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  1. Why is this a problem for destroyers? 2 thargas will kill any ship, why do only destroyers need a buff? I think its fair that 2 interceptors can kill a destroyer, that needs some coordination and is a good counter to a class without any other counters.
  2. It is funny to see people say it should take teamwork to kill destroyers but the moment they are in a situation where teamwork is needed (protecting a destroyer from covert ops) they complain so much. Teamwork is great as long as it's everyone else having to do the teamwork...
  3. Covert ops aren't some crazy op ship that is good against everything, right now they have to take an AWFUL module (plasma arc) in order to counter ONE type of ship (destroyers), which makes them worse against all other ships. They are a very narrow class, only really good at capturing beacons and killing destroyers. Who cares about the size of the ship that is killing you, destroyers are still great against all the other ship types at range. If you care so much about realism, large ships in real navies were sunk by mines, submarines and aircraft much more than by other large ships - not that this has anything to do with ships in this game.
  4. You can still look up stats with the frogstats page: