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  1. And it should especially get a buff given the crafting requirements now. I say same damage, but 2x - 2.5x heals and in a larger radius. Recharge could be a few seconds less too.
  2. Thanks lol. That's one way to do it. Wait I don't see it.
  3. It is free. If you play those awful max rank missions in ellydium faction.
  4. Now this is the 800$ question.
  5. The proper question is "why would you sell ships"
  6. But really the mono requirements for crafting are insane
  7. bug

    Already been submitted by Koro but it probably needed a refresh.
  8. It should nullify spillover damage upon teleport to prevent this. Easy fix.
  9. This though. This is what I had in mind. I Don't want to need to keep checking back in every two hours just to refresh items I'm trying to sell.
  10. The fired drones from Woz'Got do not heal the user, and instead damage them. This should either heal them or do nothing. They do heal it seems but only if fired at a distance, with highly reduced healing. They should not damage the main ship though,
  11. The fired drones are taken down by guard missile shelds. This should not happen. Try it.
  12. So heres some fun math: Each engineer cabin part costs 300 composite blocks. You need 10 cabins for a total of 3,000 blocks. You have a maximum of 500 blocks in storage. You get 15 blocks per day maximum with both rank destroyers. What. And that's not even counting the "RANDOM" parts you get from Random containers. The elidium faction is one big sh!tshow.
  13. The cabin for the Woz'Got should be renamed to suit what it actually is, because I can read the devs' hecking minds and they will not allow it to be used to anything but the Woz'Got because of their epic moneygrabs. It is false promise if it is called "Frigate Cabin" much like "Fighter Cabin".
  14. When the Woz'Got is destroyed, the shipwreck is identical to the Thar'Ga's. It should be more... Woz'Got-ish.
  15. This? Makes no sense??? Explain???????
  16. Whats with the weird irrelevant mini-models that you sell for 50$ and are only for specific ships. Like... I don't understand. Sure it's cool and unique but it does nothing and costs 50$. And it can never be gotten in-game, or even at all now. Id love to have the tharga battle armor to upgrade speed or something, and the bat on Tai'Kin to upgrade radar, and the drone on the Waz'got to repair me or allies or shoot or something. Idc. But if you do make them functional, make them obtainable in-game.
  17. Monocrystals are by far the rarest resource in the game, aside from event-exclusives. I can't afford to spend 60 monos on one single weapon. And I'm pretty sure that many other players can't either. Mk5 upgrades are pointless and wasteful and crafting items leaves you broke in terms of resources. You have two options here to resolve this issue; 1) Reduce the monocrystal costs for all items by at least 50-75%. 2) Allow players to get gaurunteed monocrystal income consistently. (no xxxx daily or max rank missions) Make it happen.
  18. Vey rarely, as a nod to the old pre-revolution Star Conflict, I suggest that several modules and weapons and items that used to be in the game be re-implemented as "legacy items" that are extremely rarely found in loot. Here are a few items that I suggest be added, as examples: - Classic Static Barrier (Pentagonal glory) - Classic Shrapnel Cannon (auto-charge awesomeness) - Classic Heavy Plasma (Big static boom shot) - Classic Heavy Laser (BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ) - Classic Heavy Railgun (Old Flak Type II turrets) - Classic RF Blaster (Unlimited pew pew pew) - Classic Torpedo (FSHHHHHHHH-BOOM!!)
  19. I Just gotta say having the test server open only for a few hours a day is a very very bad idea. It severely limits what players can actually participate at any given time. I got 5 minutes on the ship before I had to go and didn't get back until it was cut off. Yeah there's multiple days but my schedule doesn't change much day to day. Hence why I play so much more at night.
  20. Simple fix: make it a HUD option. I love it.
  21. If I must communicate with other players to sell or buy something, the system is flawed.
  22. It should last forever. Or at least a week. If I want to sell something, I want it to be posted and forgotten about. We are paying GS tax for this service it should at least be useful. Make it a permanent auction where players post the item with a price and anyone online can find it and buy it and the seller be paid.
  23. Trade is like it should be. You post an item and price and someone buys it. Simple. Ive been wanting a countdown timer for modules for ages I love it. Meh. Im still trying to download the update. My internet here is horrid. .5mbps
  24. As long as task manager still opens I'm fine. And only a virus would prevent TM from activating.
  25. Lol and Windown commands don't work either. To go to other apps I must open task manager then hit the windows command. Nothing works in game. I can't even use proper print screen unless something non-game is selected.
  26. Ok but just looking at tharg and taik this ship will be both nearly impossible to get and even harder to upgrade, because exclusive parts and awful max rank missions. And the mods don't actually look too OP now, but we'll see once testification happens.
  27. You need to put that quote on your profile for future generations to see. It's perfect. "Everything that is not prohibited is allowed."
  28. I watch the Russian streams through Google translate sometimes when I'm feeling lazy. XD Though we really must address the major difference between Ru and En streams. Ru gets a lot more done.
  29. Nah this is just a built-in feature of crystal ships.
  30. Yeach its starting to affect PvP now too. This is getting annoying.
  31. But here's the question that's really on all our minds: can you get more GS from this.
  32. And for graphics they are also preparing new models for some ships very slowly, as seen in the low-rank empire interceptors and fighters.
  33. Hey it wasn't my idea. That was all the devs' doing. The current way things are is a bit... Delicate.
  34. I've owned a R15 CTB match in a palom. You can use any ships of any rank in CTB so I often have fun just playing around. A 150pt boost to resistance and 50% damage boost really makes a difference.
  35. Plz all my good ships (besides mauler and peregrine) are in T3. T5 is dead and pointless for me. I only ever play there for daily missions. Plus all ships are "balanced" automatically now via sheer damage and resistance. And I think we could all agree that a Phoenix with drones could kick xxxx in any rank.
  36. Regardless I still want this so I can use my low rank ships in high rank battles.
  37. Gonna be changed to "you can only gain useful rewards if you pay 200$"
  38. Inatead of MM determining what rank to queue players in, they should be able to queue in to battles of their choice, with the ships that they chose. Each rank on ships should be declared the "minimum rank" for battles that that ship can play in, and they should be able to be used in any rank beyond that. This would allow players who grinded for special ships and modules in low ranks (Styx drones, reaper, nightingale, etc) to play in high ranks where the can get useful rewards due to your heinous "maximum rank required" rule addition. Regardless of the presence of the max rank sh**, this would benefit all players and make high rank games much more interesting and fun. Please please please consider this, as it would mean bringing paying players back to the game and make their favorite ships useful again. This would be such a simple change too. For example of its use, say you have a Palom, Styx, Gargoyle, and Karud equipped, you will be able to use all ships in R15, or up to the Gargoyle in R11 with the Karud disabled, or the Styx in R9 with the Gargoyle and Karud disabled. This would also hasten MM because players would be able to select their rank range manually and not need to be sorted.
  39. Wwit wait wait so we are "cross-breeding" aliens now??? For what purpose??????? Shall we take them as pets? Servants? Crew???
  40. Given IRL virtual particle research and actual results showing that they exist and interact with matter, we should be using them more in-game! Here are a few cool ideas: 1) Name: Virtual Particle Plasma Thruster (VPP Engine) Type: Passive Engine module for Secret Project ships Rank: 15 Tooltip: Using virtual particles to create plasma, these thrusters don't consume fuel, leading to an exponentially increased efficiency. Increases maximum speed by 25% but decreases acceleration by 20%. 2) Name: Virtual Particle Barrier Type: Passive Shield module for Secret Project ships Rank: 15 Tooltip: Creates a small solid barrier in the direction of incoming explosives that absorbs 75% of the damage and bounces away mortars for 2 seconds every 5 seconds. Only activates after recieving damage and stays in the same direction. If a ship hits the barrier, the collision damage is increased by 3x. 3) Name: Virtual Particle Railgun Type: Primary weapon for Secret Project ships Rank: 15 Damage: 1,150 Kinetic RoF: 245 rpm Critical chance: 20% Critical bonus: 50% Projectile Speed: 4,750m/s Firing range: 3,575m Overheat/cooling: 8/2 seconds Tooltip: Using a virtual particle condensing array, and the latest magnetic accelerator technology, this strange weapon can fire virtual particles through objects. Up to 1,600m away from the pilot, projectiles will fly through two objects before interacting with something. 4) Name: Modified Virtual Particle Condenser Type: Passive Hull module for Secret Project ships Tooltip: Using modified alien technology, this condenser uses virtual particles to create extra armor plates around the ships' hull. Each plate can absorb 1,000 damage. Number of plates depends on the size of the ship. 5) Name: False Vacuum Bomb Type: Active Module for Secret Project ships Energy: 400 Recharge: 100 seconds Tooltip: Drops a massive bomb that contains one atom of Ununoctium at its core. After 15 seconds of highlighting a specific area, a light-speed explosion occurs and all ships in a 2,500m radius lose 90% of their remaining hull. 6) Virtual Particle Resonance Reactor Type: Passive Capacitor module for Secret Project ships Tooltip: Using a compact fuel refinery combined with a virtual particle generator, this module passively regenerates 1% of fuel and 150 energy every 3 seconds that the user is not using active modules or weapons.
  41. Maybe there's a self-imposed character limit like the NEW storage limits. Xp
  42. "You'll have to re-send the check. I was out yesterday and my mail was destroyed."
  43. Resource limits are some of the dumbest things ever. Like random containers. And premium market.
  44. 1. Yeah it is from tasks. "Alien recon evolution" is their name. 2. It's better than having the items be erased forever with no profit. 3. This only reinforces his point.
  45. Everyone up-vote this idea right now. This is a great idea.
  46. It had the possibility to be a cool and useful feature, but no there is no reason to call "trade" trade. You can't trade. And if you try, you are super limited and must pay every time. GS is mandatory. These containers only reinforce the fact that all of this is extremely flawed in that a random container has a random drop and that random drop has an exceptionally high chance of simply being stored away forever and be useless because it can't be sold or nobody wants it. Blueprints should be TRADEable and parts should be tradable and sellable. Blueprints have no place in the market. They should also be removed from containers and re-added to OS.
  47. I'd rather they go back to like they were. This is awful. These containers are awful. The market is awful.
  48. bug

    Maybe it's like Parcheesi and you gotta roll exactly the number it takes to get in.
  49. Tl;dr: PvE shouldn't lock ships in battle because tacklers and adsholes exist. Simply because tacklers and recons and Ru players exist, exiting a PvE match should NEVER lock your ships in battle. I hate it when everyone is dead or trying to reset the battle and one a55hole decides he wants to do nothing but run in circles and hide for 30 minutes. This is inexcusable behaviour and should not be catered to.
  50. But you gotta remember that energy is still a hella big issue for destroyers.
  51. I would love being able to equip duplicate modules on any ship. I don't see why you wouldn't be able to anyways. Destroyers are just static weapons platforms that were given engines anyways. Think pirate turret stations but sleeker and less invincible and more mobile.
  52. Sounds more like an active module
  53. Edited.
  54. 1. Description of the problem, what happened. I will randomly be permanently disconnected from a match. Even if I was just about to win. No Rewards given and repair costs charged. 2. What did you expected to happen. I expected to be able to play the damn game like normal. 3. The conditions during the situation. PvE/PvP randomly 4. Further details on the issue. It would seem that everyone in the match is disconnected as well. Only proven once in an R15 PvP match though. 5. Frequency of occurrence. ~20% 6. Logs + screenshots or a video (Including a description of the issue, where to and how to reproduce it) Screenshot needs to be done with ingame tools! Don't change screenshot's original name! 2017.06.12 7. If possible, the time when it happend. In this case we will be able to look more closely to the server logs. Also mention your time zone. Now. 8. Information on the configuration of your computer (DxDiag) My computer is perfect. 9. The results of this program if the bug report is related to connection issues. First one I ran while game was open it kicked me while it was testing so it was perfect but I didn't realize I had to screencap and it didn't record results... 10. If the complaint is related to Sector Conquest, it is necessary to specify the location and time + timezone of the happening.
  55. Name: Tesla Plating Type: Passive Hull Module Tooltip: Electrifies the hull to deal minor thermal damage within 250m of the ship to all enemies and objects. Contact with the hull causes massive EM damage. Decreases energy regeneration by 10%.
  56. The Crystal Mutagen was discovered after an Ellydium convoy was attacked and a prototype regenerator crystal was nearly destroyed. Upon near completion of self-regeneration, a strange polyp developed near an engine core. This polyp grew in to a previously unintended extra propulsion crystal which proved exceptionally useful, yet in the same matter detrimental, to the craft. While manoevering capabilities and speed were greatlyh increased, the extra energy drain was simply too much for the capacitor to sustain, leading to many other issues. Further testing of this now mass produced feature gave way to similar growths and changes in crystal structures as they regrew. Now all Ellydium ships have been infected with this strange "disease" and can spontaneously grow unintentional features. These features also seem to be much weaker than standard ones, so they tend to break off in combat easier. Easy come easy go I guess. Here is my proposal for a new feature for every Ellydium ship that exists and will exist. I suggest that they all be able to spontaneously grow extra booster crystals and laser crystals and missile crystals etc when their hull is naturally regenerating. (By naturally I mean the 25pts/s regent after 5 seconds of doing nothing.) I noticed that the floating features on some ships aren't really directly attached and thought this would be suuuuuuuper cool and easy to implement. All crystal growths would simply float outside the hull of the ship in a random location. Looks like these thingies engine crystal thingies on the Tai'Kin. (See image of underside of tai with jumo crystals showing floaty booster crystals) Here are some suggestions for the ability to get you started: Crystal booster: grows a standalone booster that hovers just outside the ship and increases speed and manoeuvring with boosters by 12%. Increases booster energy draw by 10%. Engine can be shot and has 1000pts of durability. Crystal Laser: grows a standalone weapons crystal that automatically fires a single laser at your crosshairs when you fire. If the weapons overheat past 75%, the crystal will explode. Crystal can be shot and has 800pts of durability. Shield crystal: grows a floating shielding crystal that helps defend the ship. It generates a secondary shield that is projected in one direction and has 2350pts of durability and no resistance. Regenerates slowly over time and slows ship down by 9%. Crystal can be shot and has 570pts of durability. Hunter crystal: grows a floating crystal that will launch itself at the locked target if the ship is hit. The crystal will guide itself around obstacles with great agility to seek out the target. On impact, explodes and creates a massive cloud of damaging crystal particles. Radar crystal: grows a floating crystal that acts as a secondary radar beacon. Increased sensor range by 300% but also makes the user visible to enemies on the hud from any range. Locking range stays the same for you and enemies. Can be destroyed and has 900pts of durability. Guard crystal: grows a floating crystal that will autonomously fire on the closest enemy in 1000m. Can be destroyed and has 450pts of durability. Unstable crystal: grows a crystal that leaks quantum radiation and will teleport you 1000m in a random direction if you are hit. Minor crystal (pet crystal): grows a crystal that itself mutates in to an almost completely functional autonomous ship. Has one laser and engine and a small shield generator. Will detach from the ship and search for enemies, attacking them without command. Has 2,450pts of shield and 1,225pts of hull. Concentrated crystal: grows a very valuable crystal that floats gently off of your hull. If you can get it back to your station, you can take it off for a great reward! Can not be destroyed, but can be dropped and picked up like the bomb in detonation. Drops from the ship if it takes 4,000 damage or cloaks. Considered "the pearl of crystal ships' oysters". Glints brightly in space. Contaminated crystal: invalid material is rejected and balled up in this hideous mass of radioactive crystal junk. Diffuses the ship's shields for 3 seconds before dropping off and detonating. Rage crystal: grows a dense crystal with ingrained natural Crystallid behaviour. It will lash out at any target with a strange glowing sphere that lazily homes in on them. Can be destroyed and has 6,000pts of durability. Pointy crystal: grows a completely normal crystal that is very sharp. It would make a great ram if it happens to grow on the front of your ship! Vulpanium crystal: generates a Vulpanium crystal that will detonate killing you instantly if you don't get rid of it quickly. Scrape it off and hope it finds its way to someone else's hull! And so many more!