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  1. +99999999999999999 to this, waiting a month to get a weapon upgrade that add 20points (sometime even less) more dmg is ridiculous.... I can't believe that after all these years it as remain the same And same thing for ships parts... anyway only 2 way to go like u said: - more mono's -or reduce the needed amount of it
  2. He's right.. when I saw u in action this is what happening most of the time ._.
  3. dessy re-design would be cool ^^
  4. resistance on a dessy is always more important but always do ur best to mix both volume and resist
  5. Before i construct any new dessy i want to know if we'll be able to trade other dessy activator soon (next patch this month for exemple) i'll feel pretty bad having to wait 3 month just to get my only 1 missing activator i really want the sirius but i'm realy close to get the vigi (even closer to the sirius i can do it today) i don't want to do any mistake
  6. I watch like 20 ep a day
  7. I have to finish fairy tail first
  8. Another harem anime? ^^
  9. Fact is that if all engies was that powerful, there will be no point having a brokk, and again with the elly engie coming the brokk will be take apart.
  10. Yea that a pretty fun one ^^
  11. Yea i've seen lafael flying one.. coincidence? I don't think so ^^
  12. U know the ellydium engineer is about to come out, so I guess we'll have to do mission in a engi frigate to get resources for it, which means that everyone will be flying one.. so talking about quick heal
  13. Nice, really useful ship since ellydium showed up
  14. It finally happen! ^^
  15. bug

    Lol gg then
  16. bug

    but is this somthing that someone will try to acomplish in middle of a battle ? ^^'..
  17. You must be a recent player if you never seen old dessy icons. There will be a ship for each classes. That it, nothing more.
  18. Are the best