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  1. I play Tai'Kin quite often and I can say that thing is seriously powerful, radar invisibility and burst damage is a covert-ops feature, not sure what you can really do about T'Har'Ok, probably reduce its heating time and lower the firerate.
  2. The new missile looks are nice, but it can be hard to tell what damage they deal at times, for example when playing a guard. Yet they look fantastic in volleys and with some slight edits.
  3. Uh, the teleportation sphere's cooldown is now visible(thanks god), yet we still can't assign another key to it. You can access the node tree of the alien ships right from the hangar, as well as a synergy counter for the next cheapest node(aside the special modules, everything has the same cost already for Tai'Kin). Haven't ran a FS yet but something sure has changed in there. Oh, almost forgot, whenever you click on a premium ship's price you are prompted with this:
  4. The assault railgun is not bad, you can try Phaser instead, its a good counter to other Darts.
  5. If there will be a fighter though...
  6. Good thing that the node one costs double the credits but also gives 2 resources, higher chances to get the stuff you need.
  7. Yeah, its kind of strange that it has an empty missile slot, but better than using whatever the frigate counterpart has, imagine torps on an interceptor, or a minefield.
  8. Alright, so any ideas on how we should do the OS mission? Did anyone have any luck finding anything useful?
  9. Have you read the entire post?
  10. The game's engine is old anyway, if its was built on UE4 for example then it would have been an entirely different story, but changing it would take a long while, so maybe if the game will get a reboot they should consider using something like that. It would sure rise to the expectations of many people, and having the right people for it would make it even better, but still not perfect. Be thankful with what you have.
  11. Hover the mouse over your credits and its there.
  12. With you guys we sure are covered on that.
  13. Oh yeah and they will definitely not quote the values as being the final ones and complain like they always do without a reason, more or less often. Also, they said that we can get both ships by the end of the event without the trade, its just meant to speed up the progress, but its best to see it unfold.
  14. wait for it wait for iiit WAIT FOR IIIIIIIIIt WAIT FOR IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT nothing? really?
  15. It makes sense since they dont drop from loot anymore, at least not all the times.
  16. Those are the ship parts, not the spec mod ones, you have to accept the mission and at the bottom of it select "Buy".
  17. More like
  18. Its actually really easy to do that, synthesis sphere and the 7b implant should do, you can get that extra booster cost reduced by 30% node and you will never have problems with it.
  19. So we will get a new ship? Cool, let's hope it won't be based on RNG for that...
  20. Or the others bought the DLC and went right out of the hangar without looking at the loadout, and then were like "wait a minute"
  21. So uh, not sure if you had a more in-depth look at it but I consider this hillarious, lemme break it down first. So, the Tai'Kin that is the most close-up on the screen has the Tai'thaq, nothing too unusual: but if you have a look at EVERY other one:
  22. Coil Mortar, ever heard of it?
  23. So uh, how much will it be this time? 2 months? 3 weeks?
  24. There are only 3 places and we are 3 participants so far, should do.
  25. “Two possibilities exist: either we are alone in the Universe or we are not. Both are equally terrifying.” IGN: xXThunderFlameXx
  26. Too bad we wont run out of spenders, eh, someone has to keep the game alive, they should get like their own server where they can mess with eachother instead.
  27. Please don't necro these kind of threads, damnit and now I'm also doing it! STOP PLAYING WITH MY MIND!
  28. pleez

    The cost increases as you evolve nodes, but all of them (except special modules) cost the same so you gotta evolve what you consider important first, now if there was a proper way to get the resources...
  29. pleez

    Hah, millions, that's funny.
  30. Trade can only be improved, the Ellydium engineer is the next ship, let's hope that there will be an easier way to get it, not based on containers, or at least to have guaranteed drops of what we specifically need, and then we will have people complain about it anyway making its allies unkillable, and judging by the ellydium mechanics, at the cost of its own health, you shouldn't consider the steam reviews, that community has more salt in it than all of the world's surface and underground oceans combined.
  31. Well, some missions require you take part in battles as a fighter or a frigate, you don't have to play them the entire game, just go for a little, die like a moron and mind your business doing whatever a recon is not supposed to. Also, unlocking the Harvest crystal is possible from R13, not gonna get that anytime soon judging by the annoying way of unlocking nodes.
  32. I'm using microlocators on my Tai'Kin.
  33. Yeah but you won't drag enemies and allies back in time without their consent either.
  34. They should definitely remove the enemy/ally transport feature, it has nothing to do with the recon play style, mobility across the map, not enemy kidnapper, that is too much.
  35. Depends what you mean by "being a tackler", they are supposed to be mostly anti-interceptor solutions, being stealthy is not specific to their role only, covert ops are supposed to be this way too, LRFs, and, recons, you gotta capture interest points as stealthy as possible.
  36. And that's supposed to have any relevance because of what? You went after the LRFs that were staying still, and in survival combined with doomsday...
  37. This is why I don't consider any of those Russians that get all scores and stuff to be "the best". Anyone can play and get all the kills, increase their stats and brag about it like they earned it through hard work, just because you have the Thar'Ok's high damage that doesn't mean you have to play as a covert ops all the time, if you are in a deathmatch, survival or combat recon game and have that ship alone then you have no choice, and for some reason people expect that things that you worked to get for months, or less, to be as balanced as something that you could get with credits earned in a bunch of battles, where is the reward? Where is the advantage that can be multiplied with smart ways of using your weaponry? Tai'al isn't that strong, if you have locking disruption then it will be completely useless, lets not mention that Thar'Ok's slow charges are also homing, and they turn really fast, so once again, locking disruption and it will be almost useless. Remember how toxic the discussion of the release stream was? Of course they expected perfect balancing right away by constantly making fun of the ship with almost no constructive criticism.
  38. Everyone is a good Thar'Ga pilot if you get it to R15, Energy converter, Reflected Rage, and all the special weapons from that ship have high velocities, I tried it out on test, its easy to play.
  39. And that would be a bad thing because?
  40. Its supposed to warp everything in a 200m radius, you can cram up your entire team and warp them in the middle of the enemies, hehe.
  41. How about this, try to limit the range at which the beacon works, lets say having the limit be 6000m, but not being able to warp enemies, yet you can warp allies, make the range be 150m, and a 1s wind-up , something like that.
  42. I don't want to Tai'Kin these puns Thar'Gated at my favourite alien ships, Jokers will not be allowed, we are the Maulerators? They need to Honor their roles, I cannot Bear with this, Loki what you done! If you don't want to Spark an argument then you should stop Orelus a Grim fate awaits you, that all that I had to Sai.
  43. The Hijacked Frigates and Reapers have also those strong shrapnels, but they don't have the front-facing shield, yet they are much tankier.
  44. pink tag

    I can't wait to evolve my Tai'Kin and have real fun with her, I'm thinking about making a video with it while Deja Vu is playing, oh yeah, I know what my next project will be.
  45. federation gunships

    Isn't Thar'Ga supposed to receive insane amounts of collision damage? Since you can't use the compensator, yet you can use 9c, you would trade some speed in exchange for extra chances to tank a crash, depends on your playstyle after all, you will need increased situational awareness, or just fight in the open like the wimp you are for using kinetic controls and uranium shells on Thar'Kth.
  46. Just to make sure it gets attention.
  47. I just realized I have no more deals left, ugh, gotta delay it for another day...
  48. I am THIS close to craft my Tai'Kin, there is just one tiny problem.
  49. That or they could just remove the function to teleport enemies, and allies, this is not the Alcubierre drive after all. or is it?
  50. So, with the trading system we are in an impasse when communicating with other people, since all the languages are grouped up in there you are bound to have problems communicating with people, a simple solution would be using google translate, but getting the text you want to translate in there will be the issue, you could try changing your keyboard to russian and typing out everything until you get the word, but a more convenient method would be highlighting the text in chat and emails, Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V into the translate, that would save a lot of hassle, we can already do this in the chatbox in which you type, but not the words in the chat that had already been sent. I tried Ctrl+A to see if it works, to no avail, maybe there is something I'm missing, if not then this should be added immediately.
  51. They are easy to dodge with or without flares, but just because you dodged them once that doesn't mean they will give up, at least for the Cruise missile, it should take like 7-10 seconds for it to come back, depending on what implants whoever launched them uses, they can use 4b to increase its turn and flight speed that can affect the time it takes, haven't really tested it.
  52. That's what I'm trying to say, we don't need this.
  53. 1.Missing information regarding the amount of bonus damage for the Plasma web. 2.I have the right to know by how much my damage was increased. 3.Everytime you check the information of the module. 4.Just check the information on the Plasma web, works on any covert ops. 5.No need. 6.No need. 7. 8.I hope 7zip works. 2017_04_15_21_42_03__616.7z
  54. Yeah but having the icon on the radar would just help you find it easier, I feel like it would require more situational awareness to find it yourself, on some maps, the trails can blend in, on others, they are obvious, it can help you train to spot adaptive camo covert ops too for example, and Tai'Kin.
  55. You can spot any rocket visually if you look careful enough, not all rockets are that easy to be dodged tough.
  56. Wait, are you trying to say that you didn't you it all this time?
  57. Since the latest update seems to have no official discussion thread, we should group our suggestions, and only those in here, no aimless complaints, let's try to stay on the point and not start a war here. First of all, the biggest issue that we are facing at this point is the resource limitation, getting most of the stuff down to 200 and some to 300, as we didn't get much of a reason as to why they did this, and seeing no benefit in doing it, it should be removed right away, because this is the kind of game where you pile your resources up and then throw that entire pile down the gutter to get yourself a nice new ship, limiting them to 200 would just have the people that have more than 200 in their storage waste resources and time, and even if you didn't have that much, you would just have to craft things right away because of it filling up, and we might have manufacturing recipes change over time, remember how it went down when the R14 destros were released? Its definitely not a good idea in the long run, for example, if some new module or something will need more than 200 or 300 of that and the limit would be the same then we might never be able to craft it! Another thing is the way we are getting the new resources for Tai'Kin, I don't mind having extra currencies, but the way we have to get them is just, evil, not only these are containers we are talking about, but we need to do the tasks hourly, and in order to get the cabin you would need to do 50 of them, at best, many people will not have the time or willpower to check in each hour and do them, I would suggest making it a daily task, and have it give you 1 of each resource, maybe 2, same should go for the resources used in the nodes, there is no way the trading system will help us here, since the minimal cost is 300 GS, no thanks. The Vulcan is quite fun, I would have expected it to be an interceptor or fighter weapon, having little criss-cross fights with machine-guns like fighter jets would be really cool, some extra features would include a wind-up when holding the trigger, and having a spinning animation for the turret barrels, and probably have the sound be a little louder. The new mission is entertaining, we got plenty of new enemies and side missions to employ tactics on how to get them done with ease, but some things are quite strange about it, for example, the Cristallid ships that warp in the sector have human weaponry, Hunters have beam cannon and disintegrators, Fox is not going to like that, and so do Predators, but instead of the disintegrator they still have the pulsar, I think, while the Scouts have the plasma gun and a pulsar too, great. The "Lucky" container also got revamped, we can get the ores or plates of Neodium and Beryllium, Composite Panels, Xenocrystals and Monocrystals, but the limiter makes it stay meh. So all in all, the two issues above should be addressed right away, this topic doesn't have hateful intentions towards the game or its developers, just my opinions on how you should change the things, sorry, but since we have no discussion thread then this can be the unofficial one, for a while at least...