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  1. @DrDeath_ScD Full disclosure: You play LRF (Mauler, wasn't it), not sure what else, but I'm guessing you're one of those players which favor DPS classes, because they're kaput in this game. Aka 'best pilot' = most DPS, benefit to team!! :\ Anyways, jesting but only slightly...
  2. 8000 damage Guard Pulsar... in 3 seconds... What? 30,000 in 10 seconds? Are you serious? Obviously not.
  3. I got a game yesterday, 4x R8-9 standard ships, vs 4x R10-11 Thargas, etc... LOL
  4. Reflected Rage: 4k damage on an interceptor's hull = dead interceptor, especially if they have no Hull modules, like Jerry ECM. Which is even worse, since ECM need a lock on target to be effective. No Capacitor slots (Emerg Bar) is even worse, constantly 1-shotted by some Thar'Ga or other... Gargoyle, what have you... Take the premium 'Spirit' for example... No Hull or Capacitor slots... besides this just being a bad ship design... but that's an extreme example (of bad ship design). It's all just ranged DPS alpha and AoE spam (Gunship/LRF/Dart/TharGa/etc), low-ping advantage, etc... no-skill 1-hit-kill mode, apparently designed to accommodate the high DPS and 'unique' ships. Just remove SURVIVAL already, it's beyond LAME, and it will kill the GAME.
  5. This... It's more like a job now.
  6. Except Tai'Kin isn't really a Recon. It's more of a Covert Ops, with Recon's warp ability. Even though it's classified as a Recon, no Recon has that sort of DPS vs frigates and AoE or perma camo stealth. It's misclassified, or a misnomer. They're also not the fastest. Covert Ops and ECM are usually faster, about equal for Fed, as are many Gunships and some Tacklers (minus warp ability, but incl. Engine Overcharge). ie:Gunships can carry Bomb at 700m/s with Overcharge... Quite frankly, the amount of AoE SPAM around beacons now is off the scale...
  7. Sure I have, played LRF in T4 vs T5s, seen other T4 LRFs in the same matchups. Have 50 screenshots of Gargoyles with 20+ kills... vs T5s... It's true that the 80%+ damage was in T3, and they're even more imbalanced at the lower end. Scatter + Drift + firing main guns is the actual 'hack'... as you shouldn't be able to fire main weapons when stealthed.
  8. @Nexusbot You can purchase more Iridium with GS.
  9. AoE should be possible to disable, just like non-emergency no-target modules should. Furthermore, this is only the case for Ellydium/Unique !!!!, as most other abilities on standard/premium ships can be disabled !!!! What is so difficult to understand about that? Because, I don't even........
  10. ECM does not work on Tai'Kin either. The purple stink clouds it leaves behind, whatever they're called. More hacks...
  11. Not high ping, high server load, reduced server capacity since 3 years. Yea, that might have something to do with it. Nothing else.
  12. Your Game needs to look like this: Nevermind, what I was about to post is too offensive...
  13. You know when they said they need to conserve space on servers, so they capped storage limits? That explains a lot... they must have reduced server capacity, that's why I'm noticing massive lag during peak periods. Now it all makes perfect sense. 3-4 years ago, lag like this was unimaginable.
  14. Wait till I upload a 135 ping RU server Laser video... I have to lead target by 30-50m, with bloody hitscan.
  15. Because I once did 80%+ of the team's damage in a 12v12... leaving the other 11 players with about 2% damage each. 40x the damage of any other individual player is just kaput... Then I stopped playing LRF, because of how broken it was. I posted the logs too, 3 years ago, still no nerf. edit: I facetank Guards btw...
  16. 135/175 roll/pitch, yet it still turns like a bus. It's either the shape, thruster position or something, but the handling is literally kaput. edit: 150/196... still turns like a 747 !!!! 3x vernier and R5-1.
  17. Well, you can just resort to standard railgun then, like the rest of us 'peasants'. Although it's even worse than QR.
  18. @millanbel Probably server load and lag. R6-3 doesn't work. It shows stats, but doesn't increase projectile speed. You want me to upload a video with laser hitreg (maybe, one day)? I have to lead frigates by 30-50m in order to hit them...
  19. @millanbel Maybe you're trying to fit it for DPS with 3x CPU and 3x CAP? ;\ It has the same (or lower) spread but more DPS than other guns, so not sure what the issue is. Electronic Guidance, Iridium Slugs, Accel Coil, Booster Circuit, R6-3 (currently bugged), R2-3. Tons of options, time to remove some DPS mods. Is it spread or projectile speed? Simple really. Actually, the nerf wasn't even enough. Maybe you're just used to the previous performance, which has now changed. It's like going from a Core i7 to an i5. Maybe it's just server load and lag. Statistically, it's still superior (even to a standard railgun).
  20. Diversity in what? Damage and survivability? In that case, they certainly are 'diverse' as they diverge from any sensible reality. Why not just call them 'exclusive' as all other ships are excluded from owning this new 'diversity' in damage and survivability?
  21. Not like it matters. I won't be here tomorrow. The end for me.
  22. Yea, I just had a look before seeing your screenshot LOL... 'exclusive'. Join a corp they said.. You get monocrystals they said... but, you're not NASA they said.
  23. Specials button has a blue gift icon, indicating a free daily loot crate is available. However, there is none available in the Bundles section. Re-logged already, no change. Checked 2nd page.
  24. Crit Garg > Crit Mauler.
  25. LoL, you're a joker. Sure it wasn't Iridium though?
  26. @EndeavSTEEL Mk.1 R12 Boson: 2418 DPS, 6000 m/s, 5200m range, 0.1-1 deg spread, 14/2 heating/cooling Mk.1 R11 Positron: 2094 DPS, 5243 m/s, 4650m range, 1.8-0.2 deg spread, 15/3 heating/cooling Nope, it's still superior, and Static Charges can add another 1300-2100+ DPS... (+50% or more, not to mention repeater, etc). Can't get Mk.4 stats, since I don't own Gargoyle. Nope, the cooldown reduction is not mentioned. 1:32 energy ratio untouched. In fact, it seems more like a buff, since you can now recycle the shield more often. Downtime is actually reduced too.. 25-11 = 14 secs, previously 30-15 = 15 secs...
  27. +50% Premium ship loyalty bonus only applies to max rank, since research gains amount to 1-5% of that. So they're not even worth discussing for T4 and below. Basically, it's a T5 premium loyalty buff, that's all. Boson Cannon still highest DPS in class (due to ranged DPS, speed and static charges). Quantum Railgun still highest DPS, speed and range in class, lowest spread (besides Gauss, which has significantly lower DPS). Still best in class. Frontal shield cooldown was also reduced but not mentioned in patch notes. 11/25s instead of 15/30s. Amounts to a 6% reduction, which is nothing. Quite simply, the fact these ships can even equip these mods in the first place 'exclusively' already makes them superior; aristocratic. Reflected Fury? You mean Reflected Rage? I don't see an active time increase or a damage decrease. Not even close - "The illusion of due diligence" - Syriana
  28. LRF + scatter + survival = 10 kills + Gargoyle = 20 kills. no skills though, just kills.
  29. @TheDarkRedFox Have you seen a Delta cache (cash) in rotation yet? It's been 3 weeks. Do they plan to release them all in the same week, the 4th? Probably not. Most likely 1 per month, on a rotational basis, Dart then Garg alternating, or 1 of each per month. 3-6 months to acquire, so yea, impossible except with cash. The amount of Iridium required will also be off the scale, as they're all 'very rare' parts. You'll also have to play T4, forfeiting any loyalty/xeno contract rewards.
  30. @TheDarkRedFox They should be in rank 16.
  31. All Hail Britannia!
  32. I wrote this, have a blast (yea, it lacks variety). Pierogi are personified as peasants.
  33. @CinnamonFake I couldn't help but notice that you didn't reply to one of my questions. Was this intentional, or a minor oversight? I have another question actually: When will Delta Caches (Cashes) be available? All next week? I thought they were on 4-week rotation, but that seems a bit out of the ordinary? How often will they be available? 1 Delta Cache per month? 3 weeks have passed (3 cache rotations) and still not a single Delta?
  34. In general terms: Kaput. Kapusta. Kaputalism.
  35. Not sure if it's some sarcasm, or... ? You're comparing apples to oranges. Mk.4 should not be compared to Mk.1 just like bad pilots should not be compared with good, as has been done in several threads. Actually, yes you can, because I've done it: Although I doubt I can find the motivation to do them for Ellydium as well.
  36. Actually, I found a reference May 9th, 2014 here: 1 year before Dreadnoughts. However, that's odd as I was there during that time, and I have no such sales in my cache, or any memory of them. Oh well, that solves the question anyways. New years began 2015 at the earliest. 2014 New year's was 60% off premiums. That would have been when I bought mine, probably. Once again, early supporters get shafted.
  37. So May 9th, 2015 (as I'd assumed) or was it Jan 1st, 2016? Anyone have a sale screen from cache to confirm, or some other source?
  38. When was the first 1945 (Victory Day, May 9) / 2000 (New Year's, Jan 1) GS sale for premium ships? This certainly was not in existence in 2013/2014, when I bought my prems, as I checked my cache for Jan 1 and May 9.
  39. Yea, that never used to be the case for 2k or 1945 GS. At least not that I was aware of. It must have come about due to their devaluation. So basically 30 ships, for the same cost which I bought 6? That's... hilarious... once again. Nobody in their right mind would pay more than 2k these days.
  40. Wait, what? You're telling I paid 8-12k for ships that are worth 2k? Well... that's hilarious... 'devaluation'. Actually May 9th Victory Day as well, according to lubie1strzelac in global (1945 GS).
  41. Patriarch is a T5 Prem (out of context). It's also well known that T5 prems got some unaccountable damage buffs that other prems don't have, or even other T5s. That's where P2W began to take root... the very beginnings, baby teething problems. You mean 12k, right? What's 12k? $32? Well, you know how that discussion goes, some games cost less. Regardless, it's like apples to oranges, and a decent Thar'Ga should toast a Guard like it were butter being shot at with the sun.
  42. Oh, was he? I wasn't paying attention, in that case they should add up. I still may do a Thar'Ga and Tai'Kin analysis similar to the Dart/Gargoyle ones I did just to prove how kaput they are. It was about the DPS, not about the kills...
  43. Well, if grade 5 math isn't valid, then maybe you skipped school.
  44. Well, since you're incompetent, niripas just told me alien intuition used to grant +80% crit chance. So that explains why every shot was doing that amount of damage. In that case, the numbers do add up (somewhat), and alien intuition was obviously broken. However, the fact that it can still stack 75%+ damage, above what other gunships can, makes it 'kaput'. I've learned to ignore you since you own all premiums, uniques, etc... I suppose that ends our discussion. Not to mention you're a persistent troll.
  45. I am researching the subject, care to elaborate? 1500-1900. 1500 when 1 projectile did not connect. 3000 * 0.66 (33% EM hull res minimum) = 2000 damage per shot after resists. so how do you get from 1000 damage per hit to 3000 using only Thar'Ga and not gunship mods? Even if it got a 16% nerf or what not, nothing adds up. Alien intuition obviously, but in conjunction with other Thar'Ga mods, and passives, you're telling me you can squeeze +200% damage per shot? I can maybe see a way to achieve +50-75% at best. maybe +90% from R13-2, but not sure if applicable. List all the mods in that case, if you have the figures. If for nothing else but to prove how 'kaput' Thar'Ga is, due to being able to stack +100-200% damage...
  46. That explains why nobody uses Thar'Ga'Tok any more then? But wait, didn't it only get a 5% nerf or something? Math doesn't add up. In fact, it would have had to been nerfed by 50-66%, which doesn't sound accurate, in order for these damage figures to add up... Or Thar'Ga mods are just that OP...
  47. Oh true, it is a Thar'Ga'Tok. However, 1500-1900 damage per hit on hull, without using gunship mods? That's 2250-3000 damage per shot before 33% resists... How do you even obtain 3000 damage from 250 x 4 guns = 1000? +200% damage? From what? Thar'Ga mods? Impossibro... Someone also said you can't use combat reboot on Thar'Ga, so either this is an old video, or else... Nobody asked you to compare apples to oranges, Kosty. Just because you are the best player alive, doesn't make it a fair comparison.
  48. (thumbnail is NSFW) Be warned: Swearing is involved. I'll quote a passage though:
  49. What spread? I see none? Hits interceptors like I proved in the PTS thread, which was deleted? Yup, it does that too... what spread again? Oh right, 1 degree with the right mods. I could do the math again here to prove it will hit interceptors 100% of the time at 1-1.5km. But why? It's grade 5 stuff...
  50. @EndeavSTEEL In the name of science, please compare apples to apples, not oranges.
  51. @TheDarkRedFox You can equip them on ships not in the hangar. Works the same. However, research is still a scam.
  52. I'll just wait another 2 years to use the product I bought, thanks. /s (yes, I know it's a joke)
  53. At a 95-99% reduced rate, compared to what premiums used to gain. I have no interest in what you did to free ships, but reducing loyalty gain on a product you sold customers in order so that they could gain more loyalty? That's beyond what anyone would consider 'reasonable' changes. See my post on Premium Ship Devaluation. I will be bringing this up with customer support again, and if they refuse to remedy the issue, be advised it will result in another consumer protections complaint. I've now done my part to resolve this issue with the company.
  54. There is no 'fix', unless you mean 'rig' and not 'repair'. CinnamonFake already stated that Dart/Gargoyle will not be balanced. Game is Kaput.
  55. - T4 R12 prems and below cannot gain loyalty from missions due to not being of 'max rank' (R15) as they previously could; despite having a +20% loyalty bonus. You must now play non-premium ships to gain those rewards. - T4 R12 prems and below cannot claim mission rewards due to not being of 'max rank' (R15). Despite the purpose of premium ships being to gain more rewards, not less; they gain zero. You must now play non-premium ships to gain those rewards. - Research amounts to a 95-99% reduction in loyalty gained on premiums, the purpose of which was to upgrade modules, for which they are now worthless, except T5 R15s. - Premium +2 cargo spaces are now irrelevant, as Iridium, Monocrystals and Blueprints no longer drop in Open Space as they once did. May as well have zero extra cargo spaces. - Premium ships used to gain 100% 'free synergy' prior to launch, then reduced to 2x 10% and increased to 2x 20%; equivalent to a 60% reduction in 'free synergy'. - Premium ships are now out-performed by 'unique' and Ellydium ships in almost every category, tier, and rank. Especially at R11, which take part in both T3/T4 games. Essentially, premium ships have been reduced to +20% credit gain (the most common currency). The only rewards which remain are on the most expensive of premium ships, T5 R15. All other perks have been incrementally stripped from them over a 3 year period. Only 1% of system messages include premium ships, which is an indicator of their current value. I plan to amend this post with further information, but I just can't be bothered right now. Furthermore, I toned this post down, because if you wanted my actual opinion on this matter, it would have resulted in a demotion of my forum account. Worthless, Obsolete, Ancient, Dilapidated, Junk - Use whatever term you wish to describe them.
  56. PvE is that thing they added in 2014, which almost killed the game.
  57. Just so happens to have a birth mark under her left breast. Any relation?
  58. @Skula1975 No, I did not include cooling................................................................................... Honestly? That's the last straw. I quit.
  59. I was defeated in a video game after having spent $150, by somebody who spent $500. - Star Conflict testimonial Anecdotally, I've run into some really terrible dart/gargoyle players who still manage to outscore me. Yea, consider this flaming, but you sold them those ships... Now you have huge problem, to nerf or not to nerf? That is the question.
  60. Well, the first Steam review I've ever written was a negative one. Congratulations, Star Conflict Staff. All that remains now is to write that Premium ship devaluation thread and file another consumer complaint due to misleading business practices. The official 'quit song', from their Youtube channel, Metallica's Fade to Black. Be warned: Lots of swearing is featured in this video. It's pretty funny at about 3:00-4:00, complaining about obsolete premiums, haha.
  61. @Skula1975 Tested Eclipse: 8,654 m/s (w/booster circuit and accel coil) 10,378 m/s (w/booster circuit, accel coil and R6-3). The target was 4 km away. I chose 4km, because It will take a projectile 0.385 secs to travel the distance w/booster, accel and R6-3 (10,378 m/s). At 2.6 RPM, the second shot should fire at 0.385 secs, exactly when the first shot hits. However, that is not the case. The second shot is fired, before the first shot hits, in both cases regardless of whether the implant is equipped or not. This seems to indicate a speed of 8,654 m/s, where the 2nd shot will be fired 0.075 secs (75 ms) before the first shot hits the target at 0.46 secs (8,654 m/s). The log files do not contain a timestamp/event for when you fire the projectile. A video would need to be recorded for frame by frame analysis. Alternatively, create a test case and add projectile launch timestamp log message.
  62. Yea, I must have been tired when I read it, or I mixed it up with another post. But honestly, re-reading it now, they make even less sense. Engineers with spy drones? Just seems like a lazy way to decloak camo stealthed units without the need for a recon/micro. aka Buff engineers, reduce effectiveness of recons further. Inties don't need AoE, they need to focus targets, so such weaponry probably wouldn't get much use. edit: Well, there is Tai'Kin... which has AoE... :\ Nuclear Reactor: Really don't need more AoE in this game, especially one that is always active, and can be abused on Darts/Commands. Imo, the only viable suggestion here is the large Kinetic Cannon, aka Super Mario Gun.
  63. edit: Must have mixed this post up with another.
  64. @CinnamonFake If you take a look at my ICMP requests, there is zero packet loss, and zero congestion. The ping is stable at 130, as it always is (for RU, EU is 110, US is 45). However, during periods of heavy server load, it feels like 500 ping with 5% packet loss, but the ping is still 130 and 0% packet loss. Every indication points towards a server load issue and not a network load issue. I just remembered the double-activation bug also applies to Guard Phase Shield. Sometimes it cycles twice, instead of once, wasting a LOT of energy and forcing a recycle. Thus, it affects at least 3 ship classes. I'll probably quit before I test this though. P2W balance is just broken. You can only take so much abuse by imba ships before it gets tedious.
  65. @Skula1975 Polus (R12), but the Eclipse Launcher was Mk.4 (R15-purple), not Mk.1 (R15-white). edit: Tested with Mk.1 (R15-white), no difference, that's not it. Also tested same bug on T-Rex and Osprey. 52.293 - 42.457 = 9.836 secs 26 shots / 9.836 secs = 2.643 shots / sec 2.643 * 60 = 158.6 shots per minute However, it should be 173 according to stats. This is with 2x shared cooler installed, and R11-2 implant. The same issues applied without the shared cooler. It just so happens that it takes exactly 10 secs (9.836) to overheat, but the stats say 8.8 as well. There are other issues, but I detailed them already. Even without Shared Cooler, heating rate bugs exist. Doesn't seem to be a crew bug, swapped from crew 4 to crew 1 on the ship, with R11-2, no change. Also tried a different hangar slot, no change.
  66. Destructor beam is not enough to overcome a regen of nearly 265e/sec. Energy Absorber: 353 stolen per second, but 265 is provided by regen/engineer, leaving approx 100e/sec over 5 secs = 500e, which is basically provided by the Emergency Capacitor, leaving 1,500e (full cap) remaining. It's just not nearly enough; essentially useless. Energy missile debuffs affect allies, and will easily get your own interceptors killed in the process. Can easily be overcome by engineer Energy emitter active for +800e. Whoa, an explanation for 'piercing weapons' surfaces... That's like rock-paper scissors though? Everyone must now equip singularity gunship to defeat a single unit? The literal definition of broken game design. Doesn't quality as such. You can try shooting it from the rear, but people normally turn to face their attacker if they're half awake, and it has a high rate of strafe/rotation. I have on many occasions, to varying degrees of success. Most often you die to them or their team, since >50% of your shots are still hitting the front, then just get disabled or what not, tackled or 2v1'd.With nearby engineers to heal, etc... You didn't try the argument of waiting them out though. For the 15 seconds of downtime, you can dodge, hide, use resist buffs, and Ion Warheads to keep your attacker disabled. Plus, you still have a range advantage. It's also time in which they can do damage, unhindered for the most part, because 'wait them out'?... That's paradoxical.
  67. Dart Frontal Shield Hax: 215 BASE regen = 6,900 DPS. 1600 BASE energy = 51,200 damage (or 3,400 DPS over 15 secs). Engineer's Energy Emitter, +50e passive = 1,600 DPS tank. Active 800e+ = 25,600 damage (or 1,700 DPS). Wait, I missed... Reserve Generator, 500+ points? ~16,000 damage, so another 1,000 DPS... 6,900 + 3,400 + 1,600 + 1,700 + 1,000 = 14,600 DPS Tank... or 219,000 damage over 15 seconds... Add the Base EHP for a Dart ~15,000, over 15 secs = 1,000 DPS, Hence 15,600 DPS over 15 secs, or 234,000 damage sponge... Let's make a destroyer, but not call it a destroyer? But wait, this offer doesn't end here. You can also actively/passively raise the resistances and damage of your allies and yourself. This is evil...
  68. I just had another instance of a stationary Empire LRF, and a missile going directly through the hull, from rear to front, straight through the entire ship. I watched it happen as I passed him on the left after firing the missile from the rear.
  69. Don't bring up the alien eugenics program...
  70. Premium Ships.
  71. When do the other ships get +100% damage +100% EHP? Buff all the things! Interceptors 10x damage!
  72. @Cr0 Glad you agree, but just in case if sarcasm: Dodge, Flares, Missile Shield, Terrain, Invulns, Resist actives, Noise, IR, etc... It's rare to see a ceptor, except a CO at the top in Survival, mostly ranged DPS classes. And it's usually because of some condition, like no enemy recon w/micro (they exist), Even then, it's hard for a recon to counter both enemy CO/Tacklers and enemy LRFs, or nearly impossible. Even if they counter, they put you at a serious DPS disadvantage. A single LRF can still get kills even while being 'countered'... all they have to do is spawn and scatter, while you have to spot them, warp, and micro as they reverse thrust... If there's a tackler/gunship/etc... defending the LRFs in Survival? Forget about it... Reducing an interceptor's speed is also even more effective in this mode, since that's their tank, remove that and they get 1-shotted, like by Thargas with Inhibitor Swarm. Anyways, besides equipping doomsday for a single game mode as a gimmick, there really isn't much use for them.
  73. You can trade kills 1 for 1 maybe, before the enemy team kills you. Yea, that works, if that's what you're referring to. That's assuming you get the kill before the 2 gargoyles focus you down in 1 second. Not sure how you're 2-shotting 40-50k EHP on a recon... that's some hax. 2k on shrapnel, 3k on scatter = 6k or 9k, 12-18k in 2 shots. But, you can't use those weapons with lag... you can only use pulse lazors, because you won't be able to hit anything else playing on EU/RU server. You mean doomsday missile? It's a gimmick... no serious interceptor uses those, hence a joke. I'm not saying you CAN'T kill people in survival with ceptors, as that would just be... well... nevermind... you still can kill things, as long as you have missiles, but without, the DPS is insufficient, since you have to close distance.
  74. What are you talking about? That's all recons are good for in survival... and nobody plays them in Survival. Oh right, frig-balls, that's the term I was looking for... pop the next second in your CO due to pulsar, etc... And again, let's counter that by saying, use nuke+suicide... lol... everything is a joke. Basically, 1-hit kills, AOE spam, auto-target abilities, etc... just get as many as possible and spam that stuff, you win. Why even bother with ECM when you have Tharga? You only need movement disable, and not modules in survival to kill them... a Tharga will 1-shot an ECM.
  75. @WiseAlert These arguments are void. It's just as easy for a skilled ranged user to sit behind some cover, with a large open expanse in front of them, or just snipe from their spawn, or do the frigate-blob thing. Every argument you come up with, I'll come up with one to counter. SImply because... 3x damage with same EHP to close distance is a basic reality of life (for which the game was not balanced)... You can't alter that equation with what you call 'skill', if the other pilot is just as 'skilled'. Stealth/Cloak are countered by a single enemy Recon. ECM is countered by a single CO, etc... etc... conditionals... @Gizmomac Git Gud with CO? Oh, they had no recons... you mean git gud like that? These arguments are really boring. Oh, it's just a plasma clip... sigh... nothing here matters. I just can't take any of these arguments seriously, or the devs, or the game at this point. It's all devolved to a series of fallacious arguments now, besides the obvious joke.
  76. Well, I've been keeping track, and I'm down to 21% of matches with 1 Osmium each. Just over 40 matches in the set. Curiously, I've never received both Impure Osmium and Osmium Crystals in the same loot attempt, or 2 of a kind. Although that may increase to 25% again, as it was at 30% for a while, such as averages go. So there's definitely not enough Osmium (or anything for that matter, assuming they all have the same drop rate) to make ammo. Minus the farm excursion. Technically, it can be used on 1 ship in 42-50% of matches at this rate, and 74-88% of matches with premium... given a 60%+ win rate. However, none will remain for ship/module construction.
  77. ... deleted, because I thought of something better, I just don't know what it is yet. You know what? I have nothing more to say any more. This game is just beyond lame now with Thargas 1-shotting everything, Gargoyles sniping like heavy blasters, and Darts with 100k EHP... Taikins blobbing everything with AoE. edit: Oh, looks like I forgot about destroyer spam... Down to the wire, who will it be... the recon, with 15k EHP, or the destroyer with 450k EHP? Official explanation: "It takes 4 people to kill 1, so team up", just doesn't cut it.
  78. Well, I'm being serious about 10x damage for inties, but that will make Survival even more a joke than it is right now, so yea, you are right. If you have to close distance on someone with 3x damage relative to your EHP, you should deal 3x their damage still, so 9x damage, or 10x approximation.
  79. 1. xGeneStarwind 2. [Cheat Activator] 10 million 3. Never, we are beyond time and space
  80. Tracert (First 5 hops omitted, local network or ISP gateway): The only router that ever dropped a packet was hop #11: [] I cannot get any metrics from hop #10, since it does not return any ICMP packets. Here is hop #11 [], while pinging the game server ( with TTL=11: Variance of 15ms, no dropped packets (there was only 1 earlier). I also ICMPd the RU servers, and there was no packet loss there, difference of about 15ms as well. Did a few more on hop #11, dropped 1 more packet, and a difference of 41ms, but that was only 1 out of a series of them. Actually, that is just the Amsterdam server dropping its own ICMP responses. Here is the summary for the game server ( - 0% packet loss, 0.1% congestion >161ms: This doesn't appear to be any different from any other time of day, so why is there massive lag and packet loss? Server load? You know, I just realized where the server capacity went! If not for PvE, OS and Co-op modes, there would be more capacity to dedicate to PvP. ;o edit: Also, module de-activation does not apply to Recon. You must strafe or roll apparently to exit the warp. Pushing the module button again does not cancel it. So, I have no way of testing that unless I decide to play Tackler/LRF in T5.
  81. Either give interceptors 10x damage, so they can 1/2-shot a fighter/frigate, or remove this mode. This is because you'd have to close the distance on targets which do 3x damage, with the same amount of EHP. Ranged DPS and DPS classes dominate this mode too often. It seems purpose-built for Dart/Gargoyle. Well, there's CO, but it's not constant damage, neither is it 10x. This is no joke btw, well, it kinda is since Survival is a joke.
  82. AirGus
  83. Super Mario Style? Or just a giant gun that fires once every 5 seconds and makes big conventional/explosive projectile boom? I dunno, kinda comical at this point. ;p Whoa, we're supposed to actually suggest stuff here? ;o I suggest changing sputnik drones to: Causes drones to damage yourself for 50k thermal. Flamethrower wouldn't synergize with destroyer's slow speed, so I suggest 600m/s minimum speed, and you cannot slow down, with 20x hull damage.
  84. Can't disable Hive either, or those lazor beams on the Thar'Ga, whatever that is... and what gives, Inhibitor Swarm damage is 3.5k in Survival, on hull with 45% resist. Delete Survival, bug fixed, partially. ;\ What? I don't even... what is essentially a 5 sec disable, does 2.5k damage standard? 7.5k in Survival? ;o Yea, I'm prepared to call BS on these ships. Gunship + ECM + Heals you can't even disable... great idea that was.
  85. @Skula1975 @CinnamonFake Just had a few games like this, so I thought I'd bring it up: Had to lead frigates by 1cm with lazors to get hitreg... ping 130 RU server (feels like 300). So, there's no extrapolation (prediction) done by the client? That would explain some of the lead marker issues, but not quite all of them. This is quite common however, nothing out of the ordinary here besides the fact that lazors don't register on target, and other weapons require lead by a mile to hit the target. Logs obviously not required. Client-side prediction is required. For interceptors, the effect is disastrous due to speed. Hits are random at best. Servers are just particularly laggy now, due to high load or congestion on upstream routers, exacerbating the effect, but it is noticeable for any ping above 30, I would imagine. When your 'hitscan' lazors require you to lead the target, something is broken, or lazors need lead indicator...
  86. @Skula1975 You know what I can see as a hurdle to implementation now, since this discussion of modules? It would be harder to calculate crit DPS for all module effects, since you'd be lacking a base DPS value to work with, you'd have to mult/divide RPM*DPR/60, to get base DPS. The only solution would be to provide both DPS values, with crits included as a large number to replace the current one, and a smaller number below it, or as the first additional stat, with the base DPS, from which to calculate all modules. Or even a min-max DPS stat, using crit damage value. But for most ships, crit DPS stat matters more, since they don't possess such modules. Or, push some button to aggregate and show all module effects combined, like pushing ALT or SHIFT to get info or compare. Then, you wouldn't have to calculate anything manually.
  87. @Swifter43021 Oh sorry, I was talking about mods/ammo/implants, but the same idea applies. If you can raise crit_dmg*crit_chance above 100%, then 10% crit_chance is better than 10% damage. ie: 50% chance 200% damage, or 66.6% chance 150% damage, or 100% chance 100% damage. Although those are hard to achieve (impossible with implants alone), so in most cases, the 10% damage bonus would be superior, except in cases where ships can raise their crit stats via modules/ammo. Although, I don't exactly know what applies to base (additive), and what is multiplicative, but most seem to be additive. I even misread all your previous comments then since I was comparing damage bonus to crit chance bonus. Which now begs the question if that formula is even correct, since I assumed 100% crit damage. No idea, took like 1-2 mins and I don't feel like revisiting the problem. ;o Uh yea, it contains a pretty massive error, oh well, maybe later, but the premise that CB < 100% is true.
  88. @Swifter43021 Because the crit chance and damage buffs usually provide 10, 12%+, while the damage buffs usually apply 7%. All depending on what your base crit/critdmg values are, one may provide more damage than the other. Although for damage to be better, it requires extremely low crit values in most cases. Crits are also more random, sometimes more, sometimes less DPS, and pure damage is consistent. 100% crit damage for 10% crit chance, but only if base crit chance is zero, otherwise it works out a bit different. It's actually simple, but I'm too lazy to write a formula now.
  89. Barometric/Radar Altitude hold, Alt/Roll Hold, Heading Hold, Auto-Thrust, or Waypoint/Route mode? That's all auto-pilot really does. Ah, it also works in conjunction with VLS for assisted landings. Try DCS World (Digital Combat Simulator). Off-topic: There's a funny video which will introduce you to the complexity of it. However, there are better gameplay vids.
  90. @Skula1975 Yea, they are off... Just tested eclipse at 173 rpm = nearly 3 rounds per second. However, 26 rounds in 10 seconds (2.6/sec) = 26*6=156 rpm... Off by 10-11%. Yea, R11-2 implant doesn't work... without it, 160rpm, and no difference. So R11-2 is broken... It updates your stats, but not the weapon's performance. Also, the formula/percentage for R11-2 is probably broken too. instead of 1.08 (108/100), it's probably flawed (inverted) as some of them previously were. Overheating is also not applied, as the stats say 8.8 secs, but it takes 10 secs for my weapon to overheat. The implant does not update the overheat time stat either. Warning: with/without the implant overheat is flawed. It still says 8.8 secs but takes 10 secs. Iridium Heatsink works properly though. Tested with supercooled+heatsink, heat rate is reduced (by the incorrect amount though), but it still takes 16+ secs to overheat instead of the 14.8 in stats. Overheat stats are not properly calculated though. ie: 8.8secs base, with supercooled = -60%. However, 8.8*1.6 = 14.08, but the stats show 15.3... with heatsink = 8.8*0.9 = 7.92 secs, but stats show 8.3 secs. More errors in calculating percentages. Edit: Sorry, had 2x shared cooler equipped. Need to retest percentages, but the other issues still apply. Oh yea, they're WAY OFF. base 4 secs, add supercooled = -60%. 4*1.6 = 6.4 secs, but stats show 10.5secs??? Oh I get it, it's calculating the inverse... same percentage issue I reported before with lower-rank implants, but you never bothered to check the rest?... That was like 2013... Essentially, 10.5*0.4=4.2 secs... They're even off by a bit when calculated in reverse... It should be 4 secs. Not sure why we should be doing this work, as Koromac suggested, since it took all of 2 minutes to confirm. To whom should I make the bill out for services rendered?
  91. @MightyHoot We do consider those and projectile velocity is a stat. You're speaking of theoretical DPS. The better question is, why are you not concerned about crit damage not being calculated as DPS, when it obviously should, because it is part of DPS. Star Conflict is the only game that doesn't, this is universal.
  92. @CinnamonFake The discussion was necessary to ascertain the cause of this issue. This information is critical, not a minor detail, and should be included in descriptions. This doesn't belong on wiki, as it is basic required information. Wiki may be useful for detailed information, formulas or explanations only. It should not be required reading to understand fundamental information. But, thanks for the response and looking into the matter of support-class vessel effectiveness reduction.
  93. @Swifter43021 Base damage can always be 1 (100%) as a base value, so it's not required for these calculations. /100 also isn't required as percentages can be represented as fractions (/100). DPS_Fraction = (1+D)(1+CB) DPS_Fraction = (1+Damage_Increase_Percent)(1+Crit_Chance*Crit_Damage) Will result in a fraction, which represents the total DPS compared to base damage. ie: 1.65/1.60 But yea, to calculate actual DPS, you still need the precise base damage value.
  94. It should always be greater if crit chance * crit damage is less than 100%. Let D = damage percent increase, E = crit damage percent increase, C = crit chance, B = crit damage If CB < 100%, then: (1+D)(1+CB) > (1+C+E)B (1+0.1)(1+0.5*1) > (1+0.5+0.1)*1 1.65 > 1.6 Something like that.
  95. Unsourced citation, 20 infraction points. Not including Crits in DPS calc? Priceless. For everything 'unique', there's Mastercard.
  96. Cool, then you can be the one to write the spreadsheet for all ships, guns, weapons, ammo and implants? I'll expect it on my desk by Monday, 5AM.
  97. @Milfeulle You know there are legendary weapons, right? Although they don't take nearly as much time to grind as say... BNS does? Lol... I quit that garbage, but I heard they take months or years to acquire, or some 4-digit figure. Too much grind. I play games to escape the grind, not sign up for more abuse of the same sort. Games are too much of a reflection of this ill-conceived reality lately. For the record, I don't actually calculate crit stats for all those, who would? That's insane.
  98. @Skula1975 I made the suggestion before, that we allow the servers to apply mild electric shock to developers when queue exceeds 5 minutes. Is this ok?
  99. @Chernoplot Are you laughing about the time the implant percentages/fraction were all wrong in that 17% was 17/117 and not 17/100? Or a reduction of 30% being 100/130 instead of 70/100? Yea, stats... They're important.
  100. @Slacktivator I would imagine that all the occupants are forcibly logged out into the OS, riding on the fox on fire, but I'm not a computer expert.
  101. @AdamWest What I was specifically trying to get at is the term 'legacy ships', or what is the term you used? I can't make it out clearly. That's the part I found hilarious, tbh. As for the Thar'Ga, it's also broken, so I don't see the need for videos either, except to clearly show how broken it is. Not like it will encourage the devilopers to fix it though. Not sure what Dart was like when released, but it currently has more DPS than standard gunships, double the tank of commands, more then Guards, and is of more benefit to team than Thar'Ga, and excels at Survival. Dart clearly > Thar'Ga. Games also bear this out, as Darts will outperform Thar'Gas in almost every match. Imo, Dart/Garg videos should clearly be marked with the P2W tag, and Thar'Ga/Elly ships potentially as well.
  102. @Swifter43021 Yea, you're right, it's not max DPS as I originally stated, but average DPS. It should be included, as damage averages over time. For the same reasons, you could argue that the DPS stat is meaningless because resistances will reduce it further, or immunity, doing zero DPS, so why include it at all? I'd rather have the critical info in the DPS stat than not, because for most intents, purposes, and calculations, it applies. All other games include crits in DPS stats. It becomes extremely tedious calculating all the crit DPS for all implants, ammo, guns, etc... It's not something you have to do once, but a dozen times, for each ship and build...
  103. @OmegaFighter Yea, but I shouldn't need to. I don't understand the rest of your comment, as we're talking about max DPS, not theoretical. Also, if it's not calculated then DPS is a misnomer, because it's missing the critical component.
  104. @AdamWest What's the commentary at 3:45-3:50? "Being able to about avoid 80% of damage from legacy tier ships"? Not sure if I understood that correctly. Thought it was funny, but don't know why someone would need a video to fly a ship you can't possibly lose with. ;o
  105. @Slacktivator OS is shorthand of "OutSide", and a window is a device which may be opened or closed in order to change the distribution of air particles within an otherwise enclosed space. So if you logged in via windows from the OS, it means you jumped in through the window on log. Mystery solved.
  106. Currently, crit chance and damage are not calculated in the DPS statistic, but they should be.
  107. You can buy one here. It's a browser user agent string, which identifies your OS in general terms.
  108. @Skula1975 Fine, I'd like to propose some new bugs (you may call them 'suggestions'): - Thar'Ga has a disable/immobilize which it should not, since it a DPS-class vessel, and reduces the effectiveness of support-class vessels. - Targets immune to disables should not set your abilities on cooldown, or use energy, since you have no way of knowing. They should also provide feedback to indicate the target is immune. - 50% reduction and immunity on 2nd/3rd use are not mentioned in any skill descriptions. Just wondering if I could get a response to my previous questions regarding those 'emergency' modules. @xKostyan I hope all those push/pull effects some guns have, or tractor beam, or dessy modules don't count as aoe 'controlling effects', because that would simply be disastrous.
  109. Well, as I posted elsewhere: Reflect damage before resists applied, not to mention 100% reflected (Hence > 100%), ahem-cough and 2.5x multiplier? I've never seen this in a game before... probably for good reason. Don't even get me started on the Survival 3x multiplier which benefits DPS/sniping classes. Abomination. In order for it to be official, it should be quoted in the module description. I barely use Metastable (aoe), it's beyond useless in most situations except for a last-ditch effort to occupy/distract the enemy, or negate damage. Normally ions first, then stasis, which also makes more sense if the 2nd is reduced. Is Inhibitor Swarm considered a disable? This would cause issues either way. ie: - If they are and target gets hit by team's inhibitor swarms, it makes your ECMs essentially useless, as it nullifies their role. - If they aren't, then Thar'Gas can freely spam disables without duration or immunity concerns. ie: If target gets hit by inhibitor, then you can only apply one disable, at half duration. That's a pretty useless ECM. It also diminishes the effectiveness of disables, since they can still use active modules. Firing guns/missiles is less of a concern since they are immobile. Anyways, inhibitor functions don't belong on a DPS-class vessel... In other words, Thar'Gas are filling the role of ECMs, or reducing their effectiveness, rendering them mostly useless. At least it should not let you use a disable skill on a target which is immune, so you don't end up with skills on cooldown. They could have been hit with Ion Warhead, a Tackle, etc... in the last 30 seconds, without you knowing. It's not so much a problem for those classes, because they fill other roles, but for ECMs, it's boderline broken. I mean, that's probably part of it... Thar'Gas are having their little fights, you fly along in your poor ECM, try to disable one, only to find out he's already been hit twice... of course, you never find out... before you die...
  110. I have a bunch of T3/T4 prems which are literally useless because they gain almost no loyalty rewards, or the equivalent of 1-2% from research.
  111. I wish I could have paused a license, bought 6 months, used 2 weeks of it.
  112. What about Energy Converter? It's active, but also not affected. Can the healing from Crystal Hunger, Combat Reconstructor, Condensing Crystals or Crystal Predator be disabled? They are Special Modules, thus also 'active' modules. Or is module disabled, but healing persists? What about Matter Absorber? Is it the only heal in the game that cannot be disabled by ECM then? Or does it apply to the Special Mods above as well? Some of them don't seem 'emergency' to me, like Dual-Channel Repeater and Matter Transformer, they are damage buffs which trigger on kills. Are they affected by ECM? Is Warp Targeting damage effect disabled, or does it persist after the disable wears off? What about camouflage shield refractor? If a disable is used, does that reset the timer to 10 seconds? Or can they still cloak 1 second later, while disabled? Does taking damage reset the timer, or can they go stealth while being shot?
  113. The problem is, I don't play LRF or Tackler anymore (in T3 I did), where it's most noticeable. ECM, recon, command and engineer special modules cannot be disabled in such fashion, and recon's warp can only be disabled after a given duration (although recon should also be affected, I can't recall ever having experienced the issue. Actually, maybe I did, as I vaguely recall being thrown from warp once without cause). Actually, I didn't play much LRF for that exact reason. Every few games I'd end up blowing myself up not once, but sometimes twice.
  114. 1. Play from North America on Euro/Russia server (because there are barely any games on NA server) 2. Push Special Module button 3. Watch as it randomly de-activates It's intermittent, and not reproducible except via test case. Although, it would be simpler to check the network code, as I described to eliminate that possibility.
  115. I am not pushing the button twice, and neither are the people I observed in spectator mode. This is simply a network coding issue. I'm also quite familiar with how Guided Torps work, and it is not limited to them alone. Most likely, the client has to maintain the 'active' state as a sort of toggle, and send the state with each packet. If the packet is not received, the server assumes deactivation. Other than that, not sure what the problem could be, but it occurs primarily during laggier sessions, pointing to a network/server issue, and not a client issue.
  116. No, it would nerf Energy Converter. Since when is it mandated that Gunships must use Energy Converter? AH, you must use/abuse Energy Converter... makes sense. Why would it be broken only with Thar'Ga? That makes absolutely no sense. It means the Thar'Ga is broken to begin with, and the problem lies elsewhere. Shoot the Guard from 1k+ after leaving the debuff... If you're a Thar'Ga, that's like shooting butter with the sun... If multi-purpose solves the Guard problem for interceptors, then it certainly does for Thar'Ga as well, which is like an interceptor on crack. Well, I'll test ECM. Regardless of the outcome, this happens primarily on Thar'Gas and no other gunships. First, second, 30 second wait, no difference. It's exceedingly rare that a disable actually does work on a Thar'Ga. Furthermore, this should be stated in the disable module description, and it is not.
  117. Need an official source for those comments on 2 disables in 30 secs, and 50% reduction on 2nd. Anyways, it doesn't explain why not even the first works... or why the second fails to work, and is not simply reduced. I also get disabled by ECM, Stasis first, then Ions, and the Ions still last 6 seconds, not 3. Well, 4 in my case, due to proton wall, but not 2 seconds... Why would a duration 'nerf' be required to prevent use of a broken mechanic? No damage = no converter, plain as day, fixes all instances of such abuse. Seems like another 'aliens are responsible' mechanic, with no legit explanation. Multipurpose modules solve the Guard debuff problem. Not to mention, 1 ECM is enough to shut down 2 Guards. Guards are rubbish anyways in the current DPS meta.
  118. Reflect damage before resists applied, not to mention 100% reflected (Hence > 100%), ahem-cough and 2.5x multiplier? I've never seen this in a game before... probably for good reason. Don't even get me started on the Survival 3x multiplier which benefits DPS/sniping classes. Abomination.
  119. I don't see why disables would work differently on Ellydium ships? Why would 'some ships' and not others? I don't notice these same issues for other ships, at all. Nowhere is it stated that only 2 disables can be applied. Nowhere is it stated the second disable is reduced by 50%. In fact, this goes against my experience, whereas I can disable any other ship for 3 secs, then another 6 seconds shortly after that. Not to mention, I can launch continuous Ion Warhead missiles every 6 seconds for a disable (5 in 30 seconds). In terms of DPS, Reflected Rage is clearly superior, as it is capable of several thousand damage with 2-3 targets locked on, while also discouraging missiles, active abilities like ECM, etc... It most likely prevents more damage than 1 second of immunity in that regard as well. Self-damage is mitigated by Thar'Ga's healing abilities. It's simply better. Active time on the hull damage is at least 4-5 secs and can reach 4k on a single target, enough to reduce many interceptor hulls to scrap. If it were worse, then they'd all equip Reboot, but instead they equip Reflected Rage in 100% of cases.
  120. Special modules without a cooldown will sometimes activate twice instantly, enabling then disabling them. This is detrimental to Guided Torpedoes, which simply blow up in your face, cloak instantly decloaking, etc... The most likely reason this occurs is due to a network issue: - Client activates a module, and sets it to the 'active' state. - Server receives active state, and activates the module. - Server times out waiting for the next packet due to packet loss or congestion. - Server assumes the active state to be disabled, even though client still thinks it is enabled. - Server disables the module and sends the message to the client Server should not assume the module is disabled until the client disables it, or the active time expires. Furthermore, client/server should send duplicate packets to prevent packet loss if possible. I've attempted to re-assign the key and use a different keyboard to no effect, the issue persists. Other players also have the same bug as I've witnessed several Torpedoes exploding in their faces in spectator mode. - Multiple instances of 'no activation' - modules fail to activate - or activate with no effect, but are on cooldown. - Several instances of missiles visually flying directly through Guard hulls; obviously lag. Multiple issues of missiles flying within 50m of a target with no activation. Meanwhile, missiles will activate 100m+ away from me on occasion. Proximity mines not activating, despite proximity, etc... - Sometimes, I will fire a missile and its trajectory will be up to 30 degrees off, due to lag and ship rotation. - Timing issues, such as recons being able to warp while cloaked, or use active modules after cloaking. - The lead indicator (targeting reticule) is not accurate. Even though ping-aware prediction is selected, you often have to lead the marker by a lot, not just a little in order to hit the target. There is something it is still not accounting for. - Client prediction (extrapolation) and interpolation are flawed in the same regard. I even sometimes have to lead ships slightly with Laser weapons in order to hit them. That is, if it even does extrapolation. - Ping is not accurate, as 130 can feel like 130, or it can feel like 500... Server processing time and response? - Average match queue timer is random. Never exceeds 1 minute, despite 20 minute queue times, and just randomly jumps between 16-36 seconds otherwise.
  121. ECM Statis Generator and Ion Diffuser do not work on modules such as Matter Absorber, Emergency Jump, Matter Transformer, Reserve Generator, Dual-channel repeater, etc... Neither does it work to disable Energy Converter. In other words, they get active benefits from their passive modules, which cannot be disabled. ie: Thar'ga's multiple heal skills. I doubt it disables the passive heal from the special module either, once it is activated. Furthermore, I've run into way too many instances of Thar'Ga and Tai'Kin not being affected at all by ECM: They can still fire their guns and use active modules after being disabled, with no delay. They cannot all be explained by Combat Reboot, which has a 60 sec cooldown, and 2 sec duration. Implant R8-2 can prevent engine disables, R14-1 is not applicable on R11 Thar'Ga's. This happens much too often to be attributable to Combat Reboot, but I'm not sure why it happens... they're just inherently immune. Reflected Rage maybe? But that also has a 50 sec cooldown, 2 second active time. It seems however, that they're not activating these modules after being disabled, they're already immune before being disabled, since they don't stop firing or activate a module so far as I can see. In fact, I've used Statis on them, to which they are immune, 5 seconds later, use Diffuser, and they're still immune... Possible status effect bug that fails to remove immunity? Reflected Rage active time bug? The hull damage lock-on effect lasts longer than 1-2 seconds... more like 5+ seconds. Why is Reflected Rage just a superior version of Combat Reboot again? :\ 2 typos: Ion DIffuser uses a capital letter 'I' in Diffuser. Dual-channel Repeater is not capitalized. In fact, it seems all of the alien modules lack consistency, as old modules are capitalized, but these are not.
  122. Due to most of their abilities not being flagged as 'active modules', ECM abilities do not function. This also applies to unique ship modules, and Energy Converter (which should be flagged as active). Logs not applicable.
  123. @Milfeulle Try warping Thargas on top of your LRFs and see what happens, as an experiment, or a destroyer on top of your captain.
  124. You need to abuse more. I just got warped twice as engineer into a pack of 8 people, and assaulted by green balls of death, before I decided to switch to recon. The old recon... Even if team only, it's still abusable in the form that you can warp your entire team, or a few frigates out to safety... Frigates should not be able to do that... Sorry 'teleport' is the new 'warp'... In Beacon Hunt, just teleport them to the next beacon... does it work on destroyers, like Guard's Spectre Field? Destroyers shouldn't just disappear. ;\
  125. deviloper?
  126. Who would have thought perma camo cloak would not be broken with 700m/s?
  127. Innovative? Twer'kin is unkillable. I tried in an ECM/recon with just guns and no missiles, and it regens faster than you can damage it, then just escapes. The same applied to Thug'Ra. Btw, Ellydium (you have a typo there, sehr).
  128. Unable to maintain a supply of Focusing Lens. If 2 ships are used in battle, with the ammunition installed, then 1 material unit must drop from loot (if 3 then 1.5, if 4 then 2). On average, only 1 material unit of osmium drops every 4 battles, 0.25 per battle (possibly more with premium, making it P2W). This means that the ammunition can only be used in 1 out of 4, <25% of battles. This furthermore leaves none to spare for ship and component production. They just seem like World of Tanks gold/premium shells now. I've had to revert back to standard (credit) Xenon Lamps.
  129. Just got a 2v2, which grew into a 4v2, with 2 disconnects on the enemy team. One guy idled straight into a wall. GG. Someone shot him... Why would you kill an unarmed man?
  130. Why, so you can run a forum popularity contest? Oh, a newbie, hehe.
  131. What happens when 2 ECM push their 'disable button' at the same time? Divide by zero or the universe enters an infinite recursive loop attempting to calculate the RNG roll. That or it randomly selects between 0 and 1, because the universe is made of 1's and 0's.
  132. Behold the Dart/xxxx: It has a tendency to linger in the vicinity, with great power, sustain and natural immunity to air freshener. It drifts about, while striking to the senses, offending anyone courageous enough to cross its trajectory. To cause great offense is have the greatest defense. This odorous, pungent creature, the vile Space xxxx, takes part in many flatulent Nasal battles, the memory of which will be forever tainted by noxious gasses. Speaking of which, the Twer'Kin leaves huge clouds of noxious gasses in its wake. This must all be connected... It's an Alien conspiracy.
  133. Nothing much more to say. Courtesy of PapyMcBites and me.
  134. I will believe anything these days, especially when it comes from Gaijin: We have no plans to make modifications to Dart/Gargoyle, they are perfectly balanced.
  135. As long as you can kill an enemy every 30 secs, that's how it works (it has 2 such skills). It also heals while dealing AoE damage, heals 100% of damage done (add energy converter for broken mess), etc... It's over-loaded with 4-5 heals. Add an engineer or command like a Dart and they are nearly unkillable. Not to mention they get damage skills and buffs beyond what a standard gunship does, superior maneuverability, etc... They're literally unstoppable in packs. ECM disables don't even work on half their abilities because they're not flagged as 'active abilities'. Neither do they work on energy converter. Gunship with heals, survivability, maneuverability, superior DPS, ECM immobilize, auto-damage, AoE, etc...
  136. Dude, I can shoot Thug'Ra all day on an inty and not kill it... Especially if there are engineers around. No such problem with any other gunship, It's like an ECM with greater DPS than a gunship, with survivability +100% than anything in-class. Ridiculous, but supposedly, there are no plans to 'balance' Dart/Gargoyle, so probably no such plans here either. It's just a cash shop now, any grand idea goes as long as it makes money at this point, I suppose. The end of an empire.
  137. Would it be accurate to say you believe these ships are 'balanced'? Any plans to return loyalty to T4 prems, or is that for T5 'max rank' prems only now too?
  138. Thug'Ra recovers faster than a Mafioso shot 12 times by 4 guys. Full heal for each enemy killed within 1km? Rinse, repeat?
  139. Quest name is in the title: Make Connie Happy. Date/time was just prior to the bug report. Log will not show anything, as it was not a client, but a server/quest issue (no 'Iridium plates' drops).
  140. Aye, king of the internutz.
  141. Biomorphs do not drop 'Iridium plates', 4 are required. Killed about 10 in Colonization Centre, zero drops, just Alien Ship Debris.
  142. Green for 'inexperienced'? Envy? or money? Not sure which. or Alien master race? Every 'opinion' is just a recycled one. This quote has specific relevance. Plus, Hobbes recycled it from Revelation 17:9-11, wherein the kings are the beasts.
  143. You're probably already aware of these, but there has been no patch yet: - Plasma web prevents you from afterburning instead of increasing damage. - Plasma web effect description is broken. - Plasma web effect is too spammy. It visually impairs your ability to aim and acquire targets correctly, especially in combination with White Noise. - White Noise is just broken now, removing all targets for 15 secs is like an insta-win button, and you can't slot/slap Proton Walls on everything.
  144. I could quote Thomas Hobbes on how inequality leads to civil warre (public resistance), or his book 'Leviathan', which compares 'the king' to 'the beast' of Revelation: "Who is like the beast? Who can fight against him?" - Dart/Gargoyle
  145. This sounds like a eugenics thread now, very aristocratic. It will be forever known as the Tai'Kin eugenics thread. All other races are inferior. I'm a philosopher, does that count?
  146. Let me put it this way: I supported the game, before this debacle. I do not support the game in its current form. Incidentally, I just had a brief conversation with someone in global about this issue: The claim made there was such that 'I am not responsible for buying p2w ships, the devs are for releasing them'. This is analogous to the often repeated idiom 'the world isnt fair', as it is used by those who are not fair in order to shift the blame, guilt or responsibility. It is a 'justification' of their actions, as far as they are concerned, if someone else is made to be responsible. It's that type of support you ought to be talking about; everyone who owns one of these ships and remains silent, irresponsible and supposedly 'not to blame' while they continue to abuse the 'feature'. Very Faustian, and aristocratic in that sense. But, at least they indirectly or inadvertently acknowledge they are 'p2w' by blaming the devs.
  147. People will never stop flying Dart/Tharga and they will never get nerfed. Not sure which is more sad, people who cry, or people who support abusive gameplay and marketing.
  148. When can we expect to see massive - and I mean not little - nerfs to the Dart and Gargoyle? Will collision damage be reverted? It's extremely terrible for high ping international gameplay.