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  1. When i bought the Taiken DLC I was expecting exactly that. $190 later it.s just starting to get useful. What The devs should do is sell unlock kits for all these new alien ships as they come out. They could sell it 2 ways. one via iridium like 3,000 or something and the other for like 6,000 gs. Tharga complete unlock kit. Taiken unlock kit, and so on. Do this the day of release. I hate all the work it takes trying to figure out what's good or not. I would rather pay a one time fee and be done with it, and figure out the rest later. As is right now the game population is at an all time low. I fear the end might finally be near if they dont do something about this grind.
  2. That's a new one for me, but then again I rarely post topics because my ideas dont appeal to anyone.
  3. If you owned all the premium ship and the ones with tags like brok or karud, you would get monos in loot instead of the cards. This was is you played a maxed out ship of that rank or higher and already owned the ship. I used to always get 1 or 2 monos every win. Now I have not seen a mono in loot drops in several months. What happened to getting rewarded for funding the game? They seem to keep removing all these features I paid for. If everyone else is getting monos in loot then this is just more proof something is up with my account.
  4. Only some of us get this warning. If you are seeing this it is because a mod put restrictions on your account.
  5. Yep, that's why my loot drops are nerfed, because the key peeps of NASA had it out for me. I have not seen a decent loot drop in months. Any chance that stuff is over, and you devs can unnerf my account?
  6. I knew it was up there in the price..... Now the taiken.....