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  1. chay' ghoS 'oH nuqneH SoH. Direct from the klingon translator. Im saying hello, how are you.
  2. This isn't the first time you're saying that right?! Last time it was about 2 weeks ago iirc, i remember because it was the last day i played SC and commented on a topic agreeing with the other that said they were leaving. I still look at the forum once in a while to not miss the Elly Frig or OS expension. That's it. I still had a bit over 2 weeks of prem, and Tai'Kin came out. That didn't even got me to stay. + the ressource fck up that they then sorta kinda fixed.
  3. I haven't uninstalled but just most probably will wait for the evolution to be completed. Releasing it piece by piece and without giving us more precision on why or the futur, is just killing it for me. Ressource limit is a technical requirement for what? Ressource rework (crafted into new better stuff) why is that needed? Will we end up having less ressource types to manage or it's just another shadowy trick. Making it more difficult to obtain anything that has to be crafted why? Is players assumption right, it's to get more money? Everything is become a roll the dice,why? Isn't that one of the most hated aspect in any game, ever?! *Is the power that be decided to not care that much and said oh well, that's what gaming is today, lets conform and lose our identity. What makes our game unique and loved, but doesn't make us rich. *Thinking out loud. As i said a while back. It's breaking the game to get one part of the big plan early without counter beside the next (x-amount) of big patch. Or at least knowing what said change is part of. Giving us the big picture and so less prone to discouragement or early raging and quitting. I'll suggest again. WAIT , release small graphic update patch, bug fix patch, little goodies here and there, then the big somewhat-final product.
  4. - Increase the daily 5 trades limit to 10. - Reduce the 10% taxes when selling items to 5%.
  5. Visibility from the HUD or Total ship visibility. I don't want ships popping out of nowhere(world of tank style) nor an invisible LRF positroning your face.