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  1. Balance...Hahaha! But yes, t3 bots in a t5 Sec Con is pretty stupid.
  2. Ok, i'll just remove swiftness sphere of my ship. Stupid module that get me killed( no crash) just insane damage. By the way, you guys changed how collision work recently. I am pretty sure of that, because it never happened few months ago. Thanks anyway for taking the time to look at my problem.
  3. This is the public test server section of the forum...stop posting general server bugs here... go there https://forum.star-conflict.com/index.php?/forum/213-bug-report-section/ P.S. You can post your text bug in this section ; https://forum.star-conflict.com/index.php?/forum/89-texts/
  4. Pretty sure it's coming. We'll have a Crystalloid Boss. It's what i think, not a truth.
  5. Thar'Ga ;Reproduced it in Open space on general server this time. I tried many different angles and on different surfaces. Finally happened on a totally flat surface(structure remnant near Ellydium base at the right when you spawn). Speed was over 600 m/s and it was a head on collision. Again over 9000 damage. P.S. When it happened on the PTS it was a side collision(right side of my Thar'Ga). This time all logs provided. Should be somewhere at the end of the combat log i'm guessing but i couldn't find the appropriate line. 2017.03.22 09.06.09.rar
  6. This isn't the place for this. Here you give bug report of the public test server. I recommend you ask there https://forum.star-conflict.com/index.php?/forum/202-q-a-section-pilots-version/ Or directly to a staff member https://forum.star-conflict.com/index.php?/staff/ P.S. If the applicant has the steam client, either wait a bit or log in the game by going in the steam directory and then launch the game "exe" from there. And of course, link the steam account https://support.gaijin.net/hc/en-us/articles/200101222-Steam-Account-Link
  7. Weylin29651 is a genius! Excellent suggestion.
  8. This was on the PST. And no it doesn't seem to be on the general server. I couldn't reproduce it after many head on collisions at over 600 m/s in both OS and PVP Battles.
  9. If there's one, it is that the description of the module doesn't say this. Combat reconstructor Drops mines and bombs on activation. But as i said, i don't know if this change was live on the PTS.
  10. But cost tons of monos and xenos beside having to unlock the previous nodes, while railgun is a few credits away. I think it fine as it is. No need to lower it's damage. Back on Thar'kh, with Thar'k no need to aim or charge. Of course it is not effective to do what i'll say, but still. At close to full spread(holding half a seconde) you only need a few pellet to hit the target 2km away to do 2k damage. Also, i'll repeat that i think MillFeuille idea could be good. "Reduce projectiles speed" along this small insignificant damage nerf.
  11. I'd agree but an average that lost about half it's number does mean something. it's a clear 500 players or so that left. And i look at that by going in the game community hub. Green number at the top. It's sad but it's the truth. The game is getting better, but some aspect make it lose players. Steam or not, just look at the recent influx of new commenters saying they're sick, don't know why stilll play or saying they're quitting or lost interest in the game. It'S all recent.
  12. Might have nothing to do with release of DD'S, time limited events(and p2w aspect some see, i don't), and Thar Ga. But a bit less than a year ago the average number of steam players was pretty much always around 1100-1500 now it barely can reach 950 and most of the time i look it's around 650. I see a migration here. I don't see any gain. But of course that doesn't count the players that find the game elsewhere and use the original game launcher. I dislike steam sometime. It has the monopole nowaday, and raging reviews kill games.
  13. Yea this is known and they couldn't reproduce it the first time it was brought up. Only this ship does that, or 1-2 more Jeri guards. Also seems to be only from our viewer perspective. Not from the player using the ship.
  14. This place is for people who tested. Not random comments coming out of the blue. Have you tested the module? Doesn't look like it. Also, it's not a patch note it's a topic called Testing Thar'Ga. Cruise engine nerf is just a revert of their idea. They seem to only have reverted the change they had made when Thar'Ga came out. A year or less ago, Cruise was leeching 1/4 of my OS Tackler energy pool on activation, gave horrible rotation and strafe when activated. Reflected rage is fine. It might do 750 dmg but it also leech over 300 of your own hp. Combine that with all the other Thar'Ga specific modules, it can be hard to manage for some since they all leech your hp. Thar Ga Tok nerf should be removed and not make it to the live server. Or switch around and minus 5% damage to it. And Thar'k nerf is meaningless. Either reduce it's damage by a few thousand points or reduce projectile speed as MillFeuille suggested. Trade system works fine, i'd try to make it that when you click a linked item, it open up a trade windows or an offer. Make a rule in the chat system so if someone flood general chat with trades he get muted. Otherwise, i don't see any use to a trade channel, because at the moment it doesn't matter whether you use it or not. And also is used as another general chat on the test server. Maybe will change on live server, since on the PTS we test the trade and are all on this tab and don't bother switching to general to talk about the weather.
  15. Hunter Rewards: First Place - 1500 GS from Nova corp + 120 xenocrystals Maybe just the GS.
  16. And a third one, since SC is space related and this one too. Picked the Grandiose version. The rest, i leave it to you. Shared your memorable theme songs!
  17. Starting this off with those 2. Not the best version but picked it for the nostalgia scenes.
  18. Our Police in what could be called the SnowStorm of the century. Over 60 centimeters in one day but far from that on this road at this moment. Try to catch me, police!
  19. That's nothing Milan. Few weeks ago i've been bad and hunted down a Phobos hiding behind an Asteroid, trying to live through the battle. Killed him with my Vigilante. What rank is Phobos and Vigilante already!?
  20. I know you guys already have a lot on your plate. So i won't expect it in a near future, but long term, please yes. It would be nice to have more Spec Ops style instances. It's pretty fun, and kinda can be hard(randoms/newbies(not nabs,newbies) ain't the same in my book. Might even be already planned, now that we know there is 2 types of Aliens. If you want suggestions, like some might already know. My head is boiling of ideas. So just let me know. I'll trow out a few of them. Peace out.(long time no see that term) xD
  21. Forwarded that in the trade testing discussion topic. I agree on this point. Though, if i take Warframe for exemple, linked item is only to be able to see what it is and it's stats. But i really do like your idea. They might have ,technical restrictions, but the idea is out there. +1
  22. Well, at least the tax is minimal. But depending on the amount of GS you are selling for. You need some to start with. Seller pay the tax, so if you have 0 gold forget about trading. Win a few tourney or get some achievements then you're good to go. So far, one of the easiest and most successful and without economy breaking trading i've seen was in Warframe. This system they are implementing is pretty close to that. For a first, it start out well. P.S. Please do not allow us to link items in chats other than trading channel, otherwise, said channel will be redundant. Maybe take a look at DarkRedFox ,bug report, for his proposition about being able to offer, open trade window when clicking the linked item.
  23. Because it a free world? But i really do think it's just for what i stated. Implementing trade comes with a trade channel. Having only general chat for both blabla and trade would flood it/could. But i do agree that linking items in general chat shouldn't be a thing, if it is at the moment. Also, as someone we know, would say. What you described in your Op is: Not a bug.
  24. I scratched a wall at mid-speed and received over 9000! damage from collision. On my Thar'Ga that has less than 9000 hull points. 2017.03.17 13.17.49.rar
  25. Testing Thar'ga Topic says Modified prices and characteristics of some components ‘Combat reconstructor’ - 25 points. Drops mines and bombs on activation. Description is still the same old. Maybe it hasn't been applied yet. game.rar
  26. Trade chat is only there so the general chat don't get flooded by offers and whatnot related to trade.
  27. It's nice enough that NOVA are ready to give out 300 xenos and 1500gs, no?
  28. I'll write my name, i might get lucky in the 4-5 pvp battles i'll do this weekend.
  29. This can only be good for the game --------It was meant for bug hunting. WTH Clicked the link in the bug hunter topic and it brought me here...
  30. It should... Darn.. new PC new game client... 24hrs sync. i'll test tomorow then. I was so ready for that.
  31. Stop calling it module guys. It's a modifier. xD
  32. I don't know if it sometime bugs out. But i remember doing it by only hitting the guy who shot at the captain. Did not killed him. I doubt buffs work. Being the captain certainly does not work. And of course, the captain has to survive the battle and most probably gotta get the win with the enemy captain dead and clearing out the rest of his team.
  33. +1. Should have been there right from the start.
  34. I had to say no, i disagree. The duo scatter field/ reverse jump makes them really good and annoying as frak. Making passive tachyon charge and overcharge would make that even worse. Imagine a gargoyle buffed with those passives... or a mauler. Or my lovely basic ArchDragon
  35. open space

    Luring alien group on pirates. Nice sharing for those who never thought about that. I think i'll make the Ska Ra after all. Looks pretty nice for OS, hitting whole groups like that. I never cared about it for pvp. But... that new pew pew sound might be too annoying.
  36. Was available for free, for weeks. And i don't think anyone can buy them anymore.
  37. Yes, forgot about that gun. And you're boxed titles you're talking about. Which are they? Games that were b2p and years later decided to roll on a f2p market.?
  38. ...Of course, those who played longer have more. It's still not pay to win. There is no cheating the truth here. Paying to have a mk4 right away won't make him stronger than my mk4 that i grinded for. Same goes for mk5. He doesn't get extra stats beside syn or creds, which again, are grind less elements. He can't make it a mk6 either. Name me an advantage he could get that a f2p players cannot get and that isn't grind less. f2p players can also get gold. Granted it'll take a while but that will be fixed with trading. One farm the other buy with it's gs.
  39. It's pay to grind less. P2W is overused and most of the time, isn't the case. A grindwall doesn't make something p2w, getting a piece of equipment that can ONLY BE BOUGHT with real cash and that give you 500 more damage or defense. That is p2w. I don't know a single f2p mmo that doesn't have p2gl(pay to grind less).
  40. Well, wouldn't penalties also penalize those who really disconnect because of isp or w/e? Not only those who alt-f4.
  41. Reduce spread of Dag'tnith , increase it's projectile turn speed, and if a counter is needed. Increase the time it takes to shoot again. Even overheating with a single shared cooler you can shoot back a seconde later, literally. Thi'lith - Increase damage to the targeted enemy , reduce energy leech to 80. Constructive feedback, not saying it's a good one though xD
  42. That would have been nice. It has been proposed a few times. Projectiles have spread but much much higher Rate of Fire and just gotta mouse over that reticle to get 3 hit in a secondes. Or 1 big hit that hurt bad.
  43. Yes. What about it?
  44. First win of the day? Monos? Tried that out. 4 days 8 first win in elite r15, 0 monocrystals. We're not playing the same game.
  45. I used to, like many other. But now it has 5% crit chance and 50% dmg and even on a lrf with 6 guns still less damage than guard destructor. But then, i made a troll build with curved lense, crit build crew, and 2 crit cpu (dmg and chance%), 1 horizon, fire rate implant and iridium sink x2 modifier and when able to. pulse discharger thrown in there. Can be pretty fun to see those dude that weren't expecting a thing like that, coming at you to then see them go crazy trying to get out of range. Though, as said. It is a troll build good at one thing only. Close range defense, I like testing and coming out with weird, effective build. It messes with the pro's brain. The unexpected create confusion. Most are used to the meta and when going out of those boundaries, they become wacky wacky.
  46. Working on a tweak to teleportation sphere i see. Cool. What about a combination of keys. For control modes or w/e else. Would that bypass the restrictions. But you must have thought about that already.
  47. Lasers coming out of nowhere. Beside that, it's nice to take a break and look at the level design.
  48. I ain't a fan of the DD respawn time either. Now that they are countered pretty easily. It was worth the shot. So that means if my dd dies right after we capped i'm out of the battle for 2 minutes... It came to my mind, so i suggested it. It can't be bad to share ideas, right?!
  49. Sometimes and some days, often, You'll die when there's still over 40-45 secondes left on the beacon. When that happen, you're stuck on spectator mode, then you have to wait over 20 secondes to respawn. You are denied to play for over 1 minute. I think it s***cks and shouldn't be like that. So i suggest that if you've already waited 30 secondes or more, the respawn timer should be lowered accordingly.
  50. Yes to that. It would be nice to know the cost of locked bp's, stat modifiers and bonuses. Before you made your way to the previous node and unlocked it.
  51. Good to see all those comments coming in, it keeps the topic up. But i'd like a relevant answer before it becomes, a mish-mash of replies to unrelated comments. xD After that. Fire away!
  52. Wish i could delete my comments.
  53. Nahh you wont get banned. Has they said when removed turn keys and comparing to joystick user. Those joystick users have a different game experience, should justify anything about controls advantages. Also i just meant that by looking at the picture, there is no way i dont hit at least 3 buttons with the size of my finger xD.
  54. Hahaha.
  55. I don't know my friend. GGGWolf also is a fantastic OS player. He spent 98% of his time out there and his a closed beta player if i recall correctly. But unlike him you took the time to do guides, now have a twitch channel devoted to pretty much only that. You're the 2 people i know who are devoted to pretty much only the OS. Of course you do other things, but i think you get my point. Just wanted to pick on ya a little
  56. I asked something in A&Q devs but got closed right after my answer and anyway it wasn't the place to reply. So i'll just randomly put it here instead of PM or new topic. Cinnamon( i hate cinnamon, got traumatized, i smell it, i'll taste it. Even if there's none and the smell came out of nowhere.) But i like you, the person. When asked if you'd make uniques for Cov Ops and LRF's i meant like. Eclipse launcher-Engi Thar'k-Gunship Destructor and Proxi Mortar-Guard Scatter gun-Recon You keep making new weapons. But those 2 types STILL DOES NOT HAVE ONE FOR THEIR SPECIFIC ROLE.
  57. I pretty much never squad up anymore. I barely have time for dailies. So i just read about the new MM and see hard being 10-15. Did we got our wish fulfilled. Can one now use a r10 and his buddy r15. If so. Thank you *S*TarGem, for again, listening to our wishes and doing your best to accommodate us. While standing your ground on what you want your game to be. And sometime, or often making compromises for us. I guess sometime you gotta say. Ohh well, scrap it. I know we've already put alot of efforts into that project guys but our players really don't like that. P.S. Despite some counter-indications or some hard on players(keep it closed to us, the selected few). I think an Open Test Server would be beneficial. Or maybe a selective test server based on player time in battle, number of pvp/pve or community involvement. If don't wanna open it up, because of the upkeep cost.
  58. I dont use any since, i somehow, lost mine. Nor did i ever used one for SC. But it was a Fragpedal Quad. I liked the level of pression adjustement on it. Good proportion between the 5 levels. Infinity pedal seems fine. I guess google already told you that but infinity and Stinky foot pedal are the competitors. They are the top 3 i guess. My finger would hit at least 3 button at every smash. And that other guy with 26 buttons... where the hell do you put your hand on that. Or is it like hold a button and press another does X. Making it 10 buttons but combinations ups it to 26.(ctrl alt delete) kinda way.
  59. Apparently people like it this way. They say it is now what it is supposed to be. A suppressor... I think they forget that this ,suppressor, also is a DESTROYER. Easily 3 time the size of a frigate but much easier to take down than frigates. Hell a recon can kill you easy peesy if he gets in. Nice to see more suggestions for them, but i seriously doubt they'll do anything. I'll use this window to say they should lower both repair cost and respawn timer. Since it is now just like any other role and has no advantage at all over them. Yea some things are better than other roles, hp for exemple, but they get hit harder and as stated are an Enormous target to hit. Everything that gives it an advantage is countered. So lower respawn time.