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  1. When you are saying "no one plays SCL" - actually a lot of squads are forming exactly just for that - to farm monocrystals. Not to mention that SCL can be much more balanced than normal PvP if people in the team are communicating and the whole deployment is a proper response for enemy team. And you are wrong again here. When those quests showed up, squads are forming left right and center. Still it's always better if you fly with someone you know to have a better synergy in squad. Also - usually quests have something like "highest ranked ship from any side of the conflict in combat slot". If you didn't upgrade your thar'ga you can equip it and do the xeno quests even on R6...
  2. So... What's next? Kashtan-M? Latest version has software with decision module, which some people even started to call "basic AI" Oh, and it has built-in aimbot.
  3. ...but there is a molten core of this planetoid. So there can be spots of liquid and spots of frozen methane. I agree that author probably had in mind liquid nitrogen instead of liquid hydrogen. If there were pools of liquid hydrogen, not many things would be able to move