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  1. Eclipse had self-heal back in the past, from times when healing auras were toggle abilities, and that was overkill. Eclipse just need proximity explosion and longer heating time.
  2. I was sick of Taikins in last Sunday tournaments. 7 of 9 matches I had that day was - sneak with perma camo Taikin upon engi or dessy then warp it in front of enemies. Such skill. Even big drone couldnt do much, too easy to destoy with long cd. Do something with that abomination crystal.
  3. At least I would like chats to be separated by language. While I understand russian, they barely understand what I try to say to them.
  4. Parts missions have 6h cooldown, so If you are no-life you can get both in a week.
  5. Sentry Drone nearby? High ping? Hit by Inhi Swarm?
  6. I am extremely dissapointed with sneak resource limit reimplement - I am already almost full capacity of composite blocks. Even if 500 is not that small, at some point of time I will have to stop doing missions because I will be full.
  7. Enjoy new mono and composite resource limit
  8. That's R5-6 ships out there, they are equally squishy.
  9. Bundles for this appear when you accept it's spec module mission.
  10. We don't get anything that is tradeable...
  11. We don't get GS anymore and had to spend all GS we had before trading patch. All we can get now are mats.
  12. Not always. I had 3 min minimum wait yesterday.
  13. It's everywhere, really. Probably most common thing you can drop. Even in zone where station is.
  14. Buff Tharok
  15. Coil Mortar awarded for playing Crossout.
  16. Energy converter always works derply for me, sometimes its just tickles under heavy fire, other time it does 1k per tick out of nowhere. At least shield res works properly. For now.
  17. I could support that if it could not be installed on elly ships.
  18. Logs from 2 days ago when I last tried to play.
  19. Th'ar'NOTOK Beamer
  20. Because its outclassed by Thar'ga it doesnt mean its weak. It's speed makes it perfect for bubbles. Yes, it's squishy, but you don't worry about damage if you can't get hit.
  21. I would be glad to see Mk.V version reworked on some point. They need too many resources (in quantity) in contrast what they give in result. 3% increase in dmg for weapons is not worth 30 mono. They would be more attractive if they for example give a variation of item like pirate modules have, like increased rate of fire at cost of less damage. In current form nobody apart from heavy collectors would invest 150GS for them.