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  1. JCNB All items for sale at minimum price. Most valued [Hull plate for Gargoyle] [Processing chip for Dart] [Tai'kin cabin interior] [Light armor plates] [Life support system] ['Dual-channel repeater' blueprint R8-12] ['Disintegrator modifier' blueprint R10-12] Large selection of T5 weapon/modules all for sale min price. No alien stuffs left GMT(17:00-21:00) or anytime when ya see me.
  2. Imo trade is in its infancy much of this i would expect to work itself out after time. However the interface itself is not fit for purpose. A txt dump of everyone excess bs that they try to offload. Players take their share of blame with this too tho. Copy/paste all the useless stuff u accumulate regardless of value into trade chat. It dont matter that nobdy has shown interest maybe u get some gs for that mighty T3 plasma gun bp that everyone and their grandmother has. Spam some more. Maybe s1 buy the part of something that you made with credits and vouchers months ago. Also is problem of RNG resources, it can never be truly random so due to spam and other things the few parts that everyone looks for does not even take position as valued resource. There are perhaps enough to go around but miss the spam and s1 selling then too bad. A shift to have buyers being the one doing the talking would be better for now but i dont see that happening. Better would be a store(s) where ppl interested in buying/selling could go and select what they want. Rather that than this rabble of T3 bps, parts for ships that dont exist rn, parts for weapon u cant build without 20 of them, the guys looking to offload their activators and the new ship node pieces that many dont know what they do. The only thing that is valued rn is the one item that a buyer is after, ppl too busy falling over each other in trade chat trying to sell junk to find out what that is.