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  1. Hi, welcome back. I also just returned after almost a year of break. What I noticed is the in-game buffs. Depend on the queue and your lineup you get buffs so the Rank 9 ships get extra resists and damage in T5 games. (I know, there is no T5 but I'm old ) So I started to build the ships more to buff instead of resist when I play low rank ships in higher tiers. Also I'm not sure you was here or don't but they nerf your modules if you put the same kind multiple times. So no more 3xIR scanner, but there is a small p2w cheat, you can use 4example spatial scanner to get the same effect, but with a different module. Since the patch from yesterday the guards looks fun again. The inties got nerfed alot, you can only shoot forward and no alternative movements. The adaptive change f*cked up my builds as well. But its fun to find some new working one. Last suggestion, try to get an alien ship asap. the new xeno missions are easier to finish if you have a thar'ga. Send your ships to collect the fighter parts, farm some xeno. Ahh in TeamDeathmathc spawncamp count as 3 and damage is buffed. Its so f*cked up.
  2. Good point maybe not the DC was the reason of ban. @JaVi did you left some rage messages b4 leave?
  3. Checked I support the ideal. It would prevent this: The PC crashed and when I tried to go back I double clicked by accident on the stupid error message.... The game shouldn't even ask that I like to join back of not. ofc I want to go back.
  4. +1 from me as well. Leave the battle is not acceptable except in case of technical/connection issues. If you can get back to the game, you are ready to continue your fight. No reason to leave your mates in trouble. If you are out of ship support them by watching the game.
  5. tbh. I agree with the ban. No matter how xxxx is the game, they should have this feature way earlier. I didn't know about this feature but I like it. I understand your point but still... I like the ban for disconnecters/leavers there is no acceptable reason to leave a game and not join back if its possible. Leave is not fair for the fighters like me who fight till the end even if its worthless.
  6. Even if they say the game is not beta anymore I think it changed way more after beta then before so for me its still in beta. The T1(1-3) T2(4-6) T3(7-9) T4(10-13) T5(14-15) was the Tier system, they removed it completely. They introduced 3 queue, mixed tiers, ingame buffs for lower rank ships etc... So the game what you left in 2013 is gone. If you look after that you should try another game (and please let me know if you found it, I wanna play it so bad). But to be fair not all the changes was bad even if I don't have much fun since I can't find games in 4 squad. The current system is not clear at all. Because of the ingame buffs you can't really fit your ship well without know your buffs, so select the ships what you'll fly, play a game, check your buffs and refit based on that. I would try to farm some xenos, wait until the new OP ship release, buy it asap and farm everybody. (If you don't believe check some Thar'ga videos). Thats the best way to play GL
  7. Yes, give 30 GS instead of 30 xeno
  8. LOL what did I found
  9. Since I have the Thar'ga I have no problem in PvP as a gunship.
  10. Calm down they will be great again when, when the alien destros come They'll probably get a module what decrease the close range damage with 300%. Until that we can enjoy the balanced destros
  11. no I mean its normal if that can kill you. its the damage interceptor. with plasmaarc you can kill anything in a few sec. but with the desto you can also kill it very fast. Destros are good as it is now. Now the Thar'ga is un-balanced.
  12. I only can repeat myself. covops is normal. if it can get close to you your team s*ck hard, or your position was wrong. Destro is a normal ship not a miniboss. you don't have to survive longer than any other ship. Thar'ga is another story... Yes I don't want to see how op will be the alien destor.
  13. A good destro still take more than 1 shot. The shields can defend completely from long range attacks, and the weapons have enough range so you don't need to get close to your enemy. IMO destros got balanced finally. Thar'ga is another story, that can oneshot almost any ship so its not the destros fault.
  14. you're right. I had the same theory. they put the new op content behind a huge grindwall. when the casual player reach it, the content will be balanced, and the new OP content is out. My biggest problem tbh not the thar'ga itself. The new modules are also crazy. I wouldn't mind to pay monthly (5-15 EUR) for the game if it would be good. but atm the game needs much more money than what I would ever pay for it. And the progress what you can buy for your money atm is overpowered, so the game is Pay2Win atm what is so sad.
  15. I'm up for some matches. I don't play much but I have the Thar'ga now so I'm experimenting with it. I only play a few games per day, not much, but Elien is planning to organize some dread fights I wanna participate into those as well. My only problem is that the game is not fun atm. But I hope if we play together it might help a bit.
  16. I found this for you:
    Now you can get it in SC Heroes :)
    GL for that.

  17. Yes but c'mon its a game. Or would you like to hide the profile in-game as well? because from the api you won't get more info then from the game itself. Imo more API would be better. Communities needs more tools instead of less. For example a corp activity api would be awesome.
  18. Ohh you had. It might had disintegrator but it was an ECM
  19. you mean this kind of lag? Its server issue. based on the ping the server was EU. It happened several times for me yesterday.
  20. Here is some old battles from my archive.
  21. Nosztalgi LVL 9001 a playlist folyamatosan bővül ahogy ürítem az archívumomat:
  22. A bit sad that I can't connect it with my account. It would be nice to farm xeno crystals from the toilet.
  23. I'm using it on iOS but I'll try it tonight on my android tablet as well. lets see if its available from my country.
  24. I would love to say they are better than that... but they don't But yesterday I saw a Hunter for sale as I remember. Should I tell that to @TheDarkRedFox
  25. I think its doing the same for battlefield... You can check all the info on the player's profile. So you can do it manually in-game. Its not more illegal then check there and write to a paper.
  26. for the 1.: SC has the player api where you can fetch data from players. The data contains the time in battle and the time in-game (afair). You fetch the data periodically and compare the times, kills etc... the delta will tell you the activity between the two fetch. Ofc an ingame tool would be nice, but I made some calculations and charts like that. It wasn't super accurate but it was good enough. PS: Seems the api is not active atm, or my url is wrong.
  27. I did this on toilet Nice new way to play StarConflict Actually the game is well done, its working well and kinda fun as well. My only concern is some ingame pricing: