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  1. Never denied that one... just said that gravi beam is useless against pretty much anything else...
  2. Pretty close to what i said... decreasing the range was one of the biggest mistake made regarding thar'ga nerf because it encourages people to use it's most broke feature the thar'kth. Also removes the healing ability from everyone who doesn't... So please put the range back to what it used to be and lower the regeneration rate...
  3. Let me just quickly come back to the cruise engine... I think nothing about them needs to be nerfed or buffed... but 2 things thould be added: 1.If you use cruise on afterburner emergency barriers won't trigger 2.If you use cruise on afterburner your special module is locked These changes would change nothing in cruise fighting style but would also prevent guys from using it to run away (cruise + emergency barrier + cloak)
  4. Maybe some guys crashed into rocks or self destructed before being shot at?
  5. That would be a solution if the gravi beamer was no... well beam weapon... which makes it pretty useless against frigs (too low dps) and intis (you can only use beam weapons effectively on intis when they are already slowed, which is purgeable). So basicly yeah this is kind of a thar'ga counter (can be still avoided (combat reboot, teleportation sphere, multipurpouse modules) but you become useless against any other ship... But how about changing it into a projectile weapon... (that would be really great)
  6. I guess wings can only be launched with 5 or more people... if you want to launch with less than 5 guys: abandon wing -> reassemble as a squad -> launch as squad... should do the trick
  7. Solution 1: totaly unreasonable - to ban a ship from pvp means almost to ban a ship from the game... especially on a fighter... Soution 2: they did that to destroyers and teams ended up with 2r 8 + 1 r11 VS 1r 11 and 2 r 14... maybe a nice idea but no... did never work out Solution 3: nerf is a good idea but what you are trying to do is a total desaster... if thar'ga would be changed into the power limit of a standard fighter gunship it would not be worth playing, unless you have spent a lot of money on it and having all the customization possibilities... because if you do not spend any money on ot you are hardly able to unleash this ship's full potential... with that being the case thar'ga would - for the guys who pay a lot of money - turn into a weaker premium ship featuring a massive real money cost(around 4 times of a standard r15 GS ship (did no math on that)), and -for the guys who play this ship for free - turn into a total desaster which is not even worth playing because it is weaker than any other ship in the game
  8. I rather have a ship with the ability to one hit stuff than a dull and slow star conflict consisting of campers...
  9. Still the return of frigball is pretty much the worst thing that happened to star conflict in a long period of time now...
  10. Remember Thar'Gas =/= tear gas

  11. I can really follow why you keep nerfing the thar'ga further and i really want that day to come, when thar'ga just fits in star conflict like any other ship and nobody has to complain any more. But still i think with the last patch you took the wrong direction regarding thar'ga nerf. Decreased radius of Matter absorber/ crystal hunger self heal to 750... why did you have to do that... that just makes using thar'kth cannon (which is in my [and most of the other players] opinion) one of the most broken parts of thar'ga more rewarding (You can't self regen any more at high ranges so we use a super close combat weapon). I think maybe you should spend less time on nerfing parts that were seriously okay and acceptable and instead focus on redesigning the two alien guns and thar'gas speed/manouverability (and i want that alien intuition to be non blueprint again [somehow sucks having the rank 6-10 one but for the other ones i'd have to do a lot of further research wiht crystals i don'T have]) Also an issue thar'ga users might have is... that thing eats up just so many mono crystals... if you are trying to get everything what you can maybe even more than the secret project ships (i did no calculation on that one)... So please give away more mono crystals not only for thar'gas sake but for the secret projects are pretty cool aswell... (and maybe if a lot of ppl have a new flashy SP ship will fix the issue with battles consisting to 50% of thar'gas)
  12. "tainted" SAI [Inteceptor - Recon - Federation - r9] Something for all of you guys who still are in the "crystal rush"^^ [TheDarkRedFox deserves some kind of price for putting so much effort in a really neat background design (i'd like to have something like that, too)]
  13. New spawn invoulnerability is broken. It doesn't vanish when you shoot or use active module. Someone tell them to fix that...
  14. You forgot holo ship has a new explosion look.
  15. I'm not one to say there should be insta bans without warnings. There should always be warnings and one to two chances per time period before you get a ban. And what you said about ruining a game (by beacon hunt lrf camping or being afk) should also be rewarded with a warning - and if repeated with a ban.
  16. What is this madness?! Guards were surely no class that needs a BUFF... If someone fixes the energy issue that comes for guards with afterburners we'll have 700m/s frigs even before the alien comes out
  17. Still a rage quit shouldn't come without any consequences. Quitting because you have to go for some reason is one thing (rl matters). But leaving your team just because they are loosing is just *** - i mean unfair towards the guys who try everything to win a game and maybe had been able to turn the battle around if not for 3 guys who (rage)disconnected (because they saw a Thar'Ga with more than 3 kills on the enemy team). Also i am just a player with a 1.07 w/l should i now quit every second game i play because of something ridiculous like a loss?
  18. Yeah combat reboot -> Alien intuiotion... told them from the beginning: Guys this is a bug here i can dispell the target lock error and even made a few suggestions on my own how to fix that but cinnamon just said: this was unwanted but it's okay that way this doesn't cause any problems. Now they nerved it... curious to see what they did. But also so true what you guys said about the special modules. I hardly ever use crystal hunger because it is useless for thar'kth and also rises my turn speed to a rate i can't handle. The combat reconstructor is much more the problem.
  19. You have to admit, this is a bit unfair since you can't open the "customizaton" window for a ship you don't own and to be honest, the secret projects are the coolest of all! So if we could... just maybe get a test realm for this... would be really great.
  20. Do you really think this is about being on top of the leaderboards? Do you really think i am a player worth focusing with a Thar'ga worth focusing? Do you think i was the only Thar'ga in this battle? No. This is about permanent insta death no matter where you are. This is about maybe weakening a strategy which really makes game suck for one special player and helps your team in no way. I mean i undestand focus fire is nothing bad and it is auctually a pretty good move. The point is that a player can do almost nothing about it. Using modules? Try if an ecm sucks your energy to 0 in two seconds. Stay with your team? Not a good idea if you want to be of any use for you team in a 2km range ship. So either you camp around in a gunship or you die. Thar'ga needs a proper nerf so ppl stop complaining about it and stop focusing it...
  21. The answer is yes and why would i deserve being focused a whole match just because using a ship I sacrificed hours of my life to build. And how do they get a 471m/s ship down to 95m/s something just seems wrong here...
  22. Do you know those matches when it feels like every single player on the enemy team is constantly focusing you from the beginning to the very end. Well I do now, and I must say it is no fun. Map: Devils jaw and just going over those rock to get a little sneak peak at the enemy -> Debuffed down to 94 speed, stasis generator and shot down by at least 5 enemys. I mean you can't do anything about being targeted by multiple enemys at the same time but maybe just maybe consider doing against that. So what i suggest is if you have five locks on you and at least three active debuffs at least all the debuffs should get removed because at this rate one person can be totally shut down from any match. It is not that my team never wins if this happenes. In fact most of the time my team actually wins in such cases. May be because a trade 5 enemies' attention vs me dying over and over again is no good trade, but it really takes away a great part of the fun...
  23. Bet he hasn't even played a thar'ga yet XD. It is still too strong (even a little OP). But it also requires some skill to use.
  24. Like the idea but if there are only 16 teams -> 32 slots i don't want to waste one on me... not even having a partner. So i'd say have fun with this top 1% of this game.^^
  25. No, i think you just all took LSD. Joke aside. Man this is a bug I really want to stay because it's AWESOME.
  26. Still more scared of the alien frigs than of any thar'ga in this game...
  27. Yeah i know complaining about thar'ga is THE major activity running up and down the forum threds. But guys... but just think... you are now complaining about a GUNSHIP FIGHTER never did something like this before... [complaining about ecms yeah complaning about lrf yeah complaining about destroyer yeah]. So be happy about the way it is now thar'ga is still too strong I'd never deny that but i have to say that i am way more scared about the ellydium frigs and inteceptors then our complaint NO.1. I mean i will literally quit the game after the alien frig will be released and i optained it and will return when the next inti/fighter is released... just think about it a frig going 700m/s, teleproting around, regenerating way more than thar'ga and having 6 fancy turrets with a new fancy frig weapon (boson cannon like or sth even more annoying with 6.6k standard dps not 4.4k and 6km range and not 1-3km). THIS is scary (unless you want star conflict to turn into "World of Spacetanks"). And now thar'ga looks like a tame little fox to you...
  28. Well, dreads are important, dude^^
  29. Just some ideas for stuff that can make live for coorp CEOs and VPs easyer. 1.Activity graph: shows how much minutes or hours a player played on which day/ battles on a certain day/ idle time 2.Member tags: allows a high ranked officer to add tags to certain players (to show ppl to not kick an inactive player because he is just for a limited period of time available) 3.Automatic reinvitation for kicked officers and VPs 4.Automatic message for any kicked pilots 5.Event pool: peple who want to participate in any events (dreads touney) can sign in there 6.couloured pilot names (depending on activity) Feel free to leave your own suggestions or to comment on mine... if any other things come to my mind i will add them here.