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  1. I can't from work. OK then, Mauler is still the King. I'm relieved.
  2. I have been unable yet to see them. Are they more weird than a Mauler?
  3. And probably good against destroyers and frigates. It could be a weapon for mass destruction of the ellydium frigates. Old weapons to destroy new ships.
  4. From my point of view. It encourages attack strategies. Take into consideration, at least in survival game mode (i don't like this game mode), without this you are promoting LRF in spawn point shooting from 9000m. If your team overuse defensive tactics and they stay in spawn point you can go for them and get 3 points instead of 1. Maybe if a player it do self destruct it should count as -1 point instead of -3 in spawn point, but nobody should self-destruct.
  5. With a Mac you need the command key + H to remove the HUD
  6. You are mean, fox, you are mean
  7. Or maybe those conntainers will cost 500 iridium. Who knows? It wasn't announced yet. The points is we will get more time after this event.
  8. Keep playing and trying. I got one today and another player from my corp got 3 cabin hull parts today. After the event devs say we still get parts for the cabin from iridium containers.
  9. I find this specific mission problematic for the same reasons as Koromac. It takes luck to get the right game with beacons and drones availables to be killed. I assume this missions aren't meant to be done in 1 PVP, but to keep us playing some time and that's ok. However this is the mission i'm tempted all the time to cancel. Also players aren't playing to win, but to fullfill this kind of missions. I don't like that.
  10. I never said it is bad, in fact i thought it as something good. because old conflicts will arise and we will be involved into another war for sure. But aliens don't want to cooperate, they don't want to die.
  11. Aliens finally learned that humans kill them for that, so when they die turn iridium into simple debris. If aliens still gave us iridum half of the player base human race would be in OS killing them for that resource.... and the alien invasion would end.
  12. I don't expect a nerf in taikin. It's too soon. And probably devs want Milfeulle take more fun with this ship.
  13. I don't care why is made from whatever. But please, don't make iridium slugs from iridium. My iridium stock is getting low.
  14. Aside from the way op is telling this, this weekend playing SC with a mac was a pain.
  15. Inties are smaller than other ships and more maneuverables. They are hard to hit (not impossible) if they keep moving. My personal opinion they are the best to comply objectives, Giving them more damage will reduce the need to use frig/fighters. Do you want games with mostly inties? Btw, have you tried the new ellydium recon? Do you think it is weak?
  16. Replay for battles? Mmmmm I expect a good amount of videos of players dreamming to become the best youtuber. In the end more promotion for the game is good. Also it can be used in skula1975 bug reports...
  17. Te entiendo. La vida personal es lo primero. Espero sin embargo poder seguir hablándo contigo, dentro de tus posibilidades, en el foro y que me sigas fundiendo con el laser de tú Vigilant como haces habitualmente en PVP Tenía preparadas unas fotos porque me parece que cuando te da los planos del arma Vulcano de rango 15 dice que te da los planos del arma Vulcano de rango 12.