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  1. Make a proper bug report with logs included!
  2. Please, this really is more important than some rocket effects. If you actually deliver, you will make us very happy!
  3. Any updates? When can I expect to feel safe popping in with my ship in Survival mode, knowing that my Emergency Barrier already restored itself?
  4. This suggestion has already been implemented. I am requesting that this gets closed now.
  5. Any updates on this topic? This system would be clearly useful.
  6. Eventually, there will be an Ellydium Dreadnought.
  7. I think that they changed it on purpose. I find such change unnecessary.
  8. Do you have any idea, what you're always offline, when I want to send you a private message? There must be some glitch with your profile or in chat.
  9. It's a bug. Make a bug report! Fire rate does not match the statistics!
  10. Okay, glad that you understand. How is Verno? Still playing?
  11. Destroyers are essentially useless now. They die in 3-5 seconds from a single Thar'Ga. Of course, electrum and rank 14 destroyers may be temporarily or permanently unavailable.
  12. Captured Dreadnought PvE, round 3. Barriers are not immediately dropped. Color of the barriers is brighter and it also applies to the Main Caliber Guns in Round 1.
  13. Yes, but that was in your time. Now it's twice worse. Each destroyer can die in 3-5 seconds, especially by Thar'Ga alone. Took me 3 seconds to kill a Vigilant in Open Space. In any case, since we have been asking for this for months, it's time to deliver.
  14. Bug report: We had a match in Abandoned Complex, Team battle. All of the sudden, ALL PARTIES, ME INCLUDED began to lag severely, even to extreme. You could see all of the icons teleporting all over the map. Lag can sometimes occurs randomly, from 10, 20 seconds to 1 minute or 2, until it somehow disappears. This bug or issue probably got introduced with the latest update. This includes, but is not limited to: - Rubber Banding effects - Slow Motion effects - Lag Spikes - Stuttering or Staggering I can only provide the logs, check the last entry, at the end of the logs. (Team Battle - T5 PvP, Abandoned Complex) Logs: 2017.02.21 00.00.16.zip
  15. Even so, it's a bug and all bugs should be reported and fixed. I think that this bug may be related to other bugs as well.
  16. Incorrect. You cannot cancel any Ellydium missions that unlocks unique Thar'Ga exteriors. You need to complete all 3 tasks.
  17. Due to recent destroyer nerfs, many people don't fly them at all. It's actually very rare to encounter them now. Due to this issue, I strongly recommend, that Thar'Ga assignments for the modules can also be completed in Co-op mode. I am not saying PvE, but Co-op mode! Screenshot: (Make such Ellydium assignments also count in Co-op mode) Special missions that unlock unique Thar'Ga exteriors:
  18. Bug report: When there is a lot of weapons fire from a different weapons, some weapons will no longer be heard. One such example of such weapon is Assault Rails. The weapon will fire, but it will not be heard or it will provide only a partial, but crackled sound, which seems to be distorted. How to replicate this bug? - Enter a battle with a lot of players (T3 PvP should be enough) - Equip a ship with Assault Rails (kinetic weapon) - Fire, when there is a lot of simultaneous sound effects present - Observe the issue There are no conflicts with my sound drivers and everything is up-to-date. Logs: (not really necessary, issue easily replicated)
  19. Bug report: While losing a match, Voice Announcer will actually say: "Congratulations, Mercenary, ... for your Victory, etc. What's suppose to happen? There should be no Voice Announcer saying that defeat is the same as victory. It should remain silent or actually disappointed, when you fail a battle or a mission.
  20. Bug report: Looting screen shows in GS Tournament battles and in Custom Battles, of course without any looting spots, just like the screen on the screenshot. That's not suppose to happen! Screenshot:
  21. Bug report: Engineering Combat Drones begin to wobble at the end of the match. Note: This issue is not caused by lag. How to replicate this bug? Equip an Engineering class ship and win or lose a battle. Spot the issue. Video:
  22. It's actually worse. With the old contract system I could get a steady and regular amount of loyalty income. This new system provides less in such and the worse thing is, I must play Tier V in order to get it.
  23. I totally agree with you. It seems that the only way to advance loyalty contracts or Ellydium ones, is to use rank 15 ships now. Whoever thought of that, needs to get shaken and stirred.
  24. Sadly, I did no such thing. You replied, so you had something to say. Problem is, that it's of no use to anyone. Fits that definition nicely.
  25. Bug report: (issue with Invasion skin color preset) When you apply Invasion skin preset on any of these models, they will glow green and black, changing colors in the process. That's not supposed to happen! 3 ships out of 4 are affected by this. Affected ships: Swift (unaffected) Swift-M Swift Mk 3 Kite-E Screenshot:
  26. Bug report: Spotted problems: (Missing Pilot's nickname, group (PvP, PvE, etc. ?) - $pilot$ - group (No description) ? How to replicate this bug: Create your own Squad group, select proper game mode and rank and provide a description, then invite the person who answered your request. This screen above will appear for the person who is the recipient on the other side. You can also send the invitation as an invitee and wait for the Author to approve you. Logs: 2017.02.19 23.57.18.zip
  27. Bug report: When you destroy an enemy mine that is launched from Vigilant - Empire destroyer (remote mine-layer module), the mine that releases a thermal cloud that deals thermal damage to any target inside of it. Problem is that the icon on the HUD is missing the effect of a burning mine. It only shows the timer. How to replicate this bug? Create a Custom lobby. Select Combat Recon scenario on any map. Your enemy must take Rank 14 Empire Destroyer - Vigilant to use Remote Mine-layer module. You can take any ship that you want. Enemy should release a mine from the Vigilant. You destroy it, but then touch the active area of effect - thermal mine cloud. You will see the issue. Logs: (provided, check time stamp 23:31:** forward) 2017.02.19 23.17.43.zip Screenshot: (marked area shows the missing icon effect on the HUD)
  28. My Command exploded today, just from one supposed collision hit. Something is wrong!
  29. When Trading comes, you will be able to get thousands of them... for a price!
  30. So true.
  31. Same issue for me, Radeon RX 460. Green glowish color. Templar S - Jericho Guard; Rank 7
  32. You're contradicting yourself, but that's to be expected, for a troll.
  33. You should speak to MaxVerzila. He will give you a proper update on this. I have been playing with him for a month, usually as support, that means either a Command or a Healer. Destroyer can't survive solo. It needs someone to watch it over. In any case, if you have 2 Thar'Gas, or 2 interceptors of any kind, it's unlikely that you will survive, at least not alone. I think that x2,5 damage multiplier is a bit too much. x1,75 should be decent enough. Like I said, destroyers should have something as well, like guaranteed critical chance or something.
  34. Well, don't blame me. Blame the devs. xD There are always 2 things that come from them: "Not possible due to technical restrictions or limitations." or "We do not have enough resources."
  35. This bug has been there for months. It has been ID tagged on multiple occasions and it's still not fixed!
  36. You don't have to vote, because you don't care.
  37. Provide an option to cancel any contract from the regular Contract Branch Tree, once per day! Screenshot:
  38. Sorry, but my Tackler can take any Dessy down in 10 seconds. That's not supposed to happen. Damage multiplier should be set to 1,75 for Dessies at 750m or less. If enemy enters 750m range or less, any hits from the destroyer are automatically critical hits (100% critical chance). That would settle the problem with balance.
  39. You should make a bug report in the proper section, since this clearly isn't a suggestion!
  40. When there are multiple weapon sounds, some of them can't be even heard. Perfect example is Assault Rails.
  41. Do you like my new suggestion above?
  42. Damage modifier for destroyers should be set at x1,75 instead of x2,50 at 750 meters or less. Also, destroyers should have one additional advantage - when enemy is at 750 meters or less, each hit that is dealt, is critical to any enemy, regardless of critical chance.
  43. Is Survival mode still in this game?
  44. Bug report: When your Special Module on a Destroyer gets destroyed, you can't switch it. However, it still applies current's module bonus that is set to either Empire, Federation or Jericho setting. Example: Damage increase won't be disrupted (Empire option) - Destroyer and damage Empire special module; no decrease in damage dealt with main weapons Speed buff increase won't be disrupted (Federation option) - Destroyer and Federation special module selected; no decrease in speed, if a module gets destroyed Shield Recharge will not drop in shield regeneration points (Jericho option) - Destroyer and Jericho special module selected; no decrease in shield recharge points How to fix this? Any destroyed or unavailable Destroyer module should be completely non-functional, when inoperable. This means that the standard Destroyer module should not longer apply any current bonus to any choice, that was still valid before the destruction of such special module. Logs: Unable to provide at this time.
  45. Good. Pick up my Taunt!
  46. They are not a major issue, but we deserve a choice to disable them. Even when you have all Premium ships, including assembled ships, you will still receive yellow text. Getting them won't disable such notifications.
  47. Logs still should be provided.
  48. I just hope that my items are still exactly the same as I left them...
  49. Im literally a forum Ace but, what do you think? It is subject to changes tho.

    1. yourmamma8


      it says i cannot read becauses i don not have permission to see it 

  50. Special Module effects should be restored to its previous values.
  51. I think that this might not be possible due to technical restrictions. I believe that something similar or the same was already suggested once.
  52. This is a bug. Make a correct bug report and contact Support to fix your issue. Logs are needed in both cases!
  53. Did you accept the contract? Also, describe of what faction and ship were you using? In any case, logs are needed. Check how to make a proper bug report!
  54. I think that this bug has been reported on the Russian forum. Still, you could make one here as well.
  55. Why did you do this? You already did what I asked of you, I even thanked you! Why did you remove a feature, which was beneficial and helpful to so many players, including me? Voting poll was there for a reason! People agreed and wanted such features in the game. I hope it was a mistake, but not an intentional removal, or even trolling! That was one of the things that you actually did it right, but now it's removed. Again, why?! I am suggesting, again, that you add the following features back for specific Crew Implants and Modules into the game: Missing implants' modules/effects on the HUD: - Implant Beta-accelerator 'CU - Type B' to be shown on the HUD, while active (Rank 7 Jericho) - Implant Beta-accelerator 'Gigas II' to be shown on the HUD, while active (multiple enemy locks shouldn't duplicate the Implant, adds a multiplier number; example: x5 for 5 enemy lock-ons) (Rank 9 Empire) - Implant Beta-accelerator 'SR Mark 3' to be shown on the HUD, while active (multiple enemy locks shouldn't duplicate the Implant, adds a multiplier number; example: x5 for 5 enemy lock-ons) (Rank 9 Jericho) - Implant Neuroaccelerator 'Gladius II' to be shown on the HUD, while active (Rank 12 Empire) - Implant Neuroaccelerator 'Predator II' to be shown on the HUD, while active (Rank 12 Federation) - Implant Neuroaccelerator 'SR-PRO' to be shown on the HUD, while active (Rank 12 Jericho) Missing cooldown durations (timers) for the Implants on the HUD: - Implant Neuroconnector 'Gigas III' is displayed normally, but it's missing the cooldown duration on the HUD, until it's fully recharged or activated again (Rank 14 Empire) - Implant Neuroconnector 'Albatross II' is displayed normally, but it's missing the cooldown duration on the HUD, until it's fully recharged or activated again (Rank 14 Federation) - Implant Neuroconnector 'SR-X' is displayed normally, but it's missing the cooldown duration on the HUD, until it's fully recharged or activated again (Rank 14 Jericho) Missing cooldown durations (timers) for the Modules on the HUD: - Module Emergency Barrier is displayed normally, when activated, but it's missing the cooldown duration on the HUD, until it's fully recharged or reactivated (Ranks: 8, 11, 14, 15) - Module Emergency Capsule is displayed normally, when activated, but it's missing the cooldown duration on the HUD, until it's fully recharged or reactivated (Ranks: 7, 10, 13, 15) - Module Teleportation Sphere is displayed normally, when activated, but it's missing the cooldown duration on the HUD, until it's fully recharged or reactivated (Ranks: 7, 10, 13, 15) Screenshots: Emergency Barrier: Emergency Capsule: Teleportation Sphere: Notice: If you are worried about overcrowdedness of the interface, you should leave it like it is now, but present another option that adds all missing cooldowns that are in-effect. I can assure you, this is not even a problem for most people. Effects icon type: - Effects - Modules - Modules with cooldown durations (best solution for all) - Modules + Implants with cooldown durations (best solution for all) Screenshot:
  56. When a Destroyer ship is nearby, enemy or ally should be able to see its modules. A new target window is added for each module, showing the status icon or a health bar of each. A few rules: Health bar that displays the modules can be vertical or horizontal, by both enemies or allies, if targeted. When the module is destroyed/disabled, there should be an icon displayed, indicating a small skull or something else. A new key bind for "Target" sub-systems" might be needed or maybe not. It's optional, but I think it would be great. Screenshot: (crude example of my suggestion)
  57. I know that you must enter the Workshop and construct or manufacture a ship part there, before you can build one. It can be a tedious task and time consuming task as well, especially if you want to construct multiple Secret Project ships! I am suggesting a small, but noticeable and important improvement! It will save time and effort! Leave Workshop system as it is. Only improve the current Secret Project Interface, so that you can click on each ship part, where you can also manufacture it directly. How would it work or look like? - your selected ship part would be highlighted with some blinking glow, or just outlined with some color - you need to click on the highlighted field again, if you wish to build another one. It is a prevention mechanic, which prevents you that you would build a duplicate - you can only construct one ship part at a time - by clicking on the Manufacture option, you would be able to construct it directly, without any mandatory access to the Workshop beforehand - if you have enough materials to manufacture a Secret Project ship itself, all ship parts will start to glow, including with the Manufacture option (optional) Screenshot: Sincerely, Koromac