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  1. pc problem, could be not enough ram, overheating processor, old or incompatibile graphics card. They have recently changed the "requirements" from 1.5 to 2 GB of RAM, same thing is happening to me, I run on 4 GB RAM with 1 GB Graphics dedicated setup. Maps like monolith remains, abandoned complex and alpha 7 have a lot of unneeded detailing causing loading delaying. I run 50 fps hangar, 45-60 fps battle, but have the same issues, sometimes the client freezes, If fortunate, unfreezes, if not, then crashes.
  2. The more I think abou this the more it keeps punching me in the face - the whole "make your own custom setup" is the thing that ruined sc, agree or not, that is my opinion. I understand it as a scale, before, it was quite small, you had two small and one big factor, skill factor that could go big if you have flown enough, implant factor, quite small and setup factor, which was always big, but making that customizable - you enlarged the factor 2-3 times, now you can even customize your own bonuses you will get with higher ship level... everyone has to understand that balancing a set ship with a number of slots that can't be customized is a lot easier than balancing a ship that can have numerous number of each kind of slots. And you can't just nerf a module, make people use another one, because it would affect the non prem non custom ships too!
  3. to the op, +1, but make it linearly shrink so when 4 ppl in team, you see 4 big bars, such as the ones in pve / specops, when 12 ppl in team, shrink it enough so that it won't disturb from looking at the hud.