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  1. Problem is that you always get the same reward, even when sometimes the effort is 5-10 times higher. It makes no sense at all. They should at least present 5 daily missions at once, then you can choose one. Each one that is harder, should also give you a bit more in resources, but not the same. I mean, logic!
  2. Bug report: All Beacons in Open Space have this bug. This issue should be fixed! Logs: (only check Open Space missions) 2017.01.20 21.29.40.zip Screenshot: Video:
  3. Нет, это не так. Другой вопрос. Все связанные с сервером стабильности. Improve servers, to make no heavy lag in Sector Conquest and Special Operations.
  4. Bug report: While in Open Space, if you undock at Mendes-IX station, you can go to the point, when 3 ships arrive. 1 frigate, accompanied by 2 fighters - Cybers. Problem is that the sound from the portal doesn't disappear, so it creates an enormous "humming" sound effect. Logs: 2017.01.19 23.27.40.zip Video:
  5. Energy consumption is too great. It's not as good as it could be.
  6. Bug report: What happened? When I craft a ship part, I want that I instantly see the item in real-time and not only when I close the prior interface. Another bug, but similar issue is also described here: How to replicate this bug? - craft any component for Secret Project, etc - observe notification window, when certain ship part is created (ship part number will not increase) - ship part number will only increase, when you close the interface Logs: I can't provide logs at this time, they got replaced already. Video:
  7. I already suggested this in the past.
  8. You can only have Thar'Ga, but you don't have to use it. One Thar'Ga is more expensive than all nine Secret Project ships put together, if you take into calculation all the research and module costs. I dare to say, that the problem will not be owning 10 Ellydium ships - 9 Classes and 1 Destroyer, but to upgrade them fully, it will be impossible without paying or playing for several years, constantly, up to several hours per day, of course, with a premium license. At this rate, to rank up Thar'Ga with all research included, will probably take about 5000 Xenocrystals. So, we can pretty much assume, that we may need between 50k-60k Xenocrystals, not taking into account monocrystals and other resources as well. You can just ignore it. However, if later players are forced to upgrade in order to complete assignments, this is entirely different then - Pay To Get.
  9. Bug report: Ellydium Alien Tech challenges missions - one of them is active every 6 hours per day, that means up to 4 times! Problem is that after completion, the contract do not show any cooldown duration, but it just disappears, leaving an impression that you can only complete it once, but not 1-4 times. How to fix it? Introduce a cooldown timer for daily Ellydium contract - 6 hours, without the mission disappearing. If the mission is changed, it should be done, once the timer is reset and active again. Screenshot: (always display a timer, after completion of such missions, even when they get changed) Logs: 2017.01.19 21.44.52.zip
  10. Bug report: Servers went unstable or unresponsive. Later, 20-25 min, some of my missions got restored that I already completed. Logs: (before the issues started) 2017.01.19 11.14.54.zip Logs (after- when all missions reseted and all progress was lost) 2017.01.19 15.36.08.zip How to fix this problem? Remove already completed assignments! - Star Marathon (completed) - Top-shelf contraband (completed) - Failed delivery (completed) Video: Screenshot:
  11. It was to be expected. I already send a PM to developers, but no answer so far.
  12. It's not working as intended. It's a bug. You can fully research/upgrade your Thar'Ga, when you have between 4k-5k Xenocrystals.
  13. Let us see, how much time will they need to fix this. It could be measured in many months, but hopefully it will be fixed in the next update.
  14. Bug report: Latest DLC - Alien Winter isn't registered in the menu. If that would be the case, you could easily click on it to order a purchase. Both Steam and Gaijin are affected by this. Screenshot 1: (Get Standards option directs you to Steam/Gaijin interface menu) Screenshot 2: (This DLC should be listed among other 6 DLCs - 7 DLCs with a direct option to purchase on Steam/Gaijin) Logs: 2017.01.19 00.53.26.zip
  15. Bug report: Ellydium contract - Alien Tech Challenges: Win 15 times in Defiler or Destroyer Special Operations. Reward: 30 Xenocrystals / 45 Xenocrystals Cooldown duration for Ellydium contract is incorrect. Cooldown duration for Ellydium contract is around 1 day instead of intended 7 days. The other daily contract is working as intended - 6 hour cooldown duration after completion. Logs: (before the cooldown expired - inactive contract) 2017.01.19 00.06.33.zip Logs: (after the cooldown - active contract) 2017.01.19 01.04.27.zip Screenshots:
  16. Lag spikes are even worse than before, not to mention that I sometimes lag so badly, that my ship just spins out of control or freezes over. Some sort of rubber effect, too.
  17. I got computing, chip, computing chip, metal blank, pure silicon, Dart activator, pure silicon, osmium crystal. I wonder how many more containers do I need to open to get Gargoyle activator.
  18. Strange. Automatically accepted means it's forced, so it will never pass. You're stuck!
  19. Okay, wait until tomorrow, don't accept it, then report back to me. Did it change?
  20. I think that I can answer your question, EndeavSTEEL. We can cancel Open Space daily missions, we can cancel Open Space daily missions that are already completed. We can't cancel any contract missions, that is provided, so we can't pick the ones that we would like to complete. You're stuck with this mission now that you accepted it. I do not think that you can even expect that it will get changed, if you would just leave it alone, without accepting it. Such progression wall should be removed immediately. It's beyond logical to me, that you would get a mission, that requires that you get something, that you don't have yet or don't even want it. Only one thing comes to my mind, but we all know what that means.
  21. This bug has been reported and I think that they are aware of it. It's not just this weapon, but some others as well.
  22. It is probably very similar like in my video here. Servers REALLY needs to addressed!
  23. Provide logs. Logs can be found in logs folder, under User/My Documents/My Games/Star Conflict/Logs. If you know when this happened, select the proper log folder, zip it and upload it here. Support most likely won't compensate you anything. They will ask for logs, even when they have data on their side.
  24. Provide logs. Logs can be found in logs folder, under User/My Documents/My Games/Star Conflict/Logs. If you know when this happened, select the proper log folder, zip it and upload it here. Support most likely won't compensate you anything. They will ask for logs, even when they have their data on the other side.
  25. Bug report: What happened? If you own a small craft, like Thar'Ga, Saw One, or any Interceptor class ship, you can "glitch out", entering inside map, but be invulnerable to enemy fire. There is one specific entry point, but there could be more. In any case, you can also return and exit vulnerable spot. However, this is prone to abuse, so I am reporting this as a bug. How to fix this? "Patch" vulnerable entry points. Affected game modes: PvP, PvE, Open Space Logs: (Check for the Custom Created Match - Monolith Remains, should be near the end of the log) 2017.01.17 20.51.55.zip Videos: (Everything is displayed on both videos) Video 1: Video 2:
  26. Tell me, why don't you put optional objective for PvE wins in a squad as well? I am not in favorizing PvE, but I do know, that some people prefer to play it instead of PvP. Once again, you left them out! Actual objective for Teamwork should be: Win 5 PvP or PvE battles in a squad on rank 13 ships or higher. What do you think?
  27. I need more clarification on sending Destroyers to war. If I send multiple high-ranked destroyers of the same rank, will my reward increase? Provide more details on this in general.
  28. Tell me, how much time did you spend in battles? Are you using ships of rank 15 for all factions? If you would read an entire post, it should be clear to you, that I also suggested such options as optional features. Read the whole post next time! I find it puzzling, if not amusing, that you voted against such a suggestion, but in the last question, you actually supported it, which contradicts the other two choices you've made.
  29. Definitely a good idea! Any negative effects could have a red background as a placeholder, while other beneficial ones could be neutral, or even blue, when activated. Negative effects or de-buffs: red background color in the background. Passive effects or buffs: regular/neutral color in the background - as they are now. Active buffs: blue background color in the background.
  30. In what sector and server were you two in? Did you have Spatial Scanner equipped? What ships did you two use? Describe your situation a bit more clearly.
  31. Why did you do this? You already did what I asked of you, I even thanked you! Why did you remove a feature, which was beneficial and helpful to so many players, including me? Voting poll was there for a reason! People agreed and wanted such features in the game. I hope it was a mistake, but not an intentional removal, or even trolling! That was one of the things that you actually did it right, but now it's removed. Again, why?! I am suggesting, again, that you add the following features back for specific Crew Implants and Modules into the game: Missing implants' modules/effects on the HUD: - Implant Beta-accelerator 'CU - Type B' to be shown on the HUD, while active (Rank 7 Jericho) - Implant Beta-accelerator 'Gigas II' to be shown on the HUD, while active (multiple enemy locks shouldn't duplicate the Implant, adds a multiplier number; example: x5 for 5 enemy lock-ons) (Rank 9 Empire) - Implant Beta-accelerator 'SR Mark 3' to be shown on the HUD, while active (multiple enemy locks shouldn't duplicate the Implant, adds a multiplier number; example: x5 for 5 enemy lock-ons) (Rank 9 Jericho) - Implant Neuroaccelerator 'Gladius II' to be shown on the HUD, while active (Rank 12 Empire) - Implant Neuroaccelerator 'Predator II' to be shown on the HUD, while active (Rank 12 Federation) - Implant Neuroaccelerator 'SR-PRO' to be shown on the HUD, while active (Rank 12 Jericho) Missing cooldown durations (timers) for the Implants on the HUD: - Implant Neuroconnector 'Gigas III' is displayed normally, but it's missing the cooldown duration on the HUD, until it's fully recharged or activated again (Rank 14 Empire) - Implant Neuroconnector 'Albatross II' is displayed normally, but it's missing the cooldown duration on the HUD, until it's fully recharged or activated again (Rank 14 Federation) - Implant Neuroconnector 'SR-X' is displayed normally, but it's missing the cooldown duration on the HUD, until it's fully recharged or activated again (Rank 14 Jericho) Missing cooldown durations (timers) for the Modules on the HUD: - Module Emergency Barrier is displayed normally, when activated, but it's missing the cooldown duration on the HUD, until it's fully recharged or reactivated (Ranks: 8, 11, 14, 15) - Module Emergency Capsule is displayed normally, when activated, but it's missing the cooldown duration on the HUD, until it's fully recharged or reactivated (Ranks: 7, 10, 13, 15) - Module Teleportation Sphere is displayed normally, when activated, but it's missing the cooldown duration on the HUD, until it's fully recharged or reactivated (Ranks: 7, 10, 13, 15) Screenshots: Emergency Barrier: Emergency Capsule: Teleportation Sphere: Notice: If you are worried about overcrowdedness of the interface, you should leave it like it is now, but present another option that adds all missing cooldowns that are in-effect. I can assure you, this is not even a problem for most people. Effects icon type: - Effects - Modules - Modules with cooldown durations (best solution for all) - Modules + Implants with cooldown durations (best solution for all) Screenshot:
  32. I would keep them. It's only a few million credits.
  33. Not a problem, Skula1975. It's not a bug. This can be closed. We only ask for this, because it was already made, to be put back again into the game!
  34. He's the source. Don't question your Master!
  35. I hope that they restore the base value for daily Open Space rewards from 2-3 for each faction. I still think that nerf was not really necessary, especially after 2 years.
  36. I thought that this bug got fixed, but it's still here.
  37. Ship is P2W for now. Why? Because regular non-paying player can't afford it yet, at least with all necessary upgrades, without investing. Once the grind from the missions that are given for free as a task give you enough resources, then we can disregard this, but for that, it will be probably be 1-2 months of time needed, if not even more.
  38. Then I will post your link to my thread here, to let Skula1975 know. Skula1975, an old ID tag already exists: 0056202
  39. I wonder, what will happen when we get all 10 Ellydium ships. Probably only 0,0001% will be able to get them all. Surely, I won't be one among them.
  40. I also reported, like you, but, I also sent exception log folders and crash dumps as well.
  41. There is one other thing beside time-wall, grind-wall. Daily hard-limit or reduced drop chances of certain rare materials. So, basically, you are not limited by only the time you invest, but also the time you can actually grind to effectively, to shorten the time or the gap, if not actively playing. In short, you can't get resources for 3 days to compensate for optimal results, when there are limits available for 1 and every day.
  42. They may not get any nerfs, if it brings them money right now, but they may come later. Vigilant and other destroyers will probably get nerfed, and eventually, Ellydium ships.
  43. Why?
  44. Skula1975 will want logs, logs, logs... LOGS!!
  45. All such abilities that have such cooldown, should display it! If they don't like that, we can have a menu option uder Game settings, to toggle such things off.
  46. Are you serious? I do not use any external tools nor applications. Forget their tools. It should be OFFICIAL! It was already done so, it was just removed! Check the votes! I do not understand their reasoning behind this idea. Voting poll clearly showed, that players want such features. It's actually funny! Just read this, all pages!
  47. They say, it's better to have two birds in your hands than one on the roof!
  48. Teleportation Sphere module on Thar'Ga has the same issue as Emergency Barrier. Should I even bother to make a suggestion to put back timed cooldowns for both?
  49. Yes, this was done on purpose! There will be no cooldowns shown for EB or TS due to "massive phobia of too crowded interface". Illogical, stupid and incorrect, but what can we do?
  50. Why don't you check for existing bug reports first? I already made it and it's much more detailed and clear.
  51. I provided a video of Defence Contract PvE. It seems that only 2nd portal group that spawns 5 portals, in some, if not all of them, sounds still exists, even after the portal disappears. Screenshot: (check camera coordinates) Video: Defence Contract Video: Fire Support (at the beginning, near sniper position - check camera coordinates, maybe elsewhere as well)
  52. Passive resistances don't count in hangar, including damage buff!
  53. Bug report: What's the problem? Extreme lag, "slow motion effect" and stuttering during the whole match. The match lasted longer, because of extreme server lag! Timer was off or desynchronized! Match lasted way longer, than it should be. Buffs didn't work correctly. Some of them were stuck at 0.0 seconds. Timer for all the buffs was off or desynchronized! It affected not only me, but probably all individuals. Seems quite a common issue, sometimes even in other modes. Russian servers most often display such issues. it's very annoying and irritating as well. How to fix this issue or bug? Unknown, not an expert on this. Probably more capable or better servers would solve most, if not all such problems. It wasn't just my issue, it was the full-scale issue, for everyone included. Logs: (the match started around 18:07 or 6:07PM - GMT+1) 2017.01.13 17.41.58.zip Video:
  54. You're missing my point, the purpose of my bug report. You're able to return to battle, if you get kicked, thus I assumed, that PvP/PvE will offer the same feature - to be able to return to battle, even if you disconnect, not just get kicked.
  55. Well, Proton wall is the answer, then.
  56. Yes, it counts, but only if you win.
  57. Bug report: Bug: Defence Contract and Fire Support PvE scenario have a wrong model icon assigned to killer status for Turtles. Solution: Instead of showing the correct model of Crusader Guard ship (rank 8 Jericho), it's shows Cerberus LRF (rank 8 Empire). How to replicate this bug: 1.) Play Defence Contract and Fire Support PvE scenario. 2.) Make sure that the last killing blow is coming from Turtles. 3.) Observe the icon of the killer, which is incorrect, like described above. Logs: (includes results from both such matches) 2017.01.12 19.35.08.zip Screenshot: (taken from both scenarios) Fire Support PvE: Defence Contract PvE:
  58. Yes, if a bug is not fixed for over 1 year, it means that Bug Department is "bugged". Sadly, I do not wish to be a parrot, but if it's not fixed, it must be re-reported. After all, it's a bug and logs are now included.
  59. Maybe it should only disable any active modules for 1 second? Cooldown time increased by 100%.
  60. Bug report: I got "killed" by the Predator, but the notification showed the wrong icon of the killer, the Hunter. How to fix this bug? Replace Hunter's icon with Predator's icon model. Screenshot: Logs. (check around 14:56 or 2:56 PM) 2017.01.12 14.39.24.zip
  61. This is a bug report, not a suggestion. I am aware on how to make a better system for this, but currently, this feature is not working as intended.
  62. Bug report: Tier IV Jericho Guards and LRF Torpedo have incorrect Tier III icon assigned to the model (Tier III Jericho Guards and LRF Torpedo) in the Custom Battle or directly in-game's menu. How to fix this bug? Replace a T3 model icon (Crusader model) with a T4 model icon (Tormentor - shell based model) on all kinds of Tormentors. Screenshots: (4th slot on Tormentor should resemble the icon under Team 1 menu) Logs: 2017.01.12 16.30.07.zip
  63. Bug report: (reconnect feature not working as intended) - if you are AFK for 2 minutes, you get kicked for inactivity in all game modes, you're able to reconnect, except in Open Space, where this isn't possible (working as intended) (tested) - if you're in battle and you disconnect, you can't reconnect to your current match anymore - there is no confirmation window (Yes, No), if you want to return to battle (not working as intended) (tested) - Open Space mode will not return you at your current location, where you disconnected - there is no confirmation window (Yes, No), if you want to return to battle (not working as intended) (tested) - logs provided Logs: (Open Space example only) 2017.01.12 16.08.45.zip 2017.01.12 16.10.19.zip
  64. I think that specific modules should stay specific and not to be shared among other classes, maybe even the weapons.
  65. Skula1975, please, let me know, if you're aware of this bug report.
  66. Skula1975, if you read the bug report, let me know, so that I am certain that you're aware of a possible issue.
  67. Please, check for existing bug reports, before creating new ones.
  68. When will the next update arrive? I do not want to wait forever.
  69. I do not think so. Watch it again! I know what I saw!
  70. OS is so boring. I would rather perform an autopsy on a... signal lost.
  71. Yeah, right! Looks good on paper, but that's it. I no longer believe the word they say! White stripes on Sirius won't be removed! Doomb0t said NO. All is ruined!! I would rather skin a live alligator, than believe their plan. Get some garlic and holy water, they will protect you from their sins! Believe, unbelievers!
  72. There is always a solution. It's time to call SPETSNAZ!
  73. Bug report: If you craft a Pirate version of a weapon or module in the Workshop, you get a notification, if enabled. Same goes for Mark 5 weapon or module variants in the Workshop. Notifications in hangar will be shown. There is one other possibility to access directly from the ship's slots, the Manufacture option. However, directly accessing Manufacture interface is visually slightly changed there, and if you craft a Mark 5 version of some weapon, no notification will be shown in hangar. How to replicate this bug: (if there are problems, a video will show what I meant) - slot some ship, select the weapon slot and select Manufacture option and craft the same version of a weapon directly from the Manufacture option - craft some Mark 5 version of a module or a weapon in the Workshop. Let's say that it's Rank 9 Mark 5 Assault Railgun Logs: 2017.01.10 22.40.43.zip Screenshots: (not necessary, provided a video) Video:
  74. You should plant some w**d in your backyard. It will be the worst case scenario, like with any other resource, actually, it will be worse, because drops are random now and no longer specific by rank, at least when it comes to "I want to get this" option.
  75. Only solution for now is GS. Sadly.
  76. No, Michael has all the cards in his hands. He has all the data necessary to verify your claims.
  77. Bug report: What's the problem? Craft/Refit option, when you select special module bonus, ranked bonuses and 9 ship's equipment slots, if you double-click on the ship component to craft, if needed. Unfortunately, all of your setup choices cancel out to default setup, not memorizing your current setup. What should happen? Direct crafting interface should not cancel or disregard already selected choices, because of crafting additional ship parts, if necessary. Selected setup choices should be memorized and not reset! Logs: (logs contain what I recorded in this video) 2017.01.10 21.43.06.zip Screenshots: (not needed, video provided instead) Video: If this is not a bug, please improve this feature to memorize our current ship setup! Thank you.
  78. Bug report: Emergency capsule module on Thar'Ga Gunship Fighter class is missing a visual HUD icon. It only shows the timer. Logs: Unable to provide relevant log information, I do not own the specified module) Screenshot: Video: (This issue can also be seen in the video from 7:10 further)
  79. Bug report: Resonating Shield module itself is fine. Resonating shield module for Thar'Ga Gunship Fighter class sometimes do not fire from the module or the ship itself, but appears to be activated at wrong coordinates, breaking immersion. Logs: (I do not own Thar'Ga with sufficient research to provide any useful data) Screenshot: (Resonating shield module, 4th pulsar hit - issue with the placement of the effect) Video: (You will see described issue at 6:57)
  80. I probably spent more on this game than you, xKostyan. Do not judge, if you don't have the answers you seek.
  81. I am glad that we got people, who can provide answers and prove them. Check my post on page 1. There are many weapons, that are affected by this and need to be tested under certain conditions, especially with heat-sinks and fire rate implant builds.
  82. I will make both. Video and a screenshot.
  83. Already done. If not a bug, portal travel should be expanded, so that you can warp anywhere, by just touching a blue ring.
  84. I am not saying that they had been. I am saying that they are missing and that they should be added!
  85. It spawns, but it's just inactive. That's the problem.
  86. Bug report: Placeholder that is marked with red should be replaced with a proper text. Tested in Custom battles only, but this also occurs in regular PvP and PvE/Spec Ops modes. Screenshot: Logs: 2017.01.09 21.55.51.zip
  87. In theory, but you need to include reality here, as it is. If I am with some random group/wing, I know that my chances to win 1 out of 3 matches are like 20%. This game is all about teamwork and proper team management. If I am with DESU, our chances of success are above 90%, to get all 3 wins. Everyone gets an equal chance, true, the problem is, that in reality, not everyone can afford such luxury, because of imposed limitations in this game, like player's population, skill gaps between rookies and veterans, etc. The best and the most coordinated team will always win. All of them use chat communication to coordinate their strategies. Randoms don't use it at all.
  88. This questionnaire was the same for the last 2 years. I do not even need to complete it. Why would I?
  89. Well, there is one difference. You would do it for free, they wouldn't.
  90. (reserved for upcoming Trading System)
  91. One word. Insane... Who will balance this sh*t?
  92. I have a feeling that we won't see any "polished" trading system until March. It's just a feeling, but I am often correct.
  93. I do not like it either, but people bought Vigilants like crazy, especially after it was announced that it will get a major buff. Probably they spent more on Vigilants altogether, than on any other rank 14 destroyers. After all, it's not about balance, it's about money and we can't do anything about it.
  94. I am done with bug reports in such case. If they can't find someone to help him with proper translation, I am wasting my time for nothing.
  95. Survival needs to go from PvP, but it should not be removed from the game! I want that mode in Custom battles, but that's it!
  96. I need to ask this. Are you saying, that you lack resources or funds again, to change one single ammunition icon? Thank you for your answer.
  97. It's not about one weapon, but about all weapons. Check: - Assault Rails - Coil Mortar - Meson Cannon - Ion Emitter - Heavy Blaster - Mass Driver - RF Blaster - Plasma Gun - Halo Launcher - Coilgun etc. You should notice a problem, then. How do I know that fire rate is bugged? Check the bug report. Several updates ago, I noticed that my rate of fire got slower on certain weapons got slower. If you play the game constantly, you notice these things, especially because builds were the same.
  98. Thar'Ga looks like a handgun. Still looks nice, though.
  99. There is nothing that you could have done more. Enemy team was better.
  100. I saw a sniper shot! Still doesn't negate this bug. This is about disintegrator firing from a sniper bot, while strafing at the same time in the sniper mode. Check the video and pause it exactly at 0:19 sec. You can clearly see, that (bot)Scoundrel fired a sniper shot, just a moment before it died! This bug report is all about that, not about Cruise missiles at all.
  101. It was already made or implemented, but later removed! Such features should be added back, since they are sometimes vital, if you play on hard-core skill level!
  102. Already provided in original bug report. How to replicate this bug: Play Fire Support and Defence Contract PvE scenario, remember all portal coordinates, then move yours ship close enough when they are closed, but you will hear them. I will post a video.
  103. It's time to upgrade, then.
  104. Will probably be the last birthday you ever had, if this continues. Remember, my budgie is over 10 years old! 5 years means nothing! You are not even in puberty! Care enough to try and reach a 2-digit number?
  105. This bug report is already IT-tagged! 0063263 is the correct bug report number!
  106. Tell me, did Support actually successfully resolved your issues or not?
  107. Why would you want to collect entirely random drops? It's entirely random now. We get what they want, not what we need. This is chaos, not order! Want to get neodium, play rank 8! Want to get beryllium, play rank 11! Want to get electrum, play rank 14! Grind will most likely get worse, but sure, maybe in 1-2 years, you will have enough to fully upgrade one or maybe two ships of your choice. I won't be using them, but I will just create them. That way, I can just accumulate my resources, until I can actually decide, what to do.
  108. Depressing, almost suicidal. No excuse for that.
  109. I know how to grow plants. It's peaceful and calming. But for the sake of my sanity, I won't grow any ships in this game, not this time, because they don't need water and time, they need €! They are all mutants! Burn them, burn them all!
  110. Bug report: Existing one: My bug report: Kinetic Weapons, Thermal Weapons and Laser weapons have slower rate of fire than they should be having! In short, rate of fire does not match statistical data, because it is slower. Probably all weapons are affected by this bug. Additional research and debugging required.
  111. Bug report: What happened? Sometimes the ship will just go through the warp-gate (gateway) instead of warping at high speed. What should happen? All ships should be always able to warp, when they enter an active warp-gate. Affected game modes: PvP, PvE, Open Space Conditions to replicate: - best option is to select Iridium Strand map or find 3-4 people, who can go Pirate Base Raid map, but in PvE - try to enter the warp-gate multiple times. Sometimes they won't work as intended, ignoring the ship or object Logs: 2017.01.09 21.55.51.zip Video: (issue spotted at 1:18, 3:48 and 5:16)
  112. If it bugged you, why you didn't write a bug report?
  113. Got one today, but in Federation space, Station Eden, while returning to dock. Need to record the next one.
  114. Bug report: (it may be funny, but it just proves that people didn't bother to test the warp gate and all possible scenarios) When I play PvE Pirate Raid match, I once took a Destroyer and entered the warp-gate first. All 3 followed with me, but a bit behind. But 3 seconds after, all player have died because of a crash. 1.) I entered the warp gate - Destroyer Sirius(500m/s), other regular ships followed (2000m/s). 2.) Others followed 2-3 seconds after me - same travelling trajectory or course - collision course, BOOM, double BOOM, triple BOOM - all players crashed and died instantly, my Destroyer remained unharmed. This can happen in PvP, PvE or in Open Space, depending on the map, but the map needs a warp gate, so here are such maps: Iridium Strand, Abandoned Outpost, Fort Muerto - PvE (Pirate Base Raid). How to fix this bug? - make sure that destroyer can cancel the warp travel, like any regular ship (now it's impossible to exit warp-travel with a destroyer) - entering ships should never on the same trajectory, but if this is unavoidable, make sure, that the ships actually matches speed the ship in the front, or just teleports or bypasses the ship that is slower - better optimization or mechanics of warp-travelling via warp gates Also, I need to remind you that sometimes the ship will enter the warp-gate, but it won't warp (old bug, but still not fully fixed) Logs: Video:
  115. Bug report: Escort ships, there are two types of them. Usually a convoy escort with 4 hydra ships or just some fighter beside it. In any case, they can be allied or hostile. Problem is that with the hostile ships that fire on you as soon as they are in range, if you destroy them, you receive - karma instead of + karma. Logs: (check for Iridium Haul location, while I was doing the Open Space daily task in the logs - Jericho space) 2017.01.08 12.43.46.zip Video: (this applies to regular Smuggler's escort (-2 karma issue) and enemy convoy escort (-5 karma issue) instead of + in both cases
  116. Bug report: This is very old and annoying bug. When you undock at Open Space, basically whenever, for the first time after login, you can usually see some spiraling or crazed engine trails from the escort ships that is: - either stuck and spirals or rotates out of control (if you touch or collide with the ship, your ship will do the same, you get catapulted or teleported around the map, until the wild movement slowly, but gradually subsides - when this happens, escort ship can be invisible, so you can't see it, but it's clearly there, marked by the HUD - you can see the icon of the escort ship on the 2D map (if all markers are checked - toggled on) - engine trail is projected and shows all the movement of the ship (yellow, if in Empire, Red, if in Jericho, blue if in Federation), sometimes it even looks very beautiful, but disturbing This occurrence is quite common, you just need to pay attention to your map Conditions to replicate: When you login for the 1st time, just undock with a ship, preferably a Tackler (observe mostly allied convoys) - undock at Guardian-17, hopefully you will spot the issue (could be any other locations) - see the convoy with escort ships, usually allied ones, but it can happen in other locations or convoys as well Specifics: - usually only one ships is affected out of four - usually it's the ship on the bottom right - it will gradually return to its position after spiraling out of control and return to its original post or spot - sometimes the ship will become invisible, but not from the HUD, only visually - engine trail will follow the ship in a random geometric patterns (yellow, red or blue trail) Logs: (sorry, I am unsure about the time stamps, but I really got the best example, it's all in the logs) Important: (check for logs, when I started to do Open Space missions in Open Space, specifically In Empire Space - Guardian-17 for the first time) The issue that I described happened in Guardian-17, when I was travelling to the gate (unsure, which ones - Imperial Transport Hub or Ontregos Pass) I encountered such issue with one of the allied escort ships I collided with the spiraling escort ship (yellow geometry lines) and get wildly moved and (shaken and stirred), I also received some collision damage 2017.01.07 12.23.55.zip Will provide a video, if I can replicate it:
  117. Is this bug too risky to fix or more time consuming? I just want to know.
  118. Bug report: Old bug report already exist: This time, I am providing additional video to show the issue:
  119. Why is this issue still not fixed? Just yesterday, 3 players disconnected!
  120. It changes nothing. My bug report is different.
  121. Skula1975 will want logs. Go to your documents, My Games, StarConflict folder and find the proper log folder, when you do this, then upload it and post it here, just in case. I think that you're wrong or at least, description is unclear. Ships that can be assembled from components parts are Karud, Stingray, Brokk, Archelon, Reaper, Phoenix and Nightingale, which is currently not available. There are also more of such ships, but I just gave a few examples. For example, Brokk needs 600 components to be assembled, after that, you can use it. I do not think that this was ever meant to be for a Secret Project ship, because I had all 9 of them, before this event and it didn't count for me.
  122. There is, I made one in my bug report. Just check for bugs, or do the one yourself.
  123. Destroyer has all of his heavy repair drones within 300 m radius, plus heavy repair drones are not dropped, but they move with the object all the time.
  124. It works, but sometimes it does not. I am not certain, why.
  125. Provided a full bug report, including a video! Response needed.
  126. Bug report: (Heavy Repair Drone/s sometimes do not heal) Heavy Repair drones (up to 3) on some destroyers, will sometimes when deployed, but not always, not heal or register the drone on the HUD, when destroyer needs hull repair. However, in some cases HUD display is visible, but there is no active hull repairs, when destroyer is damaged. It may be another bug, but somehow related to this issue. Conditions to replicate known bugs: - move your destroyer close to the rock or asteroid, use your camera direction to make sure that destroyer spawns heavy repair drone inside an asteroid and observe the bug. (it does not heal or register a heavy repair drone on the HUD, but it's visible on the screen) Logs: (check Defence Contract scenario - last 2 entries, that I played with Sirius, or simply do it yourself) 2017.01.07 12.23.55.zip
  127. Bug report: (Protect the Captain in Combat Recon) A. Cage mission contract 1/3: Protect the Captain in Combat Recon. Win 3 battles in PvP. Kill 20 ships in Co-op. My choices are outlined. My interpretation of this is: (What is the proper condition?) The Captain should stay alive until the end of the match! (not true) - a bug? If the Captain is attacked by a bot, you need to kill or assist killing a bot. If the Captain is attacked by a bot after 180 seconds, you need to kill or assist killing a bot. - true condition? I did exactly that, it always worked before, but not in this battle. On 2 occasions. I think that under some rare circumstances, it does not properly register an assignment. Logs. 2017.01.07 01.07.29.zip
  128. Skula1975 is on vacation. Please, be patient!
  129. an urgent issue

    Why would someone want to get more players, if you can just squeeze everything from the ones that provide? If there would be an interest to do that, they would have done it years ago. In any case, Survival should be removed!
  130. Yes, they missed it. Also, I believe that they made a mistake with Mark 5 costs with Neodium plates. One single weapon should not cost more than 1 T3 Dessy alone!
  131. Yes, it was done more than once before. Of course, nothing happened.
  132. I hope that these people got some gifts or rewards. They always got them before, even for such surveys. Happy New Year 2017 to all of you!
  133. You know that the money they got from Star Conflict gets elsewhere to fund other projects? You can check how many of them are currently active. Who knows how much percentage Star Conflict gets only. I wouldn't be surprised, if it's the lowest amount. They are constantly saying that they are poor or resource limited, so that's the reason that they can't advertise and make the game better. In the end, it all comes down to responsibility and competent leadership with proper management.
  134. Did they resolve your issue?
  135. Yes, there should be dailies for both neodium and beryllium, regardless, if you have all rank 8, 11 and 14 destroyers. Maybe it's a bug, but if it is, a proper bug report is needed.
  136. Bug report: Go check the Workshop in hangar: Coilgun 11 - Mark 5 is present, Meson Cannon 11 - Mark 5 is present, Halo Launcher 11 - Mark 5 is missing! Screenshots: Logs: 2017.01.05 16.39.00.zip Other related bugs: Bug 2: Missing Mark 5 variants of Rank 14 and Rank 15 - Coilgun, Meson Cannon, Halo Launcher. Bug ID tag: Bug 3: Neodium plate cost is 10 times higher than it should be. 50 neodium plates should be only 5 neodium plates, because now it costs more than 1 Tier 3 destroyer to just upgrade a weapon to Mark 5. Bug ID tag:
  137. Bug report: - Dock at Ellydium Station Theta. - Select ship slot 4. - Observe or check the screenshot. Screenshot:
  138. Bug report: Fire Support and Defence Contract PvE scenario have a problem. If you're close to the portals, you can hear them, even after they disappear or get closed. Sound is present at all times, unless if you move far away, then it's gone. How to replicate this bug: Play Fire Support and Defence Contract PvE scenario, remember all portal coordinates, then move yours ship close enough when they are closed, but you will hear them. Logs: (only check Defence Contract and Fire Support) 2017.01.05 12.58.52.zip
  139. Bug report: Emergency Barrier triggers correctly. It is shown on the HUD, when activated. However, there is a cool-down period missing, with a timer on the HUD. When triggered, the timer should go down from 60 seconds and when it reaches 0 seconds, then it should disappear. Screenshot: Logs: (contains short and easy example of my bug report) 2017.01.02 00.16.46.zip Video: