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  1. Most fighter weapon have between 550 and 600 damage/s per turret. At the exception of gauss and thi lith which have respectively 350 and 210 damage/s per turret. And then there's Thar Kth. Which have about 1k2 damage/s per turret. Even by reducing by half the base damages it still have one of the highest dps of fighters weapons. Considering it has the ability to do both close range and long range weapon AND have a really good projectile speed, that's still a good weapon. Also, yeah, gauss will have a slightly better snipe when both are full charged. But so what? Gauss can only snipe. It obviously should be better on that field then a gun that can do both.
  2. If they used it as a finishing move then doesn't that means that Inhibitor swarm wasn't needed to kill the inty? 60% manoeuvrability reduction means that you still have 40%. Enough to dodge tons of things. And if you really hate that module use the motor cleanse r8 implant. Slows are still much more effective and last much longer. Look at the alien weapon for frigates. It's a permanent manoeuvrability debuff. But nobody complained about it right?
  3. While I understand your PoV, I think that expert mode in a guard is a bad idea. Especially with a close range weapon.
  4. I was sarcastic. IMO reducing the damages to 2k per shot, and reducing the spread to 7-1.5 deg would solve most problems. It used to be a mixt between gauss and shrapnel. Now it's just a shrapnel, and another shrapnel.
  5. Thar Kth would be a lot more balance if the kinetic + EM passives were fused and splitted in a spread or projectile speed passive But, you know, it's better to give that gun an absurd 20 to 7 deg base spread, which make this gun absolutely unusable without at kinetic passive + Iridium slug + one or two guidance.
  6. Screenshot. Send it in the bug report section. Looks like the UI isn't "responsive" and won't fit in your screen. They'll fix it, but only if you report it.
  7. Gauss dps doesn't decrease with charge. More charge, more damage/crit chance or even a double shot. Thar Kth doesn't charge like gauss or Positron do. It just gets more range and less spread. Anyway, the main problem is that Thar Kth is both horrible to use and extremely powerful. Thar Kth totally lost its identity after the continuous nerfs. I have some ideas to restore Thar Kth identity and balancing it. I'll post them in another thread.
  8. Wait you're using expert control even with frigates ?
  9. The main problem with Cruise is that you can just not use AB and totally loose any of the cruise downside. So when a tackler/guard block your ABm you can just strafe your way out of here with as much mobility as any other ship in such condition. IMO this is the problem. Cruise should be more punished then non-cruise ships for a AB disable.
  10. As far as I know, the contest isn't finished. So why can't you ?
  11. For the fact that you can be faster then federation or deal more then empire, no it's not "insane". The ship mechanics is that you can choose the ship stats. You can imagine a RPG game where you have stats points that you invest in dex/str/sta/... Most thar ga doing rampage are using a full speed + damage build (similar to federation), having a tankyness not so good. The problem is that they get a lot of regen due to modules, which make them tanky too, thus OP. They shouldn't be able to heal so much hull per minute. The usual gunship heal 4k hull every 120 seconds. This one can heal to full every 30 seconds... The problem is obviously here. But they heavily nerfed matter absorber. Now they need to nerf Combat Reconstructor, and it should be good. On the other hand I totally agree with you for Cruise/Swiftness. While I enjoy them, the downside is not good enough. You shouldn't be able to strafe at all when using cruise
  12. No it's just that the customs premiums are all in jericho
  13. I did it because I found it totally useless so necessary.
  14. That's how it should be. What's weird is that it is thousands time easier to kill a destroyer then a guard. Buff destroyers.
  15. That's because of you I guess
  16. Funy how the slowest of all frigates, which even have a speed malus, is now the fastest frigate by far.
  17. Well, I dont know why they invented a module that heals you for 75% of the damage you receive. That's stupidly absurd. Combat reconstructor should be a lifesteal, healing for a percent of the damages YOU do. Not the incoming damage.
  18. No they didn't
  19. Thar ga got quite a nerf this time. - No more reboot on intuition (FINALLY !) - Matter absorber now have a limited 750m range (time to equip something else) - Same for crystal hunger : 750m range for the heal. Which actually make this module less powerful then the base gunship module The 2 first are a good nerf. But the crystal hunger nerf wasn't needed at all IMO. Combat reconstructor is much more broken then a 6s rate of fire buff that doesn't even works with the weapon everybody use (Thar Kth).
  20. I have not idea why, but this post is reserved.
  21. I got both, and I have absolutely no freaking idea how I got them. Since I didn't even bothered to try
  22. Considering that photoshop is allowed, i'm pretty sure it's a "pimp your ship" contest.
  23. He's talking about the "Kill 150 destroyers in squad". Which you can cancel. The special modules can't be canceled, but they are the same for everybody. I did both Combat reconstructor AND hive after the destroyer nerf. Took me about two weeks. But I did it. You can do it too.
  24. I'll still gladly accept some free stuff
  25. So, from what I can understand it's a contest where you have to pimp your ship ?
  26. The reason that you get more points by doing it is because "it makes the game finish faster"
  27. The fact is that before, it was "Use a rank 13 and above" Now it's "Equip a rank 15" In the first case you were forced to use a r13/r14/r15. But you could equip r11/12/13 if you wanted to. While now we have to equip a r15 but aren't forced to use it. So you can use a r12 ship too. BUT, you can't equip r11 ships anymore.
  28. Yeah permanent invincibility until you use a module/weapon is a good idea. But there must be a range limit then. Or else just go capture these beacons.
  29. It isn't linearly. The first levels requires 150/200 points. R13 on the other hand have only 50 points available. Which is stupid since half of the nodes available at r13 instantly send you to r15 because of this.
  30. xenocrystals

    What the hell use monocrystal beside cabin and crafting items ? Right now, the limiting resource is Alien Panels (at least for f2p players). Xenocrystals are easy to get. I spent something like 200 mono, because I got all the modules beside missile reloading crafted at r15. Even those that I don't use (drone, motor).
  31. with a big spawn defense, LRF would sit on spawn. Do you want LRF to sit the whole game on spawn and use only their 12k range special ? No. You don't want that.
  32. xenocrystals

    I spend approximately 1500 xeno and I have all the cool stuff unlocked and some stuff that I don't always use (I swap between them). If you know what to buy and skip all passives+blueprints, you can reach r15 for around 600 xeno (+the 100 initial xeno). You took the missile reloading as far as I can see. And I guess you took the Thar Ga tok line (with 10% damage at the end) + the r5 motor node + matter absorber, since you followed my build. These are "powerful node" : Low evo point, big effect but cost xeno. If you skipped them, you'd be r13 or r15. Let's be honnest : The missile reload costs 50 xeno for 40 evo points At your rank, a slot or a buffer should costs between 20 and 24 xeno. For these 50 xeno you'd be able to buy 2 slots for 60 each. Just with this you'd win one rank.
  33. Nah he just didn't realized yet that the Spec op mission don't have a rank requirement.
  34. The problem is that we have missions like Combat Recon or classes like LRF which would make players sit in their defenses. Why not do something about respawn time ? Like making it global for the whole team. The first who dies enter in a 25 seconds respawn timer. And all the allies that dies within that 25 seconds window will share his respawn timer. So the whole time will respawn at once, allowing players to push them back.
  35. There's a cool button in the bottom right of your screen that allows you to search pilots for a squad. Use this.
  36. That's for the next year. You know, they need to do research and stuff.
  37. You're not supposed to get resources only with loot. You're supposed to use your vouchers and credits, to upgrade modules and then salvage them for resources. It's not so hard to get resources. You just need to search a bit what module gives what
  38. Hello I crashed many times in fire support within a single game (had to relog, play a few seconds, crash again). How to reproduce : Don't know. I just crashed again and again for no specific reason. But, at least 2 or 3 crash occurred when I received a shot simultaneously from 2 different snipers (but not all the time). Also : It seems like I wasn't the only one to crash in this battle. Out or the 4 players, 3 (me included) disconnected and reconnected many times. I don't know if they crashed or not, but it's most likely that they did. And as usual, logs (+ errors). Enjoy the FATAL| Array of geometries exceed Looks like some projectiles mesh aren't destroyed 2017.02.18 23.51.24.zip 2017.02.18 23.45.04.zip
  39. Since when do dessies kill everything in seconds? Beside piro, their dps in close range in extremely bad. Because anybody not stupid will fire at your back, and you can use only one turret here.
  40. Since the new PvP matchmaking system is based on "difficulty level" : Easy/Medium/Hard for respectively 1-5 6-10 and 10-15 ; then why can't we use both a r11 AND a r15 on the same ship lineup in PvP ? Because if we're using a r15 ship, we will still face some Darts or Gargoyles. But if we want to use one, then we can't without removing our r15. Even worse, it means that we can't do contracts on r11 ships once we've reached r15, but we're still facing r15 ships. Wouldn't it be much better if the ship limit was by difficulty level instead of what we currently have ? After all PvE had been this way for ages now. I want to be able to use both my sawtooth and my kraken together
  41. I don't see what's the problem. 1k5 is close range. Above 1k5 = x1. Then it's +0.15 per 250m. So : 1k5 = x1.15 1k250 = x1.30 1k = x1.45 750 = x1.6 500 = x1.750 250 = x2 And you can't be at 0. It's not OP at all.
  42. Then make it starts from 1k5.
  43. What does that change? We are asking that when we play a specific MM level, we can use ALL the ships within that level. The fact that r11 face r15 won't change.
  44. nah if it was survival I would have won. Because I'd use 700m/s + teleportation sphere + 6k range gauss/sensors + free aim
  45. What's funy is the Thar ga tournament. It was "One shot" with thar kth all over the place and everybody in full kinetic resist.
  46. Rework of crystal hunger ?
  47. that's done in barely 5 fights. A single fire support is enough to get the 1M2 damage.
  48. IMO there's too much missions for Ellydium It's not equally reparted. There's always a xeno mission. But for empire/federation/jericho, there's not that much missions.
  49. I suggested it long ago. But there's a problem : long range. They would sit on spawn.
  50. Yeah it's kinda the opposite. It requires a really steady aim, and a good control of your ship. Or else you just can't hit a thing.
  51. Which makes me come back to my last comment : Why should the destroyer have absolutely no chance of surviving a covert ops under cammo ?
  52. And then, there's bruisers in LOL, Which are tanky AND powerful. But are suuuuuper slow.
  53. The screenshot I took is on a ship having 450 max speed. And it happened to me even on a frigate. I just get one shoted randomly for absolutely no reason at all.
  54. There's a huge difference between dying fast and being one shoted by an invisible fast ship. Even a LRF survive for at least 10 seconds with orion + arc. jericho and fed dessies don't.
  55. How to one shot a destroyer without any difficulty : 1) Take a covert ops. 2) Equip it with plasma arc and maybe adaptive cammo. 3) Use Cammo to go in the back of your target 4) Arc 5) Enjoy
  56. We're not talking about the same thing. I'm talking about a bug that randomly one shot you whatever your ship is.
  57. Ok, this bug has been here for quite some time now (at least a year). And I seriously think it's time for it to be fixed. The bug ? Your ship is one shoted by hitting a rock, even at really low speed. The bug is totally random. Rare, but not rare enough to never happen. I have absolutely no idea about how to reproduce it. But it is definitely here Proof by a screenshot, and logs. 9k damage on a fighter only by strafing. That is obviously a bug. 2017.02.15 22.40.04.zip
  58. You're speaking of Milf screenshot? Nah. Look carefully. That's the price for crafting 5 cabin.
  59. No problem. I'm not English either, let's forget this. Anyway, Thar Ga is definitely something any players can reach. Far easier then any premium ship or destroyer. So it's definitely not P2W IMO.
  60. Did you even read the word "without"?
  61. If playing 2 hours a day casually without doing anything special beside killing people's in PvP is "Non stop grinding" Then your life must be fun.
  62. Nah. I just did maths. We got 100 free xeno for birthday. + 30 xeno per week (special ops) + 30 xeno per week (squad kill) + 4 xeno per 6 hours + 1 xeno per 2 hours Which means that in one month of doing the weekly missions + once the 4 xeno + 4 times the 1 xeno mission, you get 513 xeno. + the 100 initial xeno, you're at 613. Which is enough to get a r15 thar ga. Add another month, or do 2 times the 4 xeno missions + 8 times the 1 xeno per day, and you'll have one special module + the r13 strafe/rotation slot + kinetic/EM weapon passive + the 33% weapon heating. Since the total of them costs something like 100+250+160+210 So 2 months and you have the "super op thar ga build" that everybody currently use. And that's without considering the previous xeno crystal event, or the fact that you can get MUCH more xeno then just doing the mission once.
  63. Guys, thar ga is extremely easy to get for free. Stop with those "p2w". You can get up to 420 xeno per week with a license. A r15 build costs between 500 and 1000 xeno. Even without license and playing 24h a day, you can get one r15 in a month or so.
  64. I didn't even finish my work, but why not.
  65. It's hard to always dominate unless you're Milf Milf knows I can kill him.
  66. Cin, > Doesn't change the fact that I can still spawn kill the enemy team.
  67. Let me tell you something. Sphere of swiftness is available to all alien ships. Frigates and destroyers included. A 61% speed buff, available to all classes. I'm pretty sure we'll have 700m/s frigates and a 400-500m/s destroyer.
  68. That's just a bunch of bad excuses. LRF : If you can't land a hit with a snipe gun which have one of the highest projectile speed in the game, then go practice. It's you the problem. Tackler : You are invisible, he can't kill you before you engage. 99% of the Thar Ga use either Thar Kth, Thar Ga Tok, or Singularity. All of them are short ranged. So a tackler with slowing beam above 4k range, and he can't do anything to you. Even better with tackler range passive. He may escape. But if he does, he'll have to hide for the whole game and won't be effective. ECM : energy steal + stasis when he is in the middle of your team. And he's instant dead. Even with proton wall.
  69. Killing them is easy. ECM doomsday, or Tackler slowing beam, or Positron LRF.
  70. Oh, yeah. It shouldn't have too much problem with the x2.5 damage. Because it'll fly at 500m/s and have teleportation sphere.
  71. Nah Recon and Engi won't be a problem IMO. On the other hand, the ECM and tacklers....
  72. I know right. That "nerf" changed nothing to me. TBH I even think that intuition is better this way, because more uptime and reboot less needed
  73. Hum I shared new screenshots yesterday doing everything you said !
  74. Will thar ga be nerfed in this hotfix ?
  75. Graphical settings shouldn't have any impact on server sided problems.
  76. this is a bug, and it has already been reported, and skula said it'll be fixed.
  77. Well, they somehow buffed alien intuition. And nerfed by a ridiculously low value 2 nodes that nobody used (because there are better choices). Which even if peoples used them, it would barely represent 0.1% of their health. The only real nerf here is the 5 deg/sec I lost on rotation. So now I'm at 125 instead of 130. Even the speed nerf change nothing because I was already above the speed cap. So I'm still at 700m/s
  78. Yeah And there's also war conflict, a mobile version of war thunder https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.gaijinent.wtconflicts
  79. I'm pretty sure it's not what he is talking about. There's another server bug which makes you have an extremely horrible ping (because 50-70% network error) for a few seconds. I faced it quite a few time. But I had no problem for about a week now.
  80. But... But... You got rewards !
  81. On sale, are you kidding? The starter pack costs more then what I spent to go directly to r9.
  82. You did not saw my build right ? I have 150 acceleration on thar ga. 225 when using afterburners. 250 strafe speed (don't know how much with AB, around 350 I guess), with around 200 strafe acceleration with AB 520 max speed And 130 rotation (golden eagle have a default 70)
  83. OMG, they destroyed thar ga ! Instead of going at 700m/s with a single module I'll go at 670 ! And they even reduced the hull/shield of some really specific build by 100. I'll have only 9900 hull/shield strength now. Such nerf much wow. Enjoy. Theoretically speaking, they even buffed alien intuition.
  84. NP, they nerfed thar ga today. They reduced by 100 points the hull/shield strength of one specific node that nobody uses. Thar ga is useless now.
  85. TLDR: They are not bad. Just weird.
  86. Wow, someone publicly insulting Milfeulle. Let's be honest, he does nothing wrong. On the other hand, you, by insulting him like this, you're wrong. What is he supposed to do ? Stand still until you kill him ? Yes, the ship he is using is overpowered. So what ? Most peoples wouldn't be able to do even half of this. And even you are OP ships ! (Hello Dart and Gargoyle) Your ships were so broken to the point where they changed rank. You seems to forget that the squad Eugen+Milf is a duo of top tier players. Give them whatever you want, and they'll still do a rampage. I'll add that most peoples on this forum can show you score bigger then the one he made here, thar ga or not. Max is a fairly good example. The kind of player that can spawn kill you in a hercules. You're free to hate the fact that you lost miserably. But feel free to keep your insults for yourself. Oh and BTW, milf isn't hard to kill at all. I killed him, more then once, and without necessarily using Thar ga either. TIP : He is using Sphere of swiftness. A single tackler with 4k range slowing beams and AB disable would force him to play extremely defensive (using both reboot and energy converter and teleportation sphere). You can thanks me later.
  87. At least the inties probably won't be a problem. Because Thar Ga is already far too mobile, MUCH more then what an inty can do. It's funy. Because when I compare my cutter to my Thar ga, the cutter have less speed, less strafe, less acceleration, and less rotation. And my cutter use 2 submatter shield, one vernier, strafe implant, and speed capacitors. There's a big problem somewhere.
  88. The strafe build is by far better in pve. Cruise engine (sphere of swiftness) works well only in PvP. This build on the other hand do wonder on both fields. I did something like 10 FS and 15 Special Ops using this build. You can dodge everything. But don't misunderstand. This build is as tanky as the build in the OP. The difference between them is that I'm using Adaptive hull instead of Galvanized armor. Which means that the values displayed in the hangar are weaker then in reality. Proof :
  89. It may cost 0 points. But it replace your old special (rate of fire buff) by the this one. Depending on the gun you may not want this. But TBH, this was an old build. At that time I did not have "Combat reconstructor" unlocked yet. For the moment I switch between these (Singularity/Thar Kth build). The best with this build is that, with afterburners, you get something like 400 strafe AND have an insane strafe acceleration which makes this build so fun. But you still have a fairly good rotation speed (130 deg, more then most inties). And 514 m/s. Which is super fast. What's even better is that with this much strafe, strafe itself is enough to get "Adaptive" stuff always working. Even when moving at virtually 0m/s
  90. You stole my suggestion !
  91. coordinate what ? Just log in, take a r9 ship, and go in spec ops. There's a 2 hours window every 4 hours. 2 minutes queue at most since everybody do the mission.
  92. Uh no I'm a solo player. I do the t3 destroyer mission, it's easy as hell even with randoms. The maximum theoretical value is (4*6 + 11*2)*7 + 45 * 2 = 412 xeno per week. License > 4 times the 6 xeno mission (refresh every 6 hours and once at midnight) 11 times the 2 xeno squad mission (refresh every 2 hours) The special ops mission The "Kill 200 stuff in squad" mission Those who say that it takes years to get a thar ga full build at r15 are lying.
  93. Well they give like 20 xeno per day + 90 per week super easily. Add the alien weapons event, the birthday present, and stuff. And peoples have a free r15 thar ga.
  94. All unmodified ships need a rework.
  95. I suggest that you remove the minimal rank limit.
  96. Settings have nothing to do with server problems.
  97. I think it should vary depending on the map. Some maps are far too big for 8 players. Even 12 isn't much. TBH some maps could easily handle a 24vs24 battle.
  98. If you get disconnected then you DO have problem with their servers.
  99. No the problem is different. Since one patch I have issue with the connection too. Randomly in the fight, I have a few seconds of 2k ping 15-50% packet loss. Which obviously makes things a bit harder. Looks like they have an issue with the servers.
  100. They have malus. So they need bonus too.
  101. You need to validate the change first. Only then the capacitor slot will become active
  102. Don't misunderstand. I'm not saying the ship is balanced and it should stay as it is. But IMO giving the same stats as any other ships is going in the wrong direction. Take a deeper look at what Thar Ga is, and you'll understand how devs wanted to balance it. Extremely slow acceleration (not lying, worse then a frigate). But magically, swiftness increase acceleration (while cruise don't). Which leave us 3 possibilities : - Swiftness (+ rotation usually) - Anti-friction build (its much better then you'd expect, it increases strafe acceleration too, with cheetah it's niiiice). - Or no acceleration build. But a single slow or collision, and you take 10 seconds to get your speed back (literally). Then, we have 50% permanent healing malus. But magically once again we have better healing modules, that comes with specific mechanics. Which leave us a few choices here too : - Don't bother about regen, go full tank. And take hours to regen. - Go passive regen, but be less tanky then other ships. - Go active regen, tankier but less effective - Use your special for healing purpose but less damage. Finally we have self harming modules but more powerful then standard modules which give us a final choice : - More effectiveness, but more dangerous to use - Just plain classic modules Devs clearly made things so that we had to make choices. It's just that these choices aren't fully balanced yet. IMO what should be done is : - all alien active and special should have self harming, that is big enough to have an importance - Using regen passive should decrease tank or mobility So instead of a basic nerf that reduce the "funy" part of ellydium ships we can do an interesting like : Alien intuition : Reduced to 50% damage buff for 10 seconds The lock debuff isn't removed by reboot anymore (you used it, you knew it) Self harming increased to 1k2 hull points Matter absorber : Heals still stacks. BUT, matter absorber reduce all hull resistances by 20. Combat shield : Can't equip more then one. Taking damage reduce the ship speed and maneuverability by 10%. Teleportation sphere : Works only on double tap 10% of your current hull (min 800) as self damage on activation Combat reconstructor : Stay as it is. Decrease mobility when active (because self harming on a healing special is stupid). Inhibitor swarm : 900 self damage on activation Missile reload: Renamed "Hard reset" Fully reload all missiles, cooldown entirely the weapons (without stopping fire), and refresh the cooldown of all alien modules. 1k self damage. That should already make things more balanced.
  103. I'm OK with the 2 first suggestions (since I suggested them myself on other threads). But I'm against the last one. Because instead of making it OP, it would make it useless. Reasons : - You forget that Thar Ga have a permanent malus to heals which makes survival modules and engineers quite useless. And this malus must be compensated by slots (combat/regenerative shield, matter absorber). You can consume like 3/4 slots on items that are here ONLY as an alternative shield Booster/repair kit. - it should be more powerful then other ships. Special ships ARE more powerful then standard ships. Not by a lot but they do. Ellydium ships should be too. The problem here is that it's too much. - And I'll repeat myself, but you must not forget that it has tons of entirely new mechanics. Extremely slow acceleration. Permanent heal malus. Self harming. But to compensate, they have extremely powerful motor slots. And good regeneration by passive slots with their own mechanics too. You can't just give it the same stats as everybody. But let's be honest, Thar Ga by itself isn't OP. It is alien items that are. - Combat shield - Matter absorber - Thar Kth/Thar Ga tok - Inhibitor swarm - Alien intuition - Sphere of swiftness - Teleportation sphere That's what makes Thar Ga OP. These mechanics are still new to the game. Once they've balanced it, it'll be fine. Give them some time.
  104. Oh, looks like the match I made with endeav tonight. I had 9 kills, and everybody else had 0. \o/
  105. But I want to play ! x) 2 minutes queue to get instant finish isn't fun.
  106. Or should we mention the fact that in this game I didn't even had the time to spawn ?
  107. Number of Milf in battle should be decreased too
  108. The problem of survival ? The game finished before I could even spawn.
  109. Matter absorber and Alien Intuition are Thar Ga only. So they won't be too OP I don't think they can do worse then giving a 86% damage buff on the ship that already had the biggest DPS in the game.
  110. But..But... This has been suggested so many times already !
  111. Covert ops. Not special ops.
  112. I did it on a Covert ops. Because right now Covert ops can one shot dessies with plasma arc
  113. I finished it this week. PvP only.
  114. And when I said "Use LRF positron to kill Thar ga", peoples said I were wrong. Glad someone realized it. Whenever I see a Thar Ga kill squad, I just use my mauler and kill their squad.
  115. There's currently a bug with dart. You don't see the visual of being damaged by quantum railgun. So you die without seeing it.
  116. tharga

    Problem is that it's auto-aim. Dev won't buff it too much because of this.
  117. tharga

    The hell ? Thar ga is the best gunship at all rank. Especially since there's a 10% damage node at rank 5
  118. Milf plays because he wants to. Are you implying he should he stop playing because you don't like facing him ? You may not be able to kill him, but it's far from impossible. Even without a thar ga. Fact is that he IS skilled.
  119. How to beat MilfeuIle : Tutorial Step 1) Send him a MP saying "Hey, look, there's a new season of railgun ! Go there > [insert random link]" Step 2) Milf instant disconnect Step 3) ... Step 4) Profit
  120. tharga

    I will agree with you. This weapon is WEAK They should clearly remove the energy malus.
  121. And there's me. Who have 1k6 panels and 210 fighter structure.
  122. If you want the EM/Kinetic bonus + one or both guns + a special, then yeah, it requires quite a bit of xeno.
  123. Hello ! A small but important suggestion -> There's a big problem with the Dart weapon. There's no animation and sound played when you take damage from it. Basically it means that by the time you realized you're shooted at, it's usually already too late. A little "Pew pew pew" would solve the problem Thanks
  124. Good luck having fun with an empire singularity command in survival.
  125. They're flying LRF aren't they ? Problem with survival is that 80% of the classes are useless here.
  126. You can get thar ga quite easily by doing events. Just requires one or two months to get a r15
  127. 'Cause I paid for it
  128. Aww You're cute. I won't be third I'm not that good and my ping isn't very stable. But I unlocked some specials (Aka reconstructor and hive) yesterday. May do some cool stuff.
  129. OS update, on summer ? :hype:
  130. Yeah I'm perfectly fine with this. But there's a limit to it. A convert ops with camo can just get to your back, and one shot you. Even an LRF is harder to kill that way and have some escape.
  131. IMO the squad missions play a big part in the "broken PvP". Because randoms squad with randoms. And good players squad with good players. That reminds me the PvP I did the other day. It was me + Endeav + randoms vs Milfeulle + Eugen + Adam + Deleted + Shotan + Shapeshifter
  132. A lot of stuff would benefit from a double-click to effect instead of normal click. Like teleportation sphere or command phaser But we still have nothing that implement double click. Is there a technical issue that prevent it?
  133. Absolutely.
  134. Were you seriously forced to quote everything?
  135. Wait, I've just realized that it's in the middle of the week, not during the week-end. So no way I can.
  136. Yeah, 18h UTC is passed my now So Swifter here
  137. I don't care about dessies anymore since I don't play them. It's just that being able to kill a ship that have 300k survavibility + 50 seconds respawn + 170k credit repair by pressing a single button is...
  138. It isn't an instant escape. It's only 2km. 2Km is barely 3 seconds with a 700m/s ship (cruise) and even an interceptor have more then 2k range. I'm not saying that it's not good. Just that the other choices are extremely powerful too. Sphere of swiftness is absolutely necessary on Thar ga because it increases both speed AND acceleration. And without swiftness Thar ga's acceleration is slooooooow. Rotation sphere works perfectly with Swiftness because they compensate each other malus/buff so you keep an extremely good rotation speed with AB. And rotation is really important when dog-fighting (especially with a close range weapon such as Thar Kth). Same goes for the strafe motor. Which compensate the AB cost malus and is super useful once in close range (dog-fighting once again) While Teleportation sphere is just a semi-escape which would take less then 3 seconds to reach and you loose your upward strafe. Combined with the fact that thar ga can use reboot for disables/slow or even use energy converter (multipurpose module with really low cooldown) and r8-2 implant (you don't need r8-3 since you have strafe AB reduction cost), you can survive any disable. So yeah. Unless you don't know what you're doing, IMO it's much better to go for Swiftness+Strafe+Rotation and use Energy converter or Reboot as a GTFO card. Yup. On a frigate it will be useful. But on a 700m/s ship, I don't think so.
  139. Actually, compared to other modules, teleportation sphere is quite meh, since it blocks upward strafe (which is a big malus) A strafe or rotation or cruise is better.
  140. It's definitely not. Thar ga have forward acceleration a LOT different then backward acceleration. Forward acceleration on thar ga is really last. Backward acceleration on the other hand is extremely fast, to the point where you can go from 700 to -200 within 1 or 2 seconds at most.
  141. Teleportation sphere 2km forward teleportation when you strafe upward.
  142. Hello guys ! I wanted to do a topic about my vision of Thar Ga and let you see some nice values. No videos sadly, my computer isn't powerful enough. First I'll start with a quote of OmegaFighter : "With thar ga, you can be tanky, mobile, or powerful. But you can't be all of them at the same time". And I'll have to be honest, he is totally... Wrong ! You can be all of them combined, and do it better then most ships ! So, let's start with my slots : Yes, I DO use only 3 active slots. It may looks surprising at first. But Thar ga is a gunship, crit buff and reboot are enough. A 4th active is definitely not worth 125 points on a gunship which needs mobility and damage when these points represent 2 passive slots. And in the end, having only 3 active allows me to get 14 passive slots. Yes, you heard me right. 14 passive slots. 3 motors, 2 capacitors, 3 shield, 3 hull, 3 CPU. In the end, my stats are something like this : Yep, I DO use teleportation Sphere AND "cruise engine" AND strafe motor. Done on purpose. Same goes for galvanized. Too lazy to do a wall of text to explain everything. But there's a reason to everything I use. Will you find them ? (For the ammo, I swap between the crit and spread reduction ammo depending on my feelings) What do you think of it ? What would you change ?