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  1. Also i don't like the mission for 4 monos a day that needs you to play scl. Because that makes you basicly depend on at least 4 other guy and the annoying rule that you can't leave league team during ongoing tournaments.
  2. Didn't you notice that gold rewards for achievements already had been removed?
  3. But then the affected player will be confused and hacking their keyboard like mad so it will be even harder to hit 'em
  4. Yeah i totally see that... blowing up stuff in one shot with thar'kth... Is that still possible? I might have to build that gun again for r15...
  5. enginner

    Yeah those values are its minimal consumption, but if you read closer you will notice that it says it spends all your energy and gives additional healing depending on the amount of energy spent.
  6. Nice idea, but that would mean the laser and your main gun need the same projectile velocity. If not only one of them would hit. If it is a laser that instantly reaches the target it would only work with Tai'al launcher. Also... buffing ellydium ships further is not a valid thing to do.
  7. My PTS launcher still shows that my SC profile is linked to two gaijin accounts... when I made a ticket and asked support to check this and delete the second acount they said i can't log in because the testing phase is over (submitted the ticket before it was over but well). Seems like admins are probably your only chance to get this fixed.
  8. That will help a lot... from my experience i can say that translator programs often are not that accurate. But i think that this will do its job very well, when there are no complicated senteces used, like it should be in a trading chat.
  9. You like doing that don't you? People write bug reports and you are like... ahh that is okay. And when you realize it is op you fix it and come up as if it was your idea. Even if I do not like the module in general... nothing should be able to bypass Diffusion Shield. It's just unfair.
  10. Also... why are you still building archons heavy shield on resistances instead of points? Is that really better (okay now with all this EM damage (Tai'kin, Tai'kin, Thar'ga...)) than building for points... i mean if it's worth for any ship... then the destroyer
  11. You are totally right about your projectile speed thing... the only problem with the meson cannon i have is the uncontrollable spread, which in my opinion makes the great projectile speed go to waste... From my own experience i can say... coilgun is the best choice if you are not fighting destroyers.
  12. taithaq

    I noticed that tai'thaq uses (if the enemy ship still has its shields) the normal shield hitbox. Since i am not sure if this is intended or not i am not creating a full end bug report here, but i think it is worth noticing because a shot that pierces shields should not be interacting with shields in any way. Therefore i suggest that tai'thaq should probably always use the hull hitbox of the ship it is fired at.
  13. Biomorph is originally a Virus
  14. How about the tackler will be fun? I mean we already have permanent invisibility. How are they gonna top that?
  15. right... that means it is 4 days
  16. Man... let it be... the combat reconstructor is trash now since they completely changed it from "way too OP"
  17. 1. You sure that you didn't use them to craft something? 2.Come on that is 3 more days of farming... it's not so bad.
  18. Schinken is perfekt! Das wirds.
  19. When did the NASA coorporation forum site become a battlefield between the anime and the non-anime factions? Yay, Kanna!
  20. Other idea... the destroyer mods sould be sold for credits again. This workshop forcing people with no RNG to buy gs to buy their destroyer parts is just mean.
  21. Will we be able to "solve" craftes ship parts like "Destroyer internal structures" back to the required materials sometime? Or will we be able to disassemble crafted Ships back to their ship parts?
  22. 1.Elite Schiff: Ein Schiff dass den maximalen Synergielevel erreicht hat 2.Da sind die GS Container gemeint 3.Frachtschiffe geben die meisten Ressourcen her
  23. Es ist echt immer wider erheiternd zu sehen wie viele Leute es gibt die nichts lieber tun als sich zu beschweren und dafür auch noch ne menge der Zeit ihres Lebens opfern. Und wenn hier eine sache unbegründet ist... dann is es jemanden des Cheatens zu beschuldigen.
  24. Hier mal ein paar vorschläge für die "Bake": Signalstation Antenne Terminal Kontrollpunkt Relais Transmitter
  25. That was not to you Koro... It was for Skula because he just pasted a tip for bad connection and stuff when you clearly said it is not your connection and the game proves it.
  26. Du sprichst mir aus der Seele. Es ist ja okay wenn diese Ellydium Schiffe stärker sind. Was ich nicht einsehe is dass wenn bei nem 1v1 mit nem Elly Schiff Skill erst dann wider was ausmacht, wenn beide Teilnehmer ein voll aufgewertetes Schiff haben (wenn man vom Thar'ga spricht). Beim Tai'kin geht n 1v1 zwischen zwei voll aufgerüsteten Schiffen erst zuende wenn einer der beiden eingeschlafen ist.
  27. But... that would be actually cool... and probably work... so this would probably become a GS mod...
  28. Skyrim style?
  29. Or you could just use the Hotkey for "lock target" (just sayin')
  30. Yeah... the "Workshop Madness" as i like to call it is already taking overhand... With that shooting out of even more mono crystal requiring stuff literally everyone but nasa pilots should have real trouble keeping up (as if this wasn't the case already)
  31. And you come up with "Info: connection losses, high ping and related issues" are you serious?
  32. There you got it... won't get any clearer.