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  1. The other day I heard someone else complain about this specific issue. He was like "the devs are w@nkers for doing this. Dreads used to be cool" ... Being really inappropriate with language and directly insulting the game company. I sure hope people will keep calm even when the new patch brings further cashgrab and imbalance :/ idk. I'm just tired of everyone being so angry about how this game has gone south. The devs work so hard to make the game an awesome experience for everyone.
  2. just my imagination.. is plausible IMHO though I so much want them to change direction
  3. "Star Conflict currently deserves a lot of hate, because they can't seem to find a better way of making money than inhibiting fun for players of the game. " - Generic game magazine Jun 2017
  4. Dreads (sector conquest) has been lagging for a month, where it doesn't show in ping
  5. Yes I found it in Star Conflict
  6. wow i just found out what OSU is . Thanks
  7. OSU?
  8. But seriously if wazgot doesn't break the game by being too powerful , I probably will not even feel bad this time. It would be so epic if we could look forward to every patch, not expecting anything to throw parts of the game out the window. I don't personally use trading. But both trading and interface needs rework. Especially the interface. This game is very hard for newcomers.
  9. there is for one example and btw check this insanity:
  10. a true FOSS purist Yeah It's not important if you beat the score. It's even hard for me to replicate again. Any score half of that is actually pretty good. It's more interesting to challenge oneself
  11. Do this challenge and post mouse/setup >> challenge accuracy, time endured, and targets hit all count (no aimbot please) It's not neccessary to beat my score but you can try (tip: taikin wont save you here) Logitech mx510, 500Hz, no acceleration (MarkC fix)
  12. I am only talking about ping limit removal in dread battles. What if only the wing leader has priviledge?
  13. By popular phrase we call it dread(nought) battles or just 'dreads'. You introduced it as dread battles yourselves. Would you consider renaming the Sector Conquest button "Dreadnought Battles" ? Everyone wants to play dreads. Ain't nobody got time for sec con
  14. With a growing amount of modules with complicated functions added to the game, It would add some order to chaos if we had an ability to scan an enemy ship to see which modules they are using. I think that ship information in general could be hidden from the other team until scanned somehow. This could be in the form of a recon module or a general module. Also naturally the targeted enemys modules would be shown on the HUD when "detected" That's the idea so far..
  15. as simple as that However, in order to get this request approved, and if it isn't completely obvious, let me do the work: Pinging is an essential part of focusing fire. In order to make the ping noticeable, it has to be spammed intensely like ding ding ding ding. If my job is to spam pings for focus fire and i run out of pings after spamming the first ship, my team goes: "Whay is nobooty pining like we agred?" So in dreads target pinging should be set to infinite. It is up to the corporation team to use the feature wisely. Writing this explanation I found completely unnecessary.