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  1. the endeav or spiral doesn't fit the sc universe at all... I hope it gets redesigned... This whole "let's add "ancinet" human weapons because we found out they are superior to the new ones we have been researching for many years"... Well then I ask how bad are either the scientists or how corrupt they are. The vulcan is just a minigun with the same affect feature as the thermoreactive weapon... I call BS! Both the ships spiral and endeav look horrible. Who of you this was a good idea?!
  2. If they are not in logs directly then easily make a video, then count the landed shots or simply recieved damage on target.
  3. But that exact thing happened to me! 6v6, we had no elly ships, the other team had two (!)taikins and one kept focusing fire a d abusing the mechanic... no tackler, no recon at all. When you tell your teammate that accidently brought tackler to use it, he just responds something in gibberish Cyrillic... And you can't do anything else now since the game forces you to play certain class to earn the parts...
  4. I never did support such idea. As well as I never did support the idea of bigger ships neither, nor ellydium ships. I said destroyers would be op, guess what they were. I said elly ships would be op, guess what, they are. So this thing you are saying "you are whining that you want this and that, but then you don't support it" doesn't apply.
  5. And not always is your team going to have recons. Especially now when taikin is here, they won't be using no microlocators
  6. Because destroyers have this as their F module, if you'd have implemented this as another key bind, then you'd have to focos on one more extra thing. Plus all ships other than destroyers have usually 100m/s rotation and are at least twice as fast, there wouldn't really be time for that. It would also take a lot of time to master the skill, making newbies even more isolated from the rest of the playerbase.
  7. What's the point of that when the taikin is CLOAKED?
  8. No... you'd have to focus on yet too many things at once...
  9. Yeah the microlocator buff kinda made taikin even more buffed. Another thing is this return crystal thing... like how am I (mind personally, in a LRF, alone, with no ally tackler nearby or microlocators) supposed to counter the taikin? He uses cloak WITH the damn holoship thingy, you know he's going for you, can't spot him flying 700 mps, so what, you RT. Then what? Taikin is still cloaked so he will fly towards you and warp into your face STILL not detected by radar and teleports you without you even knowing that anything happened. Wth is that?! I'd say let taikin have the return crystal, but in exchange make it so that you can't abduct enemy/ally ships. In the end, it's still the best F module out of the four you can choose! With one keyboard button push you can get teleported across the biggest distance in the game, anywhere, instantaneously.
  10. Totally agree with what thunderflame said, the recon is good op enough with such a thing like return point they can get to whenever and wherever. To steal ships just doesn't fit the role, that should've been the main module of a covops.
  11. So it's like combining recon cloaking with covops camo but with way less cooldown, got it... Then no.
  12. Have you ever Strafe-ECM?
  13. What is the difference between that and em scatter or camo? Or even that new taikin passive?
  14. then go play dreadnought. I think I can speak for most of the community, we do not need any bigger pilotable ships.
  15. No carriers please, it would break the balance the same way destroyers did. If you like bigger ships either fly destroyer or seccon.
  16. Lol, no. Simply Git Gud.
  17. then thats a good way of balancing it. Every time Tai'Kin crashes, God saves a kitten...
  18. pink tag

    think of it as enabling god mode on certain games, after a while you will get bored and eventually quit the game, beacuse you have "reached everything, explored every conrer of the game, killed every foe"... maybe you do not literally kill every pirate, but you will get bored out of knowing every npc pattern nonetheless
  19. Though it is nice that such replay feature will be added, it has nothing to do with the ability to customise your bots for damage calculations... It's a shame that it cannot be added if you ask me
  20. I'm totally Ok with the front facing shield, though it is true they deal WAY MORE damage than other ships, like raiders etc. The weapon they seem to be using is shrapnel gun and with 20% hit of full spread charge they still deal over 1k of kinetic. My suggestion would be to nerf their damage by 0.5 factor.
  21. Definitely not a feature, other ships have an even number of stickers, it's been like this sice the beginning. My guess is that something happened in the ship editing software and so now the other preset location for the sticker got deleted or is unusable
  22. pink tag

    Return point would get destroyed in the beam, plus I don't have taikin
  23. pink tag

    ... tbh OS has never been more boring. If devs add new stuff I'll be sure to play
  24. I have just bumped a bug report which has not been fixed yet, I thought the devs might have forgotten about it, since another bug I reported in about the same time period got fixed in the latest patch. It shouldn't be as hard to fix this one.
  25. I really like the race, I can imagine them bring set in maps like abandoned laboratory or whatever is the name of the destroyed empire sector, also elements like cloaking auras to fight off npc tacklers slowing you or adding pirate outposts... That I want . Some arena type gamemodes would be neat as well...
  26. "And why not"- what?
  27. unfortunately still an issue, especially in "fire support" "defense contract" and coop battles.
  28. still an issue
  29. The new weapon thaithaq lacks information about the hull devouration speed / damage. I expected to see the damage when hovering over the blueprint and using alternate key normal, public server, through taikin menu this weapon description lacks information about the damage it deals. all the time. not needed not needed not needed not needed 2017.04.16
  30. there is a russian guy in the trade rn who sells it cheap
  31. I know this might not work but... imagine if you could steal dessie turrets from the ship without warping the destroyer itself, these are objects on their own anyway.
  32. and so what? then he steals people outside the bubble. at this point of opness it wouldn't matter.
  33. psst...relog
  34. what was the ninja patch about? what did it buff exactly?
  35. even if you put the drone inside the tube with the taikin outside, it would take max 7 seconds with a taikin with 700 m/s to get out of the range, which is very unlikely.
  36. destroy the heavy drone with one 'OK sphere ftw
  37. it would destroy the gs any way - you buy a prem ship, but you can never sell it and get the gs back + they are definitely not worth their current price
  38. in the end phase where you have almost every item except for 1 or two, just pay for them in the trade, some sell them for min price.
  39. A simple suggestion, please enahnce the possible unregulated settings for custom battles. Suggested options: possibility to play a plain mode, without any rules or objectives (ie, something like combat recon kill counter, but without captain) the possibility to add one enemy bot (fight 1v1 against a bot). The specific options would consist of making the bot: not fight / use modules or missiles not move have a set amount of shields or hull select a specific ship the bot would use import a build the bot would use (something like a preset in hangar, to save the build and import it in the custom battles) import implants the bot would use the possibility not to add anyone to the lobby and enter the match alone (you would then end the match manualy or wait until the time runs out). possibiltiy add passive bonuses to each side of the conflict (ie permanently add a bonus for the side 1 +50% shield regen, invincibility, invisibility, etc.) possibility to add objects into the map ( transport, nav station, bomb, beacon, outpost, etc.) this would greatly enhance the possibilities to test ships and goof around as well.
  40. although I didn't agree with the addition of the cap at first, now I see that the new resources need the cap, it will limit the possibilities of buy the taikincompletely without any need of grind. If everyone had 500 pieces then it would be really easy to buy them for minimal price.
  41. its in the notes with a HUGE RED font - the new resources stay limited.
  42. riiiight...
  43. standard ships are currently well balanced. No need to add more "proton wall-ish" modules which focus only on countering one exact enemy.
  44. and what differrence would that make? An enemy who launched homing missile had to lock on you, and we already have a flashy icon if the ship locked you. ALL the hostile ships are the same, just another brick in the wall...
  45. the only thing I would change is to divide the trade into 1)WTB and 2) WTS. Also make it impossible to type cyrillic please, the trade gets overflown with irrelevant russian people. It should stay english.
  46. destroyers get blinded too when jumping, the whole screen goes pitch black for 2 seconds. Its a way of balancing so you wouldn't just spawn and start a shooting craziness with knowing exactly what is going on. I think it is good you get blinded for the few moments.
  47. then the torps would be totally useless. this would just make the radar hud too crowded.
  48. its the new meta... deal with it. the next elly frig is going to be a meta too, rendering this one obsolete, as taikin did with tharga. BTW positron lrf still works against all elly ships, thargas are as strong as sparks and taikins are like jericho ecms, sometimes even like federation covops...
  49. if the rocket is slow enough to make a response quickly enough from a radar, then it can be dodged too. If it is too fast, what would be the point of adding an icon to the scanner if you wouldn't be able to dodge anyway? On top of that, torpedoes are the slowest missiles in the game so...
  50. it wouldn't matter, since you cannot shoot over 90° on interceptors anyway
  51. lol if you added an icon for torpedo then it would be useless if you can't spot the biggest blue rocket in the game going towards you with a distinguishable noise then you have a problem.
  52. 1) Lrf ships cotrolled by the AI menauver when damaged, though shouldn't if aiming and using disintegrator - movement is cancelled during sniper mode. 2) I expected lrfs to stay still even when damaged, human players cannot dodge if sniping. 3) Any skirmish match against AI - custom matches or CO-OP. 4) As above. 5) Every encounter with AI lrfs. 6) 7) Every time someone plays against bots, this session was recorded at 20:15 CET 8) not needed 9) not needed 10) not needed
  53. As the title says - the sticker is only applied to one place instead of 2 or more (each on the opposite side of the other sticker) No need for logs.