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  1. ships must be equals ..Oo sorry but no !! for a long time SC design to be a team based PvP in wich player choose a class to take adavandtage with teamplay isn't to be able to kill everything with one ship , there's a big difference . recon is perfect to hunting lrf but tackler with other ship on teamplay can encounters faster recon . destroyer first was intriduce to cover ships at mid range , thats all ^^ . Not to be at T5 as a lrf at 8 000m with an instant kill shots . the problem , players wants make kills with all ship but may be isn"t the main goal for each ship . be carefull i don't say a ship can't kill oters ship but just when we play a command or an inge our goal isn't to hunting a recon for example. as the same way , Supressor class may be ins't to be able to kills all ship but more we can deal AOE effect/dmg or some dps at perfect time to cover our team.
  2. so 15 000 gs the 100 xenos bundle .. its a joke ...no a bit confused by the last patch , and a bit afraid by the way taking by Devs a premium R15 ship cost only 12 000 gs. i'm fine with the fact , xenos is a very rare ressources but if we need above 500-600 xenos to reach R15 tha'gar , that make this ship at above 50 000 gs ..Oo Devs , no make change on grinding and Tha'gar still "OP" now its clear , Devs wants money , money ..its not about balance just adding contents to incent players on the cash shop . a bit sad to see the game still moving on this way