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  1. http://star-conflict.com/en/b/gamerules Well, you were saluting dictators and used several nazi phrases pretty much not a nice sight, please dont do that again, some people get offended by that and for a good reason.
  2. There are more ideas to come but this step will be necessary. An auction house/list is what this game needs but i dont want to complain too much about the current one since it helped me a lot to obtain many blueprints and parts, still at 0$ spent. Overall its not efficient enough, thats all and the language barrier with the russian community cant be fixed nor any other :/
  3. The drops are guaranteed, much like the vulcan event, i cant wait to get the spiral
  4. Your chat ban is sadly a legit one, not a mistake :/
  5. It's not a bug, you will get all of the parts from both guaranteed which is superb. Talking about ninja changes tho - missiles and weaponry got an visual and maybe even an upgrade in mechanics - loading screens for stations are different - idk i forgot the others, there's more lol
  6. AFAIK, you convert it how much you need, you wont get any of the oly resources tho, just the updated once in their place, so dont worry, no destroyed items, take your time.
  7. If anyone wants to play with me and my team mates, pm me ingame, same IGN
  8. Yea but what if we had a all in one virtual ship or something that could make it available, that should fix the issue perhaps if we wanna talk about less work and more results done. #brainfarts lol
  9. I always forget that there is a lore, in all these years of playing i never saw much lore honestly, well some but not really much....
  10. On another thought, just edit the topic to "being able to research modules and modifiers without equipping it to a ship" and ill put it up for review. Keeping it simple
  11. Well, it's not up to me but, im just saying it seems like complicating to me. U'll upgrade the module anyway to max once you get the ship with vouchers you can farm in like 3 days tops. Is having an option to upgrade the module 2k per 2k vouchers each battle without the initial ship that important? I'm just interested in a simple explanation.
  12. The 200 iri bundle for taikin stuff was not necessary. The price is too high and a basic handbrake to progress.
  13. The patch is by its biggest part a good one and im satisfied with everything in it, the only thing that is left is to feedback the new ships properly and suggest a taikin movement nodes nerf, you can have speed or strafe, not both.
  14. Way to go gizmo. The ships are unique and i like them for their parts in real humankind history, thing is, bashing me or the design wont get you anywhere, instead, take a good hard look at the modules that come with it and try to feedback it with your free time instead of wasting it on me and wild theories...
  15. No, how's the weather up there? You can watch the stream, the vid is in the first post bobble
  16. All in due time endevour lol
  17. What, you can't make a better game?
  18. Wellp, they do not fit but they are way more cooler than the ships i know, they just may be the most fun ones i'll ever fly, who knows, i had fun on test You can always make a better game.
  19. You guys really can't be satisfied with anything lately.
  20. Well the update is here lol i didnt see it comin so early anyway, reading the patch and seeing the whole thing, i think this will be a much better patch than the last one, thats for sure.
  21. Drop loot is buffed and OS is overflowing with resources compared to before if that's what you are getting at i think. U got to B sirius Its best to wait and see, the showcase was not final and there was a lot of small things to fix first.
  22. There are ways, as long as you can and are willing to take them.
  23. That i dont know but i hope it will be this patch.
  24. You will get to play your ty at least
  25. I wish i could help you with that :/
  26. You might not want to do that, just saying. No gain, just pain and very costly (dessy mk5 stuff especially).
  27. What are you going for with monos?
  28. Well, i'll take it as okay then.
  29. This is kind of nitpicky...
  30. Well, it kinda doesnt make sense, why would you upgrade modules for a ship you dont have, thats like unnecessary pre-planing a plan. Not that its a bad suggestion or anything but it may be a bit over the top in grinding terms, even for me. :/
  31. Came here to see the hate, got disappointed :/
  32. Ur google is weird, when i google my google it shows 1:28 PM Wednesday, April 26, 2017 Coordinated Universal Time (UTC)
  33. 45 mins to go still
  34. Yeah, unique features, takes one model-makes 3 ships... The only reason why we are here now is because of lack of information leading leading to people not knowing how to play the game properly. Average players rather buy a good ship than make one, not to mention how obviously superior new things must be to be appealing to the customers, otherwise they wouldn't notice it.
  35. No weapon became my fav so fast as the vulcan did, i have no problem with it. What you are asking for may a bit too old for a space shooter lol.
  36. Wouldnt it be cooler to be a bigger version of the torpedo we have, maybe a bit faster? Being immune to missile shield or similar would be broken but lately thats the motto
  37. You'll see
  38. I wouldn't know, those 2 just came to my mind as an example, main thing is, to showcase how modules and mixed/hybrid modules should function to be balanced, instead of, well, what we have now.
  39. If you like animations you will like this one
  40. I know what you mean, the ships shouldn't be the same but the modules and modifiers should be equal to provide at least an equal chance of some kind to fight, that is true balance, making something just stronger or weaker isn't. For instance you have the combat reboot that lasts 2-3 sec and it's just there to protect you, then there is the reflected fury from tharga that lasts 1,5-2 sec and damages in a pulsar way those who have you locked on. Those two are almost the same thing but the other one deals damage while protecting you so it's completely natural for it to have a half duration than combat reboot does, do you see where im going at? Ships were always okay, a lousy passive rank bonus will never change the game outcome too much unless you are extremely competitive and nearly play it like without a mistake, it's all about the modules, simple as that.
  41. Its like an ultra old tradition afaik, Most i can find as proof is this Seems like it started with dreads, maybe earlier.
  42. Mechanics should be enough as advantage, because it is, the rest, the equipment etc should resemble to their counterparts in standard ships.
  43. I really like the design, see no problem with it, simplistic, old, good sound and stats, overall a great weapon.
  44. Honestly, i can rack up kills with almost anything and im not really win clingy at the same time, that part is mostly about "taste", but that doesn't change the fact that the ellydium line of ships possesses superior mechanic mixed with over the top firepower. Basically if i played against myself, elly vs standard, i would lose to elly ships no doubt. Changing a few numbers should do the trick, simple as that, no need to complicate things further.
  45. The only fix to this is taking a different approach on ellydium, meaning making them equal and not superior, that would be enough to revert back pvp into a more balanced gameplay.
  46. Nobody can change that, let them spend their money, find your own way of fun and enjoy it. While people were upset over 200 limit a few weeks ago other bought a 50$ dlc that got them basically nowhere. Does it matter how it's called anyway?
  47. Seeing how things are today in gaming industry and how toxy/salty the community is in each and every game i played, i bet you will find the same dissatisfying thing everywhere else just as much you got here. Meanwhile i tried out a few mmo games, same thing over and over in their general chats "this game was/used to be better" "game is dying" "devs are a-holes" "p2w" and so on. The game days we used to have 5-10 years ago and the fun - gone now, make peace with it. The age of micro-transactions are upon us.
  48. Look guys, we can't hijack TF topic, if you wanna talk about this, open another thread.
  49. You can only ask for a whole ship, juan ship, and it takes like two months (depending on the average total value, sometimes more) so you can slowly pick that entitled theory about the playerbase staff and toss it out of the window lol
  50. I was actually reading just to get to this part lol it's always "remove or <something>" with you But jokes aside, you need to use AoE weaponry with range and as much dps as possible, i can show you how to do it if you want to overcome it.
  51. Yeeea, nobody is that naive to give you a load of activators so you can sell them...
  52. PEGI 13 and boobs, seems legit to me hahaha
  53. The vulcan grind was superb, basically how everyone imagines a grind for a new thing, you get a bp+mats and you're set, i wish that happened with special module mats from the taikin weekend events. After RNGesus grants your drop you have to ask him again to grant you the item you need after wasting 300 iri, yes, wasting, 300 and 2 xenos later leaves no man neutral... No GS obtainable outside the market but its okay, at least the loot after battle is decent, and there is a buffed gain of rare ores, in OS it's even greater and for those of you who used to farm MCCs, i began finding them like usual lately before the big nerf on them, so if you can, try to look for them so i can at least confirm them as a somewhat solid farm thing again.
  54. Here's a few guidelines that always work for me, never wait for more than a minute, just reQ and, still dont know why, 2man squads got me faster games than other ways did.
  55. For some reason, when you go 2man squadding it gets you instaQ, solo takes forever.
  56. I don't think they will cancel anything.
  57. It's going to be funny once the spenders run out of target practice
  58. pleez

    Aside from repair costs there is that credit sink bundle and all inclusive sinks called elly nodes.
  59. Added for review.
  60. By having more scouts, you will get that nerf in a teamwork kind of a way. But i do agree it needs to be toned down a bit.
  61. pleez

    If you want to add credits into loot spots might as well add it right to start at least with 10k or remove them entirely so you get a chance to gain something of actual value. That's all im saying.
  62. all-in-juan guide

    Updated a few parts of the guide, v1.4.3.
  63. Yesh, sharing is caring
  64. It's certainly discouraging...
  65. The loot spots after battle are okay but the 1,5k credits is way too low to be considered as a loot spot. Use the alien credit item drops for reference on how to upgrade the current ones to be decent.
  66. A big bulky kinetic cannon for destroyers
  67. Gotta say, it's a pain, it just gets higher and higher as we go. My cheapskate stomach cant handle that lol
  68. You basically need to kill 4 drones, it can be tricky.
  69. PT has been on lately so that may be the answer you are looking for.
  70. This may be almost a bug but i guess it will end up as a feature...
  71. I know but sometimes the users dont seem like to really need one, may as well go economic at it but nvm.
  72. trading

    I had a few nice trades but chat alone is kinda bad since there are too many selling and too few buying. Good thing i know cyrillic at least...
  73. Did someone say methane? I smell some new guns agin.
  74. trading

    I hope so too, this chat thing was a nice start but it needs to up its game very fast or it will fall behind.
  75. SC is also the only game without autopilot, we should totally get that too so the game can play on itself alone while we enjoy a good night at a bar or something.
  76. It's on wiki. Also rails are really OP when combined with gunships and ROF stat modifiers, coz extra crit stuff
  77. You will either deal the usual damage or crit damage, depending on crit chance + what swifter said
  78. Finding Nemo?
  79. Basically, critical chance is how likely you are to score a critical hit and critical damage is how much damage you will score in that hit based on your base damage. If you know how percentage works then just look at the math swifter posted.
  80. You know im game all day every day for OS brain-fart runs
  81. Well, if you're not a daily player, it would be cheaper to activate the premium when needed instead of going all in. I never had a premium until of a month or two ago and the bonuses are really basic gain buffs so unless you want to do extensive farms i see no point in having one all the time.
  82. One farm trip could help you out unless you do a high amount of pvp matches daily.
  83. Base stats are base stats, crit math is so simple im kinda surprised to see this suggestion... Also this.
  84. I would expect these node costs after i get the ship to rank7 or 9, not like at the very start but okay, i guess it is what it is.
  85. Mission desc are not very good lately, added for review.
  86. The cost per node is off the charts even in the start... And when you see how the nodes are designed you cant unsee how costly it ends up to be.
  87. I have added multiple topics like this one for review.
  88. Post logs in bug section to see whats wrong.
  89. Well if you see it like that, you gonna burn out really fast. If you dont want to spend money, you gotta make piece with the fact that you wont get the ship in a few days.
  90. Seems like it, crosses fingers for a rover xd
  91. The tiers keep changing too often, its a rather simple issue yet it has been months with no end to weird changes.
  92. It's all about the bass, try better speakers
  93. The phoenix and reaper were always those two cringy ships that just now got to be decent. They did a nice overhaul with them but for the time being there wont be much change revolving around their mechanics.
  94. AFAIK that issue is being addressed so there should be a fix of some kind soonTM.
  95. Its a simple idea on paper but too much of a wild card and complication IRL.
  96. You know what guys, lets just deal with it we can talk all day but multiple Ulysses S. Grants told a whole different story as soon as the DLC was out, if you know what i mean.
  97. Honestly it's fair tbh, a bit over the top but fair nonetheless.
  98. It seems like you don't know the game very well, we have soo many variations of this mechanic you cant just unsee it.
  99. We have a radar, no need to use stone age tech (eyes), WW2 is enough.
  100. Taz, the ban is a minor bug that goes away with a simple relog, don't post 2 messages in the same time, wait a second or two and you are good, chill. It will be fixed eventually.
  101. We don't need any upvotes nor downvotes, this is a forum and not facebook, if you have a problem with topics then report them or contact the topic creator, petty arguments will not be tolerated as well.
  102. Well, tomayto/tomahtos, lazy devs and a abuse loving community, gotta live with that. Use some duct tape and wd40 and the inties are good as new
  103. It's all about what players support with their real moneyz.
  104. Inties used and abused their movement soo much they got nerfed with a improv-nerf such as weapon fire angle, still thy are good to fly even with it. I'm not a intie fan since that ship class is a bit stressful to me since it needs you to fly without actually resting one bit because it's all about avoiding hits rather than tanking it. Nuke has a huge radius and is ideal for groups and a waste for single targets. They are not destroyers to have most actives pose as some sort of an additional weapon to cause damage, tactical gameplay is in order with them, hull/shield ratios vary with factions and if a destroyer or frigate is faster than your intie, you must be doing something wrong then.
  105. Yeap thats what i meant.
  106. What QA is trying to say, this game is like counter strike so putting a tank in it makes no sense and the game becomes something entirely different then. Automated carriers are a total no-go in this game because of that automated and drone part. If we ignore the current small jokes implemented, this game is highly skill based and if something does not require skill to operate yet kills everything in its path it does not fall into that skill based description unless once you launch a drone, you are operating it as a ship and the main ship gets parked wherever it is while you fly the drone yourself. That would be the only way a carrier could be implemented in this game which in turn does not make it a carrier much in the end.
  107. Oh goody, can i join with gthardu->rethardu :Đ
  108. It's going to take a while to get proper feedback on this, not many got very far with their taikins.
  109. This is more of a space shooter than a simulator so that suggestion of yours will probably not happen anytime soon.
  110. What happens if two taikins trigger their beacons at the same time? Who will end up where when up close?
  111. pink tag

    Btw space barbecue tmrw at 3pm utc+2 time join if you can
  112. pink tag

    It's not about easy, it's about having fun with your friends and chit chat and what not, why must everything be a stressful competition with you guys.
  113. Seems promising if you ask me
  114. pink tag

    OS is boring only when you play it alone, personally i just like that group vs AI fights, it's kinda fun plus you get loot and syn and what not
  115. trading

    Listing of stuff on sale would improve the current system x1000, anything and everything else after that is just small stuff here and there.
  116. pink tag

    Taikin is here, nothing changed, literally lol, you guys can join my space barbecue whenever you get fed up with other modes.
  117. I don't want to derail the topic but i just can't join the hype train. It has been now a few months and i still havent played any elly ship, they should have featured just a different mechanic, thats all, should not have been godlike superior to every and any ship class. I can't support such a thing, not even for simple OS sessions and all this public test for taikin and yet nothing really changed much and even got several damage buffs as well... I'm going for the mjolnir rather than tharga, it's way more fun and decent for me.
  118. I played the b2 with rails on rof build, i had insane fun and scores but it does require some form of skilled gameplay to suit its stats.
  119. You always start your topics with "remove or <something>" man. Use singularity or a splash/aoe kind of weaponry and you're good.
  120. Weapon “Tai’al” Launcher Damage increased by 10%. Tai’thaq Damage increased by 15%. Modules Plasma web Now the module works as follows: It produces a plasma web that deals thermal damage for a certain time. The amount of damage depends on the level of the main weapon mounted on the ship. If the target's speed is higher than a certain value when the module is activated, the target will additionally receive thermal damage until speed is reduced. Inhibitor crystal Damage increased by 20%.
  121. All that public test and feedback and nothing changed... even got buffed with recent micro patch.
  122. The trade is probably going to be upgraded to a listing kind of sales so this feature wont be necessary as much i guess.
  123. Added for review.
  124. There is no need to add such a thing, you have a lock on and missile indicator icon, it's enough for the HUD.
  125. It will be fixed, just relog when it happens.
  126. This was a part of the game before, in some way and it's also the main reason we still have that improv-nerf on intie fire angles.
  127. How about this?
  128. I could show you a few tricks if you want.
  129. The problem is not in the ship or build, it's in his gameplay.
  130. Thats a bold statement. Although damage isn't the only stat to take into account when in OS.
  131. I got it, agin, fo' free lolz
  132. Gunship with em weaponry would be the fastest and easiest thing in OS to use and be lucrative at the same time.
  133. When i say limits i think of several thousands of units and not 200 units as we saw few days ago, let that be clear. But then again, what i have in my mind will never happen, at least not properly thats for sure.
  134. Supply and demand in it's simplest form.
  135. Limiting resources is a natural thing after implementing something like a trade, the only thing that is the problem here is instead of gradual limiting they went from unlimited to 200 in one day which is a total no-go. Seems like we could get our way after all but let's wait and see first.
  136. It's the same issue with the weapons before like skrah but now it got worse.
  137. Yeap, pretty much.
  138. Well isnt that convenient...
  139. Thats what im saying, the sounds get mixed together at a point that nothing plays anymore and im on windows.
  140. When you are in a middle of a game all sounds get mashed.
  141. Limits, limits everywhere.
  142. Maybe i got one too
  143. Day 2, still...
  144. Don't worry, he's not limited to 200 or 300 bucks get it? k, i'll see myself out...
  145. trading

    I came up with a proposal of how to further enhance the trade feature and provide a possible long-term solution on the game’s economy and a viable in-game store suitable for both parties. The general idea would look like this: The trade we all know now moved into the store tab listing all sale offers from every player in the game and not just a specific chat server. How does it work? Simple, no need to contact the seller nor buyer thus making the whole trade much faster and more stable in prices. All a buyer needs to do is write down the first word of the item he/she is looking for and it would list all the sellers and their prices as shown above. The additional sort feature would be used to sort through prices, from lowest to highest or from oldest to newest (in case if someone wants to wait for a better short-term deal). Chat trade Moving the feature into the store tab does not mean it should be removed from the chat. The chat trade would be used to trade only common building materials in real time like osmium crystals, computing chips, metal blanks, graphite plates, pure silicon, screened batteries and processing blocks. The transactions should be done with credits making it a high flow of basic building materials and credits negating the credit overflow most people experience and making it a normal currency again. Players that prefer modes like PvP/PvE would interact with players fond of Open Space and mining providing them credits that they are usually lacking from that mode whilst offering the basic materials in return that the other party lacks. Reworking the GS->Credit conversion would provide extra profit and could be convenient for players too. Chat trade should be limited to 3-5 trades a day with a maximum of 100 units of building materials per transaction. Limiting the inventory to 999 units per item would be preferred in this case so the whole deal doesn't go sideways. This would eliminate the need of having basic building materials in the bundles, reworking the price of each bundle slightly to be more appealing to the masses and more likely make the players/users buy it regardless of financial background, not to mention more satisfied. The randomness can still be a part of the bundle store with this without much negative backlashes. The store The store would have resources like monocrystals, xenocrystals and ores like beryllium, neodium and electrum because, why the hell not, you need profit to develop something dude. The store would seem like a convenient option since there would be no other material involved in the bundles other than the variations of the rare materials everyone needs. Long-term changes In the long run, making the basic materials tradable via credits would negate the overflow of credit gains and make that currency more valuable and it would lower the stress of gathering them and leave a more appealing (positive) game experience in the very basic form of the game. Moving the trade we have now with gold standards into the store tab and listing every sale offer with some kind of a filter would make it a lot easier and faster for players and more profitable for the company due to tax on trade. Another variation of the same idea would be implementing the trade as seen above in the picture, making everything tradable via gold standards and reworking the bundle store by pulling out the common resources making it more appealing to buy. The common resources then would be a thing of trading, making a massive profit due to taxes on GS. Limiting the inventory to 999 slots per item would be useful to deny any massive influx of materials and general economic chaos of any kind.
  146. pink tag

    Are you guys tired? Tired of Tharga chases that end in death as soon as their actives reload? of those downright annoying shipbuilds with no purpose if flying solo like the tackler long range gravi beam that just slows you down for no particular reason? of PvP games involving 20+ players where only 2-3 score big and the rest are imitating dead walruses at spawn with their guards? of survival on repeat whilst trying to play something you actually like and never getting a chance to do it? of those small loopholes and players exploiting them as if they are not decent/good enough so they have to do it to score? of PvE being a swarming mess with the latest buffs implemented in the only way so it's neither difficult nor enjoyable? of players that came all the way to rank 15 without at least a basic knowledge of the game and its mechanics? of trying to score that first win of the day in the first couple of hundred battles today and fail? Well, i got a bit disheartened by more than just this to say at least, so what i have to say is this: Join me in my Open Space stress free sessions every day where you can get synergy, materials, credits and much more for the same time but with more fun and enjoyment of having a decent wingman to talk to and shoot stuff together. It's a multiplayer game so why fly solo when you can fly yolo, with yours trully ORCA1911 PS check this out if you're interested or have doubts about this :D
  147. The Hitchhiker's Guide to Star Conflict Welcome to "The Hitchhiker's Guide to Star Conflict", this will be the place where every question is answered and every mystery is solved (relating to the game, don't ask for the meaning of life). Let's Start Small THE >LAUNCH< MAGIC BEGINS Once the Launch button is pressed, there's no going back!lol jk there's always ALT+F4... In the Launch menu, you can find options like PVP, PVE and CO-OP being the most basic options of them all. Other options are SC Leagues, Pick scenario, Tournament, Special Ops, Custom Battle, Galaxy map, Conquest and Undock. PVP or Skirmish A mode with random maps and objectives in which your opponent is a human player. SC Leagues shares some similarity to PVP but is separated from the PVP mode because of its difficulty in tactical planning, assembly of a team and winning in general. SCL is a daily event, you can see the timestamps when it's on by hovering your mouse over the SCL tab. The rules of Leagues are as follows, you have to create a team in the Leagues tab, invite at least 4 other people to the team, max is 9. When the event is on, the leader has to make a wing counting min 5 players (all of them have to be members of the same team, you can't invite others that are not in your SCL team). All team members have to have 3 ships slotted and the rest is almost similar to PvP, navigate to SCL tab and find your opponents. The Tournament is similar to leagues in terms of planning and team assembly but less strict. It's a weekly event, consisting of 3 rounds, and teams of 8 players. If you manage to win with your team all 3 rounds, all members get 400 iridium. If not, 2 wins is 200 iridium while one win is 100 iridium. You have to be ready before the event starts so your team gets registered on time. The registration time is around 10 minutes so don't waste it. Sector Conquest or Conquest in short is a mode designed for Corporations to capture any sector and hold/defend it as long as possible for valuable daily rewards. The best guide that is able to depict the complexity of Sector Conquest and its importance would be Ketriaava's THE DREADNOUGHT PRIMER - How To Dreadnoughts! Another great guide for Sector Conquest would be Mecronmancer's Dreadnought Battle Mode Primer. More on dreadnought times, rewards and changes can be found HERE. PVE or Missions It's a mode in which your opponents are computer controlled and you have to finish the objectives without dying to win. Don't play PVE without at least one duplicator if you think you can't survive the whole mission, always have a spare one in case of a need. To avoid random maps, choose Pick scenario option if you want to play a specific mission. Special Operations or SpecOps counts as the most difficult PVE mode but it's separated from it just like SC Leagues are from PVP and requires the highest number of players (12 instead of 4 for regular PVE). There you will either battle the Alien Destroyer or the Defiler, the alien mothership, it changes each day but only on sundays you get to play them both switching every 2 hours. The goal in both is to save all the outposts while killing the alien ship and the daily rewards for winning can go from credits, vouchers or monocrystals to even ship parts. Depending on the rank/tier you may play, missions can vary in difficulty, the higher the rank, the harder it is to win a PVE. For all those players wishing to play every PVE mission effectively and also win, xXThunderFlameXx made a guide How 2 PvE in which he discussed the tactics/strategy and difficulty of each PVE mission available. Make sure you read it and upvote it in case it helps you, for any other inquiries, post your questions depending on the topic. CO-OP A mode identical to PVP but with computer controlled opponents. For newcomers, not used to the game mechanics and other stuff, it's the next best thing closest to PVP. This mode can be used for training or simply blowing off steam from time to time. Speaking of training, probably the best thing would be the Custom Battle mode, designed to help people test, learn or simply have more fun in a controlled PVP-like mode. OPEN SPACE Last but not least, the UNDOCK button. This button leads to Open Space, a place where you can explore various sectors, search, plunder, mine and test your skills you made while PVP-ing against other players. Open Space or OS in short, can be a cruel and unforgiving place. Many players have contributed with their guides to make this desolate place a bit friendly for those not used to such harshness. For those players that don't have much experience in OS, it's best to start off with reading my guide How to "Open Space". Its pretty straightforward and easy to understand. Once done with reading and with some base experience, make sure you check out IIHawXII's OS guide for Available Loot, It might be slightly outdated but the purpose of it is to know what you can find out there. Also, make sure to read through xXThunderFlameXx's guide How to properly fight aliens and Rangertre's Aliens. In a case of severe doubt about everything said about OS, see TheDarkRedFox's Fox's guide to becoming alien pro. The Ship Symposium Now that most, if not everything, is clear now, there is only one thing left, SHIPS! Common knowledge Knowing how to build a proper ship that suits a specific playstyle is the key to a successful play and also important if you plan to win as many matches as you can or survive in OS. For those that haven't unlocked the crew tab functions entirely, Koromac 's info guide About Implants should be useful to know what's ahead to unlock. Here are some most common terms everybody uses in their ship builds that never get old, xKostyan's Guide to Resistances and RennieAshII's Critical Damage to Damage per Second Calculator are the best possible guides for making any ship a crazy killing machine. Once personal ship builds are no problem anymore, the next focus should be on upgrading your build, this is where THIS guide comes in handy. All information about your voucher numbers, credits, iridium, and GS is located in the top right part of the hangar window, make sure to check it out regularly. Let's move on to the experienced players with specific build guides, the popular one being AdamWest's [Cov Ops] Advanced guide and probably a counter build by Katovskiy's How to deal with agile targets. Here's also one old guide, still somewhat usable in its basics, made by Jacxis named Tackler 101. Check out xXThunderFlameXx's Broken Ship Builds, see what it means to be a true danger. If these builds are a bit complicated or too much of a hassle, maybe John161 has something interesting in his Ship build collection R9-R15. For all those players that like to camp in a Long Range Frigate, or LRF short, there's just about the right guide for you, the JCNB's LRF Handbook. The last but not least, the Destroyer guides may prove fun to read but they won't be probably so fun once you start grinding for parts. It's best to start with Katovskiy's Comprehensive guide to Destroyers, then continue reading TheDarkRedFox's The Effective Destroyer and once done make sure to check out Koromac's Required resources for all Secret Project ships and Destroyers. These guides should be enough for anyone to have at least a basic idea of what to build and how. After everything is set in motion, read through CommandosGrozny's guide For Crafting or Farming Materials For The Destroyers. If you don't have a destroyer yet or don't want one, don't worry here's a guide to depict how to battle one with Saw One HERE. **more special project ship builds coming soon** Don't forget to check out this special guide made by xXThunderFlameXx called Thunder's guide on how2StarConflict. The Star Conflict Forum 101 Always check out the forum for interesting events and random information that can benefit you and your friends in every possible way. In case you're wondering why you can't post or vote on a topic instantly, it's because you need to post at least once in the forum to get approved, the first time takes a while. Be sure to read the NEWS and UPDATE LOGS every now and then and watch Igromania magazine dedicated to making videos and guides for SC players. Keep an eye open and ship slots ready for EVENTS with various rewards for anyone who's willing to participate. Also, if you have a question about the game in general and its future development, you can post it HERE. If you're a fresh CEO of a new corporation that just began its climb on the leaderboards, the Topic for submitting corporation logos might be something you'll need. For anyone wishing to discuss the news, there's the News Discussion topic and the Developer Blog where you can ask/discuss anything related to the topic you want to talk about. In the case of a need to ask something, the best way would be through the Q&A Section, also, participate in Polls made by other players to contribute to the game and its development. Check out the Community Projects, Corporation and Round Table topics if you're looking to socialize with other players in the game. Make sure to be a part of all those important game discussions like Balance, Leveling and Economy, Game Modes & Maps, Guides, and Miscellaneous. ALSO, don't forget to add your own Suggestions to the aforementioned game discussion topics. Thanks for reading, happy hunting and remember >>> The answer to everything is 42!!! **SMALL NOTICE** **make sure to read the spoiler content, it's very important** **all bolded and underlined guides are hyperlinks to other guides** Looking for detailed guides on Ship builds/SP Ships!