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  1. enginner

    How did you get the graph though?
  2. enginner

    Hmm, so maximum regen at about 33%. Interesting! So to get the actual regen value I multiply the coefficient by the base cap regen mentioned in ship stats? How did you get the values for this graph? From the game logs or from a dev post? Then polynomial interpolation? Beastly equation, anyhow ^^
  3. enginner

    Yeah the tooltips are very lacking on that part. I usually just tried to get about 75% cap before activating heals, but it would be nice to know exactly. If I ever start playing the game again (if alien ships get balanced), I might conduct an experiment. I was also wondering if there was anyway to calculate energy regen as a function of how full the capacitor is.
  4. enginner

    It is worth considering using the energy emitter. You can boost it straight after activating your repair modules in order to get your cap back up to a reasonable level where your recharge is higher (recharge rate is highest when the capacitor is around 50% full).
  5. Ah, but are you a Child Defender, like me?
  6. Yuck, anime...
  7. Apparently the Athenians also used Owlars!
  8. RIP my friend
  9. wow, nice necro