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  1. ship bugs

    Skula1975, check Jericho ships, all Machete models. It's the same issue like with Templar S, but this one seems to be a Machete.
  2. You need to be more specific. If you think this is a bug, make a bug report!
  3. Bug report: When a Destroyer uses the Gravi-Lens module, the black hole that is formed. During that active time, it will cause, if another one is spawned, that it will be created on the same spot, if fired by the same entity. - module disregards distance parameters - module will fire on the same existing spot, if it's coming from you - module will never fire at your coordinates, if there is already one active black hole Logs: 2017.03.24 15.24.02.zip Video: (Check at 0:55 and 1:42)
  4. Daily Login reward should not only last for 3 hours, but the whole 24 hours. I am talking about two passive buffs. You may get up to +25% extra credits bonus, or +25% extra loyalty bonus, max.
  5. Well, in any case, plural should not be used for these 2 examples, regardless. It's not about the picture. It's about the fact, that every item is described as singular item. So, it's a container that contains such substances, but whole component still should be considered as one.
  6. Bug report: Old text bug: Each component/resource that we have in the game, is in singular form, never in plural form. Same goes for other items in the Looting screen, the Workshop, the Armory and the Store. However, there is one exception, one component - Xenocrystals, which is in plural form. This should be fixed and corrected to singular form - Xenocrystal or Xenocrystal container. This issue can be found in 4 areas: - Looting screen - Workshop - Armory - Store Screenshots: Looting screen, Workshop, Armory: Store:
  7. Also, add Xenocrystal to the list. Same problem.
  8. Do you plan to run Test Servers again tomorrow, or will we have to wait?
  9. This bug only affects Ellydium ships, like Thar'Ga. The rest is fine.
  10. Check the Workshop!
  11. I hope that this text bug will get fixed before the next patch or update.
  12. We need a module that actually pulls you away, not the opposite, which attracts you inward, in the center. Yes, like a magnet, you can actually attract or repel. New module: Repelling Hole!
  13. This can be arranged. Contact me. My nickname is the same. Are you just looking just for one destroyer internal structure or more? You can also send me a private message.
  14. Bug report: Old text bug: Each component/resource that we have in the game, is in singular form, never in plural form. Same goes for other items in the Looting screen, the Workshop, the Armory and the Store. However, there is one exception, one component - Osmium Crystals, which is in plural form. This should be fixed and corrected to singular form - Osmium Crystal. This issue can be found in 4 areas: - Looting screen - Workshop - Armory - Store Screenshots: Looting screen: Workshop: Armory: Store:
  15. This was mentioned once. It should be re-posted, or global moderator should move this thread to an appropriate section.
  16. Listen, there could be multiple reasons why this isn't working for you. Provide logs anyway. PC is a tricky thing.
  17. .launcher_log.zip 2017.03.18 17.53.17.zip
  18. Wrong! I am aware of this. It's the same issue, but with additional problems, that got overlooked in the first bug report. All reported issues are now in this bug report. I also created a new bug report because you stated in the patch notes that you fixed a problem. First one didn't really show all the issues, so the fixes were insufficient, because this issue still exist. You always say to make a new bug report, especially, if the problem was no longer the same, but tied to the same thing. This second report contains all current information about all existing bugs/glitches on this map.
  19. Thar'kth needs a serious nerf. 5% in general is nothing.
  20. Well, you're pretty much correct with your assumptions. About your request, check here: However, I still recommend doing a proper bug report in the proper section for any text issues.
  21. Bug report: What happened? I reported this many times, over a year or two ago, but developers back then actually refused to believe my claims. Their reasoning was, that you can only synchronize your profile, while the Public Test Server is online. Well, I tried to do that during active Public Test server time and the result was the same as I predicted it would be. Synchronize option did not became available for me, it was still greyed-out, which means that if I clicked on it, it didn't update with 24-hour cool-down. I do not know what to do, to fix or resolve my issue. It could be connected with the Launcher, there must be some mismatch somewhere. Screenshot: (I was unable to synchronize my current profile, however the old one was still there, when synchronization still worked) IGN: Koromac
  22. The price of one Secret Project ship was around 150 EUR. I think that we can safely assume that if we want all researched/unlocked features, one such ship would probably cost ten times more.
  23. How can you get those containers? I had no such thing.
  24. You said it perfectly. Trade System is acceptable. Speed and rotation is okay. Cruise engine should stay as it is. Thar'Ga'tok should stay as it is. Thar'kth damage should be reduced by between 15-30%. Really, it makes no sense. 5% is nothing.
  25. What bothers me more than Thar'Ga, is Skula1975. Reported bugs are not getting fixed and the new ones are getting no replies.
  26. Still not fixed! A new video:
  27. Close this bug report.
  28. Skula1975?
  29. Some guys are too greedy!
  30. Bug report: 1.) Description of the problem, what happened? Only a text issue - missing dot at the end of a sentence. 2.) What did you expected to happen? A proper sentence, which ends with a dot. 3.) The conditions during the situation? You need to use the global chat feature and your mouse. No other conditions needed. 4.) Further details on the issue? Right-click on someone's name and left-click a Trade option. For further details, check the video. 5.) Frequency of occurrence? Always. 6.) Logs + screenshots or a video (Including a description of the issue, where to and how to reproduce it.) Video provided. No logs needed in this simple case, only logic. 7.) If possible, the time when it happened? In this case we will be able to look more closely to the server logs. Also mention your time zone. Not relevant to this case. 8.) Information on the configuration of your computer. (DxDiag) Not relevant to this case. 9.) The results of this program if the bug report is related to connection issues. Not relevant to this case. 10.) If the complaint is related to Sector Conquest, it is necessary to specify the location and time + timezone of the happening Not relevant to this case.
  31. ‘Thar'kth’: Slightly reduced damage from charge accumulation and reduced general damage by 5%‘Thar'Ga'tok’: Damage reduced by 16% Are you serious? Thar'Ga'tok is okay! Tharkth is the biggest problem right now. 9 out of 10 Thar'Ga players use it. It's OP! So, if you must nerf something, nerf the damage by 16% here instead, reduce projectile speed by 10% as well. I hope that's it's the other way around. A new module for Thar'Ga that will make a broken ship even more broken? C'mon, I hope you're trolling...
  32. Remember the Monocrystal blueprint? 10 Iridium, 4 metal blanks, 2 computing chips for each monocrystal.
  33. In any case, there is also one indirect matter to address. Respawn times. It takes 15 seconds for a normal/premium ship to respawn. It takes 45 seconds for a destroyer to respawn. I think that all Ellydium ships should have double waiting time instead of a regular one - 30 sec.
  34. Indeed. Regular ships have 15 sec. cool-down time. I think that all Ellydium ships should have 30 sec. cool-down time. Destroyers have 45 sec. cool-down time.
  35. I can only confirm this. It's sad, but that happens almost every match now. Squad of 3-4 people, usually NASA, only in Thar'Gas.
  36. Each disconnect should give you 1000 GS.
  37. The whole module thing is wrong. It needs activation time and probably to be as an active module.
  38. I am considering the same option. Would remove the issue with maneuvers or accidental activations.
  39. I agree in general. Thar'Ga is OP as f*ck. I played enough with it to know what needs to be done with it. Basic changes that require immediate attention: Thar'kth cannon needs to be reduced in damage by 30%. Alien Intuition 15 Mark 4 main weapon damage needs to be reduced from 86% extra damage to 75% extra damage (11% less damage). Teleportation Sphere requires 1 second, before you are being teleported. No instantaneous teleport.
  40. I think it was suggested already in the past. At least, it's very similar. However, I support it.
  41. Of course I am. I got 15000 metal blanks and 8000 graphite plates. What do I get for Phoenix and Reaper that I already have from DLC? Well, you guessed it, 10 metal blanks and 10 graphite plates. It may be good for some people, but I agree that all of us would rather see 20 monocrystals than this.
  42. Ship parts should be automatically converted to monocrystals only! Yes, only monocrystals, not other, common resources.
  43. We have been discussing this for almost a year now. I don't believe a word you say anymore!
  44. Indeed. I do not like this updated system. Each new update introduced something flawed or illogical so far. They should just specify rank range of wider variety. If you're a rank 15, you can do contracts with any ship of a rank 13-15. That's how it used to be.
  45. You can say no, but don't say to other people what they should do. It's their own call. In any case, if Commercial Department likes my idea, it will be considered further.
  46. Green calms.
  47. So, nobody really knows how much Thar'Ga costs in reality. I am talking about researching all available options in Ellydium Ship Tree for Thar'Ga alone. Problem is that with each researched upgrade, incremental increases grow even further. The more you upgrade, the more you have to invest in percentages. Much better and more viable option from the start would be, that we have fixed values for each corresponding research node or module that do not increase after they are researched. In any case, research costs details in resources should always stay present, even after you unlocked a module, for informational reasons mostly. We got no such information now. Even worse, we can't see the costs of any locked modules, which is essential, if we want to plan in advance. I want to say that Ellydium Interface is good, but it could have been much better, especially, if it would include all required information that would make planning in advance much easier. I assume that fixed requirements will not be possible to do for Thar'Ga anymore, though. Reason is obvious. Compensation for people that farmed or paid for the content already. One good example is Federation's destroyer Sirius, which was the only one, that did not require a 300 Federation Activators. Jericho and Empire both did, later. However, we will get 9 more Ellydium ships that will come soon. So, fixed requirements for those are still possible and I assume, highly recommended. So, to summarize. Costs in total would not be any smaller than right now, but balanced in such way, that you can actually plan in advance, which will make progression a bit slower, but more predictable. Thar'Ga - Gunship Fighter - stays as it is now (incremental increases) All upcoming Ellydium ships - fixed resource prices (without any price increases) Please, vote and express your opinions below. Thank you.
  48. I will forward your concerns to developers.
  49. Premium License benefits could be better. One additional attempt to cancel a contract, any contract, would be nice to have. So, two attempts instead of just one attempt daily.
  50. This has nothing to do with my suggestion. You clearly misunderstood the whole thing. Older suggestion is here, it's basically the same as this one.
  51. I totally support this. Make it happen!
  52. Not a bug. The module doesn't count towards any resistances.
  53. Please, forward my suggestion. You understood perfectly.
  54. Bug report: Brief description / What happened? I played some PvE - Defence Contract scenarios. My ship was destroyed once (Rank 14 Sirius Federation destroyer), but some "random" revived my ship, using his Duplicator. Upon revival, camera view or position of the camera was not aligned by default on my ship - Sirius destroyer. The problem is that because of this, I was unable to fly my destroyer properly, because it's mostly moves based on your mouse, with some direction aid from the keyboard. How to replicate: More details: (It can also be tested in Open Space or any PvE scenario) - It's unclear, if this happens with other ships at this time or only with destroyers in general. - It's unclear, if this happens, if your debris gets pushed by another ship or object. - It's unclear, if this happens, if you revive yourself by using a Duplicator or only, if somebody revives you. (also, change camera to other players, before spawning) Logs: (not provided) Screenshot:
  55. Bug report: What's wrong? Combat Reconstructor has 0 Evolution points and it's the only module, where you don't have to spend anything for such upgrade. The other problem is that this module is the most powerful from any modules that require Evolution points. How should this work? Cost should be around 10-20 or more Evolution points instead of 0 Evolution points. Screenshot: Logs: (not provided)
  56. Bug report: I was doing my last daily mission in Empire space. I jumped to Guardian-17 sector with my Tackler - Jaguar, equipped with Cruise engines and then I saw an Engineer Styx with Station Protection On. I probably still had invulnerability functional, when I collided him with my Tackler and exploded on contact, meant to be as a joke. LOL There are 3 issues with it. First, Styx had Station Protection On, so I was unable to deal him any damage, even with collisions. Same goes for him. Second, I probably still had invulnerability effect active. I am not if it affects collisions, but it's definitely suspicious. Third, I see no reason why would I explode with 100% of my health, all of the sudden. I am not sure, if I reached 700m/s. I had no Station Protection enabled. Final blow indicator was not showing me the reason why I exploded, when I wanted to check the cause of death. Logs: (Check around 14:52 or 2:52 onward, when I entered Guardian-17 Station) 6th of March 2017 (GMT+1): SC logs.zip
  57. Sniper/Torpedo active modules: Weapon Overcharge and Tachyon Charge should both be in passive mode. Rank 15 Mark 4/5 module examples: Current description: Weapon Overcharge: Increases disintegrator or guided torpedo damage by 30% on the next shot within 20 seconds. Disables Tachyon Charge. Tachyon Charge: Accelerates the next disintegrator volley or guided torpedo by 143%. Cancels Weapon Overcharge. Planned description: Weapon Overcharge: Increases disintegrator or guided torpedo damage by 30% on the next shot. Passive mode deals +10% damage with each shot. Tachyon Charge: Increases the next disintegrator volley or guided torpedo by 143%. Passive mode grants +41% speed with each shot. In passive mode there is no penalties for both modules, but there is a penalty, if you use both active ones. One of them cancels the other!
  58. Any destroyer modules that are in radar range should be detectable and targetable on the HUD. System should be very similar to the Cruiser in PvE missions, where you can actually see every rocket and plasma missiles in your radar range. It can also be greatly improved. A new control key or command bind could be implemented as well, specifically meant to actually quickly select your Target's sub-systems on a destroyer. Each such module that is highlighted or targeted directly or indirectly, should have a health bar present, either horizontally or vertically, which will show the health of those modules. In any case, when the destroyer module is disabled or temporarily destroyed, there should be an icon, indicating the time needed to fix itself, all on the HUD as well.
  59. Unfortunately, this bug still remains. It's still got several so called hot-spots! There are 4 potentially critical spots, where a player could hide, intentionally or not, that should get fixed.
  60. Bug report: When there is a lot of weapons fire from a different weapons, some weapons will no longer be heard. One such example of such weapon is Assault Rails. The weapon will fire, but it will not be heard or it will provide only a partial, but crackled sound, which seems to be distorted. How to replicate this bug? - Enter a battle with a lot of players (T3 PvP should be enough) - Equip a ship with Assault Rails (kinetic weapon) - Fire, when there is a lot of simultaneous sound effects present - Observe the issue There are no conflicts with my sound drivers and everything is up-to-date. Logs: (not really necessary, issue easily replicated)
  61. Bug report: While in Open Space, if you undock at Mendes-IX station, you can go to the point, when 3 ships arrive. 1 frigate, accompanied by 2 fighters - Cybers. Problem is that the sound from the portal doesn't disappear, so it creates an enormous "humming" sound effect. Logs: 2017.01.19 23.27.40.zip Video:
  62. Bug report: Servers went unstable or unresponsive. Later, 20-25 min, some of my missions got restored that I already completed. Logs: (before the issues started) 2017.01.19 11.14.54.zip Logs (after- when all missions reseted and all progress was lost) 2017.01.19 15.36.08.zip How to fix this problem? Remove already completed assignments! - Star Marathon (completed) - Top-shelf contraband (completed) - Failed delivery (completed) Video: Screenshot:
  63. Bug report: Any cargo convoys, hostile or allied one, will get pushed backwards, when hit by any projectile weapons or module! Some tested variants in a video that triggered this bug: Singularity Cannon - EM projectile Halo Launcher - Destroyer EM projectile Tempest Launcher - Destroyer thermal projectile It's currently unknown, if any thermal weapon and continuous fire weapons, like laser beams or Ion Emitter beams, apply the same effect. Logs: 2016.12.28 23.37.50.zip Video:
  64. What is the purpose of this thread? It's simple! We offer an exchange of resources gathered from Open Space. I am talking about various Tier V or Rank 15 blueprints only, including some random loyalty vouchers, credits or Iridium, as a bonus, if asked. Currently, we are interested in beryllium ore or enriched beryllium rods. Neodium ore or plates are not required at this time. If you provide an enriched beryllium rod, I may drop 1 more Rank 15 blueprint, 1-3 random loyalty vouchers (15k), credits (360k or 1M), or Iridium (60,100,150), if available. One such Rank 15 blueprint is worth 5 beryllium ore. Such content is only gathered by the use of a Spatial Scanner in high ranking sectors. If you don't need it, you can offer it to someone else. How this exchange works? It's simple. You respond after an offer is placed here, if you need it. I will check it and respond to it shortly. This is not a violation, according to in-game rules, so this is not forbidden to do so. Currently available for exchange: (beryllium ore: 5 or 1 enriched beryllium rod) Date: 24.07.16 Phase Suppressor Rank 15 Heavy Blaster Rank 15 Coil Mortar Rank 15 Screenshot: This offer will expire at 8:00 pm (UTC+1) Status: EXPIRED! No offers were made. After this offer expires, it's OVER. Meeting will be held at 3 possible sectors: Guardian 17, Station New Eden, or Mendes-IX. You will be notified of our meeting here, once we got an offer. Disclaimer: If you happen to be destroyed by an enemy after our exchange, we cannot be held responsible. By agreeing to this, you thus have required resource or material prepared for an exchange. Firing on our ships, prior or after an exchange, is a direct violation, subject to penalties. Station protection is active on our side, in any case. Contact me here! Regards, Koromac
  65. Now that Open Space mode is simply ridiculous, I am proposing a simple change for the people, who want to risk and get more benefits out of it. After all, Open Space mode is meant to be perilous and unpredictable in many ways. You can still have Station Protection On, but this will mean that you're not entitled to any bonuses. House takes it all! I will describe a few bonuses that you will get, when using "No Station Protection". Possibilities: (only one option can be active and it's universal) option 1: standard synergy is automatically converted to free synergy, while doing side missions/errands in Open Space option 2: side missions/errands rewards are doubled, while doing them in Open Space option 3: karma amount is doubled, while killing enemies or players in Open Space option 4: cargo drones do not charge 10% credit fee, while using them in Open Space (free transport for loot to your Armory) option 5: "Destroy Alien ships" task in Open Space, when completed, gives you a bonus beside usual credit/synergy (+1 monocrystal for such side missions/errands) Option 5 should have different resource rewards, based on danger sector and location. It should be an exclusive feature for realistic loving pilots, when danger and thrill is the thing you want and get. For example, option 5 reward will give you impure neodium ore, beryllium ore, monocrystal or a living crystal. All rank 7 and 10 danger sectors contain such rewards. They should be listed or shown on the map and rotated daily. To avoid farming precious resources, because developers hate that, they can limit this task. If so, you're allowed to get rewarded maximum of 3, 6 or 9 times in Open Space. All you have to do in Open Space, is to wait for Alien ships and successfully destroy them during Invasion phase (green screen). Based on your needs, you can wait at specific sector, where you will get a specific resource, but only, if you got your Station Protection set to Off! Regards, Koromac