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  1. "Heads Up Display display"
  2. Around that time all the other normal battles apparently had some troubles as well. I was getting about one shot per second out of my eclipse with a bit of rubberbanding. Also this is utter crap. They either need to bring back individual tiers, (1-5,) or just get rid of MM rank separation completely outside of T2.
  3. Prior to the 27th, all submissions may be altered as many times as required. There is a limit of one (1) submission per contestant.
  4. Also all of this.
  5. New graphics for things are cool I guess. But the Phaser needs to be un done. I liked the old patterns. New guard buffs are a big plus.
  6. -Everything about the Command Phaser is ugly af now too. It's like they are trying to go for a slightly more "realistic" look in everything and I hate it. But I must admit that the new pyro beam looks fantastic.
  7. "A bit slow" is kinda irrelevant now. With the permanent speed boost and all.
  8. Also the new gun is now officially called the "Blap Gun" or "Blap3".
  9. Reaper with Blap-gun and weapon enhancer thing. Tractor beam, regenerative shield, missile shield, pulsar. EM and Thermal shield. EM hull because nobody expects that. (Lol) Horizon if ya want but meh. Acceleration and/or rotation engine. Fun for all.
  10. Reaper Bastion shield can give a permanent 75% speed boost, as well as the shield. The boost is 30 seconds long and I love it.
  11. Allow me to direct you to my last three attempts at getting a permanent rejoin button...
  12. This seems to be the key though. Like the moment that I stopped trying and just started fighting like normal I got it.
  13. Oh cool. What about the caption thing? Does it have to be on the image?
  14. What even are we supposed to do? Take a screenshot of a ship? Make a joke out of a ship? Photoshop a ship together? Design a ship? We need some examples of what is required.
  15. So yeah it's stuck in my mind now so here is a bunch of bee themed ideas! And of course the awful mobile forums put literally everything I said in to the spoiler. Blame the devs. I never asked for a revamped mobile site because all mobile sites suck. Here starts the actual suggestions: Name: Hive Mine Type: Secondary Weapon (stationary device) Damage: 1,200 kinetic/s Active radius: 750m Maximum targets: 6 Durability: 7,000pts Drone durability: 500pts Longevity: 120s Tooltip: Places an autonomous station 750m in front of the ship that deploys a bee-drone every second to attack up to 6 nearby enemies. Name: Fouldrone Field Type: Passive module Tooltip: Makes it impossible for enemies within 800m to produce drones or structures. Name: Sting Missile Type: Active Module (turret type) Damage: 500+ thermal Explosion radius: 100m Range: 3,500m Flight speed: 3,500m/s Recharge: 1s Energy: 75pts Tooltip: Fires unguided rockets with a toxic payload. If an enemy is hit, they become more vulnerable, dealing an extra 500 damage per consecutive hit. Name: FH-22 "The Hive" Type: Drone Carrier (destroyer) Ship effects: "Drone Armor":"Every 10,000 damage done to the hull, a large drone breaks off and pursues the attacker." "Hive Marker":"Enemy drones and autonomous structures that come within 450m of the ship are taken over for permanent control by the ship." "Natural Camoflage":"The ship is not detectible by radar until an enemy is within 2,000m." Special Module: "Brooding Nightmare":"Upon activation, deploys 12 heavy drones that autonomously pursue random targets. 2,500pts of durability. 2,110 thermal dps." Special Weapon: "Apis Destructor":"Drone shells are hurled at the crosshairs. Upon hit, a drone will latch on to the hull of the nearest enemy and open fire on the closest ally to them. 250 kinetic dps, additive per shot. Drones last for 30 seconds or until it is hit by an ally on their hull." And of course here is the save the bees DLC pitch:
  16. No like a cellphone. Just latch on to it using the same wavelength, just louder and with your control signals.
  17. Ffs I'll be long gone by next year if they keep their current ways. ESPECIALLY if Star Citizen (STAR-K3D3-PD9X) is released between now and then.
  18. On to* And yes and no. They are more like the "attack drones" you see near dreadnoughts. They are full ships, just with an extremely sophisticated AI that is guided by a "signal" that lore has yet to determine a source for. All we must do is intercept this "signal" to control them.
  19. The Ellydium ships are like a human attempt at using crystal technology that went terribly wrong and turned in to a semifluid structure. It looks legitimately just like tar with weird gold/brownish crystals growing from it. (And they flop around and bend, which is just completely weird and gross and not like the original crystallids.) I want a solid crystal ship with those big green energy orb things and green engines and that flowing energy-vein crystal stuff that you see on literally every crystallid ship. And I do -NOT- want it to be bendy crystal. Nobody likes bendy crystal.
  20. No, I wanted the Hunter. A -CRYSTAL- ship. Not these weird tar-covered, non-glowy, non-green ellydium projects. I want a genuine copypasta Hunter.
  21. I love ublock. On pages where it is constantly redirecting and reloading and loading ads, it will actually let them load and stay loaded. XD
  22. Lol nah
  23. Or possibly it could be a damage increase gradient from 750m and increasing the closer you get.
  24. What he said
  25. Well whatever. I got it after assisting a random mauler that I don't recall touching. XD
  26. Too lazy to ask in the proper section andquick forum chat is gone for some reason. How do you complete the achievement "Close Contact"??? I have rammed many ships in my tharga and have yet to see it.
  27. There should be an option that can be selected in settings that will enable all PvP aspects of OS but retain the collision/self-damage/friendly NPC damage prevention. That would be super cool. I wanna be able to kill criminals in friendly zones without accidentally causing aggro from some random NPC.
  28. Nope Yep
  29. It's been a while since I searched for myself on twitter and this one one of the top few results: Someone explain.
  30. That can be disabled for nearly 30 seconds with the help of your friendly neighborhood ECM.
  31. It can be killed in literally three seconds by nearly any ship now. I think that is nerf enough.
  32. If you haven't made the R8 internal destroyer things, save up for the R11 because it is so much better in almost every way. And IMO the Jericho or federation destroyers are the best choice simply because they actually have shields to protect modules. Empire shields are about the volume of a Jericho frigate. Plus they are slow af.
  33. I just sell any Mk1 equips or duplicate items that I'd never use. Selling materials is pointless and doesn't relieve space like (someone above me) said, so generally any modules or weapons that you won't use are best to sell.
  34. Yes plz. Destroyers need some sort of (actually useful) close-range defense module/secondary weapon. Point defense drones that spawn around the ship would be super nice. They could have a 1,500m radius of activation to deal with speedy interceptors and fighters that want to get up close and personal to deal some heavy hits. This would limit their time in-range and actually give the destroyer a chance. They could also repair the destroyer's hull slowly while no enemy is within range. (Slower than heavy repair drone things)
  35. Okay... One of the actual worst aspects of the game is the rank restrictions in both the contracts section and anywhere else. The missions that say that you must "use ships of the highest available rank" are just plain awful. I'm not even going to elaborate on that. The voucher missions that require you to use R13 ships or higher -just to get a common currency needed in all ranks- are terrible. The fact that the matchmaker STILL will not let players squad freely with any rank ships is absurd. I should be able to bring a maximum of R10 ships in a squad with people who fly R15. We are all going to the same ranked matches anyways so I truly do not see the reason for this. Same for PvE. I want to be able to squad with my R7 friends while using my R9 ships. I also want to be able to squad with my R15 ships while using R11 ships. I understand that high ranking -things- need to be only obtainable in high ranking ships, but aside from premium ship parts, this shouldn't apply to anything else. It literally doesn't affect anything in game. All it does is restrict players and give them a hard time. Tl;dr proposal: 1) Remove squad rank restrictions. 2) Remove contract rank restrictions (aside for premium ships). 3) Remove PvP and PvE rank restrictions. (But only downwards. Players should be able to bring R7 ships in to R15 battle while carrying R15 ships. But not bring R15 ships in to R9 battle and so on.) Have an inferred "quote" from mister Dev: "In Star Conflict you can have fun or make progress. But you are not allowed to do them both at the same time." -Dev
  36. Check my steam submissions. I grabbed a screenie or two
  37. Bruh if I'm online at the same time just hmu and I'll q in with ya. I'm working on condensing crystals as well.
  38. Yeah collision damage isn't really all that consistent. I mean irl a tiny bump at these speeds would have crushed a conventional plane like a tin can, but idk. It's even worse on the Stingray, because not only do you take 6-10k collision hits at any speed, but your hull is only like 6k total. XD
  39. *faints* Though it does seem like something the devs would do just to screw us over even more.
  40. Agreed! Let's keep the rainbow ships!
  42. Monos? I haven't spent monos since back when jaggy was released. XD And as for plates and parts, if you do the gage away missions with your destroyers you get them super fast. I have like 550 now. And 25 fighter parts.
  43. Gee gee bruhs. And tbh I like Pappy's more than most others just because they represent actual ships from the actual game as they are. That and there's a bit more going on. XD
  44. ???
  46. I'm getting the same issue. Rainbow ships (only Jericho guards) are a thing! XD (RX 480)
  47. It's not a rework, it's an addition. You can add all the buttons you want with ease. Doesn't mean you have to change everything else. Xp
  48. Okay Cinnamon remember we talked about this. Your "stats" are irrelevant. They do not pertain to the balance of the game nearly as much as the word of people who actually play it.
  49. Murrica Tyrant and trophy archon. Nice
  50. Idk what y'all did but the game isn't the same since the last patch. Games are complete carnage and take three times as long to happen. MM seems a bit more broken than before too. There's just something not quite right but I can't really put my paw on it.
  51. I love the Red Cross Styx
  52. 700m/s frigs maybe but dessies are capped at 250 now I'm p sure.
  53. Or just move it to R9. I'd like that more than these silly ideas. Plus, then it's waaaaaaaay less work on the devs' part.
  54. Nah. 250m/s is the new dessy max speed I'm pretty sure. 500 is just warping. And telly sphere is just the default elly ship "GTFO Button" now. Just accept it. And it is really restricting to be unable to use the strafe upwards key without teleporting. It should be double-tap to activate, but the devs are holding that out on us.
  55. Post screenshots of your coolest ships here because why not. I like seeing how creative people can get with this limited paint scheme customization. No presets unless it just makes the ship look unbearably awesome. My Sai's paintjob is by far my favourite. That and my Tyrant. TOO BAD I CANT KEEP MY OLD PAINT SCHEMES AFTER I CHANGE IT.
  56. Nah you're pretty much right. As soon as the next elly ship (Recon) is released, everyone will move to complaining about it and Tharga will be forgotten. XD
  57. I found this for you:
    Now you can get it in SC Heroes :)
    GL for that.

  58. "Fixing the bug" would, in essence, be adding a permanent rejoin battle button. Just the permabutton would look better and be better. My laptop crashes the game easily every 15 minutes. Did I choose to leave the battle? No. Do I want back in as soon as it loads back up? Yes! Will the game let me? About 20% of the time.
  59. Big difference: Tharga has a 75m/s acceleration. Even with the engine mods it is nowhere near an inty's. And rotation is only super good with the engine mod (with AB) or with signal router (after 5s).
  60. I'm just saying once a new thing comes out people will start complaining about the new thing. Then months later a different new thing will come out and people will start to complain about it. It's a never-ending cycle of "this new thing is OP because three people can use it effectively and therefore nobody should be able to use it effectively."
  61. They're green but at least you tried. And I'd suggest you stop complaining about the tharga and save it for the Covie and LRF. I'm not even gonna bring up the destroyer coming next year. XD
  62. Lol the double Sai has been a fun troll post for a while. It is just a funny idea. Xp
  63. Tbh I'd love this so much just because of how strange it looks. It's a two-tined fork. XD Like the "super mauler" that's is just 6 maulers strapped side by side. That would be so amazing to fly tho omg.
  64. Indeed. I generally always complete my weekly 30 xeno mission in about an hour. Though it's even faster with a good wing.
  65. Yeah. The Andromeda Specops is generally the only one I do for the 30 xenos because ain't nobody getting me to fly R15 in PvP these days. Especially in a squad. That's a recipe for an endless loss streak. So basically it's 30 xenos per week, with maybe 4-12 xenos per day if you are super lucky and have lots of time. The "Teamwork" missions are only truly doable if you are either a complete newbie with only <R9 ships, or a wallet-warrior killsquad like Malf+Eugenics in R15.
  66. Good thing that's the only elly ship you'll be seeing for a while. XD Everyone spends their resources on it and then others come out so they find themselves out of money.
  67. Destroyers are easy to kill by anyone now because of a silly change by the devs. Otherwise, it's just about learning how thargas fight. They are a completely different class of ship (despite being called a gunship) that works very differently. And just like any class, it can be killed if you take the time to focus on it. I agree that some aspects of it are very overpowered, but the stated reasons aren't them. XD (well no I take that back the inhibitor swarm is indeed basically an ECM disable. Makes anything useless)
  68. ??????????? This... makes no sense??? "We have the assault railgun, there's no need for a gauss cannon."
  69. With the new updates focusing on reworking old ships and giving them cool new functions and models, I propose a few additions to the Sai pirate recon interceptor. First of all, I would like to compliment whichever designer put together the new Sai model. It looks fantastic and I love it. Secondly, why is the pike still useless? It should deal extra damage when ramming other ships, and possibly have some sort of alternative effect. Instead of being a sweeping spear like the Reaper's spike, it should be more like an instant stab. I say that if it hits an enemy ship, it deals great damage all at once, then the user must wait for the spike to "recharge" it's energy content before it can deal increased damage again. Thirdly, the Sai could definitely use come cool new modules. Here are some ideas of mine: Name: Grappling Mount Type: Active Module for Sai Damage: 1,250 kinetic Range: 2,500m Projectile Speed: 2,500m/s Recharge: 5 seconds Tooltip: Launches a large tethered spear at the crosshairs. If it hits a target, it will latch on to them until manually released or line of sight is broken. While attached, the user can pull the target around at 3/4 their maximum speed. Name: Radar Pulse Type: Active Module for Sai Recharge: 7 seconds Energy: 100pts Tooltip: Instantly reveals the stationary location of all enemies on the field regardless of range or cloaking. The revealed locations last for 1 second and do not follow the revealed target. Does not decloak enemies. Name: Phase Ram Type: Special Module for Sai Damage: 2,375-12,750 kinetic depending on size of target. Recharge: 20 seconds Energy: 45pts Tooltip: Warps the user 3,500m forwards at 2,000m/s. The ship will phase through all targets that it makes contact with along the way, dealing major damage to them. Main weapon: Name: IR Flash-Rifle Type: Thermal Primary Weapon for Sai Damage: 465/hit RoF: 180r/min Critical chance: 25% Critical Bonus: 100% Projectile Speed: 3750m/s Range: 3,850m Spread: 2° Overheating/cooling: 15/2 seconds Tooltip: Fires IR tracer rounds. If a target is hit, they will become the new target for any allied or enemy missiles within 1,500m for 2 seconds. They will also glow very bright white and take minor thermal damage for the duration of the effect.
  70. And I love how you said "the xeno mission" as if there is only one. There might as well be only one because the others are so awful. Only doable (and remotely fun) one is the "win 15 destroyer specops" one.
  71. Hull volume should also affect the available allotment of countermeasures. As hull gets below critical levels (<15%) systems are disabled one by one until the ship is completely immobile and could explode at any moment.
  72. For example: My Thar'Ga is only rank 11, so I carry it and other </=R14 ships to play so that I get the low-end T5ers. It makes it easier to complete them. Though due to these new missions, I REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY regret ever leveling my Thar'Ga past rank 9. Having to have ships of the highest available rank in your party makes the whole of the game that much less enjoyable. R9 is where it's at and all of my ships that are usable for missions are only usable in R15 battles. Like I've said: This creates a TERRIBLE trade-off between either advancing in the game, or having fun. It is excessively difficult to do both at the same time.
  73. Oh no he means the green team health things on the side. Yes I would like this.
  74. Yesss this would be great. If only I still owned a corp. XD
  75. There is so much opportunity for the visuals of the game to be improved upon. One such topic to be worked on is definitely ship deaths. At the moment, ships just explode then and there if they die. This shouldn't be the case unless they were destroyed very suddenly and violently. Otherwise, they should become inoperable and drift for a distance, then explode, or have some other animations. Destroyers especially should have this, as a huge ship like that doesn't just go poof suddenly. It will probably slowly fall apart while drifting, have some minor explosions, and then detonate with an insanely huge explosion. Ship explosions should also do much higher damage, varying by ship size.
  76. There needs to be a way for any given captain to step down and give someone else the status of captain. Being captain is great and all, but when you only have one ship / no ships that are survivable as a captain, things get bad fast. Anyone remember back when destroyers were actually viable as captain ships? Lol.
  77. I'm not gonna say it again. Add a permanent rejoin battle button in the hangar that is always available. These fabled pop ups that ask you if you want to rejoin are completely unreliable.
  78. survival

    Or both teams could start at even, (both red and blue on the "zero" mark in the middle,) and whichever team holds a beacon slowly pushes the enemy score back. First team to completely dominate the points wins. Otherwise, the team with the most score on the meter once time ends will win. I like.
  79. Missions are all bugged atm. Stay tuned.
  80. There should be a "visibility" or "detectability" stat that all ships have that governs radar distance for enemies. As in, a Covert Ops ship might have a visibility stat of 3,000m where a Guard frigate would have a visibility of 6,500m. Destroyers should have some insane visibility or be permanently visible. LRF and Covert Ops ships should be on the lesser end, along with Tacklers just above that. This would help with a bit of passive balancing.
  81. I also swept some up in to my duplicator horde, never to be used or seen again.
  82. No they mean that the mission itself is a bug. "...with a ship of maximum available rank from any side of the conflict..." is the problem.
  83. Lol. It seems that your crash report handler isn't working properly. I send crash reports all the time and apparently nothing is ever done about them. (Because they never are received!)
  84. YAAAAAAAAAAS!!! I suggested new animations for everything a while ago. I'd love this. Also when will my Swarm class of ships be added. And my Cargo Carrier ship class too for OS.
  85. Please use correct labels. There are 15 RANKS not 15 TIERS. It always rubs me the wrong way when someone uses r and t interchangeably.
  86. 1. Description of the problem, what happened. Game crashes once I join a battle. 2. What did you expected to happen. For the game not to crash. 3. The conditions during the situation. Launching in to battle. 4. Further details on the issue. A full NASA killsquad was on the enemy team. It happened all 3 times that I tried to rejoin. 5. Frequency of occurrence. 100% (While the current battle is going. 6. Logs + screenshots or a video (Including a description of the issue, where to and how to reproduce it) logs.rar 7. If possible, the time when it happend. In this case we will be able to look more closely to the server logs. Also mention your time zone. 2/5/2017 - 2:50pm - CST 8. Information on the configuration of your computer (DxDiag) My computer is perfect. The game is at fault. N/A 9. The results of this program if the bug report is related to connection issues. N/A 10. If the complaint is related to Sector Conquest, it is necessary to specify the location and time + timezone of the happening. N/A
  87. Since their removal some time ago, players who do not play T5 often are restricted from levelling up any of their gear with any moderate pace. This is a serious problem and must be addressed before any other content is added. Economical structures are dependent on the ability to gain any given resource dependently, and since none of the T5 missions can be completed in anything but PvP, this means that they are completely and utterly undependable. This isnt the only reason that not having other rank missions is bad, but it is definitely one of them. Some players simply do not like T5. Their favourite ships may not be in it, or they may not see themselves as fit for it. And it is certainly anything but balanced. T3 PvP may not be completely balanced either, but it sure is a step up from T5. And T4 is just nonexistent now. Kinda silly, but that's irrelevant.
  88. module

    Name: Crystal Overgrowth Type: Passive Hull Module Tooltip: Decreases maximum speed by 33%, but also allows the hull to grow extra crystal, amounting to an extra 50% natural hull strength. This further allows the ship to be sped up by the removal of extra crystal by up to a 100% speed boost at <15% natural hull strength.
  89. The game needs one and for some reason after all this time doesn't have one. I've had these weird crashes where it will "disconnect" me from a battle in such a way where the "rejoin battle" popup does not pop up. There needs to be a permanent button beside the launch button just for these cases.
  90. A strange message was received one day from the Leviathan. It was an encrypted plan for some sort of crystal frame. The only thing that made it strange, through, was the sheer size of the plan. It involved several hundred meters of crystal frame, as well as several hundred crystal cores to be built. None the less, the development team gathered up the nessesary recourses and went to work. Only a day after that completed the resource requirement, the MIRAGE infiltrated the station with his custom Leviathan destroyer and stole the entire frame! That was the last that they heard of it since, as they had used up their last supply of crystals from the alien world. Several days later, the news was showing reports of a strange modified alien craft that was attacking shipments. It was fast, tough, and extremely deadly. The researchers immediately identified it as the design from the blueprint, but it had been modified considerably. It had two engine cores instead of just one! This led to an instability in the cores, where they united in to one massive stream of unstable energy. That is probably what gave way to its incredible speed. Mercenaries have been tasked with killing this beast, but so far none have succeeded. It continues to roam the galaxy seeking out more victims. Never satisfied. Ship crafting parts: Living Crystal (120), Graphite Plate (80), Monocrystal (100), Computing Chip (60), Osmium Crystal (60), Proto-Hunter Core (2). Core crafting parts: Living Crystal (20), Crystal Shard (25), Osmium Crystal (15), Monocrystal (15). Name: Proto-Hunter Type: Alien Frigate Rank: 10 Shield: 12,200pts EM: 10 Thermal: -10 Kinetic: 60 Hull: 15,525pts EM: 60 Thermal: 10 Kinetic: 50 Energy capacity: 800pts Energy regen: 200pts/s Speed: 230m/s AB speed: 290m/s AB drain: 120pts/s Strafe: 50m/s Reverse: 100m/s Modules: 7 Engine: 1 Cap: 2 Shield: 2 Hull: 2 CPU: 0 Active: 4 Synergy: 10 levels Level 2: Critical hit chance increased by 10%. Level 4: Weapon damage increased by 10%. Level 8: Decreases module reload time by 25%. Level 10: Increases sensor range by 100%. Visual: Two/three distinct shell parts, with two rings between them. Large energy pillar running through rings as the engine/weapon. Could have three outer parts instead of two. Either looks cool. I had a drawing of it, but given that I did it at like midnight it really sucks so it's not worth it.