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  1. I'm a captian This must be a treasure dat mission I'm helping Halloween First 200 The story of my juggernaut title X-mas
  2. https://www.youtube.com/embed/tbU3zdAgiX8?start=3&end=12&version=3
  3. Tackler/ECM it will revers you controls and put a delay on your keyboard inputs.
  4. Yesterday I said "uh I did not played the game except taking daily xenochips for a long time and I kinda into to play a little" Combat recon my captain died in the first 20 secs then all my teammates and I died except one pilot with a Taikin. Taikin 1v5-ed the enemy team (2 guard, 1 recon, 1 cov-op) and won. I quit.
  5. I got a medal for Fear me and Beyond the grave. Logs: 2017.06.12 09.59.04.ZIP Around: 10:16am Beyond the grave was the wrong one my ship wasn't destroyed in the battle.
  6. This offer is only available to new Star Conflict players. http://star-conflict.com/en/playnow?r=bstarscpp/&utm_source=Direct