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  1. You're kidding right ? My lineup is thar ga + cutter + sawtooth + mauler since their buff Sawtooth is litteraly the ship with the most buff in game with : - 20% weapon damage. (Yup, 20%, that's not a mistake. ) - 20% crit damage (because 20% weapon damage is obviously not enough) - 10 shield resist to everything - 20% AB reduction cost - 25% rotation speed - 50% tackler range Add the 35% weapon damage and 55 hull + shield resist, due to r11. And the fact that is has 3 CPU + 2 capacitors. Then go cruise (perfect with AB reduction and rotation buff) + blueballs + Target Painter, and enjoy the tackler with the most DPS in game. Cutter is literally the same stuff. 10% weapon damage + 20% CO buff (Orion and arc like this) + 50% crit chance + 3 CPU, and whatever you equip suddenly has 5k DPS. Add the 20% weapon damage from r12 to reach 6k DPS. And enjoy the CO with the most DPS in game. But I don't play r9/r5, so I won't talk about other ships.
  2. Some ideas looks fun. But TBH these ships are already extremely powerful since their recent up + "lower rank buff".
  3. Or just make that module destruction isn't x2.5, and that's it.
  4. The special is totally useless if you're close enough to use guns. So saying that Empire is flexible is a bit ironic.
  5. Nothing is necessary. So no, it wasn't. Was Heavy drones for tacklers necessary? No. But more content is never bad.
  6. Using a has never been disrespectful. It's not because you don't like it, that my post suddenly becomes harmful to peoples. And it works the other way around. Using a don't suddenly make your post more respectful. Yes, I'm totally comparing them. The way you criticise the presence of Inhibitor swarm on gunships is like "Damages class should only deal damage. Debuff class should only debuff". So I listed some modules that don't follow this rule. TLDR of my previous post : If gunships can't have a debuff, then I don't see why [insert list] is allowed. You can say "Inhibitor swarm is OP due to XX combo". Not "This module should not exist on gunships". That's what I said. No. That's not how the implant works. The implant totally remove the debuff. It doesn't just block it for 2 seconds. After these 2 seconds, the debuff won't come back. There's only one exception to this rule : Area of effect motor debuff, that will slow you once again after 2 seconds (slowing missiles or mass Inhibitor). So 5 or 50 seconds, that doesn't change anything. Use a multipurpose, and you won't fly straight at all. Also, IR pulsar and WNJ are extremely powerful. Far more powerful then Inhibitor swarm. Because they can totally disable stuff. Examples? No more ECM, tackler, recon. No more Scatter gun. No more th'lith. And no more dag nith too. Finally, a command can easily deal more damage then a gunship due to valkyrie, but there's not problem with that. But when a gunship have a partial mobility debuff, then suddenly it's the end of the world? I don't get it.
  7. It's not "Kill 100 ships". But "kill 100 destroyers".
  8. Covert ops : - White noise Jammer. One of the most powerful debuff, on a DPS class. - Pelegrine special : 50% heal debuff. Isn't it what recon do ? Command : - Valkyrie, one of the most powerful damage buff in game that outclass gunship's overdrive. - Dart Harmonic drive : Wait, isn't crit buff for gunships ? Tacklers : - Why does their invisibility gives them a 20% damage buff ? - Drones : WAIT, isn't building stuff the Engi role ? And why the hell are there active with the sole purpose of doing damage, on a ship that is not a gunship ? - Target painter : ... LRF -> IR pulsar. Guard -> Pulsar + damage buff on their special. It's not because one role has a main purpose, that it can't has tools for something else. Inibitor swarm is a skillshot that can be missed. Is not THAT powerful (far from a mass inibitor). And peoples won't suddenly use gunships to replace tacklers/guards, because it's far from effective enough. Even worse, it takes one slot. Slot that replace a purge/intuition/energy converter/speed buff/survival.
  9. Wtf Is the goal to have r1 and r15 together or what?
  10. Oh, so that's your problem! Your problem is that you don't want to use the according counter because you think you should keep them! I see. First, Inhibitor swarm isn't a 100% debuff, but 60%. With a bit of strafing, you can easily dodge everything. Second, it's a weak debuff. An ECM can make you fly in a perfect straight line for 4.3 second and you can't even use your multipurpose or whatever you want beside reboot (which cost energy, but then there's the energy debuff). And once again, if you think that Inhibitor swarm is SO POWERFUL, then go look at dag nith launcher. It's a permanent Inhibitor swarm with auto aim, that can be used on engi and LRF, not just tacklers and guard! "Wow, they should delete that weapon, only tacklers and guard should have mobility debuff! " BTW, I'm interested : Since when only tacklers and guards can have mobility debuff? It is their main role, yeah. But being their main role never meant that other roles can't have any form of mobility debuff. Take LOL, nearly all characters have a form of slow. Some more powerful then others. But still a form of slow. Even on characters that can be assimilated to gunships.
  11. Since when is this an argument? If he enjoy the ships, why can't he play it? He earned it by his hard work. In fact it's the opposite. The fact that he plays a lot with the ship means that his arguments about Thar Ga have much more values. Because he knows what he's talking about. While those who don't even own the ship don't. The simple fact that you consider Inhibitor swarm as OP when it's only a 5 second rotation debuff weird. You know that we have a gun for frigates with nearly auto aim that apply the same debuff, but permanently right? You also know that you can disrupt the module effect with something as simple as a multifunction module (shield Booster, energy converter)? And no. Thar Ga suffer more the standard ships to a well timed ECM stun. Because thar ga have something called self damage. Hive is the perfect example. 2k3 hull damage (half of Jericho), that are forever lost if an ECM stun you.
  12. Well, might sound stupid, but I think lowering the minimal spread to what it was before the "nerf" is a good idea. Before the nerf, most builds had < 1 deg spread when charged. Which made Thar Kth quite hard to use when charged in close range. Which was cool, you had to use shrapnel, and miss a lot. Or get away for dogfights, and need to charge for longer (to get range). With the current spread it's too easy to use in dogfights. Of course, that may not be enough by itself. Lowering the damages by 15% may still be needed. But first we should wait for the patch anyway.
  13. When did I say it was wrong to call Thar Ga "OP"? I'm curious. Because I never did. I answered to those that are complaining about OP without reading fully the patchnote and without waiting for the current nerf to come to live. The combat reconstructor rework + alien intuition nerf + speed nerf are already a lot. Wait and see.
  14. The mono you get aren't because of r13. Only because you use a max synergy ship above rank 8. With premium parts transformed into mono, you could get around 30 mono per day if you played a lot + doing OS missions.
  15. Considering that I have at least one game and two web app in testing phase, yup. I have better things to do then testing SC formulas.
  16. There's no need to be a thar ga to never die.
  17. Are your sure about what you're saying ? 'Cause I've been playing Thar Kth for like 3 months now. I've never felt something such as damage increase when charging. Especially since spread reduction is not counted as charging (that's what the reticule displays at least) and that we can have the minimal spread with no "charge". Beside crit, my damages are constant. I one shot things with or without charging. Unless it's something like only 10% damage increase which you can't notice in standard gameplay (due to the weapon spread), then you'll need to provide some evidences about what you're saying. Sadly I have better to do then testing it.
  18. It's pretty clear IMO. That sentence is "Damages reduce with charge". Not "Damage buff from charging has been reduced". It's not "Damage accumulation". Just "charge accumulation". The charge accumulation is the range increase. No bonus damage, but still a charge.
  19. Gauss damage increase isn't in the tooltip either. But it's there. Thar Kth don't have increased damage with charge. It's charge accumulation was only about increasing range (spread decrease isn't linked to charge) Now it both increases the range and decrease the damages.
  20. Slightly reduced damage after charge accumulation I don't see how it's not "damage decrease when charging".
  21. 1.4.1b : Slightly reduced damage after charge accumulation for ‘Thar'kth’ And in testing : ‘Thar'kth’: Slightly reduced damage from charge accumulation and reduced general damage by 5% Charging reduce damages. It's not just "5%". What they said is "5% on the global damages". They didn't mentioned the values of the damages reduction when charging ; due to the fact that charging isn't just about 0 and 100% charge.
  22. To kill even more the PvP in OS and increase the repetitive farming, yeah !
  23. Monos are too rare to make these parts converted into mono. Just by equipping only r13 and r15 ships in your slots while possessing either brokk or karus, you could make one mono per one or two battle. That's far too much. I won't complain if they do it, because I hate OS missions. But IMO it'd be more fair if it was xeno or iridium instead or mono.
  24. What's wrong with having new mechanics ? Items with actives similar to spells are a thing in many game. I like a lot the idea. There's a lot of potential. They need to be properly balanced. But that's a cool feature.
  25. No. It's OP. But it's not as OP as some may think. Thar ga can do the same with singularity/Thar ga tok/Ion/Railgun. Even gauss is deadly with Thar ga. At least 50% of the thar ga problem came from one broken combo : Reconstructor + 2 combat shield + Alien intuition + Energy converter, allowing thar ga to be immuned to damages for 6.5 seconds AND deal an absurdly high amount of damages in this 6 seconds window. Followed by a reboot for another 2.2 second immunity, then teleportation sphere. So you had 8 seconds of x2 damages and immunity, with an instant escape at the end. Enough to kill a guard then GTFO without problem. And the best part : only 30 seconds cooldown on the whole thing. But with the rework of combat reconstructor + big nerf on alien intuition, that combo don't work anymore. Thar ga won't suddenly full heal because you tried to kill it anymore. It'll make things MUCH easier. Now players will use hive. But there are much more counters to hive (Stun or sk'rah launcher).
  26. Wrong. Thar Kth damages decrease when charging (but not displayed in the ship UI). While Gauss damages increase when charging. A full charge gauss deal 2.5 times the base damages. And same goes for positron. A full charge positron crit deal above 15k damages.
  27. These peoples thinking that reducing thar kth damages by 30/40% is a good idea You guys know that the base stats has a cute spread of 20 to 7 deg right ? That's between 6 and 2 times more then Shrapnel canon. And you expect such gun to hit only 3k damages per shot after 3 seconds of charging ? If you want to reduce the damages this bad, then reduce the spread to 6 - 1 at least.
  28. Hi, So, we have a new mechanic : Passive modifiers with actives (Teleportation sphere Hello). I like this change. It'll add a lot of diversity to build, and we'll maybe have something similar to items with actives in LOL. But we currently have no keybind to control them, which leads to stuff like teleportation sphere (using an already assigned key). So why not having 4/5 unassigned keys and an UI in the ship view that let us assign one modifier with an active to a keybind ?
  29. Will there be more role rework ? Most roles in game are quite old now, and would enjoy a rework. Is it intended that standard ships are weaker then special/ellydium/premium ships, or will they get a buff to put them on equal feet with the new content? Will we have more passive modifier such as Teleportation sphere? And if yes, will we be able to assign them to new keybinds ?
  30. It's just that Empire's LRF are severly punished by a DPS drop if they want to switch from gun to snipe. Which makes that peoples either use only snipe, or only guns. And everybody knows what happens when Empire use only their special. On the other hand, Jericho's special works perfectly well using both special and guns. A tachyoon torp as a finishing move is deadly. Empire with it's 5 seconds delay can't even hope of doing this.
  31. Hi ! Let's talk about LRF. And more specifically, Empire LRF. I think that they are a bit... Lacking. Because you can't really use both your guns and your special simultaneously like Jericho does due to that initial 5 seconds reloading. So my suggestion is simple : Remove the initial reloading time of disintegrator -> You can shoot right after entering snipe mode. And to not make it too powerful, make that there's a 17 seconds cooldown to reenter in snipe mode. What do you think of it ?
  32. Nah LRF are a fine role to play. You need to learn positioning, and map awareness to not die stupidly. Just don't spam your special.
  33. It's close to unusable in any standard gunship. Peoples tend to forget that this gun had the cute default spread of 20 to 7 deg.
  34. You forget the "Massively reduced damage buff from Alien intuition", and the total rework of Combat reconstructor. Which were the main problem of thar ga.
  35. It was the 75% of the damages received before applying resistances converted into heal for 6 seconds. Which was OP as f*ck
  36. Not necessarily. The new active may not be available during stuns. And the rework of Combat reconstructor into a mine thrower will solve most problems.
  37. yeah sure. A few days ago :
  38. What's wrong with having actives on "items" instead if "spells" ? Many games did that too. Did players says "Needs to be a spell instead of an item" ? No. That's a new mechanic : Modifiers with actives. Soon we'll have double click too. And maybe the possibility to add new keys to a specific active. It adds deepness to the gameplay. Nothing wrong here. What is needed is balance. Not removal of mechanics.
  39. The fact that you can't use upward strafing is a HUGE drawback.
  40. They are linked. If you can easily send all your cargo back, or can only store barely 3-5 items that are worth nothing that you can get in 2 minutes, then it makes hunting not worth. Then don't fly in OS in the first place. It's supposed to be an open world of players with and against each others. Why do you think we have a cargo, areas without station protection, or negative karma if not for players to kill each others ? It's not just a big PvE. There should be pirate, tradings, and stuff. That's what an open world is. Currently it's just a mining/PVE world.
  41. Bad idea. Paying to get things one month before others are also like a closed beta. It is better to know that the ship is OP when there's only a few of them. Not once everybody have it. On the other hand, it's possible to do something similar : Make that new contents aren't available in "official events" such as tourney and dreads for 2 months. But still available in random pvp queue.
  42. wrong topic
  43. There's duplicators for that. But TBH it's by far too easy to send back our cargo via drones. Combined with the very limited storage, peoples send their cargo to dock really often. Especially when they have rare loots. Which is bad for the gameplay. Because it's not worth hunting players at all. Best case scenario, you'll get 4 loots worth 30k credit. That's it.
  44. It has not been removed. It came back for a couple of days at 3 times.
  45. In fact, they shouldn't increase the number of slots. They should just make that resources stacks so 10 berry would take only one slot. And then, why not make that spacial scanner x2 or x3 the loots from minerals?
  46. Huge grindwall ? Are you kidding me ? I got around 1k xeno for free by doing not even bothering doing missions I don't like and playing 2-3 days a week. It is an active. That you equip as motor slot. But still an active. There's a button for activation (spacebar), and it doesn't works when you're disabled by an ECM.
  47. No. Everything will stay. The reaper will come back occasionally like every other ships similar to them
  48. My cutter Sk'rah has 5k dps without orion. And 2k5 dps with auto aim against another target that works against cammo and invisible ships. Added to a 130% weapon damage buff (orion), you get a total DPS of 10k + 5k rebound Your Th'lith have barely 2k DPS with crit buff + overdrive. Is completely disabled by 30 second IR pulsar. Costs 150 energy per extra target. Less range. Can't work against cammo and invisibility. You'd need to shot at 7.5 targets simultaneously for the extra costs of 900 energy per second, just to match the DPS of a single orion sk'rah Covert.
  49. It's when your team play "hide and seek", and you have to do everything by yourself. So they designed a weapon that allows you to simultaneously attack all the enemy team to simulate what would happen if they were doing something : Doing no damages at all, because they don't know how to use their guns either.
  50. And some players don't want to upgrade modules to mk5 That's your problem. And there will be other choices soon.
  51. So what if some have Thar Ga when others don't? SC is not a moba. Teams aren't necessarily made to be equals. See mk4 stuff vs mk1 Players who get stuff sooner then others are advantaged. That's how it is supposed to be. Fact is that paying was not the only way to get a Thar Ga officially. The alien tech event (energy converter and stuff) + new year event gave enough to get instantly a r9 Thar Ga for free. And, even better, the xeno missions that you can farm the whole day, makes hard gamers able to get stuff extremely fast. So no. Saying that peoples win because they paid Thar Ga is lying. You could get it for free.
  52. The fact that Thar Ga is OP doesn't mean that SC is p2w.
  53. You're joking right? LRF aren't affected by thi' lith, and guards are laughing at your 1k DPS under damage reduction + above 300 thermal resist + 1k shield regen per second. You'll kill engi drones. But that's it.
  54. But that's something you can do with everything right ?
  55. Since thar ga is out, I've seen only one player using beam canon.
  56. I still don't like the fact that Covert ops can one shot federation and Jericho. If the fact that Thar Ga can one shot stuff is a problem, then I don't get why Covert ops one shoting destroyers isn't one.
  57. So that's boring when it's standard ships. But when it's 50 second cooldown everytimes a covert ops one shot your destroyer, it's fine ?
  58. You forget 700m/s strafing.
  59. And instead of a keybind to switch, is it possible to associate this parameter to a crew member instead?
  60. Why does some PVP maps have a max rank limitation ? I understand that some maps have a minimum rank, to not overload new players with thousands of maps. But why don't r15 have access to all maps ?
  61. pink tag

    I don't think that's a good idea. On the other hand, modules for mining can be good. Or shooting at asteroids to destroy them.
  62. This ^^^^^^
  63. Dailies are so boring to do that I don't even bother doing them. Feels like I'm wasting my time.
  64. Yeah right. The other biggest problem with thar ga tree is that it's so restricting, that everybody ends up using the same build. It reminds me of the Thar ga haunt tournament : 2 motor, 1 capacitor, 2 shield, 2 hull, 2 CPU, 10% weapon damage + 30 thermal resist. Whoever your opponent was, he always had this build. Always.
  65. being r15 doesn't mean you have the whole tree. Even me and milf don't have everything. You can get only a third of the tree and be r15. You'll just have less options. r15 build. I only use 24 nodes out of 47.
  66. pink tag

    That's to kill thar gas. When there's a thar ga doing rampage, take a long range gravi beam tackler and focus the hell out of him. Winning by suppressing the enemy key element. And you forget this : of doing the same mission in OS over and over again of the fact that in OS you have to spend 20 minutes to get a single berry/neo part when you can get one in 5 minutes in PvP of these players killing transport ships you need to escort for missions, but station protection won't let harm him until you self destruct.
  67. Yeah. But you don't get it. Fact is that paying 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 may be the same as paying 5.5 each for the total price. But nobody will take all the 10 nodes. Some will take only 5. And in this case, the former pricing is cheaper then the latter, by nearly 50% (15 to 27.5) Which is why I'm against the suggestion
  68. I'm against this. Because it would make ellydium ships costs more then they do right now. Why ? Right now, 40-50% of the price to get everything is once you already have a full build thar ga, and are just unlocking new options. The fact that the price increases after every node makes that you can get a full build for a reasonable price. But will have to pay a *much* bigger price for tons of diversity. If you split the price of the whole tree into fixed prices nodes, the final price may be the same. But the price a full build without having everything will be higher.
  69. Because, once the resistances are applied, it's basically a 6.5 seconds immunity. Get healed of 40% of the damages, when you take only 40% of the damages because of resitances means that you take in reality no damage at all. Even worse, it works with Reboot (which instant full heal you) and do wonder with energy converter. I've once been stunned by an ECM when I was under reconstructor with 9 ennemies attacking me. Instead of dying, I got healed due to giga2 ans crystal plates reducing the damages even further.
  70. Doesn't change the fact that it's absurd.
  71. Fact is that I'm currently 2nd in the leaderboard pilot rating. And not because of Thar Ga. Thar Ga actually die more often than you think, especially with the collision "rework" where any collision one shot you.
  72. So what? That Covert ops can do the same. Engineer? Plasma arc. Intuition ? Orion They have the same damage output.
  73. Didn't I just showed an example of a standard ship having 5k dps? Thar Kth may have more dps, but but the spread is so big that you never achieve it.
  74. Personally, I like A LOT the path Star conflict is taking. They are adding tons of new fun mechanics. Not always balanced. But they are trying. And there's these new customizations. Like the death animation (dead leafs). Or the fact that ellydium ships have a scheme modifying the ship model.
  75. Thar ga is not that good. I play both thar ga and covert ops, and in the end I feel like I have the same effectiveness : Killing everything without any problem. Even enemies thar ga aren't a problem. I can kill any thar ga in 1vs1 without flying one myself. They are powerful for sure. OP, definitely. But far from being able to 1vs12. The only problem with thar ga is their big regen. If they remove combat shield, put a 1mn cooldown on combat reconstructor, and make that matter absorber works only on assits, the problem would be solved. They may have more damage and mobility then other ships. But IMO it's fine. Because they also have maluses, such as self damage and healing debuff. If thar ga is OP, it's because the big regen make these maluses useless. Also, the gun numbers may looks big. But standard ships can achieve it too. Taking crit into account, an approximate 9K DPS without charge with 7deg spread (nothing will hit with so many spread) And 3k DPS with full charge (3 seconds) with 2.5 deg spread (20-30% won't hit). OMG THAR GA IS SO OP, NERF ! Then, we have this : Considering it's rank 12, it also has 20% final damage buff. Same, with crits, 4k11 base DPS and 5k DPS with the 20% damage. With only 1.3 spread (so no miss). Both builds have 20k survavibility (50 resist buff for inty), inty has 520 m/s, thar ga has 420. The only difference between them ? Thar ga has more regen. That's it. Even alien intuition has it's equivalent with the inty (129% damage buff Orion). There are tons of other options. Look at them. And, to finish : Dealt more damage on my little inty then Fix and Salad Or this Where the score speaks by itself (And there's no thar ga in the first 6 places in my team)
  76. The shape of that thing reminds me of
  77. No. But soon, you'll be able to mount it on a 700m/s teleporting, massively regenerating engineer.
  78. The guards modules are broken af. Remove them too.
  79. Actually, no. That doesn't works.
  80. Bubbles do 10k damages per hit, 13k to frigates. What's OP with 12k-18k on a single hit ? after 2 to 3 seconds of charging ? Once again, the problem of thar ga is it's indecent self-regeneration. Not it's damages. Damages far from being THAT big. You can do the same with any other gunship weapons. Even gauss can deal 10k damages. counter to thar ga : AB disables -> Guards + Tacklers tacklers stay out of range. Guards kill them faster then they die.
  81. What the hell. You've exaggerating A LOT. Hard to build damage on a frigate, what the hell ? My mauler have 4k5 range 15k crit 11k projectile speed positron. That decimate anything. Combined with the permanent invisibility (r13 cooldown implant for the win), and the 5km back warp, I fear nothing. Thar gas die before they even see me. And I warp away whenever I'm spotted. Throwing a cruise missile + tachyoon torpedoe when they are coming at me, which they can't dodge since they are moving toward the missile, therefore die. And saying that a 20k survavibility (because that's what thar ga has) is tankier then a 100k survavibility guard is just a joke.
  82. So this is a bug, but "tolerated". With the super high new collision damage, you're always one shoted anyway. So this bug change nothing.
  83. That's mostly because reconstructor mechanic is bugged. 75% heal of the damages taken before applying resistances is absurd.
  84. "collision works as intended" said CinnamonFake So the fact that half of my death are me being one shoted because an ECM stuned me and I crashed into an asteroid "works as intended" ? I even died on spawn yesterday because there were an asteroid right in front of me. And obviously it was in "capture the beacon" with no respawn.
  85. Yeah. And did you take into account the fact that you have to use passive slots to get regen because survival kits are useless due to permanent 50% heal debuff ? So less slots spent on tank. So less tank. Federation and Thar ga have the same survavibility. I compared them in game. Like I said many times, the main problem of thar ga right now is Combat Reconstructor and Combat shield regeneration. The former heals by 33% of the incoming damages before any resistances. The latter is a permanent shield booster that increases the more peoples shoot at you. And both combined is a regen machine. The enemy team is literally healing you by shooting at you. To the point that now, when I see a thar ga using combat reconstructor, I shoot something else for 6.5 seconds instead.
  86. Tons of wrong thing here. First, there's not "second reboot". You're inventing things. There's multipurpose modules, but everybody has access to them. Second, cruise engine is basically unplayable. Because of the Thar Ga swarm and the guard updates, there's tacklers and guards everywhere. And they'll deny you so hard with their AB debuff + slow that you'll do nothing. I mean, a single sawtooth or jag with slowing beam and 6k range is enough to deny a whole team of Thar Ga. I mean, absolutely any Thar Ga doing rampage in PvP are build full speed close range. What can they even expect to do against a 50% slow + AB disable at 6k away? Also, Thar Ga is NOT tanky. Hard to kill doesn't mean you're tanky. Inties are harder to kill them most frigates. Fact is that Thar Ga have too much regen because it has a permanent shield booster and repair kit. That's why it looks tanky. Raw tank without these isn't high at all. Once these two are hammer nerfed to make them somewhat similar to usual survival kits, they'll be as "tanky" as federation.
  87. I dont like odd numbers.
  88. Too complicated IMO. I made a similar suggestion some times ago. But instead, it was the same quest and same reward for everybody : t5 current reward. And it's the speed progress of the mission that differ between t1 and t5. Let's say you have to kill 200 ship. The equivalent with my suggestion was : Get 1000 points. Killing one ship with a t5 grant you 5 points. 4 with a t4, 3 with a t3,... So in the end you can swap between t5 and t3 without any loss. And the bigger reward for lower tiers is compensated by the longer time to complete them.
  89. You basically answered yourself. You got a Phoenix token in your PvP purple daily loot. And it got transformed into metal blank.
  90. Standard gunship : Thar Ga :
  91. Nah it has been "only materials" for a while. All premiums parts are associated to one and only one material. It's a constant. And it has been this way for at least 5 months now. The random mono you loot in PVP has nothing to do with premium parts.
  92. Used to be OP. You could equip a brokk and a karud on the same lineup for TONS of mono
  93. No. They changed it. Look the description.
  94. You have the Jericho ECM premium don't you? It gives 1 graphite plate per "part" when you already have it.
  95. That would one shot an empire destroyer hahaha
  96. Because he don't know how to write 1300
  97. What's wrong? Why should it necessarily costs points? Crystal hunger costs 0 points. It's not an update. It's a different different special module. A different gameplay. All other specials have both damages and heal. This one have only heals (the mini pulsar area is so tiny that it doesn't even count). Which is compensated by less points. Combat reconstructor is OP because the heal mechanic is bugged. But if the heal is fixed, it's pretty meh
  98. Why did you nerf it ? it's already the worst "buff" out of the 3 options listed by the OP by far. Since max speed already increase rotation speed.
  99. Wrong too. 10 is at precisely 750 points. I'm sure of it, because for the max r9 tournaments I had to do my build accordingly, So that can't be right. Because it would make r10 at 700.
  100. How does it works ?
  101. No that's not true They changed it since it made lower ranks quite weak. Some lower ranks have 200 points. It's not linear anymore. It's weird
  102. They were time limited. You can't have them anymore. They may come back later, but may be not before a long time.
  103. I can test tonight for more realistic values. But as far as I remember it's something like 5 -> 0-249 6 -> 250 -> 399 7 -> 450 -> 549 8 -> 550 -> 649 9 -> 650 -> 749 <<<< Level 10 is at 750 points. I'm 100% sure if this. 13 -> 100 points 14 -> 50 points 15 -> 150 points
  104. I made a suggestion about this. It's in review : Make that all premiums, ellydiums, and craftable ships (destroyers, dart, gargoyle) can complete contracts whatever their rank is.
  105. Hi ! Something is quite boring with contracts. We can't use our lower tier unique ships to do them. When we spent months to get one, we'd expect that we can fly them without such restriction. So my suggestion here is that any ships in this list can complete contracts even when they are not the maximum rank for a faction : Premium ships Ellydium ships Craftable ships (Dart, Gargoyle, destroyers) Sounds good ?
  106. Nope, because your max rank in ellydium would then be r13. So using a r6 thar ga is not your max rank. So yeah, you're doomed. So do I.
  107. These informations are not available in game. But it's 200-250 points in the earlier ranks, and 100 at r13+r14 and 150 at r15 if I'm correct
  108. I asked them to be able to change the rank limitation to a "level" limitation so we'd be able to use from r10 to r15 in "hard" together. Cin said they'll do it.
  109. Coop is unavailable above r12 Spec ops Destroyers r10+ never ever get into match (because everybody focus on r9 to do missions) Premiums Destroyers (Some have only t3 destroyers, not t5) Unique modules (Stix or fed r9 tackler special) Ship design Friend Tournaments rank requirement Tons of things makes you want to play lower tier. But you're punished by stopping your progress if you do so.
  110. And like I said, no need for something "realistic". We just want a linear formula. So Y * S * Const where Y is a coeff depending on the ship role (with collision reduction) , S is the speed, and the constant something to make this value more "balanced".
  111. WTF I have only 400m/s top speed. How the hell do I get 38k collision damage ?
  112. We're not talking about E=mc2 here, but a linear formula. Such as m*c*CONSTANT
  113. If that can help, I'm pretty sure it's linked to recon warp engine crash mechanic. Warp engine crash mechanic ignore your shield, and deal exactly 100% of your hull whatever your speed is, and works even under immunity. Since this crash do exactly the same thing ; the bug may be that in some conditions, casual crashes are considered as "Recon warp engine" crash. Therefore one shot you and bypass immunity. Also, if that condition to separate warp crash to standard crash is "speed > 700m/s", then you should be aware that sometimes we can reach a speed slightly higher then 700. The UI display sometimes a speed of 701 or 702 for about a second. If you crash within that one second window, that would one shot you right ?
  114. The hell, why does your quote is translated in Italian ?
  115. I know this. And this is why I say they are linked. In logs, the bugged collision always have both TRUE_DAMAGE|COLLISION|IGNORE_DAMAGE_SCALE|IGNORE_SHIELD while usual collisions have only TRUE_DAMAGE|COLLISION Since the station protection is most likely a damage scale * 0 but it's ignored, then you still die.
  116. 15k collision damage on a ship that have 7k hull ?