 430 GS ~ 1 € Xenocrystal (xeno) 1440 GS / 2,83 xeno = 508,83 GS/xeno -> 1 xenocrystal ~ 1.2 € Monocrystal (mono) 2 monos = 450 GS -> 2 monocrystals ~ 1 € Impure Neodium (neo) 7 neos ~ 1€ Impure Beryllium (berry) 7 berries ~ 1 €
  17. Foxy the α Alpha hunter, he gives his loot to the poor. A space robin hood.
  18. At the moment I circumvent the bs a bit with a Tharga ship in one of the 4 docks that is fixed to rank9... Not optimal but seems to work.
  19. Yes - it seems to be 3ncouraged. And yes, killing points in regard to region on map +1 from me. +1 from me again (can only give 1) I would think of a weapon reload mechanic. If you use up your ammo, you must reload at spawn center/ship or dock at an reloading frigate/destroyer etc.small ships would have lower ammount of ammo than larger ships, making larger ships stay longer autonomous. Jah, brilliantly summarized/exposed. I am also concerned what it does with the game that the new Tharga ship is much faster and makes the battles much faster now??
  20. Its basically a browser-window game in client-server mode. Devs, as well as GMs etc., can see your usb hardware, your window size, your resolution etc. Besides that the devs would see your IP and a couple of other network things. This could be overcome rather easy, but for what? I would guess most like 99% of multiple accounts are just because s.b. forgot the credentials, likes to see the game developing again from the beginning or just fun...
  21. xenocrystals

    Monocrystall? In all new modules and weapons... you need it
  22. Yah, yah I think its work in finetuning..
  23. Tharga ranks: it seems that every 150 points one rank up, but that would not sum up to 1300 end-points in rank 15 (see in the picture above) . Maybe there is some non-linearity in there or a knee in the curve?
  24. Yes thats true, easiest is t3 Spec Ops. But maybe a little hard for newbees to get into an effective wing : I said the devs should encourage corps sole for the newcomers like academies without Dreadnaught figths. This could be like special easy missions until r9 on old bases and harder mission on Ellydium base or the like .. And :: off cause a special Pirate station in middle of map for vets and pros. Newcomers must fight their way in!!
  25. xenocrystals

    Can you give an estimate on Monocrystals spent by your Tharga research? Just a rough number like 200 maybe? Because I think these are the most rare and limiting factors: Xenos and Monos - not?
  26. That I can understand .. though I have other beloved ship types. If it would ba able to edit the Sawtooth and the Kraken in the way the Thar'ga is fit - maybe possible in the future?
  27. xenocrystals

    I did invest in the Tharga, lately, and I spent some 600 xenocrystals. I was able to develop it to rank 10 - from rank 7 (see: Thar Ga by Swifter). I had spend like 3-400 Xenocrystals already. That makes c. 1000 Xenocrystals until rank 10. But the development roundel isn't researched very much by me at the moment (as one can see below). Thesis: I guess, to research a Tharga till rank 15 it will cost more than or up to 2000 Xenocrystals inclusive weapons and modules. Is this correct? How many Monocrystals does it cost? And to research it fully would cost an estimated 4-5000 Xenocrystals? What do you think?
  28. To fulfill the Ellydium contracts by Dr. Dimeni, it says: ".. with a ship of the maximal available rank from any side of conflict in a combat slot." Now look at my Thar'ga ship. I researched it to rank 10. But if you decide to switch off some modules and hit <Apply> button in the edit and research screen (development roundel) in the game, the ship will actually be fixed as a rank 9 ship and one can fulfill the mission in t3 (that is ranks 7-9). This is astonishing, because one would assume the game would recognize the ship research status of rank 10, actually. But I like that new mechanic. In this way one can take the 'beloved' Ellydium ship into battle of choice: t3,t4,t5!! That's a huge improvement, like that!
  29. I was thinking of an area where enemy ships won't fly into
  30. I would love to see a broker system, where one could choose the missions one likes. a screen/window with mission offers etc. and click the one you like. No more blinking exclamation ! marks etc. This jumping around stations to get faction's missions is .. obsolyte! I would like to see that it would be rewarding to stay with one station/faction ... but the open space revamp was announced to take place in summer.. so lets wait and see.
  31. They do not need a buff. What is need is a tweak of the recent nerf. They are big hulky targets that can not evade damage, they are slow and their weapons are mediocre (speaking mainly of t3+t4) they are defenseless against special silly kill-in-seconds-attacks.
  32. I hate this Spawn Camp Farming that evolves out of a match where one side is significantly stronger than the other and has killed so many enemy ships that this op side farms the individually re-spawning pilots / ships until the end of the battle. What can be done against it? I suggest to implement something in the maps, like a rather stationary Dreadnaught ship or a Station-complex with auto canons or something that will fend off the enemies to a distance..
  33. Koro.. might be possibly the truth!
  34. ... and the hunter will play YT vids -- hahahah
  35. Like a pack of hounds ...??
  36. Ah good hint. Knew that one could salvage modules, but did not connect it .. Good tip, thank you!! The piciure above is from .. module??
  37. Sorry for the necro .. But I am waiting for the frigate Ellydium ship and wanted to build my first special Projects ship The Octopussy drones that heal the most are the standard ones ('Combat droens'). The Octopussy drones that are the most tanky are the 'Vanguard' ones 3 times the survivability each. Here's a .. SYNOPSIS of Octopus Drone Specs: --------------------------------------------------------------------- Name: Combat Armada Vanguard ship type: Octopus Octopus Octopus Type: spec spec spec missile module/slot DPS: 697 697 697 EM dmg (thermal) Damage: 418 418 418 EM dmg Rate of fire: 100 100 100 rounds/s Firing range: 1950 1950 1950 m Max number of drones: 2 3 2 pts Drone durability: 3339 3339 9579 pts Drone recharge period: 35 30 35 s Ship repairs: 205 105 105 dmg/s Energ. consumption: 0 0 0 en/s Recharge: 3 3 3 s Activation (F): 410 410 410 en self destruct (F): 4648 4648 6971 shield pts Q: Is the '697' DPS given for all drones together or for each drone individually?
  38. The point defense drones that spawn around the ship and can be switched from attack mode to repair mode would not be op.
  39. But: arn't the crystalid ships like lobotomized / animal like instictive? Because they lack a pilot?? How would engineers put a seat for Foxy into such things???
  40. Hoho -- mybe the Easterbunny brings it this year??? Maybe the devs misunderstood you a bit ?? And gve us all these Ellydium hgybrids .. serious, rather not...
  41. I am building á Secret Project ship, the Octopus. I found that especially the Crystal shard resource is a bit sparse to get.... We need Crystal shards for Computing chips, and we need computing chips for ship building, duplicators and other materials like Screened batteries, Processing blocks, Ship parts (Comp. systems, Deflect. packg., Reaktor packg., Engine packg.) .. if I am not missing anything. I would like to suggest an increase in Crystal shard loots. Would be helpful. Second I would recommend is to increase Monocrystal gain.... P.S.: If s.b. has an idea, where to get the most Crystal shards per time ... please let me know.
  42. I am building my Octopus atm., because I have so much fun with the Phoenix , an empire engi . I aim to build on like the Styx, Minotaur, etc.: a dps dealing healer ship. Does anybody recommend a specific drone? Combat / Armada / Vanguard??
  43. Necro (sorry) but: DRFox wanted alien ship .. seems that we got them
  44. I use 'uBlock Origin' add-on, blocks everything! It's a fast and small add-on.
  45. M8 - sorry for leaving! Ah - you guys all have Windowse PCs. What should I do on Linux? So only game I play is SC .
  46. I'd say make the destroyer's heavy repair drones already like engi attack drones : repair hull or attack if (hull is >50%) or make it swichtable like in the Phoenix drones (switch from pure attack mode to pure repair mode) - that would be fair imho!
  47. If you play destroyers in Skirmish (PvP) look on your playstyle, if you like empire stay with empire dessy. If you play Missions (PvE) or Versus AI (co-op) or Special Ops (against Defiler) then maybe a more versatile easier dessy is your way: take Jericho destroyer. If you want the destroyer mainly for Open Space maybe a faster more agile destroyer is your choice: take the rank 11 Federation destroyer Antares (not the r8 Procyon). See also: * Comprehensive guide to Destroyers * Star Conflict 1.3.12: Phase One * What Happened to the Destroyers? * So much weeks ............... * Make Destroyers Great Again
  48. Yes - I am saying this a lot. Assists must be rewarded better, not only straight outright kills .. Yes - exactly my complain. And I combine it with the citation above: "destroyer first was intriduce to cover ships at mid range , thats all ^^ " I liked that that be so, r14 destroyers should be nerfed in range of sniper gun or in speed of sniper rounds so that it is long range thread only to destroyers, not to smaller more swift ships (incl. frigates). Yes, but why didn't the devs not nerf destroyer in other ways??
  49. I salvaged all my discontinued trophy modules (Mk2 & Mk4). Now I have 1043/1500 store space!!
  50. You are right here, I do not have enough knowledge with that , especially with t5 pvp.. But also I have to admit that I never was op with destroyers .. my bitterness comes from imbalance against smallest ships...
  51. Yes - exactly they are not that useful. Even from an interceptor coming they might not help if player is skilled in maneuverability. And they fire automatically , one cannot switch them off! And plasma acr can disable more than one module in one 3s attack ect.pp. there is not great balance...
  52. g4borg: again your right in everything, but interceptors spawn much quicker, are cheaper, can make fun of all destroyers that have loooong respawn and repair... fly quick to them kill them, return to normal game... and laugh. We had that was not enough fun?? It is the joke that most effectively destroyers can die from smallest ship. Against a Destroyer you send a Destroyer - think about it! There must be a way skill will come in against uber-CO in close combat for destroyer players At least a chance to stop a plasma arc from killing you with an effective tool that helps!! In my Phoenix frigate with 3 Phoenix drones (that can be switched from attack mode to repair mode and reverse) I can still be killed byinterceptors but not 100% - even by skilled players! Thats what I like about them - fairness! P.S.: I see that there are gunships as well .. hope my heavy repair drones will be an even strong opponent for them as well?
  53. I make calculations of main weapons base damages. This is what I have found: Main Weapon rank 8 ................................................. weapon DPS base mean interceptor empire 802 federation 749 jericho 749 fighter empire 1267 federation 1279 jericho 1184 frigate empire 2069 federation 1289 jericho 1289 destroyer empire ? (do not have one) federation 3404 jericho 4217 Now that the ships have different number of main gun turrets, how is the DPS calculated? I guess for all turrets of a ship combined. If so the 3 drones would not make more DPS than 2 or 1 drone? Can s.b. help here understand, pls.? I know there was a post about this somewhere.... will see.
  54. Destroyers are not capital ships of SC, because they have a special nerf so to be killed even by To the contrary, exactly the opposite: I do react on the imbalance of uber-interceptors (and uber op thargas, but that's another story) that can kill any destroyer without any kind of teamwork from the rest of the players. We had that before, was not enough nerf.
  55. wise words, I concur. I also argue to leave the proximity damage buff (<=750m dessy receives 3 x dmg) However, I think: if word is out that destroyers should fit in their role, finally, that must be valid for "uber op co-op inties" (CO) as well: they have a role not that of an ubiquity 'tool fits all' roles, can "counter all" ship classes etc.. atm a well placed destro (t3,t4) is limited in effectiveness. dunno t5 destoyers, do not have one. only if protected by skilled interceptor fighters or if enemies fly up the position in straight line, destroyer is usefull in a limited way wit reduction in strategic value, now they are so slow. I can deal with plasma arcing co-op inties way better in my frigate than in my destroyer (t3) - that's what I addressed. And I pull the dessies down with my frigate now and before the nerf patch against destroyers... If attack/repair drones for destroyers in near field were obstacle to CO pilots, they can wait for cool down time or dessie is out of energy etc.pp. - imho makes it more interesting and not boring auto kill since you are near. 15+ kills per match .. may vary in t5 and t3 PvP?
  56. Your skills are not destroyed by destroyers! Let me put it in other words: your experience with interceptor, fighter, frigate class ships got rebooted after a new ship class, destroyer süpressor class, was introduced: that is normal, you will develop new skills against destroyers over time. You also can ignore the destroyers and battle other ships. If you cannot kill a destroyer by using old skills in a small ship, group and develop new strategies, invest in time and new skill, again. The experiences are also that skilled players can kill destroyers in no time. And that special new skills are required to fly a destroyer successfully. You have to learn to fly and to build your destroyer in the right way - not? It happened last winter, it happens this winter.
  57. Yes exactly my impression of the game. Ntbobles comment made me think if we could get the Phoenix drones for destroyer repair drones: Heavy Phoenix Drones
  58. We have "aimbot things" already for frigates, gunships, interceptors, and destroyers, and despite you say "the game is very fun and quick"! So why not have counter measure like frigates have? They are both restricted and very restricted in maneuverability and to fly a destroyer takes skill. This can be called balance, if you have a means of protection against one shot/arc killed by tiny paper space ships?? And it is either repair OR attack that's a restriction and it is not very powerful like the Plasma arc etc. Come on..
  59. I got my Achievements/Events 'Deadly kiss' by ramming a destroyer in Co-op but didn't got my Achievements/Events 'Close contact' by ramming a frigate in PvP in a Tharga?? Did not cause enaugh damage? Why?
  60. My store is near full, now (1487/1500) I tried to buy more standard ships from the ships tree and got the notice that buying new ship was not possible because of the full store. I was informed that I should sell items. Guys with full standard ships tree (c. 250 ships) what is your strategy in selling items, weapons,etc.pp.? Is equipping ships a remedy? Can you help / give tips, pls.?
  61. Can we get reasonable means of self defense. My Phoenix drones are much better than Blaster turret. Q: Can we get Heavy Phoenix repair drones? I would defny grind parts for it!!! And would make destroyers useful in OS, again.
  62. Destroyers have become more vulnerable to damage from very close combat (within 750m they take 2.5 times the damage). Some say they are under powered (UP) now and became useless in open space missions. Some say destroyers are still over powered (OP). Others say it's o.k. now, eventually. I would like to encourage further tweaks on destroyer class to make them great again not op but not weaker than frigate class ships. Please have your say and give suggestions and ideas Issues with Destroyers: #1a : If you choose a destr. main weapon like the Halo Launcher, you are good in suppressor role but you are totally vulnerable to close combat because this main weapon is bad against small maneuverable ships coming in to kill you (Kamikaze). #1b : If you choose a destr. main weapon like the Meson Canon or Coilgun, you're somewhat vulnerable to close combat but you are ineffective in suppressor role because this main weapon is bad in longer ranges and somewhat effective in medium to near ranges but still almost useless in close combat. #2 : From the Plasma Arc on an Interceptor:covert ops alone you can get 'death kiss' and be more weak than a frigate against an interceptor. That is, since recent patch (1.4.0d, 15.02.2017) like 2.4x damage to engine, 1.5 x damage to destroyer active modules, and 2.5 x dmg to ship hull/shield within 750m and closer of range to a destroyer. If I read the patch notes correctly and if I am right with my math this would be in case for Plasma Arc (max damage per close range 200m attack): destroyer engine/router: 2.4 x 7200 thermal damage per sec = 17,280 DPS x 3 s active module time = 51,840 thermal damage over 3s + 8000 white dmg on destruction == ~up to 60,000 thermal damage destroyer act. modules: 1.5 x 7200 thermal damage per sec = 10,800 DPS x 3 s active module time = 32,400 thermal damage over 3s + 6000 white dmg on destruction == ~up to 38,500 thermal damage destroyer hull/shield: 2.5 x 7200 thermal damage per sec = 17,280 DPS x 3 s active module time = 51,840 thermal damage over 3s some skilled pilots use the tactic to kill all modules of a destroyer in one attack with a Plasma Arc. My Suggestion: Yes - destroyers should get the choice of close combat defense module: Plasma turret and Blaster turret are less effective in close combat defense then my 3 Phoenix Drones, what if we had Heavy Phoenix repair drones for destroyers? Name: Heavy Phoenix Drones Type: Expendable drones DPS: 764 (thermal) Damage: 917 dmg Rate of fire: 50 rounds/min Firing range: 2600 m Max number of drones: 2 (Jericho/Empire), 3 (Federation) Drone durability: 900 hull pts. Drone active time: 30s Ship repairs: 185 hull pts/s Energ. consumption: 50 en/s Max resistance reduction: 50 pts (5pts. each shot for 5s) Description: Drones with manual Attack/Repair mode switch. Attack locked target, restore hull. Drone projectiles reduce hull resistance to all damage by 5pts each for 5s. SOURCES:
  63. For a bigger picture use the link, pls. -> get you to an interactive map.
  64. DRFox - why do you cite the pictures?
  65. My Phoenix empire engineer frigate: full 5 drones equipped (2 missile slot drones + 3 phoenix drones) in afterglow::
  66. Ha - got a price ty - and ty all
  67. Q1 : Do we have other, higher graphics since last patch? In lowest setting there are new graphical artifacts. Especially on high player count russian server battles, now. Q2 : I hoped the Nightingale would reappear. I bought nightingale ship-parts, but since ship is gone from ship tree, I cannot do missions for parts (like Stingray). Will I get refunded, because ship parts are not listed in my store? P.S.: That comment below gave me the biggest LOL - you made my day - man!
  68. +1 Nightingale is an interesting ship but only rank 8 - because of the r9 crew implants and 1 passive module slot less, the Sai is much more interesting. Btw. in last buy I bought some Nightingale containers with parts for it (to have the option to build it later), but they seem to be not in my store - and the ship disappeared from ship tree, so I cannot do missions for its parts, now. Is it a bug?
  69. It's boring .. already!
  70. I refitted my Fed. destroyer Antares (r11) after last patch -grr had to- and max speed is 263 mps, now.
  71. I killed Tharg'as with eclipse launcher on rank 8 engineer frigate from 5.5km in protecting our destroyer in the open (suppressing) in PvP. It was effective shootout But these were t3 Thargas - even my 3 Phoenix drones popped one, when he came to attack me at my hideout position.! Give me a drone-carrier Ellydium frigate [4 gun turrets] or destroyer[8 gun turrets] (drone centered, not main gun centered, support role centered, em-drones, spy-drones, hacking-drones..), yaaas!! And please credit supports more!
  72. There are interesting informations revealed in international cable maps, see Greg's Cable Map. What's most astonishing is to me that there is actually a land-cable through south america (Argentine to Chile). Besides that south america is interconnected through sea based cables.
  73. Swifter can you please give us an estimate how many Xenocrystalls you used for your build(s)?
  74. I guess this will stay. Why? Because evolution to overall speed increase would make sense for SC open space upgrade in summer! Think about it! We aer in transition phase!
  75. I do not think so: its evolution of the game into something other. We will have only new Elly-type roundel-ship development/research model after this year is over. No more old ship tree! To encourage this, _all_ old ships will be rendered inferior due to the op of _entire_ Elly ship line!! That's what I believe to happen in the future...
  76. That's good, that will be good!
  77. What about the Elly frigates? When will they come out?
  78. I reported your insults already - and let you know right away! Can you read? I already took off my helmet and stand by my words and opinion - you got sense? Please become decent, prudent & wise again - on this forum!
  79. 2 active accounts .. not counting accounts in the past, I would guess - not?
  80. Point -only- is how users express themselves here in the forum. Personal insults are no mode of civilized communication, esp. in regard to a pegi12 game's forum. There were plenty of modes these "old friends" could rant at each other - save this forum! Personal insults - even among friends - hurt nontheless and are no means of communication in a Pegi12 forum - period.
  81. I think they wont ever nerf it to old ship specs. In this way its like a game reboot: old ships become useless and new game transitions into new version, its evolution (from dinosaurs to birds, you know).
  82. "Mercenaries Thar'ga is on Sale" The Thar'Ga starter pack 15,000 Galactic Standards (GS) Thar'Ga ship cabin 100 Xenocrystall
  83. The logic of ban squad, add it was to eliminate a thread -- always short term ... this time is Tharga - as long as not balanced : welcome to constant beta!
  84. There is no complaining (not a dessy lover nor a tharga cry boy) in Evolution DRFox! Dev act on data: statistics and sales...
  85. Resources.. ding dong!
  86. Do we have -in effect- tiers: t1 : ranks 1-5 t2 : ranks 6-10 t3 : ranks 11-15 .. really?
  87. Most prob. the bulk of players not here but <yellow text message>built Thar'ga<yellow text message/> will try to follow Millfeulle's lead. ... Welcome !!
  88. why not go: cumstom battle?
  89. It is intended to be a joke. I do not like interceptors, because they kill me the most (in empire engineer frigate). A double Sai with 2 hulls and 2x shields and 3 main gun turrets would be like a gunship (the empire gunships have similar design, save for the pilot's cabin in the middle between the two hull-pylons. It has a History though: the Lockheed P-38 Lightning its a fighter-interceptor (bigger + faster than monoprop fighters)
  90. Yes of cause: there will be 9 other Ellydium ships to come-supposedly- this year until winter
  91. And to coordinate times for a special t3 spec ops is.. who the heck introduced that ???
  92. Yes thats an other thing! I spoke about online times and to get surveillance about online status etc.
  93. Most southern american players are from Brazil? P.S.: Thats no distance to antarctica, so give Star Conflict to antarctic players, too!!
  94. +1 from me Now, give him your thumb up, too. You announced to give one here, Nt
  95. Would be nice to have this ??
  96. Theoretically, only theoretically!! Swifter think about the overall situation holiostically.E.g., the special ops mission (45xenos) is finishable in reasonable time only with an experienced wing. Not everyone has high-skilled buddies to get the job done quick and in time like you.
  97. I play mostly Co-op (that is PvAi) now after the patch. In Co-op the bot interceptors are harder to kill then frigates, fighters and sometimes destroyers, now. They are darlings of high potential: not limited by 2 canons, to the opposite powerful as fighters and can kill everything in seconds. What a silly patch.
  98. Disagree: open to public via link is another cathegory than in-game look up! Game provider is responsible to uphold international data security standards. Could be costly if they would get sued by competitor.
  99. They are rather extink now, because of the recent super nerf! Interceptors get tooo powerful now: be reasonable they are the tiny ships not the super-capable ones.
  100. Because it would be illegal: to acquire data of any user based on his in-game nick name by everybody.
  101. New Squad recruitment system SUGGESTIONS: * I suggest the option to define a maximal rank ("max rank:"). That is because invited squad members _still_ have to have at least one ship of equal rank as the leader has (not higher) -- this way a lot of -individual- talk is prevented * I also suggest to get in an activity that is named after the terms in "LAUNCH" window: Co-op - its missing so far from the list. * I do not know what "Raid" is?? Its a new term introduced only at this window. Should be renamed lto common term. * I suggest to have a split screen: let us see the list of available groups created even if we created our own. Thats to see if friends did creat a group and we probably could join them. As of now one cannot see anything besides own list of recruits (see pictures below).
  102. +1 Orca. +1 _Xenon I also do only T3 atm. Fun is o.k.With Thargas starting from rank5 I do not get why to be stuck with r15 xeno missions? I play less and be away days..
  103. If rhe double tap functionality was implemented, it could be used for other things, also. For example it could be used to control behavior of active modules. Double-tap the number 3 for active module no. #3 and you can activate/inactivate the module no.3 See e.g. the destroyer's Plasma Turret module, it fires automatically at every enemy target it reaches. What if you would fly silent-mode? Not possible atm. So double-tap 3 to inactivate the module would be super feature!
  104. A good point! We have that situation. Maybe is intended to get Aces to buy Tharga? Other question is why would pros do that? Partial answer is self-gain (up in player stats, medals) or producing data theat motivates devs to nerf Tharga. There is the concept of offensiv counter vs offensive counter and offensive counter vs defensive counter (main gun vs main gun; main gun interceptor facing destroyer auto turrets or attack drones). Why the ranks up to 15 where allowed on first release is ... something not everyone would subscribe to. Imho, 15 slots would increase variety of builds, but modules should not be so strong. In the end only the Ellydium ship line will prevail and beginners of this game will start with a Tharga at rank5 or 1 .. and old ship tree will be History. That transition needs time and we are now in a phase of heavy -interesting, and promising- evolution (Thats what this version is called : "1.4.0x Evolution")
  105. The 2 Phoenix drones are much better .. and better effectiveness per grind ... [Phoenix with 3 Phoenix drones and 2 missile slot attack drones.]
  106. Ahhh !! I did this, result is: still 4 passive modules in rank 5 Tharga, because another module slot got de-activated. However, one has 3 passive module slots in rank 5 from beginning (that is without any research done) ? How many in ranks 6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15? is it fixed per rank or variable?
  107. Blueprints - for all sorts of modules (passive, active, special. weapons?) Offensive/Defensive nodes - "nodes", .. you mean ranks, sockets, slots, or .. what? Or the same as Base stats buff, see below? Base stats buff - o.k. this would be permanent stats buff as long as activated, like crew implants or like ship bonusses according to synergy-level ranks in old ships? Can one switch between these special modules (see left) in upper ranks? That would be nice!
  108. I suggest a health bar under the sybols of your team mates in circular shape hinting the direction of your mate in most need of help.
  109. I think smaller games resulted in quicker wait in battle queues - not?
  110. Where is the "Sting" from ? Stingray ship? What are its characteristics?
  111. Some days ago, I suggested just that, in regard to destroyers: they are so huge that they are unlikely to be killed by one two shots. Instead, I suggested, that destroyers should drift in space in disabled state or semi-disabled only still running forward, maneuverable etc., until repair crews would take it online again (like a respawn). Benefits: This easy disable would serve its survival in open space and its quasi-kill state in mult iplayer battles like PvP, because they would not contribute to team efforts and the kill>explode>respawn cycle would be avoided, for destroyers at least. In this way it would be very, very hard to kill destroyers but it would be easy to disable them.
  112. Passive module terminology changed: We now are faced with two terms in regard with passive modules: "socket" and "slot". Unfortunately, they are incoherently mixed. Sockets should be left side (roundel) and slot should be right side module grid.
  113. Now we have a mixture of symbols in the research-roundel which makes it hard to understand what is waht and what influences what, see the added pictures. There seems to be no inherent structure in the symbols. These classes of symbol types I found not to be coherently linked to specific research/module/activator target classes. Rather these symbol classes (1.metallic outer circle, 2.solid black background with lighter inner symbol, 3. black symbol w/ lighter background, 4. black symbol with out any frame) seem thematically mixed over some times. Its confusing. 1.metallic outer circle frame 2.solid black background with lighter inner symbol and round frame 3. black symbol w/ lighter background and round frame 4. black symbol with out any frame P.S. It would cost me Xenocrystalls to understand and make up logic here, but I would like to save up for Ellydium engineer frigate.
  114. You refer to "passive modules". And the terminology changed also: I noticed the following terms in the Tharga development roundel:: "socket" & "slot". Since my Tharga is only at rank 7, I do not understand the passive module distribution-development over the ranks of the Tharga. If I activate my capacitor slot or not, the passive module slot remains open for putting in a module? Is it a bug? Would some body please give an outline/list of number of passive module slots per rank of the Tharga?
  115. entertainment

    The Phoenix in background !!
  116. Coorp administration tools a desideratum! +1 Corp concept is still sub-optimal! Find squad is sub-optimal. Why? In times of op Tharga its spurious.
  117. Didn't get any Xenos Penos last week ! Because game is boring and I am stuck with stupid r15 missions! Idiotic! I do not get angry -- if anyone wants money from me for game to support (license, dessy containers [really?? joke!!]) , I wait for reasonable offer!! At the moment is - defny - NON! Its backup to F2P !! SC can do good offer any day
  118. This is clearly an absolute no-go. Its an insulting dishonouring, unnecessary ad hominem inslut! You should be stopped from doing this kind of unbehaved say. Everything has limits, ad hominem of the most insulting sort is! If you are not blocked, banned or warned (again) I read this as you are in <special> protection from SC. Btw where are the "payed for" community personnell anyways, e.g. OmegaFighter ... they are payed for service of pest control in forums ... Maybe they should pay back or resign?
  119. Tillow: "I reported you on this unnecessary "ad hominem" (look it up stupid!) insult! If you are are not blocked--- you are clearly on a special payed-for SC insulters list or maybe on SC payrole!! Leave us !! You are unpleasant maxxed!" Sorry for the typos
  120. Now his game is already -- self-serving!
  121. I like your double shot on gauss .)
  122. I reported you on this unneccassary "ad hominem" (look it up stupid!) insult! If you are are not blocked--- you are clearly on a special payed for SC insulters list or maybe on SC payrole!! Leave us !! You are unpleasant maxxed!
  123. The official development is: make any old ships useless -- there is sellout going on: destroyers are expensive but useless, officila development decided to nerf them to the bottom of oblivion... Go on and build a special project ship: it will leave you with unuseable ship and loss of many monocrystals... go on! Its policy: to get the players depleted of valuables for unknown .... there is tyranny...
  124. survival

    [Picture: The mask is off, 'I'll kill ya-- Thatga'"]
  125. Milf : this is your self-announced downfall / ruin ! From now (after P2W) your pilot specs will only fall, you will fall!! As a virtual warrior you still have to learn a lot!
  126. You know, what is coming????? This Tharga is just the prequel! They revealed it already in patch notes and developer's blogg, I will tell you in a picture: [Picture is: "Aliens vs Astronauts"]
  127. I would say that reasoning is incoherent: its playing away one's own responsibility : please do not take it wrong (its not meant to refer to you) but the Nozis blamed on their superiors and the Fuerer ...
  128. Exactly!! In terms of war & fight: Its his weakness not a strength!! [Picture is: Tharga in action]
  129. Imho: BS
  130. Milf cannot cheat you, if stats and virtual points and climbing a virtual game ladder isn't important to you In the end its free choice... Other thing is overall game balance, off cause... Game will die if it supports egoists only at the expense of many cooperating laid back relaxed players anyways.... swiping the fun out of it! I do not know why Milf is going on, he proved his point already!
  131. But in chat and in corp many many ppl curse Milf - and more bad things...
  132. Xenon: cities do not have initation speeches? What you mean? What you mean by referring to Salt Lake city? Church of Mormon missionaries?
  133. I think the developers just make the game future ready. They aim to change ship models and ship development from tree to individual ships that can be more versatile developed according to need. I find the roundel for ship development great and I think in time all things will be normal again. The devs aven encourage squad play, again!!
  134. I think in general for correction of imbalance of recent 1.4.0c patch (Feb. 2017) all destroyers should be made hard to be killed and easy to be disabled (modules, functions, radar, implant gain, main weapons, etc) as a means against over power in multiplayer and battles. Destroyer's should have better survivability in open space (PvE) which is quite useful (especially with speed build federation destroyer - thats what I grinded my r11 Antares for). Big bulky slow bad maneuverable ships like destroyers are a huge mass to deal with. In disabled state they are no threat: no longer beacon denial capable. In open space they survive longer, which I would like very much.
  135. You're right Vohvel. - I made the error in winter %off sales to buy me r15 frigate and fighters , I hoped I would get better missions in open space and would survive longer... Now I am stuck with r15 missions in my roster and hate them... Maybe new ship-reasearch roundel model is curing this "tier rush" sickness!
  136. I am not natural English speaker and can not fully understand your options. You connect Tharga critique with estimated end of game question. I cannot answer this, because the one I answer yes the other part I answer no... Please rephrase . It must be in polls: one statement per vote. Bad is to merge 2 or more not necessarily related statements. Please give me choice: I do not like any of the options to choose from, because every option is of same sort. I'd say game is in heavy development and developers just try to balance by aquired data and bug reports. We are beta testers . End of year it more or less will be fine and the game SC has totally new ship tree, ship development and set of ships for the future... They just not communicate enough....
  137. Yesterday Milf had to face my rank 8 Phoenix engineer and had to deal with my Phoenix drones in his rank 15 Thar'ga op close range. He needed quite some time to finish me - no one shot - haha. Thats my revenge!
  138. gheni is right! Milf has the right heart, he is essentially on our side! Giving them developers their data fodder to eat - their own messed up imbalance. But: Nobody flies destroyers any more (esp. lower rather balanced r8s, r11s, also). Seems that is an answer given by players voting with their feet! Destroyers are not viable in game any more. Dessies are useless in open space, too. The destroyers are valuable in terms of time to grind and money spend for special destroyer part containers. What the result of this arbitrary patch is : frustration and loss of trust!
  139. Its like buying your Ferrari and 1 year later its half speed and accelleration by firmware upfate of engine computer -- haha!
  140. This game is constant movinng from beta stadium to beta stadium and we are all beta-testers, thats why we need no test-server! Inbetween there were some stages of RC, though But I like the develper's spirit to try to make this game good and interesting... [The two pictures are: 1) bad-guys on the hunt for big dessy, 2) Three dessies in a row under 2 sec with one shot : "manic medal"]
  141. Well , I am tolerant in regard to this demand. [To be fair, it must be said that this retorded owl flew into a septic tank, again, and had to be cleaned from hazards prior to its daily medication by pound personnel.]
  142. I suggested that destroyers should be long range suppressors for destroyers only! Mid-range suppressors for frigates, mainly. And short range supressors .. well makes no sense..tbh save in combination with speed, which I do agree should stay nerfed. I argue that destroyer weapons and modules are effective for mif-range suppression, hence beacon denial and look at micro black-holes.. Destroyer long range sniper builds should not be able to hunt down small ships ! I argue that destroyer weapons are not great for close range defence and the big the destroyers are a target it needs no damage vulnerability to close range incoming fire! As I said, a monkey in a chair could do it...
  143. Why is close range vulnerability to damage nice? To whom would it benefit? What does it do to game/battle situation?
  144. .. from "drug/alcohol tolerance" over "stress tolerance" to "civic/religious tolerance" .. there might be different uses in cultures..? yellow texts are not a major issue..
  145. If you was right, Kosty, why did they nerf the destroyers in speed and buffed their vulnerability to incoming damage, then? What is your opinion?
  146. tharga

    any Tharga weapon that is weak weapon is good weapon ... how ..says the indian chief
  147. -- which do you find best? Why?