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  1. When im not streaming it's usually 50-60 but why is that important for a different control type? So for stylish fun and front gunning expert mode, for everything else normal mode. I thought i might have missed something since i tried it and it wasn't how i pictured it to be.
  2. Which one is better in your opinion?
  3. We have a wiener
  4. Why can't there be a stacking version of free bundles? Like for instance now, i can do missions for phoenix and reaper and i would like to wait for a x5 rather than the basic bundle. It would be the next best thing imo.
  5. Check out my signature, read the guides, read some news and you're good to go.
  6. Im in, +
  7. Make a new one of the same content.
  8. Try mining site transports for test in jericho, you just have to sit at a gate and wait for them, only trouble are escorts.
  9. I use any destro built for regen, sit at spawn point fast erasing npcs (transports and escorts) best i can, collect loot, profit.
  10. I still think transports are better to farm instead of random ores, this way you get guaranteed rare drops with the golden type ores, everything else is how fast you are at killing everything in sight.
  11. rare resources

    So far you can farm them playing those collectible premiums, open space dailies, spec ops and other first win of the day. Hope it helps.
  12. Rage quit is everywhere in every game, you can basically choose to see a losing game as a fast forward to loot screen and prizes or you can pull off a tryhard maneuver and end up bitter because, surprise, you lost and were losing the entire time. It's all about perspective and the game should be viewed as a game and nothing more.
  13. So far cca 2 minutes are the record times on top 10 places.
  14. rare resources

    Game's economy plan/system is more than naming a few items then making them equal to 1$/€/§, i can't go + on this suggestion even in its basic form, sorry :/. Chances are many will think the same way.
  15. No participation prizes this time? xd
  16. Biohazard Sirius :Đ
  17. Try it again with 10k$+ accounts and see what happens
  18. Exactly.
  19. Sweet! But the trilogy is hard to beat...
  20. all-in-juan guide

    Updated several stuff throughout the guides and texts all over the place, check it out.
  21. You will drown if you move from that island there lol Good luck IRL may the GG and WP be forever in your favor.
  22. Can you find my guides? I bet you can't, because general knowledge is not a thing anymore - ba dum tssarcasm
  23. Necro much?
  24. What do i have to do to make my guides interesting to take at least a peek in? Use the link in my signature and basically read everything u find there so you dont miss anything anymore. Also follow hyperlinks to other guides since not everyone knows what a hyperlink is so i have to write this notice as well.
  25. I was actually referring to the destro group and anti destro (prolly intie in 99% of cases since we're stereotyping) group how they can't give up their comfort zone (of abusing devs minor misscalc of introducing something abuse-able) for the greater good of the community, balance and gameplay in general, but continue with your point tho.
  26. From one extreme to the other... error 404 - middle-ground not found.
  27. Im still under 600, sell mk1 stuff, rockets and ammos.
  28. Tweaking current nerfs to some specific scenarios and mechanics is all that is needed, this is just complicating stuff beyond repair.
  29. That picture so tiny i had to use this xd Also more servers more fun! now the logistics behind that....
  30. Behold king Vigilant in all his glory and gold color lol
  31. I just hate tasks that give out less than 10 xenos and the tasks doing above 10 of something time consuming. Everything else is okay to me so far. I'm a wild orca not a seaworld orca lol.
  32. Ah cool, thx Congrats to the winners
  33. Okay, wait for someone else to rush and kill his killer to score. Rinse and repeat.
  34. It's somewhere in the never-read EULA.
  35. Btw you're allowed to have 2 accounts. Just an fyi.
  36. Can't tell if this is sarcasm or not xd
  37. There is a slight difference to using it effectively and hanging around enemy spawnpoint solo whilst being immortal due faulty or unregulated mechanics, just sayan.
  38. Add the squad, ban the squad, add it ban it... Lower.Ships.(Thar'ga).Base.Stats.And.Modules. Don't complicate the matter even more, it's a simple problem with a simple solution.
  39. Ah, yea, figured as much.
  40. + from me.
  41. Was there such an option? I think there was... + anyway
  42. I always like a revamp of something +
  43. + from me.
  44. They just became ships, nothing more, literally, but even now they are not to be underestimated. In the right hands it can mean all the difference in the world but in other, well, confetti.
  45. I like s&m action so i play only t5, apart from the fact that i must play it in order to get vouchers. The other reason is after fighting against high end thargas, i just wouldn't ever score under a maniac medal in t3. Remember, it's not fair to vaporize nabs if you belong to a higher tier (neither is tharga fair sooo, what is fair in life anyway... ) All in all, be considerate to newcomers, they advance fairly quick to t3 so leave them a bit space to learn stuff.
  46. I kinda get the daily monos and get out, apart from streaming i dont do much. The vouchers are semi-interesting/difficult to do and the elly missions are like me working as an illegal mexican under Trump presidency and getting payed like a beggar, even with premium on.
  47. I would prefer 8 on each team, it's the best mid ground, 10/12 is too much to do anything of value.
  48. Keep in mind that details like to overload the server potato
  49. Horre shet thudrflym said something serious, implement this suggestion NAO
  50. Modular damage type would lead to abusing weakpoints in hull or shield, thermal is the best middleground thus chosen as default damage type. There won't be any change in that manner.
  51. The thing is, when u get 12 additional bars on your screen it kinda limits your view, other than that, it's okay.
  52. It's an interesting approach. +
  53. So basically you are rushing and getting killed and not liking it?
  54. Try your luck with this.
  55. Let's make it a high-noon version where whoever hits first wins.
  56. Orca smells new blood
  57. Kraken may just be the best long range frigate in the game that can be crafted, the mauler is bought so i dont count him in the equation. This is how i play my kraken, many will disagree and i know why so let it be
  58. Avarshina, those guys know each other in a way and that's how they speak with each other. You are basically the only one insulting others and spamming the forum, let it go.
  59. Another way is to judge by the cockpit how long or wide the ship is.
  60. survival

    + from me
  61. tharga

    That's why i said mediocre in stats, not perfect not bad, mediocre, but if you play it right you can excel a bit higher than with others, while a r15 is filthy rich with options and slots. So far best you can do is a mjolnir specific build with it, it can even do some damage on a group of inties.
  62. tharga

    Thilith is a weapon that can be used for a very specific and situational cases, it's not a weapon as we are used to, no damage nor suppressing abilities much but in a certain scenario can be annoying as f, thats about it. You will rarely have fun with it unless the whole team is in inties and you fly a thilith mjolnir. Also tharga is only really good in r15 coz of its options, r9 not so much, rather mediocre ship in stat terms.
  63. Because they just half-fixed one issue while there are multiple issues.
  64. Isn't this for the bug section then? Also there are a lot of audio issues lately.
  65. I see what you did there
  66. He just may be the only one pointing out the huge mistakes to devs with all of the feedback he provided whereas everybody else is just silently abusing the free kills so leave your insults somewhere else.
  67. IDK why but the death star comes to mind with the latest updates lol
  68. Summer time in SC, i hope we get a space beach lol
  69. It's not "liked" by the majority, unlike other stuff un-liked by the mojirty of players, this one simply needs to go on a pause at least until it gets developed further.
  70. Nah, it's always shift or double tap w, space is up by default for me
  71. That's why i buy the 450gs one, it's better Sorry for your loss tho, post a bug and hope for the best.
  72. Doubletap directional buttons to teleport or just W is perfect, still wondering why space since games existed nobody went for space with such a feature.
  73. I gotta admit, it's tempting.
  74. What he said.
  75. - Anything and everything fired outside of the danger-bubble SHOULD NOT count for the 3x (or 2,5x now, whatever) damage. - Only the explosive weaponry outside of the danger-bubble should do its usual 2x. - The destruction of destroyer modules SHOULD NOT do 3x damage, just the 1x usual damage. - The 3x damage should be 2x (i know it's 2,5 now but thats not much of a difference to me, 2.0 is fair) This may be the proper way of implementing such a mechanic and will positively impact the community on both ends, the destro and non-destro population/fans. Also it may bring balance that wont need anymore unnecessary work and we as a whole can focus on future releases without looking back over the shoulder on past content with an aggravating look. Also halving the nerfs done on mobility is optional, not nearly as important as the damage problem is right now.
  76. The Hitchhiker's Guide to Star Conflict Welcome to "The Hitchhiker's Guide to Star Conflict", this will be the place where every question is answered and every mystery is solved (relating to the game, don't ask for the meaning of life). Let's Start Small THE >LAUNCH< MAGIC BEGINS Once the Launch button is pressed, there's no going back!lol jk there's always ALT+F4... In the Launch menu, you can find options like PVP, PVE and CO-OP being the most basic options of them all. Other options are SC Leagues, Pick scenario, Tournament, Special Ops, Custom Battle, Galaxy map, Conquest and Undock. PVP or Skirmish A mode with random maps and objectives in which your opponent is a human player. SC Leagues shares some similarity to PVP but is separated from the PVP mode because of its difficulty in tactical planning, assembly of a team and winning in general. SCL is a daily event, you can see the timestamps when it's on by hovering your mouse over the SCL tab. The rules of Leagues are as follows, you have to create a team in the Leagues tab, invite at least 4 other people to the team, max is 9. When the event is on, the leader has to make a wing counting min 5 players (all of them have to be members of the same team, you can't invite others that are not in your SCL team). All team members have to have 3 ships slotted and the rest is almost similar to PvP, navigate to SCL tab and find your opponents. The Tournament is similar to leagues in terms of planning and team assembly but less strict. It's a weekly event, consisting of 3 rounds, and teams of 8 players. If you manage to win with your team all 3 rounds, all members get 300 GS + loyalty vouchers. If not, 2 wins is 150 GS while one win is 50 GS + of course the vouchers in both cases. You have to be ready before the event starts so your team gets registered on time. The registration time is around 10 minutes so don't waste it. Sector Conquest or Conquest in short is a mode designed for Corporations to capture any sector and hold/defend it as long as possible for valuable daily rewards. The best guide that is able to depict the complexity of Sector Conquest and its importance would be Ketriaava's THE DREADNOUGHT PRIMER - How To Dreadnoughts! Another great guide for Sector Conquest would be Mecronmancer's Dreadnought Battle Mode Primer. More on dreadnought times, rewards and changes can be found HERE. PVE or Missions It's a mode in which your opponents are computer controlled and you have to finish the objectives without dying to win. Don't play PVE without at least one duplicator if you think you can't survive the whole mission, always have a spare one in case of a need. To avoid random maps, choose Pick scenario option if you want to play a specific mission. Special Operations or SpecOps counts as the most difficult PVE mode but it's separated from it just like SC Leagues are from PVP and requires the highest number of players (12 instead of 4 for regular PVE). There you will either battle the Alien Destroyer or the Defiler, the alien mothership, it changes each day but only on sundays you get to play them both switching every 2 hours. The goal in both is to save all the outposts while killing the alien ship and the daily rewards for winning can go from credits, vouchers or monocrystals to even ship parts. Depending on the rank/tier you may play, missions can vary in difficulty, the higher the rank, the harder it is to win a PVE. For all those players wishing to play every PVE mission effectively and also win, xXThunderFlameXx made a guide How 2 PvE in which he discussed the tactics/strategy and difficulty of each PVE mission available. Make sure you read it and upvote it in case it helps you, for any other inquiries, post your questions depending on the topic. CO-OP A mode identical to PVP but with computer controlled opponents. For newcomers, not used to the game mechanics and other stuff, it's the next best thing closest to PVP. This mode can be used for training or simply blowing off steam from time to time. Speaking of training, probably the best thing would be the Custom Battle mode, designed to help people test, learn or simply have more fun in a controlled PVP-like mode. OPEN SPACE Last but not least, the UNDOCK button. This button leads to Open Space, a place where you can explore various sectors, search, plunder, mine and test your skills you made while PVP-ing against other players. Open Space or OS in short, can be a cruel and unforgiving place. Many players have contributed with their guides to make this desolate place a bit friendly for those not used to such harshness. For those players that don't have much experience in OS, it's best to start off with reading my guide How to "Open Space". Its pretty straightforward and easy to understand. Once done with reading and with some base experience, make sure you check out IIHawXII's OS guide for Available Loot, It might be slightly outdated but the purpose of it is to know what you can find out there. Also, make sure to read through xXThunderFlameXx's guide How to properly fight aliens and Rangertre's Aliens. In a case of severe doubt about everything said about OS, see TheDarkRedFox's Fox's guide to becoming alien pro. The Ship Symposium Now that most, if not everything, is clear now, there is only one thing left, SHIPS! Common knowledge Knowing how to build a proper ship that suits a specific playstyle is the key to a successful play and also important if you plan to win as many matches as you can or survive in OS. For those that haven't unlocked the crew tab functions entirely, Koromac 's info guide About Implants should be useful to know what's ahead to unlock. Here are some most common terms everybody uses in their ship builds that never get old, xKostyan's Guide to Resistances and RennieAshII's Critical Damage to Damage per Second Calculator are the best possible guides for making any ship a crazy killing machine. Once personal ship builds are no problem anymore, the next focus should be on upgrading your build, this is where THIS guide comes in handy. All information about your voucher numbers, credits, iridium, and GS is located in the top right part of the hangar window, make sure to check it out regularly. Let's move on to the experienced players with specific build guides, the popular one being AdamWest's [Cov Ops] Advanced guide and probably a counter build by Katovskiy's How to deal with agile targets. Here's also one old guide, still somewhat usable in its basics, made by Jacxis named Tackler 101. Check out xXThunderFlameXx's Broken Ship Builds, see what it means to be a true danger. If these builds are a bit complicated or too much of a hassle, maybe John161 has something interesting in his Ship build collection R9-R15. For all those players that like to camp in a Long Range Frigate, or LRF short, there's just about the right guide for you, the JCNB's LRF Handbook. The last but not least, the Destroyer guides may prove fun to read but they won't be probably so fun once you start grinding for parts. It's best to start with Katovskiy's Comprehensive guide to Destroyers, then continue reading TheDarkRedFox's The Effective Destroyer and once done make sure to check out Koromac's Required resources for all Secret Project ships and Destroyers. These guides should be enough for anyone to have at least a basic idea of what to build and how. After everything is set in motion, read through CommandosGrozny's guide For Crafting or Farming Materials For The Destroyers. If you don't have a destroyer yet or don't want one, don't worry here's a guide to depict how to battle one with Saw One HERE. **more special project ship builds coming soon** Don't forget to check out this special guide made by xXThunderFlameXx called Thunder's guide on how2StarConflict. The Star Conflict Forum 101 Always check out the forum for interesting events and random information that can benefit you and your friends in every possible way. In case you're wondering why you can't post or vote on a topic instantly, it's because you need to post at least once in the forum to get approved, the first time takes a while. Be sure to read the NEWS and UPDATE LOGS every now and then and watch Igromania magazine dedicated to making videos and guides for SC players. Keep an eye open and ship slots ready for EVENTS with various rewards for anyone who's willing to participate. Also, if you have a question about the game in general and its future development, you can post it HERE. If you're a fresh CEO of a new corporation that just began its climb on the leaderboards, the Topic for submitting corporation logos might be something you'll need. For anyone wishing to discuss the news, there's the News Discussion topic and the Developer Blog where you can ask/discuss anything related to the topic you want to talk about. In the case of a need to ask something, the best way would be through the Q&A Section, also, participate in Polls made by other players to contribute to the game and its development. Check out the Community Projects, Corporation and Round Table topics if you're looking to socialize with other players in the game. Make sure to be a part of all those important game discussions like Balance, Leveling and Economy, Game Modes & Maps, Guides, and Miscellaneous. ALSO, don't forget to add your own Suggestions to the aforementioned game discussion topics. Thanks for reading, happy hunting and remember >>> The answer to everything is 42!!! **SMALL NOTICE** **make sure to read the spoiler content, it's very important** **all bolded and underlined guides are hyperlinks to other guides** Looking for detailed guides on Ship builds/SP Ships!