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  1. Thank you. No the captain did, I just assisted. So I have to kill someone who shot the captain before?
  2. I did that in my last battle and I didn't got it.
  3. There is this mission for special module parts, where you need to protect the captain in combat recon. I did all the variations but the results are really confusing. Sometimes I do nothing and get it. Sometimes I save the life of the captain several times and don't get it. Sometimes I'm the captain, I survive the battle and don't get it. Sometimes I'm an engineer healing the captain all the time and don't get it. Sometimes I'm a command buffing the captain and don't get it. Sometimes I assists the captain's kill and don't get it. Sometimes our captain dies and I get it. And sometimes I do one of above and get the opposite result. So I'm can't point down what to do to make sure I fulfill this mission.
  4. Ah I wanted to make a poem in alien language
  5. If we get some monos from sending premium ships to missions would be nice, like we got things by sending destroyers.
  6. And with that the cost of the secret project ships are doubled. Before that you could build a ship from 230-250 mono now it's 450-470, and then there are the weapons/modules for 50-70 mono. Currently I don't build weapons cause I'm saving up for a ship, but I can't build a ship because I saving for future new thing which might be time limited. The league is a joke, we got the easy goal, so someone will play it, but it bites back and ppl are making speedrun suicide fests, which is definitely not fun to play also rule 7.1 but who cares. League should be reworked somehow, I don't know how it's tough. The container for 500 iridium was good, but the drop rate of ship parts is too low, specially with this low iridium income. 3 mono don't worth 500 iridium. This would be great. Now the daily login reward is useless nothing specially for highend players, I don't need more synergy or credit. Rarely I got 1 mono from login but that's nothing. Daily reward should be useful for every one. It should contain more resources like neodium, berry, electrum, xenocrystal.. etc. Also a limited mission for ship parts or a bigger amount of mono would be great, like the mission for 30 crystals.
  7. Wow I never got capture points like this before 1.4.1b, I thought it was a new thing.
  8. Nope it was CTB as I said. 3 Team mates started capturing enemy beacon, I just spawned in and started to go up, then I saw an enemy gunship going towards my team mates. I shoot at him then my team mates shoot down the gunship and captured the beacon, and I got credited for the capture too. I did this with a command too.
  9. I was like 5km away with a lrf, never touched the beacon.
  10. Often in capture the beacon I got credited for the capture even tho I'm not even close to the beacon, I just give cover fire those who capturing. I really like this feature, but I'm not sure, that this is not a bug.