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  1. I'd better be able to sell my alien components and fighter structures. It would be cool to sell duplicators/etc items as well.
  2. I honestly expected it some time this week. Looks like they are holding out on us though. I expected the next Ellydium ship this month too but apparently they are way behind schedule.
  3. Nobody is going to sit in OS for 3 hours just to get 5 impure neo/berry/etc. That is a terrible idea. Instead, howabout every X alien or pirate kills that you get, you get a guaranteed monocrystal/neo/berry/etc. sent straight back to your personal hangar.
  4. Yeah the Feds could definitely use some cool stuff. Just atm I feel that Jericho is the bottom of the food chain. The Stingray is still super underpowered and the Sai really needs its new special stuff.
  5. I would sell all of my destroyers if I could if they made them multi crew ships. This game isn't meant to have them and hopefully never will. And they are literally called Destroyers. Why the hell shouldn't they dominate the battlefield???
  6. No idea. I've only seen you once or twice too. I mean I'm always set to Eu servers but that doesn't seem to do anything because is always end up in RU matches. And yeah I really want a FaF guided torpedo mode. I hate having to manually control it. Such a waste of time and you are a sitting duck while doing so.
  7. Mauler is really the only super powerful one. That and Nyx kinda. But Nyx is way more balanced than Mauler.
  8. I should totally be given all of the alien/crystal ships permanently for free. Esp given the 10k hours I've spent in game + the other 284628 hours I've spent on the forums making suggestions. XD But seriously I have a problem. I've probably spent more time on the forums than anyone else.
  9. I like all of this, but the Tyrant should be an exception to the close-quarters nerfs. It is a close range brawler rather than a general suppressor destroyer. Instead, the Tyrant should gain power as enemies get in a close range. And all destroyers need to have a massive theatrical explosion upon death. I don't understand why this doesn't already happen. The debris from destroyed destroyers should also remain on the battlefield forever and be radioactive in a 250m radius or something similar.
  10. I'd love to see a "one in the chamber" game mode where you are allowed only one shot of a special gamemode-specific weapon and your shot is only restored after killing someone or you die. XD One shot would kill anything, so the ships and weapons would need to be standardized. Quick paced gamemodes like that make the world go round. It's like knife game in CoD.
  11. Can ye please put the top bit in the spoiler tab? It's just a copy/paste of the original idea. Thx.
  12. So a loooong time ago I suggested that the Jericho line get some tweaks and gizmos and gadgets etc. Here is the post: There are several unique looking ships in the Jericho tree that have no particular bonus to having. Namely the Blood Tormentor, Nyx, Razor, Dragonfly, Cutter, Sawtooth, and Mauler. There are others that could use some cool stuff but for now let's stick with those. For the Blood Tormentor, I imagine a menacing guard heading off a gang of pirates in space. They come around an asteroid and the BT flares to life, seemingly growing flaming wings and a glowing jagged spine. It flashes through you and your team, devastating your shields and hulls as it passes by. You fling your ship around to notice that it has taken almost no damage. Blood Tormentor Special: "The 'Berserker' Modification" Tooltip: Upon activation, forms plasma blades across the edges of your ship for 8 seconds. Also increases maximum speed by 75% and shield resistances by 200pts. Recharge: 25s The Nyx would also get a cool new module and function. I see it as the mosquito of the Jericho ships; near damn invincible and evasive as all hell. It has a visible intake on the front of it that could stand to serve some purpose. Imagine it darting across the battlefield and suddenly vanishing from your radars. Several seconds later it appears behind your and your hull begins to slowly disintegrate and flow in to the jaws of the Nyx. It then generates a wave of energy that hits your hull with an extremely heavy thud. Your shields begin to fall, bit by bit. Your shield generator has been inverted and you are now generating shields for all of the enemies surrounding you. What a menacing fate to behold. Nyx Special Module: "The 'Menacer' Modification." Tooltip: Emits a phasic shockwave that inverts enemy shield generation within 750m of the user. Affected ships siphon their shields to all allies within 750m of them for the next 5 seconds at a rate of 800pts/s. Recharge: 35s The Razor would be another story. It is really just an FPV drone with big guns. I see it with some sort of big cannon on the front of it that utilizes the two long protrusions on it. Like it comes out from cloak at about 3km away and charges, then fires a massive force beam that shoves you away in one big push, smashing your ship in to an asteroid and killing you instantly. Since there's not much else that it's good for at the moment, aside for looks, this seems to some extent reasonable. Razor Special Module: "The 'Moses' Modification" Tooltip: Upon activation, instantly pushes all ships and objects in front of the ship away at a maximum speed of 1,000m/s. The impulse is instant, but the affected ships lose 80% of their acceleration/deceleration ability for 3 seconds. Recharge: 45s In order of the Dragonfly, I don't see much that can be done. It is an excellent Command fighter. What I do see happening is a sort of mass linkage of shields etc that enables users who stay clumped together in a team formation to be nearly invincible. With a Dragonfly at the center of a squad of pilots, all incoming damage to any of them is regenerated at the added speed of all of their shield generators. Massive regenerative capabilities are possible if the right team is used. Dragonfly Special Module: "The 'Unity' Modification" Tooltip: Passively adds up the natural shield regeneration rates of all pilots within 2,500m and allows every affected pilot to regenerate their shields at this new rate. Active mode will allow any positive effects from active modules on affected ships to be granted to all ships for 5 seconds. Recharge: 30s The Cutter is a wicked looking ship that really serves no purpose aside for being a quick covert ops interceptor. Nothing really interesting here. This could be fixed by giving use to those structures on the top of the ship. I see them launching a volley of randomly seeking missiles that have a sort of burning affect. As a last resort to deal damage, or just to sabotage nearby enemy plans, a Cutter launches a volley of six homing missiles that automatically lock on to nearby targets and then release burning globs of plasma that stick to them like napalm. Cutter Special Module: "The 'Valkyrie' Modification" Tooltip: Releases a volley of 6 randomly homing missiles that track targets automatically. Upon hit, enemies within 150m of the blast are burnt for 4,250 thermal damage over the next 5 seconds. The effect stacks if multiple missiles hit the same target. Recharge: 40s Most of us could agree that the Sawtooth is a very menacing looking ship, and that it is largely underpowered because of missed opportunities. Because of its shape and visuals, it seems more like a damage dealer than a casual tackler. It looks like it could boast some form of massive cannon using the protrusions on the front of the ship. It looks like it could be some sort of destabilizing bolt that zaps several targets on hit. I see it quickly becoming a main caliber weapon. Sawtooth Special Module: "The 'Spectre Phaser' Modification" Tooltip: Fires a bolt of energy that can bounce between four different targets for decreasing damage per bounce. The first target receives 6,150 EM damage, and the second receives 66% of that, and so on. If the chain goes to completion, a pickup is formed that will cloak any ally for 6 seconds. Recharge: 6s Ahhh the Mauler. A beautiful ship that bears no symmetry or reason. It is a devastator and ravager with nearly no rival. It could stand to bear some sort of tweak that allows it to unlock its full potential. Imagine the current guided torpedo module, but with an ingrained AI system that allows it to work independently from the user. A Mauler rolls up to the battlefield and begins wreaking havoc and destroying ships left and right with its main weapons. A ship is trying to flee, so it uses EM camo and dives in to the distance. The Mauler opens up its torpedo bay and drops out a massive warhead that immediately begins to track the engine trail of the fleeing ship. The AI navigates closer until it is within the blast range and then detonates the warhead, blowing the ship to bits in an instant. Mauler Special Module: "The 'Avenger' Modification" Tooltip: Fires a standard guided torpedo that has an advanced AI module which allows it to track even enemies not shown on the radar using their engines. It can detonate itself and navigate around obstacles to reach its target. The target is selected by the closest enemy to the crosshairs in front of the ship. Recharge: 16s
  13. If I had the assets and game config files etc I could have one fully functional in a week. Custom ships/modules/weapons aren't that hard to make. It's just the model that takes forever, as well as balancing. But seeing as balancing isn't done any more yeah, I could have one fully functional in a week tops.
  14. *Not quite accidental bump*
  15. I'd suggest also buying a lower rank ship (like R8-9) so that you will have a more consistent level curve, but I've pledged to not spend another cent on this game unless they offer a literal copypasta Hunter. Be prepared for disappointment when you can no longer gain resources with your favorite ships.
  16. That looks super cool. It looks like one of those weird old photoshop filters. But yeah that isn't supposed to happen.
  17. They should also be given the destroyer's wormhole and it be taken from the destroyers. It would make more sense to have more mobility modules on something that needs to keep up with and protect a certain ship/object.
  18. That too. I just have being secluded to a certain range of ships/abilities. T3 is much more varied and exotic compared to T5.
  19. Yeah but this will affect me for literally the rest of the time I have the game. You can't demote yourself. (But I wish I could. I hate T5 PvP.)
  20. I love all of this. Make it happen!
  21. I like it a lot but I really do agree that it gets annoying when you get three survival matches back to back to back. I wish combat recon would happen more instead. That's probably one of my fav game modes.
  22. This is my point. Why add something with no function.
  23. The title says it all. The requirement to use your highest rankships is outrageous and does NOT give incentive to increase player rank. At the moment I regret nothing more than using my valuable xenocrystals to increase the rank of my Thar'Ga. It wastes resources and makes it much harder to gain them because of the rank increase. If I could undo all of those upgrades I would.
  24. Oh dear. I didn't know that you were one of -them-... Im sorry for your loss. But not really.
  25. I would be 120470200% OK with never having to do an escort mission ever again. They are the actu worst missions and are unbearably boring and difficult. 0/10
  26. This gave me an epic idea for a new game: Star Quest! The great new RPG where every ship is a character to play, and every module is a "spell" that can be cast for a certain amount of "mana" (energy). Same story but on the ground and more magical. Aliens are infected crystal virus creatures that use dark magic to destroy everything they find.
  27. 11/10 for OP's suggestion. Telly sphere would make a super wasteful active module for all elly ships.
  28. Agreed. Same for plasma gun and assault railgun.
  29. -If they don't want it then why did they allow it-
  30. Maybe not a bug, but it stands to be fixable. Posting items to -any- chat should allow players to click the item and offer some amount of GS. The one who posted the item should be able to accept or decline the offers individually. Right now the Trade chat is literally just a copy of global chat. Doesn't change anything.
  31. Either. The damage scales with ship size like most weapons do now. Plus, pressing a single key will stop the damage instantly.
  32. The damage can be out-regenned easily. It's just enough to scare the enemy in to unlocking you. So far the only true use for the damage is uncloaking tacklers.
  33. Then why can I post items to general chat too?
  34. 1. Description of the problem, what happened. The trade chat grants the users no functionality 2. What did you expected to happen. I expected to be able to click on people's items to offer a trade or likewise. 3. The conditions during the situation. in hanger. trade chat. 4. Further details on the issue. no functionality is offered in the trade chat that cannot be used elsewhere. trade GUI also has no function besides displaying items in chat. 5. Frequency of occurrence. 100% 6. Logs + screenshots or a video (Including a description of the issue, where to and how to reproduce it) Screenshot needs to be done with ingame tools! Don't change screenshot's original name! 7. If possible, the time when it happend. In this case we will be able to look more closely to the server logs. Also mention your time zone. 8. Information on the configuration of your computer (DxDiag) 9. The results of this program if the bug report is related to connection issues. 10. If the complaint is related to Sector Conquest, it is necessary to specify the location and time + timezone of the happening.
  35. 1. Description of the problem, what happened. A transaction was cancelled and i did not get the items back until i logged out and back in. 2. What did you expected to happen. i expected to get the items back immediately with no personal actions. 3. The conditions during the situation. in hangar. trading with niripas. they cancelled and i was not refunded immediately. 4. Further details on the issue. none. 5. Frequency of occurrence. 100% 6. Logs + screenshots or a video (Including a description of the issue, where to and how to reproduce it) Screenshot needs to be done with ingame tools! Don't change screenshot's original name! 2017.03.17 7. If possible, the time when it happend. In this case we will be able to look more closely to the server logs. Also mention your time zone. today 8. Information on the configuration of your computer (DxDiag) n/a 9. The results of this program if the bug report is related to connection issues. n/a probably 10. If the complaint is related to Sector Conquest, it is necessary to specify the location and time + timezone of the happening. n/a
  36. Technically it was supposed to be a ship ability but that's too hard to program so they made it a passive. Also that makes it so that people can chose wether or not to make use of it. Tbh I'd love it if it needed a double-tap or some other sequence of strokes to activate. At the moment it's super damn annoying. Especially since it doesn't show its cooldown.
  37. It should actually have stayed the same with maybe about -10% damage from the initial value. The change that I would make personally is increase the duration of the charge (while keeping the damage increase the same) and make some sort of animation to indicate that the weapon is being charged, like a cloud of green particles being sucked to the ship or something. It is meant to deal heavy damage in one single shot, but only once every several seconds. If not charged, it has no range and insane spread which makes it useless. Even the "sniper" mode still has more spread than the shrapnel cannon. And the shrapnel cannon is supposed to be the true shotgun. Anyways the damage shouldn't be nerfed but it should alert the target to when it is being charged. And maybe extend the charge time slightly.
  38. When am I getting my Hunter?
  39. What was the combat reconstructor previously? The big hull-sucking field? Or the other passive one for killsx
  40. Well I guess it's time to boycott PvP again. XD
  41. You can't bring back dead features just by saying "this weapon is good". It isn't. At least not for the greater majority of players. The whole "top five guns" thing is false and probably derived from whatever "statistics" that your servers throw at you. Just a means to try to get players to use them again temporarily. Though on topic of the actual weapon, I find it great for use in engie-hunting with a crit Mauler. It can easily have over 200% damage increase with relatively high chance.
  42. During the "unapproved" phase of posting a suggestion, I am unable to return to my topics to add to them or change things. This is a problem. Sreenshot attached. Also I find it tedious that the "Star Conflict" banner at the top of the page no longer directs you back to the home page of the forums, and instead goes back to the website for the game. It is quicker to just close the tab and go to favourites and open it again than to navigate the forums in-site.
  43. Cooldown times should be universal. Let's just make every ship have a cooldown of 25s. That way, destroyers get in faster and Ellydiums get in slower. All's well. XD
  44. And destroyers are so pointless now that I might as well just not carry any modules. I never get to use them aside from 15 seconds in to the game because as soon as a covie sees me, I lose them all. Not to mention the massive wait time after you die in the first minute of the game.
  45. It would be fun to have the option to launch as an advanced torpedo or super fast drone while launching your actual ship. This would be especially useful for the dummies that use destroyers and get killed in 3 seconds. And off-field bombardment kinda makes sense.
  46. Name: Reconstitution Module Type: Active module for engineering frigates Recharge: 60s Active range: 500m Energy: All Tooltip: Allows the user to see player ship wrecks on the HUD. The user can lock on to and restore a ship wreck as a usable ship. Reconstitution takes 15 seconds. The user is locked in place with the wreck while restoring it. The restored ship will be ingrained with an advanced alien AI chip that allows it to act on its own. (In PvE or Open Space, this will simply restore the target's ship.)
  47. Well regardless of what is said or believed, the base aspect of the game at the moment is "You either have fun, or make progress. You can't do both." Of course with the exception of those people who have everything and have the mentality of "I have a higher rank ship so I can just forget all of my lower ships forever." And anyone who says T5 is still fun needs a kick in the pants. Destroyers: Useless. Standard ships: Underpowered. Thar'Ga: Everywhere. Secret Projects: Neglected. CTB: Overrated and annoying.
  48. Translation: In the coming update, you will need to pay for storage space, and existing storage space will me extremely limited. There will also be a requirement to only fly your highest rank ships or else you can't leave the station, or can't pick up any loot. Also did we mention that everything will be able to one-shot you after the update.
  49. Name: Cargo Dispatch Modification Type: Passive hull module Tooltip: Extends the user's cargo bay by turning the space in to a detachable warp drone. Press "K" to release the cargo bay to return it to your base. Hull volume is reduced by 2,250pts upon drone release. Drone takes 30 seconds to return. This would in essence be a cargo drone that you can equip on literally any ship so that you don't need to fly to a gate to send your cargo back. Though the drone will leave with your entire cargo bay, as well as some hull, so you will be damaged and unable to scavenge for 30 seconds after releasing it. The "PvP benefit" could be that it very slowly repairs your hull by 1% per 3 seconds or something. Idk.
  50. "Because players bragged, we are forcing literally everyone to halt progress if they want to enjoy playing, or play with their favourite ships."
  51. I'd love a way to display our stuff
  52. Just as a note in the middle of the night for the sake of getting it out there before I forget it, I suggest that there be semi-rare events and enemies that spawn in various game modes and have great rewards like the old random Otherworld warp gate where you could mysteriously warp in to their world instead of to your destination. Things like this that people think are fake for a while need to be a thing still. Like stuff that sounds like someone telling ghost stories until you see it for yourself. Like a phantom crystallid that is like no others that drops 250 iridium on kill and can randomly spawn from a portal literally anywhere at any time. Or pirate raids that happen during PvP battles or in OS. They would be super weak compared to the old biomorphs in PvP event, and give lots of credits for killing them. Like a bounty. Other cool stuff would include finding ultra rare ship parts in debris in OS or in loot that unlocks blueprints for a super secret ship. Likewise for weapons and modules. There just needs to be more benefit for players that actually play. Like things that nobody can buy, but they must find instead. And these things need to be truly powerful or worth-while. This would demolish anyone's argument that the game is P2W as well, because the OP-ish or unique stuff would only come from playing the game lots and being super lucky. But don't make them as rare as good MC loot or those random achievement parts like sonic screwdriver etc. That is hella too rare because I know like 10 people that have ever seen them. I personally only have 3 parts (I think) and haven't seen one since OS got its loot nerf. But my point is just this: Bring back loot exclusives and super rare random events and enemies that spice up the game and give great rewards. It would be like in the old days finding "Experimental" equipment that was better than anything else but only obtainable through loot and kinda super rare. AND FOR FK'S SAKE DONT HORDE IT ALL TO R15 OR THAT STUPID "MAX RANK" THING. And don't make it impossibly rare or hidden. (Unless it is spoiler/easter-egg.) Just make it rare enough that someone can't rush in and find it after only a few hours of flying. **Not so rare that there are still only rumors of its existence after 2 years.**
  53. Farming materials is super simple now. All you must do is play PvP/PvE with maximum synergy ships of the rank that the destroyer you want is. Example: To get Neodium, play PvP/PvE with rank 8 shipps that are fully leveled up. But honestly I don't know why anyone would want to put hella effort in to a destroyer any more. They kinda suck right now. Especially with CovOps and Ellydium ships around.
  54. Yeah no this feature is fine. But there is still much more that could be changed with destroyers, since it was brought up.
  55. I say fix them. The price increase every node is insane.
  56. You got hella ping boi. Hop over to better internet and it will probs go away. But honestly I think a bit of ping makes it more realistic. Like every ship is basically a drone and you don't expect remote communications to FTL to your ship for instant control do you.
  57. pink tag

    I'd love to do OS but tbh it's hella awful atm. Useless drops and no more MC's. Enemies are all op and basically the same. Really I'd have more fun losing more PvP battles and getting resources that way. I either win or lose a battle in like 2 minutes these days anyways because MM has no idea what it is doing.
  58. Only way I've found to make my Tyrant useful in battle is to get 2 experienced engineers with Mk4 eclipses to perma heal me the entire time. Ofcouse this is outside of sitting at >8km outside the battle and chucking photon torpedoes. Other than that, I find destroyers inefficient and useless. They are meant to destroy, not be destroyed. Honestly I think that they should be battle fortresses. Literally invincible, but all of the modules and weapons can be destroyed and must regenerate over time. It should never be possible to kill a destroyer solo, or without serious tactical advantage. I suggest that the "Command Tower" suggestion be implemented, and they get an IMMENSE survivability buff that makes them nearly invincible, but disablable. The command tower should disable main weapons and radar systems while it is destroyed. Seems about right.
  59. Yes, but it would not glow, and would be like a clear dark green crystal.
  60. It works in all modes. It just shows in a different way by just showing the death screen. XD
  61. Also considering that gunships and covies are literally built for the sole purpose of dealing as much damage as possible...
  62. Well it's a "solid" barrier between the user and the world... I just thought it was apt
  63. Yeah it's really not that hard to get for free. Especially if you have at least one destroyer already. I have enough mats for three of them now, without even playing. I've just been doing a few weekly missions here and there as well as daily sending out my destroyers for plates. Also had tons of internal structures from new year missions.
  64. Name: Crystal Shield Type: Passive Shield Module for all ships Tooltip: Magnetically suspends a crystal seed in front of your ship that slowly grows by 5m and 200pts of durability per second for a maximum disc diameter of 600m and durability of 40,000pts with no resistance. The shield blocks all of the user's kinetic weaponry and explosive secondary weapons that hit it.
  65. I agree that destroyers are actual trash right now, but with with number of whiners in the game and forums now, there's no hope for them. Best use for them now is away missions for alien panels to stay ahead of the alien ship race. Aside from getting composite panels, they are generally useless now. If I was going to "fix" them, it would be like this: 1) Give them a maximum weapon range of about 4,000m. 2) Remove increased incoming damage. 3) Make then permanently visible to all pilots on the field no matter the range. 4) Make heavy repair drones naturally appear once hull is damaged. 5) Make static shields stop explosion and piercing damage. 6) Give them a plasma arc-like secondary option in place of static shields to take out enemies that dare venture too close. (<750m) 7) Make wormhole projector act more like a wormhole projector and less like a single use EM cannon. Like a suggestion I made a while ago. Double the cooldown as well. 8) Make maximum forward speed cap at 250m/s, but increase rotational speeds. 9) Allow normal warp speed through gates. (2,000m/s instead of 500m/s.) 10) Tune active modules to where they recharge much slower, but also are much more powerful. For instance, the pyro would have maximum of 5,000m range, about doubled damage, and have half the windup time, in exchange for 2.5x reload time. 11) Slightly decrease all resistances. This would make them in to extremely deadly and tanky ships that have extremely limited effective range, but once a ship ventured close enough, it could obliterate it. The proposed maximum weapon range cap would allow for enemies to fire in from a range safely, but also give the destroyer a chance against quick, close-quarters combat ships like covops and Ellydium ships. Beyond this, there would be many complaints about the range and stuff, but it would actually make them 1) worth-while and 2) more strategical. They would maintain somewhat of an ability to rush in to scatter the enemies from cover, but once separated from their team, they would be easily picked off by the enemy frigates and long range ships.
  66. I always thought one of these would be amazing for Star Citizen because it would make it feel like actual rudder pedals, but in Star Conflict it seems rather pointless. I frequently play it with just my mouse. (Then again I do have a 26 button mouse...)
  67. Idk I kinda like it.
  68. The problem is that when shields are down, there is nothing within the blast radius to take damage, so it deals none. When shields are up, explosion damage hits them through the static barriers. Halo also has a very small blast radius of close to 10-20m, so as soon as shield goes down, you cannot damage them any more. I believe the internal shield radius (for damage application) is something like 200m, so anything with a >200m explosion radius should work no matter what.
  69. YES PLEASE. We are paying for them anyways, so why not.
  70. There should be a dynamic maximum rank in Ellydium. Like where your profile rank changes based on what rank your highest ranked elly ship is. Example: ( Thar'ga-13 Sk'ur'sus-7 Rank-13 ) ( Thar'ga-9 Sk'ur'sus-8 Rank-9 )
  71. So does this also work if we have unlocked it to rank 13? If not, I regret doing it even more so.
  72. We can pick just one of the topics, right? Xp
  73. Have a Haiku instead: When the trees flower, and when Fox starts sneezing lots, I know it is Spring.
  74. They deal no damage when their explosion radius does not contact the shield/hull. And when the halo does minor damage like this, it is because of the radiation dealing damage, not the actual charge. Generally anything with an explosion radius with <50m will deal zero damage to a destroyer if it hits their static barrier.
  75. Premium ship parts don't really count to my point here but they have opportunity for improvement. For premium ship parts I would suggest that the currencies be unified to let any parts work for any ships.
  76. This whole "max rank" bs is just that: bs. It should be abandoned and removed immediately. And no more exclusive parts. We don't need any more currencies.
  77. You realize how terribly awful that statement is, right? It either: 1) Makes people want to not upgrade their alien ships because it will actually LIMIT THEM IF THEY INVEST IN IT or 2) Makes it a terrible hassle to actually complete missions because nobody wants to be trapped in their highest tier. Many people say that the grind is much less terrible now, but all I see is one wall after another being put up. It's only gotten worse.
  78. Quote outside of quotes because quotes are still broken on mobile (like everything else): ========================= >> Also complete the Broker's special tasks in PvP, and Co-op: Pilots! You need to destroy or help destroy 10 enemy ships in PvP, with a ship of the maximum available rank from any side of conflict in a combat slot. Your reward is a free container with Phoenix and Reaper ship components. <<Why the hell max rank? That's pure BS for a r8 ship component container!Is this mission repeatable? Or one time only? ========================== Exactly what I'm thinking about all of the recent missions. This is a super bad tactic for player manipulation and I won't have it. Aside for daily away missions and any event missions, I'm not playing any more.
  79. Sawtooth: Impact Beam: "Deals 11,000 Thermal damage and flies at 8,500m/s for 10,000m. The beam must charge for 1 second before firing. 25s recharge." Nyx: Hull Melter: "Always active while in battle. Deals 1,500 Thermal damage per second to the hull of any enemy the front of your ship is touching. 250pts of that damage is used to repair your hull." (Like it's using that teeny tiny mouth thing of its to munch munch munch on the hills of enemies. >:3c) Cutter: Valkyrie Missiles: Fires 6 homing missiles from the top of your ship. Each deals 2,750 EM damage and can travel up to 6,000m. Each targets a random enemy in range. 45s recharge." Blood Tormentor: Spine Saw: "Creates a massive blade of energy along the top of your ship that deals 7,500 EM damage per second over 10 seconds. 45s recharge." Razor: Kinetic Force: "Pounds the enemies in front of your ships with a relentless beam of forceful energy that pushes them away quickly. 35s recharge." Mauler: Hellfire Missiles: "Drops 11 deadly homing missiles out of the rear of your ship that deal 3,500 Thermal damage and can avoid obstacles in flight. Each targets a random enemy in a range of 9,000m. 50s recharge." Just some ideas to fit in with the soon to come new premium ships. The Sawtooth especially looks like it might have some massive, devastating beam come out of the front of it.
  80. Who thought that fuel was a good idea. You can sit in PvP or PvE for as long as you want running full afterburners and all sorts of modules and yer fine, but in OS if you use afterburners to cross a map you may not be able to get out. What the heck. Someone either give me a decent explanation of this mechanic or remove it. It really gets annoying having to search for fuel on a cross-sector trip in anything other than an interceptor.