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  1. Judging by the way they choose stuff I might not even make it into the list, oh well, they are only some Xenos, only, some, Xenos. end my suffering
  2. Okay, I did a little touch up, here is a comparison:
  3. Only one edit is all that it takes. Thanks for that.
  4. Can we edit our stuff if we posted it already? I just got a better idea for mine.
  5. The dreadnought torpedo has a new explosion too, gotta try the Spec Ops sometime soon.
  6. Oh I almost forgot, the blueprint icons are different, they actually show the weapon icon they unlock on mk5 but it's cut in half, something like that.
  7. Well it is time for us to kick this off, as a little heads up, this is meant to be helpful, not a way to make fun of the game or anything, remember, if you found anything that I didn't, feel free to post it here, screens for that before and after the patch would be appreciated, so let's go. -New aspects for Halo and Pyro, Halo it's not as...pink? and the Pyro is brighter, seems that they have a niche for brightening things up lately, huh. -Rework on Sk'rah, some of you may know about this, halved the firerate and I think they doubled the damage, it also has a new sound effect like a mini-laser, now firerate builds are a thing, yay. That's all that I could find for now, good luck in finding more things!
  8. Seriously? Cmon now, I use that weapon like all the time and its balanced, good for beacon denial, its easy to get a good build on it, never go for firerate, only crit, you take it on a ship with kinetic controls to make it easier to hit, or on a covert to hit harder, can take down the combat drones off an engineer and can bounce between the main destroyer hull and its modules if aimed right, its an all-rounder weapon and there is nothing wrong wtih it, who wouldnt like a heavy machinegun in space?
  9. Make the star marathons count in Co-Op too while at it, we've asked this for months now!
  10. inb4 painted Thar'Ga spam, I got something cool on stock, too bad we cannot post GIFs, also would be great to have GS rewards every once in a while, if we want Xenos we can buy them with that, I hope they are not going to pick people with presets such as Invasion, that is just lazy. It's also because I spent over 1K by mistake on an upgrade, sigh.
  11. Neon Racer Cyning i dont know if we should name them bult still
  12. Don't forget about the coffee making machine that also has marshmallows.
  13. They forgot to do their dailies, calm down Coromak or I'm calling the pounds on you.
  14. Simple as that, the projectiles should have sound effects when they pass close by your ship, from allies or enemies, doesn't matter, would add a bit of immersion rather than having the projectiles fly-by silently. Would also be cool for the Coil Mortar so it can have artillery shells whistles when close, both for the target and for the one who fires them, that if the game will be able to handle the additional sound mayhem, imagine what it would be like to have Sk'Rah or Meson miss you, maybe later but something worth considering.
  15. I just use the one included in Opera.
  16. You have to ram FLYING A THAR'GA, just read the patchnotes and leave me alone smh
  17. Geez Thar'Ga gameplay videos are like the Minecraft let's plays of Star Conflict, we all got the idea, buzz off.
  18. I suppose Survival wouldn't have been a difference.
  19. Pretty much
  20. Actually 2-3 Fort runs can work too, go as an Ion gunship and there you have it.
  21. I wonder why...
  22. Too many missions for PvP? Such as? The marathons and the vouchers ones count in PvE and Co-op, there are a few tasks for the special ship parts for Hyena, Styx and Sword S that are in PvP, and some from Ellydium, I'll see which ones can be exploited done on other modes.
  23. It's supposed to be a burst-fire weapon, deal lots of damage in a short amount of time, the little spread can make it hard to use at medium-long ranges that if the quick damage drop won't bother you, so a fast interceptor such as a recon or a covie will do, I'm not saying that ECMs are slow but they are not as sneaky or have as much mobility as the other classes, which are paramount when using a short ranged weapon like that.
  24. I like to keep my count on 420 because I'm 12.
  25. I like to take it out in OS, curved reflectors for the win! Or just build some firerate, either way, it's always fun to keep pewing nubs all around!
  26. Y'all are a bunch of weebs, 1v1 me in a fair fight of Axe on Axe, no fancy skilless Thar'Gas or anything! We need to hold a tournament of that, 15 on 15 Axes and the winner gets 666 Metal Blanks WHO IS UP FOR IT?! No but seriously thou, better keep slowly nerfing Thar'Ga rather than suddenly bricking it to the state every alien ship will be at the end of the "Evolution", it's obviously a pattern, something gets introduced, people complain about it, it gets nerfed, people still complain about it, another things gets introduced and people complain about it, or just take out the introducing and nerfing and nothing will change pretty much.
  27. I saw that thing a bunch of times, when you are close to the ship the bug dissapears, it's definitely not your cheap graphic cards that are faulty. For the reference mine is a 1060 but will soon be a 1070, let's not start another hardware war, alright?
  28. Cant they incorporate the locking systems jam from the intuition in the damage buff so the combat reboot cannot remove it? Not seeing the enemy that well over long distances can be helpful. At least for the interceptor players like me.
  29. Great, but I'm still making an "Actual patch notes" post spam, not really spam but still, it should be fun!
  30. So by the looks of it, the coil has no more splash damage and doesn't have an explosion animation either, aside that, most of the kinetic weapons have lighter and somewhat more minimalistic projectile textures. I do hope this is indeed a bug, since it's AoE "nerf" should have been mentioned in the patchnotes as the coil mortar is one of the classic weapons and one that has a very great sentimental value for me(because explosions), I get the feeling that I should start making separate threads for every patch and write down every change that they do but not mention within the patchnotes, and where you can help too in case you find something I didn't. I may start doing so on the patch 1.4.1 when the recon SHOULD be released, that if they don't want to use up the entire alphabet on 1.4... /shrug
  31. Yes but we can agree that the Inhibitor Swarm and Thar'Kth combo requires next to no skill.
  32. Don't start me on this Hillary.
  33. The Condensing Crystals also deal EM damage.
  34. How about 3 words: Remove, the, ship. No but seriously tho, good advices, also consider who is playing it and how they are playing it, some people can get their Thar'Gas buffed to hell and back like 3 times and still do bad if they don't know how to position themselves and what targets to prioritize, or how to hit them in the first place, most of the "good" Thar'Gas usually come in squads and use the typical Inhibitor Swarm-Thar'Kth build, stripping interceptors by the main characteristic that keeps them alive and bursting them down, now that they increased the spread by a hefty amount, having a pinpoint shotgun will require you to have a build for it, but being able to use Thar'Kth on lower ranks is not very fun to deal with, the weapon can be researched in the R11 node, yet you can use it on a R6 Thar'Ga and above, so limiting the Thar'Kth to its R15 version but extending its use to R11 would make more sense since on that Rank you would face R15 ships, yet you would still have the low-rank buffs to aid you, as much as they can. Yet removing the lower ranks versions everyone "grinded" would stir more complaining, you just cannot make everyone happy, I get the feeling people like to complain. Also limiting the ship from going fast so it cannot use its adaptive membrane and shield as well as the Predator's instinct with a tackler can help, making it an easy target it's also obviously going to help you in killing it, or trying to 1v1 the ship can help, lure it away from your dying allies so it cannot get buffed and you can stand a chance in defeating it, if you know what your're doing of course. It could be great if they would remove the 50% healing reduction cap, I mean, even with half the healing that seems like too much, yet being able to also reduce it to very low amounts would make sense, as I said, the Spying Drones and Phase Suppressor will make those heals mean pretty much nothing, you cannot miss with the drones, the Suppressor on the other hand, build firerate and hope, also remember the Armada Plasma web on Peregrine, yet there is a chance that nobody on your team might have any of those, very low but they still are, so the classic teamwork will do. Uhm, rant?
  35. The party interface? Well ok I guess.
  36. I suppose they are one of these things nobody cares about.
  37. If you happen to have your Thar'Ga not leveled too high, mine is still 5 so tasks with it in my combat slots do count.
  38. If most of Thar'Ga's passive and active modules would be compatible with every alien ship then the recon will be more manoeuvrable and have as much regeneration, stacked with the fact that it's an interceptor we are talking about and that thing will be pretty much unkillable, it might not be a serial killer but still, who knows what weapons and modules it will have... I have like 600 Xenocrystals so that should allow me to get some nice toys for whatever name the recon has. Seriously, a sneak peak every once in a while would be gr8 m8 i r8 8/8 if you no h8 or deb8 i wood appreci8
  39. Remember to tag them with Sk'Rah beforehand, you don't want to waste a kill like that, especially since destroyers are scarce. i'm a god damn genius
  40. Ik, I once instantly killed an Archon with the arc, yet those missions don't look too hard, are they the same for every special module? I wonder what the ones for the recon will be like...
  41. The Inertial Stabilizer's tooltip says that it increases the strafe speed and acceleration by 48% yet in reality it only increases the strafe speed.
  42. Glock? Pft, get serious, its a P09 Luger from miles.
  43. Let's get this cleared out,is it a bug or a "feature"? Why not make it work too?Co-op games can be more dynamic than PvE and don't last as much,usually,they can be either fun or just pure madness,its like a hybrid between PvP and PvE,the best of both worlds,kinda. Discuss?...