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  1. It doesn´t really wonders me the players can only complain since some time cus way to many things "work against them" if we would be honest here... If i would now start looking from my perspective then there would be contracts that are "broken as xxxx" due of this useless max rank requirement all the time that forces you to play in a tier you don´t really like or want to play (T5), the recource limit that now "punishes" you for having to much recources that simply get destroyed when exeeding the limit intstead of beeing sold for Credits, the market system that is totaly "useless" cus it would require you to sit x/x in the hangar to post your offers and wait for an potential buyer (still an auction system would be way better with fixed prices instead of community driven prices), removing of certain contracts that "helped" players to get certain recources, the still boring and tedious OS (along with the travel through x systems to fullfill objective x and selfdestruct yourself back) daily mono missions Again this is MY SIDE OF THINKING what is currently wrong with the game... It feels like the devs don´t wanna leave the players some "freedom" and remove it more and more with every new addition that currently comes.
  2. You do know that collision hasn´t to do anything with that? The only reason the turtles are insane is if they come close to you their weapon (Gaus cannon?) gives you the full load what creates the insane dmg due it´s kinda "shotgun" like. Collision is kinda the minorst prob you have against them. The closer the turtles come the worse it gets for the player who is their 1st target. PvE is the "use an aoe weapon" mode since the very start the difference is just that the DC and FS mission are the oniest who have the turtles where the coil mortar is the most powerfull weapon cus of the "shield pen" that also is a good counter for the AI dessis and the cruiser at the end of the mission. Aside from that the teamplay is a factor as well cus if it gives no coordinated fire it´s easy for the ai to kill the players the longer a battle takes or players simply die cus they make "run&gun" suicide actions for whatever reason.
  3. or simply wait until all elly ships have been implemented so that PvP is "equal" again and all other ships can be sraped then anyways cus if you enter PvP with and "normal" ship you are easy prey for the side with more elly ships lol.
  4. The mission is pure luck based cus it needs a beacon one + you need to have the time and a beacon that has drones non-the-less. With a LRF it´s "doable" to an certain amount... In the end i needed at least 4-5 rounds until i got a beacon mission and then i couldn´t fullfill it cus all beacons where in our hand = no drones to shoot for the medal lol
  5. Imo it would have made way more sense to say that you need to have an R5 ship+ (unmaxed of course) cus currently the elly ships start on R5 what makes the "highest (max syn) ship requirement" thing dumb anyways... I mean why should i (i´m forced to) fly my R15 ship cus it´s the highest rank i have cus i was "3 years ago dumb enough" to rush for R15 for the implants? Basicly it´s an totaly slap for 24/7 since i returned... and basicly lost all fun already again cus every contract always wanna have this "xxxx" max rank requirement... So for the future elly ships let the mission count from the "lowest" rank these elly ships start (in most cases it should be R5 while for the dessy it would be R8) AND without of any useless combination like "have shipclass x + y in your slot" or "achive medal from category z"... Simply make them "participate", "earn" or "do dmg (no certain type)" ones cus the missions alone sometimes take already 1 hour+ just to complete them and if you have not 24/7 time it´s even more of a pain to do any mission at all.
  6. pleez

    ok... i don´t know if i might have overseen something during my whole playtime (551 hours according to Steam) but for what exactly do we need credits aside from a bit of crafting (where gathering the mats mostly gives the amount of needed credits x-times more) or purchasing the 10 mio lucky box or purchasing a new ship (when it finaly is unlocked) or maybe upgrading an item to the next MK level? Seriously if i wouldn´t spend my 10 mio credits all the time for the lucky box i would maybe have more then 500 mio+ already pilled up cus i simply can´t "waste" them for something else... Sure a R8 dessie might costs 3 mio + (what do i know) credits for the material craftings but in all the time i would need for the mats (alone the monos take the most time cus of 4/day only (cus i simply don´t play SCL for the other 4)) i would pile up more credits then the whole project ever would need... 3 mio credits? +- 6-8 (won) matches for me to have this ammount together already lol. Sure the credits from the loot might be a joke^3 but honestly i would more like to see them removed entirely and therefore brought back the Iridium loot or even go so far to say with an very slight chance (maybe 1-5%) to find GS (1-10) in them cus with credits i would be able to build a house if i would not purchase the lucky box all the time...
  7. What genius came up with the idea of this max syn contract requirement for nearly every freaking mission may be a mystery for us for eternity... In the end it totaly takes the fun away from me cus i simply can´t play anything else then my R15 prem ships that i purchased 3 years ago for 2014 Gold while the other ship that i wanna level simply can´t be used cus they don´t contribute anything for the contracts. I can live with the changed system where you need to switch the station to do the faction contracts (even if i liked the system most where all contracts where active at the same time no matter the docked station) but i can´t live with this stupid requirement all the time that limits my play to 1 single rank every day. Most funny is it when you get a contract (next to these annoying squad ones) that says something like have ship class x and deal y dmg with it while you have max rank ship in your slot... to bad that i can´t use ship class x cus the max ship is the onliest i can play when the other ship is just rank 10 or below... so these are contracts i can´t fullfill at all well played. If they hope that over this way i would purchase GS to convert my millions of ship syn they are on the wrong way. Most of my levelings now only go over the free syn i make with the ship and it starts to go way slower when you start to hit rank 9+ cus then the free syn is less then the rank 9 ship would generate for every mission.
  8. hm... maybe anyone who don´t know what else he could do with all the credits? Seriously i have no use for those damn credits cus until i can buy me the next ship i need more then 20 rounds so i can basicly "waste" these credits all the time lol... i mean... yeah maybe i overlook something but i don´t see any other use of the credits then to waste them for those containers if i can´t purchase me a new ship cus i don´t have unlocked it yet.
  9. at one point of the game there will only be Ellydium ships flying around anywhere anyways lol. If we get every 2-3 months 1 new elly ship you can do the math by yourself when only those will fly around in any mission/mode lol. I kinda had the hope that i maybe would give me the pain for the time when the elly dessies will come but i highly doubt already that i will go through the pain of the contracts and their crazy ideas why they want from you to achive... so screw this whole elly thing and enjoy yourself beeing an easy prey when doing PvP things and 80% of the team will only have elly ships in their roster haha.
  10. 10 mio credits can be made in 20 rounds of PvE in a R15 ship without of a big deal. I usally get 400-600k credits per round (won) and without of Prem Licence so that i mostly "wasted" my credits on the old containers as well already (what maybe is a reason to regret it but that aside). And cus the contracts don´t really give me playground for lower ships play i fly my R15 ship all the time cus i (attention this is sarcastic now) l ove to play in the T5 area all the time (espacilly in PvP for the daily bonus)
  11. Considering that Gaijin seems to like the mindless grinding of recources i highly doubt that R14 dessies will be an easy to farm thing when they reimplement them... espacilly with this stupid contract system they have developed compared with the (for me) very old one that was way more convinient.
  12. The onliest reason to implement a limit is when you have already a plan in mind but you noticed "damn to many players have to much recources". Now they needed an quick solution and they found one... 1st the limiting and now the "convert your old recources into the new (limited) ones". So they did slap 2 flies in one go cus "piss the community off" in the 1st round and then let it look like "we listened to your complains and reacted to them". So my personal guess is that it´s more or less an preparation for some other useless addition that requires even more farming in this "farming simulator" feast cus honestly i have the feeling that SC has become nothing more then that already. From Grinding Simulator to farming Simulator where the goal seems not to come closer at any point cus the progress is so freaking slow for the build projects. And honestly if i (whenever that will be) have reached all 3 main nations (ellysdium aside cus of "contracts farming") with R15 on all (regular) ships + maxed them out (Prem and project ones not included). The game is done for me. The reason is simply in terms of the regular ships the goal is forseeable when it will be reached (even when slowly but steady). The build projects however feel like an eternity cus when you check for the needed building parts it feels like no progress cus you see the monos next to the mats that are way more scarse then bery and neo together could ever be (only 8 per day "possible" (4 of them by mindless sector crossing simulation while the 4 others are "locked" behind pointless SCL)). So i won´t and never will own or build an project or dessie cus the farming was made way to insane and "complicated" where you really need to throw away any last bit of "human soul" to survive that torture.