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  1. Limited spaces left! A tournament plan will be released as soon as the team list is full - register on the PAGE now if you want a space!!
  2. No worries - one of our people in Ninja has also made a video which will be uploaded soon as well.
  3. 9 spaces remaining! Remember to sign up to the tournament HERE if you haven't already!
  4. So actually I do have an issue, rather small but still. Nobody wants to do R11+ specops with me because they're all so obsessed with R9 speedrunning I wanna get the Condensing Crystals module!!
  5. Stingray should at 10. Tiger-M at 11. Constructible ship, but requiring the specific parts. Otherwise my Crimson Haze speed runs will be the WORST
  6. Kyuugeki and Listick if they can stand only using Recons and nothing else
  7. I can clarify that after reading this thread, there is no action to be considered. To the concerned. Please expect private messages shortly. Carry on, gentlemen.
  8. Welcome to discuss Star Conflict "Duality" 2x2 Tournament! Remember to tune into the LIVE STREAM on Saturday, 25 February 18:00 MSK (15:00 GMT)
  9. Star Conflict “Duality I” 2x2 Tournament Team Deathmatch - Eastern Mining Station, The Source, Sanctuary, Devil’s Jaw, Monolith Remains, Dreadnought Debris Games commence on Saturday, 25 February 18:00 MSK (15:00 GMT) Regulations: Two pilots per team. Ship Ranks 13-15. Single round elimination. Finals and game for 3rd place will be set in a best of 3. First team to 2 wins goes through. All ‘Ellydium’ ships and Destroyers are forbidden. ‘Thar’kth’ Cannon, Inhibitor Swarm and Missile Reload are forbidden. 5 min lobby waiting time. If one team is not prepared, the team forfeits. If there is a draw, both teams count at a loss. Regulations must be accepted during registration. 1st Place - 120 Xenocrystals 2nd Place - 70 Xenocrystals 3rd Place - 30 Xenocrystals Registration form open at: Registration Form 16 teams may register. Registration closes on Friday, 24 February 18:00 MSK. Brackets will be generated based on average pilot ratings. Livestream available at: Sensei Shotan (YouTube) Happy hunting!
  10. Either São Paulo or Rio de Janeiro. The other thing is, we would need someone around that area to manage the server properly.
  11. Milfeulle... If you support this it would be a catastrophe for your new found top tier seal-clubbing reign!!
  12. Once you choose to leave, you leave. No. The bug should be fixed, not replaced by another feature.
  13. Basically, a forum user has misunderstood some of the interpersonal relationships of players. Let me clarify. Mecronmancer, Niripas and Tillowaty have known each other since the dawn of time, some estimate since around 4,700,000,000 BC. In fact, every single one of them has, at some point, been the ultimate executive of the same corporation. This is just how they chat to each other in normal conversation. No crimes committed here.
  14. Waiting for some time. Then I'll update this list
  15. Maybe. It would be nice to have small maps with maximum groups of 2, medium size maps groups of 3 and large maps groups of 4. In addition, if there is a group of 4, 2 groups of 2 get matched against that squad - if there's a group of 3, either 1 or 2 groups of 2 get matched against them.
  16. I can name several players from Brazil, Argentina and other South American countries who could do with a server to play on. Their connection minimum ping to US server is over 200
  17. I keep suggesting a 4-rank matchmaking system. Scream louder.
  18. We have the Nightingale. There's no need for changes to the Sai.
  19. I've made the suggestion to host servers in South America before as well. Brazil would be the best place to host a server in the south.
  20. Overdrive for 4 seconds, with the addition of a plasma arc that deals very high damage. Basically, it's a piercing gunship module against destroyers. Also, I didn't know I was saving for another EM weapon, nice to know that little detail about the Condensing Crystals module.
  21. Do rekordu. Zrobiłem temat na sugestię
  22. I'm impressed enough by this collection to /pin this topic
  23. Videos of Star Conflict gameplay. Keep tuned
  24. That's a good additional comment. Should be under the HUD but permanently on for members of your group.
  25. Maximum capacity for any battle should be restricted to 16 per game, or 8 per team. It's true, there are too many players in battle.
  26. Here's the deal. After a very long study of responses, conversations with players and even deep pondering, I have created the best balance solution that could change the face of the Ellydium ships forever. Hear me out, this is worth it: Alien Intuition and Combat Reboot It's well known to everyone that if you own this module, you're going to have fun ruining an entire enemy team. You have additional damage with a locking system barrier that you can reset with Combat Reboot and regain your locking ability. Now, in my version, using the Combat Reboot would not only do this, but also switch off the additional damage, too - either that, or the Alien Intuition target locking would remain in the ship regardless of combat reboot. Matter Absorber to no longer stack upon ship destruction Let's say you have a Survival game, or you are doing a Defence Contract speed run, and 8 ships die. Your ship regenerates the hull a number of times according to how many ships in range have been destroyed - now, instead of fully regenerating your entire 10,000+ points of hull, change the settings to reset the counter every time a ship dies - this way, you still have continuous regeneration and, for ships taking down a Thar'Ga will become an easier task, considering its overpowered arsenal. Isolate module slots from points and raise points costs for all buff nodes Ships should have no more than 9 slots at rank 11 upwards, and this is a genuine fact. It's a very disturbing observation to see that you can have 15 module slots on a single ship and even I'm saying this, and I have 13 available to me on my ship. So, instead of having the nodes available for points, let these nodes actively determine by which rank the ship will play. Bonus nodes should only increase points in addition to the rank and be active after the ship's passive module node has been activated. Example. You may freely activate the Engine socket node at Rank 13, but it will mean that you must have at least 1,000 collective points to hit the 'Apply' button. If the node is not activated, the bonus behind the node (if there is one) cannot be activated until the socket node is used (as the system is right now). Usually, it should mean that using the socket will cost nothing, but using the upgrade behind that socket node should cost between 150-200% of its current points value. Finally. Special modules for the ship should cost the following: 45 points for "Hive"; 65 points for "Combat Reconstructor"; 95 points for "Condensing Crystals"; 135 points for "Crystal Predator". There it is fellas. Now give me my Nobel Prize.
  27. I agree. Unless a ship has some form of overkill such as taking damage more than twice of its base hull, the ship should immediately die. Otherwise, it should have a two second period where if it is below 1% that it have a 2 second death counter where the ship is disabled entirely until repaired.
  28. All special modules - with the exception of the Sting - deal thermal damage. Considering that thermal damage is the all-round damage base type, this should remain unchanged.
  29. Expect something very shortly!!
  30. This is in PvE and Specops and or should be in PvP too, including custom games. Discuss!
  31. Perfect suggestion Adam. I'll push this through to the developers
  32. This is absolutely despicable behaviour. If you have something to contribute, either make a constructive suggestion or speak to the game staff in a REASONABLE tone. Don't you DARE EVER use this tone on the forums again. /closed
  33. Linguistic information regarding various resonating corporations within Star Conflict. Information now also contains names of the corporation's CEO or next known representative. CZECH / ČEŠTINA: Czech Ravagers [CzR] - LeYasashii ENGLISH (EUROPEAN): Behemoth [Behem] - WolfKhanGeneral Chaotic Legion [CH4OS] - Sho DEEP SPACE X [DSX] - TheStig Evolution [EVO] - comando07 Owl Initiative [OWL] - g4borg RadiX [RadiX] - ArcTic Scattered Eagles [SE] - FireAngel Space Mafia [M5] Stellar Marines [STEEL] - ZyP3r ENGLISH (UNITED STATES): BEASTS OF JERICHO [BEAST] - Halffast BORG [BORG] Fowler Defence [FDEF] - Xelavian LAMPSHADIC ACADEMY [LAMPA] - Lampshadius The NASA [NASA] - xKostyan Ultra [Ultra] - Kratos The United Front [TUF] - MrTwiddlez United Veterans Militia [UVM] - SMOKEYSHADOWS FRENCH / FRANÇAIS: Les Ailes Celestes [AC] EUREKA [ERK] FrogSwarm [FROG] - Silmerias GERMAN / DEUTSCH: Havocs [Havoc] - LonewolfSC Last Man Standing [FAITH] - AnnunakiHunter Latexbuben [Latex] TerraLuX [LuX] - Conflictwin YAKI [YAKI] HUNGARIAN / MAGYAR: Awesome Space Ferrets [ASF] - Spown84 EsadHUN [EHUN] - Kingus Hungarian Alliance [HGA] - EZKill Hungarians [HUNS] HunSiege [Siege] ITALIAN / ITALIANO: Blazing Phoenix [BL4ZE] - Sonic89 Tricolore Italia [IT4LY] - grande18 POLISH / POLSKI: Gwiezdna Eskadra [PL] - ArkadiusXIII Polish Hunters [POL] - mantruder Zgrany Team Z [Zet] - Rob PORTUGESE / PORTUGÊS Legionarios Corp [LGNRS] - Jucahighlander ROMANIAN / ROMÂNĂ The Nооbs [Nооb] - Florin RUSSIAN / РУССКИЙ: ALPHA STAR [AS] BATTLESTAR [STAR] - OVERLORD Black Joker [JOKER] BLACK SCORPIONS [SC0RP] - GOB BLADES [BLAD] CCCP [CCCP] - Cy35M Cerberus [CSA] Clear Sky [SKY] Dark Dead Space [DDS] Dead Space [DS] Delta Star [DWARF] - SkirataN7 Divergent [DvR] Dojo [Ninja] - Shotan IOx [iO] - Yorl niji no ressha [Deft] - Triche kosmonavt [kos] KSENOTECH INC [KSENO] Nika Sword [NlKA] No Questions [NQ] NORTH WIND (no tag) Nova Corporation [Nova] - NorthMetalhead Other Side [uHblE] OVERLORD [L0RD] - OVERLORD RED Star [RDS] RED Stars [xRDSx] - Normandy4 The Scourge [TSrge] - CursedSoul Sky Alliance [SKYAL] SIRIUS [SRS] - azverin Soul Side [Side] Star Storm [ST0RM] - OVERLORD Syndicate [SYN] The Evil Dragon [xTEDx] TRIADA [TR] Umbrella Corps [SOTA] VIII SAS BURAN [VIII] - Baikal52 WARHOOM ONE CARTEL [MAFIA] WARHOOM ONE HOLDING [W1] WARHOOM ONE INC [WI] Warp Gopnik [DESU] - Mzhelskii White Scorpions [WSP] SLOVAK / SLOVENSČINA: Slovak Ravagers [UFO] - DodikSVK SPANISH / ESPAÑOL: Corporacion Hispania [CH] - Thunderbee Latin Hope [LH] - Hedona UKRAINIAN / УКРАЇНСЬКИЙ: Cyborgs [Cybrg] Any extra information that is not present can be posted here in this thread.