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  1. True, especially because of me.
  2. Already suggested something in a new thread, but it needs to get approved first.
  3. I suggest that Energy Converter module gets changed an energy beam color, when it charges and fires the beam. Change it from red to green. I also suggest that if you could replace the sound effect, which is identical to Pyro Emitter to something new, to make it more distinguishable.
  4. Bug report: When you activate an Energy Converter, the beam will fire and its sound will be heard. However, if you get killed by some enemy at that moment, the sound will still play, even when it should be immediately stopped, when your ship was destroyed. Logs: (check logs near the end - Custom battle - 17:47+ or 5:47+PM) 2017.04.29 16.58.05.zip Video:
  5. Bug report: Energy Converter module has a (white) pixel issue. Please, remove it! Screenshot: (Rank 15 Mark 4 example, check others as well)
  6. I told CinnamonFake, just move Survival mode and move to Custom battles, thus, out of PvP. He actually said, that this is a testing mode and that they plan to remove it after 2 weeks or something like that. Now, many months after, we still have it!
  7. Bug report: If you activate daily missions for a special module that you need to assemble, you need to complete this task in 3 stages. Once they are all completed, the tasks are set back to stage 1/3 and it shows the first given task for the mission instead of the last one, 3rd one. How to fix this bug? Once you complete all 3 tasks, the last task should stay as it is, once completed, at stage 3/3. Example: Stage 1: Protect the Captain during Combat Recon. Stage 2: Win 3 battles in PvP. Stage 3: Destroy or help destroy 20 ships in Co-op. Screenshot: Logs: (1/3 - Kill 25 targets with kinetic weapon. 2/3 - Capture 1 beacon and win a battle. 3/3 - Win 3 PvE missions.) 2017.04.29 15.04.56.zip
  8. Bug report: Text issue: (Check Trading section to spot a bug) 'Augmented cooler' bluepribt R12-15 (misspelled) Correction: 'Augmented cooler' blueprint R12-15 (correct)
  9. This issue is fixed. This bug report can be closed now.
  10. Still not fixed! Reverse Thruster bug got fixed, but not this one. Waiting for 1.4.5 update. 'Repelling Beam' R13-15 blueprint
  11. Well, nobody wants to be on a receiving end on this one. But we are and we will be. Resistance is futile!
  12. You paid nothing for those components. Overflow assignment gave them away, once you reached 200 alien composite panels. You could do that with "Sending destroyers to War" or with optional purchases.
  13. Bug report: It's necessary to rename some items, due to recently changed economy of acquiring resources to avoid confusion. Many players will better understand all the items in the Workshop, avoiding possible mistakes, saving you time. This applies to the Workshop and the Armory/Storage. Screenshot: (Rename Fighter cabin to Thar'Ga cabin) Screenshot 2: (Rename Alien fighter structure to Thar'Ga fighter structure) Logs: 2017.04.28 14.13.30.zip
  14. Bug report: I always see the Gift icon now, even when I do not have any daily rewards of free items to claim. This should get fixed. Screenshot: Logs: 2017.04.28 13.48.59.zip
  15. Yeah, I agree. If I use this module twice in a row, energy gets depleted. To make matters worse, maneuverability is not the same at it once was. Such change was not really necessary. They should listen to long-term, well established players, not some whiners. They are trying to please everyone, that's why we have such a mess.
  16. Bug report: We got 2 items in the Workshop. Enriched Monocrystal and the old resource - Monocrystal. However, text description is incorrect. A 'Monocrystal' is not an 'Enriched Monocrystal'. Once you're in the Workshop, click again on the icon on the right, and you will get screenshot 2 example. Logs: 2017.04.28 12.26.52.zip Screenshots: Screenshot 1: (The old icon is a 'Monocrystal', not an 'Enriched Monocrystal'.) Screenshot 2: (Click on a resource icon, to open both. You are able to choose between them.)
  17. People are saying that speed of projectiles do not work. I agree with them. Statistics are right, but when it comes to projectile speed in a game, they seem not to be affected. More testing is required, just to be sure, to 100% confirm this bug.
  18. Bug report: Please, rename both new blueprints that you can learn in the Workshop. They are both having placeholder tags. Logs: 2017.04.28 12.11.39.zip 2017.04.28 11.59.24.zip Screenshot: (text notification in hangar) Text issue 1: BP_AlienCompositeAlloy placheolder should get renamed to Alien composite panel. Screenshot 2: (accidentally deleted) Text issue 2: BP_EnrichedMonocrystal placeholder should get renamed to Enriched monocrystal.
  19. Bug report: Please, change the following text. Screenshot: Show of Power (Daily) Participate in 4 SCL battles and earn at least 15 effectiveness points. Trade route protection (Daily) Win 2 battles in SCL as part of a First League team.
  20. Bug report: I did not start any assignment for SpecModule bundle in the Store. However, I was still presented with the Buy option, which then showed me, that I would not get any items, which makes sense. What is illogical, is, that I would get even Buy option shown. It should not be presented to me or it should be unavailable. Screenshots: (Arthur Cage - daily missions) Store (Yeah, buy pieces of special module that don't exist. 3 empty pieces for 320 or 1440 GS.) Logs: 2017.04.27 14.25.55.zip How to fix this bug? Only show the mission and the Buy/Store window, if I selected or enabled the task, otherwise it should not be displayed.
  21. I just hate flying space junk in this game!
  22. No, this should stay as it is. Iridium for yourself should be separated. Of course, there is another option... When you would get it, you could get a notification message, which would in turn ask you, if you wish to keep it or give it your corporation, if you are in one.
  23. Bug report: Empire and Jericho destroyer activators do not have a proper icon. Please, replace a missing icon for both destroyer activators. Also important: I recommend, that you add Empire insignia on Empire Computing Systems item and Jericho insignia to Jericho Computing Systems to make components easily recognizable. Screenshots: (Check the 2nd slot, NO DATA instead of an icon for Activators. Applies to both Destroyer Computing Systems.) Also important: (Add a proper insignia for each faction, so that you don't accidentally craft a wrong one.) Missing destroyer activator icons: P.S.: Also add the Federation activator item and icon. It's currently missing!
  24. Yes, I know. I agree. Something similar to Ellydium interface, but universal.
  25. About those new ships: I never asked for this. I am not even sure, if I will use them. Lore and immersion breaking ships that are obsolete, should never exist in SC Universe. This junk don't even belong to Tier I, but you are putting it to Tier IV.
  26. Yes, composite panels and monos, same problem for me.
  27. I get your point. But let me get it like this. Your reasoning would also prohibit a player to buy a special weapon or module from the Store, unless if you would craft it first. Of course, it doesn't, but your question also applies to regular equipment. It's basically the same. We could always buy items in advance, without necessary ship classes in Store. Research is basically working the same, like now. However, if I would go the other way, to radical approach, then you would not be able to buy any single item in advance, unless if you reached a certain rank with a ship to unlock those items. You decide.
  28. Listen, I like this patch, but there are few things, that need to be discussed. Also, it seems that I have some things bugged in the Workshop. Will have to make a bug report... yay. Iridium! It only drops from purple loot spots or very rarely, by standard ones. This is unbalanced, when it comes to resource management. You clearly cannot get more than 60-200 Iridium units per day, if you're very lucky. Chances for 50 or 100 Iridium from purple slot is very low. Most you get commonly, is 22 Iridium units in T5. This is not an official suggestion, but a hint: We should have an active contract every 6 hours, that would provide at least 200 Iridium and 50 for each hour. Contracts should be simple and not grindy, comparable to Ellydium tasks. Yes, Ellydium contract should offer this feature only. Also, Open Space, make sure that the tasks that are marked with a blue exclamation mark also provide Iridium rewards. Iridium reward should range from 50-200 Iridium max, based on a difficulty of side mission. There should be no cap for Open Space side missions, at least, not currently.
  29. Okay, about this update 1.4.4. I already had mission 1/3 completed for Special modules, even when I had no such missions enabled. When I clicked on the option Buy, I got no icons of any kind. However, the gift option was labelled on the Store window, but no free package, only GS options. It was already at Stage 1/3. I had to start upgrading another module. Then the mission changed and the icons from the bundles were back. This is clearly a bug, or rather, sloppiness.
  30. Bug report. If you have notifications enabled under Game Options, you receive messages when buying a weapon or a module or upgrading it to a Mark 5 version in hangar. Problem is, when you upgrade or research your weapon or module with loyalty vouchers, it will not show any notifications in hangar. Summary: Mark 1 - basic version - shows a notification Mark 2 upgrade - does not show a notification (missing) Mark 3 upgrade - does not show a notification (missing) Mark 4 upgrade - does not show a notification (missing) Mark 5 - final version - shows a notification
  31. Research option is limited. If you don't have a particular ship, you can't research a module, especially, if it can only be fitted on a ship that is unavailable. Vigilant, Sirius, Tyrant are just a few examples. Please, provide an addition or rework this feature, so that we have the ability to research any and all weapons and modules.
  32. One more thing about that special module. It's completely and utterly useless. I spent over 3 months to get it, only to found out that it's practically a joke. What a waste!
  33. Look, this weapon is an upgraded version. 1.) You don't really need ammo for it. Overheat meter is enough. However, it would be cool, that you would get some smoke out of those barrels or at least some visual effect, when your weapon overheats. 2.) Well, that's debatable. This weapon is futuristic. I see no problem with maximum fire rate. It's actually good that we have something different, but get your point.
  34. Well, it makes no sense. I did no damage assists, yet I always received a cooldown buff with that implant. Let's see, what Skula1975 will say.
  35. If this is a bug, description should also state, that passive buffs or auras are also affected by this implant.
  36. I have no love for Ellydium ships, but I am a Collector, sort of... Okay, I used to be... but no longer!
  37. Bug report: Check all Rank 13 Implants, particularly a Rank 13 Empire Implant - Neuroconnector "Rapidus III". Description of this Implant states: Reduces cooldown times for modules by 5% upon destroying an enemy ship or assisting the destruction with damage. However, it used to work with passive buffs as well. Auras from an Engineering ship or a Command ship, also counted as an assist/s, if your allies killed enemy targets entirely on their own. So, this implant used to work like that for a long time. Kills counted towards +5% cooldown time, kill assists counted towards +5 cooldown time. Passive aura buffs no longer apply, if you don't do damage assists or kills. All patches before, even 1.4.2 still had this working like it used to. 1.4.3 - removed any cooldown boosts from passive auras in the surrounding range. For better overview of the implants, use this. Logs: (Check time stamps around 15:47 or 3:47PM) PvE Scenario: Captured Dreadnought (Tier V) I am using my Rank 15 Federation Octopus Engineering Frigate. 2017.04.25 15.43.24.zip Video: (Round 1 - I hope you enjoy watching my videos. It's all there! )
  38. Why is there still no response from Skula1975? This seems to be a rather critical bug.
  39. 9th of May - Victory Day - When every Premium ship from rank 7 to 15 can be bought for 1945 GS!
  40. So, you're admitting that this game officially became P2W? You need GS in order to earn more GS. There are no other options! Is this game F2P? Yes. Can you otherwise progress or get access to unique or time-limited items in this F2P game? In most cases, no.
  41. I opened 10 containers for 300 Iridium. 3000 Iridium total. What did I get? 2 xenos, 2 xenos, 5 alloys, 2 xenos, 5 alloys, 2 xenos, 2 xenos, 2 xenos, 5 alloys, 2 xenos. I will not be spending any more Iridium on this. I got too much stuff that I can't even sell, due to how trading was executed. When I post an offer, my post already gets pushed upwards, because of all that spamming. Then, when you specifically say that you only want to sell, you got people offering you items at rip-off prices. In any case. Iridium should drop in massive quantities. It should also be available in Open Space again. Each Tier V Iridium spot should have 100 Iridium at all times. Losses cannot be replenished at this rate, if you can only commonly get 22,44 or around 60 Iridium daily. In any case, I think we will get another storm soon, when we will actually get a new resource system that will replace the old one. Of course, old one will be converted, but exchange ratio is the most problematic or crucial here. They already stated, that it will be higher and not even, which is a troubling matter! In any case, none of the suggestions are getting any attention, but what we really need, is this:
  42. Isn't it PEGI 12?
  43. Of course it will. It will get worse with each passing update. What can you expect?
  44. I forgot to tell you. When I pressed F11, I saw the numbers on the top right, ping info - FPS and packet loss, but after I tried for multiple times, it was no longer showing as well.
  45. Okay, good to know. I will then wait for the next update.
  46. Try Octopus - Federation Secret Project - Engineer of Rank 15. You can also try Naga - Empire Rank 14 - Engineer. Most people use it. I think that ships themselves aren't bugged.
  47. Mr. Skula1975, I hope that you have someone, who is helping you translate from English to Russian. Probably not, though. I posted everything here, including a video. I thought it was enough. (S)Targem should hire additional staff, that's for sure. I will ask my Russian buddies, to translate English bug reports to Russian ones, so that it will be clear to you, if you don't mind, that is.
  48. If you got any more questions, let me know. I think that something is still wrong.
  49. Check all Rank 6 implants. Ignore rank 2 implants. However, the one I am talking about, is at the bottom, Rank 6 Jericho implant. - Empire; rank 6: Alpha-inhibitor "Gladius" (may be bugged/unknown, or a bug may be connected to Crew slots) Main weapon damage increased by 7%. (not sure, if main weapon damage is correctly applied, or a bug may be connected to Crew slots) - Federation; rank 6: Alpha-inhibitor "Ox" (may be bugged/unknown, or a bug may be connected to Crew slots) Increases critical damage by 30%. (not sure, if critical damage is correctly applied) - Jericho; rank 6: Alpha-inhibitor "WPN-FS2" (may be bugged - switching Crew Alpha to another slot does not change the statistics) Improves main weapon parameters: kinetic projectile speed increased by 30%, EM projectile speed increased by 30%, (either the effect is already applied, or the effect is still applied, even when Crew slot 'Alpha' isn't selected) maximum thermal weapon beam temperature increased by 10%. Summary: This issue could also be connected to Crew slots directly and not to the Implants themselves. An example. When I had Alpha crew selected, the stats remained the same, even when I switched it to another Crew slot. So, the effect is still there I am not sure, why it does not reset itself. Logs: 2017.04.24 01.26.41.zip Video:
  50. Bug report: What happened? Spam bots got more aggressive. They started to appear in global chat. I have seen at least 2 such examples on a daily basis. Bots started to spam in the Private Mailbox. Then they appeared in the Global chat. Now they are also in Private chat. What should happen? My account and an entire chat should be secured from any bot spamming! This poses a security risk and as such, it's unacceptable! Provide additional layers of security! Point of this story? (Renamed_74762) is a bot! Text: 13:41:45.673 CHAT| < PRIVATE From>[(Renamed_74762)] VV VV VV , M M O M B , C 0 M Sell cheap GS 5K=6.59$,We pay Tax,fast and 24/7 live chat!! Logs: (Check 13:42 or 1:42PM) 2017.04.23 10.37.07.zip Screenshot:
  51. Bug report: Okay, I played that new mission in PvE. We were doing okay, but suddenly, when Cyber Coordinator text and image appeared, my HUD suddenly disappeared! I tried to restore the HUD with ALT+H, but no success. This bug already happened before in 1.4.2. 1.4.3 still has it, though. Screenshot: (When this message appeared below, the bug got triggered.) Logs: (this issue happened around 22:09 or 10:09PM) 2017.04.23 21.08.35.zip Video:
  52. It's a bug.
  53. Mr. Skula1975, open up the Patch discussion 1.4.3. It will fix the bug immediately.
  54. It's also been ID tagged already, but no fix yet, so I guess we will have to do systematic testing of all weapons. But then, why would we do their work for them? Issue is real and most people are saying that fire rate is broken. It has been for months now. Only a few examples should be introduced. They have the tools to test this. Coil Mortar/Proximity Mortar, RF Blaster, Eclipse Launcher, Ion Emitter, Meson Cannon, Coilgun, etc. Testing should also be conducted for weapons below and above 100 fire rate to the highest possible cap.
  55. Bug report: What's the problem? Thermal, EM and Kinetic weapons are still not matching their described Rate of Fire. It's usually lower than it should be. It is currently unclear, if this bug is triggered by the Federation Implant of Rank 11, or by some other implants as well. This issue should be thoroughly investigated and tested. What should happen? Thermal, EM and Kinetic weapons should match their desired statistics, shown on the description of the ship, namely, "Rate of Fire", which, logically, also affects DPS in the end. I want to know, why this bug still hasn't been fixed for months, even after reported? If you need more details, I can provide those, much better option would be, that each weapon should be tested and measured individually.
  56. Rank 6 implants are bugged, I am not sure if all 3, but I know that Rank 6 Jericho implant needs to get look at. Despite proper statistics shown for the weapon, I know that the weapon Thar'Ga'tok is actually firing at normal speed, not counting on the rank 6 Jericho implant for speed. How do I know this? Just by playing and using weapons on my ships. This bug could also be connected to Crew slots instead. Statistics are not reset. You can help yourself with this Guide: (Check all Rank 6 implants, if they apply in the game)
  57. Both options are correct, then.
  58. Matchmaker is in very poor state. - Unbalanced Teams - Waiting Time - It allows use of only 1 ship instead of 3-4 (very stupid) MM is designed to make you lose, not to get a balanced match.
  59. I did not fire at the enemy, nor was anyone else. I should receive minimal damage on my destroyer. However, I was receiving x2,5 damage from the multiplier, but even so, 57480 damage with no reflected damage makes no sense. I am not saying that this is a bug, but it should certainly be getting looked at.
  60. Ship is totally broken. About desktop backgrounds: In any case, you should know that PNG image quality is the best, not JPEG. Why would I want to have such desktop image, when it loses some of the quality it had? Really...
  61. I created such suggestions in the past. They will tell you the same as they did then. It's simply not profitable, if you could pause your Premium License for a time. There was even a suggestion for the Life-Time License, but they never wanted to implement it.
  62. Working as intended. To avoid farming enough nodes for the second cabin.
  63. bug

    It happened to me as well. 4 times in total. Mission was not marked there, after I completed specific objectives and as a result, container was not available. Some bugs are probably put in there on purpose. Just to make you smile!
  64. dc

    Yes, I had the same issue. Connection lost message. Yesterday, everyone had a huge lag that lasted over 5 minutes. Teleporting, huge slowdowns. I even recorded a video. This is what you get, when you probably invest as little money as possible for low quality servers. Logs: check near the end 2017.04.20 14.49.22.zip
  65. Dude? Listen, Fox. I am waiting for 10 minutes for 1 lousy match in T5 and all I get is either Combat Recon, Detonation or TDM and Survival. I actually need to get a Beacon match, but you need to kill 4 drones, not 2! MM is broken and it takes forever now to get what you need, if you even get it!
  66. Screenshot: Remove this assignment or make a daily rotation of Spec Ops, Defiler, Destroyer, every 2 hours daily, not just on Sundays. Defiler mission can provide you with enough drone kills to fulfill this contract.
  67. Sure, here it is: Correction needed: 'Reverse Thruster' blueprint R12-15
  68. Existing ID bug: (This one can be closed, because of the same issue) 0070835 Status: Pending I wrote a more detailed bug report here: (check this one)
  69. If more information are necessary, I can show you a video here: Timer: (Watch 5:34+) Logs: (Time stamp 22:39:40+) 2017.04.16 21.36.07.zip
  70. One of the issues is already fixed. Close the bug report. Thank you.
  71. Should I make another bug report, or is the issue understood? I am asking for this statistic or description to be added: Range: 5400 m, may vary depending on the module.
  72. Mr. Skula1975, This bug still exist! Same issue. Screenshot: (Sirius destroyer fires a Pyro Emitter module on gravity generators. No thermal damage is dealt!) Affected modules that do not work on anomaly/gravity generators: - Pyro Emitter module (destroyer) - Gravi-Lens module (destroyer) When will this issue be fixed?
  73. I encountered this bug again today in T4 Spec Ops - Destroyer. It's still not fixed! Do you need more information or time? Screenshot: (Taking thermal damage from invisible green emitter beams.) Logs: (Time stamp: 22:51:30+) T4 Spec Ops Destroyer - I am using Empire's Rank 11 Gargoyle ship 2017.04.16 21.06.29.zip or: 2017.04.16 21.36.07.zip
  74. Random drops are a cancer in this game. There are better ways. Or at least, drop chances should be reconsidered.
  75. Random store should not give you items that are already capped.
  76. Bug report: One of the guns on bottom right, if we look at the ship from our perspective above, barrel of the gun has one or two degrees higher angle's position that the rest. How to replicate this bug? You can preview Gargoyle model in hangar with the Preview option. Screenshot: (Gargoyle's turret angle) Location of the problem: Turret's angle is not aligned perfectly with all the rest: Logs: (not necessary in this case) Video: (not necessary in this case) Computer Specs: (not necessary in this case)
  77. Bug report: What happened? Ellydium assignment "Win in 15 Defiler or Destroyer Special Operations." did not unlock or refresh for me after one week. What did you expect to happen? I was expecting that after one week, on Tuesday or Thursday, such mission would become available again. As a result, I cannot complete it and thus I lost a chance to get 45 Xenocrystals this week or maybe more, if this bug persist. Screenshot: (missing Special Operation assignment) Logs: 2017.04.15 20.08.38.zip
  78. I agree on this.
  79. Bug report: When you post a Repelling Beam blueprint in the Trade section, a word "Blueprint" is placed first. As a result, it's written with a capital letter. This should both be corrected. It looks like this now: Blueprint 'Repelling Beam' R13-15 (incorrect) It should look like this: 'Repelling Beam' blueprint R13-15 (correct)
  80. Bug report: Reverse Thruster blueprint for LRF or Long Range Frigate shows invalid rank in the description and on Trade window. It shows this: 'Reverse Thruster' blueprint R13-15 (incorrect) Please, correct this mistake. It should be like this: 'Reverse Thruster' blueprint R12-15 (correct)
  81. Make the buff that lasts for 24 hours, not only 3. Also, slightly increase the chance to get max 25% bonus instead of lower ones.
  82. I have a proposition. Iridium special containers that drop from the looting spots should have some unique features. Iridium container price for one random item should be lowered to 100 Iridium units, which is the "Buy" option by default. If you want to get a guaranteed drop from the list in a current marked Iridium container, you must select the "Guaranteed Buy" option as an alternative. Once you select the "Guaranteed Buy" option, you can select any item that is on the list. When you hover over it, it will get highlighted, when you press on it, it will be selected and you will finally be able to confirm. Guaranteed Buy option costs twice as much, so 100 Iridium would become 200 Iridium in such case. Yes, costs are doubled, but you no longer rely on random drops, but guaranteed ones. Another option is that you can select more than one item, but each time that you select an additional item, Iridium price get increased, up to 5 times, which means that all items can be selected, but with additional price increases. Screenshot:
  83. Daily Login reward should not only last for 3 hours, but the whole 24 hours. I am talking about two passive buffs. You may get up to +25% extra credits bonus, or +25% extra loyalty bonus, max.
  84. Bug report: When the enemy ship's hull is at 90%, the Destroyer activates 2 gravity anomalies or generators. There is one problem with those 2 generators. Some ship's modules cannot deal any damage to them. Known issues with specific ship's modules: - Pyro Emitter Module (Destroyer) - Gravi-Lens Module (Destroyer) - there could be more module related abilities that do not deal any damage Logs: (look to my previous bug report and use those logs)
  85. Bug report: Special Operation - Destroyer (Tested in Tier V, rank 13-15 PvE scenario) - invisible green emitter beams I found this issue most common in Tier V (rank 13-15). It's an old issue or bug. I am not sure, if this bug can also occur in Tier III and Tier IV. Sometimes, green emitter beams will focus fire continuously on a single target, all at once. You can hear the sounds and effects, you can see and detect thermal damage, but you can't see the beams! This does not always happens, but it's quite common. Unfortunately, I am always the prime target, if I am in the Wing! My ship's hull rapidly loses integrity, until my ship is destroyed! Screenshots: (Green Beam Emitters that can continuously fire through the Destroyer's shield are sometimes not visible at all) Logs: (Check for specific timed data - It happened on the first match, in Tier V, rank 13-15; approximate time stamps: 13:30:40-13:31:05) 2017.01.26 11.18.39.zip Bug ID tag: Thank you, Skula1975
  86. Bug report: Pyro Emitter deals no thermal damage in Special Ops: Destroyer, supposedly to gravity generators only, whenever targeted. Try to determine, if any damage was done, when Pyro Emitter was used on gravity generators. I used them with my Brave in T4 (check logs for the proper data). Affected modules: - Pyro Emitter module (destroyer) - Gravi-Lens module (destroyer) Logs: (available) 2016.12.30 00.03.14.zip
  87. Bug report: Issue 2: Pyro Emitter: Screenshot: 5400 meter firing range should also be listed under statistical information above, not just in the description. Statistical information missing/not listed: Firing range (max.) 5400 m
  88. Bug report: There are multiple issues with Pyro Emitter that you should know. I will only describe issue 1 for now. Issue 1: Pyro Emitter does insufficient thermal damage after a few "damage" ticks, when in contact with the object or a target. Issue 2. Missing Max distance statistical information on a module. Link here. Issue 3: Pyro Emitter deals no thermal damage at all against Destroyer's gravity generators in Special Operations - PvE. Link here. Logs: 2016.12.28 21.06.45.zip Video: