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  1. Well if we take it from that point every ship will need a buff
  2. Realy nice patch in general, Guard buff + Sector conquest + Easier for everyone, I like the point system and the fact we can do more than 1 battle per day, it's more enjoyable even if ofc big corp already got every gs sector (I feel bad for small corp) New effect + Hell yes they all look so cool! (Pyro <3) -Still waiting for what koro said about hud display - still waiting for isotope buff - still waiting for thar'kth nerf - transporter is os still seems to teleport
  3. ffffff no way such a close call!
  4. Yup i'm doing the same
  5. Phaser look pretty cool it look more futuristic ^^
  6. I'm in love with the pyro xD I can't get enough of it it look so cool! It's somehow appear bigger on the procyon like WAY bigger, it's like doing a kameameameaaaaaa! Loving it^^
  7. I'm happy cause I blew up up a thar'ga with the matter transformer active
  8. We need you back sin! :'(
  9. Wt.. the required amount of voucher is way too damn high this is not a destroyer gun the heck I don't get it this time.. Btw do you have to build the gun or you can just buy it?
  10. Lel yea i got it by accident xD
  11. it take me soo long to choose one so there it is another shoot of the "Empire Kingsglaive" ^^
  12. See ya! But i'm sure you'll come back when a major update will come out tho
  13. xenocrystals

    Mono's are just given in a way too low amount.. it take forever to just get a hundred of those :/ you can't even manage to farm them
  14. Let's make it clear and simple, A destroyer are supposed to be heavy strong ship that can be used in any fight situation and in a right hand can change the result of a battle, this ship is also able to take care of multiple target and can be used to defend and also go in the front lines, creat a diversions and still be able to fight with heavy dmg. Are they supposed to be superior to other class? Yes that why they got created.(look at any other space games, movies) Now all we have is a frigate made of glasses. In no way a dessy should be taken out by 1pilot! What if we got a full team of dessy then? Well that exactly why the limit of destroyer in pvp battle was set to 3. What about league and tournaments then? Simple, do the same or take gunship with a focused fire team.
  15. You don't know what the ship class of destroyer mean don't you?
  16. Lol I prefer facing a destroyer than the thar'ga^^
  17. great patch in genral, i realy liked the reduced amount of dmg deal by modules even if THIS still happen new guns models are awesome same as new effect, the new vaccun laser in particular look realy pretty i want to get a vigi now ^^ the small buff for the tyrant is cool even if the difference is hard to notice Thar'ga nerf is great but still not enoght. --> i like the fact that most of op build are always the same: energy coverter, particle purge, combat reconstructor... it seem no one are using other special module (few ppl are using hive) witch is sad cause i would have love to see more diversity in fight i guess this is player choice ^^, i'm making my way to condensing crystals to see how it is. The new faction icons look better than the old one, sightly change but better New special ship color (purple) is nice too it make it feel like "it's special xD" i kinda do like the older railgun projectile effect tho i think this one look a bit to small. Few bugs are still there: Cargo transporter in os messon cannon not correctly aiming at the designated dirrection isotope harvester that sometime can't shoot if aiming dirrectly on a enemy ship(the drone disapear) cancel button for ellydium mission apear only for the first mission, even if not used it disapear at the second mission and sometime took 48 hours to come back instead of 24. pyro emiter deal no dmg to the core (destroyer spec ops) multiphase shield sometime does not work at all weapon and modules: hive thar'ga special module use too much hull isotope harvester deal not enoght dmg (need at least a 25% boost) nightingale drone maker deal not enoght dmg (need a least a fire rate or a 50% more dmg boost) thar'kth still deal too much dmg destroyer dmg boost in close range should be reduce to 1.5x insted of 2.5x
  18. <3
  19. ^^ basically a high fire rate weapon is the best
  20. Railgun does work pretty well against them somehow
  21. Lol it took me only a month to get it to r14 ^^
  22. Dessy weapon and module are fine no need to change anything here, except for some that actually need more power to make them useful(isotope harvester, combat drone type A)
  23. This
  24. Need teamwork to take out a dessy... well not anymore.. Nerf the pyro?! Why? Dessy have high survability?! Lol yea so high that a plasma arc can one shoot you.. Did someone said explosive weapon? Uh double dmg? Oh look a thar'ga! Ok waiting for the patch thx cinnamon
  25. hi! I recently bought the 50% weapon cooler node for thar' ga and i notice that it actually have no effect on weapon (at all) tried to remove the node( turn it off and on) using different weapon but no effect it remain the same! and just like it wansn't enoght i also notice thar instead of righting in the ship info 50% weapon cooler it said 100%!? screenshots: log if needed:2017.02.07 16.41.17.rar 2017.02.05 19.58.53.rar i just hope this is a real bug and not a feature (i'll feel pretty bad wasting 50 xenocrystals..)