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  1. Sigh... STEEL will always be your home. See you around and thanks for the past years.
  2. Description sounds like a new map to me.
  3. The 开 open sign inside the plane may help since not many western flights have that imo.
  4. True. But in our case activity stopped dead. Probably an assessment raised a flag and management wants answers from someone. If they checked who's been active recently and has some experience then that's how they got to JaVi. That's my logic at least. Now this is how we can induce changes. So lets be nice and help them.
  5. Aww, this mail made me happy. Thanks for posting it. I don't know if I got this too because I couldn't log in yet. But it tells me that they do care about us or at least about the game. Well, I will describe how I see this game mode, although I've done it many times in suggestions and discussions, as soon as I get time for it. I will be honest and fair. I think I am one of the few in STEEL that have a long experience and a well educated opinion of SecCon. I will probably put it up here for discussion too.
  6. Happy Easter dear Isa and you all.
  7. I was exactly like this wannabe bank robber: Thinking back it was funny...
  8. Many things have been broken here for a long time. There used to be a nice balance between positive and negative effects of modules. Now there are many effects packed into one device without counter or negative effect or without making players to choose between the best modules since all the best stuff can be used on one ship.
  9. But Miiiiiilf. Why me? You p2w you. On a side note: that was my first time seeing that xxxx.
  10. Controlled distribution of goods in value and quantity.... Where did I hear of this?
  11. Stellar Marines [STEEL] International Welcome to Stellar Marines' Corporate Communication Hub! ABOUT US Stellar Marines [STEEL] is an international corporation that unites its members under the aegis of Federation. As a member of the Alliance of Free Worlds our goal is to maximize profit from any mission and to provide the best experience for members, allies, friends and foes within the Star Conflict Universe and beyond. HISTORY Little is known about the early days of Stellar Marines. Most of the knowledge has faded away by now and there are not many left to tell the true story of the founder and the common cause that brought mercenaries together to fight side by side... GUESTS Thank you for visiting Stellar Marines International. Feel free to use our forum in accordance with the followings: In order to post or create a topic with a new forum account (max. one per user), it has to be linked to a game account that has at least two battles played with. Forum moderators may also activate forum accounts on request. Some delay may occur. If you would like to join our corporation you can do so by posting a request here on forum, by applying in game via corporation tab, or by asking our officers (CEO, VP, officers) for invitation. Further details in „Careers” section below. Our forum has a collection of various useful information about the game in the „Galactic Library” section created to help every player. Drop by any time. If you have any incident (conflict, knowledge of violation, complaints, etc.) regarding our members that you wish to resolve directly with us, please, contact our CEO or VPs, or write us here in this forum and we will do everything we can to find a solution. Following forum rules is expected. Inappropriate posts will be modded by Star Conflict staff. Please use the "spoiler" tool if posting pictures, videos or any content with large size. Thank you and have a good time with Star Conflict. MEMBERS (Under development) You guys already know the drill so not much to say here.. yet.... under development. CAREERS Applicants What we expect: Being a relatively active player. This also serves your in-game experience a lot. We accept new and experienced players. Skill or progress does not matter. Everybody can find players to play with on every level. If you can read this then you are qualified. Having basic knowledge of English is beneficial (but not necessary) since our corporation is multinational and it is the common language. Participation in corporate battles is advised (for the sake of fun, diversity and better game experience) but not forced. Everyone can play the way they wish. Refraining from any profanity and abusive behavior on every platform of the game. Following game and forum rules is expected. Exceptional sensitivity and understanding towards each other while bearing in mind possible cultural and age differences. Find your way to have fun. Don't expect us to provide you everything on a silver platter. Find what you like in the game and "work" for it. Interact, communicate, laugh at and with each other. What we offer: Chance for participating in every game mode including PvP, PvE, Co-op, Special Operations, Sector Conquest (a.k.a. Dreadnought battles), Star Conflict Leagues (SCL), Open Space (farming), and Tournaments. Casual playing with our members. Help with missions, ship builds, resource collecting, or with any question about the game. Easy-going atmosphere within the corporation. (Exceptions may apply in case of lost battles.:) Occasional learning about the world, cultures, life and everything beyond '42' in a multinational environment. Access to our Corporate Shipyard in Federation space. About 14 days protection from automatic dismissal in case of inactivity. Returning former members are always welcome to join again. Up-to-date information about game events, patches, announcements, and organized corporate battles. Discord voice chat. (Please note that we apply general etiquette and game rules here as well.) Continuous recruitment. Automatic acceptance of friends for the request of our members. Fun. (If you want to have some.) Members Promotions are offered according to the needs of our corporation. Active, communicative, reliable members who are willing to help others may qualify for higher positions. Salary: None. Work to do: Plenty. CONTACTS Management & corporation structure: Groparu, CEO (the 'hires everyone without a corporation' guy) ZyP3R, VP (the authority) paharetu, VP (the 'knows how to get things done' guy) JaVi, VP (the SCL guy) Fonsete, VP (the pizza monster) SINaka, VP (the editor) Officers (the recruiters, a.k.a. the lazies) Privates (the borg, a.k.a the IDGAFs) Office hours: Monday - Sunday 0:00 to 24:00 (Except when we sleep, eat, party, live life, etc. In case of serious loss of life and/or b...hurt office will open next day.) Channels: In-game chat/mail (Contacts: STEEL members) Forum message/mail (Contacts: STEEL members) STEAM (Contact: N/A) Discord (Permanent membership is available to our members. Invitation is provided to our friends and guests as well.) SPECIAL THANKS TO Targem Games, Gaijin Entertainment, and the Star Conflict team for this great game, the Intergalactic News Network (INN) editors for their informative and entertaining articles, the game guide makers for sharing their valuable knowledge and experience, the streamers and video makers for letting us watch ourselves rise and fall from other perspectives.