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  1. I have several parts of nightingale and can't do anything with them. Only on sale events you can buy more parts to complete the ship
  2. I noticed that collision damage in survival is no longer x3 which is nice (not sure if latest patch)
  3. Why would we stop focusing it? It is the most dangerous ship in enemy team we die constantly facing those
  4. If you are that nervous over 30 xenos go on and make both
  5. lol Fox I believe it's same as your "Coolest Ships" but with photoshop allowed
  6. I believe this game urgently needs Elly Destroyer you know.. for balance
  7. Thanks for sharing. yes seems that you are right, most important patch changes are not mentioned lol
  8. Tharga is on sale. they wont nerf it untill sale ends
  9. True that but you can't complete missions that require your max rank ship. So yeah.. taking a break seems like a good idea