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  1. Centre announces the start of a grand Summer Sale in Star Conflict! Until July 5, you can purchase DLC at a 50% discount! Unique bonuses and ships are waiting for you today, hurry! You can purchase DLC in our store and on Steam. The Steam sale will start at 17:00 UTC on Jun 22. Sincerely, Star Conflict Team
  2. Hello everyone! Once again this is your eternal science blog presenter Marcus Chromakeykus! Today's edition is live from the deck of the unique ‘Ellydium’ corporation science dreadnought! Next to me in the ship's huge cabin is the scientific advisor and the permanent director of the station-laboratory ‘Ellydium Theta’ Dr. Conrad Dimeni. - Conrad, I'm happy to see you again! - The feeling is mutual, Marcus!We still remember your shoe every morning with my colleagues. How is it, by the way? - Good, thank you.I bought a new pair.And I still remember how your police roughed me up. - Yes, those were the times!Now we are all at peace, and the policemen know your face. - But, they say, there are some difficulties on the other big stations?I heard, Conrad, that on ‘New Eden’ your employees got into some unpleasant situation? - Yes, Marcus.Hard times, wild manners. Our guys barely escaped from the crowd of idlers who are supported by these damn feds. At the moment we have no idea what sparked the conflict. - I heard that your ships are pretty damn good and the Feds' profits have fallen sharply. - Science can do real miracles!And not only financial! Let's take a closer look at our new projects. We are going to blow up this old imperial destroyer. And on this screen we will see everything with the eyes of our latest engineering frigate's captain. See for yourself! - What a blast, Conrad!Impressive! - What's important is not the blast, but what remains of the ship. - I see strange lit-up objects on the screen.What is it? - This is how the frigate's captain sees the debris that can be used to increase the power of his ship. - Well, so far, to be honest, it's not particularly impressive.A glowing wreckage is still a wreckage. Oh, no, what is it? So huge! What's that, teeth? - This is our new ‘Ellydium’ fleet flagship — Waz'Got frigate! - Thank you, Conrad.Science does work wonders! That's all for today. Tune in next week. Marcus and Conrad were with you today. Stay with us! To be continued... All issues: Science News. Back to the future! Science News. Life! Science News: Ariadne contract Science News. Free market