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  1. I knew exactly what was coming, but still opened the spoilers...
  2. tool

    Those donuts are neat! I don't understand what the Average Performance Charts actually show though. What are the roman numerals? And the x-axis on the other two graphs?
  3. There's always a way to get round...
  4. Yeah probably the recon can jump back in time (as in back to a previous point in space). Another possible idea is resuscitation on the battlefield? Maybe in presence of an engineer you can spawn again directly where you died or something? That could count as time travel. The only other idea I have is a module that can slow down time for everyone except yourself, but that would be cancer. It would work a bit like a slowing-field missile, but would also affect rate of fire and cooldowns etc, but not on your own ship. Either that or maybe the game will travel back in time to when there was no destroyers or Thar'ga... Now wouldn't that be amazing!!
  5. I want to be running man and then run away with a 700 m/s recon... See who can catch me
  6. fck off You got rewards for not even bothering to show up because "oh I thought it was next weekend"
  7. I love drones so I love this idea, however it suits more an environment like Eve (what you describe is very similar to the carriers there) where no-one aims. In Star Conflict where aiming well is a huge part of playing effectively, a ship that doesn't need to aim to use it's primary weapons system would be far too strong. That is one of the problems I had with destroyers before they were nerfed properly: they don't need to dodge incoming fire, and so aiming is a lot easier, making them basically high-accuracy mobile gun platforms. This is exacerbated on the vigilant which has a laser-type instant application weapon. I do love the idea of drones healing allies though and I had thought in the past about giving the engineer a special type of missile slot drone that can heal an ally quite fast but with a long cooldown (so more a tactical low-frequency use)
  8. Got them, thanks!
  9. How did you do it? I need to know (for... reasons...)!
  10. Ich habe keine Ahnung was das alles bedeutet. Kannst du bitte auf Deutsch übersetzen
  11. +1 Not to mention that if the tournament is open internationally then English should be its official language. The official language of the IeSF, although based in South Korea, is English and it would be wise for Star Conflict to follow their example if it wishes to be taken seriously.
  12. You need to modify your patch notes when there is a change, or we are unable to give correct feedback. Hence why I assumed it was a bug. So if this is intended, then I can tell you it is not a good idea. Rank 9 ships do not have the speed, choice of modules or implants to be competitive against ships such as the mauler, apollo, grey falcon, wakizashi etc, even with the buffs (which after all only affect damage and tank, and not the other very important parameters I have mentioned!). Please reconsider this ninja change you have implemented.
  13. "Many people" as in "Multiple people simultaneousy". You don't have to be a genius to figure out that sniper is the best in this gamemode...
  14. Huh I forgot about recons. That's weird. But you are right yes.
  15. OK I understand. It most certainly wasn't your idea. Many people I know were flying empire LRF in survival as soon as it started.
  16. Ok I didn't know about inhibitor swarm because I've not seen anyone use it on a different gunship. I guess that anyone who owns this module also owns thar'ga and they would never fly a normal gunship then... Tharkthk I did know about, but it has spread problems on other ships apparently. Also once again suboptimal compared to use on thar'ga in combination with all the other OP stuff. Also these modules should be able to be bought for credits or crafted directly for xenos without needing to build a thar'ga, to make it consistent. It would be silly to have to craft an Octopus in order to get a warpgate for a Naga for example.
  17. Please read again because it is most certainly a bug. Patch notes here say: " Easy: battles between ships from rank 1 to 5 Medium first level: battles between ships from rank 5 to 7 Medium first level: battles between ships from rank 7 to 10 Hard: battles between ships from rank 10 to 15 " There is nowhere in those ranges that a rank 9 should meet a rank 13! Please ask me questions if you do not understand what I'm trying to say or if require more details or more proof.
  18. HAHAHA I should have posted it here Does Elien have a forum account? I really want him to see this made public
  19. Yeah it's kinda silly. I just miss out a letter or add a hyphen or something when I want to swear. There's always a way round these filters, so they should be optional.
  20. I have no idea what this means
  21. My problem is that there is too much to counter. I shouldn't have to counter rotation reduction when I am also trying to counter a ship that can one-shot me, is faster than me, that can escape at the touch of a module and that has insane hull regen. ECM unplugging your keyboard is annoying, yes but they can't one-shot you (except doomsday but that's a different discussion and requires skill and proper timing) Dag'nith doesn't one-shot me. It's damage is pathetic. Then put this module available to all gunships. I'm sick of having specific modules available only to semi-premium ships. The same goes for the reaper pulling module and phoenix drones for example. Or else if they really want to specialise by faction instead of by role, then Ellydium ships should have to give up certain characteristics that the other faction are strong at. For example if it has a tackler module installed on a gunship, then it should sacrifice speed (Federation's speciality) and hull tank (Empire's speciality). It should most certainly not have all of these characteristics combined. Anyway this discussion is kinda pointless because the devs have already decided the ship is too strong and are nerfing it (on test server for now). Hopefully this nerf (after testing and improvements) will make it to live server and t5 will be playable in other ships again.
  22. "Oh yeah, I'm just going to make you fly in a perfect straight line for 5 seconds while SITTING IN A GUNSHIP". I save my multipurpose modules for tacklers and guards, I shouldn't also have to use it to escape gunships. See that's the issue, it's not one module, it's the combination. Same with the blink module. I'd be fine with that on a recon instead of it's MWD for example. But on a gunship?!? Yeah but the problem is that thar'ga isn't a jericho ship, so it doesn't care about self damage.
  23. let's build a wall and make the non-thar'ga pilots pay for it Niri I can't believe you are still defending Thar'gas. You of all people who is abusing it like crazy. You literally fly only that ship every time I see you. Yes thar'ga can be tackled, but it can just blink away, on top of having all the usual tools gunships have for escaping. Also it can just turn around and one-shot the tackler with it's OP kinetic gun... (in t5 anyhow) And please don't tell me to fit 150 kinetic resist or that I am a bad tackler pilot like you told me in-game or I might just get myself a forum ban in my reply... The only counters: - gravi tackler - cannot kill alone but does restrict movement - proxi mortar guard with MPI - yes this works very well, but it is a paying module so not available to everyone - ECM - to the same limited extent it counters every ship - thar'ga - lol Thankfully the nerf hammer is incoming. It's just a shame it took so many months while the devs profitted from the people with big wallets that like to pay for it and upgrading it. I'm also very scared for the next alien ship that will come out. What next? Recon with EM torps and ten holoships? Tackler with that OP thar'ga module that stops you from turning? Guard with a jeri LRF torp? Destroyer with a recon microwarpdrive? Engineer with ECM stuns?
  24. Ouais, je me suis souvent demandé pourquoi ils ne donnent pas au moins une raison quand ils bannissent. Mais bon. Après d'habitude, je le mérite, donc pourquoi pas ^^
  25. It's got to the point where I almost sytematically quit the match before it starts when I end up in Survival gamemode. Could you please remove it or reduce the chance of getting it in the rotation? (maybe rework it) Survival feels pointless and renders so many ship types and builds useless. It's really only fun if you are in a long range or a few other niche alpha builds. Oops, this was meant to be in the suggestions section. Could a mod move it please?
  26. YES!!! IT'S BACK
  27. No, if you aren't going max speed it feels like it helps you accelerate/turn. I notice it most in a fed frigate. It could be just an impression but it certainly feels like I'm accelerating/turning faster when flying perpendicular to the pull and letting it pull me to one side while flying forward. Of course I'm no expert on the physics engine in the game so I could be wrong. As for the rest of your post, whatever. I maintain that I can't strafe or reverse out of effect range of a black hole, or that it takes a very long time. And flying straight out of one, while very possible, renders me useless for a good period of time while I try to reposition (pull range too high). Then, chances are, my new position will also soon have a black holes on it (too low cooldown)... Also in beacon games, repositioning too far simply isn't an option, because you need to capture the beacon. This is my experience from many games flying against high-ranked destroyers. I'm not saying they are OP, just that they are annoying. I would also bring the reaper pulling module into this category, but it doesn't seem to bother other people too much, and I don't see many reapers in games.
  28. I don't think they are the ones paying...
  29. real-wheel drive in show XD ahahha
  30. I said just strafing. It's not possible. Also more often than not in gamemodes where there is a lot of focus (team battle, beacon hunt etc) , there are two or three gravi holes close together. Now try calculating how to compensate the pull from three different sources in order to get out... Even in astrophysics the three-body problem remains unsolved (not an exact example but it illustrates the complexity that I'm trying to convey here). More often than not when I try to compensate so I can fly in the direction I want to fly in, I end up crashing head-first into a rock! So you have two choices: just let them pull you and wait for them to despawn, or choose a direction and fly straight forward, which is just asking to get killed. Only ceptors and fast fighters have the luxury of being able to easily get out, and even use them in a positive way - sometimes in my cov ops I use a slingshot manoevre round a gravi hole to get somewhere faster, which is pretty cool, but it's a niche use. More often than not they are just very annoying. The solutions I see and that I have mentioned in other thread (some combination, not all at once of course): - Reduce cooldown to the level of engineer warpgate so it becomes a tactical tool and not just something you can spam - Reduce the pull so it becomes only a minor annoyance to slow frigates and so it becomes a tactical tool to use against frigballs - Introduce a minimum distance required between two holes. If the distance is not respected, the old hole despawns - Killing the destroyer could kill the hole (now that they are balanced and killable) - System hack could destroy the hole not just "capture" it which is useless since friendly holes are just as annoying as enemy ones We probably shouldn't have this discussion on a bug report thread though, or skula is going to giv me another warning for excessive flame
  31. You can't strafe out of black holes. Even flying forwards is a struggle if you are in a frigate or slow fighter.
  32. HAHAHAHA I hate you
  33. Agreed. I can't believe double drone cruise chicken tacklers are still a thing in pvp... I still see them regularly, even in t5.
  34. 1. Description of the problem, what happened. I was put into a game with rank 13 ships when I was flying rank 9 ships. According to the patchnotes, I should be placed against maximum rank 10: " Easy: battles between ships from rank 1 to 5 Medium first level: battles between ships from rank 5 to 7 Medium first level: battles between ships from rank 7 to 10 Hard: battles between ships from rank 10 to 15 " This is particularly a problem because I do not wish to fight against rank 11 destroyers with annoying gravi. 2. What did you expected to happen. I expected to be put into a rank 7-10 game 3. The conditions during the situation. Launched into pvp 4. Further details on the issue. - 5. Frequency of occurrence. Has happened several times. 6. Logs + screenshots or a video (Including a description of the issue, where to and how to reproduce it) Screenshot needs to be done with ingame tools! Don't change screenshot's original name! Logs attached (last match in these logs was where it happened). Screenshot: 7. If possible, the time when it happend. In this case we will be able to look more closely to the server logs. Also mention your time zone. 2300 French time 8. Information on the configuration of your computer (DxDiag) - 9. The results of this program if the bug report is related to connection issues. - 10. If the complaint is related to Sector Conquest, it is necessary to specify the location and time + timezone of the happening. - 2017.03.17 22.26.50 Bug
  35. Out-regened on a jericho ceptor or out-regened in an empire engineer? There's a difference
  36. OK thanks for confirming this. The patch notes didn't say. Still remains that it should NOT deal damage, especially not auto-aim damage that ignores shield. Let's see what quantity of damage it deals (once again the patch notes are annoyingly vague about this...)
  37. It removes all negative effects and grants invulnerability. Deals damage to all enemies, who lock the player's ship as their target. Damage ignores shields. WTF is this bullsh*t? Please tell me this can't be fit on the ship at the same time as combat reboot? And why is it dealing damage????? This module grants invulnerability, there's no way it should deal damage! And ignoring shields...?!?! ‘Thar'kth’: Slightly reduced damage from charge accumulation and reduced general damage by 5%‘Thar'Ga'tok’: Damage reduced by 16% And this must be a mistake. There is no way that the devs would be this stupid... or? Overall I'm glad this ship is getting some attention and I'm glad the player test server is open again though. No idea why you stopped using it. I hope we can finally get some good balance like with destroyers.
  38. Yeah but I'm lazy. Also I was just checking to see if any others had experienced this or that maybe it was hidden in the patchnotes somewhere. I'll make a bug report next time it happens.
  39. Our rank nine ships being matched against rank 13 ships. I thought it was supposed to be 7-10 then 10-15? Or is it because we are playing in a squad? So how low do I need to go to avoid gravi bullsh*t now...? Rank 2 or something?
  40. It's not about losing or not, it's about saving yourself the frustration of watching a useless team feed kills to the enemy repeatedly, or watching them sit on spawn in LRFs doing fck all, or watching people that don't even know what a beacon is run around the map like headless chickens. I really don't have the time or patience for that sort of thing. So I leave the match. I've had this discussion on several threads, and even most people in my corp disagree with me on this one. They say you should fight to the end, die with honour etc. But honestly some matches if I stay in then I would lose my sanity
  41. Why would there be a penalty when there is deliberately a button saying "leave battle" in the menu? Also I really don't see the point of punishing people that leave even if there was no button. I often leave games that I know for a fact are lost and that I can't change that outcome no matter how hard I try. After 15000 games you get a feel for that sort of thing... No point wasting time when you have a useless team and even get top score after leaving early...
  42. What is teamplay?
  43. ...
  44. This isn't youtube...
  45. shouldn't you make them all in one thread maybe?
  46. These names... I have no idea which weapons you are talking about
  47. Yes, I especially appreciated the fair server choice, and the work Devouder put in to translate what was being said and to get the games started. Thanks very much! Wait times were really short as well, unlike some tournaments in the past where we have waited for hours doing nothing. Good luck to those participating in the finals!
  48. Thanks. I thought the finals were going to be played last Sunday
  49. Destroyers are perfectly balanced right now. They are killable, but you have to take a big risk and get close in order to do so. Meanwhile they still have very high DPS and various useful modules that allow them the control the range of engagement and apply damage at very long ranges, effectively suppressing enemy ships that are not in cover. This was their intended role, and I'm seeing some pilots flying them properly now and appreciate it. They use wide flanking manoevers to put pressure on the enemy team and force them out into the open, without having to rely on cloak (like an LRF does) since they have such high HP. This is especially effective on map such as the tube map or the jericho city, which are based around a central structure with open space around. Even with 2.5k damage it still takes a lot longer to kill a destroyer than to kill a frigate. Of course they get wrecked by thar'ga but then again so does every ship... so... nerf Thar'gas instead of buffing dessies.
  50. Any update on the winners? Or do I need to go to Russian forum like I was supposed to do to see that the rules were changed for reverse thruster? *wink wink*... I would also be interested in recordings of the matches if there are any!
  51. Yeah, but it's a glass cannon man /s
  52. Nah, it's a glass cannon man /s
  53. My statement was accurate. System Hack does not remove gravi sh*t. Friendly gravi hole is almost as annoying as an enemy one...
  54. And as usual with the direct attack against my playstyle. God you are so predictable. You cannot compare an area denial module that requires no skill and can control a whole beacon for lengthy periods of time, annoying and disrupting many ships, with a well timed tackle + gauss using cloak that *used to* be able to one-shot ships (nerf + rank bonuses means it can't anymore - and I'm fine with that, you ever seen me complaining and asking them to buff gauss? no.)
  55. I knew you would comment. You seem to be against everything I say nowadays just on principle. It is purely annoying to those who try to capture beacons, while requiring absolutely no skill or correct timing of modules on behalf of the destroyer pilot.
  56. It is improved by removing it. I already asked for this like 10 times. The effect is annoying and serves very little tactical purpose except getting the destroyer lots of assist points and denying a whole area of the map for long periods of time (which is guard's job, not suppressor's job). It is also extremely annoying in beacon games often leading to end by timer rather than by capturing all enemy points.
  57. +1 you can't even get rid of them (no, system hack doesn't remove them, the annoying pulling effect is still there)
  58. I would love to see a meme'd version of the video with thar'gas replacing all mention of chicken (oh and replace "forced to give up" by "fcked")
  59. This thread has been by millanbel.
  60. Yeah, so I need three more posts to get to 4000, so here are some owls: