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  1. I just really hope that i'll get the Sirius before the os rework get released, I want to explore new horizon on this ship!
  2. I haven't miss a single day and I didn't get it. They should have give us one more week
  3. Yea I got this issue a week ago.. only falling on asian server
  4. edit: don't place your warp point in front of a object ^^
  5. Hello pilots, Due to my current connection statue i won't be able to play pvp,pve,spec ops,costom battle,dreadnought and even open space untile i fix the issue who somehow only happen when i'm playing star conflict. I'll do my best to figure out where does it come from and why it happen. Untile i fixed it i'll be only there to do daily os mission(at least trying to), i hope you'll understand my situation and i'm sorry for not behing able to be there. Vice President Endeav. this is perma stuck betwen 800-5000 ping
  6. Sc was supposed to be based on teamwork. Players never understand that so they made it that way
  7. It won't get remove, but eventually be tweaked. And it's actually pretty fun sometimes.. you have to think about trolling ppl not just simply kill, like for example dropping a nuke in the enemy team and get 4 kills ^^
  8. Lol what's wrong with the vigilant?
  9. .
  10. i don't know if someone have the same issue but i can't link my steam account to the test server, when i try to it say "this account is already link" but it's not the case. when i connect on the test server i start with a whole new account(and yes its syncronized)
  11. ‘Thar'kth’: Slightly reduced damage from charge accumulation and reduced general damage by 5% ‘Thar'Ga'tok’: Damage reduced by 16% we keep saying that the thar kth is op but you nerf the wrong weapon ?
  12. Yes we all hate time limited event, we all have been clear with it with dev's and hopefully it won't happen again except if r14 dessy came back. For the reaper and Phoenix that actually a really nice gift from the dev's cause you can get them both for free and in a short time, I do feel a bit bad for those who farm to get parts for theses ships^^'
  13. Yea i've made a suggestions about it when dessy came out but it wasn't take in matter. +1 for this, by seeing how op are all new ship I don't think that will hurt
  14. Nice congrats! I should get them both in 3 days
  15. I like using the beam canon on lrf with a crit build it's like a death beam it's actually pretty fun you guys should give it a try
  16. Not everyone are in the same situation.. those who got that many are player that have nothing to build, they already have every ship, weapon and modules, players that don't want to use them except when needed (event), or just cause they spend money
  17. Indeed those small booster feel so useless, every high end player got around 50million and 400million and sometime more, and they got no ships to lvl up. I've never had a ship part in those 500 iri container, I've bought more than 50 and nothing. Yes a weekly mission like xeno but for mono's will be awesome! Currently i'm not even building a mk5 weapon, they are insanely expensive and their stats are barely different, 50mono's for 20 point more dmg i'm sorry but this is bs. Same as for ships, the current amount of mono's is so low that we have to save 3 months before getting it..
  18. Hahaha yea ^^
  19. +1 can be fun
  20. We need more idea of how it could be implemented I just hope dev's will not ignore it
  21. Well killing the defiler required a organized group so I don't think someone will be crazy enough and probably won't have the time to steal the loot A daily mono's reward for logins could be nice, like: -1 mono on day 1 -2 mono's on day 2 -3 on day 3 -4 on day 4 -and why not 10 on day 5 ^^
  22. Yea fact is I almost never get it in daily loot it may happen 1 or 2 times a week. Adding other ways to get mono's will help a lot of players and also can be a good way to make ppl fly in os
  23. The monocrystal is the current most valuable resources in star conflict, you need it for almost everything, weapon, modules, ships...; but since a quite long time there is no place to get that resource except dailys. -the old daily gives us 2 mono's at each side of conflict -now it's only 1 but we have scl Thing that not every player have access to it and even those who can play it sometime can't manage to play and creating a team can sometime take long and quickly became borring and ppl are too lazy to play. that make 4 mono's per day. you can add 1 or 2 if you get a lucky drop. what i suggest is to add a REAL way to get more mono's every day, like a way to farm it. How can it be farm ? there is many way it can be introduce: [-] Open Space, witch i think is the best way so far, here we'll be able to get it in loot, and the chance of getting it will get higher if alien are invading the sector. -Blue marker mission in os, yes those mission! there is plenty of them all over the map and almost no one are doing them due to the reward that we have to admit is low. Make us want to do them! easy just add 1 mono reward once completed! -DEFILER yes the defiler! it's in os, it's big, and we can take him down! the loot could drop mono's and iridium! [-] Hangar contract, i was thinking of a special contract that will appear randomly every day multiple time (like 5 time a day or more) the objective of this contract could be a huge bounty hunt! -The target would be a realy thoght guy to beat but only ONE player will be able to get the reward! once the contract is availble every sc player will see it and all he'll have to do is to get to the location and kill the target (can be a alien, pirate or cyber) if the player get the kill hit (or the one you deal the more dmg) he'll get rewarded with 10 to 15 mono's depending of the difficulty of the target. [-]PVP-PVE yes there too! we could simply get a higher drop rate or just like with mrs summer mission a special icon will appear on a random playe and the guy who take him down will get rewarded with 5 mono's but only if it's team won the match! if someone have any idea about how we could introduce a better, fun or just a good way to get more mono's feel free to post your idea! please take this in consideration dev's!
  24. you forget to mention that those mission "kill dessy" are also a big problem when you are the only dessy player on a team and 3 unstopable nasa player are on you durring the whole match. the only thing i want is that remove those frea* 2.5x more dmg in close range, this make no sense, it's annoying, and make everyone give u a hug. but hey it's ok it will only happen a maximum of 4 time in a match because it will take you over a min to come back... then you have to repaire the ship... 350k. i love the fact that when i'm playing i loose money more than i won, it's funny. dessy are great in os.. haha yea until a predator or 2 came close to you and it's the same for pve. *cough*demoman*cough*turttle*cough* oh and i forgot to mention that we can't use photon and halo in close combat anymore, no need to tell why
  25. There we go I use to never use or like the gravi lens but since thar ga is here and cause it's annoying as f I keep using it just to be even more annoying :3
  26. Haha nice xD
  27. Yep and there is no thar'ga to get in your way Also i'm waiting for the os rework and I hope there will be plenty of new stuff to do out there Congrats for your 2k post btw ^^