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  1. I'd rather fight with immobile resistant brickballs than keep getting oneshooted contantly by green horny honeybadger on crack.
  2. If those missions wont require specific activity on specific game mode, it would be easier. Defend captain and deal damage to captain mission is cancer, you feel like mocked when game refuse to give you combat recon after 5-6 tries. I was doing one mission 3 days because of that once. Still got like 3/4 of Mantis module.
  3. Guard ships are now AMAZING. Instead of sitting behind and giving debuffs passively you equipped them with ability to charge into enemy ranks. Thats radical change you fly this ship and I like it a lot. My only suggestion here is change the speed buff behavior on Provocateur and Bastion. Those are tactical modules, with quite long cd unlike Phase Shield, to use when you are already in middle of enemy group. Speed buff on activate make you waste them if you want charge into enemy. Tharga nerfs - you still nerf wrong numbers. Main issue with Tharga is Thark'th damage output with alien intuition, no other weapon kills so fast on this ship, neither Thark'th on other gunships. This plus "dont shoot when combat reconstructor is on" gives Tharga a plenty room for engaging. At least guards are natural enemies of this abomination of ship. And do something with Inhibitor Swarm. This module should belong to Tackler, not gunship. Maybe allow R8 anti-slow implant to remove this debuff, it strips out of agile ships their only strenght.
  4. Right click -> Properties -> Local Files -> Validate or something like that. Should repair by itself, but there is a chance that it can download a lot of data again.
  5. Some zones in OS yield more shards than others, like sanctuary or destroyed station. I basically use OS only for that. Its not hard to get them, if you are winning battles. I would reduce recipes that need them, replacing with something else instead.
  6. Drones just got excited because match ended. From myself I can add that if you fire beam weapon and match ends, you fire continuosly in the sky.
  7. That max rank nonsense need to go. I dont want to choose between progress or missions. I have couple of ships that stuck on R11, that I cant level peacefully because game forces me to have R15 in slot, locking R11s out of game.
  8. Problem with survival is only that it makes all roles obsolete, focusing on who has bigger gun. Classes can't fullfill their role if they all die from one hit. Also collision damage is absurd, scratching anything in best case cost around half of your hull.
  9. Back in a day when pulse lazor had 2 degree spread and twice the damage....
  10. + it overheats like crazy. Without cooler, 2.5 of pew pews and it jams.
  11. I personally use Blender, because its lightweight, powerfull enough and free. Most of Star Conflict concept arts was done in SketchUp.
  12. ECM can hack your hole.
  13. Funny is that they complete on any rank if you fly Thar'ga, because its always max rank in Ellys.
  14. Pyro and turrets are excellent mosquito repellents. Plasma arc oneshotting may look and feel silly or out of logic, but it prevents dessyballs that were quite a cancer while ago. Now its proper fire support craft, can do wonders if team actively protect you. Just give me fed dessie agility back.
  15. Doesnt matter how close you need to be, inhi swarm reduces ANY target to brick. Closing in in such manouverable ship is no problem. Thark'th as itself is fine, damage output with Alien Intuition is plainly too high. Even Disintegrator is not able to put down my 2k energy capacity Aura diffusion shield, Thark'th does that in one shot.
  16. Alien Intuition + Inhi swarm + Thar'kth cancer still goes on. Alien Intuition got in fact a buff, since you can use it more often, duration hurt only Thar'gatok users. Who use it anyway, everybody ditch it for Thar'kth whenever possible.
  17. Star Conflict 1.4.0d Walentynki Specjalna oferta! Dostępna do 20 lutego 6:00 UTC +50% synergii +50% kredytów +50% gwarantów po bitwie i z kontraktów Unikalne osiągnięcia Dostępne do zdobycia tylko w tym specjalnym okresie do 20 lutego "Pocałunek śmierci" - zniszcz lub asystuj przy zniszczeniu przeciwnika przy pomocy kolizji "Bliski kontakt" - zniszcz lub asystuj przy zniszczeniu przeciwnika przy pomocy kolizji pilotując Thar'ga Zestaw startowy Thar'ga W tym okresie oferujemy specjalny zestaw startowy Thar'ga dla wszystkich pilotów: Kabina szturmowca 100 ksenokryształów Niszczyciele Ogólnie Obrażenia od zniszczenia modułów zmniejszone o 50% Obrażenia od zniszczenia modułu specjalnego zmniejszone o 50% Obrażenia od zniszczenia silników zmniejszone o 20% Tyrant Siła tarczy zwiększona o 10% Warp-deflektor(Tyrant) Poziom obrażeń przy akumulacji ładunku zmniejszony o 17% Obrażenia zwiększone o 4% Czas przeładowania zmniejszony o 14% Laser próżniowo-rezonansowy (Vigilant) Maksymalny zasięg zmniejszony o 12% Thar'ga Osłabiono punkty odpowiedzialne za wytrzymałość kadłuba i tarczy na randze 11 i 13, z 600 do 500 pkt Osłabiono punkty odpowiedzialne za maksymalną prędkość, prędkość boczną i obrót, R5 - 15%, R13 - 25%, R15 - 10% Intuicja Obcych Aktywny czas skrócono o 2 sekundy Czas przeładowania skrócono o 4 sekundy Thar'kth Nieznacznie zmniejszono czas zwiększania ładunku Nowa Misja: "Ellydium: Zwycięstwa" Dr Conrad Dimeni oferuje nową misję dla pilotów korporacji. Wygraj 5 bitew na statku maksymalnej dostępnej rangi, w zamian otrzymasz 50 iridium dla korporacji. Pozostałe Działo dyspersyjne Zasięg strzału zwiększony o 8% Obrażenia zwiększone o 5% DPS dronów drednota Federacji zwiększony o 25% Poprawiono wiele opisów Poprawiono układ tekstu w kilku miejscach interfejsu Zaktualizowane ikony frakcji Statki na Ellydium Theta unoszą się teraz bliżej terminali do lądowania Poprawiono opisy paneli kompozytowych i struktur szturmowca Obcych
  18. Because its hard to tell with still image. Meson's horizontal rotation plane is reversed.
  19. Seems that my break will extend, no serious Tharkth or Alien Intuition nerfs. Active time reduced along with cd reduction is not nerf at all, still kills most ships in one shoot because changing it will hurt new dlc sales...
  20. While its great for training purposes, you get absolutely nothing from them.
  21. Why bother. Just throw buffs and let Thar'gas do their job.
  22. Inhibitor swarm should be a tackler module, not gunship. Tackler's job is to tackle too fast ships. Gunship should be for doing damage. Thar'kth damage should be nerfed by about 30%. It's plainly too high, even without alien intuition.
  23. 4 xenos one, most of the time its "get X eff" or "get X kills with Y" that is doable by doing barely anything than playing piano keyboard on Aura.
  24. I never feel so tired of this game like yesterday... 8 consecutive matches, all dominated by Thar'gas. This ship is even more cancerous than 0/3/0/3/3 9km lazor Vigilants. Of course, here is not different, all builds are typically the same, Inhibitor Swarm, Alien intuition and Thar'kth. Most depressing was 7th match, top players went to hog kills even if it was detonation and bomb was dropped RIGHT NEXT TO THEM. I call that BS. Props to enemy team for not disconnecting. I'm taking a break. Apart from doing xeno mission, I'm not going to play any longer. Game stopped being fun in the form it has now. GG.