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  1. It would be good to be able to construct additional Destroyer ships - corvette class. I agree with this if it's bidden.
  2. Agreed. This should be at least orange
  3. /bewegt
  4. You can never be too serious, Omega. The English language demands the proper respect with appropriate sentence structure, complete with punctuation. Nonetheless, we thank you for the report. The developers have been notified.
  5. About the containers. Verify your days carefully and absolutely know when you're feeling lucky
  6. Thanks guys! I can use the green plain render for my flag to put on my green patio, and then a green space-bar to put in my green galaxy!
  7. Anyone got any decent ones?
  8. People always call the Thar'Ga pay2win. You can get this ship entirely for free by actually playing the game and not paying a single coin, you know... I did and before anyone suggests I had received it, I can show you I damn well did my quests so shush you mugs =D
  9. I have forever been campaigning since the tier system came back to separate the rank systems even further. Rank 10 ships do not belong in a Rank 15 game - and they never will
  10. This way we are not forced to play T5 all the damn time. Agreed, except for craftable ships. But all Premiums at least.
  11. Ranks 5-9 - 150 points per level. Rank 9 is 750. Ranks 9-12 - 100 points per level. Rank 12 is 950. Ranks 12-15 - 50 points per level. Rank 15 is 1100. Rank 15 has a 200 point leeway for additional nodes.
  12. Rank 14 destroyers were available for a limited amount of time only. But do not sorry yourself too much, these should be back again soon.
  13. Join Chaotic Legion. Soartex (CEO) should be very happy to bring you on
  14. This is in PvE and Specops and or should be in PvP too, including custom games. Discuss!