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  1. I do not like those numbers for reloading modules and missiles. It's ugly! They should revert that. I mean it.
  2. Bug report: There should be a % (percentage) sign instead of a $ (dollar) sign. SYNERGY +50%. Screenshot: Video: Logs: 2017.06.23 20.21.51.zip DxDiag: DxDiag.zip
  3. Any official news? @CinnamonFake
  4. Where is the source? I agree with this statement.
  5. @Skula1975 I already mentioned in some other post that I am unable to download your tools! It's not exactly this tool, but it's the same problem.
  6. @Skula1975 I want to say again, I also submitted a new ticket to Support Team, as requested. I got 2 pending support tickets. Old one - still pending: #389521 New one - open: #434448
  7. I got so many recent bug reports posted. You could look for the logs there. Anyway, I uploaded the most recent logs here, as requested.
  8. @Skula1975 Mr. Skula1975, I need this successfully resolved, before public beta testing of Waz'Got (Ellydium Engineer). Thank you.
  9. Bug report: What happened? I can not synchronize my profile. 'Synchronize' option will not work. It's bugged. What should happen? 'Synchronize' option on my profile should work. I should be able to update my original profile. This issue is over 2 years old now. I am only creating this ticket, because Support Team told me to do so. I am expecting a full resolution of my problem. Please, fix it. Thank you. Kind regards, Koromac Logs: 2017.06.22 10.24.13.zip Public Beta Test server: Launcher logs: 2017_06_23_18_35_12__2928.zip Public Beta server - Logs: 2017.06.23 18.35.47.zip
  10. @Skula1975 I know that it's most likely the server. Will you do something about it, or will you just deny that this is not the server issue?
  11. This bug was already reported over a month ago. It's still there?
  12. It's not that much. But the issue is, if they really disappeared, who or what used them beforehand?
  13. Would you mind, if I would direct you to some bug reports that are quite important and annoying, but still haven't been fixed yet, despite having an ID tag already?
  14. Any info on this? I would really like this to be implemented. It feels like a maze, going through the Workshop now!
  15. Bug report: I had 3 instances today in Tier V PvP, when I got huge lag or slowdowns. I immediately started the SC Tool for possible connection issues. Strange server behavior: - teleport, but mostly slowdowns - 100-200% slowdowns - increased ping or packet loss that is not detected - this issue was affecting everyone in those matches (not just me) - when one or two players died, it's all suddenly returned to normal - this issue usually last from 30 seconds to a few minutes Check data for 18:50 - 19:20 or 06:50 - 07:20 GMT+1 Logs: 2017.06.20 18.04.45.zip ConTest results: conntest.zip Videos: Servers are not capable of handling all those data properly or there is a bug in the server code. You should make a tool that automatically starts and analyzes for any possible issues, directly in the game. This issue is now too common to have a good experience. It's frustrating, especially because it's always denied. Regards, Koromac
  16. No, there are longer words than that.
  17. @Skula1975 Please, fix this. Thank you.
  18. Bug report: The blueprint itself, if you hover over it, or if you check it in Trade section, does not have a "Targeting" word added to it. Right now it is: 'Orion Complex' blueprint R8-12 It should be: 'Orion' Targeting Complex blueprint R8-12
  19. Bug report: (Double music - music track loop) We played Spec Ops - Defiler (rank 10-15). At the end of the mission, there was an event, which started another music track. This bug is already known, but I managed to get a very short log now, playing only this mission. Maybe it can help you. How to replicate this bug? Unknown, but it's pretty common. Usually you need to play (Defiler/Destroyer) mission most of the time, then this bug will occasionally trigger. Logs: 2017.06.18 23.50.35.zip
  20. We do not approve of anomalies. Such anomalies are scheduled for deletion.
  21. But they do not perform well enough to call them special. They are basically obsolete.
  22. I can vouch for this. Most likely cause for this are the servers. They are too weak to process and handle all those data properly, resulting in major gameplay slowdowns.
  23. This issue can not be replicated any longer. (There should be some script, which would automatically run with a key, if such issues are detected!) Everyone experienced the same issue, no exceptions. The game itself does not detect any increased ping or packet loss. It's most likely caused on your side - insufficient upload bandwith of your server, lack of processing power or a possible bug in the server code, because of slowdown effects that are often return to normal, after one particular player or two, dies. In short, from all the info gathered, it seems that your servers are not powerful enough to handle all those data properly. You're probably running multiple services through them, causing data overloading or instability.
  24. premium

    I had a similar suggestion about destroyers, but yours is better. Guess what? Nothing happened. I am also requesting a voting poll.
  25. Conspiracy Alert News: Tai'Kin random boxes for 100000 credits are cursed! The truth is out there: 10/10 everywhere. 5/6 items are all maxed out. But 1 item isn't. 0 out of 10. As you can see, items from the boxes got "stolen" after specified time limit. Conspiracy Alert News - There is a war on for your wallet!
  26. Already reported by me. Check my bug report. I also sent a ticket to Support Team.
  27. bug

    No, it's not. I once got 67 parts instead of 65, last one drop for 3. This is a very strange bug. Are you sure that you have your mission set for the Styx?
  28. Not without significant amount of GS that you must use to buy Tier V blueprints and items for them. To be honest, there should be Broker's missions, when you construct a destroyer. We should be able to get to chose to get those blueprints and items for free by farming, or by just paying for the item to get it.
  29. I guess not. My case was marked as solved, without any constructive feedback or relevant information.
  30. They marked my support case as solved. They solved nothing, they did not even give me any proper feedback, but they had a nerve to mark it as successfully solved.
  31. This is a very old bug. Check the logs and if you have an entry - geometry lines exceeded or something.
  32. I suspected as much, but you quoted me instead of Skula1975. Quote Skula1975 next time. Also, those information there are vastly outdated. There should be an automatic script, so that you can enable such things in the game, without all this hassle to collect data.
  33. This is not a bug. Working as intended. User clearly did not know how and where to access a free Premium license for one day.
  34. We got additional means that are no longer available. Besides, this structures are useless. I could basically just sell them. They won't be reused, ever!
  35. The description should be more clear, so that people understand it correctly. It should be improved!
  36. I never said that. On the contrary, F11 key that is supposed to show real ping and packet loss, but did not show any. There are clearly some issues with the network, regardless. On whose side, still needs to be determined.
  37. I can't download this file! @Skula1975 Next time, please check, if the file is still uploaded and permitted to regular users.
  38. Bug report: Special Operation - Destroyer (T3, T4, T5) All game modes affected during heavy firing or activity in both Special Ops missions and Dreadnought Battles. Connection issues. F11 key did not show any packet loss or increased ping. This is very strange. - Massive lag - Slowdown gameplay (game plays at slower pace) - Teleporting spikes or stuttering (projectiles or objects are just teleporting to original position or spiraling out of control) As a result, modules do not recharge or time out correctly. Timer is stuck at certain number, etc. When this happens, all players in the Wing from all over the world are affected. It's pretty common now. We suspect that servers are too weak to process all the data correctly and in time. As soon as one person or two dies, then the game returns to normal. This most likely proves our suspicion. Same issue, if not worse, also happens in Sector Conquest battles - Dreadnought battles. Also, check this: Only one example: Tier 3 Video: (Only lag event was recorded in Tier 3) Tier 4 battle: Logs: (Check only for Spec Ops - Destroyer entries) 2017.06.13 10.22.28.zip
  39. Radius should be like 150 meters instead.
  40. Everybody's got them, not just me, provided that you did that mission.
  41. They will look at it to determine a possible problem.
  42. bps

    Probably never, since it's been almost three months. Such issues are usually resolved in the next update.
  43. This has happened to me as well. A few times, to be exact.
  44. When will this bug get fixed? It's almost 3 months since the publication!
  45. bps

    It was officially listed as a bug a few months ago. It should get fix soon, or never.
  46. Bug report: (stability issue during the end of looting screen) During the ending of a match listed in the logs, once I collected 4 loot spots after defeat, the map was still showing and there seems to be some sort of system hangover, causing sudden CPU spikes, when computer becomes temporarily or permanently unresponsive. This issue is rare, but since this wasn't a crash, but only a system hangover, please, review the logs. It lasted for nearly a minute, which is way too long to be normal. This happened before, causing my computer to be completely unresponsive, had to shut it down manually. Logs did not register this, so I did not create a bug report back then. As you can see, sometimes during the end of looting screen the looting screen remains there for 10-60 seconds at worst cases. This issue was introduced 5-6 patches ago. Logs: (Check the last Tier V PvP battle, near the end) 2017.06.11 00.47.19.zip
  47. It costs the same!
  48. This was asked multiple times already, I suggested the amount to be raised by 10 times. They said that it's a useful feature that's been there for a long time, so there is no reason to change that. I guess we probably got idiots, who are actually buying credits with real money. If so, then it's worth it!
  49. Farming - OS dailies in the old days net you 3 instead of 2 monocrystals with a Premium license.
  50. Bug report: (Duplication item entry in Storage/Armory) In the Storage/Armory I got 100 alien composite blocks. Workshop; Storage->Raw resources also the same. This is an incorrect amount. Workshop in the Storage/Components ->Parts, I have 195 alien composite blocks. This is also an incorrect amount. Correct number should be 295 alien composite blocks. There is also an issue with the same resource and unit count. The Armory shows 10000 unit limit cap. The Workshop shows 500 unit limit cap. However, I am not sure, why do I have two same items listed in my Storage that are completely identical, but just with different amount numbers and limit caps? Screenshots: Do I need to say more? The mismatch between the same resource - Alien composite block is obvious! I have no idea why I have 2 same resources listed in the Storage. However, I do know that I should be having 295 alien composite blocks right now. Components -> Raw Materials = 100 Alien composite blocks; Parts = 195 (Alien composite blocks) I also do not understand, why is the limit cap for the same resource different? It makes no sense! Logs: 2017.06.09 23.56.43.zip
  51. Bug report: Do something about the servers! All were having the same problem. Lag spikes, stuttering, slowdowns, etc. We believe that servers are too weak to handle all the requests or data for processing in time. It's time for an upgrade, if this is true! Logs: 2017.06.09 11.17.36.zip
  52. Bug report: Screenshots: Tier III and IV message during Special Operation - Destroyer should not display this notification - Battle search does not end, when the game starts or ends!) I was the Leader of the Wing - 12 players. I started my wing through Pilot application, however, I also accepted some players directly from the Global or Private chat. Sometimes, not always, I am getting above displayed message - Battle Search, when the match ends. I am not sure, if there was a 5 second reward distribution notification, but I do not believe so. There is no other option but to select Yes option to be able to exit to hangar, otherwise the countdown timer would still be going. This can also happen in Tier V, but not always, I think. Conditions to replicate a bug: - Be the Leader of the Wing - 12 players. - Invite most pilots through Pilot application. - Invite some pilot/s through Global or Private chat. - Start a match with a full Wing. - Win the match. - Observe a possible problem. Logs: (only observe time stamps for Special Operation Tier III, IV and V, time stamps: 17:14+ or 05:14+PM, 17:22+ or 05:22+, Tier V had no such problem this time around, I think) 2017.06.08 12.49.41.zip
  53. The best thing you can do is that you place the portal on the edge of the map, when you can't really move at moderate speed anymore, then teleport a slow moving frigate. If you do that in PvP, you will die, the ship, or rather destroyer will self-destruct, because of "You're leaving the battlefield!" message.
  54. Bug report: I played Tier V PvP with a rank 14 and 15 ships. I joined the match in progress - Survival mode. There was around 6,37 miliseconds left, when the game crashed! I've submitted a crash report via (S)Targem application. You should have it already. Still, I am providing my files again, here. It happened around 12:45 to 12:47. Logs: DxDiag.zip 2017.06.08 11.23.28.zip Exceptions.zip Targem.zip
  55. I reported the fire rate bug a long time ago, but I did not play nor test it with any ships recently You should test it and if you find that nothing has changed, remind Mr.Skula1975 about it.
  56. Bug report: What happened? Since Sunday, we no longer get any Federation destroyer activators. Not even in Open Space (weekend event only). What should happen? We should get them on a daily basis, including in Open Space during weekends.
  57. Bug report: I already wrote about this bug in the past. However, now I got proof. Escort ship near all transports will sometimes whirl without any control, leaving their visible engine trail behind. If you touch it or collide with it, you can either get pushed at extreme speeds or or you die from multiple collision hits, if they get registered. Usually only one ship is affected out of 3 or 4 in a group that does that. Issue is also more common, if you play 'Open Space' mode for the first time. Same goes for every sector when you just appear at the warp-gates. It increases the chance of triggering this bug. Video: It got corrupted somehow. Logs: (Check around 10:18+ in the logs for any anomalies) 2017.05.24 09.28.06.zip
  58. I am suggesting that all Secret Project ships get an increased bonus that applies only to them. They need this. It's not much, but it's better than nothing. Current passive Secret Project ship bonus: - Maximum hull strength increased by 7,5% - Maximum shield strength increased by 7,5% Suggested passive Secret Project ship bonus: (+2,5% increase) - Maximum hull strength increased by 10% - Maximum shield strength increased by 10%
  59. Bug report: Tai'thaq 10, 13 and 15 is bugged. Kinetic damage that bypasses shields also bypasses Command's Diffusion Field special module, making Jericho commands useless in general, even with preventive measures! Screenshot 1: (You can see all of the weapons for Tai'Kin - Tai'thaq variants.) Screenshot 2: (As you can see, I had full energy reserve, an active Diffusion Field and I was still receiving full kinetic damage from Tai'Kins Tai'thaq weapon!) Logs: (Time stamp: 02:11:50+ PM or 14:11:50+) 2017.05.21 11.28.29.zip
  60. Cost for Thar'Ga cabin of Rank 5: Thar'Ga cabin cost: Alien composite block: 200 Fighter structure: 10 Monocrystal: 25 Metal blank: 50 Graphite plate: 30 Xenocrystal: 100 Credit: 1500000 Thar'Ga nodes/blueprints cost: Total Credit cost: 292077000 Total Free synergy cost: 12100500 Total Alien composite block cost: 1350 Total Xenocrystal cost: 3473 Thar'Ga special module nodes cost: Total Xenocrystal cost: 670 Total Alien composite blocks: 400 Total Free synergy cost: 1506700 Total Credit cost: 28633000 Thar'Ga blueprints cost: (weapons) Total Credit cost: 18000000 Thar'Ga blueprints cost: (modules) Total Credit cost: 38500000 Overall: Thar'Ga's Workshop blueprints - Credit cost in total: 56500000 Thar'Ga - Credit cost for 100% researched/unlocked ship in total: 322210000 Thar'Ga - Credit cost, including the Workshop blueprints in total: 378710000 Thar'Ga - Alien composite block - cost in total: 1950 Thar'Ga - Xenocrystal cost in total: 4243 Thar'Ga - Free synergy cost in total: 13607200 Thar'Ga Fighter structure in total: 10 Monocrystal in total: 25 Metal blank in total: 50 Graphite plate in total: 30 Game version: 'Evolution' (May 11 2017)
  61. Screenshot 1: More organization is always better than less, saving you time. Example: We all know the Alphabet, right? Screenshot 2: Same weapons of different ranks should be not be separated by another weapon, but should be sorted in the same order. Example: Thi'Lith Beam 9, Thi'Lith Beam 12 and Thi'Lith Beam 15, etc. Request: Please, sort all of the items in the Workshop alphabetically from A-Z and from lowest to highest rank, if the Any option is selected, when showing all weapons available!
  62. Bug report: Text bug Immuty should be corrected to Immunity on the HUD display. How to replicate this bug: - Rank 8 Implant or Crew of Federation or Jericho must be selected for this to work. - Ship must have any multipurpose module equipped and activated for this to work. I recommend using a Repair Kit or a Shield Booster of any kind, etc. Logs: 2017.04.03 23.01.42.zip Screenshot: (Word Immuty should be corrected to Immunity!)
  63. Bug report: We can still earn GS from completed achievements. Since we now have a new Trading System, this feature should be removed or be replaced, to prevent economic collapse or instability. I recommend replacing GS with Iridium as a reward for those completed achievements. Screenshot:
  64. Bug report: What happened? After the recent update, I have some of my blueprints locked in the Workshop. They should be all available, except for one, Boson Cannon of rank 12, was/still is locked! What do you except to happen? I expect that you will fix my issue, that will result in immediate availability of all my previously available blueprints in the Workshop, except for the Boson Cannon blueprint. Logs: 2017.03.28 12.23.35.zip Video: List of locked blueprints: - Meson Cannon 11 - Meson Cannon 14 - Meson Cannon 15 - Vacuum resonance laser 15 - Coilgun 11 - Coilgun 14 - Coilgun 15 - Thermoactive weapon 15 - Tempest Launcher 11 - Tempest Launcher 14 - Tempest Launcher 15 - Wormhole projector 11 - Wormhole projector 14 - Wormhole projector 15 - Gravitational Lens 11 - Gravitational Lens 14 - Gravitational Lens 15 - Photon Emitter 13 - Photon Emitter 15 - Vulnerability scanner 15 - Isotope Harvester 15 - Hybrid missile 15 - Repelling Beam 15 - Augmented Cooler 15 - Destabilizing Field 15 - Warp-stream detector 15 - Remote minelayer 15
  65. I want to suggest something simple, but effective and more organized interface improvement. Any ship, that has alternative special module options, like Phoenix, Reaper, Styx, Hyena, Sword S and Karud, should have a special icon displayed on the ship tree, that represents their special modules. Upon clicking on that module, you are asked, if you want to start accumulating resources for such module. You can also switch both modules directly from the ship tree, or you can access the Store for module parts. Screenshot example: Phoenix Engineer - you can confirm to switch the special modules directly from the Ship Tree - you can equip a different module directly from the Ship Tree - you can access the Store directly from the Ship Tree - you can access Arthur Cage's mission directly from the Ship Tree This is also useful, because players will now know immediately, what ships have special modules that you can switch, buy or farm to obtain them all.
  66. I just had to do this suggestion. I often wondered myself, to what faction or gender this portrait belongs to. Doomb0t already responded once to such question. Interesting idea, he said. Well, I improved this idea now. I suggest some minor improvements for already existing portrait system. - sort portraits according to their numbers, like 001, 002, 003, or 1, 2, 3 from top-left to bottom-right numerical order, so that you can find them easy and fast - outline each portrait with a special faction's color, which will not be shown in the pilot's profile, but only in the portrait selection menu (orange or yellow - Empire, blue or cyan - Federation, red - Jericho) - add a gender icon for both male and female, which will not be shown in the pilot's profile, but only in the portrait selection menu (if some portrait can be used for both genders) Gender icon example: FEMALE MALE Examples of regular available portraits: (special portraits excluded) Sincerely, Koromac