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  1. 1. When missile cartridge is reloaded it gets only a single charge instead of full cartridge. 2. Expected: cartridge should be reloaded in full. 3. Conditions: Any ship in open space. 4. Details: normally when cartridge is reloaded, it reloads all charges. Here it reloads only a single charge, even with missile reload module (tested on Waz'Got and Thar'ga) 6. Video: 7. Time: around 17:13 GMT +1 8. Information on the configuration of your computer
  2. 1. Waz'got was still collecting scrap, but number of charges stayed at 0. 2. Expected: Waz'got is supposed to generate first 2 charges itself, then the other 2 from collected scrap. 3. Conditions: flying few minutes in open space, crossing 2 gates 4. When emerged in Iridium mines, I noticed that number of charges is 0 and it's not increasing at all. 6. Video: 7. Time: around 17:12 GMT +1 8. Information on the configuration of your computer
  3. He is suggesting something - I think - as this is Suggestions subforum and he is using the words "What I propose:" in his post. Bug report section is elsewhere and follows the strict format described HERE. Also I thank you people for stopping this thread going OT - it will save some time our forum moderators. If you want to discuss OP's idea - feel free, but please stay on topic.
  4. Just to clarify: 1) OP: if this bug still exist, please report it 2) actual state of NASA is actually an over 9 months of hard work of people with proper planning and strict rules. No one denied this to other corps. And BTW - if anyone wants to discuss it further - I would recommend creating a new topic. It has nothing to do with this one.