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  1. I guess the trolling part would be the title being "Buff LRFs", rather than a more logical "nerf Ellydium and destroyers".
  2. Yeah, LRFs are quite useless now, and the best way to fix that would be nerfing mobility and teleportations Ellydium ships, and nerfing destroyers in a way or another, preferably big nerfs to their durability and Static Shields. Not enough. Think for a moment what guards now have compared to LRFs; quadruple overall durability, massive speed boost upon changing shield phase, damage boost when taking damage, automatic idle hull repair, point defence modules, and area-effective debuffs. Destroyers then have longer main gun range than what LRFs got, much more firepower, dozens of times more durability, and federal ones even have more mobility than them. Just wtf is this xxxx? EM Scattering Field and Reverse Thruster don't need any buffs. Those two should rather be nerfed since they are the strongest points of LRFs. Everything else needs buffs. LRFs should get some more durability, bonuses to main gun damage and range, improvements to the special modules, or something like that.
  3. Huh? Thermoactive Weapon is worse than Coilgun in almost every situation. Only if you're going for a close range dive Tyrant build can it be marginally better than Coilgun, but I don't think that is a good idea overall.
  4. Gravitational Lens would be tolerable if it did full self and team damage, and had a much shorter duration. (Obviously with faster reload to compensate.) The pull effect of G'Thar'Du and Gravitational Lens should probably be reduced too. Currently getting hit by either of these in a frigate is pretty much a death sentence since any follow up shots will then hit too. Destroyers would be silly OP against frigates even without these. Another thing that could help would be adding a new passive "Gravitic Shield" module with moderate kinetic and EM resistance bonuses and a notable reduction to all these pull and push effects. G'Thar'Du damage could be reduced a little, all the kinetic weapons of destroyers need notable buffs, and Static Shields need to be changed. One cannot usually do anything to other destroyers with Coilgun or Thermoactive Weapon since those cannot bypass Static Shields, nor destroy them faster than they can be replaced. Making destroyers unable to shoot through their own Static Barriers would largely fix this issue. About everything else in the original post, yeah, I pretty much agree that something needs to happen about these. Not sure if anything needs to be removed though; simply nerfing any abilities outside of the core kit of the ship roles in question should suffice.
  5. discussion

    Please do explain how you can make an LRF do over 300K damage with a single salvo? As far as I can see it takes several crits from a positron Kraken to just get through a static shield, and by that time there will be another one.
  6. discussion

    I think destroyers are too durable, not enough effective at long range combat, and disproportionally powerful against frigates. Also, Federation's destroyers are still way too mobile. G'Thar'Du and Vacuum Resonance Laser are much better than all the other guns available to them, and some active modules like Gravitational Lens and Destabilizing Field are highly questionable overall. -Reduce hull durability by 40 - 50%. -Reduce damage taken from module destruction. -Reduce close range damage modifier to 1.25. -Reduce Static Barrier durability by 50% and make destroyers unable to shoot through them. -Remove disabling effect duration multiplier. -Change warp speed to the standard of 2000 m/s. -Reduce target locking time. -Increase main gun projectile speeds (except G'Thar'Du Cannon.) -Increase main gun ranges slightly (except G'Thar'Du Cannon.) -Add a minimum effective range to main guns. Damage should be reduced by 25% at a point blank range. -Reduce Wormhole Generator range to between 2 or 3 km. -Reduce Destabilizing Field damage by some. -Reduce Photon Emitter's residual effect duration by 50%. -Increase Repelling Beam range to 4 km. Also increase its damage to destroyers. -Reduce Pyro Emitter build up duration to 1 second. -Reduce Gravitational Lens build up duration to 2 seconds, reduce active duration to 6 seconds, and make it do full self/team damage. -Reduce Gravitational Lens reload time to about 30 seconds or so. -Reduce reload times of all other active modules significantly (except Photon Emitter.)
  7. So, you're basically saying that vast majority of the game's content (ships in particular) should be useless, and that you should be given new overpowered ships for no cost? That would not result in a better game for the players nor more income for the developers. Secret project ships are as they've always been, destroyers are still mostly overpowered and need some nerfs and reworking, Thar'Ga still seems to be way better than other gunships, and Tai'Kin doesn't even belong into this game. If those seem useless to you, a healthy dose of "git gud" is required. That makes like several kinds of no sense. Just how is getting newest OP ships courageous? Facing them with any of the old ships is. I have spent something like a total of 70 euros over the years.
  8. Never going to get any of the Ellydium snotships. I'm only interested in them as hard targets.