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  1. That moment when you're in EU with fiber, but for some reasons when playing SC you randomly get 50% packet loss or 5k+ ping.
  2. Nah, they are just Tai Kin our money
  3. Anyway, nobody talked about the ninja changes : - The cooldown of all passive modifiers and implants is now displayed on the top of your screen (next to buffs). FINALLY - Tai kin heal on warp's cooldown has been halved. From 25 seconds to 12. Which is a huuuuuge buff to jump crystal. Tai kin already took 5 minutes to kill in a 1vs8 scenario. Now you can't even kill it.
  4. They said they have a technical issue that prevent them from doing this. Having a virtual ship that can equip everything is the best solution to the problem.
  5. 2k voucher per battles is a huge reward. Especially when it's around 6k with license + premium ship. But that's not the problem. Fact is that more and more items are available to only one specific ship. Let's say I want to play vigilant, and I need to upgrade my vacuum laser. But for whatever reason, I don't want to use that weapon (kinetic/EM missions for example) Then I can't research vacuum.
  6. Mine has already been in game for ages.
  7. Spiral do fit SC theme. It's pretty close to an empire ship and looks interesting On the other hand, Endeavsteel is kind of weird. It doesn't look dangerous at all.
  8. Well, it's true. The design of Endeav doesn't fit the game at all. And it's even more ridiculous that one of the very first space ship lore wise is considered as rank 10 I mean, seriously. You're gonna tell me that we went from a super tanky Endeav, to a weak Alligator? But I'll accept it. It's a game after all. Not everything has to be logic. And the engi is super cool. Sadly, they are rank 10.Which ironically make them useless, because you can't do missions with them. You unlocked one, and want to use it to unlock the other? Denied.
  9. Yeay, we can finally play a destroyer different then vigilant The patch looks somewhat cool. But something about the new engi bother me quite a lot : Why the hell when the interceptor is docked, it doesn't have 2 turrets? Wasn't it possible to make that 2 turrets of the "engi" model were placed on the "interceptor" model?
  10. You did not even read my message fully did you?
  11. Yeay, I guessed it.
  12. WAIT Ship parts are converted to mono once again?
  13. But you can't compare modules like that. The new modules are available to only one specific ship. They are part of the ship itself. You can't compare a common module to a unique module. Because you have to compare the ship in its globality. Imagine a command, with a speed boost of 100% to the user, for the same cooldown/duration. Broken af compared to the common module right? But wait, you forgot that it's diffusion shield is unique too : Absorb damages tons of damages, but only works if the enemy attacked within 2km. Suddenly, it makes much more sense right? There's something that I like a lot in how they balanced Thar Ga using reboot with energy converter + combat reconstructor : They removed the ability to use the common reboot. And replaced it with a half duration reboot. If they continue to balance stuff like this, it will be much easier to reach a good balance in the game. Also don't forget that all ships will at some point have their own specific unique stuff. Standard ships included.
  14. Fact is that reflected rage do have half the duration.
  15. IMO the spread is way too high.
  16. Just by looking at the shadow, we can already see a Considering that this ships is available in star conflict mobile, it's most likely that we'll get it for real.
  17. This is true in moba games. Where all choices are designed to be equal. SC is not a moba. Ships are not designed to be equals at all. There's ship rank. Ship synergy. Items rank Items mk-level Boosters Even 2 jaguars can be radically different. If you compare a level 1 jaguar with t4 items of mk1 level, to a full t5 mk4/mk5 jag with full synergy + boosters... There's like what? 40% difference in efficiency, if not more? Grind wise, the game is like this : Standard < craftable ships (Dart, kraken, brokk) < Ellydium ships In term of power, it is exactly the same : Standard < craftable ships < Ellydium ships There's nothing wrong with that. The problem is that Ellydium ships took the path of "Hyper mobile" ships. They are so fast that the current weapons in the game are not designed to hit them.
  18. This is an old video.
  19. The spread is on Thar Kth. Not Thar Ga tok Thar Ga tok damages aren't that high since the need. It's mostly the projectile speed that makes the weapon powerful. Thar Ga are still powerful. But far from being impossible to kill.
  20. Don't expect ellydium/special ships to ever be equals to standard ships. It would make no sense economically speaking. A ship requiring hundreds of hours worth of grind needs a significant advantage over something that you get instantly. Also : You can play r12 ships and r15 ships on the same lineup. On the other hand, you can't use r11 and under. In fact there's one thing I don't understand : why is there a minimum ship rank? Especially when the rank difference is balanced with a buff in damage and resistances?
  21. I don't want to do a discussion here, so I'll simply reformulate his question : There are more and more items that you can equip on only one specific ship. Vigilant beam for example. So in the end, you can't play vigilant and research vacuum, without using it. It there any plan to improve the research system? Like having a generic unplayable ship that can use all modules in the game, only for research purpose.
  22. I enjoy more r15. T3 is slow af
  23. The fun thing with tai kin, is that they can't be killed. Even another tai kin, or a Thar Ga can't kill it. The only way to kill that thing is to use tackler + ECM + recon altogether
  24. It's too late now. You won't be able to get it before at the very least a month.
  25. Nah, they already canceled a contest because not enough participants.
  26. Not enough participations will most likely cancel the contest.
  27. What about Guard's "Destructor beam" ? ECM energy steal or missile energy debuff ? Piercing weapons (singularity) ? Or, easier : Why not shooting it front the back ?
  28. I get the issue with Inhibitor crystal too. Many times, I activate the modules during a packet loss. And when the connection comes back, the projectile exploded as intended ; but the client displays indefinitely that the module is "active". And it stays "active" until I use it once again, even if I don't use it for 5 minutes.
  29. Without them you wouldn't be able to play in the first place.
  30. On what basis should spawn kill gives more point? These game modes are about the team that does the most kills. Why should you win with less kills then the other team? I made a game where one team had 26 kills, but lost to a team that had only 14. It makes no sense at all.
  31. That feature is absurd. It basically makes players ignore the real battle, to go spawn kill guys. It's totally unfair.
  32. What's the point of doing some recon, when the number of players per fight is limited and the objectives have a fixed position ? The alien recon is powerful, but it's definitely is not used as a recon.
  33. The question is : What is recon role ?
  34. Well, recons need a buff.
  35. Even with a license, the credit gain is quite low. A few death, and license or not, you've spent all the credit reward into repair. And let's not even mention destroyers, where a single death makes you loose credits instead.
  36. Don't care, I have mine r15 and I have more then enough GS to get at least 2 other ellydium ships.
  37. Bombs. We need bombs. Inhibitor crystal is a quite good adaptation of bombs, but something available to more ships may be cool.
  38. The ship class has nothing to do with the amount of resources needed. Thar Ga is an exception because it was the first. And they made a mistake. But I'm pretty sure that the engi will have the same grind. It may even have most of the resources used for node upgrade in common with tai kin (at the exception of Tai Kin nanoprojector instruction obviously). For now, I don't feel like it is so bad. Xenocrystal is easy to acquire and it would be too easy to grind. The only problem is that the resources are limited to 10.
  39. Exactly. And there's quite a limited number of ship affected. Which is reduced even further due to their role or special item (like Dart quantum railguns). Because there's only a very limited number of ship where crit damage could be superior to weapon damage. It's more effective on Dart due to Quantum railguns, and the r11 damage buff. But I don't see other examples that comes into my mind. Taking crit over damage would only be reducing the overhaul dps a bit, for more consistency. But I may be wrong. So I'm curious.
  40. Do you mind proving it by A + B? I'm a bit skeptical.
  41. Do you have a real case scenario ?
  42. Nope that's wrong. Example with absurd values : 1000 base damage. 90% crit chance 190% crit damage base DPS : 1000 * (1 + 0.9*1.9) = 2710 10% weapon damage : 1100 * (1 + 0.9*1.9) = 2981 10% crit chance : 1000 * (1 + 1*1.9) = 2900 10% weapon damage > 10% crit chance
  43. What are you talking about ? We are speaking about those special ships that let you pick between 10% weapon damage and 10% crit chance as a passive bonus. And on all situations with <= 190 crit damage, 10% weapon damage gives more DPS then 10% crit chance. There's a slight difference when using Orion/Valkyrie, where with a big enough crit damages + using the buff damage, 10% crit chance is better. But there are no real case in SC where such thing is true : The only ship that can fall into such situation is Dart. And you'd need to reach 120% crit damage to have more DPS using 10% crit then 10% weapon damage. But it's not worth using crit damage instead of crit chance CPU, especially on Dart.
  44. Beside Quantum railgun (cooldown reduction), and maybe gauss/positron (for consistency), why would you go with crit chance over weapon damage ? You need 200% crit damage for 10% crit chance to be as efficient as 10% weapon damage.
  45. Well that doesn't change the fact that 10% weapon damage > 10% crit chance. The formula is the same. The only difference is about orion/valkyrie and stuff
  46. But for ships such as Command or Covert ops, or any classes with a self bonus damage, they would loose too much by using damage build. And there's shared coolers if needed.
  47. But it's weird that damage buff is based on raw damage. That would make Rate of fire build much more powerful then damage builds while damages builds suffers from a huge lack in energy.
  48. No way. All the buff in game are based on the values of the ship after the builds. Why would speed buff be based on the final values, but damage buff based on the raw value ? That doesn't make any sense.
  49. Oh, nice fail. Fixed
  50. I know. That's just a more readable formula. Remember that here some said they don't understand maths.
  51. Then comes into the equation damages buffs. Such as Predator instinct, which is a 15% weapon damage buff. The complete equation is : DPS = (base_damage * 1 + weapon_damage / 100) * (1 + crit_chance / 100 * crit_damage / 100)* (1 + damage_buff / 100)
  52. That's not even true. Because 10% weapon damage increases the critical damages too. Example : 100% crit, 50% crit damage, 500 base damage. Base dps : 500 * 1,5 = 750 With 10% weapon damage : 550 * 1,5 = 825 With 10% Crit damage : 500*1,6 = 800 10% weapon damage > 10% Crit damage
  53. It's relevant on high rate of fire guns. Because big rate of fire = less random due to how works probabilities. But on alpha strike weapons such as positron and stuff, the influence of random is much, much bigger.
  54. DPS * (1 + crit_chance / 100 * crit_damage / 100)
  55. Legendary weapon, what the hell ? Did I miss something or... ? Or you just do like me, and you do an app that generate the best setup for damages.
  56. Critical chance is a probability. There may be seconds where you'd so 100% crit, and seconds where you do 0 crit. Because of this, they don't display it.
  57. So, a set of old techs will come back ; and vulcan was the first of the list. Right ?
  58. They license should be a 24 hours buff each times you first log in a day.
  59. That's easy to test the ECM debuff. Ask a friend to do a custom with an ECM. And use special module ; then stasis (50% reduced) ; then ion (removed). No, because removing the immunity mechanic in energy converter would nerf all gunships. It was broken only with Thar Ga. So they nerfed Thar Ga only, by replacing it's reboot with a different one. Standard gunship can still use the energy converter like this, and it is not a problem. Multipurpose modules don't solve the guard problem. They delay it. Multipurpose remove Tacklers debuff. But guard's debuff is an AOE debuff, so 2 second after the use of the multipurpose, the slow will come back.
  60. Disables works exactly the same way for ellydium then standard ships. They do work like that. You may not have noticed it yet, but they really do. No. The reduced duration is a huge nerf to how Thar Ga played. Ever seen Thar Ga using combat reconstructor and energy converter? They works even under immunity. You get healed and revert damages that you don't take due to immunity. Nerfing the duration nerf this use. It also makes Thar Ga weaker to guard's mobility debuff. Fact is that Thar Ga can't use combat reboot. It's not available.
  61. Actually there are one thing to know : The damages reverted are the damage done before reduced by resistances. If the target has 100 EM resist and you shoot 2k EM damage ; he'll take only 1k damage, but 2k will be reverted. But still, 80k seems a bit off. Was it survival? Because if he have 100 EM resist, the 6k8 damage would be reverted to 13k6 then multiplied by 3 due to survival, for a 40k damage. And if he were in the 750m area, it's be 90k damage. Which fits the values (OP, but still works).
  62. There's a lot of errors in your analysis. The fact that some ellydium ships can still shoot/use modules are a stasis or Ion diffuser is due to how disables works. You can only apply 2 disables in a 30 second window. And the 2nd will be reduced by 50%. Reflected rage is not a better version of reboot. It's actually worse (same goes for the default special module). Instead of a 2.3 second immunity, you get only 1sec AND some self damage.
  63. The problem is more about the rank limit in battles. If we were able to use r10-r11 ships in r15 battles, there would be no problem I guess.
  64. Still too silent with a far camera.
  65. Or do it the hard way : Spawn in the required ship. Self destruct. Spawn in what you want to play.
  66. Anyway. I still insist on the fact that Jump Crystal (and to a lesser extent, other specials) is in most situations better for the win then Return Crystal. I mean, look yourself : I would have never been as efficient then this, using return crystal. By heavily spamming the jump, I was constantly protecting/attacking all beacons, putting pressure on the whole team.
  67. Nah, engies will get their own specific broken mechanic. Like spawning friendly aliens.
  68. What I do when a player kill me. Is warping them to spawn, then leaving them here without even trying to kill them. Letting my team deal with them.
  69. So, you're complaining that you died in a ship that is countered by the enemy, because you're team wasn't flying the counter of your counter ? Then don't fly this ship in the first place. The only forced role with the current missions is recon. I don't use micro-locator on my tai kin. I use harvest crystal. It's a micro-locator that can deny beacons.
  70. Your team have micro-locators too. And heavy drones block warps, even if he is cloaked.
  71. Get close to your team ?
  72. Come on, that's the funiest part of this module. Get into a squad, and warp them into walls. Would be even funier if you weren't warped with them.
  73. There's nothing wrong with this TBH. It's just a game. If there were suddenly a space unicorn in SC, I wouldn't complain.
  74. Well, time travel don't really fit the role of recon too right ? Ellydium ships aren't really about one role. They are more a bunch of new mechanics more or less balanced.
  75. What the hell, the collision damages you take are so low. I take like 5 or 10 times this.
  76. Yeah but return crystal has nothing to do with it, right?
  77. You could have done the exact same thing in the middle of his team. It's not return crystal that killed him here, but T'har'Ok Anyway, recon is the only game mode where warping one specific enemy out of his team is OP. Then explain me how do I manage to get 30% of my hull lost when nearly standing still (100 m/s), or taking 8k colision at 400m/s not in survival ? Allow me to disagree myself. First of all, there's nothing wrong from with flying a tackler instead of thar ga. All teams should have one. Tacklers are the best Ellydium counter with their recent buff anyway. Second, it won't matter if one of your allies is warped in beacon capture/beacon hunt/domination. One of the ennemies is spending it's time to steal one of your allies. Ok. But so what ? The ally would have respawned before another ally is stealed, and the enemy doing so won't do anything that really matters for the win. Instead of a 12vs12, it's a 11vs11, that's it. Even funnier, in a squad there may be many players waiting a bit further then usual, just to kill the warped enemy. Yeah cool, it was an easy kill. But if you did a forced 2-3 vs 1, it also means that somewhere else on the battlefield, the enemy team is in number advantage, possibly on an objective. My vision of tai kin is different. Tai kin is the most mobile striker in the game and also has the best objective denying tools, Why would I bother warp isolated enemies, when I can kill them ? Example : You're in survival. A full range positron LRF 6km away killing your team (quite common situation right ?). What do you do ? - You give up : Too far. It would take too long to reach it, and you'd probable die on your way - You still go at him. 50% chance of you dying on your way ; but you manages to do it. What now ? a) You warp him in the middle of your team. He kills at least one of your allies before he dies. Maybe you in the process b) You kill him alone there. Return crystal was useless here, it was risky, and took some time. c) He saw you coming, and used reverse thruster. Do it again. What I do : - Warp at him + instant death before he realizes you're here. No danger of dying on your way. He died in less then 4 seconds -> No RT. And it takes half a second to do. But that's just a random example. Now what if you're in Capture the beacon, and you see a beacon far away from your team attacked by 1-3 players ? What you do : Nothing. By the time you reach it, it's already captured. What I do : Warp at it, reaching it before they have a chance to capture it. Then drop an inibitor crystal + growing cloud + shield steal locator on the beacon. Denying the capture for 15-20 seconds easily. Enough time for my team to come to help. Saving the beacon. And if the enemy is alone, whatever it is, then I can kill it alone. Even thar ga. It'll be even more obvious when Jump Crystal hits live server.
  78. I play LRF + Covert ops + Recon. And I have no problem with micro-locators. Am I doing something wrong ?
  79. It's not because you kill stuff with recons that they suddenly become useful. All ships can kill stuff. That doesn't necessarily make them useful. Recon have only 2 purposes : Countering invisibility. And capturing beacons. Beacon capture is available only in 2 game modes. And only 3 roles out of 10 really use invisibility (LRF, CO, Tacklers). Other roles have barely a few seconds of invisibility (so nobody cares about it). And 2 out of 3 of these roles (CO, LRF) were able to easily ignore recons due to how their invisibility worked. Even the heal debuff of spy drone is useless because if you need it, you can get it on CO and ECM too. So with this micro locator buff, recons still need a major rework. Similar to something that guards got.
  80. micro-locator, overpowered ? Haha Recon have always been useless. Why use recon, when you can use ECM or CO ? The only use they had, was spotting invisible ships. And half of the invisible ships in game were using "radar cloak" that can easily bypass the locator. This is much better this way.
  81. Actually, no. It's quite weak. The problem is that peoples don't know yet how to fight against. Once they realize that a single Heavy Drone can protect everything in a 10km range, it suddenly becomes less broken. Then you add the fact that a single disable destroy the beacon. And that it's really hard to do against agile targets. It's nearly impossible to use to move allies (beacon in the enemy team -> destroyed) ; makes you loose tons of mobility (no warp) ; forces you to spend a good amount of time far away from everything ; and even comes with a 2 second blind that is enough to crash and die or to make it useless in dogfights. It's fun and will kill aces. But that's about it. In competitive gameplays, there will just be heavy drones hided everywhere around the map.
  82. Doesn't have 120 seconds cooldown ; and don't consume 20% of your shield per second ; but consume tons of energy per seconds instead.
  83. Tai kin also have this :
  84. But that would make the module quite useless. It's already meh beside the steal ability. Any disable leaves you with no escape nor offense, and using it makes you either crash or die because you're blinded for 2 seconds.
  85. Oh no.. Please no.. That would be even less fun and balanced then survival
  86. Unless they use jump crystal, and reach it in half a nano second.
  87. Due to broken mechanics, I think a rework of returning crystal is needed. It's currently nearly impossible to balance how the module works. If it needed a nerf, the only thing they could do would be increasing the cooldown. So I'll suggest an alternative, keeping the same mechanics, but easier to balance and more enjoyable. Returning crystal : 25 seconds cooldown / 500 host damage On activation, warp 2'500m forward. If there are ships within 200m of the destination point, they are warped to your starting position (Basically, you've just swapped with them). You then have 15 seconds to reactivate the module, warping you to your original position (without any blind like the current one have). No more "warp beacon", no more "warp ennemies 10km away from anything". Sounds good ?
  88. But tai kin isn't a destroyer. It can't survive like one. 2 seconds blind is enough to crash, and get 8k collision damage on a ship with 5k hull.
  89. pink tag

    Too easy Alone vs 10 aliens is still an easy win. Especially with Tai kin
  90. pink tag

    99% sure next week-end we'll have jump crystal
  91. One of the tai kin problem, is that it gets more damages buff then covert ops themselves. Standard recon have 15% crit chance and Covert ops 30%. So why does Tai kin has 30% crit chance + 18% weapon damage ?
  92. Don't forget the 20k damage 1k3 radius inibitor crystal, that demolish pretty much everything. Especially when thrown into a beacon. Who cares if it's slow. 1k3 radius man. You can't miss.
  93. Returning crystal needs a few visual tweaks. - Like changing the special icon when there's a "returning point" alive on the map. It's usually quite hard to know if the beacon has been destroyed or not. - A specific icon to show where the beacon is would be cool too. Because we easily forget where it is. - The blind on warp should be removed. 2 seconds blind every times you warp makes the module absolutely impossible to use in dogfights. Even if it means a nerf somewhere else. - A double tap (or long press) to destroy manually the beacon would be really cool. Outside of this, a nerf may be needed. Something like limiting the warp distance to 5km max. Or increasing the cooldown to 30s.
  94. They should not be capped to such a low number in the first place. But no, item cap should not influence the containers. Take [Tai kin instruction nanoprojector], it's rarity is close to 1/20 of a normal resource. But if you have everything else capped, you would be able to have a 100% chance of having one.
  95. There is a 2 second warm-up already.
  96. Tai al + Inhibitor crystal is better IMO But yeah, return crystal is broken
  97. Yeah, this is what they want us to do. But I don't like this way of thinking. Trading destroy GS, I don't like them forcing it due to a low limit..
  98. Would lead to abuses. The resources in the bundle don't have all the same rarity.
  99. I know right ? I do that too in PvP. Flying with both cloaks + return crystal. And warp guys 10km away from anything. They added this ability because it was underused during the BT. But this ability is quite... Broken Even funier, you can stack mines (recon + vigilant + frigate) on the return beacon. And after the warp, the enemy dies instantly by activating them all at once. IMO there should be a counter : After the warp, the return beacon stays there for 5 seconds with a reduced amount of HP. And if you kill it, you're sent back to where you were.
  100. Using a survival module prevent inhibitor beam from working for 2 seconds. Which is more then enough to warp. Outside of this, just use invisibility.
  101. And if I lost in the end, it's because I'm full mk1 with no tai kin blueprints unlocked, and that my ally was useless (Had to warp him to force him to fight ...)
  102. But Tai Kin did not make thar ga useless at all.
  103. Well, the returning crystal is already total BS. In itself, it would made a r1 recon overpowered in a t5 fight. I mean, being able to war enemies/allies up to 10km away?
  104. Actually standard ships are not broken, mostly because they are all the same.
  105. Why is there a trading limit ? Can we think about removing it for users with a license or owning a DLC ? And same question, but with trading taxes instead.
  106. Is that legal for you to do this?
  107. Actually, that's true only for free containers. Paid containers have a much better reward.
  108. They don't want to. It's to connect peoples.
  109. Hello ~ So, I got returning crystal. And I did some tests. The module is super cool, I love the concept. But I think it could have some improvements, at least on a few things about visibility : First, probably the most important. During the warp, the ship should rotate to look in the direction of it's old position. Because without this, it's extremely consuming for the mind to understand what the hell just happened. Second, a visual tweak. The warp animation is too strong. You're basically blinded after the warp due to the jump. Finally, there should be a noticeable sound to tell players that the warp is activating.
  110. free repair is great. 20% bonus credit + 20% loyalty too + 20% free syn too
  111. Same for tournaments
  112. One of the biggest problem is that there are too many items that has only one specific use. I mean, just for Tai Kin we have around 10 of them. Add (1 per mk5 + 3 per destroyer modules) per ranks. Why can't we have "mk5 r12-r15 fighter weapon blueprint" instead for example ? That would increase by a huge margin the demand.
  113. You still have more Hp then he does, and more damage then he does too. So what's the problem ?
  114. Shield Booster : 30 second cooldown for 8 seconds heal Frontal shield : 25 seconds cooldown for 15 second active time (which passive armor you can tank quite a lot). You can replace the shield capacitor buffer for the new multipurpose shield, to block hull damages, and use the 40% capacitor buffer from r8 implant. So you should have quite a lot of sustain.
  115. 3 CPU : 2 crit chance CPU + spacial scanner/Range 1 hull : passive armor 1 shield : (+100% capacitor thing) 3 capacitors : 1* 10% weapon damage + 2* 11% Rate of Fire) 1 motor : Either cruise for OS or weapon cooldown thing for PvP And RoF ammo + Harmonic drive + Valkyrie + Speed buff + Shield boosters Added with the 5% speed 4% weapon damage booster And you get 4k5 DPS with 60% crit chance and 80% crit damage. So around 6666 base DPS.
  116. It would be OK if there were no taxes. Due to taxes, trading can be considered an indirect premium feature. Players pays some GS. And they are destroyer through trading. Not in one shot like containers, but they are still destroyed in the end. And here, they are forcing us into using it. So basically, if everybody stopped buying GS with real money, trading would become useless after a few days/weeks. Which means that since they balance stuff around trading, our progression would be greatly reduced, and we'd have no way to convert these excess resources into something valuable. Which is why I'm against it.
  117. Dart has more damage output then any gunship outside of thar ga in game.
  118. Dunno, never got problem with jags with my dart. My dart is full DPS, jags dies in 2 shot.
  119. No. You don't balance supply and demand by limiting socks. That's two different concepts. The only thing that limiting stocks do, is preventing peoples to plan ahead of time. Supply and demand is instead balanced by reducing/increasing either loots or the recipes using the item. You're not supposed to reach the stack limit in a properly balanced economy to begin with. If players reach the limit, there's somewhere something wrong.
  120. The problem is that they don't know how to properly balance resources. So they limit it the hard way, with a hard cap. I mean, with SC, it's either "Get tons of things", or get nothing. Nothing is balanced. Look at Iridium convert to credit option. We used to be able to get up to 1M credit. That was a bit too much. So they nerfed it. Now how many do we get? 15k credit. Wtf happened?
  121. But this tai kin can have doomsday too. And with missile reload, you can throw two at a time with a 40% missile damage buff.
  122. Hahahaha "To pay less database", reasonable? A single integer is big enough to never ever a limit problem. Even if 1 million players had 1 thousand different types of resources, they'll save what? 3gb? That's nothing. It's not even worth 1$.
  123. But trading costs money! You don't do something as restricting as a resource limit, to make a paid feature more used. That's forcing player to invest money into it.
  124. These peoples saying "Just move to dodge" forgot that Tai Kin have a 50% + 20% slow (+ slowing missiles). So yeah, "move".
  125. No you don't get it. They said clearly that the limit will stay. This change is just a way to help us dissolve our resources. But in the future items will be limited to 200
  126. That is neither tech difficulty nor engine restriction. It's "for the future".
  127. They did not listen to anything. That changes nothing.
  128. No. Tommorow the limit would still be 10. Necessary for crash grab @CinnamonFake That limit is to promote Trading right ? Because trading is a paid option, it destroys GS. The game shouldn't change to push players into using trading, if it's a feature fueled by money.
  129. Changed their mind ? They did not.
  130. From what I understand it's a "All the old resources are now unusable" + "You can convert old resources to new resources". You can have 10k old resources. And new resources are limited to 200. Right ?
  131. It changes nothing at all. We'll still get doomed in the end. The only difference is that instead of instant doom, it's be a slow, painful death.
  132. Yeay, they reverted it. But sadly, in the future we'll still be f*cked.
  133. I love the "Basicly it encourage pilots to convert excess resources into real GS." from CinnamonFake. It can be translated into a "Basically it encourages pilots to trade excess resources to destroy GS with taxes and force players to buy more".
  134. Considering that they said it's not bugged and on purpose, then nope. They just have extremely bad ideas.
  135. +5% crit chance + 20% crit damage + 20% cooldown reduction + shield tanking (so low cooldown repair) = prefect sniper
  136. Even if I wanted to, I can't. I used my last trade to sell my Tai'kin instruction nanoprojectors at 5k GS to milf. He was so desesperate about it that he accepted
  137. Hello ~ I small suggestion here Make that owning a license has different impacts on trading : - Remove the daily 5 trades limit - Remove the 10% taxes when selling items. That's it. Short, but intense. Please do this.
  138. The most stupid fact is that we are even limited in the amount of gs we can spend on tai kin. I have 120k gs. I really, REALLY want to trade the resources. But nope. 5 trades a day.
  139. All the ships in game will get their uniqueness - they said Brokk is unique. Pheonix/Reaper are too. Karud. And so on.
  140. Should I mention the fact that I have above 2k8 Alien Panels when the limit is at 200. And that even if I bought the whole Tai kin tree, I'd still have above 200 ? So, does that means that I can forever forget about the 15 panels per day ?
  141. Isn't Crystal Predator at 310 xeno ?
  142. I have a problem. I can't upload my video :
  143. I tried to convert the speed of light into km/s but it's above 200. So I can't and I'm stuck now.
  144. Give them to me. I need them.
  145. Isn't it what trading is all about?
  146. Ah yeah, there's that stupid trade limit too. I forgot about it.
  147. @CinnamonFake Okey, let's copy paste my message here There's a huge problem with this way of thinking : Trading is not a free option. Right, it allows players to get GS for free. BUT it also destroy a part of the GS, a premium currency. Trading is a premium feature. If no player in the world spent money to get GS, then nobody would trade items. So balancing stuff around trading, thinking that free players can somewhat get GS is a bad idea. They may get GS. But it's GS that somebody else paid. They did not just "appear out of nowhere". Conclusion > Remove the taxes of trading, or make it works with credits. Or stop forcing us to use trading, and both remove the limit + reduce the "random" to make us able to play for free.