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  1. In this case, convert the rate by 1/10th but at least make it monos not blanck metal ...
  2. xD
  3. Its more like this: I mean lets be reasonable, if one really feels the increased urge to personally punish/snitch players in a PEGI12 game .. i mean come one would that be the right place for that person?
  4. There is no free DLC. DLCs are always to pay for!
  5. Fully consent! I would add: nice things that enable more diverse game play and more diverse tactics like Bastion shield (Reaper (guard, rank8, federation) Phoenix drones (Phoenix, rank8, empire) WL13 Emitter (Brokk, r13, empire) Frontal Shield (Dart, rank 11, Jericho) are restricted to special ships which are fixed to certain ranks ... meh²
  6. Make it 2-3 seconds !! Like with the Reverse Thruster (jump back) module for Long Range frigates
  7. Slaps are not in order, I witnessed GMs getting their climax in "slapping" players.. not a good thing to increase police state and cast of punishers in a PEGI12 game... Very much not recommended. Punishment does not better people but make them hide/avert special behavior and it causes the evil chain of rage, frustration, and counter punishment to start... In the end you want to serve the players and advertise to them payables, GS, and licenses -- not delivering climaxes and uber-human fantasies to the staff...
  8. * Give out its natural opponents from same Ellydium shipyard: Elly intys and Elly frigates - the earlier the better. * Reduce the number of special modules to focus on refinement/fine tune of remainder
  9. but he is right none the less..
  10. What do u mean by sealclubbing in this respect: hunting aliens in os??
  11. I would higjhly suggest to deliver new beta phase op material -like the op Thar'ga ship- in stages: 1st stage : p2w, grind, and assigmnet phase until rank 9 (old t3) or rank 6 (old t2) deliver 1st wave of patches.. 2nd stage : specials and module phase unti rank 12 (old t4) deliver 2nd wave of patches.. 3rd final stage: all (pay, grind, missions) up until rank 15 deliver final patches.. Time frame would be 2 to 3 to 4 months... This would imply that initially there would be delivered 3 ships or more out into 1st stage off cause!
  12. Hmmm .. Idk I was thinking of an upgrade to the mini-map (right upper center) or the map (toggle map key). This is like looking on to a monitor in your ship of sorts anyway. There your multiple modes could be applied , imho... The spatial scanner display perimeter around your ship is too intrinsically restricted. All those modes would require an endless hitting of a key, cicling through modes.
  13. ... imho, make this a market, too. Let players offer the service of placing out send-cargo-home-drones. Player, who deliver this service would get the 10% (or maybe 5% must be tuned). Model is : Sentry Drone but with different specs and added sent home cargo function off cause. Give us incentive and options to settle in space by creating our own corp stations or player's own-private little hangars in systems of choice.- Create a pr-redered standard hanger for this (in sizes of 1-4 ship slots) and only differ in point of dock and undock in open space, should be doable... A pirate station in inner sector of map (Fort Muerto) without any station protection could be nice and a challenge for good players and come to be good ones as well.
  14. I value this suggestion as non realistic. It would give too much power in to the hands of snitches, trolls, informers, clownes and evild doers - on the side of players (from teen to adult) as well as on the side of -more or less grown up- GMs .. Imho a bad path, too...
  15. Not so bad - this idea, could be reasonable and give more choice in to the hands of players...
  16. All this would mean encourage and doubble tripple reward op players in op intys to hunt and farm other players and loot as premium on top. The game is optimized for PvP battles: quick kills in 1,2,3 shots, quick respawn on spot - this is no model for open space, which would require a higher general basic survivability and counter measures for the average medium competitive player. The recent nerf of the destroyers shows this: it adressed the needs of destroyers in PvP (squad) play. I dunno now, but imho there must be a better way for an evolution of Open Space in SC.
  17. I would say the free choice of quitting a battle must be available for players. I would suggest a leave option which would ensure that the ship was bound in battle and the AI takes over for the player. Player then could decide to take this ship left in a battle out of the ship dock slot and do something else (like toilet etc.) with out any penalty, but with no gain from the battle, also and be left with some repair costs (not in case of premium ships). I see penalties a very unwise path to go... make the MM better and encourage the players not to quit, make it easy and low barrier to enjoy this game!
  18. The idea to control player behavior by even further narrow down special requirements and increase the number thereof for assignments/missions is just ... #!&X$F§# ... flawed
  19. Yaaaaap! +1
  20. Following your logic : then comes up the demand and need for special mining ships as well, tanky, auto-guns, hide-mining, call police or friends options etc... Maybe we all rather wont an evolution and do not wont a revolution of how the game functions. Evolutions is step by step, revolution is a big messy caboooom...
  21. More options patched on to the present design of the spatial scanner would counteract the atempt to resolve its problems, imho. It sounds more reasonable to opt for an alternative implementation of your "suggested soo many options" in a new spatial scanner - in other words a rewrite.
  22. The price increase reflects a new long-.term development strategy for the new Ellydium station line of ships. And it reflects a business model for adressing needs of the big spenders on the game who could get it all right from the start - and promoted by specially sponsored players...
  23. Yeah - give us a little more freedom in headgears - haha
  24. With the spatial scanners use of colors and implementation so far, wouldn't it be a bit overchallenged by 'more options' ? The blueish for mysterious containers is not recognizable very good and reliable ..
  25. Yep! Exactly - its calle 'Evolution' for a reason
  26. To get decent amount od monocrystals per day, you have to play battles (additional to os daylies) -- but battles are boring atm, because of super-op tharga.
  27. I like the little green ones inside this 'mothership', its called Volvox colony
  28. Fixed Requirements Or Incremental Increases For Resources? How am I supposed to answer this suggestion with yes/no?
  29. I would need destroyers for a support role in battles (not to become kill stats champion) because I would love to be part in battles where I have bad ping ang fps. I would like to have a destroyer as a lasting ship for Open Space with reasonable space time travel speeds (or spec. modules). I have recommended to give the Heavy Repair Drones of destroyers (in missile slot) also attack ability (like frigate:enigneer drones) and combined shild & hull repair (like guards now have). It would be an alternative to Static Shield, modeled after the capable Phoenix engineer drones. Name: Heavy 'Phoenix' Repair Drones ship type: Destroyers Type: missile slot DPS: 764 dmg (thermal) Damage: 917 dmg Rate of fire: 50 rounds/min Firing range: 2600 m Max number of drones: 3 pts Drone durability: 900 pts Drone active time: 30 s Ship repairs: 185 dmg/s Energ. consumption: 50 en/s Recharge: 1 s Description: Drones with manual Attack/Repair mode switch. Attack locked target, restore hull/shield. Drone projectiles reduce shield and hull resistance to all damage by 5 pts each for 5 s. After launch the drones starts repairing 185 hull/shield üpts per second of the most damaged ally in a 300 m radius.
  30. Look at the stats! Interest in tharga is going down. Interest in destroyers was way more lasting and longer.
  31. pink tag

    Yes absolutely! I would like to have a SC ship class for OS in future, too! A mining ship of sorts. Lets us make open spce/mining ship concepts..
  32. open space

    Orca, I see you advertise this over several pages, guides, and threads. That is absolutely wonderful. I would like to humbly advise you to add a little more specific information -in the first post of this thread for example- about: your in-game nick name (some times differs from forum nick) meeting time(s) (in connection with expressive time zone info) about starting point or meeting area (if applicable) other helpful specifica What do you think about an other type of corporation, like a pirate / miner / academy type of corporation? Wouldn't it be nice to have a corporation incentive to build a corp hangar or (asteroid-) station in OS (like we have to build the dreadnought in corp, now)? Think about it. And thank you for all the lovely effort!
  33. And welcome to my wobble world, too! It gets worse if you were connected in battles with many players 12vs12. It makes even the fighter ship class uncomfortable to fly in battles for me. Thats why I choose to play bigger ships like frigates in battles (and destroyers in Open Space). And that's why I hate that the tiny interceptors are generally overbuffed and a bit op because in combimation with best ping and best server connection, interceptors are a pain in the xxxx and give you no chance..
  34. Totally support this --> for players with license!! Why? License is the absolute minimum in supporting this game, its like a subscription, a long term commitment to the costs side of this F2P game! I calculate ~1.50 € or US$ per week and ~5.50 € or US$ per month, respectively. that is fair, imho. This basic support by paying for the license should be rewarded more seriously and players should be encouraged more by reasonable rewards per license. Additionally, the contents of specials like the mysterious containers should be more reasonable: lately I found a graphite plate (2500 credits) in a mysterious container on the fringe of a map, that's a joke - a bad joke!
  35. project

  36. - yes realy is !! Tried it LOL
  37. The rather unimportance of the 3 factions was announced in the blog. Q: Will the faction model be removed for end game / skilled players > rank9 ? It makes little sense to hop from station to station just to do my daylies (monocrystall missions). Q: Will we get a missions/assignments market coupled loose from factions' stations? New market upcoming, private storage hangars for us players/miners: Q: Will we get a pirate base in centre of space map (Fort Muerto)? Q: Will we see little standard hangars for players pinned to variable places on the star map (on personal choice, e.g. Ice Pits)? Special Project ships: Q: Will we see some revamp of the Special Project ships, too? They seem a bit neglected (Would love to see the Phoenix drones reappear for: Octopus, Naga, Minotaurus) They are nice and real gems, they would deserve some love!
  38. squad

    P.S.: I would say its a problem with the reward system: too much quick and easy kill numbers oriented - thats main thing that counts, sadly!!! Too much reward per kill - does disadvantage strategic play.
  39. squad

    You speak like from my heart! But, it is only some very knowledgeable and skilled players which would abuse.. I never played this obvious tweak (r10 guard w/ proximity mortar and build to calculate in the system buffs = more DPS oriented) I did stop playing destoyers, when it became a pain in the xxxx for many players in PvP and now I suffer its nerf (2,5 time damage underv 750m) even in Open Space (I hate it).
  40. Since yesterday, PvP (Skirmish) has basically 4 grades (G): G1 'easy difficulty' ranks 1-5 G2 'medium 1st diff.' ranks 5-7 G3 'medium 2nd diff.' ranks 7-10 G4 'hard difficulty' ranks 10-15 There is a discussion about the New Squad Recruitment System Update In G4 rank 15 ships got a generous 20% buff in Shiled & Hull resistances (I call this a joke, or a confession that G4 (akat5) is 20% overbuffed, not counted the Tharga ship op into)
  41. This value was taken from the initial 'bug' description and subsequent discussion, its not game engine inherent, imho.
  42. squad

    The new hard difficulty bonus per rank 15, that is still a 20% buff in shield and hull resists bonus doesn't make sense. It is a confession by the devs that PvP t5 is 20% overbuffed in (average) general. Taken the special Tharga problem into account r15 Tharga might be 2 or 3 times overbuffed (because it means out in statistics). In this recent post CinnamonFake did not reveal the difficulty bonuses per rank for 'Medium 1st' nor 'Medium 2nd' difficulties.
  43. I use this (was a used bargain) keypad device, the Belkin n52te SpeedPad with Ubuntu GNU/Linux. I posted some tips in the Linux section a while ago.
  44. Boys, I feel so good as you bang heads!! I just don't play any Thatrga Sharga .. this stupid tzunami will be gone , soon
  45. .. its cool and get u more immersion in game and is healthy because u do workout more
  46. open space

    Berries? You have all destroyers - haven't you?
  47. Key to understand it is: Software would bind switches of usb-devices to certain keyboard keys (e.g. in SC number keys 5,6,7,8, are not mapped). The place you would operate a second mouse or input device - be it on top of a table or on the ground for your feet - is not important. In deed my mouse 16 key mouse is administered in my Linux desctop as 2 seperate usb-input devices. This means, that yes, Star Conflict will accept input from more than 1 mouse
  48. king carp
  49. squad

    The differences between t3 PvP and t5 PvP should be taken more into account.
  50. Star Conflict's CinnamonFake announced new changes in the battle recruitment system (patch Star Conflict 1.4.1b) : squads from 3 or 4 pilots get much faster into battle no longer any limitation on the number of destroyers in battles and no longer requirement of mandatory pairs of destroyers in battles See a more detailed description here. In my experience 3-4 player squads still take longer, what are your say on match maker and the new squad/wing recruitment system SYNOPSIS of IDEAS (author): take tech level barrier more into account between t3 and t5 (by avarshina, et al.) remove the +/- 3 rank system in match maker (by Oregyen, Niripas, et al.) CHANGES TO Match Maker (MM): * Since March 10th (SC v. 1.4.1b) battle mode PvP ('Skirmish') has 4 overlapping tiers: Easy: battles between ships from rank 1 to 5 Medium 1st level: battles between ships from rank 5 to 7 Medium 2nd level: battles between ships from rank 7 to 10 Hard: battles between ships from rank 10 to 15 SPECIAL BUFF BONUSES by RANK in PvP (Skirmish): Easy difficulty bonuses per rank Rank Damage Resists (shield& hull) 01 25% 45% 02 20% 30% 03 15% 20% 04 5% 15% 05 -- -- Medium 1st difficulty bonuses per rank Rank Damage Resists (shield& hull) 05 ?? not revealed yet 06 07 Medium 2nd difficulty bonuses per rank Rank Damage Resists (shield& hull) 07 ?? not revealed yet 08 09 10 Hard difficulty bonuses per rank Rank Damage Resists (shield& hull) 10 40% 55% 11 35% 55% 12 20% 50% 13 10% 40% 14 5% 30% 15 -- 20% (< that's a joke, not?)
  51. The 666 belongs to Millfeuille
  52. Works as it says : if your max ship in Jericho would be 9 -> put that in your slot and play with other ship in battle to fulfill. Players with rank 15 ships in all 3 factions circumvent playing in t5 for the missions by not leveling/researching their Tharga ships beyond, say, rank 7... They have ranks 15/15/15/7 (Empire/Federation/Jericho/Ellydium).
  53. Nice idea, actually.
  54. Papitas is very near to a structure and receives indirect explosion damage. This happened to mee with an engineer frigate, also, when I shot missiles in false direction at the rock I was hiding behind
  55. You know, you're calculating 8 years in advance? 420 weeks / 52 weeks year⁻1 = 8,08 years
  56. No! What does this mean? Additional node in future to come?
  57. Milf, my tharga research roundel sows me 790 /1300 pts in rank 10. Why do you list 1500 pts for rank 15 not 1300?
  58. 400 ? I would say, especially the Phoenix , though only rank 8, is very well worth your grind
  59. Orca, I looked it up here it is: Make Destroyers Great Again - not UP / OP .. and the recent guard buff is here: Star Conflict 1.4.1 .. see heading Guard Ships: "All guard ships are now able to restore hull, if they are not in combat" The case of heavy repair drones that would get additional attack feature still would make sense if the energy routers got silent hull repair, because sometimes -like in open space - the Static Shield for the destroyer's missile slot is more capable to fend off incoming damage and guarantee survival.
  60. In your hair my love Spring time's shimming blue silk vault, Open space looms void
  61. Nice idea! I would take the genre of Haiku! P.S.: The 8th of march is also the day of the beginning of the February Revolution (Февра́льская револю́ция) of 1917 and the end of the Romanov dynasty.
  62. Take the rank 9 implant Beta-accelerator 'SR Mark 3' (lowest of three in Crew tab). Shield will absorb damage.
  63. I meant it like in the recent Guard buff : silent hull repair if not in battle (not use of weapon nor incoming damage)
  64. I suggest a revamp of the destroyers' Heavy Repair Drones (missile slot) : Name: Heavy 'Phoenix' Repair Drones ship type: Destroyers Type: missile slot DPS: 764 dmg (thermal) Damage: 917 dmg Rate of fire: 50 rounds/min Firing range: 2600 m Max number of drones: 3 Drone durability: 900 pts Drone active time: 30 s Ship repairs: 185 dmg/s Energ. consumption: 50 en/s Recharge: 1 s Description: Drones with manual Attack/Repair mode switch. Attack locked target, restore hull/shield. Drone projectiles reduce shield and hull resistance to all damage by 5 pts each for 5 s. After launch the drones starts repairing 185 hull/shield pts per second of the most damaged ally in a 300 m radius. +1 !!! I find Empire revamp o.k. and above interesting. However, here are my suggestions: Empire: Increase Main Weapon (MW) Damage by 20% Increase MW ROF by 5% and Projectile Speed by 10% Hull Regeneration 90 pts/s Jericho: Shield Regeneration 400 pts/s Increase Shield Resistance by +15>All (kinetic,em,thermal) Hull Regeneration 70 pts/s Federation: Increase Max Speed by 30% Increase Energy regeneration by 20% Hull Regeneration 50 pts/s
  65. It is maybe a setting of your personal Window$e -- I am using Linux with MATE desktop and 2 screens (dual monitor, even pivot functions) and SC in windowed mode : no problems here
  66. Thank you - that comes more than right , marvelous!!
  67. Yes can confirm this until rank 9!! Ranks 5-10 - 150 points per level. Rank 9 is 600 rank 10 is 750 Ranks 10-12 - 100 points per level - rank 12 is 950. I have 790 / 1300 in rank 10 -- rank 11 is ~ 850. rank 12 is 950
  68. from rank 5 to rank 6 it is 150 points. This goes on until in higher ranks >11 it is c. 100 pts per rank.-
  69. mining

    I meant not to necro older threads, but to cross link to information: you as moderator, haven't you every means to close old topics?
  70. First, good question! I would ask back why have t3 dreadnoughts at all? Wouldn't t5 dreadnoughts suffice? Haven't we this logic: Tourneaments for t3 and SC Leagues for t4/t5 ? Imho some of my thoughts on this question: a) Pros don't play t3 and therefore there are no/less farming veteran players. They like t5 ships. b) Still same problematic as in 2014/15 kill squads (of longer time 'veteran' players that know each other and have it easy to organize) in t5. c) Tharga is much more op in t5 than in t3. Basically in t3 thargas are still s.th. to cope with - in t5 they are farming tools.. (cp. exactly same with destroyers - t3 dessy is ~ ok t5 dessy is farming tool of fighters/frigates -> inty is buffed to relative op also) d) Co-op is limited to t4 (ranks 1-12) so this evasion strategy does not function for max ship rule in missions! e) no fun at all for mediocre players forced to do t5 PvP because of stupid missions/assignments "on ships of max rank available to you from each side of conflict" (btw : lost in translation [from Russian] here it has to be "from any/whichever side of conflict"). f) time management: it takes much more time for mediocre players in t5 to get missions done (because to much looses)
  71. Some players have max rank ships (via DLC packs or via GS buys of prem ships) but only have standard ship up to ranks of t2.t3, maybe a rank 10 or 11 -- phenomenon is well known and called "tier rush" . That might be because prior to destroyers certain ships, like the engineer frigate Octopus or Mammoth, Berserker recon, Rockwell tackler) seemed to be best ships for open space mission (fast and durable hide/tarn) and grinding there for materials. Now these players end up forced to do missions they're not good enough for (like me, I am t3 material). That's miserable to feel under control of game designers/developers... if we got the trade market in SC, we also deserved a free market policy in regard to missions/assignments (at least partially).
  72. lolz

    The first remarkable crisis came as early as the introduction of the very high speed intel Pentium 4 with up to 4 GHz, in them the pipelines were significantly longer, but were designed in length due to loss of throughput, if brach predicting algorithms gave wrong prediction and the total pipeline had to be emptied and filled with new stuff (costing cycles to dumb pipeline content) With all the major CPU producers, even very big like the z13 5 GHz octa-core processor from IBM, AMD and intel, 4-5GHz seems to be the sweet spot for modern cpu architectures with roomtemperature operation and mostly air cooling...
  73. Yes that would be most welcome! Reaper has this unique game play to offer: support your team as a guard and occasionally harpoon an enemy with your unique main gun and pull him out of his cover towards you. Also, the extra damage of its unique Tractor beam active module to very large ships like destroyers is a feasible tool on the battlefield.
  74. c is not any speed but the specific 'speed of light in a vacuum' (~300,000,000 m/s) standard view is: it itself is a constant and the maximal speed of anything in the universe. Interestingly speed of light is slower in air or glas for example. The different wavelengths (colors) of light are effected differently by speed loss outside of a vacuum: resulting in dispersion of light, e.g. color-spectrum of a prism. From earth to our sun light travels 8 min (over the thumb), also called 1 parsec. Because c is a constant and max speed in universe that would make a distance in terms of travel time of light.
  75. A linear collision mechanic would be good: damage is direct proportional to speed and mass : this would result in bigger danger to small fast ships than to large slow ships !! It should basically also apply for ramming Plasma Arc interceptors!!
  76. open space

    Yes it is lovely lets put the roses skin on
  77. mining

    Sadly - thank you! Would you like to edit your post above and add a link to your post(s) on this topic?
  78. Imho, they understood this, because they will 'outsource' the Phoenix&Reaper special 'currency' into steam's DLC (from March 22th on on - maybe will be the release date for the new Elly ship to come ).
  79. +1 - defny right, more than right! But at least it was something you could do against this max rank bs ...
  80. The big blue ship (depicted from from aft view?) looks like an Orca in Space And the one tham made me think, is the red ship that resembles a modern fighter jet for atmospheres not empty space ..
  81. Very well! That might be the case. Other explanation is testing purpose for MatchMaker ! BUT: I was mistaken and researched my tharga to r10 and fixed it back to rank 9 but for missions its still counted as rank10 in regard to max rank.... I thought the new Ellydium <apply> research-mechanic would be a remedy against this max rank ship madness (or indirect player influencing by devs) and against the tier rush phenomenon because t5 gave the 4th crew and expanded the docks in hangar and t5 was better for open space , but skill did not come with the tier rush. Sadly! I would love to see the <apply> research-mechanic fixed in this manner to get the max rank in Ellydium what you build your ships at not what you researched!
  82. +1 Yes , exactly. It is right time for this already ...
  83. open space

    Because of latest frigate:guard speed buff I collect monocrystals to build a Ronin. I play mostly t3 in my Phoenix empire-engy with the 3 extra drones and build an Octopus to have this more tanky engy build transformed into t5 special project ship Octopus, but got a bit of a down-mood because the Octopus is not a Phoenix in t5, sadly though. But I will try the Ronin with 'extended hull' (extra 3 inventary slots).
  84. A side topic: Why would the Devs not consider the dual purpose special modules of the pair: Reaper & Phoenix to get into other ships of t3 - t5? Some ships have it other not (e.g. Styx (r9 empire], Sword S [r15 jericho]). That would be the Bastion shield for the Reaper and the Phoenix drones of the Phoenix ship. Logic would be that 1st the bastion is a nice idea to get you and allies nearby covered under a common shield, like in some fighter:command active modules. And 2nd the Phoenix drones are much fun having situation more under control in switching the 3 drones from attack to repair mode. Ordinary engys do the switch automatically from repair to attack if hull is over/below 50% pts. Its more fun and experience for players with the 3 phoenix drones and the manual switch!
  85. O.k. I fly mostly frigates, support role in pvp but also damage style in pve, co-op, some pvp modes. In "expert" mode i am sitting unmovable duck in my engi behind front lines if a killer inty or an killer tharga shows up: simply I can't get these circling ships into my focus of the main gun, i am too slow. In "basic" mode, however, I manage to put at least some dmg out to the curcling killer inty and maybe notice where he is (siotuational awareness) == in this situation switching from expert mode to basic mode -quickly- would be beneficial. In normal situations expert mode quarantees more likely to get high dmg out into crosshairs with main gun. In t3 the only insurance to survive are a guard shield, or the 3 Phoenix drones in combat mode, they can -like 50%- fend off cicling killer intys and circling killer thargas.
  86. I would like to reactivate the idea of mining ships for open space resource gathering: If big ships like our destroyers could be specially build to be mining ships .. I guess some player would love it. Tweaks for the destroyers could be: defense drones (3-4) that can be switched from defense to repair mode manually but are not op in DPS nor range or, mining defense shield bubble that makes mining possible under a protected state a special mining scanner (active or passive) module that is effectively capable for a special mining ship 'send cargo home' drones as a special active module a stack inventory that would stack items (like fuel, ores) instead of one per slot in a special extended hull module mining energy router mode to have a modus that allows extraction of ores/stashes/containers/dead ship hulls around the ship from multiple sources in a certain wider perimeter (like 3-4km) mining should gain income to ones corporation , too, like a market tax, sort of. Lore would be: this huge quantum of resource can only be sold via ones corporation.. a privateers and pirates station in centre of our open space map (Fort Muerto) own private hangar-station in open space, in a buidlable/buyable station project like the pirate stations (see picture) - hangars inside would be in a 'standard look' aka all the same - only location to start when undock from asteroid would differ from old standard 3 stations of franctions + elly station.. What's your say about this (not new) idea? Maybe its right time before release of Open Space evolution patch? [Maybe this pirate station would be a bit too weak?] [A docking entrance that could be seen only by the owner, because of stealth techniques?]