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  1. tool

    I have no idea how those internet stuff are working but I'd love to get more pilot names coz 2k is not enough to make proper rating
  2. Since you are at it you can unhide my 609 posts
  3. ye, u'll get ur 50iri/day Are you 100% sure they skipped it?
  4. not sure, u tell me.
  5. Monos.
  6. Yo nasAies, u recruiting?
  7. Why do I need blueprint to transfer old stuff to new?
  8. tool

    As you like graphs... you should add something like this
  9. Since all my posts were deleted by someone, yet again: Do you plan extending info at http://gmt.star-conflict.com/pubapi/v1/userinfo.php?nickname=Skula75 to match stats which we can check in pilot's profile?