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  1. tool

    I like it! (note taking)
  2. tool

    Many hosting services usually rename the image's name. Maybe we could upload the logos on a public Imgur's album and after use a switch(tag) for their addresses.
  3. tool

    Added some values: Time In Winner Team Time In Loser Team Average Time For: A PvP Loss PvP Some dynamic graphics will be available soon...
  4. tool

    Maybe here : Topic for submitting flags and corporation logos.
  5. tool

    Yes, I can. Edit applied. (under evaluation for a week)
  6. tool

    okay thank you
  7. tool

    The average time for win a battle is calculated as: WinPvPTime = TotalTimeInBattle / TotalPvPWin; I'm sorry but we can't show this information because such data aren't provided by the API. This are the information that provides the API:
  8. tool

    I like it. I understand that there is much to do. I'll do it, thanks for the tips
  9. tool

    In game statistic:
  10. tool

    We can not do a historian because we should make a number of daily requests too high. 1'017'779 every day. @.@ I can make a graphs with the "Average In A Battle"'s data. (note taking)
  11. tool

    I apologize for the poor aspect ... Can You make a drawing of how you would like it?
  12. tool

    I apologize for the redundancy. This project was designed to meet some of our needs: The printing of all data provided by the API (done) The extrapolation and the calculation of the greatest number of information. (under construction) A system that allows the direct comparison between two players statistics. (under design) In the FrogSwarm's Player Statistic are not shown the following 11 information: UID Capture Points PvP Assists Total Damage Dealt Total Repairs PvP Loss Death Ratio Average Time For: Kill Assist Death Win PvP About the reCAPTCHA is there to prevent the average user to perform spam. DDoS attacks or spamming will also be blocked by the "Altervista" server's security service.
  13. Web Player's Statistic Calculator Hello mercenaries! The Italian community is happy to present you a new tool! Web Player's Statistic Calculator Inserting the player's nickname you can view a variety of information, including information that aren't available in the game. You'll can find the following new information: UID. Capture Ratio. (Index for comparisons) Death. Kill Rate. PvP Loss. Average Time In: Winner Team, Loser Team. Average In A Battle: Death, DMG, Repairs. Average Time For: Kill, Assist, Death, A PvP, Win PvP, Loss PvP. A sincere thank you to the developers for the API provided. Any suggestion are welcome. (Planned improvements) The project is not complete and its implementation will take time, whatever we ensure its realization. We apologize for the wait. Thanks for the attention, by the corporation Tricolor Hawks [IT4LY]. Last Update: 23/03/2017 - Added the Time in Winner & Loser Team. - Added the Average Time for: A PvP, Loss PvP.
  14. Questa è una guida veloce e generica su come migliorare le prestazioni di Microsoft Windows e del gioco. Come migliorare le prestazioni di gioco Questa guida è per un utente esperto o almeno consapevole dei cambiamenti che stanno per fare. O per chi vuole imparare. Si presume che l'utente eseguirà una ricerca autodidatta delle informazioni non conosciute. I punti discussi sono: Hardware richiesto. La verifica della presenza dei driver. I processi avviati all'accensione del PC. I processi pianificati e l'auto deframmentazione dell'HDD. L'indicizzazione automatica dell HDD in Windows. Gli effetti visivi di Windows. Le impostazioni 3D della scheda video. Le impostazioni della grafica del gioco. Si tratta di una guida scritta da me, un perito industriale specializzato in informatica e nei linguaggi di programmazione.
  15. This is a fast and generic guidance on how to improve the performance of Microsoft Windows and of the game. How to improve game performance (Google's Translate) This guide is for an experienced user or at least conscious of the changes that are about to make. Or who wants to learn. It is assumed that the user will provide a self-taught research of the above information. The points discussed are: Hardware required. The verification of the presence of the driver. Processes started at power pc. The scheduled jobs and self HDD defragmentation. The auto indexing in Windows HDD. Windows visual effects. 3D video card settings. The settings of the graphics of the game. This is a guide written by me, an industrial expert specializing in informatics and in programming languages. The official guide written by the developers is: OS & Hardware optimization
  16. tool

    Web Ship's parts Calculator Hello! The Italian community is happy to present a fast web calculator for the crafting of ship's parts! Star Conflict Calculator This is an On-Line tool created for the calculation of the materials required for the construction of spaceships. You can also find in this page the links for the Off-Line version. IT4LYs_Calculator_v2.1.rar (795KB) IT4LYs_Calculator_v2.1_Small.rar (85KB) <-- No background images. We have chosen the .html format for to make easy access to the code and for allow anyone to improve, customize or update it. If you need help or something you can contact: "ItalianBadBoy" or write a new thread in the section: IT4LY Calculator We will respond as soon as possible. Thanks for the attention, by the corporation Tricolor Hawks [IT4LY]. Last Update: 23/11/2016 - Added the preset of Vigilant & Code improvement. 06/12/2016 - Color improvement. 08/12/2016 - Added the small version. 09/01/2017 - Implemented the relative and the alien parts & Code improvement. IT4LYs_Calculator_v2.1.rar IT4LYs_Calculator_v2.1_Small.rar