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  1. xD i do remember (reason why i posted it) and im going for endeavsteel's hipothesis (that you are a new player). Why 9 "normal ships" and 1 destroyer? because theres bigger difference between classes than between factions (inside classes)..and you get the entire faction (ellydium) so theres no "between faction" distinction. In simple words: you would get 3 identical destroyers, cause they are all ellydium. That wouldnt be smart from dev side, its kinda like making a palom mkII (im surprised they did that). Just to make it clear: whats the difference between a JLRF and an ELRF? just the faction. Now, whats the difference between 2 ellydium LRFs? none. Thank you BTW, i dont know what makes you think the idea of 9 ships and 1 destroyer is a suggestion. Its a guess. Your logic is very...interesting to me, saying it nicely.
  2. im with you mate (stopped reading after this pretty much)