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  1. I m so jelly it hurts. Wish I could revert mine. R9 only yes please.
  2. Being 2 months ago, I think what I ment and poorly described was from 3-4K away from your enemy. . . and having the highest strafe speed you should be able to avoid 80% of the weapons fired at you. While you can avoid many weapons 80% is crazy high and not accurate for me to suggest. So it should be "you should be able to avoid many weapons with a high strafe speed and keeping range. While being about to get an instant hit on almost any target with the 10K projectile speed.) ie: Can avoid: (Weapons with a projectile speed lower than 5-6K that can fire out to 3-4k) Plasma Gun, rail gun, kinetic supercharger blueballs, pulse lazor(range), rf blasters, phase supp, coil mortors, nailer gun, heavy blaster . . . more Cannot Avoid: Gauss, ion emitter, positron many more: "why someone would need a video to fly a ship you can't possibly lose with. ;o" If I made a tutorial video of the TharGa when it first came out with 100% regen and many escapes . . . what would you say then. Please remember when this video was made the Dart was by far not even close to a "ship you can't possibly lose with". There was one ship that made an astounding 200+ win streak with the right player in it."
  3. Rewards are now only for games with top teir ships, guess you don't want that new flavor of rare resource for the month.
  4. I eluded to that in my last video. . . 6K damage per hit with 2.5 sphere's per second in rank 6 game is insane. Frigates and dressy are most susceptible. It's only a matter of time before there are many many more threads about this.