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  1. So how often will you delete it until you are willing to talk with me eye to eye? Is this powerplay?
  2. ORCA1911 (Posted 19 hours ago) This is just pessimism. How hypochite is that, I criticise this content and you label it with your opinion. I regard this as admin abuse, it makes sense to use in the patch discussion but not here, just use the reply function like everybody else. Deleting my post, shows immense strengh of character.
  3. How hypochiritcal is that, you tell me to criticise and then you label my comment with your opinion? I regard this kind of response as admin abuse, It makes sense to use it in a patch discussion but not here. Stop it and use the reply button.
  4. ORCA1911 (Posted 4 hours ago) This is just pessimism. If you want to tell me something, use the reply button.
  5. Ok here some feedback: I couldn't care less about 2 r10 ships that are gonna be in the artificially RE created tier formerly known as t4. There is no population for that. You already see the same faces wherever you go, this tier will be even worse. 2 premium craftable ships wont change that. This is an obvious attempt to repopulate the "t4hole" for a while. The meta there is also quite random and uninteresting, simply because i STILL think that r10 to r15 belong in the same queue. They exchanged diversity for simplicity. And that just because some knobs don't understand how to fit ships and play "underdog". TBH the prom fire stole the crown from the spark, in that time. thats how good r10's worked in "hard queue". Am i the only one being tired of the lack of interesting niche ships in the high ranks? all the interesting stuff is between r10 and r12...
  6. i have the same issue
  7. HAHA nice one. Guys it's good to see that you found each other. I was wondering where all those good ideas came from.
  8. A newer engines doesn't fix a bonkers stategy
  9. So you made this game?
  10. How come, you feel insulted by me criticizing this game?
  11. LATELY: Since the complete xxxx up of the queues, forcefully creating a dead "t4" again. Since then i am not satisfied. The fact that these models are not very well made is another thing. Can't blame ppl for a lack of esthetic education.
  12. That was a dark day!
  13. I'm done Where?! i wanna see
  14. Hmm, took em 3 years to find a system, wich doesn't upgrade any game related helpers, to total cookiecutter sensei with no sense of reality. That theory is based on 3 years of actual facts and gizmo was at least translator, so he knows how a puddle of GS feels, felt... Anyways, shouldn't you be paid in real money, for this work?
  15. It's a feature
  16. I found a monocrystal!


  17. aww
  18. if you throw a couple of dimensions together you get a universe. it works, i've tried it

  19. Uncloak ppl, counter guardians, decrease regen abilitys of important target and reveal the general position of the enemy team, wich you wont notice most of the time, but you will notice for sure if you don't have the sightrange of a recon. (rarely do long range builds have the range to see where they are shooting ) Also tactically seen, recons are diversion, in the sense of taking time to counter or ideally a waste of time to attack, for the enemy team. The only reason I fly recon, is because the rf blaster is still broken AF and you need 3 heatsinks to get some glory out of it; no cov ops has the ability to deliver DPS consistently with that gun since it occasionally stops shooting. Take a spectre falcon with 2 heatsinks - problem solved, or at least bypassed, since the devs still don't believe me ( and other humaans) Cut what in half? their duration? Or talking about general versatility? I don't understand, games are bland as it is, in r15, Florin, what kind of meta are you longing for?
  20. Buff Cov Ops and let the recon stick to his job.
  21. Holidays on Ice


  22. Is it my job to remind them of the basic habits of game development? This is about reputation, we have discussions, but over 4 different threads. As long that there is no discussion thread i will interpret this as diversion and dispersion. Without a proper discussion nobody new in the coming months will have known of the deeds that have been done. Just xxxx the community until there is nobody left? Is this a scam? Would you care to give us a reasoning other than; it's gonna be to much hate? And even if that would be the case, wouldn't the people who don't want to flame, deserve a place where their information to the devs is written? Atm finding a dicussion fo the last patch is by accident in some random threads.
  23. 1. Description of the problem, what happened. Weeks have passed, still no thread existing. 2. What did you expected to happen. To see an open Discussion thread for 1.3.4. 3. The conditions during the situation. No population 7+ minutes r15 queue. 4. Further details on the issue. To delete items on a large scale, then dissapear and not loose a word over the discussion. You are a disgusting company. 5. Frequency of occurrence. Not occuring.
  24. I'm sorry what? I have been reporting this issue since January 2017 and now you ask how to measure firerate?
  25. 7 to 10 minutes Rank 15 Solo Q. THIS GAME HAS TOO MUCH POPULATION
  26. Yes because it's a lazy solution. I'm sure there will be a GS weapon avialable without that limitation. Just wait and grind.
  27. Happy Easter!

  28. hi
    i just bought a car.  it goes nowhere

    i'm almost there

  29. Doesn't matter amerikanski
  30. Why? Please explain to me.