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  1. I would kill for a rainbow weapon. And I mean legit rainbow. Not that silly holiday stuff.
  2. So in conclusion: the only good thing about guards is their missile shield.
  3. Where is the "this" reaction image when you need it.
  4. The servers have all been a bit jankey lately. My last dreads run I encountered an issue that slowed down time to about 5s per 1s and made everything super jumpy.
  5. It is only good for 1v1 vs inties. Otherwise you will completely drain your energy in 1-2 shots and be unable to use modules/afterburners/etc.
  6. The next ships to come out will be the Ellydium Engineer and Recon. Not sure what after but I do know that the destroyer will be last. The Ellydium ships will encompass all classes of ships, including the destroyers. Each class of ships will require their own part, so for instance you have fighter structures, so you will be able to make fighters. Interceptors will require Interceptor parts, and frigates will require frigate parts. The xenocrystals a composite plates will be generic amongst them all. There will also be two new ship cabins added for frigate and Interceptor. No idea what they will do for destroyer. And back to the primary question at hand, since elly will be making all classes, it is perfectly safe to assume that there will be two other fighters: Tackler and Command.
  7. There's will be at least 2 other fighters so I would save them.
  8. Indeed my good sir. This was a very annoying change. For the first few weeks I thought that they had straight up removed them, until I stumbled upon one after I missed a warp destination and landed on the edge of the map.
  9. Nope. And neither does the alien ships, which literally regrow their hulls automatically. So that makes no sense. imo Elly ships should have infinite OS respawn just with greater wait times, and maybe respawn with low hull.
  10. I'm like 90% sure that the "R10-15" thing is the entire mode classification. So yeah. Bringing a slingshot to a bazooka fight.
  11. T3 Destoyer is hella easy. I'm explicitly speaking of the Defiler.
  12. Some ships, most notably the premiums and Ellydium line, can reconstruct their ships without a duplicator for free in Open Space. Due to the same reconstruction ability in PvE with duplicators, I suggest that this "free duplication" be allowed in PvE as well.
  13. *looks sassily at devs* I rest my case.
  14. That's what I meant. And it is every 7 days but it resets Wednesday morning (in Russia). The Defiler mission is just not really fun for me. It's more like a "well it's the only thing available so I guess I have to" than "oh boy another fun mission." It is just not what I look for in a game boss battle. It's literally just a tank you structure floating in circles with the literal most OP stuff in game and other pointless enemies floating around it. Not really diverse at all and generally annoying. Made more annoying by the matter inverters that have literally no counter aside from EB and combat reboot. (If you are silly enough to be in a gunship.) Xp Its easy enough to finish, it's just not interesting.
  15. One thing I really like is the weekly 30 monos mission. So nice because destroyer specops is great. The defiler sucks in basically every way and is anything but fun, but I can grind the hell out of the destroyer. I can get 7-8 wins out of the period that it is open each day. Cinnamon, just know that even though lots of things in this update piss people off, including me, that this is still a step in the right direction. Now you just need to give me my Hunter and everyone will be happy. Well my Hunter and the rest of the alien ships. And also why the hell do the special modules cost as much as the ship itself still. They should cost a MAXIMUM of about 20% the cost. Other nodes should be a maximum of 5%.
  16. Yup. I hate to say it, but the stingray could use a bit of a buff.
  17. Tharga is anything but a guaranteed win unless you are a wallet warrior. Otherwise it's just a fancy green gunship. I also agree. This mission is awful made worse. Not only does it require a squad in rank 10+ (basically all T5 because of the horrid MM...) but it also requires you to win. 5 times. And with nothing but ptw killsquads in T5 PvP it is basically pointless.
  18. Same here, for everything but the first special mod.
  19. Compensation plz. Mine was rank 11 but now is stuck at rank 8.
  20. The stingray not only is trapped in T5 battles because it is rank 10, but it also is exceptionally weak compared to other fighters. One huge difference is the volume/damage ratio on the ship. It is just as agile as any other fed fighter, but has the volume of an interceptor, while taking standard damage, and taking INSANE amounts of collision damage. Fix it.
  21. The stingray not only is trapped in T5 battles because it is rank 10, but it also is exceptionally weak compared to other fighters. One huge difference is the volume/damage ratio on the ship. It is just as agile as any other fed fighter, but has the volume of an interceptor, while taking standard damage, and taking INSANE amounts of collision damage. Fix it.
  22. You would also forget that you have an alien ship. Remember they would be 100% unusable while being harvested.
  23. dlc

    Nah. Earth is still a part of local systems in Empire space. That's where the Brokk was developed.
  24. 1. Description of the problem, what happened. During a T3 Special Operations destroyer mission, the server started showing signs of extremely heavy loss or lag on the server side. Everything was moving slowly and response times were crazy. Every second lasted about 1.5-2x as long. 2. What did you expected to happen. I expected the game to run as normal. 3. The conditions during the situation. Standard Destroyer special operations. 4. Further details on the issue. Everyone had the same issue. 5. Frequency of occurrence. ???? 6. Logs + screenshots or a video (Including a description of the issue, where to and how to reproduce it) 2017.01.17 7. If possible, the time when it happend. In this case we will be able to look more closely to the server logs. Also mention your time zone. Yesterday. 8. Information on the configuration of your computer (DxDiag) N/A 9. The results of this program if the bug report is related to connection issues. Probably not connection. 10. If the complaint is related to Sector Conquest, it is necessary to specify the location and time + timezone of the happening. N/A
  25. As far as I can tell, the missions rotate every 12 or so hours.
  26. Name: Connor Fox Age: 20 Organization: ‘Ellydium’ corporation Status: Ellydium corporation sovereign leader Duties: Maintain balance within the Ellydium corporation and make sure that operations run smoothly. Also in charge of his own division of research in to crystalline technology. Biography: Born in a moon-based lab near Orion, Mr. Fox is an artificial being. He was modified from an ancient and supposedly extinct Earthen species "Vulpes Vulpes" but possesses an incredible level of intelligence and wit. He escaped the Orion-1 moon lab after it was quarantined, stole a ship, and killed the previous CEO of a destroyed corporation. From there, he consistently gained power and influence and was eventually invited to the Ellydium staff. There, he quickly gained status and position, and is now the lead in all corporation activities. He is said to have a secret research division that is working on augmentation of living crystal technology with a discovery of his own; Vulpanium. This extremely rare element, combined with existing living crystals, could be the start of the next revolution in human (and fox) existence. Even though he wants nothing but happiness for all of humanity and fox-kind, he will immediately dispatch anyone known to have worked with genetics experimentation or organic modification. His ethics may be skewed, but he will not stand for the torture of sentient beings as he was.
  27. I suggest some sort of away mission or other activity where you send your alien ship to a lab, and they use its natural crystal regrowth to harvest xenocrystals. It would grant X xenocrystals per Y hours and have potentially no cap or limit. The only catch is that your alien ship is unusable while it is being harvested. The more alien ships that are being harvested, the greater yield of crystals.
  28. dlc

    Added [Earth Protector] nametag because that's basically what's happening.
  29. Rank 8 destroyers give 5 panels and rank 11 give 10. Ezpz. The default is 3, for a total of 18 if you send one of each tier destroyer.
  30. The word "increased" was only used because of the translation. It really should say "changed". The time was lowered.
  31. Only have one engine slot and I'm not giving up teleport for accel that could be fixed by devs.
  32. I've only seen it said once so I'll say it again. The tharga ranking tree was changed and lots of people are pissed off. Even mine went from r11 to r8 with no warning, and I also am unable to break through r8. Even though my R9-10 nodes are unlocked. Aside from that I like basically everything else. Rank 10 should also still be removed from T5 gameplay. R13-15 need their own PvP queue. Oh also tharga's acceleration still sucks. 75m/s/s is basically a destroyers' acceleration.
  33. Same problem here. I was R11 but now I'm stuck at R8. Completely lost any and all want to continue levelling it. Just gonna save up for the other ships and hope they aren't half as grindy.
  34. So the recent patch has brought some very well needed changes, but a few things are bugging LOTS of players. One particular change was the point deduction in the Thar'Ga's tree. Now, many players who previously had rank 11+ thargas are stuck with rank 8 due to a low-node having 10 too few points. Even if all the above nodes are unlocked they are still unable to progress and his has caused much distress. Another problem that surfaces very visibly is the efficiency roundup screen. Now, if a player is to give another player a thumbs up, they must swap screens to a rather pointless one. This takes more time and gives even less incentive to perform this action. One final point is regarding rank balancing. Rank 10 should in no cases be paired against rank 13-15. Rank 13-15 should become its own tier of battles called "extreme" or something, and only allow those particular ranks. This has been an issue for quite some time but has seldom been brought up.
  35. I suggested that there should be a conversion for the weapons, but idk. I hope that they won't just vanish. That would be awful.
  36. module

    Nah at this point it's "Gargoyle Conflict" and "Dart Conflict."
  37. Lol ikr. The gargoyle and dart are both basically R15's. Basically a free ride to the top of the eff leaderboard.
  38. module

    The point is to have an awesome advantage. The debuff is that if you try to use a wormhole too often, your ship is lost. It is limited to only one faction, and said faction only has 15 ships. Probably a good idea. So getting completely destroyed isn't enough of a debuff? Gotcha.
  39. module

    No. This is an insanely long and awful debuff. Nobody would use it then. also no. I thought about it, but 3 minutes is kinda crazy. No tho. That's awful. All aliens can use wormholes. I don't understand any of this. You sound kind of like an inverse me about three years ago. No idea what balance is and just wants to make everything awful.
  40. module

    Don't forget that this works in both directions for only a limited amount of time. ;3
  41. Yeah I'm lost too.
  42. module

    Ohmg yas omg omg omg. I love it.
  43. I love it all. And also yeah I agree that the Reaper ram is also kinda meh.
  44. module

    I like this particular wormhole module particularly because you can hijack another ships' wormhole to follow it, or even use it to back-track to their previous location quickly, and attack strategic places. It also isn't a relatively useful "GTFO Button" simply because you must manually place the wormhole, and are immobile while doing so. This means it's actually pretty balanced compared to other transportation modules. Just with much greater range and functionality.
  45. I'm just sitting on crystals/plates etc until the rest of the ships come out. Gotta be ready. I'll decide what I want to upgrade after I have all of them.
  46. module

    Name: Wormhole Manipulator Type: Active Module for all Alien Ships (Even destroyers, but theirs is much bigger) Recharge: 100 seconds Energy: 500pts Energy if destroyer: 2000pts Wormhole Diameter: 150m Wormhole Diameter if destroyer: 250m Wormhole Duration: 12 seconds Wormhole Duration if destroyer: 21 seconds Tooltip: Uses modified alien rift generators to form a wormhole 350m in front of the user. Once activated, the user will be prompted by a map of the sector. The user can then select any point on the map within 7,500-15,000m to open the other end of the wormhole. The wormhole will stay open and allow any ships and objects to pass through either way for a set duration. Includes enemy ships. Each ship must wait for 3 seconds after exiting a wormhole to be able to use it again, or else their ship will not be in phase and will be lost in subspace. In open space, activation will open the local map, but will allow the user to select any sector within 5 jumps to open the other wormhole in. Wormholes work in only one direction when opened in open space. (Local wormhole placement range is 7,500m for standard ships and 15,000m for destroyers.)
  47. Well for any non-paying player it is perfectly balanced. XD It's only those who can afford to upgrade a lot and unlock and craft and upgrade modules and weapons that get the superships. Other times it's just that the specific player is OP in anything but that is super rare.
  48. Probably me too. I'm not paying twice for the same ship just for a little module. Probably only those who do 100% of missions every day will get them all. Which is me. But you know whatever.
  49. I suggested that it be made to only activate on double-tap so that not only do you not accidentally activate it, but also you can still use the "go up" key for its intended purpose.
  50. I'm like 90% sure that resonating ammo works on them.
  51. So awesome. I didn't know that you could have two combat regenerators working simultaneously. Good to know! XD Also what's the theme in the Peerless video? I recognise it from somewhere.
  52. Use a log-reading tool to make a HUD overlay? There's a tool already for the EB and it shouldn't be too hard to make one for Tele. Their problem is that they completely removed the feature instead of just adding a toggle for it. It would make so much more sense. I love a crowded hud. It means I can see everything that is going on without problem. In no circumstances should something visual ever be completely removed. Only put under a toggle.
  53. Apparently the devs removed this functionality in a previous version. Whether or not it was on purpose is up in the air because they never tell us anything useful. I really hope that we will be getting these cooldown timers back.
  54. Yup same here. It seems that dreads are kinda iffy at best. Moving slowly and lagging all the time. When hitting enemies it takes sometimes over a full second for the damage to be applied and returned.
  55. They are found in the "Edit" or "customise" area where you select level up nodes. Once you unlock the correct nodes, special module missions will be made available to try to get a new "F" module.
  56. Where did you put TinyBee????

  57. I have the ultimate collector's fever. I'm just poor. Nah, I can't mod this game yet. Too tedious to unpackage and repackage files with valid manifest checks. But I did however completely remake a similar game called "Moon Breakers" because their game was completely unpackaged and was all written in essentially basic text. XD Indeed. But I personally like to just play games.
  58. You cannot alter a text file that isn't on your computer. Are all of you really that blind? The text file would be on the SERVERS not on the players' computers. -Saves server processing power. -Saves time. -Saves space. -Prevents cheating.
  59. The cost is twice as much. You can make that many crystals in that many days (given that the missions still exist for that long). However! The prerequisites for the modules take ages longer because they involve throwing away your life for a month or longer if you ever want to see the module in action. And even then you aren't guaranteed the module because the missions are bugged. You can't even buy your way in to the modules.
  60. I just spent the 8k I got from the short story contest. Otherwise I got Thar'Ga base ship from missions.
  61. What I mean is to avoid server overloading, instead of keeping each suspended player in the actual server, they could just have their cargo and position saved in a simple txt file to be read on the server. This way, OP gets his suggestion, and the devs don't have to worry about server strain.
  62. *does control+f to see if I said "local" at any point* uhh. What?
  63. "Save points" could simply mean a text file with the player's loot and sector data. It doesn't have to suspend them permanently. This way, their place in OS is saved and they can still go about whatever they want.
  64. "Your word is 'balanced'." "T H E P R O G R E S S I O N S Y S T E M" "That is incorrect."
  65. That's exactly why a single module costs over twice as much as the ship itself. Yeah. Your argument is invalid.
  66. 1. Description of the problem, what happened. The first mission to unlock "Condensing Crystals" where you must repair 1,300,000 hull of allies with the Eclipse Launcher is not working. 2. What did you expected to happen. I expected to have made progress on the mission after battle, yet have not. 3. The conditions during the situation. normal PvP, rank 9. 4. Further details on the issue. The mission states that I must repair 1,300,000pts of hull on allies in PvP while on a ship of rank 9 or higher. I am in the Styx, using Eclipse, healing allies, and no progress has been made on the mission. 5. Frequency of occurrence. 100% 6. Logs + screenshots or a video (Including a description of the issue, where to and how to reproduce it) 2017.01.12 7. If possible, the time when it happend. In this case we will be able to look more closely to the server logs. Also mention your time zone. Logs attached. 8. Information on the configuration of your computer (DxDiag) N/A 9. The results of this program if the bug report is related to connection issues. N/A 10. If the complaint is related to Sector Conquest, it is necessary to specify the location and time + timezone of the happening. N/A
  67. Yeahhhhh for Ellydium they will need an event for every new ship or else nobody but super-sponsors will ever get them. XD If I ever fell in to a large sum of money (like really large) one of the second things I would do is buy this game from the devs and flip it around. Every resource would be in a resource shop for both credits and GS. All GS bundles would give a guaranteed set of items with no randomness. Random containers would all be for credits. Ellydium ships would all have their material prices halved. Daily tournaments would be permanent, but GS tournaments would still only be once per week. Either specops would've chosable at any time through the day. Missions for Gage and Ellydium would all be tweaked to have more obtainable goals. Premium ships and standard ships would largely stay the same, but I'd have unique modules made for each and every one of them that you can buy with parts or GS -outright-. Premium parts would still probably be obtained the same way, but in looting you could chose them over other loot if wanted. Looting would be fundamentally changed to allow users to chose what resource they want to farm. New "most wanted" ships and alternate models would be added. Special weapons and modules would be re-added to loot after battle. Easter-egg items would be found everywhere at slightly higher rate than the current ones (because they are basically the most improbable things to find in the game atm.) Boosters would be changed up. New asthetics would be added as well as a pain picker. (For GS.) Ship skins would all be make buyable permanently for GS (but only for the selected ship.) And so much more. The current money grab plan is painful for players and detrimental to the game. I would make everything (aside for aesthetics) obtainable in-game just by playing the game. I would also move some servers around and re-route priority to more traffic-centred areas and begin marketing campaigns through TV and other more widely known websites. The players would also be actively acknowledged by staff and responded to with actually useful responses, not just "soon" and "maybe" and "it's not planned" because we all know that all of those are lies and completely useless. But that's just what I'd do. Maybe not to the T, but somewhere around that. Basically I would reward people who play, not just people who have no lives.
  68. I have the same problem, but it's getting harder to play for a long time because the family has been in distress for the past who knows how long and school is turning to sh** so... But yeah I at least do dailies. Or try to. Xp
  69. Basically what I get from it. I hear "help we're under attack" and I think "oh free cargo with no karma!" But if there was a reward for fending off attackers I'd do it. Especially if it had anything to do wth large sums of synergy or resources.
  70. Well ain't that something.
  71. Well let's see you win 30 r11+ destroyer specops in any decent amount of time. These kinds of missions take the fun out of playing. It turns it in to a job. (A very ill-paying job at that.)
  72. I'm sure that you have already gotten complaints about this, but here's an actual discussion about it for you. The requirements to swap special modules on the Ellydium are absurdly high. Here is a screenshot of the "Condensing Crystals" requirements: Please, for the love of everything good and nice in the world, at least do away with the center missions. They are all crazy and exceptionally difficult and time consuming, even for people who have good stuff and lots of time. The other missions are just as bad, such as the "Hive" module. Not only must you complete 45 "Fire suppourt" missions in the Thar'Ga, but you must do it with a weapon that is basically pointless due to either low damage or crazy energy costs. The other middle missions are just as bad, and only get worse as the ranks progress. Please either SIGNIFICANTLY reduce the mission requirements, or do away with the middle ones. Also why in hell would you make the costs increase to such a degree on everything else as you unlock things??? What seems like every single new node that I unlock, the price for everything raises by 10%. Cease and desist good sirs; I do beg of thee.
  73. Allow me to direct you to a suggestion that has been made quite a few times now: the permanent "rejoin battle" button in the hangar. In OS, disconnects should automatically trigger attempts to "safe logout" instead of just self-destructing.
  74. Well duh. It was easy to see that the aliens were different from the start. The original invading forces were seen as just hunters and biomorphs, but the biomorphs were simply infected ships. Like a virus. The hunter was an actual crystalline ship with the respective survivability and damage output etc. The biomorphs seem to have also taken over other Jericho ships such as the Inquisitor, and the crystallids have grown a new ship, the "Scout". Both have definite differences and roots. What this means for the future of the game is unknown, but being humans, I see us taking the side of one of the factions and fighting alongside them in some sort of war. Though this may also be irrelevant, as the crystallids are simply an advanced precursors security system that we woke up, and the biomorphs appear to be more similar to some sort of virus within the crystal matrix that can affect other ships.
  75. Nah you can get one beacon per four wins or four beacons in one win. Doesn't matter.
  76. So I'm gonna make this short and simple. I'm pissed off. Make the MM account for the missions that you have in stock so that you can actually freaking complete them. Since everyone has the same "capture 4 beacons and win" mission today, MM should basically only supply beacon matches. Ya dig? Now get to work. It's not the weekend yet.
  77. weapon

    Ra'kar'thith Cannon Primary weapon for Ellydium frigates Medium range gravity beam Tooltip: Fires a continuous green beam that pulses every second. As the beam is held on a target, they become the center of an increasingly large gravity well. Each pulse that hits them will both increase the gravity radius by 50m and the pull speed by 25m/s up to 1,150m and 200m/s. The damage will slowly increase as the beam is held on the target. Random lore: (someone put this under a spoiler please) "As Ellydium made their advancements in to utilising crystal technology, some corporations were working on some tech designs of their own. One nondescript night at the local corporation's laboratory, a team of scientists discovered that crystals, when grown in a parallel array, will focus any energy that was drawn out of a crystal core. This quickly led to the first prototypes of a crystal based laser weapon. However, the major discovery happened when a scientist accidentally dropped another core from a different weapon in to the parallel system. It worked in tandem with the original core to produce a focussed point in the beam that science calls a "kugelblitz". The scientists then applied this discovery to a new parallel model with a dedicated space for the second crystal core, so that the weapon could be easier to grow on a larger scale. Ellydium readily accepted their new development and hurriedly adapted it for their crystal ships." Sketch from iPhone notes:
  78. Ok just because some modules are shared amongst the ships doesn't mean all are. Combat reboot is gunship exclusive, and matter absorber is Thar'Ga exclusive.
  79. This also applies to passive modifiers. They are, for the most part, available for all alien ships.
  80. module

    Name: Overdriver 'Luna' Type: Passive Multipurpose Module Tooltip: Reconfigures the specified system to divert energy to weapons. The primary weapons' rate of fire is increased by 25%, while the damage is decreased by 25%.
  81. module

    Name: Overcharger 'Helios' Type: Passive Multipurpose Module Tooltip: Reconfigures the specified system to divert energy to weapons. The primary weapons' rate of fire is reduced by 25%, while the damage is increased by 25%.
  83. You can trade the parts later tho. Like trade random bp for activator.
  84. At least you can target certain resources in OS. That's one step up from every other game mode and bundle. XD (But that's the only good thing about it!)
  85. So I was thinking about some very low-dev-intensive ways that they could implement gaining xenocrystals. I would really hate to have xenocrystals become another "you may or may not find any while scavenging in open space" resource. Open space is a terrible place to gather resources because it's so damn time-consuming, mainly because of useless credit drops from -everything- and no stacking items. One way would be like I suggested a while ago, where there is a place or tab or something like the corporation dreadnought tab that shows a little "gardening" thing where you can plant and grow xenocrystals over time. Another is like a sort of "mining game" on the Ellydium base in Leviathan. You could buy different quality drills depending on your skill and endurance, and drill deeper and deeper in to Bion in order to get large amounts of xenocrystals. Better drills are more expensive to rent, but they also mean a better yield of crystals per session. Any other ideas?
  86. Guard: Looks menacing and dangerous from afar, but after you realise that they have been nerfed to the ground several times now, thy begin to seem a lot squishier. Foam wall:
  87. I like the idea but I'm pretty sure the devs already have something else (four something elses) in mind.
  88. Yea bc I can't afford to sponsor this game any more.
  89. I could spend exactly 1 minute to change the colours around for you. It would take no effort what so ever.
  90. A better Christmas would be increasing the bee population of the world. #SaveTheBees
  91. Yup I've got the same thing. From rank 9 it is 18 for me. I just got to 11 with today's dailies and it still is at 18.
  92. dlc

    What is this madness. I like my idea better. :0 Mine are literally just strips of wood with a bit of old wax rubbed on them as guidelines. XD (Pic of my latest top bar build) ((100% scrap wood btw! Costed a trip to a friend's place and a few nails. X3))
  93. dlc

    Awesome!!! The world needs more family beekeepers. The corporate stuff is great and all but still. If just a few families per neighbourhood kept bees the world would be much better off. Good luck! Also keep an eye on them this spring. If you see any queen cups being built you may need to manually split the hive in to a new box to keep your losses localised. Unfortunately, no. Most that I've seen are either straight to corporate apiaries or are dead-ends. Though I still haven't done very much extensive research on these, so there are probably some out there. Also, once I get a few more populated hives and they are more reliable, I am hoping to start my own beekeeping class of sorts to try to create some new generations of beekeepers. X3 They would likely just be simple bee "fact or fiction" lessons with other basic beekeeping info and details, but just getting the word out is all I really hope to do. If one out of a hundred people I talk to start to keep bees, I'm in the green. ;3
  94. dlc

    What is this madness. I like my idea better. XD
  95. All I want is a way to get these resources consistently without playing PvP, buying crates, or doing missions for crates. I just want to do a thing and get rewarded with the resource that I want. No randomness. No GS. No bundles. No PvP. Just. Resources.
  96. module

    Name: Phase Counterstabiliser Type: Alien passive hull module Tooltip: After not moving, firing weapons, or using modules for 5 seconds, the ship is hidden from radars. Moving, firing, or using active modules will disrupt the effect. I can imagine this would make for some very fun hide and seek in alien territory.
  97. Ah, yes. Maybe 250GS every week if you even have time for it. Definitely a reliable source of GS.
  98. "To perfectly suit you" is a lie tho. The passive slots are only available at their respective rank nodes. That sucks. Because I'd much rather have two engine at R9 than R10 because the rank jump there is completely awful and uncalled for.
  99. And how much did that cost in GS? XD
  100. Holy hell how did someone get to rank 15?!?! Must be a sponsor account. XD
  101. My octo (before I scrapped it) had over 1k/s regen easily, along with tripple adaptives. It was basically invincible. 1k/S is nothing for destroyers.
  102. If you wait where they spawn and get one to spawn inside you, your ship will basically turn in to a sphere of (whatever colour your ship is mostly) with random engine and attitude thruster lights all over. It's kinda funny. Works best in Crimson Haze PvE.
  103. Yeah that always bugged me too. I would LOVE to be able to do that.
  104. On the 17'th I suggest that all NY weapons, instead of being poofed from inventories, they are replaced with bundles of alien materials like composite plates and xenocrystals. That would make people much more happy and slightly ease the pain of the awful Thar'Ga unlock costs.
  105. I mainly just wanted this so I could swap one of my hull slots for an engine a lot. Hull slots aren't very useful to me on this ship, and I genuinely hate anything above rank 9, so that would be great for me.
  106. All true, but my statements hold.
  107. Has it worked previously in PvAI? I've never completed it there before.
  108. When they are inside or on the other side of an object they will not heal you. This is also the case when a damaged ally is within their area of effect. (300m)
  109. Pyro emitter's "initial damage" radius is massive compared to the actual beam's radius. This may be your problem, as even if the target in within the initial radius, it may not be in the actual beam's radius.
  110. Don't forget the plaque that the devs have on their wall in the balance room: "If it is good, it shouldn't be."
  111. dlc

    Also just a lovely reminder for those who may or may not be interested: Beekeeping is super easy, and unless you want to actually get honey or wax from them, you can just have a hive for the sake of having one. You don't need to even interact with the bees for them to have an okay home. They will generally be pretty well off on their own, so there's not much hands-on involved unless you want there to be. I personally would check any given hive at least once a week for pests or disease or other problems, but even then the bees have already survived the big wide world for this long. They can probably handle fending for themselves in your back yard just as well as a tree somewhere. The hives are also super easy+cheap to build too! Here is a handy little guide for a hive that you could put a bit more design and uniqueness in to. Imo these hives look better than stacked boxes but you can do what you want. I built one in about 5 hours one day that I wasn't doing anything. All that's left after that is to wait until spring to find Bees or just let them move in. X3
  112. Or how about we just half the Vacuum laser's max range. That would solve most of the long range weaponry problems. XD
  113. No, this isn't a complaint about the outrageous cost to build and level up the alien ships. No, this is about the actual levelling restrictions. I suggest that the passive bonuses and such be independent of active nodes. As in once you have reached and unlocked a node you may apply it at any rank, for its given number of "Evo Points" or whatever. This would mean that I could sacrifice a hull slot for a second engine slot and still be in rank 9, and not tipping it over in to rank 10. Or that I could do away with both and have the -25% missile reloading time bonus in rank 9 etc, but have no hull slots. This would unlock a whole world of customisability options and make the whole process feel much less restrictive. Oh also remove 100cr loot and reduce the cost of alien ship passive unlocks.
  114. too high

    Yeah you can restore lots of credits by playing PvE because you can only die a max of 3 times. XD The only real credit problem that I see is with destroyers in any gamemode. One destruction of my Tyrant costs enough to create a loss in credits in a lost PvP. In a win I usually either break even or just gain a few thousand credits. Something needs to happen in relation to destroyer destruction costs because it really makes them hard to fly with good conscience if you don't already have several score million credits.
  115. too high

    Agreed. Negative income is the only reason I don't use all of my standard ships. After a win I'd like to feel like I accomplished something, not just wasted time in losing money.
  116. That and it destroys your ship so you lose all your goods.
  117. dlc

    Yeah but dropping it at "just donate here" leaves more to gain for either party. Mainly publicity. I love bees and I love this game. Put them together and both get famous and mo money.
  118. module

    Wrong. Alien healing are at 100%. Ellydiums heals have a tic of 0.5s with full value. So even with the reduced healings, in the end their heals aren't reduced. Wrong. Aliens heal by default at a rate 50% lower than all other ships due to a debuff that appears once the ship is on the field. It heals by a set amount every second. I can grab a quick video of it if you'd like. They regen extremely fast, especially with matter absorber and the shield regen out of combat. They can regen to full without any engi or survival tools quite easily. Their shields may regenerate very quickly in and out of combat, but their hulls are much harder to heal. Even a green hull pickup can't fully heal an elly fighter. Just don't use gauss. Yeah gauss sucks.
  119. dlc

    Please don't turn this in to a meme post. This has serious intention.
  120. dlc

    How dare you assume something so vile from me. I would never
  121. module

    I mean that this would allow the hull to regenerate past it's normal limit, but in turn slow the ship down. This is mainly for balance because all regeneration for alien ships is halved, and they naturally regrow their hulls very slowly.
  122. dlc

    Yes that is yet another major problem. The biodiversity of many areas has been so refined to only suit humans that bees can't survive off of them. *sigh*
  123. module

    All crystal ships have passive hull regeneration. It's just not shown in stats bc it only works if yer not doing anything.
  124. The engine telewarp needs to be a double-tab up instead of just any press of up.
  125. dlc

    So I'm not sure about how many of you know this, but honeybees and bees in general are slowly fading out of existence due to pesticides, diseases, and loss of natural habitats. The lack of bees in the world would mean a dramatic decrease in food-crop pollination across the world in over 75% of our crops. This would, as you might have guessed, mean nothing but bad things for us humans (and fox.) Thousands of apiaries and beekeepers and bee fanatics across the world are doing their best to help bees get a foothold in the world again and start slowing down the decrease in their population. I am one such beekeeper. I bring to the table a very improbable but very important suggestion for a first "charity DLC" of sorts for the game. The "Save The Bees" DLC. I suggest that a $20-30 DLC be made that contains some bee-themed stickers or aerography or other content, and that a certain percentage of the profit from just that DLC be directed towards apiaries across the world to help fund development of new hives and supplies and workers to help keep them. The benefits for both parties are numerous. Not only would apiaries and beekeepers get a little boost in much needed funding, but they would also get more publicity via the game. The game would also get a huge boost in publicity because people all over the world would be writing about it and how much it cares etc etc etc. This would mean more players and more money and more publicity in a never-ending cycle of mutual benefit. This would also further an even greater good: the future of life as we know it. If bees die out, so do we. I have prepared some minor content suggestions for this DLC in case you need some ideas~ The FL-22 "Honeybee" Light Recon Interceptor (Looks like a honey bee, duh.) Ship effects: "Stinger" : If the rear of the ship makes contact with an enemy, the enemy takes 5,000 EM damage over the next 5 seconds. The sting recharges every 5 seconds. Each sting damages the user by 1,000pts. Special Module: "Hive Cell Generator" : Drops a cell that when collected by yourself or an ally will restore 3,500-9,750 hull and shield strength over 5 seconds, as well as increase max speed by 25%. If the cell is left to sit for longer than 20 seconds, it will heal 50% more and increase max speed by 35%. 20 second cooldown. (The cells would look like hexagonal pickups in space and would never fade away. After 20 seconds of being in space the appearance would change to that of three hexagonal cells in a bunch. They could possibly even be used by both teams on the field because bees are good for everybody! X3) Active Module: "Brood Call" : Changes up to two Hive Cells on the battlefield in to eggs that will "hatch" after 20 seconds in to AI controlled Honeybees with 50% the user's stats to help. 120 second cooldown. Primary Weapon: "Vespicore Launcher" : Quickly fires single yellow bolts dealing kinetic damage. Critical hits will deal +50% damage over 3 seconds. Secondary Weapon: "Propolis Field" : "Sticky propolis engulfs the engines of those who pass through the field, slowing them down by 30% for 10 seconds. The afterburners will burn off the propolis but at the same time deal up to 7,250 thermal damage to the user." Passive Engine Module: "Bee-Line Engine" : "Double-tapping the afterburners will activate the bee-line engine. The user will fly at 1,000m/s in a straight line forwards until they release afterburners or run out of energy. Energy regeneration is halved while bee-lining." Aerography: "Save The Bees" : Simple foiled black/orange with yellow/orange hexagonal pattern throughout. Stickers: "Honeybee" : A simple top-down image of a honeybee. "Hive" : Simple honeycomb like 3-7 cells. "Sting!" : A jagged stinger with a glint. "Honey" : A drop/jar of sweet, natural, pure golden honey! Nametags: [Bee-Brain] [Hive Minded] (I really love this one) [Earth Protector]
  126. module

    Name: Crystal Overgrowth Type: Passive Hull Module Tooltip: Decreases maximum speed by 33%, but also allows the hull to grow extra crystal, amounting to an extra 50% natural hull strength. This further allows the ship to be sped up by the removal of extra crystal by up to a 100% speed boost at <15% natural hull strength.
  127. 1. Description of the problem, what happened. In the middle of a battle I was kicked for inactivity. (Had to help family move some boxes for 2 minutes.) And when I rejoined the battle, My Thar'Ga was reset to default (rank 5) module slots with only two active modules. It was a rank 9 battle. 2. What did you expected to happen. I expected to still be able to use all of my modules and still be rank 9. 3. The conditions during the situation. PvE. Fire Suppourt. Rank 9. Flying Thar'Ga. 4. Further details on the issue. Screenshots attached. 5. Frequency of occurrence. so far this has happened twice I think. 6. Logs + screenshots or a video (Including a description of the issue, where to and how to reproduce it) 7. If possible, the time when it happend. In this case we will be able to look more closely to the server logs. Also mention your time zone. Around 5:00pm CST (Daylight Savings Time) 8. Information on the configuration of your computer (DxDiag) N/A 9. The results of this program if the bug report is related to connection issues. N/A(?) 10. If the complaint is related to Sector Conquest, it is necessary to specify the location and time + timezone of the happening. N/A
  128. Who thought that fuel was a good idea. You can sit in PvP or PvE for as long as you want running full afterburners and all sorts of modules and yer fine, but in OS if you use afterburners to cross a map you may not be able to get out. What the heck. Someone either give me a decent explanation of this mechanic or remove it. It really gets annoying having to search for fuel on a cross-sector trip in anything other than an interceptor.