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  1. Fake, Taikin spins better than spinner without its mechanism.
  2. Don't go overboard with damage and it should be fine. We got fed by Tharga and Taikin infestation. Listen to testers, if they say something is too much then nerf it. Its easier and less stressful to buff something than nerfing. I see you want Elly frig to be counter to Elly recon abduction crystal - abducted ship would be teleported back to wazgot. Nerf the taikin properly instead of introducing new grindable ship just to counter that bs.
  3. It doesn't solve anything when that russian guy expect a reply. But yes, it helps a lot. Also, you dont even need to take a picture. Clicking the eye icon in camera view turns on live translation (it places the translated text with similar font overlaying original). It dont work with every language pair, but works Russian-English.
  4. Max rank thing is gonna be changed. Can't say much. Stay tuned.
  5. It's money bias.
  6. They need to rework workshop items as well. Some things are crazy rare and mandatory if you dont want to cripple your ship. Photon for R14 need 2 crazy rare components, bp and...photon for R11 that is crafted using 2 crazy rare components and bp.
  7. The problem Getting things in SC rely on too much randomness. Lets say you plan to build a destroyer. You need neodium for that, and this thing drop playing rank 8 ships from battles. You have a chance to get that, its ok, but it depends on random outcome from matchmaker (no matter how good you are, you cant win alone) otherwise number of dicerolls is heavily reduced. It also drops from open world if you know where, but it also depends on rolling and drop rate is somewhat low. After gathering all things you wanted, you realise you cant get maximum potential from your ship you worked last month to get hands on it because you are stuck with Halo, Pyro, Shield and two turrets. And again, we are in rng paradise - random matchmaker gives you low or highier chance to get a chance to drop random cache with random drop inside with weighted randomness. You see how ridiculous it sounds? Regular ships are in advantage here, but certain ships can greatly benefit from manufactured modules (crystal plates on Imperial gunships, Sk'rah on inties, energy converter on anything). Proposals Instead of caches drop as random outcome, we should be able to get them as clear progression and reward. Winning battles give tokens. PvP as is it harder to win, should give them more than PvE. These tokens can be spent on cache of interest. Opening and randomness of what is inside can remain the same. Add some parts to Mysterious Containers in OS to make them worthwile to search. Give more tokens for competitive play, SCL, dreads, tournaments. Why Reducing grind is always beneficial to the game. Because of still random drop from the caches, market and trading would not be affected much. Increased supply can even increase trading business. Also, as tokens are given for winning, could put force on people to put maximum effort to win. Now matches are rather lacking of it. Having possibility to buy the cache containing the part you need also give clear progression and close the gap between older players that got lucky to be at event giving things for credits and newbs forced to play with potential handicap.
  8. I'd like to drop ANY non-alpha container...They simply dont exist for me. Alphas drops like mad, I get one per 2-3 fights, but other dont drop at all. If you insist staying in this system, give us tokens. Get tokens winning the battle -> spend tokens to get a cache YOU want -> open it with iridium to get random loot.
  9. No, its totally not visible in any way
  10. Elly ships went out of control and spread infestation so far through galaxy, that they even appear in other game...Damn Thar'gas running free in Elite Dangerous
  11. I would bet it rather eat ship corpses to recharge its module or something
  12. Inhibitor beam and big drone block jumps in line of sight. Inhi beam is too easy to break, but well placed big drone block those jumping fleas quite well. Especially on module range bonus tackie. And of course placing a isolating drone makes half of the team to instantly focus on you. Their mobility is still a problem. I seen abominations with over 180 roll speed. Hitting that thing with projectile weapon is nearly impossible, only bearable with small tackler drone combined with tharga inhibitor swarm. Slowing them down or shutting afterburners dont do anything, you need to cut their roll. And those drone buffs hurt standard ships even more. Normal recon in reduced to target practice when exposed to small and big drone at the same time. Fed fighter exposed to small drone is good as dead as well.
  13. I'm not salty, as a translator I know what its modules will be
  14. If you think Brokk is Brokken then wait for Elly jumping guardineer.
  15. I reported it before and it happened again. Round 3, tournament. Game crashed for my whole team. Other team won by default. Last 2 mins on video: Please fix this. I have hard time convincing my corp to fight in tournaments at all, with all those taikins and thargas around. This thing is not helping. There must be something with Northstar Crash Site map, game crashes ONLY on that map. 2017.06.11 2017.06.11 2017.06.11
  16. bug

    Radiation Converter on Archel convert all incoming EM damage to shields. So facetorping heal you completely. In this case Phoenix shield link should heal Phoenix as well, but it doesnt.