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  1. thx guys
  2. Pilots, After a long periode of minded reflextion i'm leaving [STEEL] due to the lack of activity, it's been a nice ride and i know some of you since years now, it's wasn't a easy to clic on that button but i hope you'll understand my choice. I tried to make it more active with dread, but it fail. Tried league and the issue is the same, mostly because our players are all new to the game and are not that active. The corp is not like it was before, i don't know the full story but i do remember we where first on the leaderboard and when i get invited it was like a honor! I'm sad to leave but i hope for you all that some day stellar marines will rise again and that i'll be there to see it! with all my due respect, Concilor Endeav out.
  3. Wow congrats^^!
  4. Tackler and tilith are the only counter for now^^'
  5. Ppl do find some rare loots in os now but after a hour I haven't found anything special, just usual stuff
  6. Lol using the tai'kin with a high ping must be interesting
  7. I don't have any trouble getting in pvp here It take around 5 sec, but I heard that some people still have trouble getting in
  8. but the fed does not need activator or does it now ?
  9. well not me ^^ and i'm not alone with this
  10. @CinnamonFake i need some help about this: Is this a bug or a feature ? what exactly do i have to do? i did have access to alien composite block but i didn't get it in any loot! it just pop out! do i have to find this blueprint like it's righted or should i just wait ?
  11. The cooldown as been mentioned, read again The boson is fine now I fight one while in a engi fed and it was okay, even the positron is more powerful
  12. you want to start a war xD?! in the other hand yes orca i was serious about having fun with the tyrant
  13. Orca will have all the info
  14. And it will be a lrf ^^
  15. Ppl will start trolling my ign now I can feel it xD
  16. Naa don't worry the mauler is still the weirdness
  17. I don't se why ppl complain about the design, they are old relic ships, it make sense and it's cool to pilot a shutle in sc
  18. Best patch of the year! Nothing more nothing less^^ Oh wait, where is my isotope harvester buff?
  19. But yea time to have fun with the tyrant finally!
  20. Naa you can it's rank 14 so just equip a random r15
  21. About that, the dmg reduction in close range will come with this update or next one?
  22. If only we could have get a old style destroyer :,( maybe next project?
  23. I do this when there is a deal on archelon u can get over 200 mono's for few gs
  24. Yea getting both ships should not be a pain , it's look okay so far but we'll see tomorrow
  25. Yay looking great! But please, no endless grind, no trading forced, no premium exclusive or anything similar! If it's the same way as the vulcan it's good enough
  26. Okay I have all dessy that can currently be build! There fixed
  27. Naa it say it's a frigate not a fighter
  28. And a louder sound
  29. Proximity mortar does not count! You can get the ship for 2k at each new year
  30. skill is also a BIG part of it, put a random player in a thar'ga R15 and a experienced player in a Jaguar for exemple guess who will won: Jag. Yes they are op yes they take years to upgrade and yes they look weird but once you learn how to fight them they are ship like other (excepte tai'kin. it's a virus)
  31. And this is it! the last destroyer! i have them all! (R14 does not count only the vigilant and the sirius left)
  32. This should be a guaranteed drop. Imagine this system once every elly ship will be released....
  33. i noticed this while trying to do a dmg based build, the isotope dmg does not change with the implant and even with the lvl 8 destroyer bonus. screenshots: log:2017.04.23 17.58.06.rar
  34. pleez

    8million credits for 500 hull point.............
  35. That still a nice trip! Hope you'll enjoy it!
  36. must be a joke
  37. pleez

    minimal credit loot: -8.000~10.000 avrage credit loot: -200.000~450.000 maximum credit loot: -1.000.000 thing are getting realy expensive and yes if you play pvp you'll loose more money that what you've won it's like you have to spend your own credits to play
  38. When 1 is not enoght
  39. +1
  40. Sure !
  41. Hey where are you heading to?
  42. And remember that soon we'll only get randoms parts from iridium containers only ...
  43. It's like they want us to stop having a life 0_o
  44. I love the fact that dev's already know what wrong with it by reading the question but still ask ^^
  45. As some players already noticed, tai'kin upgrade system is the worst thing that ever happened in upgrade history, why do such a simple interceptor required so much farming, restrictions, time and effort? Since the release if r14 destroyers a new type of event see the day: time limited event. The most unlikable type of event. Even after we tell dev's to not introduced those type of event it seem like they didn't listen. The tai'kin is a interceptor! It should not required more resources than a fighter! If they would have done this with a frigate or a destroyer i'll say "yea ok why not it's a big powerful ship" but cmon a ceptor?! Does this mean evertime we'll see a new ship i'll get worst ? This ship is already almost impossible to get in the free way or without being forced to used trading! Trading window is spammed like crazy cause ppl are desperate to get more gs to be just able to continue playing! Where is the fun in that?!
  46. It come from crossout and it follow the time line of the vulcan and this will be a new module for destroyers! I am right?
  47. i'm quite tired of doing the same thing in game day after day without real change it's getting realy borring so i just want to know if someone have any idea of something fun to do like: -ship build -killing pirates, alien -etc... just tell me what on your mind when you are tired of farming!
  48. Congrats, now add 500 more hours to upgrade it ^^
  49. They should really remove the dmg bonus in close range... It's a Sirius btw^^'
  50. Hahaha most of my interceptor are more powerful than a destroyer xD
  51. Happy Easter!
  52. I'll also add that pyro does not work on shells protecting cores AND the core it self
  53. 1/ A year back we've got a event of concept art for destroyers, my question is do we have any chance to see any of these or something close to it implemented ? 2/ will we get a new class of destroyer or more of them (new model and why not different spec) in the future and not only the ellidium dessy? 3/ will we get more weapon and module for destroyers any time soon? 4/ when the isotope harvester will be buffed (dmg, range, reload speed) and so goes the destroyer attack drone ( i was thinking about a active mode for it that allow us to choose the firing range) 5/ will we get more turret type for destroyers ? 6/ i just found this while chilling: https://www.artstation.com/artist/deniboy some of them are real concept that we've got but some look damn cool and i was wondering if we'll got them any time soon ? (pls say yes ^^)
  54. Wait the inhibitor beam does not prevent the tai'kin jump beacon to work?! 0o
  55. tackler dead.
  56. The new reward in this bundle I much better believe me, so far what I got yesterday: -5 mono's -5 mono's -5 neo -3 berry -5 berry -5 neo 10m is still way too expensive but if you have a lot of money it worth it
  57. Yea but it's always better to have like 5 or more token
  58. If ur corp can manage to keep a sector more than 24 hours