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  1. If you lower the hull/shield from destroyers and also take out the 200% damage from explosive weapons you probably will make destroyers harder to kill. Because if they survive it will be easier to regain its full hull/shield. Also you will make them less appealing to (new?) players who only look for big numbers in survavility.
  2. You shouldn't say this the day after we have got enough reaper parts and phoenix parts to build those ships for free. We can't get monos for everything, but players with licence either.
  3. I like both options, the one from Weylin29651 and the one from TheDarkRedFox. It would be nice if someone could clarify if this is posible with the current game engine.
  4. Rewards can be greater. I think guaranteed rewards are better than lottery rewards. 15 minutes in PVE or PVP can grant you more, but it is random. In fact rewards could be incremental by time. Nobody take the mission it increases. Even ultra rare rewards sometimes should be given.
  5. Well, this must have hurt a lot. Is there T5 bots? Well at least if they put T5 bots against those thar'gas and vigilant will last 0,5 seconds more.
  6. @Scarecrow_1 You can't use red color in posts.
  7. He is serious, you can feel his interest in his words. I will talk to Rebardo to arrange for 10 topics more. Now we have to translate this in 10 other languages. That's all. BTW we have enough manpower for that .
  8. The only way to get something you want when you want is with GS. Buying bundles. There is most of the time some event running, now xenos and reaper/phoenix parts. Who knows, maybe some day we will get neodium or berylium again.
  9. Vesperion, my advice is you should spend 2 hours farming materials with someone like ORCA1911 in OS and other day spend 2 hours playing PVE/PVP then compare results. There was an event, when rank14 appeared 6 months ago, which gave us 10 impure neodium or beryllium each day. Enough to build a rank8/rank11 destoyer in some weeks. Something like reaper and Phoenix parts these days. My point is without events running is not easy to build dessies. Focus only on this will get you burned. I know this won't solve anything, but at least if you plan pushing forward on farming mats for dessies play along other players. It is more fun than playing alone.
  10. Well, it isn't about OS only, then it is in the right section. However most of the suggestions aims to OS because it fits better than other game modes the "events and easter egg" idea. +1 Also ways of turning mining players into event players in OS could be a good idea. For example: Stay alive 15 minutes in a OS-PVP sector and you get an impure neodium/berylium. Ofc you can't hide because like captain in recon game mode you are visible for everybody. After completing the task you need 15 minutes to be able to repeat up to 5 times/day. I am not a fan ot transport missions. However multi-sector missions are a must. Like i said once,let players be able to create missions for OS.
  11. The word afaganga is blocked by the chat filter. It is the IGN of a player from the same corp as me and... well it could be nice if i was able to put the whole name in chat.
  12. We lack of context here. What do you thing, Vesperion, is low amount of neo/berry? 1 ore per hour? 5 ore per hour? 10 ore per hour? Also i don't recommend farming alone. Try to find someone else to talk. The spatial scanner has lost its appeal, but hull extender is still a thing to improve ships with a bigger cargo. A recon with 6 slots or a tackler with 8 slots saves trips to the drone. Instead of farming materials only do the monocrystal missions along with the farming. This way you get 1 monocrystal (4 in total). And don't rush things. You can't get a dessie in 1 week.
  13. I was refering also to items not usable in the game. Only for show. I now understand better your suggestion about OS sectors. Also we could get a mission to erradicate a faction/aliens from a sector. To do that we need to build a special structure(beacon) and hold it. Then waves of other ships attack. The whole process should take 20 or 30 minutes. To make this interesting, they could give a monocrystal to all those who participate in the squad, but force them to go with station protection off. So other players have something to hunt. I forsee hate and flame between some players/corps, but we need this kind of wars in OS. Ofc players in the squad can call others for help. I never go to OS with station protection off because is pointless. The last time i did i was 1 shot by a Thar'ga. I was traveling with an inty from gate to gate in a low level sector. Those players who hunt other players in OS are bored. They need carnage. Mining is hard enough these days with low amount of resources.
  14. Kinda scary. Are you sure of your line up? MM latest changes... With rank 7 ships you should be even avoiding destroyers at all.
  15. And at least 1 unique stuff every week/month so basically only 1 player got it. Yet we need a bigger profile window or something to show or beloved prizes.The prizes can't be monetized by themselfs, but like happens all the time, players will use their best builds and it drive more income into premium ships. About rare stuff everybody can obtain without time restrictions. We should consider holding a rare item forever can be bad in the long run, because in the end everybody will get everything. So a mechanic to make people choose between rare stuff to hold and to leave could be necessary. The events can appear in the window to build squads. Once they start the event, players should appear in the desired sector instead of traveling through multiple gates. I even did a simple suggestion on how to populate OS-PVP sectors easily not so long. But we have Sector Conquest for that, I'm sorry, but I need half of my playing time to help to hold those sectors.
  16. I was answering Swifter43021
  17. Yes, duplicators are an option, but it wasn't build for that and it cost resources. Hunting players for resources is inefficient for the game. You make someone angry and then you can or not get something valuable. Even worst. Because you can kill someone with valuable items for him and trash for you. Hunting players and farming materials don't mix properly. Put missions in OS PVP sectors instead.
  18. Yes, please, more random content. Mainly for OS. The current cycle of killing aliens/pirates and then they respawn is boring. For rare items we need first a place to show others what we got.
  19. For more spaces we have hull extender.Could we get instead something to send back items easily than drones? It could be infinite drones in every gate with a 15% fee in credit value of the cargo. Or hull extender could increase more spaces the storage.
  20. The problem with the MCC is that they appear in the void and we lack references to be able to pass through the areas of the map in which we have not been already. Before MCC were changed, they appeared near objects and the central part of the map. So you had references to guide you in which parts of the map you had already been. The solution must involve a group of players. That is, the number of players with scanners in a squad could increase the range of the spatial scanner. The reward does not change, but it makes it easier to find an MCC. The range to detect MCC could be affected also by hostiles. Then you need someone else to kill those hostiles to get more range. Are these ideas abusable?
  21. From OS or PVP/PVE it takes time to farm all the materials to build destroyers/SP ships. We only need to remember this is a game, not a job and get some fun meanwhile. I bought the spatial scanner when it was useful. The T4 spatial scanner like ORCA1911 suggested. I was thinking to buy the T3 one. It isn't that useful anymore, but still usable. Also we have other ways to farm for materials. For example a Thar'ga and some PVE. I only recommend destroyers for spec ops and OS at some degree. Others can find them useful for all the game modes.I have an invencible and a brave, i won't build any other rank8 or rank11 destroyer even if i have enough materials. I don't need any destroyer besides a rank14.
  22. Which materials are you looking for? Monocrystals, neodium, berilium... For monocrystals you can do Open space missions. For neodium and moncrystals you can play with full synergy ships of rank 8 or above in PVP/PVE For berilium, monocrystals and neodium at the same time you can play with full synergy ships of rank11 or above in PVP/PVE
  23. What?? I'm lost.... Right after the damage multiplier was implemented it appear in OS and PVE. I remember that, but in the next patch it disappear. I assumed it was only used in PVP and COOP where it still appear. Well i have my destroyers forgotten and I only use them for spec ops.
  24. Is this barrier visible? I don't like destroyers barriers because it makes them more easily seen. Beside you won't be able to see anything behind the barrier.
  25. But 2,5x damage multiplier is applied only to PVP and COOP, or am I wrong on this? OS and PVE is unaffected in this 2,5 damage multiplier, at least the threat marker don't show.
  26. You are right, stealing loot from other players who kill the defiler is an inefficient way of getting monos. I like your proposal of daily mono reward. Also about missions with monos loot, it could work using the window to build squads. A special mission for pilots to eliminate waves of aliens in OS, only in PVP sectors, so other players can go there without any penalty and then ruin or help your mission. Only those players tasked with the mission they get monocrystals.
  27. The outcome can be tricky, because winning or losing is a matter of abusing AI mistakes. It works for low rank players because they are new and they don't know how to do that.
  28. The resource most valued in SC is time. Because you can get all with it, even monos and GS. Well, lately there is been a lower amount of ways to get monos and that's sad. I only can imagine this is because devs are going to give monos from other sources. A nice amount of monos in open space loot or turning blue marker mission in OS into gold missions could be a dream come true, but i don't think devs will do this. The defiler could be a good way, but remember OS sectors have a max amount of players. I fear you will get more jags waiting for other to kill the defiler and get some reward than fighting the defiler. It has been said we will get a better/improved OS. As you said, devs could give contracts to kill some special target. This is a good way to mantain control over the amount of monos given. The target can be a player who knows he is the target and he is marked in the OS map. The target gets more monos over time and the players who have to hunt him down a fixed reward. My choice is give 10 monos everytime we log in or 1 mono everytime we win an PVP/PVE/COOP but it won't happen
  29. Well TheDarkRedFox, you are going in the opposite direction than devs. At least destroyers are usable in OS and PVE.
  30. I like the idea to split middle tier into 2 different tiers. It seems theorically we all get more balanced fights.. On the contrary I prefer 1 hour sector conquest or anything to keep the best teams focused on the higher tier sectors.
  31. You should tell us your time zone, that help. And you shouldn't be limiting yourself. PVE is good for a while, but the real hook is PVP. You can lose all the time and yet have fun. It all depends you get balanced teams You can apply in Chaotic Legion, we have players who speak english and spanish. You send me a message to ntboble in the game and I speak with our CEO, Soartex.
  32. Do you really think this is needed? I prefer solutions for bugs. That will make happy more people.