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  1. Still a lot of basic things haven't been fixed, like aiming up close, and basic things about balance.
  2. contributing survival mode is bad
  3. Well, it still sucks You can do basic things as not putting any other ship in a game of a limited rank range. That would be a good experiment I'd say. The bonuses suck and are being exploited. So we look forward to this being fixed in the next patch. Let me explain if it doesn't sink in. Rank 10-12 = ONLY RANK 10-12 With all due respect.
  4. we played against all R15's today in R10-12 Dreads Fix your rotting game and stop being horrible (said everyone). You have been breaking core features of the game for over a year. If we are playing a r15 match let us queue with r15 ships.. You guys.. Have anyone at stargem played the game? Stop sucking so bad and create a good well balanced, and stable game! And remember, respect is everything.
  5. just played t4 dreads against all R15 ships.. Why and oh why? Is there a R12-15 dreads i haven't heard of? did the queues get mixed up?
  6. Deucebag ships4u
  7. What happens if i put the window in a vacuum and activate it?
  8. If you need to explain to mewhat that string does, why do you assume I know what an OS is, let alone linking me there? The joke is in "windows device".. As its not a device but an OS.. nvm
  9. I dont understand why the ellydium ships need to have klingon sounding names.. i mean aren't they human ships with alien technology? If i infused a toaster with alien technology, I wouldn't call it Toa'Sta.. Actually I'm gonna go claim that brand right now and start in home utilities Roa'Sta Mi'Cro'Wav Vac'u'um El'Ek'Trik'Tooth'Brush
  10. Hello, Slacktivator! Someone signed in to your account using the Windows device through the Firefox app Where can i buy the 'Windows device'?