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  1. The Tech Race missions are not supposed to be cancelled. These missions are easily accomplished, fixed in nature and will occur in order If you are referring to the inability to use a specific module or ship type, you are unfortunately hindered by your own progress. Each of the ships between ranks 1 and 3 will be suitable to complete this task - so this will make your circumstances easier. In addition, please pay attention to and read the topic on how to report bugs appropriately.
  2. Already in the database
  3. Linguistic information regarding various resonating corporations within Star Conflict. Information now also contains names of the corporation's CEO or next known representative. CZECH / ČEŠTINA: Czech Ravagers [CzR] - LeYasashii ENGLISH (EUROPEAN): Behemoth [Behem] - WolfKhanGeneral DEEP SPACE X [DSX] - TheStig Evolution [EVO] - comando07 Last Man Standing [FAITH] - AnnunakiHunter Owl Initiative [OWL] - g4borg RadiX [RadiX] - ArcTic Scattered Eagles [SE] - FireAngel Space Mafia [M5] - MainBattleTank Stellar Marines [STEEL] - ZyP3r ENGLISH (UNITED STATES): BEASTS OF JERICHO [BEAST] - Halffast BORG [BORG] Fowler Defence [FDEF] - Xelavian LAMPSHADIC ACADEMY [LAMPA] - Lampshadius The NASA [NASA] - xKostyan Ultra [Ultra] - Kratos The United Front [TUF] - MrTwiddlez United Veterans Militia [UVM] - SMOKEYSHADOWS FRENCH / FRANÇAIS: Les Ailes Celestes [AC] - mnemociraptor EUREKA [ERK] FrogSwarm [FROG] - Silmerias GERMAN / DEUTSCH: Havocs [Havoc] - LonewolfSC Latexbuben [Latex] TerraLuX [LuX] - Conflictwin YAKI [YAKI] - DARKELITEBOSS HUNGARIAN / MAGYAR: Awesome Space Ferrets [ASF] - Spown84 EsadHUN [EHUN] - Kingus Hungarian Alliance [HGA] - EZKill Hungarians [HUNS] HunSiege [Siege] ITALIAN / ITALIANO: Blazing Phoenix [BL4ZE] - Sonic89 Tricolore Italia [IT4LY] - grande18 POLISH / POLSKI: Gwiezdna Eskadra [PL] - ArkadiusXIII Polish Hunters [POL] - mantruder Zgrany Team Z [Zet] - Rob PORTUGESE / PORTUGÊS Legionarios Corp [LGNRS] - Jucahighlander ROMANIAN / ROMÂNĂ Romanian Legion [RO] - Florin RUSSIAN / РУССКИЙ: ALPHA STAR [AS] ApertureScienceLAB [ASL] - GLaDOSx BATTLESTAR [STAR] - OVERLORD Black Joker [JOKER] BLACK SCORPIONS [SC0RP] - GOB CCCP [CCCP] - Cy35M Clear Sky [SKY] Dark Dead Space [DDS] Dead Space [DS] Delta Star [DWARF] - SkirataN7 Divergent [DvR] Dojo [Ninja] - Shotan IOx [iO] - Yorl niji no ressha [Deft] - Triche kosmonavt [kos] KSENOTECH INC [KSENO] Nika Sword [NlKA] NORTH WIND (no tag) Nova Corporation [Nova] - NorthMetalhead Other Side [uHblE] OVERLORD [L0RD] - OVERLORD RED Stars [xRDSx] - Normandy4 The Scourge [TSrge] - CursedSoul Sky Alliance [SKYAL] SIRIUS [SRS] - azverin Soul Side [Side] Star Storm [ST0RM] - OVERLORD Syndicate [SYN] The Evil Dragon [xTEDx] TRIADA [TR] Umbrella Corps [SOTA] VIII SAS BURAN [VIII] WARLON NATION (no tag) Warp Gopnik [DESU] - Mzhelskii White Scorpions [WSP] SLOVAK / SLOVENSČINA: Slovak Ravagers [UFO] - DodikSVK SPANISH / ESPAÑOL: Chaotic Legion [CH4OS] - Soartex Corporacion Hispania [CH] - Thunderbee UKRAINIAN / УКРАЇНСЬКИЙ: Cyborgs [Cybrg] Any extra information that is not present can be posted here in this thread.