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  1. not sure if its working as intended . the tooltlip is clear , " deal EM damage , launch amno and at the impact there's nanodrones attacking the enemy . the nanodranoes can also repair the hull for Ally for 300pts on a radius of 400m ." there's no mention that we can use by trick this weapon to repair our self when , an effect can apply to both the player and ally , the tooltip is clear , for example like as some modules from the command ship . in my opinion , the fact players can use a behiavor and its not normal . as i said on my first post , the effect can't apply for the player using this weapon . to discuss , on my second suggestion , may be its too drastic but remove this big radius effect , i want this weapon Eclipse can steel repair ally but more on a way a mono target .( max radius effect to repair above 10-50m ) . on this way player need to aim ally and not just spamming a wall , a rock ,or a barrier static . keep in mind , the aoe effect is all ready the most efficency to repair a hull with more range than the classic module to repair hull . i hope with those tweak/change - avoid spam and player need more thinking what to do for teamplay - balance this weapon ( effect heal ) to other modules from ingé . - player need to focus on their build
  2. Tier for dread. not working like as match making for PvP or other modes at this moment , there's 2 tier for Dread. - T3 , each corp can deploy a wing with ship from rank 7 to rank 9 - T4 , each corp can deploy a wing with ship from rank r10 and more its the same matter as a SCL , we can acces to this league tournement with ship rank 11 and more may be to avoid some confusion , Dev. need to change the name rank for Dread ^^
  3. i love this weapon but many time i ask my self if its working as intendead ..? as the tooltip info say , player can use this weapon to heal an other player but we can use ome few glitchy trick . for example : - just be near a wall and we can get a self-repair - deploy a static barrier and just hitting the barrier to get a self-repair - don't need to hit a player just hit a wall near the player to heal first , i suggest a player using this weapon can't any more do a self-repair , the repair bonus can only affect other player 2n , the AOE can't apply for bonus repair that means , a player using this weapon to repair other player need to hit him and not hitiing wall or flat object near this player .
  4. you're right ^^ its seems all new move from the Dev. , its to change the F2P on a pure "Token economy mobile strategy" they introduce all the same mechanics , paywall with token the other mistake , new ship are always welcome but the reallity , there's not any more people on T4 , may be Devs. want to fix and attract players on this tiers but its just a tiers with nothing to do , just level up to reach T5 and the end game . atm , there's only 2 tiers in wich players can some fun activty : T3 and T5
  5. the fact , new alien ship are too fast for all weapon . they need quickly to rework speed , agility for each rank . just for example atm my Tai'kin its only a r8 but i can fly at 500 m/s with more 120 m/s stafe ..good luck to hit me ^^ .. on t3 game i'm just afraid of Thai'gar about the patch . nice to see new ship . some cool idea with guard and engy module . i like engy and guard , they need more love i'm just a bit afraid of the special moule for the engy , its seems a bit "OP" even i never try it . they fix bug , great but when they finally fix crash bug since the last patch for crash client on some few map on Pve ..? again no rework of tooltilps for task mission , not the good info to accompish the task , its a bit a waste of time to find what to do each time for example the task to destroy or help to destroy a ship with EM or thermal damage are incorrect info , its only work with dealing damage with a thermal or a EM main weapon . finally even the camplain of all the community and player , limits ressources are re-introduce with the 500 cap , nice troll face xD its just an other way to keep the player in -game and add more grinding .:( ... we can't manage any more our ressource . Marathon event it always fun , but !! please do something for the monocrystal , what the interest to get part for new ship if we can't get the huge ressource monos needed to craft the other part ..? its like now , new event are just introduce for player collect half ressource and buy the other half on spending GS . i can understand Dev. need money but not the best way to go on a period players steel leaving the game . Make first the game more attractive to get more people
  6. some new mechanics and economy in-game are just broken . the fact a 300 iridium , its a fair price but !! 1) we need before loot the access to this Tai'kin ressources contenair for only 48h 2) get the 300 iridium for each try 3) those contenair give an special ressource required only for 48 , the % of dop not really reward player its only based on our luck atm a player can loot 1 2 , .. 5 times and more and an other one player can try 5 times and more and never get it . all new ressources drop work as it , its an non sense . we're not talking about commons ressources , its all ressources that give a great bonus/advantage in game .
  7. keep in mind , each event mostly people are on T3 match and just farming but Match making its a bit strange , you can get 10 loss on a day or 10 win . it was a long time when i see match steel close at the end a 50/50 win/loss at each party .
  8. i hope they rework the drop loot system since a week , i try to drop the nano'xeno ressouce for my node , no drop ..still looting ressources i've all ready 10 and each time is destroyed . a bit sad to see we're stuck for unlucky dop dev. may be remind the succes of SC as the start is because dev. having a good mood with the F2P , players support on the begining by buy GS for bundle dlc , licence but now all those mechanics not works as intented and players leave off the game or don't support any more on investing GS
  9. i get it first loot , very lucky but last week 0 drop for hull cabin Tai'kin , i buy all 10 parts on the market after selling activator Dart and other stuff . the problem atm with SC , to craft a ship even you're a regular player , veteran player , skilled or not player , doing all task you can't any more loot the requirement ressource to upgrade , craft our ship . Its all about if we're lucky or unlucky or may be an other way for player to play with GS ..you want your ship or upgrade this one , buy GS and go market lol
  10. Great , for several month , devs keep add new features . But please before each major update and hot fix , test and debug your game for since several days now its likes players are on Beta stage for the game - multiple disconnect , many times on PvP 3 or 4 players are disconnect - muliple crash on pve , norh star map and few other occure a crash client - lag issue , no comment the fact Devs. make live a client build but there's not a " clean debug " before they make the update live , and if there's an event ..no be the best way to enjoy the game . the CBT and OBT was on 2013
  11. nice trailers ^^ some "epinessé on yours trailers but as a freelance compositor/sound designer audio .. hum..hum.. sorry guys using other music without the rights isn't allowed . this video 're made to win a price so you can't use music as fair use even you wrote who made the music/sounds . be carefull , on youtube there's the auto Id claims , your account can be block or erase .. specially when you use the OST of Gladiators from han zimmers
  12. indeed , but each time we unlock a rank we can the requirement grow up a bit ^^ there's 2 points here . first , set a limit or a cap for all that we need (hidden or not ) , avoid spam on the market . atm mostly peploe want to sell their xxxxx useless parts of cabin' parts . 2nd , with a tree skill player want to know how to manage the ressources , points they spend . as a veteran player i take carefully on my skill trees for alien ships to avoid not having enought ressources to update my ship on next tier rank but imagine new comer they see the cap are only set at 10 max for ressources nodes , they can spend freely their ressources but after 2 or 5 nodes on T3 they don't have enought ressources to keep upgrade their ship . all those mechanics need to be clarify with all details before players spend time to craft and uprade their ships
  13. dc

    the same issue since the hot.fix 1.43.1
  14. hi , since this event to craft our Tai'kin i notice some hourly mission are not well wrote . for example there's a hourly task , destroy or help destroy a ship with a thermal weapon . as a native french , i can unterstand this on both way , destroy with alls weapons , main weapon and all missiles , modules dealing thermal dmg like as the nuke for french people or other not familar with english , it'll be more helpfull to add "main weapon " or those kinds of details on the description its not only this task , other few missions tooltips need improvement then we'll know the right thing to do and accomplish the task
  15. so it was more logic , to be build 5 Cabin Tai'kin even we've all ready get it ...Oo devs. need fix limits with the requirements to build a shilp , if we need 25 xeno new ressources for all nodes it make more sence to fix the limit at above 20-30 than only 10 . and i said we can stack a huge amount of parts even we need only 10 parts to craft the Cabin Tai'kin
  16. now , new ressoures having some limits , i'm fine with that but i'm a bit desapinted by the limits fixed . To build the new Cabin alien recon , we need 10 piece for 5 differents parts .For this ressources limits set at 50 To get some nodes we need 2 or more special ressoures for each new nodes , for this limits set at 10 max Why , making the choice to fix the limit so low for ressources nodes than ressources cabin , to reach R15 wee need more and more ..?
  17. do the math ^^ spy drone range max weapon range max so with perma cloak , a recon can engage any ennemie and evade without weakness imagine we've done this tackler ..? all people are assuming there's some thing a bit broken . i don't say perma cloack its a bad feature , but if we can combine warp , teloport , speed , range ...i.e.. no sorry the debuff for shield is nothing . on the same way , atm without this perma cloack , on low rank we can stack 8 sec of invisiblity , use the new hologram that give 4sec of invisiblity an then the old cloack for 4 sec additionnal .. just keep in mind , a recon isn't to be a tacker ^^
  18. some feedback the teleport , they need to add a counter to this .. many times , on team death match , captain hunt , and other modes , i saw team totaly wipe with this may be , if the ennemie have a drone espion on the array , we can't teleport ship of array cover by the drone espion but we can still jump alone . The new huge ball weapon ^^ , may be nerf the radius dmg . a bit illogical to see a small recon generate heavy amno like as a destroyer . Hum..hum.. , again why and other weapon with no brain skill , .. the new launcher of 2 missiles , just lock and shoot , the long couldown change anything a main weapon can't having this assist like this , even there's a quard near our target , just shoot some classic missiles and then spamming missiles with this new wepon . the good thing , we need a lot grind to unlock cool stuff for this recon but the fact , when its done we can manage nodes , modules (points ) and get a recon "OP" for T3 . its seems dev. balance this recon only player reach r15 . The skill tree its a good feature but may be like as special module , all modules , weapon can't be used without the node active for the rank , for example to use the teleport special module can be active only the rank 7 node is active , do the same for weapon and modules , then its avoid issue to see an unbalanced recon on T3 .. its the same matters with Tha'ga