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  1. You could've said yes or no, it wasn't moderation just discussion.
  2. Hold my Delorean.
  3. Okay so we have scrambled tiers for both human and ai?
  4. open space

    You're getting closer lol
  5. You just don't, you stay in OS until u trade it to someone.
  6. But its the same issue, scrambled tiers?
  7. Not referring to mm changes either lol
  8. I cant remember a change that didn't had a backfire of some sorts, it was always something, existing still today and im not talking about tharga, it's always something of ninja format discovery.
  9. There was that one incident when people got hundreds of rare ores over night, or the voucher-mat farming, or the dead easy spatial scanner thingy that got you milions in just few hours and much more.
  10. We can only propose tweaks to current nerf pretty much, destroyers are now last season stuff and it will take a while before they re-do something on them.
  11. Tweaking the current nerf is probably all that's going to happen, no major changes anymore.
  12. If you only knew...
  13. convenient
  14. Knowing how good people actually are in building ships, i'd expect 10x the negative resist em on shields and kinetic on hull lol
  15. No prob.
  16. it would be 70m/s still lol
  17. Ah nice, put in the pictures too. Added for review
  18. Too many players abuse too many aspects of the game, that's why we can't have nice things.
  19. Well if you want to be that nitpicky, yes, that's what i meant.
  20. Playstyles differ but tbh empire has a lot more to offer than you would initially give them credit for. Numbers might disagree but in practice it's a whole new story, any buff to them will lead to something crazy like almost tharga style crazy.
  21. Mini biome anyone? No? ok
  22. All i can see is a tomato/tomato post battle so let it be guys.
  23. open space

    It's in my OS guide.
  24. Im soo not used to people reading the guide properly... changed.
  25. Which part of leviathan? The big caution sign about predators is for those seeing one for the first time.
  26. Well it's not gonna happen tmrw but in near future perhaps, it takes time.
  27. Don't necro, work on your suggestion further and post it again, improved.
  28. I'm a simple man, i see ships, i fly them. Added for review.
  29. star hunt 7

    Juan more clue senpai pleez!
  30. It will be there once you log in to the game
  31. Added for review.
  32. Meh it's okay, also, i do agree with the topic.
  33. Either i am soo good that i lost all my sense of the time when i was bad (sarcasm on my tab) or we didn't understand each other very well here. Farming materials in OS other than monos is dead easy and a lot faster than in other modes, i mean, i would know, where else could i get 7 destroyers apart from events without a dime spent. Still, to each their own, i understand how gathering hundreds of parts seems like a tedious thing but i do it with friends, music, or just plain watching tv to keep myself entertained, i like it casual and i take my sweet time as well
  34. Update: Pulled the map out of the spoiler because it wasn't obvious enough. ugh people...
  35. open space

    If anyone would care to read what i spent time to write and maintain all this time we wouldn't have questions like this...
  36. It's just how things work, people come, people go.
  37. Steam charts are downright useless unless the game is steam exclusive.
  38. open space

    Whenever you see me online.
  39. Soo when are the results coming?
  40. open space

    Cringe level is too damn high lol read this ^^
  41. I can teach you how to avoid NPC's, also forget about the scanner, it's not time efficient and ranks don't affect the gains other than synergy gains per session. I told you to read my guides and avoid suggestions like farm sanctuary/terra/scrapyard for ores.
  42. Well, finding monos is a bit far-fetched but not impossibru, i use OS for materials and build tests at the same time, it's really fun, putting some ACDC in the mix makes it the best experience ever xd.
  43. Next time don't post the same topic in 7 different sections. The jag+vigil combo was legit teamplay, the only problem is, was the friendly member griefing/assisting enemy team also a member of the same corp as the jag and vigil players?
  44. I can literally just go outside Mendes and farm a bit to give you either berry or neo, it would take time to prove it but only because there's not much to do there. Whatever you know about OS, just throw it away/flush it down the toilet. The thing is, what only matters is how fast you can kill and collect while surviving of course. There is no guide except my transport guide and os guide about OS and i know because i went through the whole forum myself to find anything. Beside my guides you will only find "farm sanctuary/scrapyard/terra" and nothing else. I farm hundreds of materials per week when i have time and one of those items are rare ores which i dont really need so i give them away. I pretty much gave away a few destroyers worth of beries and neos but you have to know that im a OS player by most part and other "OS" players are just in for the kill which is not much to call yourself an OS player therefore don't listen to what people say, use my guides and go and spend an hour trying it out, see what happens. You may end up rich at best or mediocre at worst, at least it's a mile ahead of anything you can get in pvp or pve loot with or without premium licence and additional loot chances. There, i said it lol
  45. It has been suggested before and put up for review.
  46. While we're at it, i hate playing the game at all so i would like instead of monos xenos and common stuff, to drop 100$ bills that i can cash in... smh
  47. Or you can, you know, try open space?
  48. Make a screenshot, submit it on the bug section with an explanation why it's incorrect and thats it.
  49. Interesting approach, up for review.
  50. My best lrf scores are from empire lrfs, they are the toughest most dangerous ships if they are played right and im not talking about the kraken. It's okay as it is and if this is considered like a nerf or something then let it stay like it, you dont want a ELRFball trust me.
  51. Can i camp in enemy spawn at least? Also, what hound said ^^
  52. open space

    Here's one from my latest syn farm
  53. The game is as grateful as it is unforgiving, if you log in every day you basically get everything but skip a day and it becomes like a small stone in your shoe whenever you put it on.
  54. IK IK it's just off topic stuff as usual
  55. They should ask for a Subaru to help them out.
  56. I'll be there, no worries
  57. Bcoz it's not hull.
  58. have a byte at this
  59. Day 256, still telling myself to manufacture that weapon...
  60. I wonder why does this happen all the time, back in the day this would be fixed on the first week or so...
  61. open space

    You're doing great, you still have a long way to go to take down my record
  62. It's not about winning or not, it's about saving yourself the pleasure of being in the very top of the score board with such an excellent team and teamplay synergy in general, or watching pro players around you being competitive as hell and doing everything to win. I really don't have the intention nor heart to deny them the top score, so I leave the match before the win. I'm scared of elitism lol
  63. Nope, when was that a thing?
  64. I still think that there is no harm in doing a thing like this.
  65. What are you even talking about xD
  66. Added for review.
  67. It was suggested before, discarded due to complexity of some parts.
  68. Okay let's never punish toxic people then. Let them do what they want, it's pegi12, what would they understand anyway.
  69. But it would end in 60 monos per day, massive influx of mono worth.
  70. Yes yes, aliens and vouchers.
  71. For the last time, OS is not just another PvP mode, forget about it, you (not you, others so dont get triggered) guys abuse every nanometer of the game that nobody could keep up changing stuff every day for the rest of eternity. PvP is for honing skills, PvE is exercise mechanics and farming, OS is everything mixed together and not just one.
  72. We are not talking about the same scanner then or simply not on the same page :/
  73. At least i have OS, you guys go ahead and enjoy TvT.
  74. It's more like this. you just can't satisfy everyone i guess.
  75. There is just no way to implement an active into a passive with the 100% of functionality, nobody is that crazy.
  76. If you click on yes i want to leave and then on yes im sure and then on im really really sure button just because you dont like losing a match, a slap is in order, imo. Very realistic.
  77. open space

    Well it had but I can't keep it up on my own + not many people know what i know so i cant have randoms leading it.
  78. Unpopular opinion > each destroyer event last year could have granted you at least one of each 3 ranks of destroyers for an hour of game time per day if you are downright unskilled. > same goes for the reaper/phoenix + now you have the chance to get both if you did all the daily tasks for just 2 weeks, even if you have no parts collected u get 30 for each per day Sometimes i really do cringe at how some things are perceived, be objective please from now on.
  79. Seeing how some players boast with scores in lower ranks, i think it's okay but it needs more work deff, it should be less not zero if playing outside the requirements.
  80. As long as it stays constructive and doesn't start to be a whiners roller coaster i'll put it on the review list. That means actual footage, numbers, stats, keep it short without walls of text and such.
  81. There is too many players that get kicked from a game by the game itself, penalties should be only for the real griefers that really leave the game, like, ask him 98765 times if he wants to leave and if he says yes on all, slap him with a ban of some sorts. Nothing straightens up a player like a ban.
  82. Loki is DLC not even a regular premium
  83. When I say, let's increase the cargo space I mean > more items per run > more progress > more accomplishment > more stuff for the common player > no backlash just less trips to the drone for the same amount of playtime. When you guys talk about killing in OS and how it should be a battle royale mode I see > no items per run > no progress for both sides, killer and victim > one to none accomplishment > nothing gained on both sides > such a backlash that the mode is dead in mere seconds. The killers have the Frontier and alien sectors and the farmers and explorers share the rest. IMHO killing is reserved for PvP, OS should be the medium ground for everything this game has to offer, from PvE, PvP to Spec Ops and other stuff.
  84. I think this will suffice as it is.
  85. How did we end up on hunting players?
  86. Would it be still considered a OP buff if you take away their actives and put them as passives with 25-50% capabilities actives had?
  87. open space

    I'd go for the scatter gun with spread reduced, does a ton of damage to aliens due to negative EM resist. Maybe these prove to be helpful.
  88. IDK if i should feel happy for this much interest on this topic or worried by multi-hijacking the thread lol I think stacking would be perfect, the bigger your cargo the better and plus it stacks up to a certain number or no number (wishful thinking). So then the hull extender would allow you to have more different also stacking slots which is very convenient if lets say you were flying your fav intie with hull extender you would be able to easily farm stuff and not worry about the cargo drone every 3 seconds. I think it's settled, stacking system is the best for this arcade kind of a space game.
  89. It's an arcade-ish game so cubic stuff is more for a real simulator.
  90. That's why i suggested soo many options so there wont be a problem.
  91. open space

    Way to go xd, if you can spend 300GS for a one day premium, the one session synergy limit is doubled, also u get 50% more syn on top of everything.
  92. star hunt 7

    More clues senpai!
  93. Oh great thunderflame, the wisest of the wisecrackers, show light upon thee infidels!
  94. What do i pick in the poll if i never bought anything? lol
  95. star hunt 7

    This must be a slotted active module.
  96. This is whatever he wants to be *nods*
  97. ahahahahhh home run !
  98. hahahah i have the same problem, i have added it for review.
  99. open space

    Also if you have the alien ammo blueprints you can use them to get double synergy for alien kills, instead of 90mins you would be done in like 40-50 easily and now you can get more xenos than ever to craft them.
  100. open space

    Nice work, you should focus on lower rank ships so u can have more fleet points, thus, more syn gain. Just a tip
  101. I'm pretty sure that the spatial scanner has a 5km radius (but that's irrelevant), in case you guys didn't know the range can't be altered by simply boosting your ships sensor range because sensor range of your ship has nothing to do with the scanners range. It's a scanner, what good is a scanner that scans only a few steps around you, doubling it with modifiers is the only reasonable way to do it and not exclude the scanner from any kind of modification, plus there is the fact that MCC's are further away from the map itself than anything, it would be only fair to grant modification options to it. I don't understand, how can you guys be satisfied with such a low range? It was always low, even with the MCC being a good thing in the past. MCC got farther>scanner got farther, simple, we have cpu modifiers don't we? And it would be about time we could at least have a menu or some kind of an option to pick what we are searching for with MCC exluded from that option.
  102. Besides the fact that the current mysterious cargo spots are a downright denial of progress and not just a "nerf", i would like to suggest more options for the scanner regardless of said fact. Splitting the all-in-one mode radar into more, for the time being an ore mode and everything else mode would be nice, making a MCC mode would be making it too easy for players to search for them, we don't want that... The scanner has been around for quite some time and i would like to see it get at least some kind of menu in OS and more options for searching stuff individually. Making it work with the ships sensor range would be also a nice change. Maybe reworking the stretch lines into something fluid and rich in design, triggering a XYZ grid mode (instead of just X) where it shows you what u are looking for as a pulsing dot(s) instead of scrambled lines and color mixture, it's space tech and not ww1 after all. Nothing here should be taken as making it easier or allowing an abuse of any loopholes, just a simple upgrade suggestion of an already existing system.
  103. In the meanwhile im almost finished with collecting the remaining 2 destroyers i dont have, which is a bust due to the lastest changes so i gotta wait to see how that goes, meanwhile i got kraken, ronin and almost done with caltrop I might even say im having fun in OS with people lol can't say the same for 1shot pvp/pve tho...
  104. When u think about it, an AoE teambased attack would be quite dangerous xD if performed by 12 people lol
  105. I don't wanna feed you promises but it can be done fairly fast with some casual play even.
  106. It's not wise to be shortsighted xD , maybe destroyers get sorted out soon you never know. And the neo berry electrum farming thing ended few months ago, now it's like r8+ for neo and r11+ for berry.
  107. Yeap, you can find OS guides in it so take a good look. Plenty of info to go by. It basically comes down to what to farm, where and how fast, if you are devoted and have friends to do it, its very useful because of materials gathered in short time, credits and even rare loot.
  108. You probably dont have the experience for open space to farm them faster so stick with what ntboble said for everything else look up my guides and vids.
  109. mining

    Read them through again, think about how to improve them if you want, probably combine them into one since some of them are of similar topic and post them again, new and improved, but don't flood the forum with mini-suggestions tho.
  110. #1shotconflict
  111. The beacon capture mechanics are very good, no need to change anything.
  112. pink tag

    It's just a "mmo barbecue" meet with shooting aliens lol nothing major
  113. mining

    In my own opinion they were rejected probably, seeing that they are from the past year (may/june/july). There is no need to feel offended nor disheartened just because the suggestions didn't get to be a thing. Basically i'm here to help with the suggestion gathering and putting it for review but i can't put something from last year, only new ones. I can't answer for the old ones, i can just assume what happened and nothing more,
  114. open space

    You see, everybody thinks about themselves and they hate to get out of their comfort zone, i have a team that tried my suggestion and they had fun, i dont need anymore than that, since the time difference i wasn't present the whole time, just instructed them with my guides and info in general and what not, showed them the way how to do stuff and that' it. I'm quite satisfied with my idea so far, only not many players are teamplayers because of various reasons that i wont go into explaining. I wont do details, this is a fun project that anyone can lead with just a little nudge in the right direction. I can't force anyone to do it nor do i want to, im okay with myself and got everything i ever wanted and more in the game, i just want to play with people and have fun. Positive experience over anything else.
  115. So no hotkey? Shame
  116. pink tag

    So it all boils down to "I cant get rich so im gonna avoid playing with you coz reasons" fine, the invitation is still open.
  117. Please dont use steam as a reference data, i cringe evritiem.
  118. Oh and the missions to unlock stuff are a delight lol
  119. I know, the prices need to be cut down anyway imho and making them fixed would make it easier to just plainly know the cost and not guess the increments and all. All im saying the ship tree could use some simplification and lesser price tags. The future nerfs will be overwhelming for players that invested time and money into these ships, it's no joke. That's why i stopped developing tharga in general.
  120. pink tag

    I get it what it is for but slowing me in a recon at spawnpoint all the time whilst being raped by the thargas belonging to my team which you should aim for calls for a laugh, just my experience tho. I dont do os missions besides dailies coz monos, beris/neos can or can not drop faster (depens how fast u are at killing) than pvp with better yield especially if you dont own any premium items/licence, and those players are plain dix farming useless npc's because they have no clue where to even begin farming but want to mess with people for no reason. Ah well, the invite is still open, every day, ur whalecome to join
  121. I'm gonna pop some tagsOnly got twenty dollars in my pocketI - I - I'm hunting, looking for a come-upThis is phucking awesome
  122. Yes but, i doubt people will make the ship just to go like rank 9 tops, they'll go full on r15 build so it ends up on the same thing, at least to me.
  123. pink tag

    Are you guys tired? Tired of Tharga chases that end in death as soon as their actives reload? of those downright annoying shipbuilds with no purpose if flying solo like the tackler long range gravi beam that just slows you down for no particular reason? of PvP games involving 20+ players where only 2-3 score big and the rest are imitating dead walruses at spawn with their guards? of survival on repeat whilst trying to play something you actually like and never getting a chance to do it? of those small loopholes and players exploiting them as if they are not decent/good enough so they have to do it to score? of PvE being a swarming mess with the latest buffs implemented in the only way so it's neither difficult nor enjoyable? of players that came all the way to rank 15 without at least a basic knowledge of the game and its mechanics? of trying to score that first win of the day in the first couple of hundred battles today and fail? Well, i got a bit disheartened by more than just this to say at least, so what i have to say is this: Join me in my Open Space stress free sessions every day where you can get synergy, materials, credits and much more for the same time but with more fun and enjoyment of having a decent wingman to talk to and shoot stuff together. It's a multiplayer game so why fly solo when you can fly yolo, with yours trully ORCA1911 PS check this out if you're interested or have doubts about this :D
  124. IDK, you're right as much as you're wrong kinda, rubbish example: pricing 10 nodes like 123456789&10 or 5,5 each, results in the same amount of spent items (55). That's how i'd understand the suggestion, plus, you can calculate how much you need for a build of any kind easier.
  125. I told him to do so if he wanted to get a review, it's a long story...
  126. Oh it shows alright, but in a different way lol
  127. Its weekend, nobody's working xd
  128. Is this good enuf?
  129. When i buy a new mic ill join
  130. lol where xD
  131. The Tharga is not a wild card anymore killing a whole team solo but it still does the same a gunship does like in&out hit&run stuff + that part of huge regen. Tweak that end part and it will happily merge with the rest of the SC ships and still have it's uniqueness.
  132. BLASPHEMY !!! I shall have your stick on a head for this!!!
  133. AFAIK monos can be gathered from OS dailies (4/8), broker scl daily (4/6), first win of the day pvp&pve (2), first win of the day on other modes coop/specop (2), and randomly looting after pvp/pve. So it's somewhere like 12 without premium and 18+ with premium a day. Hope this helps
  134. Well,if people would play the ships as they are intended, they would be just fine with minor tweaks here and there, but, apparently it's an imperative to abuse the new content by the point developers and players alike just get a headache and a perma removal of anything remotely fun. The developers are at fault here for always forgetting the abusing tendency of the players and players do not have any idea of solidarity between each other what so ever. Everybody wants to be the underdog reaching the top with this abusing behavior but in reality they couldn't reach the door knob to open a door to new possibilities of plays and modes other than downright abuse of the system as a whole.
  135. NO... maybe.
  136. http://www.slavorum.org/recipe-how-to-make-tasty-burek-just-like-balkanians/ Now enjoy life as it is meant to be. orca out. xD
  137. project

    BTW papymcxxxx buahahahah
  138. squad

    Why can't people just equip a ship normally and play? Instead, they use and abuse every possible edge like it's a matter of life and death if you win or not. If it's not tharga then it's a r10 guard with proximity mortars + rank bonuses into oblivion. This is why we can't have nice things (balance).
  139. Positrons are a one trick pony, if you cant manage to hide and kill before your EM field goes away, you're useless. On the other hand Tharga is over-useful...
  140. I think i added it some time ago, the list is loooong.
  141. The game is broken af. Remove it too,
  142. Explain.
  143. It's okay, i have 7 of them so far thinking of completing the collection. The current nerf destros got just needs a tweak and its all done, no more destro tinkering.