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  1. Yeap
  2. We dont need more damage nor broken nukes, just some proper and basic value changes, thats all, hardly a day of work.
  3. gimme

    Up for review btw.
  4. Yes but cranking up damage is not the way to do it, it should heal you more than it deals damage. Whats the most damage it can deal on its rank with most ships being on tank crack? Not really much tbh, that module is like the missing part of the ship to make it complete, the extra heal nudge i guess.
  5. The ideas are nice, but the numbers are way too optimistic
  6. Screenshots straight outta Compton lol how do you still have them xd
  7. You need to do less coloring ... ill put this up for review soo, make it pretty lol
  8. I would prefer more heal points tho but seems okay to me.
  9. social

    Yeeeeaah, no. This topic is not my personal quest for power if that's what you meant, it's just an idea among a long list of other ideas of how to improve corporal/player interaction and make corporations valuable in a at least one additional way.
  10. How to calculate the mass shield generator module end-healing points with the extra energy points? Whats the ratio between the module and energy cap, or better yet, the formula behind it?
  11. social

    I just got on at the time this was a thing, never understood it in time, it was gone before i ranked up. One of the ideas were sharing the tokens of sectors, being able to join sector battles instead of bots and randoms we had before, an alliance chat so we dont have to refer to the spam generator called general chat and get things done faster, maybe an alliance queue MM or training fights between allied corps that resemble custom battles but with rewards, idk Theres a ton of way an alliance option could be fun and enrich the competitiveness between players and yes i know the negative sides of what i mentioned above, we all do, kinda obvious so lets not get nitpicky about it. An alliance chat and maybe token sharing would be the first step, not sure about tokens still.
  12. visual

    Nope. Their game, their job.
  13. visual

    The current ship building process shows some generic stats just like any other mmo game but what i would like to see is an option where i can simulate my build that shows me how the ship and other stats change when i have active modules as well as crew implants active. I can see the logical difficulty of developing it since some of the actives and implants require a bit of a unique situation to get triggered so regardless of that i would really like to see that sort of an advanced ship building menu where i can explore the possibilities of a build in a bit more detailed way. And no, it should not allow slotting modules that you don't have, for testing purposes.
  14. social

    Look guys, i'm not interested in some charts or how the current state of the game looks like, everyone has their own opinion. Just imagine a future with unicorns and where pvp is fair and if you would like to see the suggestion happen in that future, vote it up, simple as that.
  15. social

    How's any of this of any relevance to the topic?
  16. Any dps class gets it done under 10sec and you get like one pvp worth of credits kinda.
  17. social

    I have no good argument to counter this other than good intentions. Well thank you for the support Maybe that sparks some competitiveness to take them on, there are more endings besides the tragic ones. Sometimes that's a good thing too, may trigger changes for the better lol
  18. social

    Basically, I propose a more advanced social aspect for SC in a way of being able to form alliances AND having a chat channel named Alliance between those allied corps so people can arrange groups withing those alliances more easily and effectively. Before any of you think of NASA alliances please think about the positive sides first and possible limits on number of corps in an alliance or something like that.
  19. I have that odd feeling you don't know that there's a world outside of steam
  20. Up for review.
  21. Public Test is on and theres a new trade system underway just as you described. You can participate in feedbacking it if you want.
  22. Why not download the launcher and make it all easier?
  23. You also have the otherworld hunter mission.
  24. Ur whalecome
  25. 3sec and 2 buttons, nowadays thats what it takes to kill a well fitted frigate, volume/resist wise. You can taste the unjustified and abnormal damage. It takes a lazy week for one person to just adjust some basic values so we can have some decency in pvp yet months go by. Next patch with no balancing present and i'll devote my free time developing solely anti-taikin and tharga builds.
  26. New meta is garbage too btw.
  27. \(-.-) THIS, is not cool.
  28. I really dislike copy-pasta modules, but ist better than 1press nukes of new mechanic-wise stuff.
  29. Thilith r15 costs 25 monos, tharkt r15 80... ill just leave this here.
  30. It would be decent if the mono costs were 50% of current costs...
  31. Now we only need a cap/heal graph lol
  32. Which parts exactly? also>support ticket asap
  33. Is there a way to calculate how much excess energy=healing, all i know is it's like 3 energy pts=1 heal pts cca.
  34. Put up for review.
  35. Thats griefing and should be reported but the overall suggestion is not going to be implemented due to, well, obvious reasons. People would get in and out of a pve like it was an intercourse.
  36. Nope not really.
  37. Thats just for karma.
  38. While playing custom games with friends, some of my achievements got reset and it felt like a chain reaction to some open space achievements as well, idk how or why it happened but i got some of them completely reset and others are partially lost. I still kept the titles like "smiter" even though the achievement is reset so it's clearly a bug in terms of an achievement counter system or something since i still have my prize titles available for choosing. I played 1v5 custom battle when it all started a few months ago, support team doesnt seem to understand my issue seeing that i kept my prize titles and all and i doubt logs would help now. I can only provide screenshots of the reset achievements.
  39. Why not copy the wiki page about destros lol
  40. Honestly, they havent finished the last few updates yet, so, first that, then new stuff.
  41. Yes we mortals tend to play with bread crumbs from old gods LOL
  42. Why stop at 5? Amirite?
  43. Please dont bump threads, remake them rather.
  44. Mail used to last 30 days, i'll just leave this here...
  45. premium

    Keep the thread alive without bumping then
  46. I saw only one pattern tho in dem boxes, 5-6 items ranked from useless to ultra rare, and guess what you will get most of the time? You got it, the pirate blueprints! lol
  47. Get the right container-> get the right drop-> do all of this again since you need 2 different parts-> and then the usual expensive ingredients like monos etc, it just never ends. When does playtime even begin...
  48. Just imagine the lightshow of 4 pyros doing 100%, just saying, its common practice to apply such things like 2 modules doing 90% instead of both doing 100%, well i can live with that its not like it would be the worst thing, not worse than elly releases at least.
  49. I put it up for review so i hope it will be heard.
  50. would be aboot thyme
  51. premium

    Helluva idea you got there, im up for it but seems kinda steep to make lol
  52. Interesting ideas, ill put them up for review.
  53. This would open up way too many loopholes for the already abuse-happy sc playerbase. Otherwise its a nice idea that has no chance of ever being implemented due to a nice history of unfinished green work.
  54. As much as i would like to see this, is there any way of implementing this that would end up in a complete disaster (its kinda hard to trump taikin but you know what i mean). How about 2 of the same mods do like 75% or 50% of what one could do?