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  1. Saaaaame. And also half all of the above numbers, because you get 80/day.
  2. As long as the daily xenochip missions are consistent and always give 40 chips every day, then it will take 9 days to complete the Spiral, and near 12 to get all of it's modules from the other containers. (why they separated them I will never understand.) Spiral will also require 104 Enriched Monocrystals from the users' own account to craft, so you cannot get it completely free via the missions. Just for those wondering. I don't know or care about the Endeavor because I already have the Archelon and really don't want a clone of it. Nor do I have the mats for it. Even though it looks sooooooo much nicer than spiral.
  3. just dont convert your old resources and save them up for when you need them most. Unless you are buying/crafting something RIGHT NOW, then do not convert them and just save them. Once your stocked up resources are gone, you will be required to grind as you need the mats instead of saving up for stuff like any decent human does.
  4. Lol the images are so perfect
  5. They are still in the game, they are just useless unless you convert them, and you can never get any more. Which is a big "xxxx you" from the devs to every pilot everywhere.
  6. Positron + crit Mauler + EM scatter + RT = 30 kills.
  7. Can't get useful resources. Sorry I should have clarified.
  8. New resources: Pointless and mean. Meant solely to limit players. Literally no reason you could possibly "need" to do this. Text files don't take up that much space. Resource restrictions: See above. No general synergy indicator: bad. Can't see when I have enough synergy to level up a ship any more, and instead use free synergy by accident. New ships: Meh. One looks cool. The other is just kinda like an overhyped archelon. Sec Con changes: Ok. Always nice to see better rewards from pointless gamemodes. Dart/Garg nerf: welcome. It's like they want players to completely disregard "saving up" for anything, and instead just be awful and useless like everyone else. Any "limit" is a limit, no matter how you implement it.
  9. Maybe then I'll be able to use my Tyrant- oh right I forgot I can't get resources with anything under maximum rank. xxxx you. (you = whoever came up with that atrocity)
  10. But really though. This whole new system is one mess on top of another. It needs to go back.
  11. They should be rank 25. And also literally impossible to get.
  12. If anything needs attention for balance right now it is the Dart and Gargoyle. Dart can kill any full-health ship in a matter of seconds with quantum railgun and Gargoyle's overclocked hail cannon is even worse. Basically if i start hearing the "tzz tzz tzz tzz tzz" on my shields I just go ahead and sit back from my keyboard because I know there's nothing I can do but die.
  13. Monos are near impossible to get now in any useful amount. A single ship part may cost over 20 monos and you can get only 8 per day as a normal player without buying anything. Since they are no longer dropped from PvP/PvE/Etc any more. (as far as I can tell) I have not seen a single monocrystal since a few updates ago.
  14. It's just something that had bothered me for ages and I never said anything about it because it's so small. It's just a pointless little notification that slows down ship modification.
  15. I want the spiral only for the tiny detatchable ship. Otherwise the Endeavor looks way better. Too bad y'all didn't go over the modules functionality very well. It's best to simply hover the mouse over them for several seconds while reviewing so that players can read the tool tips etc. Also if I am required to use the market due to "random" containers, I'm just skipping this event entirely because there is no point in trying. And it really seems like the Endeavor should be the Engineer just because of its it-ness.
  16. The "Ammunition removed" pop up when removing a weapon from a ship is pointless and redundant. Please remove it.
  17. Lol. Sorry you wasted all that GS. XD
  18. The Vulcan Cannon is an excellent weapon and I love everything about it, especially how you get it rarely after battles. Though there are a few things that just don't seem right about it. Here they are: 1) Overheating. Instead of overheating, since it is a minigun-style weapon meant to limit heat stress on the barrels, it should not overheat. Instead, it should use "ammo" displayed on the weapon's icon on the HUD. 3000 rounds seems decent enough for a clip. After the ammo has run out, it should take a while to reload, to give for more tactical use of the weapon, and to make it feel like it's actually a new model of an old gun. 2) Instant RoF. It should not instantly be able to fire at maximum RoF. Instead, it should have a medium wind-up time to full RoF much like the Rk'Rah. That is all.
  19. Name: RPG Launcher Type: Multipurpose Active Module (Ancient Unguided Rocket) Damage: 1,500 Thermal Maximum range: 3,000m Flight speed: 2,000m/s Recharge: 2 seconds Tooltip: Fires one unguided thermal rocket at the cross-hairs. The ancient technology cannot be disabled by any means outside of complete ship destruction. Special: Module works even without energy or while under the effects of an enemy stun. Can be fitted on to any non-destroyer ship. Found rarely in loot after battles.
  20. Vulcan does need some changes though. It needs to have a spin-up and spin-down time for RoF, and instead of heating up, it needs ammo and should have some sort of reload period once you run out.
  21. Loyalty still cannot be saved and used for other modules that are not yet equipped though. And some modules I do not want to have equipped when white because they would reduce my overall efficiency while grinding them. It seems rather counterintuitive to need them to be equipped.
  22. The only reason that this age is upon us is because of weak minded people who say "just accept it". The only way to change something is to act upon it.
  23. Never said I was leaving. I don't think I have it in me to do that quite yet, but as soon as I do you can bet your buttons that I'll be straight out the door without a tiff. This will probably be around when Star Citizen finally releases. Whoever does their financials can expect a few words from me on my way out. I can put that (several hundred) dollars to better use in (literally any other game).
  24. Can we get a round of applause for our friend Koro here. His sacrifice was not in vain, but was proving our point.
  25. Wtf is PvE??? Wait wait wait that was that other game mode right? That ended in T3?
  26. Lol 2:00-4:00 is my entire argument. Why the duck would I want to fly R15 ships when I have so much better and more fun ships in R8-9 etc. There's no way to make progress using the ships you actually like to fly any more. "I wish instead of [throwing money at it], the players would just leave. They'd say 'F*ck this, the dev's are c*nts.' and leave. Because games that do this don't deserve to succeed." Too true.
  27. I loved this game but damn. It's impossible to advance or get any of the new content (with exception of Vulcan Cannon) without buying/spending GS now. Due to random containers dropping everything but what you need, you are forced to use the awful market system. There is no way to trade parts or items without using GS. Mininum GS prices for the market are prohibitive. Event items aren't even guaranteed for people who play a lot any more. Namely new specmod items that don't drop from their containers that cost an insane amount of Iridium. The game is one huge useless grind. You can't advance or gain currency besides credits outside of T5. (Or your maximum playable rank.) Vouchers are now only actually obtainable in OS from super rare drops. OS is useless and gives no useful rewards now besides impossible escort mono missions. Mysterious Containers don't exist any more, or are no longer accessible, even with the Spatial Scanner GS item. No ways to get GS in game any more without someone having spent money, even though it is now supposedly a "market currency" that "can be obtained without paying". (Lies.) All the new stuff is of limited availability, so players who actually have a life will NEVER be able to get them without paying. JUST MAKE IT A PAY TO PLAY GAME FOR FxCK'S SAKE. UNDO ALL OF THIS NEW MESS AND LET EVERYTHING HAPPEN WITH CREDITS. SELL AESTHETIC ITEMS FOR REAL MONEY.
  28. Time matters not. The devs control every aspect of the game. They simply refuse to put in the time to.
  29. I'm still waiting on my Cascading Crystals.
  30. You will always see more useless credit trash than materials. That's just the way the game is. But it does indeed drop from literally everywhere. Just grind some T1 fire support or something. An hour or so of that is about 10-20 plates' worth.
  31. "Random" loot is the #1 way to kill a game. Especially the way that SC is doing it. Just give selectable missions for each part so that players can actually get what they need. Also please for Fox's sake give me my Cascading Crystals. I think 900 iri is a little much.
  32. Well snootysnootysnootysnootysnootysnoot to you too. Share plz.
  33. Recent bout makes three (3) containers for 900 iri and zero (0) Cascading Crystals. Needless to say I'm hella pissed.
  34. pleez

    Or just multiply all the current loot by 10. That seems fair, as the only "high price" items only drop once every 1,500 loot spots.
  35. Given that you are an all premium player this topic should be completely off-limits to you. I play them enough myself but I don't have many in T5. The worst problem is with Destroyers. Losing money every battle above one destruction is disastrous. That's only a fraction of why I wish I had never spent resources on my T5 dessy.
  36. Just never mention it, grab a ship with warp, and just stalk enemy beacons for a few battles. Gotta kill 4 drones. One EM torp will take out all the drones on a beacon in CTB.
  37. Suggestion is more for those who pay for them*
  38. Exactly true. Only people I know who got it for free got it via endless grinding all day (no idea how thy have the patience for this game any more) or by being one of the lucky few to actually make use of the trading system ////but only within a corporation////. The devs' only purpose in this game now is only to suck more money out of people in every way possible. It's miserable and very saddening.
  39. trading

    But seriously this entire system is so awful??? I don't understand how they thought it was a good idea to have a -chat based- market system. Like that's the actual worst. It really should be a market where "sellers" "post" items with prices and "buyers", well, buy them. Like the store tab at the top. Now it's just mailing people "hey buy my thing" and seeing nothing but "the transaction has been canceled. All items have been returned." And don't get me started on buying. The only people selling things verbally are either in some cryptic language that nobody knows, or scrolled away so fast that you don't even have a chance.
  40. No idea why the images are in .jpg either. I always set everything to png yet I still sometimes get jpgs. That shouldn't even be an image format its so useless.
  41. As the title says, the Tai'Kin specmod resources don't drop from the containers that you can rarely get in loot. I've opened two using all of my available iridium (300/ea is insane) and only got a few useless xenos. I kindly request that my iridium either be returned, or I be granted the Jump Crystal part that I have been grinding for.
  42. Might I suggest a damage per second cap of maybe 10,000 or something? Dealing 130kps hits with it is kinda crazy. Had an event a while ago where you could get points towards a free Blood Tormentor by dealing something like 3,000 damage to me via the EC, and only one or two people actually ever made it happen, while on the other end of the fight I was one-shotting four people per press. No idea how some people don't know how to take damage.
  43. Because of how this game works now, and how many people seem to be getting lives of their own, it would be nice to be able to stop playing for a while and not waste all of your premium subscription. For this I suggest "Premium Day Tokens": When buying premium, the user will be given a number of "Tokens" equal to the number of days that the premium was for. Each day that they log in afterwards will activate only one token, which gives 24 hours of premium. If the user does not play after this token expires, no more tokens are consumed, and the excess are saved. This would save so many people so much anguish and stress over using up their premium, and would allow people who pay for the game to take breaks periodically without wasting all the money they spent. Thoughts?
  44. They could have also been under fire by your allies, and the damage reflected could have been enough to kill you. Not sure though.
  45. "Not a bug. We designed a flawed system and are keeping it that way."
  46. Well the parts will "technically" still be available, you'll just never see one again because the drop rate is so low. And you'll be required to fly R15 in order to even get the chance to find them.
  47. If even xenos. More often than not it's hella useless unsellable dessy module parts.
  48. If only we could without throwing away our missions. 'Tis a pity we can't actually fly what we want any more.
  49. It's because these are RANDOM containers that drop RANDOM loot instead of what you actually need. This forces players to use their AWFUL "trading" market system. It's a brilliant tactic by the devs but it's surely the devil's work when it comes to pilots who can't pay to trade parts.
  50. have you checked the shop tab in the top right?
  51. But they are "made" of it. As per lore. It is found in heavy concentrations in their ships. All of them.
  52. I'm still wondering why aliens stopped dropping iridium...
  53. It's less about balance/etc and more about effect layering. It shouldn't completely remove cloak effects, only make the affected target visible while in the field, and then back invisible once the ML is destroyed or you exit the field.
  54. Are y'all joking? Or nah? Because I used to rek sum skrubs with my recons back in the day. (Sai mostly, now Nightingale)
  55. Too bad we are REQUIRED to use our HIGHEST RANK SHIPS to complete any mission now... fecking rediculous.
  56. I've noticed this too. It's kinda crazy. It's almost like the number of people who actually like/play T5 are going down???
  57. Recons should only be able to deploy one microlocator at a time, like tackler drones. Being uncloakable in 4/5 of the map isn't fun.
  58. I've noticed that the cloaking buff that comes from EM camo or chameleon etc is removed completely when in range of a microlocator. This used to not be the case for EM camo and you could destroy the beacon to become invisible again. Please bring back this functionality, as microlocators are already too overpowered as-is.
  59. But consider: Tai'Kin perma-cloak.
  60. Dude you can get it in normal PvP. Beacon matches. Just kill two beacon drones and you have it. One change that I would suggest is TO NOT HAVE ALL THE MISSIONS REQUIRE TOP RANKS FFS THAT WAS A HORRIBLE IDEA.
  61. 0.4s in a straightaway, But then turns.
  62. pink tag

    Boi as soon as I get my Tai'Kin with Jump crystals you can expect me to join you all the time. I can't deal with high rank PvP any more. It's all the exact same and you either lose by a landslide or win by one. No more balance.
  63. Just cruise missiles atm. Doomsdays only have standard tracking like fighter homing missiles. And it's actually a lot worse because it waggles around all over the place as it flies.
  64. They changed it to a different mission that I honestly like much more. It's something like "win 5 battles in your max rank" or something.
  65. I would loooooove to see missiles on the HUD, but that's part of the stuff that makes them in any way effective. EM torpedoes would be 100% useless if they could be seen coming. It's the surprise factor that makes them work. Though I would appreciate seeing doomsdays and cruise missiles.
  66. New specops Crystal Beast: "During experimental crystal dreadnought production, an energy converter malfunctioned and began interpreting the alien signal. This signal overrode the system and grew out all of the human-compatible areas and control surfaces. The resulting mass of alien and crystal matter then began moving on its own and destroying nearby stations. Your task is to locate and destroy this crystalline beast before it can destroy our more valuable bases." Discuss.
  67. Who do I still not have my Tai'Kin??? DLC ends soonish. Gimmie please.
  68. But why
  69. Also same lol. Tho about 100 for me.
  70. Hey guys I think they saw me new steam review. XD But still. 500 new resources was a bad idea. Along with increasing the already insane costs for stuff.
  71. I'll sell you my fav BP tomorrow once your deals refresh. 10k. No less.
  72. boi buy my useless items for 10k GS each. I could put that GS to better use lol.
  73. And now the implement yet a new resource. Xenoblocks. Basically just like the Neo/Ber/Ele ore in to plates.
  74. Agree.
  75. Boi I feel ya. This game is basically my life aside from school and work. Now what have I to do? Play the game while achieving nothing? Literally every update since around Dogs Of War has been about limiting players in every way possible. Sure they add new cool stuff, but you annonly get it with either 1) GS, or 2) GS and 5 months of your time. These new hourly missions are indeed good though. At least they would be if they weren't for single parts. RANDOM single parts. That you may or may not be able to use, and definitely can't sell. Essentially the only things I ever see actually being bought/sold are dart/gargoyle parts. That's it. No BP's. No little Taik parts. Nothing. The recent updates are all just the devs giving players the middle finger.
  76. +1 I'll be re-writing my review later.
  77. Arcade mode would be a player versus player launch option that throws the user in to games that don't adhere to the standard ship roles or game mode play styles. There would be several fun games, some suggested are detailed below. They would not count ships in combat slots towards queue, but would instead only factor in the player's maximum rank to determine who they are queued with. Meaning rank 5 players get queued with rank 4-6 players, and rank 14 players get queued with rank 13-15, etc. Proposed games: Knife Game: Each player would be placed in to an interceptor of set rank, speed, and durability. They have no modules or missiles. Holding the trigger would open a plasma arc for a set, very short duration, and with a moderate cooldown. If a player hits another player with it, the afflicted player is immediately killed, and begins respawn. It would work like a team battle, with a set kill goal per team. Brawl: The Brawl gamemode would give players a set of randomly generated ships to select from. The players will select a ship that they see fit, and use it for the battle. They may change it as normal if they die. It is simply a free-for-all match where the player with the most kills after a short amount of time wins the most rewards. One In The Chamber: One In The Chamber would be much like a combination of Knife Game and Brawl. Each player would get the exact same ship, with the exact same weapon, but in a free-for-all type mode. Each player has a main weapon that fires a projectile that travels at a moderate to slow speed, and can only be fired once. If the projectile hits an enemy, it kills them instantly, and the single shot is replenished. If the shot misses, after a set distance, it will create a pickup. The pickup will allow any player to replenish their ammunition if they have missed. No player can have more than one shot stored. Wall-Breaker: Wall breaker would be a gamemode much like a race. The players are given a set amount of time to "build" a set custom ship using a set allotment of weapons and modules. They would all have the same speed for their ships, and all of the modules and weapons would only be damage-dealing ones. The gamemode would involve each player being confined to a long tunnel that has several walls in it. They must use their weapons and modules to break through them and get to the finish line as fast as possible. Standard Race: The Standard Race mode would be just that: a race. The track would be a randomly picked map with numbered gates that the player must fly through, which shape a "course". The ships that the players can use would all the the exact same. They would also be given the same main weapon, not to fight each other, but to fend off attackers during the race, or break obstacles to take shortcuts. This would easily be the quickest gamemode on certain maps. Rampage: In Rampage, all players would have the same ship with the same weapons, missiles, and modules, and would be required to fight off numerous attacking forces. This is a free-for-all gamemode where players do not fight each other, but try to kill as many AI enemies as possible, to attain a set goal. Enemies would randomly spawn around the map, and players would be required to race to them to kill them. Different size and difficulty enemies would yield different numbers of points. The player who dealt the most damage will be given the points.
  78. So, who is going to be the friend to throw a Tai'Kin DLC at your friendly neighborhood Fox?—-Evolution-Factor_TaiKin One DLC and you are friend forever! ;3
  79. The Reaper (and hopefully soon Sai) have a super cool ram thing that can deal extra damage, but it acts more like a plasma arc than a ram. You must hold it on the target's center to do damage. That's weird. Instead, the rams should "charge" at max speed, then simply deal lots of alpha damage on impact. Ezpz.
  80. There should be a "visibility" or "detectability" stat that all ships have that governs radar distance for enemies. As in, a Covert Ops ship might have a visibility stat of 3,000m where a Guard frigate would have a visibility of 6,500m. Destroyers should have some insane visibility or be permanently visible. LRF and Covert Ops ships should be on the lesser end, along with Tacklers just above that. This would help with a bit of passive balancing.