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  1. Ok, this is really cool. If you can make ships like this why the Endeavor? Its obviously an X-Wing clone but I hope around the Star Wars premier I already can fly this. I guess this will be an empire recon.
  2. [OFFTOPIC] but not really. @CinnamonFake @Doomb0t @Lezort Can you please stop @ORCA1911 to abuse his admin rights? If you read the Steam or other reviews, you often can read about abusive admins/devs, please don't let them be right. Editing others posts are not really fair and respectful behaviour from a forum admin and it doesn't help to the community. Hard to discuss something public if an admin not just only able to, but actually editing your posts, your words. Its not the first time that its happening with him. I'm writing to this forum for over 3 years, I got even warns but I never felt the any admin was abusing their power before Orca. Please think about it and only give the power to moderate to people who can use it wisely like OmegaFigher, Error, or the other admins. @ORCA1911 Please don't delete or edit it
  3. OWL is recruiting specially if you interested in PVP. We are mostly active at night. We are an international corporations, (de van magyar tagunk is pár ). TS:
  4. Don't tell me what to do! The sad part the theory is not that wild.... I guess you don't play the game as long as me.
  5. At spiral I would rework mostly the ceptor part
  6. 1. What about the 1.4.3 discussion? 2. The new ships doesn't fit to the design of the game. Seriously please remove them or change them. Or at least the Endeavour. And please fire the blind designer.... 3. Spiral mechanic looks really fun, I'm interested about the balance of that, but I like the base idea. 4. New currency... Yeah why not we didn't had enough already (sarcasm) 5. Loyalty buff for GS ships. Its good, make them more useful. Thats for now I'll test the patch later.
  7. my theory is, they made some research based on the mobile game and when they took the result charts upside downs they saw, Americans and Russians will buy these ships because every Americans wanna play the Endeavour what must be strong and Russians will buy something what is even cooler.
  8. There will be always ppl like Orca who if get involved a bit into the development defend the game forever. The Endevour doesn't fit into the design of the game. Its just stupid and lazy. O really, they tried it so hard right? With this cheap design of Endevour? With resource limit? Broken weapons for Thar'ga for months? Broken Tai'Kin? More matterials and more grind? 50 EUR DLC for 1 ship? The increased amount of queue? Spacebar jump modules? Alien Fraction what breaks the balance of the game? Changed MM in every week/month? They made good stuffs as well. I come back a few month ago because: - MM + rank bonuses was a good way to balance game. - Destro close range nerf was a good idea to fix destro balance - Squadding helper menu - Extra rewards for teamplay When I come back only Tharga was super broken, but in team it was challanging for me. Actually they did a decent job with the nerf. In the last patch they made a good change on Tacklers, but we had no chance to discuss it because they didn't opened the Thread. So don't be blind we don't hate everyhing but the design of these ships are just extremely bad, specially the Endevours. The mechanic of the Spiral actually really great, but that doesn't help on who it looks.
  9. I can say a lot of bad things about the game but one thing I'm sure. they don't have many bugs.
  10. Its a really bad joke. The Spiral still kinda looks ok but the space shuttle... Its the cheapest laziest ship in the game. Even the nyx is more creative. Please fire the guy(s) who thought was a good idea.
  11. My bad. CET vs. CEST
  12. Today, April 26 at 14:00 UTC Google say: 14:00 Wednesday, Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) is 15:00 Wednesday, Central European Time (CET) and my clock shows 15:19
  13. Shouldn't the twitch stream already going?
  14. Lol, very nice video. Its even worst since Alien ships 14:53 They solved the issue, they removed the fixed price and now the shipparts are only available at special days. Like last time, Nightingale. you have 1 day, good luck to get 400 (not sure about the amount) parts.
  15. ok so you don't get directly or indirectly GS what is actually good for the game. Still you get matts what actually helps you to build those weapons so the original statement is still valid. Also I guess GS what you get before didn't disappear from the accounts.
  16. you mean you can't get tradable materials? 1 of each activator is more than enough per month in some cases it can cost 3-6k GS right?
  17. Its better but not good yet. Imagine you get x Gargoyl or Dart activator. Its almost the same as getting GS. If you are smart enough, you get more GS than before.
  18. Ok so you don't even need to bother with the bad droprate of the containers. Cool. And if you get valuable items you can get easily GS as well. I understand it force you to trade if you like to get GS and you lose 10 percent of your "salary" but still my point is still valid.
  19. Its a trap Poor n00bs didn't expected for 50 EUR they don't get any useful ships. But I don't think there are that many DLC players.
  20. Seems most of them don't have enough mono or/and other unique resources to build alien weapons. Or didn't found the blueprint because they have life Don't say its not normal in this game. The ship in the front is the only Wallet Player dev, gm, translator maybe tester
  21. Yeah we got it back!
  22. I'm actually not sure this is the MM change or simply the low population. Solo took me 2-5 min. Squad games was usually very small, often 2v2 3v3. Players often joined after the game was almost finished or at the gap between the teams was already too high to turn. 2 man squad took 3-7 min on the whole weekend for us. 3 man squads simply didn't worked most of the time. Often happened that in 2squad we joined after 5-6min into a bigger battles.
  23. I play recon as well. you can jump in cloak and 2 shot the lrfs and fighters, 1 shot ceptors. the damage multiplier is enough.
  24. Git gud
  25. Probably he doesn't have permission to open the HateThread I wouldn't blame him, this is really not his job.
  26. no log > no bug just in case upload your logs
  27. R9 tharga is my highest elly ship
  28. With the previous rank mixing queues this wouldn't be a big issue but the squad rank match restriction + new queues its a nightmare for players who doesn't have already everything. Its specially a problem for the players who rushed earlier to R15 on each fraction to R15 to open the crew but didn't unlocked the recons. for them the missions are almost impossible and with the tight deadline they don't even have chance to get the missions done.
  29. It would be better if it would work like in BF, so its only boost battletime. If you don't play you don't lose your booster.
  30. imo its ok, But I'm using headphone always, maybe on speakers sounds differently.
  31. Love the new MM.
  32. I know a graphic designer is really expensive and this was cost like 10 eur from the asset store but still.... They should be better than this.... Its just stupid that half of me feet got destroyed by a ship what is not even able to leave the earth by itself. I mean there is nothing wrong if we get funny skins for events, but for long run I'm not really happy with it. As I said in mobile game its kinda ok, but still hurt my eyes a bit. @Swifter43021 I'm ok with your unicorn ship as well on the "international unicorn day"
  33. @CinnamonFake Do we have a forum or do you plan to make a section for the SC heroes where we can write feedbacks and bug reports? Funny to see the two human spaceships in the mobile game, but I thought it will be visible only during the cosmonaut days.... the design of the ships doesn't really fit to the SC world. I hope you'll turn it into another model maybe... Anyway in a mobile game is still kinda ok, at least it its not in the big SC game.
  34. There is not much you can do. If you are in corp or you have friends with the same issues, you can ask for exchange in case you have some GS at least. If you buy stuffs from each other, you only lose the tax on each item so only 30GS per trade.
  35. I think its the same bug on PC so I think its not Mac related:
  36. 1. Covops has very nice damage specially with plasma arc, recon and ECM also not weak. Tactical nukes are so dangerous with the range implant on survival gamemode. 2. Recons has amazing modules, they are specially good against tacklers, but in survival they can take down anything, i usually hunt down the LRFS. Recon can drain shield what is specially good against jeri commands (you can make damage during diffusion shield) Energy converter, because they can't turn your damage agains you. Mines can defend beacons, or hit large enemies if you put directly on them. 3. Interceptors are small and fast so hard to hit. use that. 4. Some fighters these days are way too fast I admit but they still less agile. But interceptors need good ping, smart tactics, and good fits. The only thing what I would increase at the ceptors thats the shooting angle, because during dogfighting with a Thar'Ga (funny isn't) that ship has damage advantage and it can shoot even backward. Otherwise Git gud.
  37. My friend has a bug at TaiKin mission quest. After he complete the mission and try to open the loot, it keeps loading a while after that nothing happens. He doesn't got any reward after. Its happening at the Tai'Kin missions. The gamefiles got verified with steam. logs.rar