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  1. This is getting ridiculous. Now we act as the OS cargo transports, gittering around. Thing are getting worse and worse but they keep releasing new stuff and not fixing critical bugs. They are building on a cracked foundation. Really saddening to see all this.
  2. The hype for the Waz'Got is big. So will be the grind/cost. More than the previous Elly ships, i'm sure. Still, it is the thing that will make me come back from my 2 months break.
  3. We can't reproduce it... BS you guys are just too lazy and don't fcking care. You're so bad at your job how can people still give you money...dumb gamers. We can't reproduce it= i can't do my job. Even when people give you a detailed step by step word for word what to do to reproduce it, with 100% reproduction rate you still answer, we can't reproduce it...