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  1. Sure,they will really forget about it when the Ellydium destroyer will bust in to flip everything downside-up
  2. Or Positron,on Mauler on Survival,seriously,remove that gamemode already.
  3. Oh cool,necroing,oh wait I'm doing this too,dammit.
  4. Nope,you use Warbonds that you get by levelling up to unlock weapons and vehicle kits,they are really fun to use.
  5. Well you can get puzzle parts for 2 melee weapons and the XP squad boost which double the amount of XP you earn in a battle,aside those there really isn't anything useful you can get from them. Also,Trench Fighter 4 da win!
  6. Fine,I'll consider it "constructive criticism",happy?I also played the game for 3 years,but 1 year of those,I didn't play at all so technically 2 in which I bought the Galaxy Explorer and Mauler DLCs,and I think a bunch of GS aside that,they were all on sale as much as I can recall so shouldn't be over 50€,by too much. Also yes,I know what f2p is,but EA's problem aren't only microtransactions(the only use for the Battlepacks are to get you skins,as useful as in CS:GO,but you cannot buy or sell them)but also the poor server management,most of the time you wont be able to play anything unless you get into the server browser and search for a game manually,but all of them are 64-player madness so I'd like to pass that.
  7. Xenocrystals not monos.And you can do it each 2 days.
  8. Videos huh,let's see what the recon has to bring and I'll think about something special with it.
  9. That and Thar'kth are also available for every gunship apparently,well as long as they have the required ranks,just felt like pointing this out...
  10. I got a Dart activator from my first one,but I have no hull plates while I have 4 chips,dont ask me about Gargoyle tho.
  11. kill me
  12. Yes,because clicking on another tab is so much hard work,I would understand if it consisted of a bunch of keystrokes but moving your mouse and clicking on it?Cmon.
  13. The maximum rank we can send is 12 so only the R8 and 11 destroyers can be used,I don't know if they stack but I guess I can build a bunch of them if that's so.
  14. You know,by "countering its dps" you sure meant that it fires back and it can kill you faster than you kill it,well there is a little detail I should have filled you in,you're a god damn interceptor,maneouver around and shut up,what's next,you will say that it will be too hard?I thought you were good at this game,now before this discussion will turn into a pointless heated argument I want you to keep in mind that earlier before I was giving an example based on what I knew about the ship so far,since its not stated anywhere that the heal reduction cannot go below 50%,I'm not sure if the resonating ammo will deal extra damage either,what,it will be because the crystals are of a different variation?It has to have a weakness that consists of playing against the ship as another ship,not as the pilot that controls it.
  15. I ran into a bunch of Thar'Gas in T3 pvp today,most of them were complete nubs that I killed a bunch of times over while I barely took damage from them,others were kinda hard to kill,but they managed to kill me when I was slowed down by the tacklers and my adaptive camo was in CD or when hit by the stasis,aside that,its all about those $trafez man.
  16. Well they should keep it in mind in case something will go wrong in the future,as now they are effective against engineers and a bit against destroyers.(What isn't effective against destroyers these days?)
  17. Lemme tell ya a story kids,Thar'Ga is a ship based off regenerating,yes?Well,lemme tell ya,spy drones and phase suppressor,combat reboot?The drones reload in 15s,and the phase suppressor is your main weapon,drones reduce the regen by 50%,and the phase suppressor reduces it by even more,hitting wont be too hard,the drones apply on the ship if its locked and you cannot be dumb enough to miss with the suppressor all that much,and if resonating ammo would deal double damage to the Ellydium ships then you got that too,also,the Armada Plasma Web(one of Peregrine's special modules)can reduce regeneration by another 50%,so its that or a recon,or combining them and boom,you can render it useless,NEXT QUESTION.
  18. Yeah,maybe we should make a whole forum section dedicated to salty memes,you know,cause we need some spice in life.
  19. Great to see someone else that doesn't only think about the game being p2w,but I wouldn't expect players like Sponge,Koromac and many others like them complain about it when they have most game end content,Mauler can be only acquired by paying,for now,Kraken could be a better example as it is free,and you don't need any special materials for it,just the basic currency and stuff,except the monos,those are quite the pain to grind,but kinda paying off in the end. Also,of course every f2p game has microtransactions but even some games that can be bought have them,here is an example: Yes,this is Battlefield 1,for me it costed 42€ yet it has microtransactions,and those things are not worth buying,they "randomly" drop throughout battles and very rarely have useful items,yet everyone loves the game no matter what(I wonder why). Again,no use comparing here,just pointing out an example.
  20. The debuff its about hiding the enemy and allied ship markers,could be interesting if it could hide the whole HUD.
  21. Well locking wont matter most of time,its about the lead marker for weapons with lower velocities or for longer ranges,that also if you have good situational awareness,but for a bigger crit chance its definitely worth it,as long as you don't go past 100%
  22. I am really curious about the tasks indeed,this was the last day in which we will get Xenochips from tasks from Selena and Ms. Klauss,and from tomorrow we will get tasks from the Ellydium staff,really curious what they will be about.
  24. Its a paywall that you can vault with skills,trust me I got a PhD in parkour.
  25. That would make sense,but hitting them is the second part,who knows what abilities they may get.
  26. By now it's safe to say,the new Ellydium ships will either get a nerf or a hard counter,and also,I'll be also posting some gameplays with them on my own,which ones I will do it with its only left to see,but It will sure be something.
  27. I'm still thinking about evolving the recon,LRF or destroyer,I'd like to do some evolving for Thar'Ga too but the best way is to evolve the most expensive nodes(that also interest you or are in your way of getting to what you really want)yet getting 40 more composite alloys wont be possible by the end of this without paying so maybe another day,I don't mind it at all.
  28. Well this tread became chaos rather fast,I suppose its time to spam some dank memes,let's kick this off:
  29. Sorry,I didn't know that you don't appreciate short-termed comments,I suppose that my previous statement didn't meet your maximum character count and if that offended you in any kind of manner you can have my deepest apologies. jk i hate you get out of my life
  30. I deserved it.
  31. Your word is..."Balanced" G-I-T G-U-D That is correct.
  32. If its the rookie bonus then is it supposed to count right from the hangar?Well,it sure has to be that.
  33. Well I guess I was lucky,maybe more luck with the next OS,now will it be good or bad?
  34. Hm,I thought everyone is able to by now,it's free and you can pirate the full version,sorry but 250 euros for the full its just too much,trust me,the performance boost is real.
  35. Every OS that is not Windows 10 is not recommended for gaming,period.
  36. Well I would have liked a R10 LRF but I suppose we will have to wait for the alien one,that if every alien ship will start from rank 5 and we will have to increase it,now the last thing left to do about modifying the ships is to modify their classes and roles,that would be,uhm,something?
  37. Oh,I went into a T4 sec con today with the corp,entered the VC and laughed a lot while stumping some randoms,good times.
  38. Yeah,I am rolling on a RM650x,650W if you cant tell,there is no need for more as the only LEDs I have are on the top 140-mm fan,some on the mobo for troubleshooting and status,the Power and Hard Drive activity while a Skylake CPU and 1060 wont draw too much power,It sure is futureproof even if it is 80+ gold.
  39. Yes,yes but by that time I'll get my 1070,and there is only one variant of it,but I think I'll still go on the Windforce model,so far it has served good to me.
  40. Wrong?WRONG?WRONG?!?! The difference in performance between the 6GB and the 3GB versions is 5%,while in Romania,the price for a 3GB WINDFORCE OC card(that is an example and its also the card that I own) is 257$,while the 6GB version is 329$,so 72$ more expensive,that is 22% more money for 5% more performance,DO YOU STILL THINK ITS A MISTAKE?!
  41. Well,I bought my 1060 like 5 months ago,so back when the drivers weren't so optimized and the 1060 was in a slight lead,I'm still going for that 1070 though,I'm not too much of a Nvidia fanboy and I dont despise AMD either,its just that I've used their products in bad scenarios.
  42. I tought you had to capture 4 beacons in one game too,so to make sure it will count I did it 3 times over,just the beacon part: Is this good enough Adam-san? (I took the shot while the credits and vouchers were counting so don't mind those)
  43. About time to uncover mysteries,o boi!
  44. And multiplayer appeared in 58',so nothing is original,case closed.
  45. k
  46. I don't want this to come out of the blue but what was is this for?Was there a mini-patch that fixed something I missed?
  47. LoL is ripped off DOTA,but much more popular for some reason so it kind of is the other way around,and maybe its not like DOTA cause its not PvP but the camera angles and some of the abilities are look alikes,even the trailer,just needlessly dramatic in-game footage with no HUD,but we all have our own preferences...
  48. no
  49. Nice list,I tried Warframe 2 out,but 360 noscopes arent the same in 3rd person,Alien Swarm seems fun,reminds me of SAS:4,Path Of Exile it just another LoL wannabe so pass,Killer Instinct its another Street Fighter/Mortal Kombat wannabe,while I'm not into fighting games,Forza Motorsport has this as their trailer music,found out about it in the first seconds without Shazam: And I'm not into racing games either,at least ones with cars,imagine if SC had a race mode,but then you would build a 700m/s recon and don't care,or make a special ship for that,low acceleration,no weapons and high energy consumption afterburners while having a low rotation and no strafe speed,something along those lines,Hawken reminds me of S.L.A.I,an old mech fighting game for PS2,I was addicted to it but my grandma kept knocking the console over and it eventually got bricked so I threw it away,rip in spaghetti we will never forgetti,Heroes Of The Storm's trailer was somewhat irrelevant,League of Legends,pass,Warsow is almost like TF2,while Vindictus its like Dark Souls,so out of all of the above I think I'll give Alien Swarm a try.
  50. It may be but it sure is a good match for 1440p gaming with ultra and everything on BF1,I still have to find other games that have high requirements that I would play for fun,preferably something that is free,BF1 was quite the drawback for someone that cannot earn money from work just yet,but I'm close to start doing so.
  51. I can reach 2126 Mhz core clock and 4500 Mhz on the memory,all while still staying under 60 with the fans on 80% speed,it can be easly drowned out with some headphones,its just that I have the 3GB version,5% less performance than its 6GB counterpart which means it has 128 less CUDA cores totalling 1152 of them and a memory bus of 192-bit,what a shame... But still,I am going for that 1070 as soon as I can,I just need to sell my old mobo and then sell my 1060,then I'll have it,o boi.
  52. Well 72 its not that bad,but my 1060 never goes past 60 even on maximum overclocks,80 is already too high so you weren't too far,yes,the rx 480 is indeed catching up with the 1060 but on the bigger leagues,the 1070 and 1080 still dominate,for now,I mean,the 1070 costs double as much as the 1060 but also offers 50% more performance,it can be a worthy trade if you sell the 1060 for a good price,past that point,the improvement from a 1080 is not that big and even smaller from a 1080 to a Titan XP.(its like Titan X but on the Pascal architecture,just in case you didn't know.) Also,who cares about single-core performance?We have hyper threading and the Xeon series for a good reason,there are many other things that matter far more.
  53. Instead of making destroyers single-usage/game ships like in CtB what about making their death more punishing not only for the player that flies it but also for his team,whats a few hundred thousand credits when one destroyer death reduces the reinforcement points as much as an interceptor,in a team deathmatch or survival game,maybe it can increase the other team's score by more in other modes,make a destroyer death mean 3x as much when its about completing game objectives based on killing enemies.
  54. What do those reputation points even mean?The post count is all that matters,SPAM FOR THE WIN!
  55. The 1060 drivers have been a bit optimized for BF1,so I got a good trade over there,aside that I dont think I will have another game with high requirements that I will play for fun.
  56. Yeah,I'm not sure if Moore's law is still relevant now,how can you fit more transistors in one CPU than there are people on the planet(they didnt do that yet but they are not far from it, for the record,the 6700k has 1.75B of those while the Broadwell-EP Xeon has 7.2B of those,that is the CPU from Intel that has the most transistors),all these performance improvements will have to stop at one point,only the flagships may make a difference but consumer grade or not,they will still be not as accessible to everyone,its also the fact that AMD has to fight both on the GPU and CPU fronts,while Intel makes SSDs from time to time,and Nvidia,well,I heard they worked on some self-driving cars so that is something.AMD is bound to screw up at one point,lets put the power-hunger and high temperatures aside for now. Also,its either buying a card from your own country and most likely have the shipment to be free rather than ordering from USA and having to pay the shipment,the price to begin with its not the same but still,its also the time it takes for it to arrive,don't expect to get a SR-71 to drop it with a parachute right at your doorstep.(that would be cool tho)
  57. I can say that buying 10 series card is no mistake,I was about to buy a 960 but as they had none on stock,they recommended me a 1060,cool if you turn the fans all the way up,yet you can easly cover them out with in-game audio,while reaching really high clock speeds while keeping a low power consumption,Nvidia really did the trick with these so far,I am planning on buying a 1070 soon,yes,a 1060 is already overkill for SC but not as much for BF1,I can keep on 75 FPS but sometimes it just goes down,to make sure that wont happen again,a 1070 will sure get me covered,even on 1440p or 4K but not everything maxed out,that is what a 1080 does,tbh,this is my first Nvidia card that I ever owned and I can say I'm impressed by its performance for a not-so-entry card,I know that the 1050 was released but I bought mine before so that was the entry back then,also,I can guarantee nothing is getting bottlenecked in my system,the 6700K is the way to go for gaming and a bit of content creation(the stupid videos I make),as far as I know,I only used the Radeon series card,5450,8750M,not too much performance,one was an earlier generation,the other was in a laptop,stuffing an AMD card in a tight space with no air is no good,hot and uneffective,no thanks,yes,AMD is the more budget-friendly alternative,but maybe not so reliable,we will see what Vega and Ryzen have for us,I am putting my hopes in Kaby Lake tho,not like I'm going to buy one any time soon,my 6700K should survive a few more years and keep up the same performance.
  58. like many others
  59. Maybe you should consider doing it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  60. uninstall the game
  61. Command,Guard and Engineer,boi,have you seen my Covert Ops dank $k1ll$?
  62. Or just read their names.
  63. Uh-uh thats cool and all now tell us what sales we will have and we will see about celebrating later. jk tho
  64. How about this: 7.Remove the whole game and the universe itself as our existence is pointless and nothing but an endless torment in order to prove ourselves being special but either way we all end the same way,dead,cold and alone in this vast universe as nothing but insignificant particles.But yeah you could also try dodging their fire and modules or whatever I don't really care now leave me alone.
  65. Yes because shedding off some credits will really have an impact,at least not for me and other people that just so happen to have over half a billion of them,you might never know when you will need to spend them.
  66. A nerf in what?Reducing their sale price?
  67. I'll sell them all on 16 or 17 just to make sure they wont make a last minute change.
  68. Hope it will be that way,I was never a lucky person,that's why I prefer not to base on chance.
  69. Just a plaque?I'd rather say a whole wallpaper and that written in comic sans.
  70. About time!Now let's see if RNGesus will allow me to get something nice.
  71. I will build my Thar'Ga in,6 days and I haven't spent a cent yet,amazing,I really want to see who will build them all,judging by how much GS some people have they either hacked it or grossed the game budgets by a whole lot,so bankruptcy wont be a thing here,for a while...
  72. why?!

    Console peasant. Controller peasant.
  73. why?!

    If its hard for you to aim with turrets on every ship then imagine how it is when you fly in other games such as WT or BF1,you have to face your enemy with the whole craft in order to land a hit,sometimes even face upper cause the weapons have a drop,you know,gravity,what am I trying to say is that you can train even in other games too,for me it kind of helped.
  74. why?!

    They can kill you just as easy *cough*G'Thar'Du*cough*
  75. why?!

    Have this as an example then: Today I've kept winning games,good old unskilled Sk'Rah gameplay,but I also happened to lose 2 games in a row,they were both the same gamemode and both were a marginal loss,didn't guess yet? Well,they were survival,unsurprisingly,I also happened to die a bunch of times,that's what happens when you take a Kite there,a bunch of Gargoyles spamming the Bosson from far away,of course not hitting,the real threats were the Flux Phasers,one hit,shield down,another hit,dead,If you don't happen to have the adaptive ready and a whole bunch of luck then you are done for,and now you might ask(for sure)why didn't you use the WNJ on them?Well they were still at over 5km away from me,so that wouldn't really help too much,sigh,just remove that gamemode already!We suffered enough!
  76. Well we haven't really got our answers yet so: Will you remove those 100 credit drops? (Yes I asked this again just so the post wont get deleted but in vain I suppose.)