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  1. tool

    Enabled debug mode for to understand some problem. lol P.S: Fixed a small error generated by an invalid database request of a plugin...
  2. tool

    Good question! I tested the tool with Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome and It works properly without giving any errors on the console. I just deleted the cache of AlterVista and of Cloudflare... Try to delete the temporary browser files and try to use the direct link to the tool: If the problem persists, could you make a screen of the error that pops up on your browser console? Or in the Adv.TextArea is there "- Google API: Verification unsuccessful."?
  3. tool

    Make various improvements and implementations to the code. Implemented the request, the calculation and the printing for n players. Added the second layout to make the comparison between two players. Entering two valid names will start the comparison function that will color green the best, red the worst and orange the same values. Added a scoring system: +1 for green; -1 for red; 0 for orange. Implemented the control and the block for blank or equal input. Added a progressing bar for when the tool is waiting for to run the second request. Reduced the functionality of some plugins to improve the page loading. Specifically when the tool will make a request for two players, it'll wait 3 seconds before sending the second request at the same API. it'll wait 3 seconds for blank or equal input too. If one of the two names is invalid, the comparison will be skipped. Activate Always Online™, If the server goes down, Cloudflare will serve the page. P.S. It's in preparation a third layout for to compare N players.
  4. tool

    It's really a good suggestion, i really like this radar chart! (Note taking) I would use only the charts provided by google and I don't see it in the Gallery. But maybe I can do it with the Area Chart and some trigonometry equation... I'll read and try some things
  5. tool

    To increase the speed and lighten the page loading we remove the link that led to the iFrame in the Italian forum. Now the link goes directly to the tool. Added an anti-brute force plugin. Fixed some HTML writing errors.
  6. I like this layout for mobile, good idea. a like for you :3 When we are using a free third-parts server, server processing are also limited because is considered that the server processor is used at the same time by many people. (It's best to use the server-side language only when it's necessary) So to speed up processing, in these cases, it's best to use the client processor with the JS. Why html, css, js and php? Because it is easily accessible from any device with a browser that is connected to a WAN. We deliberately left the value with the digits after the comma because, in my opinion, is an anomaly in the starconflict database when it supplies this value in this way. This number multiplied by 100 should always give an integer. Because we can not have a 0.9 of a ship. P.S. For to quickly remember some information about these types of languages I like to use W3Schools :3
  7. tool

    Made several improvements: Changed the layout with a two-column for adaptation to the next update... The corporation logo has been slightly enlarged. Enlarge the graphics and add their titles. The graphics have been brought closer to the source data. Improved data loading for charts. The calculation weight of the binomial distribution has been reduced by 2/3. Enabled HTTPS protocol for secure access to CMS.
  8. Web Player's Statistic Calculator Hello mercenaries! The Italian community is happy to present you a new tool! Web Player's Statistic Calculator Inserting the player's nickname you can view a variety of information, including information that aren't available in the game. You'll can find the following new information: UID. Death. Kill Rate. PvP Loss. Average Time In: Winner Team, Loser Team. Average In A Battle: Death, DMG, Repairs. Average Time For: Kill, Assist, Death, A PvP, Win PvP, Loss PvP. Average Probability For: Win, Loss, Kill, Death and Assist. A sincere thank you to the developers for the API provided. Any suggestion are welcome. (Planned improvements) If there's any problems with your custom corp logo write it here, i'll fix it as soon as possible. (only custom added in game) The project is not complete and its implementation will take time, whatever we ensure its realization. We apologize for the wait. Thanks for the attention, by the corporation Tricolor Hawks [IT4LY]. Last Update: 23/03/2017 - Added the Time in Winner & Loser Team. - Added the Average Time for: A PvP, Loss PvP. 24/03/2017 - Added the charts & code improvement. 26/03/2017 - Added the "Average Probability For" and the relative chart. 29/03/2017 - Implemented & added 95 custom images of the corp. 02/04/2017 - Server improvement. 21/04/2017 - Changed the layout & code improvement. 28/04/2017 - Added the second layout to make the comparison between two players.