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  1. thanks for your useless comments..
  2. nope
  3. Another update for SC Heroes where I have to reinstall the app because no update option in appstore (on latest iOs). Can you please fix this? Its super annoying that every time when an updade come, instead of just update the app, I we need to remove it install from store again. I'm sure every time you do this there will be some players who just stop after the uninstall.
  4. Some fun
  5. @AdamWest
  6. I think guards are ok, the problem is the proxymortal only.
  7. I understand your point but still, spamming won't help. If the team can't shoot the target after the second ping, you are in the wrong team. you know you will never explain to nubs to not ping and they will getting onto your nerves with the constant pinging. If you give the option to spam, they will do. And imo its not the option what we really need. Adding an extra marker for squad leader, or allow to create subgroup would be more useful imo. Adding extra cover to dread maps, maybe rotate the sectors to not play always on the same coloured map would be better. (I hate that I always have to fly in Jericho red timezone, and almost never can play in Fed.)
  8. well, wing leader of 5+ players maybe. but if you are in a wing why don't you use TS, or the invoice chat of the game? TBH I don't see the point why we need this change. I played a lots of dreads and we never had issue with the amount of ping what we had.
  9. I never said he is not good, i just say he is really annoying when he is pinging. Thanks but I don't need leadership from him or anybody else, I don't need pinging all the time I know who to shoot. He is winning because he is a killer player not because he is pinging (since ping doesn't make damage). I only mentioned him because he was the first who get into my mind when started write about pinging. Imagine everybody could do it the game would become unplayable because of the noise. Random players usually pinging the target what they're shooting not the one what tactically important. Don't give them tool to spam. So I changed my mind I can't support this idea even for full corp squads. If you have a corp squad use voice chat, TS, whatever to tell the targets, or just simply focus so you don't need to pingspam. If you are with randoms then noone should have the ability to annoy the team with consta pinging targets.
  10. I know what should be the tactic but its just not working like that. they have too much damage, in close range you are dead in seconds. They can decloak you with damage of the cloud, locator. the big drones are easy targets and if they jump close, the beam already useless. Also they can get out from the beam and maybe from inhibitor as well with camo. and some of them has the perma camo. the cloak also helps. And yeah they are fast. even without the teleport, the speed would be a problem, but combined all together.... Also who was the "genius" who thought a module what heals up after jump is a good idea? I thought the elly ships has OP modules what cost health as a downside. So why they get a module what totally compensate the downside. And the emergency shield what just indicate them when to escape... The game is just broken. These modules need balance.
  11. well for full corp team I can leave with the infinite ping spamming, but if I go in randomly and I get a teammate like NERW who is always sitting on the ping button i'll get mad.
  12. Yes, i still don't find the game enjoyable, and the biggest reason is the taikins, specially because of the teleport ability. Feels like I'm fighting with ghosts. I can't and don't want to play always tacklers specially because I can't even be sure you can counter them with it. Combining the instant teleport, permanent camo, very high damage, high speed and manoeuvrability is just too much. I don't get what should be the meta what should be the counter of the taikins. When I played recon, I was specially hunting tacklers, with spydrone and microlocator. And now seems the tacklers should be the strongest against taikins even if taikins are still the strongest against tacklers... The new destrospam because of the missions also don't help. So I only do the xenochip missinons for now, no reason to play pvp atm. I think the rewards are good but i'm not gonna advertise a broken game to my friends because if I manage to convince anybody to join, they won't stay for long with this balance, and for the long term it would just generate more negative reviews.