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  1. Who can't like the chipdesign?! Burn fox! Burning Fox!(that's joking guys, no threat!)
  2. Op, your proposed changes just 'buff' empire(as they already double hp-wise) and at the same time make them more strict flying bricks. 80s radar error? Sorry, that's pure cancer! Except vigi, you don't have ANY weapon hitting in such a state to call it weapon. Any enemy can avoid your hits while your in this state. The shields stopping your fire? Sure... that would create more imbalance! 1) Stopping ANY enemy suppression as you can't fight them. 2) Explosive still do damage to you. I would literally change it to 50% damage pass through shield. Explosive AND non-explosives.
  3. Which shipparts? Does R14 have shipparts???
  4. From a dpm point, it's inferior from the base. And what's the difference in 'regen' from antares to sirius except maybe a few points from the drones?
  5. We may share the same craziness fox. <3 >> Fox Drone: Permanent "pet" type drone that follows the pilot around and shoots small fireballs at enemies within 1,500m that deal 750 thermal damage. 60rpm. It can be destroyed if it takes 1,250 damage, and returns after 15 seconds. Does not fire if the user is cloaked. The drone cloaks with the user. If the user's shield is depleted, activates a small flat shield in front of itself to take more damage for the user. The small shield has 3,000pts of durability and takes 15 seconds to recharge. << Vote for instant implementation! Sound funny, look funny and will be very funny. :D Back to topic: What we get from 'login' in the game: 1 Purple spot for PvP PvE Coop 2/1-9 for Spec Ops(depend on what mode and on that mode tier) 4 mono missions 1 ship container to farm and the trash container containing one random thing you don't know if it will be useful at all(loyalty is for me more or less impossible due the rank BS and then elly don't get any increase at all, the credits is just... only the synergy is useful, but only if you want to level and get the +% instead of the x amount...) So yes a revamp is needed. Your list is nice, just one point: >>Random Dart or Gargoyle part<< 1) This is not so good. You may get the same thing 7857756x... or you already have the ship. Then such a reward point should be removed. For trade? Not sure about that...
  6. But to be able to manufacture Sirius(Fed r14), you need 720 electrum. Electrum itself isn't farmable and afaik not buyable. Therefore you can't prefarm it and have to hope of an 're-introduction' event to get fast/enough electrum for them. The other two: Tyrant(Jericho) and Vigilant(Empire). I like the look too of Sirius, but as the first one, his time wasn't long enough to get all electrum needed from the event to build it. Else I had it. :/ From the powerlevel thought, it seem inferior to my Antares.
  7. *booom* An asteroid has moved in your past path. Next time don't calculate on a different time line! But so a 'reverse' jump would be funny. You start at position a and then you can travel either x seconds or y km and then press the jump key to be reset to the 'defined' position.
  8. Mini Biome? Don't you mean Bion orca? And Bion are per se NOT mini. So a planet-sized weapon platform would be a funny raid target. Have even the idea about it, but don't know if it make sense.
  9. 17s would make quick position changes and weapon use next to impossible. So no. Empire are flexibel sniper and don't need a buff.
  10. Sorry, that's totally BS. Yeah it makes 'sense' if it cost a BIT more, but you can argue in the same way: 1) it could even be less as a bigger amount is at the same time refined, making the process easier/more efficient. Therefore less costly per iri refined. 2) It could just scale simply 1:1 20 iri -->50 GS, 50 iri--> 125 gs Such a big increase is a flaw. Your team should revalue it to make it more fair and maybe incentivise to use this feature(in high tier).
  11. Just look at the ships you have in T3 compared to T5. And even the SP are getting more and more less 'useful' with the new modules added to some ships.
  12. For what they have introduced Brokk? -1 to remove/tweak. Don't fly frigate+.
  13. Luckily I wasn't in the mood to upgrade the Tharga as the initation event was.
  14. The 2/3 ore for a plate/rod was fine. But this was changed to 10/10, which was bad. Hopefully the stacking will come. Would make the OS looting less tedious.
  15. Don't know why, but the german word dass or was it das? is blocked as well.
  16. Reaper pull(if not bugfixed) just reduce your total speed, but don't pulling you towards it unlike the black hole/destroyer 'Andromeda' generators.
  17. It was a r7 or so jericho frigate. Had it seen in OS as well. Funny that it was for a short time not glowing and showing the normal ship skin. Thought being an invasion skin or something similiar.
  18. There could even be more things introduced(multi-sector missions aka transporter escort). The thing is the payout(reward), length(time) and difficulty.
  19. To avoid instant cargo out thing, the drone should stay 10? seconds or so to calculate its jump way+boarding the cargo you want to send. Would counterbalance the 'victim send out his cargo!'. +1 for this!
  20. >> 2 hours ago, Koromac said: Ship parts should be automatically converted to monocrystals only! Yes, only monocrystals, not other, common resources. 2 hours ago, Swifter43021 said: wrong topic but he is right none the less.. << If you got a resource from the purple spot for the daily bonus, you know that you got cheated... Just because you get x10 from the box doesn't mean it shouldn't be monos normally. I'm lucky as I finished the reaper yesterday(the phoenix a week before) so for me it was a super event. But those after the 22th joining/playing/starting can't have those ship sadly(except DLC), so my compassion is with those don't want/can't spend money on that.
  21. With the active you may miss the boosted shot(especially the damage booster) and then you have a CD. While the passive give you the same benefit and less penalty if you miss. The speed is as I said a case sensitive one.
  22. This is event is nice, but fail. 1) No reward for the other 37 participants. Why? 2) No second pirate winner?! 3) Good luck to those good pilots to find one of the non 40...
  23. Hadn't time to fully explain what I meant. >> And at least 1 unique stuff every week/month so basically only 1 player got it. Yet we need a bigger profile window or something to show or beloved prizes.The prizes can't be monetized by themselfs, but like happens all the time, players will use their best builds and it drive more income into premium ships. About rare stuff everybody can obtain without time restrictions. We should consider holding a rare item forever can be bad in the long run, because in the end everybody will get everything. So a mechanic to make people choose between rare stuff to hold and to leave could be necessary. The events can appear in the window to build squads. Once they start the event, players should appear in the desired sector instead of traveling through multiple gates. I even did a simple suggestion on how to populate OS-PVP sectors easily not so long. << Depend on the rare item if it's useful, useless or even OP. To the sectors: Sector Conquest is PvP and not OS. There is currently no relation between both. And I'm not touching it with my suggestion. I will change the INGAME sector presence. If you eradicate all pirates, the remaining take the control of the system(either the invading aliens/cyber or the faction itself), meaning more presence of the new owner. But for this the number of ships would need to be drastically increased to avoid 1-man single ruler(1 person is enough to kill nearly most of the ships in a sector) in this case. If a big squad/wing rumble in a sector and kill most enemies, then an additional script could take place leading to an 'invasion' like event to reinforce the threatened party. And if this is repelled(annihilated) then they enabled new owners. Don't know if this would be a thing to motivate a group to do things in OS.
  24. Just to create content: Why don't conquer sectors? The current 'aliens are in retreat' theme are currently more of a 'lore' thing as a mechanic. Every sector have a specific amount of ships etc. in it. If this is complete depleted, the sector is conquered by the remaining survivors(either aliens, pirate or factions). More later.
  25. I'm not talking about 100% efficiency. Just about being 20% or so for the passive. But even that is over time better(except edge cases) as the active. So hitting a destroyer 5 times with the 20% passive is the same as hitting 5 times with the one time only active hit bonus of 100%. Both cases result in 600% damage
  26. >> But TBH it's by far too easy to send back our cargo via drones. Combined with the very limited storage, peoples send their cargo to dock really often. Especially when they have rare loots. Which is bad for the gameplay. Because it's not worth hunting players at all. << I will say what killed 'PvP' in OS: Making every sector station safe. Yeah I have it on, but to avoid hitting police/transporters/ramming. For me it was okay in the old PvP r10 sectors to don't know if the guy next to me will or won't shoot me. But now it's just yellow play with noone. All the blue avoid the purple/red. But to get back to the topic: Some tend to gather all rather to send one/few valuable loot back. And what is valuable depend. Some need the 828575 shards another just silicon and you as pirate may only want neo/berry. So with stacking, you would have a BETTER time as this mean your victim will likely stay longer unsafe and send less often the cargo back via drone. And if someone think, that stacking would be 'to much space' have to present a list what you can gather in a sector and it will likely be more than 30 things. Just as a note: I'm in the opinion: R1-4 sector should have weak pirates/next to none aliens with very basic/low lootchances. R5-7 stronger enemies and better loot. Those can have station protection. The r10+ sectors should have big/many threats AND not being safe. But at the same time give many/good rewards for trying to loot there.
  27. >> Bad idea. Paying to get things one month before others are also like a closed beta. It is better to know that the ship is OP when there's only a few of them. Not once everybody have it. << For being OP you don't even need to release it. This should be coming as a fact from the internal testing. 'Not once everybody have it' mean what? That the P2'W' isn't anymore or just that everybody is OP now? Things should come UP in first according to avoid the P label, else you will everytime have that with this grindy stuff.
  28. For damage sure.(except edge cases) For speed it depend more on the target/your playstyle. Mean active = inty/figther/distance and passive for the rest.
  29. @CptDoss: >> Maybe not double it. But yes it would be nice to have an increased cargo space. Now that there is like 2x more loots in the drop-table. Nice suggestion for the OS rework. Keep that suggestion in mind devs :) 5 hours ago, Lord_Xenon said: Stack would be the only option. Doubling the space wouldn't help much. In my mind, Stacks= no need of extended hull=no income from it= less money for them to give us Epicness << Double of 3(5) is just 6(8-10). Or 5(7) is 10(12-14). (Don't remember the slots for frigates). Only for dessy 'double' would be okay(but didn't cin said the engine/game is restricted to 15 slots max?). The () is for the +2 for being premium and I don't know if this would be added AFTER your initial double or doubled as well. If you farm 14 things aren't sooooo much(if you not only farm for very few things like berry/neo). So you would be still buying the hull for more slots. But those slots become way more useful with a stacking system as with 'double'. Both would be nice. And for me it doesn't matter if I already have 188576567 shards/silicon/whatever. It's sad to throw them out for a chance shot for berry/neo/whatever else you wanted to farm. :/
  30. Reaper and Phoenix aren't just available for a week or so. They was a very long time ready to farm for them. While it's sad, that they will be removed as grinds, the event is nice. Better as to not having the chance to get them. Same was with the xenocrystals.
  31. To avoid P2gl content things, those are restricted/not allowed in PvP related content. So while you could enjoy in PvE your newly bought things, it wouldn't affect PvP and give the normal players time to catch up.
  32. Welcome to the new flawed system! This and other malfunctions was introduced as a new system thingie!
  33. mining

    And what to do with them? Reposting 1:1 to make them 'new'? Pushing so they appear 'new'? Or abandon and forget them?
  34. ~1900 monos sitting around. Buuuuuut I have no license. Got it from destroyer events, OS daily and a few from SCL/loot spots. Except 2 dessy no SP ship.
  35. mining

    Just for you Orca: /don't report for spam https://forum.star-conflict.com/index.php?/topic/31220-improved-transporter-securityprotection/ -Just an improvement of transporter security https://forum.star-conflict.com/index.php?/topic/30861-disable-radar-station/ -Add radar station with shield technology https://forum.star-conflict.com/index.php?/topic/31009-alternative-option-to-solve-os-missions/ -Each(or most) OS mission get a second option to solve them https://forum.star-conflict.com/index.php?/topic/30940-prototype-blueprint-of-new-jericho-shield-generator/ -Add destroyer to OS https://forum.star-conflict.com/index.php?/topic/30910-hunt-the-invisible-ship/ -Introduce an invisible ship and the hunt(maybe even capture) of it https://forum.star-conflict.com/index.php?/topic/30715-call-for-support/ -Add reward for defending transporter(may or may not) outside of the specific mission/Add support call from allied police ships https://forum.star-conflict.com/index.php?/topic/30460-new-os-missions-type/ -Add collecting of items and being hunted while securing it/Add detonation in OS Would be nice to know the state of them(rejected/reviewed/being forwarded to the devs).
  36. Dumb people stay dumb.(that's not an insult!) You can try to help people, but if they refuse to acknowledge they are not good.
  37. All types of ores. There is no specific node for a specific resource or such. And the credits are a minor problem as the voucher cost are way higher to get by.
  38. >>When collision damage is happening while object are moving near one another, it can be read by the game as multiple collisions and one of them can be counted with 700m/sec speed, relatively calculated by the system. Unfortunately, this is our game engine's tech restriction.<< Game engine restriction? Why exactly 700m/s? And it 'limit' destroyer to 500m/s? And why has warp over 2km/s while jumps have 2km/s?