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  1. tool

    u can get all corp logo ideally from forum. its a bit of manual work but if you name them {tag}.jpg and load them its a working option.
  2. 7000m/s Sai I luv it. like a bullet.
  3. I know its hard.
  4. tool

    Don't misunderstand me, I like that you create a new tool and I think its a really good start point. I had a project what I already stopped but that fetched player data every day for each player who was in my db, and I created some graphs/day. You don't need millions of request/day since I think only a few hundred max a few thousand of player will be interested about these data. You can store each playername what they ever searched for and fetch for only those. You can't get all playernames anyway. Unfortunately the api doesn't support query by uid so if they change their name u can't track them anymore... I found also the compare site I would use something similar. I like the winloss color code at frogswarm I think highlight some important data would be nice. But you also can just copy the layout of the ingame stats, that should also work well. An extra idea what can make it more fancy if you add the corp logos and show the right one if the corp has custom logo.
  5. tool

    they should have cache otherwise they are fcked
  6. tool

    Nice but frogswarm has the same with better UI imo. Also Seriously I have to prove I'm not robot? There was a good RU site where you can compare players, I would love that functionality. I would suggest a UI rework it should be much more functional, data should be more readable and visible.
  7. I have one question. What is the iridium good for apart from upgrading dread? I thought iridium will be the currency of the trading.
  8. Eliens? One Elien is enough
  9. If you open 3 more topic with the same message maybe more ppl wanna join. I'll join with my alt only for corps what has at least 10 recruiting topics with the same message
  10. LOL dude I don't get you. NASA is huge they have lots of good and a also bad players. In the last few weeks i didn't have any games where is no NASA player on any side so seems the possibility is high to have players on both side. But they are not cheating or abuse anything. I used the find squad option squadded up with a random russian NASA (hard to find any non RU one these days ) guy and had fun in PVP without any issue, we had fair and fun games (fair apart from thargas). So I doubt they wanted to mark you for the enemy. There is no queuing problem.
  11. They worked so much on those effects y u don't like it
  12. I'm happy about the nerf idea, the only thing what I'm missing is the rework of the warp ability. Please make passive modules passive again, since warp ability is an active ability make it as an active module.
  13. 2 shot if you use EB With proxymortal guards and tacklers you can counter thargas, if there are not too many. But you really need teamwork and focus them one by one. But agains the 3-4 good tharga players you can't do much since focus one down takes too much time, until you kill one the other 2-3 kill you or your team. I guess you can take 3-4 thargas and and try to murder more than they do. There is no good counter tactic afaik.
  14. Imo its not fair to have a passive module what act like an active. They should turn it to an active module, i don't mind even if they combine it with a repkit, flares, combat reboot speed but active moduels should go to active module slots.
  15. imo the warp ability needs nerf/change. It should be an active module not a hacked passive + its require proper cooldown indication and ofc. some downside. Its similar for the reverse thruster. when they inroduced it, it was very op because it made instant warp without the resist decrease.
  16. Tharga happened Welcome back!
  17. I kinda like the idea, its would be hard to implement but it would be fair.
  18. reaper and phoenix was always a DLC ship. IMO its was a fair move to make it available for parts even if it was only for a "short" time. I hope if you can't finish it but you have some parts you can trade them in the upcoming trading system.
  19. The trick is they put OP content behind a huge grindwall. to get the OP content you need to pay, because until average joe reach it they balance it. So OP content only available for paying users. The typical pay2win content is something what is OP and its available for money only. Just because they added the time as an extra factor the concept it the same. for me the most annoying thing about the tharga is the kinetic alien weapon and the warp ability on passive module. The weapon will be easy to balance but the warp ability is different. IMO warp should be an active module, like a special version of combat reboot, repair kit, flairs...
  20. I think its hard to farm the materials now, since there is no mission for it now. The OS farm can work but its extremely boring. I would say just play and once you'll have it... If you only need 50-60 simple material OS can be an option but I don't think its a good idea to try farm a whole ship out there.
  21. I have to say this was way the best organised tournament where i ever participated. I was really amazed.
  22. destors are fine as it is, vigilant can get nerf maybe, but no buff needed for sure.
  23. pink tag

    Interesting idea, but not for me. I don't know when do I hate my life more, when I have to farm specops or when I do my daily sh*t (missions) in OS.
  24. I can't vote because I there is no option that I like the current setup. Apart from Thar'gas and vigilants I have fun with my R10 against R15. I think the 3 queue is just fine as it is. But I got one/two shooted by thargas even in R9 games so they simply nerf them I wouldn't blame the queues because of bad games. Since I got my tharga not so long time ago I had to play it up so I played R5 to R9 and those days I fly many other ships as well I had no issue with R6-7vsR9. So I like the current balance what I only don't like that Thargas are way too fast. Escape from a covops its just insane.