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  1. They should just remove the protection in all r10 sectors. Maybe even in r7. To the thing with the collision: Should maybe an extra option to avoid this carebear thing currently available in all sectors... Where is the poll??? +1.
  2. The change to the shield module is a big one. 54s(34 + up to 20) is very low. Feed say thanks a lot to this! But wasn't really needed...
  3. Defiler is weak. Having the strength of it would be way inferior to any other dread. We have to await first the destroyer to see if they are capable of such huge projects.
  4. As those are brainless flies with more brain as the common player +1 to this.
  5. Gunship/Command are good as their damage/survivability can be huge. Another 'farmpoint' can be the transporter in leviathan. They normally don't survive half the way they fly(either directly be killed at the start gate or just a bit after they pass the outpost). Another one: Orange giant(to stripped or Terra), the gates have either a pirate merchant or a cyber transport. Farming them is easy(as dd) as they respawn fast if you kill all. And the drone nearby is a good way. Need to come around in Empire to check out what is good for farming.
  6. Sanctuary is the best OS sector for farm material. You just need to avoid 1857576 cyber and only need to jump to the next sector to use a drone there.
  7. rare resources

    Monocrystals can be get from r7+ max ships from loot, from OS daily missions and very very rare as drop from specific? enemies in OS. Not so farmable. Impure Neodium are common accross all destroyer specific materials. Can be get from r8(only) max ships from loot and as rare drop from OS loot. +Container daily mission(I still write it: THANKS DEVS FOR THIS MISSION) if you don't have already build all 3 r8 destroyer. Impure Beryllium are rare accross all destroyer specific materials. Can be get from r11(only) max ships from loot and as very rare drop from OS loot. +Container daily mission if you don't have already build all 3 r11 destroyer. Gold Standards hardle can be farmed. Only from tournaments(up to three times on sunday)+achievements and from specific contests. Sometimes a survey is up ingame for 10. Iridium can only be gained via purple loot. I don't have any other information yet how to farm/get them. Xenocrystals only missions from Ellydium. Can be considered good/bad farmable. Depend on 'how I rate the mission difficulty on my own'. Alien composite panels are only gained via the fleet mission. Out of that no way. We don't know how long this will stay, so either it's a very specific timegate or a one-time 'event'. Impure Electrum will likely return in OS loot(maybe as r14 loot too) and be very very rare. Estimation: We don't need them as the only purpose for it was removed, else hardly farmable. Graphit/osmium are uncommon resources.
  8. Just farm transporters, cartel merchants and whatever transport resources. Most of it(>10%) are shards or chips.
  9. That tell 0thing.
  10. The message read, that you got banned for Chat abuse: cursing, spam and other offences. Didn't you read it?
  11. rare resources

    Crystal shards/chips are very common resource. Way more common than graphit(plates) or osmium(crystals) or (pure)silicon. Most of your categories are false filled with the materials.
  12. Can one compare the two mortars with each other? There was a screen about the new one, but I don't know what modification are active so I can only guess: less cooldown time(indirect better overheatingrate) less range a bit more dpm but less dps less velocity more spread bit more explosion radius? or (no) trigger radius?
  13. It's a spawn area protection, not a 'range'. Was 'funny' in survival as LRF to OS respawning ones after their 5s invincibility run out...
  14. As we don't have enough drones flying around. Now they even want to hunt us! Kill fox for live!(or be doomed by him)
  15. Dreadnought: Useless. Either they miss or you just passively 'farm' rushers. Multiple Spawn zones, you already have that. An option to choose where to spawn would be useful, but preventing farming? Only to some extend. NOPE. I mentioned it in another thread: An area with invincible mode, that get removed like the current(useless) invincible duration(using weapon/modules). You see the enemy at your spawn, ignore them and they can't kill you. As team you gather then together and kill those try-spawn-killers. Would be the best option with choosen spawn point. And if you sit in your spawn the whole game doing nothing, that may happen, but just for a losing game I could easy DC and avoid repaircost+time too.
  16. Finetuning? This broken system is as old as the BS revamp of the contracts. And NOTHING has changed yet. It's disappointing, nonsense and just pure BS.
  17. The same BS apply to PvE/Spec Ops. You can't use a ship(s) to low(especially with a wingman) b/c of this ridiculous rule, that bring nothing and is contrary especially anti-newbie.
  18. I think fox has made such a suggestion or? I would support it. Sometimes it's just annoying.
  19. Outposts would likely be a big fail. May okay against firgates and especially destroyer, all other can easy dodge the shots(according to OS). It would be just wasted dev power on something that just alter the spawn rapes, but not avoiding it. Way easier would be to choose WHERE to spawn from(not the BS that 7 of 8 are in place a and the 8th spawn in place c 7km away in his frig and get raped by enemy team trying to go to the other 7...). But the only way to remove spawn kills is with creating an area of invicibility(instead of duration, but with the same disable effects). So the enemy team can 'try' to kill anything will you killed team can gather up to rape those try-killers.
  20. >> Once you choose to leave, you leave. No. The bug should be fixed, not replaced by another feature. << Once you get DC/thrown out of battle/OS, you sometimes don't get this option. And nope, not really my fault that the server 'don't respond' or 'zone jump failed'. +111111111 this!
  21. 15 spec ops accross 4 days(t3 destroyer 'Andromeda' as easiest way) is easy doable. That's ~4 spec ops each of the given days, meaning 2 spec ops every hour(easy). A bit of a time investment, but not really difficult. You don't need a pro wing, just 2 average player and you can do it within the time limit.
  22. So I'm not the only one pissed by rank 15 missions(even with the excuse of being able to bringing r10+)? Thargas is just the symptom, not the root of the problem(s)....
  23. You as player has only two options: To play or not to play. Morality is a different issue. You can blame them for the morality but not for the ship itself.
  24. A thing I have learned: Don't blame the player(except he really use broken mechanics/exploits). Don't blame the content(except it's really broken/exploitable). Blame the devs. They introduce the things(tested or not).
  25. This seem to be the initation speech of salt lake city? Out of that: I'm done with PvP(mainly because of PvP only events/missions) a long time ago. It's currently Tharga, but will happen after that? They don't seem to test before they introduce things or just ignored reports/feedback. Can't be true, that something so powerful pass w/o being noticed as strong...