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  1. If you click on the no data icon there is the old icons. I guess there will be some change on it, like new mono made from old mono now.
  2. I got this with composite block, it fixed it self.
  3. If your Elydium ship is r11 or under use that and go co-op.
  4. My alien composite block says I have to learn it, but it's already converted my panels. Is that normal? Where my destroyer activators were there are some question marks too. I like the bigger storage but I don't know why is new mono better than old mono. The new ships are fun but their design is a little bit out of concept I think. And yaaay new stikers and the double content in taikin box is great.
  5. So my ship will be a JaViour?
  6. I did the two missions. First I had 40 xeno then I played a PVP match and then I had 0. Reloging doesn't fixed it.
  7. Nice painting. I have them all too (except Sirius Brave Procyon Archon)
  8. I spawned in the range of an anomaly generator there is not much tactics to it, it was luck that I killed someone from grave with my shoot.
  9. This is so absurd
  10. For reals ? What else counts as 3 kills?
  11. This is still an issue and it's not the self destruct. I was in a 3v3 battle we got the lead, then 2 guys joined mid-battle and we almost lost with 3 more kills than them. There wasn't any self destruct for sure. Logs: 2017.04.23 09.54.01.ZIP Time: 10:09am
  12. Yes if you want to complete missions effective you need to break rule 7.4 and 7.1 in several missions. In the drone one in CBT you do some mindless suicide for 4 drone kills and in Domination and Beacon Hunt you just let the enemy capture therefore you can shoot drones. In the use Microwrap 3 times you just goofing around with it, under recharge you can shoot some enemy but that's all. The 5 final shoot is questionable in some game modes too but it's ok.
  13. I like how the nuke's damage is equal to a space xxxx's damage, but a recon weapon makes 175K damage on a destroyer with 3 shots.
  14. The issue is same with Elydium ships. I suddenly lost interest to upgrade them (Not that I can, because I got 10 from everything except what I really need) My Tharga is rank 6 and my Taikin is rank 5 but they fulfill the maximum ranked ship available from any section. So I make missions on rank 6. I guess this was made to prevent vets in lower ranks but, with that I only use 5-6 r15 ships and my other 158 ships are just dusting in hangar. Or with this loophole I can go either way, so it makes double no sense (at least on rank 6 I got in a battle under 30 secs but that's an other issue).
  15. We got a mail about Sec Con: The link is this feel free to vote on it.
  16. Yeah I'm already having trouble with it.
  17. At the end is easier I got 3 hulls in a row. But still need ~100 hours
  18. Same here minimum 5-6 mins waiting in solo, then often got in an already running battle, but in squad it's totally fine got in under 1 min.
  19. The Return Crystal is totally broken in combat recon. Press F to win.
  20. What I experienced so far is: a Tai'kin with that green bubble weapon can destroy a dessy faster than a cov-op basically a recon ship can kill a destroyer with 2-3 shoots.
  21. Nice I only got 1632 years this is my favorite new feature. If you relog it should fix.
  22. Xenocrystals and Xenoblocks. New Discoveries I don't even want to found a meme gif for that .
  23. Oh and my research icon is next to my ship's main weapon. Is that normal?
  24. I'm still getting those scam GS mails in this patch and my premium ships still tell me I will get ship components when it's clearly not. I like the new PVE and the Vulcan too. I think the workshop will need some rework if every Ellydium ships will have so much new stuff, it will be really confusing in the future. If we must have an item limit make it more reasonable 200 is way too low for many items.
  25. In team battle and survive mode when more players get in the battle the score limit scales up but it's ends up inaccurate. My team has 6 kills and the enemy team has 4 kills but they got the lead. Logs: 2017.02.27 10.17.51.ZIP Time: 10:39 am