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  1. Well, that means we will get all of that stuff and the extras on the April Fools? That would be a lot to process but I kinda ran out of tasks to do so I am up for it.
  2. Heh, nice move to tease one of its abilities, reminds me of Tracer or Ekko, gonna be fun.
  3. Uhm, as far as I'm concerned pretty much every role for the fighter class is supposed to be a damage dealer, gunships have the overdrive, tacklers have the target painter and the ODG damage buff and commands have the Valkyrie, as for the frigates guards also have the damage bonus when the damage they receive matches the shield phase, but the 4 turrets won't make that much of a difference in the end :/
  4. Yeah, a turn, or energy based RPG, kinda fun if you want the same on-screen spaceship action while on the go, that is if you don't have a good enough laptop to run it.
  5. I played both the PC and the Phone game at the same time.
  6. The grind game just got real
  7. It should get none? Since the spread is reduced, its like decreasing the damage of the HB over time as it fires to reduce its effectiveness even more(depends) So the damage should stay the same, I suppose the time you take to charge it will be wasted DPS so lowering its damage *might* be a little bit too much, so by that they meant that the damage amount(which should be the same as the base one)will also be decreased by 5, I tried the Thar'Kth out on the test server so I didn't get to test to see if the damage increases, which it shouldn't, because reasons.
  8. We are talking about the weapon's base velocity that is over 10k for the T5 one, and let's not talk about the people that are either psychopathic or brain-dead enough to get kinetic controls, uranium shells and the 6c implant, at the same time, you can have the weapons' spread as large as 20 degrees, if you are at point blank then you will hit no matter what, and this is where Thar'Ga excels, at closing the gaps due to the large variations in speed increasing passive and active modules, combat reboot and energy converter for extra tankiness and the teleportation sphere, while on the positron you would be able to deal crits as high by using the supernova deflector, or by getting as much critical damage as you can, and use some Pulse Dischargers, but what use it will be if you will crit almost never?(Does 20% crit chance sound like a lot to you?) Same goes for the shrapnel, it has an even lower velocity but since its compatible only with interceptors then they can close the gap just as easy, right? Well, maybe for the Federation ones, while Jericho kinda struggles and the Empire is left in the dust, being outran by the Jericho Guards(sometimes), that counts mostly for the ECMs, the recons can close the gap with the microwarp but I'd rather leave it for escaping in case of *cough*uncalled for reinforcements*cough*, just stating my opinion here. And yes, I had to stuff a lot of details and argumentation into this since you cannot say anything these days without having people bash you for missing out a tiny piece of your fragment that would make your whole argument useless in the end, I know I'm still going to get some for this one, so go ahead.
  9. There is no R12 LRF for Jericho, come to think of it, there are no R10 LRFs either, Gargoyle used to be but they dragged it and Dart up to R11, they are still destroying the battlefield if you know how to play them. About the topic, definitely not worth rushing the ranks, especially in PvP, this game requires you to have low ping and good reflexes for the best experience, so I suppose you are just unlucky, if you want to complete the tasks that require you to have the maximum rank, then craft Thar'Ga, I'm sure that everyone and their pet rock has it by now, that is of course if you played since the beginning of this year, or as later as 1 month prior or so, keep the ship below Rank 9, have it in your slot and all the tasks will count, from my own experience, I have levelled every standard ship in the game and R11 was a huge wall for me, even back when you could farm heaps of synergy from OS by killing aliens with resonating ammunition, you can do the same thing but it will take longer, it will pay off in the end, I assure you.
  10. It's not about if you feel lucky, its about if the mighty power of the RNGesus is with you, if you don't have that, then you are nothing.
  11. Well, the trade system is ok, if you would reduce the tax by a bit that would be great, a few more changes in looks for some weapons, for those who haven't entered yet, the new look of the disintegrator is awesome, but it's more obivious so if you want stealth sniping without being spotted then good luck, a few more chat tabs, such as the personal one that displays only the personal messages(/w) and the trade one, a few more alien passive modules have been added, the reflected fury is alright, using it when a whole Rabid or Demomen swarm is coming after you is going to kill them, not right away but still, the damage is kinetic and the range of it seems to be infinite, maybe limit it out, just saying.
  12. Yeah, it's overall durability, hull, shield and resistances combined, being rank 8 makes them limited so I tried to find a middle ground between tankiness and energy regeneration.
  13. k
  14. I got my Phoenix yesterday, boi what an adventure.
  15. We'll just make it look super-broken so they will remove it, the last thing Thar'Ga needs is more invincibility and offensive abilities.
  16. Yeah, sounds about legit, but consider download the free DLC to help you bypass all of that.
  17. FROG, Deft, any other useless and annoying corps? What do I know... But yeah, more spaces, more room for goodness, I approve, skyrocket this request to the Illuminates this instant!
  18. Good my servant, obey the mighty one and he will gift you with ultimate power and might.
  19. Nah, people won't bother to scroll to it, I need the views, I need the money.
  20. I'm not kidding when I said I'm going for 420 of these.
  21. pink tag

    Me? tired? I had 9.14 hours of sleep last night and a medium-short-long espresso without coffee or water, I am so full of energy that I can turn into a Kugelblitz boi. poof
  22. You do realise he also said 'Space', right?
  23. Well that will be Thar'Ga, Sk'Rah cover Ops sure are fun to play, get kinetic controls too and it will be much easier to hit things, there is not much time left until the recon will make its debut so we will see if regeneration will be the main problem with that too, since I know for a fact that I, and other "good" interceptor pilots may become unhitable with it, and who know what it's weapons will do, will they debuff the enemy, or deal surprisingly large amounts of damage without both of you realising (Scatter Gun can work, homing shotguns ftw, more or less). Still, we also have its special modules, seeing what wild choices we have from a regen Overdrive who knows how far we will go from the Microwarp? And there will still be 8 more to come, this one might be their biggest project, even bigger than the destroyers.
  24. As I dash through the cold, dark space I am met with a new face The new season has arrived And I feel like I'm revived Up in the frontlines Stuck in the quarantines Of the alien war Help is what I call for A new year, new hopes A lot of hard work to climb all these slopes But it will all pay off in the end When I will get back to you, that's what I intend
  25. *slams fist on table* 420! ITS MY LAST OFFER!
  26. FINE BE IT 1337 HAPPY?!
  27. Yeah, maybe that won't be enough, let's make it 666 parts then.
  28. Yes, I will do 419 more of these each week, don't ask why, so let's start!
  29. I had like 100 parts to start with so that means I can still get them even if "something" happens, I would like those ships tbh.
  30. Poetry? But I suck at literature! Hm, I can come up with something. 100 Monos would do tbh, but GS would still be gr8 m8.
  31. New day, still 30 parts, seems that they might actually give us all 450 parts, seems like a nice gift for mother's day, uhm, is anyone here a mother?
  32. God damnit stop necroing the threads. Hillary, I demand you to nuke these insignificats this instant!
  33. Well that's one way to make Ellydium ships useless, but the Evolution isn't over yet, a collision damage revamp would be welcome tho.