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  1. Yup they removed self healing thank god. It was so broken.
  2. +1 most useless gamemode ever. Only snipers and gauss type weapons are useful. (and some cloaky ships)
  3. You should try eclipse launchers on that styx!! Also I don't think A1MA is worth it. Too much energy use and not much DPS. You could try an energy converter if you have the blueprint I'd love to see the rest of your fit and crew as well
  4. HOOT!!
  5. Yeah but it's now impossible to lead a fast rotating ship with dart weapon. I'd prefer to have gauss.
  6. Projectile speed is the problem. I'm using 6-3 like I was before, but now I can never hit thar'gas/ceptors like I could before. I just miss 100% of the time.
  7. I spoke too soon on Dart balance. It is now impossible to hit anything with that weapon, even with projectile speed implant! Over-nerf that has rendered it useless (yes I agree it was OP before, but that nerf was too much)
  8. Looks like a nice patch overall! I don't understand these new ships though... They really don't fit in SC universe, unless you add a new "human" faction with a proper lore background. Right now it just feels really artificial and more like it should be a temporary event. Thanks for the dart, gargoyle and thar'ga nerfs. Once again, I don't understand that it took literally months to happen though...
  9. They should have introduced these on April 1st as a joke.
  10. Dude I use a rank 5 thar'ga with no upgrades or modules, just for the purpose of farming those ridiculous limited missions.
  11. What I love about you, milf, is you always find the most abusive way to play a ship It's great! You could ask to be a tester, if you have the patience to deal with google translating Russian "pre-patch notes".
  12. Wanadium...
  13. But.. it's a serious suggestion
  14. No. Small battles are sh-it. I got a 2v2 the other day and it was the most boring thing ever. I thought they had solved this problem... But then they "improve" the matchmaker again and its back to EXACTLY THE SAME PROBLEM THERE WAS BEFORE.
  15. pink tag

    Open space is just empty. Even the loot sucks now unless you have a scanner. I mean you spend ten minutes shooting a biomorph and he drops 100 credits and a bit of synergy...
  16. I mean it's still a gunship and hasn't been nerfed, so you'll get good scores, but you could get even better scores using thar'ga, that's all I'm saying. Have you noticed barely anyone flies spark anymore? And that used to be the go-to borderline OP gunship... The other difficulty is that tacklers have been buffed to counter ellydium ships, but this makes it harder for federation gunships as well, and they don't have the survivability of thar'ga (proper survivability I mean, taking into account dodging and escape capability). For a start, all the ellydium ships should have been launched at the same time. Maybe ellydium tackler is the perfect counter to thar'ga and there was no need to buff other faction tackler modules? I dunno... It just doesn't seem very logical, except from a cash-grabbing hype-train point of view.
  17. Piranha-B is a great ship. Unfortunately it has been rendered irrelevant now by Thar'ga.
  18. Yeah heavy drone is really nice, and the buff to engine inhibitor is amazing. I have used it against LRFs, destroyers, recons, thar'gas...! Cloaking is still very effective though, especially that cov-ops type cloak the tai'kin has. So tacklers are in a strong position right now, but I'm not sure it's enough to counter the tai'kin. We'll see, so far I've only seen one in pvp and one on my team in tourney so it's hard to judge. I've also try using sentry drones against high rotation ellydium ships, but I don't really see any effect. There are no numbers in the module description either.
  19. That's to be expected. But is there any inconvenience or "malus" as rakza would call it?
  20. It reminds me of command dessies from Eve online. You can "boosh" all enemies in a certain radius of your ship forwards 100km, as long as you and they are not scrammed (tackled). But if you get scrammed, then you are fucked, so you have to time it very well. It should be the same for tai'kin: "booshing" should be a risky tactial manoevre with potential high payoff but also high risk. Maybe, for example, there should be a warm-up cycle required, during which time you are totally stationary, or get decreased resists similar to LRF reverse thruster. It should also not be possible to cloak during this warm-up cycle.
  21. Oh, you don't video yourself? Yeah you said about bomb carrier That could be funny, but logistically I dunno. Also that'll be nerfed soon I guess, like reverse thruster was. Abducting the captain will definitely be used and abused though
  22. I mean you can go to logs and find them, but it's a bit of a hassle. But didn't someone make a tool which automatically translates Russian to English from the logs? I seem to remember it being a WPK guy a few years ago. Hmm, I'll try to find it. Edit: There we go. I found it thanks to google, not thanks to this xxxx forum search function which doesn't work at all. I'm not sure if it still works and it doesn't look like it's been updated recently. Might be worth a try though for trading purposes!
  23. I mean... You did both have doomsdays... But still after I saw yesterday in tournament what that return crystal can do... Did you video that milf?
  24. PTSD from Thar'ga and destroyer introduction, as I have said before. Even though this recon might be perfecty fine, we have come to expect that it will be massively OP because most new things that have come out recently have been massively OP before being nerfed after 3-4 weeks. Yesterday I flew with milf in tounament, and he already demonstrated one of the ways tai'kin is broken. And it's not even levelled up yet... He had the return beacon, and went "fishing". Basically the seven other team members waited on the beacon, and he went out to the enemy team cloaked, abducted one ship, and then we all demolished it without even leaving our spawn. Since his ship is very hard to kill, we took no risks whatsoever while doing this. I hope a video will be posted soon because it was hilariously broken.
  25. Like I say, accident. Of course we had other ships. 2v2s become bigger games usually, but this one didn't for some reason.
  26. Accident. One of us eventually self destructed and switched to a cov ops to break the stalemate, then we wrecked the other guy in a destroyer. It was a xxxx 2v2 for some reason.
  27. Yeah it was designed to make a stalemate and cause you to self destruct.
  28. Wolfkhan... does not know how to build ships. He obsesses with high shield regen for some reason. That might work in 1v1, but in a 12v12 game there's no chance. And there's not much a tackler can do against a shpt that can reverse time. I've not met many of them so far but the ones I have met seem quite strong. I just hope the buff to the tackler modules to prevent teleporting will be sufficient. We'll see.
  29. Ask swifter. We had two tacklers in a squad in a recent match and it was impossible to kill him.
  31. I never said I was on a t4 premium ship. I said I was in the other hangars in order to get loyalty vouchers for the three factions
  32. Loyalty
  33. How are people even getting these parts? I haven't seen one of them yet I don't any of the broker missions everyone keeps talking about. Edit: nvm, I was in the wrong hangar.
  34. you can get lots of iridium from your corp owning a sector in Sector Conquest