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  1. Ohhh buen ojo. Corregida Si puedes revisa los demas modulos especiales de las fragatas guardia por algun error de este tipo
  2. New mortair has more dmg per shot, same ROF (so higher DPS...btw you cant have more DPS and less DPM xD), same proyectile speed, same overheat time, less range, more spread, 50m extra blast radius. About the speed bonus, special module now takes a lot of energy (300), which is 1/3 for my patriarch, and since the speed bonus drops over time i cant sustain its max bonus. BTW guards dont have hull regen as stated in patches. Emergency barrier takes a tremendous amount of energy (so you either gotta be near 3-4 enemies or be at max cap and with F12 implant active otherwise the heal will stop) without any real bonus. Spectre field cost is really high as well, almost draining a full cap in a jeri guard....not everything is a buff straight foward...
  3. i suspect this was made to prevent audio issues
  4. reduced max RoF to half, increased dmg to double....or something close. DPS displayed looks kinda the same.
  5. well...what you name is focus fire. Its what proper wings and squads do at competitive gameplay: everyone firing at the same guy to take him down as fast as possible, preventing him to get away and weakening the enemy team considerably. After that guy is down, taking the next guy gets easier...and easier, if your team manages to avoid deaths on their side. How to prevent focus fire? coordinate with your team to focus fire too, watch carefully your position and your team position, be prepared to react (as gunship you have combat reboot, overdrive, engine overcharge, heal, blink if you fly tharga, plus R14 implant and others...). You are not helpless, your team can do the same.
  6. After ramming many times players and bots (PVP, PVE and coop) while flying my tharga, i give up on getting this mission. The only thing i did not do was killing a player by collission...and hell i wont do that considering i was dealing like 200 dmg with collission at nearly 650m/s. Ping doesnt make it easier either.
  7. mmm...that doesnt work with my tharga i cant complete spec ops mission (When doing destroyer T3) and also the "win 4-10 games".
  8. I wouldnt say its a great weapon for begginers....
  9. Pretty much agree with 1, disagree with 2 (they werent balanced, but its not properly balanced now either). Actually, destroyers are big and slow, require proper positioning to fire with a good amount of turrets, cant dodge most shots, healing is worse for all cases; they should definately survive longer than all other ships, that are faster and more agile (i do agree with the speed nerf for destroyers). And if a cov op gets close doesnt mean at all that your team s+cks hard or your position was wrong: when you are in the heat of the battle and a stealthy cov op comes from behind, plasma arcs and kills the destro in a few secs, there was actually nothing to do or foresee (the only one capable of doing something was the destro pilot if he had enough awareness to notice that cov op in deal with the cov op by his own, cause you cant request for help to your team in random queues (cant ping cloacked targets)). Thats right, destroyers survive less than frigates at close quarters. That makes no sense to me (you arleady have a very hard time hitting spinning targets). Summing it all up: destroyers tank too much at mid/long distances, but tank too little at close quarters because...? Weird logic. Just reduce survability overall and you wont have this weird issue of passive dynamic effectiveness at different distances. Effectiveness is already different through pilot use (at different distances), theres really no need to increase that further. Why could i ignore some targets firing me at mid distance but are forced to deal with the same targets at close distances? Distance should not be such a crucial factor to determinate target priority in terms of dmg/survb.
  10. Note that Kite-E has pumpkin preset XD (now im regreting not taking a SS to nodachi when presets were bugged)
  11. I dont agree with the new dmg multiplier when enemies are closer than 750m (i would rather a survb drop at any distance, in lower amount of course), but that doesnt leave you helpless; you can still counter many atempts if you are good enough and aware. You can fire ships aproaching to your direction (set mines where they will pass to reach you), use wormhole before hand or do a short jump after you start getting hit (good to gain distance, remove the dmg multiplier, get a better angle of fire, avoid self fire, etc), fire tempest when enemies are close (but carefull if they are too close. I use tempest on bottom so its great to deal with people sneaking from below), use control to change flight mode and be able to shoot better the enemies flying near you (preventing the gimbal lock. This is good for enemies that are way too close: you move your mouse very little instead of turning your camera like crazy. Photon works quite well in this cost of high self fire tho. This also helps screwing enemy accuracy (giving them a hard time to blow up your modules), specially for plasma arc), keep your eyes open for cov ops with adaptive camo (its not that hard to see them, specially when you see its engine trail or the distortion bubble. A lock warning without seing enemies nearby should be a great clue that a cov op will use plasma arc soon against you. If you get white noised then chances are way higher than that will happen...thats the moment to look at your engines). And as some would say, im a "dessie lover"; im fat (see my pic?) and i like fat things
  12. Bien ahi me esta gustando la opcion de postquemadores (traduje algunos como posquemadores respetando las traducciones anteriores, pero en ese entonces no me habia dado cuenta que habian varias otras traducciones con el otro termino). Creo que si son pequeñas modificaciones no hay problema. Dudo que muchas personas noten el cambio (agregar o quitar una "t" a unas cuantas palabras). Por cierto, llego el parche y no se actualizaron todos los textos Habra que esperar al menos el titulo aparece correctamente ahora
  13. Las traducciones para ambas opciones estan mas o menos parejas en cantidad (hay mas para posquemadores, pero no por tanto), y ya llevan harto tiempo implementadas en el juego . Si puedes conseguir mas opiniones lo agradeceria mucho
  14. jajaja si ese fue un desliz mio xD le di copy paste y no le quite la variable ($name$). En el proximo parche deberia aparecer corregido junto a otros textos. El del 2012 (Precursor) esta bien Una pregunta, la traduccion de "Afterburners" la dejo como "Posquemadores" o "Postquemadores"? Varios traductores han usado ambas opciones y segun reviso ambas son correctas aparentemente...por tanto no estoy seguro con cual quedarme.
  15. if it helps...i also give my thumbs up on the quick double tap feature.
  16. Ill be playing in my 64 bits partition then
  17. Ive been sending crash reports over and over...