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  1. If i reconsider how often the contract system was changed... the current one is the "worst" imo. I know that at the start they used a kinda similar contract system but without of the "Max Rank" requirement stuff. Then they made it so that every factions contract was active at the same time (what was for me the most convinient version). I don´t know what was between my break of 3 years and stuff but this Max Rank requirement thing "forces" me to play my R15 ship all the time while the rest of my fleet is not in use in order to level them up so that i only can use the free syn from my R15 ship all the time. In combination with the "you need to change the hangar for the other contracts" it feels like an eternity to complete certain contracts before you can move on to the next contract. Another point is the PvP part that really is a chore for me. I´m not really an PvP player (never was fan of PvP in any game anyways) but if you are "forced" to go in your highest ships in combination with the current Thar´Ga spam in this tier it´s even more frustrating. Honestly i´m not the active PvP player so that my contribution isn´t that much cus i basicly sit in my Engi behind an object and try to stay hiden all the time with some shoots here and there if an enemy comes behind the lines and this was it then already. Removing the "Max Rank" requirement would help me at least to level my other ships faster then only wait for the Free syn to be enough (even when i get ~2-3k per PvP/PvE round in case of a win). I wouldn´t even mind the numbers cus they would come sooner or later then but so and in order to gain my vouchers and stuff i´m pretty much stuck to just 2 ships that are R15 while the rest is in slow-mo leveling phase cus of no playing chance. Maybe even enabling the "all contracts" at the same time could be brought back as well cus in the end you would need to change the hangar for the daily mono mission anyways.
  2. Well this would make the numbers reasonable why they made them so high cus the relation was matching by an daily 10 ore/day. But this was DURING the event but we don´t have this anymore (or whenever it maybe will return). The point is that they either would need to change the needed internal structs (only 1/dessie) OR make the daily Star Mara reward the same (10 ore/day). For now this "project" died for me and i will continue with maxing the ships... and when this is done i may not know what i could/should do after this but the dessie project is currently not more of my intrest and if this means that i can´t participate in certain events due of "dessie required" then so be it.
  3. Trading is nice and stuff... but why only GS? I mean even if we are able to find tradable stuff in these rare crates (that we need to open with Iridium) it still doesn´t mean that we could find a player who needs the stuff + it will give an price war when the community can determine the price for the stuff. To be blunt i never was a fan of community driven economy cus in the times only a bunch of players has an certain item they "controll" the price and get rich with no real effort. In the end i currently hope that GS will just be used as starting point for the trading cus i´m simply not willing to purchase GS to buy something and even lose 10% of my GS (where i already payed my 19% tax for the GS purchase). Maybe the server as to many GS flying around atm or something else (don´t know if there is any way to earn GS here) but i would suggest to make it an option if you wanna pay in GS or in Credits cus in the end i guess there are way more credits flying around then GS. I don´t know what player is the "richest" atm but my guess would be easily 500 mio+... but in the end these players surely have everything anyways so the trading would be "pointless" for them i belive.
  4. Well for me the relation between the needed mats and the drop/obtain doesn´t matches at all here. If now only talk about 1 R8 dessie it needs 320 impure Neo ore (32 neo plates), In case of R11 dessies we talk about 320 impure beryl ore (32 enriched beryl) and 200 impure neo ore (20 neo plates). The R14 dessies i wouldn´t count in now atm cus they aren´t available atm but here we would talk about 360 impure neo ore (36 neo plates), 360 impure beryl ore (36 enriched beryl) and 720 electrum (60 enriched electrum). And this are the numbers for just ONE dessie. I don´t know if it always required 2 internal strucs (3 in R14 case) or not but again the relation between the need and the drop seems not to match really for me here. According to what i have heared from the corp new players can aquire a dessie (R8 i guess) within of the first 2-3 weeks cus of the ranking missions that give the crafted parts needed for a dessie. Can´t either confirm or deny it from my side cus i´m at R11/15/15 (like mentioned in another post i started the game around 3 years ago (soon 4) and made a break for this timespan where tons of stuff changed and dessies where implemented). Anyways if i now would go even further here the credit prices for the crafting and stuff are kinda a joke for my feeling cus in the time i have farmed the mats i guess that i would have 100-times more credits (if not even more) then it requires. So in order to come back to my very starting post here: I would either prefer of doing PvE/PvP 360 times (if it would give an 360 wins streak) instead of farming for months (currently i´m at the point to even say years) just to craft 1 ship. Considering that with R11+ missions tend to fail a couple of time for whatever reason (players die soon after start of the mission, teamplay is an not known word, "preparing" for the next stage (in FS/DC terms) is not present, rushing into the AI is common) i normaly need 20-30 tries just to complete the R11 mission next to the "no loot chance for impure beryl ore" here. I would have found it way better if it could be done multiple times (maybe up to 5 times for the x5 chest like in the shop) instead of this "not really giving something way" + again tons of useless syn that i can´t transfer anyways. I can life with the "stop whining about it stuff" but like said... the relation doesn´t match at all here.
  5. Well i have given up the project cus it simply is to crazy to achive for my personal sanity. Normaly i haven´t anything against farming/grinding but if it gets to insane i simply avoid it to go any further. Yet alone i ask myself why star mara can only be done once per day... it´s not so that i gives us the mats like candy. I think dessies are an money grab idea in terms of the needed mats... i mean what dev came to the freaking idea that it needs 2 internal strucs for a dessie? Wouldn´t have 1 been more then enough or did neo/bery ore drop during the implementing time like nothing to make it reasonable? I did read your guides and tried to go as close as possible for me but an real accomplishment wasn´t noticable for me cus the gain is way to low. Rare or not it´s just an class i never will fly. In the end what do i want with all this syn on 1 single ship if i can´t transfer it anyways?
  6. So i did now fly 1 full hour in sanctuary (that seems from all 3 locations the "easiest" to survive long enough) but not an single neo/beryl drop from the big nodes. Cus i have no scanner for R10+ either i don´t know if it would make it better cus i know most of the spots and fly in circle the whole time, dumped a (excuse in advance) shitload of useless stuff into space and searched at least more then 100 nodes over this way (didn´t really counted them in the end). Then i tried scrapyard and after around 30 mins a biomorph hunter had the idea to kill me (he shot straight at me in cloaked state) so that i can´t really say if it would have been better or not even with the scanner for my R8 tackler. Don´t know however if it really is just extreme bad luck or anything else but OS doesn´t seem to give an steady income of these mats or if there is any other formula behind it that i don´t have understood so far.
  7. I tried OS and my luck seems rather low, even with suggested map areas/transporters etc. I also tried an "efficent" way of beeing close to a map that should contain neo/bery while 1 or 2 jumps further an transport drone was located... well traveling through the areas is the lesser problem while the NPC can be quite a pain if you are detected and can´t escape from their shoots due of an "normal" speed ship with ~300m/s (with Afterburner). Most runs i tried out in the different map areas gave me either crap or with much luck 1 neo or bery drop (depending if i fly an R8 or R11 ship i guess). OS is currently "not worth effort" in my eyes or i need an real proof to see that it is way more efficent then doing PvE FS/DC over and over and over again in hope to get 1 drop per run (where R11+ gives me creeps in thinking about it due of most time failure runs with no drop at all then). I´m willing to accept this OSA thing to see if i maybe find my mistake cus again the guides for transporters, mining spots seem not to work really well for me or i have overseen something so far. In the end the constant annoying so far for me was this eternal back and forth travel between x sectors to fill up my cargo with crap i don´t really need (in combination with no cargo expansion for my R15 Patri/Mamoth) so that it feels even more like a "waste of time".
  8. So i try to farm a bit for the R8/11 dessies but for whatever reason it seems like Neo and Bery farming i kinda a chore (and extremly boring). From what i have heared new players recieve the parts for an dessie kinda "easy" due of faction rankups. Cus i started this game now nearly 4 years ago i already have 2 factions at R15 and 1 at R11 what is kinda "unfair"(?). During the time dessies where implemented i wasn´t around either but i can live with that cus it was my own fault in this case. Anyways i started to consider the farming of the materials and i must say... it´s such a pain to gain the neo and bery stuff next to the stupid idea of the need for 2 internal strucs per dessie + the mats that come into play here. 320 neo ore just for an R8 dessie without of the mats you need for the other parts + the monos. Next to this the totaly useless thing of needing an maxed R8/11 ship that produces tons and tons of "wasted" syn (1 ship with currently 2 mio now). In any case the good old RNGesus is the next insane factor that comes here into play cus even when a mission is won it doesn´t gurantees a neo/bery drop in the acording rank what can lead to 10 missions won and just 3 neo/bery drops in common. The daily mission... well an "nice" option but only a 1 timer per day. In case of OS i tried diffrent locations/guides and stuff but due the extreme low rate of transport drones you basicly load your cargo and return to the docking base what in the end takes more time then flying PvE FS/DC. I kinda would more enjoy the farming for those dessies if in terms of an maxed R8/11 win the 1st loot always would be an neo/bery drop instead of hoping for the drop cus then the "goal" would be foreseable when it would be reached... i mean alone for the 3 R8 dessies it needs an insane amount of 960 neo ore. R11 dessies i don´t even consider atm cus there it would be 960 bery + 600 neo (and again not considering the other needed mats for the parts). I can understand if an dessie should be something "special" but somehow i have the feeling it would take me nearly 3 months + just to build 1 R8 dessie...
  9. The "onliest problem" i have with the laser is that you really need to aim at the exact place where the ship is. And the smaller the ship becomes the harder it gets to hit it. But even for larger ship this problem counts and i even use max zoom in to aim precicely but in the moment you are off for 1 or 2 pixels the laser already "misses" the target. What i would have liked on this weapon would be an "semi-targeting" that hit´s the ship if it´s inside of the little aim reticle helper with the drawback of reducing the strength for a bit to make it not to strong. In PvE the lasers serve an good job while in PvP you really need to be skilled to hit the enemy with it.
  10. Regarding PvP... it simply isn´t my mode that could "drive" me insane sometimes cus i couldn´t stand the battles that are basicle "presented" to the other team or i don´t notice any teamplay during the fights. And losings in a row is something that just adds then to this. Normaly i´m a calm person but PvP can make me very critical in some points. Making me feel happy to do PvP is kinda of a "master trial" that really hard is to pull of in order to convince me to "like" PvP. In these terms i more leave it to the real PvPlers who can enjoy it no matter the circumstances cus if i notice that a battle will end in a defeat i "stop conrtibuting" anymore effort... Ok PvE can drive me crazy sometimes too but this only in the R11+ regions where for mysterious reasons some rounds end faster then they began and players die due of "solo jolo runs" or something like that lol. Anyways in terms of my timezone it´s EU timezone (and more exactly germany (and even more exactly GMT+1))
  11. Uhm... yeah and this is why the game has russian voices when i switch it to russian over steam... the voices are there already (and according to my starting time since release of the game). Sure translating may be way easier then the voices (i´m translator for another online game that is in development now) but if the files for these are already present i ask myself why i need to "change" the "whole game" to another language JUST to hear the voice from said language? Even if i´m german i´m honestly pretty fine with english voices (cus german most of the time "screw" the immersion up) but the russian voices are even an small taste better. And that is what wonders me on this whole thing... files for the russian voices are there but no option just to change the voice while the UI has another language. And this since now nearly 3 years where the game exists. I´m also aware the bugs and balancing should stand over every other nice feature/addition to a game but that during the whole timeframe it seems never to have been suggested or requested is something that wonders me a bit.
  12. Well after nearly 3 years break of SC i decided to come back to look what has changed... and well it has changed a lot lol. However 3 years ago i played this game with some friends but no one of them plays it anymore and for whatever reason they stoped playing it these 3 years ago and so i left the game as well cus no real fun value was existing anymore cus playing alone (and with rndms) is sometimes... "intresting" to put it that way. But well time to move forward again and to look for another corp to play with (cus i was in the corp of my friends that now is "dead"). My main battle playstyle is PvE contend while PvP and Co-op is more used for the daily bonus. My ships are more or less something like an "my own idea" style instead of optimized from my personal feeling. Cus i have no Headset TS3 and stuff to communicate "directly" isn´t really an option for me. My playing time is average around 3-4 hours+.
  13. So i know that Star Conflict has "diffrent" languages but the problem is if you change the language you change the whole UI. When i just for fun changed the language to russian (for whatever reason it was) i was amazed by the russian voice overs in comparision to the english voices. Now the years have passed in SC but the devs still seem not to have found a way to add an option to change just the voices and keep the texts/ui at another language... i mean nowadays basicly every game has these 2 options as kind of common installment. Even the search in the net didn´t brought up any "solution" to just change the voices... is it somewhere "confirmed" that the devs never will add such an option cus i think that it can´t be that tough to add such an option if i consider other games i have seen an played.