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  1. I don't get the joke
  2. So THAT's what it is! I was wondering.
  3. Aw xxxx, well there go my plans I was sure it had one cpu! I'll maybe try with anaconda then, that has two CPU
  4. pretty much what I was thinking of testing, but with MPI instead of missile shield, missile pylons in hull and full damage cpu
  5. Sure I can share a few reaper builds once I've tested them with the changes
  6. Yep even faster reaper! I think this is gonna be fun! I can't wait to get on
  7. Yeah I'm definitely trying that one out on my reaper! Pull them into close range and then BLAP BLAP BLAP Holy guard buff though. I might need to try out a few new builds with this patch!
  8. So wait a minute, you are saying bye, but you already left a few months ago?! o.O Anyways I always enjoyed flying with you man! You'll be missed!
  9. holy necro You want the drones that heal more on octopus (either Armada or Vanguard, can't remember). They are tanky so can survive for example a coil mortar shot. Three drones are useless if they all just die to one coil mortar shot...
  10. not hiring, or not hiring cats?
  11. wow that lag
  12. You are wrong. It's not high-DPS ships that win in this mode, but rather high-alpha ships. I agree however that the mode is bad and needs fixing or removing.
  13. So... 50% of T5 players and 99% of destroyer pilots?
  14. Yeah, that's my favourite also
  15. Tillo not in LRF? wut? I miss Dirk and Entersprite flying with us I haven't flown with you in a while either gizmo, but I saw you started playing a bit again?
  16. (similar look to your sai actually!) (the famous dildonator that so many people copied :D) (the illuminati dorito)
  17. Just fly in T3 like me. Way more fun and everything is scaled down. Thar'ga is still strong but a wolf-m can kill one. I also love to harass them with my goose tackler, which I can't do in T5 because they are just too fast.
  18. Positron mauler is so much fun
  19. and LRF, one-shot any ship on the enemy team and get a guaranteed maniac medal (even just by spamming torps)...
  20. No.
  21. Destroyers are finally balanced. Thar'ga is still not though. That needs fixing.
  22. LRF f*g
  23. It's too strong. Like a heavy blaster with no spread, on an interceptor. Even more broken on ECMs, as seems to be the new fashion. Your statistics must surely show that EVERY SINGLE INTERCEPTOR is using it now? Please don't just launch a weapon and then never balance it... You have to keep an eye on these things...