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  1. makes sense. also the cutouts, since usb needs cpu time. if usb sound is important (for a recording or similar), and you want to minimize cutouts, you can find the process which controls your external mixer, and put priority on "higher than normal" in task manager details. but thats not always possible you really have to know which process it is, tho. oh wait, you use linux, there (as alsa runs in the kernel anyway) i would probably already play with jackd if i needed really crisp sound. but it seems like its better to leave it and live with the cutouts if they are that occasional. as i mentioned, linux sound architectures are a broad topic, it kinda shares a tiny market in the professional music industry with apple. lots of finetuning possible, lots of knowledge needed, lots of individual setups, and i only did a few things with it, like building dedicated recording machines, so i am just aware that thats almost an entire world behind that door. maybe renicing pulse slightly, helps. if u know what i mean. wow, easy topic, right totally impossible to tackle this without getting regionally involved into questions which probably are very US centric.
  2. what does that usb mixer do, if the sound comes from hdmi
  3. Back when SCO had that stuff with IBM in 2003, I had someone from university over who was a dedicated linux geek, and while we went over the heated topic, I booted my gaming machine for a little play. Windows bootscreen came up. Geek face in terror: priceless.
  4. to be honest, why hdmi works better in one system than the other could be totally some single setting being different its certainly not because linux is 1337. Or is it... the beginning of the year... the year of the linux desktop...!!???
  5. btw. i didnt know intel guy invented semiconductors, it turned up when i researched if i write u bs. not arguing, just wanted to use the hours i was forced to learn computer history (three times!) to the benefit of the discussion.
  6. well, that I can't fully agree on what you just said here when it comes to win vs. linux. for instance, network card support in windows was missing from the box until like a few windows ago, and their almost nonexisting diagnostic tools are the only reason, why people loved linux live cds, even if they do not use linux for anything else... I mean the missing realtek network card support was pretty much the biggest problem for installing windows in IT in the XP era - I worked as IT for a few years for university, so I remember this very vividly. You always needed 3 things: novell client, network driver disk, windows. Office and adobe for the users. Some Linux CD for problems. (Adobe Pro takes the longest to install, by far) MS clearly made a lot of money, by getting a deal with IBM, and selling them a rebranded operating system they bought - they actually bought another first, Xenix, a unix derivant, which was later bought by SCO. It's funny what happened to those. From that deal on, and the success of the IBM "compatible" pc - MS pretty much stayed uncontested market leader. I think you mean why windows broke OS/2 at launch in the 90s, simply because OS/2 did not come with many drivers, a very usual quote in texts dealing with MS success history - but actually by then, MS basicly outmanouvered IBM more with the fact, they were smarter in making windows a cheap OEM product, preinstalled on most manufacturers. But that was a few years, before Linus posted his linux kernel idea in 91, and that war with OS/2 still went on until win95. I think its rather the other way around: linux usage in low level diagnostics, tools for formatting and handling disks in the late 90s, and the fact the linux kernel comes with all drivers it supports, made microsoft invest again into providing their online driver database, and making their install tools better. This went so fast, but dont forget, Linux didn't really start to publicly be used until around ~95. It kinda totally replaced everything in our minds that happened more than 20 years ago. I doubt its written by a single freak, tho. Of course, intel was always there, since there are semiconductors, which they invented. And they are like uber quite serious about their open source drivers, and maintain them themselves. Just saying, many of the people working on open source kernel projects work for the big companies producing core hardware (chips and controllers). The independent freaks are more in the userbase and contribute more to end-user stuff, while some hardware manufacturers have often not enough money to do open source drivers, ending in being maintained by individuals - but certainly not intel. However, Torvalds indeed wanted to name linux first "freax". So there might be some truth there!
  7. yeah moneyz. I whish I had more! however, i find, desktop pcs are cheaper over time by a lot, so if you have some to spare, good investment. You probably know that i usually try to keep my laptop lower spec, and invest the money to buy a new graphics card every 5 years or so with the money i save. In the past I tried to compromise with a gamer laptop, but actually, thats a huge waste of money. Especially since they tend to overheat needlessly at more simple tasks like youtube, or are terrible at battery life. Now I own simple internal graphics laptop with some better cpu, and rest of the power in the desktop.
  8. groups

    totally agree. +-3 is unneeded with new queue system. motd is a nice idea, but i still hope the squad menu gets polished independently: no remove friend button (keep that in friends list.) (FFS, yes its annoying!), suggest invite system, and change party leader are my top. but motd is nice too.
  9. well, then it's a mystery you gotta solve yourself since i am also pretty sure, intel does not install 3rd party sound servers - no idea. what did you test? maybe it was the decoder there too? y no desktop gaming!? I also have intel graphics on my x1 - the coolest thing i love about the driver support is, that if i plug in hdmi, my second desktop automagically appears and stays the same every time, resolution, background everything. given how much i suffered with multimonitor in the past, independent of OS or manufacturer, i just love it. but to be honest, for gaming, intel would make me mad
  10. I love if I can see documentation about changes, and make them myself, or get packages installable for all ubuntus, if someone makes an ubuntu fork. Getting a fully blown stuff and removing stuff I dont need needs longer, than starting with barebone, and type in "install stuff!". I also like tinkering, and once you faced a lot of problems, things go smoother every time. 10 years ago, I was a lot less patient, but invested still a lot more time in things. Experience changes your habits I guess. Not always to the positive, but mostly. well, maybe thats the jpeg decoder then - you could probably try it with a png or bmp instead - it helps you in no way to have a background picture as jpg, as the system will load it into memory anyway uncompressed. I am pretty sure, MS has its own jpeg and png decoders, since i can remember lots of issues between IE and the rest of the world from web dev stuff. Overall, you say, you use sound through HDMI. You sure you got all drivers from intel installed extra there in windows too? As said, windows uses generic drivers mostly. The other way around, if the kernel in linux doesnt seem to have a driver for something in your rig, chances are high, you are f*d. However, usually, that hardware has to be very exotic nowadays. intel usually is extremely well supported in linux. So it is theoretically possible, you have the (quite occasional and lucky) scenario, that it really just has more support. I am not entirely sure however, how hdmi sound output works. I disabled that.
  11. I love kde for its focus on features instead of accessibility, because i love gui access to all settings, and i love the way you can customize look and feel. but it might not be the best choice for all, sometimes the more dumbed down desktop managers are easier to get into - as ultimate edition is a preoptimized ubuntu I am not sure if I would use it, especially since i find it a bit strange how themahn markets himself. But hey, thats the power of freedom. I rather take a standard buntu or debian on new systems, and start to install what I need on the go by now - so I often start with a minimal install. I do that, since I expect a linux machine not to be reinstalled, and only upgrade in the future. judging from one rig on many will not tell you, why windows supposedly sux, tho. both OSes work excellent, if they use supported hardware. with sound it gets quite complicated, and its a very broad topic on linux, and i am actually surprised, you say it sounds better. Better in what? You should be aware, windows has a software sound mixer since xp, behind its sound system. most sound cards dont have hardware mixing, which is why that is, as it is basicly reduction in cost. These software sound servers tend to crash or run out of buffer on cpu load (causing sound to stutter or be out of sync) - but that can happen to the linux as also the windows one (actually also the apple one), which comes from the basic fact most people do not care about good sound cards, and the onboard sound systems did not evolve a lot since the cheap AC97 chipset in the 90s. Most likely, you just have the correct drivers chosen by the linux kernel, while using generic ones on windows. After all windows uses a hybrid kernel, so drivers are user space, while linux drivers are distributed with the kernel (except binary 3rd party drivers), and generally are designed to run in kernel space. So you might never have installed the drivers in windows? Another possible source, if you have installed them, is 3rd party sound servers in windows often coming with the drivers. RealTek (was it them? I am never sure) loves to do that. This includes some fancy filters being active constantly. To be honest, this is the most likely scenario, as I had that before quite often on some clients I had to fix in windows, especially when it came to "not enough volume". removing the additional sound-software started at startup helped. why graphics should be better, i have no idea. probably dpi settings are just different. Otherwise it could be some stuff by UE. Juding by following however, it cant run that better: Natively ported games actually can outperform the windows one. But most games are run by wine or ported with winelib. It's just cheaper. Altough linux has theoretically some architectural limits they still have to overcome when it comes to 3d speed, especially fullscreen, they do use 2d-on-3d techniques quite a bit longer than microsoft in their desktop environments - the whole trend of 3d Desktops started there. Apple loves to be inspired from crazy linux projects, when it comes to desktop candy. I can feel in windows since 8, especially in 10, they use 2d-on-3d now, but it feels a lot "newer" and less polished there. --
  12. game is bonkers i really only like the ui refresh. Ain't sure about that either. At least the xmas weapons blocked destros. Now its gone from bad to worse. Oh and I like the squad reward idea, but really, after hearing the "possible rewards", like, processing blocks, I kinda lost it. Well, back to casual.
  13. Ah. Well in this case, I even applaud you to learn these tools, as I think, it gets a bit thin on the knowledge part, and most young people love to go only forward. Personal interest then, I guess? I guess, if I had learned it very early on, I would not care; You might wanna have a look at sublime text editor btw. It might be your heaven. (it says you can evaluate it for free before buying, but the evaluation period has no time limit )
  14. cd myproject . bin/activate python easy.
  15. I think I added that from my brain. It seems to be a general thing, and VS just happens to be the major choice for c#, so i just assumed you do c# with it still followed u both. nano besides its auto-linebreaking its perfect for me, i simply refuse to do the vi-mnemonic-style editing. I feel its cool (to watch a pro) if you write lots of templates, or edit lots of ini files, which I both hate to do, but not really for my purpose of quickly editing code - and for writing that i have guis. So my main knowledge about all vi stuff is : q enter. and with slow but painful processing, i can even manage to edit with it, if some system really really does not offer anything else. I think vi was always a bit of a taste question, not saying I would rather be on the emacs side either in that old discussion, but luckily, i am also too young to be entangled in the philosophical debate of the previous geek generation, i assume you too
  16. notepad++ is also my choice on windows, but i rather just sketch code with it. all web dev for me is done in eclipse or something similar, depends a bit on the project. Also I actually never wanted to do much web dev, so I kinda tried a lot of different IDEs for it - as excuse not to work. Now I find I can at least be flexible about that, and try to get less frontend work, if possible, except working with canvas and webgl. I had the same question, so I googled it. It's a lightweight editor-only IDE for C#: https://code.visualstudio.com/ the FAQ kinda tries to show what its for. I have most of my sources on a private gitolite, and only a few old basic BS on public github, but my account is not hard to guess. Prepare for getting snooped.
  17. first world problems, i would send all six and find out
  18. No need to argue, but yeah, thats what I meant, it will turn around and kill you, or even primary you if you kill it once, as the damage and precision of its weaponry, coupled with some of its modules make it jump around like that ship from the romulans you saw in archers' entersprite season 4, or an overfarmed void ray in star battle, but maybe that doesnt tell you much i mean, it can even blink ffs. Also, for me it's not just about my coping with the ship, and I don't know about good, but I do have an above-average tolerance for emotional pain - I know its only a few pilots bringing those ships so far yet, but to be honest, most of those were a lot worse in any other ship, but just dominate away and turn into a serious team obstacle (so not just a squad, or minor obstacle); I think we havent even seen the tip of usage yet, as there are a lot more capable gunship vets I have not yet seen using the ship to its full potential; Also, for me, putting all these brainfart mechanics on a new ship seems a lot too artsy to be considered serious. Lot of wasted potential there to extend general mechanics and options instead, and the simple growing-your-ship would have sufficed to make the alien ships special imho. It's like watching car mechanics without artist skills trying to build an art-car. It hurts. But that's just my rant You can be happy - I won't stop you. But I tend to disagree, it is "that easy"
  19. Nice data analysis, I am pretty sure, even if the average performed too low, the amount of exceptions was significant. Maybe add some subjective playtesting as a dev. Buffing that ship even, omglol. Well, to be honest, that ship kills the mood to play. True, in bad hands, its just another target, but in good hands, it can solo most bad hands of the enemy team. Never encountered Dart and Garg in medium, for me they are strong enough to be even prime candidates in hard. It is a slight nerf tho. Good. yeah of course. except, your dps wont be enough to counter its dps, especially not with phase suppressors, even on a triple heatsink setup. Your answers sound like you are about to hop into one. Sorry, I disagree, this aint balanced at all.
  20. I do not believe in GNU tho, it definitely is part of the linux world now, but not all linux users are there because of GNU. oh i miss that too. especially since the spoiler/endspoiler tag has not been ported correctly, and wont recognize the ending spoiler tag. you can select the outside boundary of the spoiler or quote and press enter, that way you can edit outside tho, just tricky. sometimes you gotta edit if you want complex quotes or spoilers. Definitely whishing raw edit was back. but as long as the spoiler tags arent parsed correctly as block tags, it wouldnt have helped for them... vim? Nah, never was a fan. I use kate as editor, and eclipse as IDE. VS-Code I didnt even know, is that some port thats interesting. as flashing the icon itself is i thought possible via open-desktop, and works in kde, at least i thought it did. must be whatever signal they are using is windows specific.
  21. brave hero, sir. people like you keep the wheel turning. one day, we will conquer the desktop. it will be a glorious year. to be honest, by now the most important tool i miss on linux is the unity editor itself... and EA games... they challenge everything, but not linux yet.
  22. Heh I tried to play around with that aswell once. Note however, if you wanna do a browser, you will have to get focus. for the input. And most likely, you will have to do separate logic depending on the currently used method of output, if you plan to use it like in any game, including making sure you dont trigger any anti-cheat alarms aswell. I found some ppl documented how you can do it in DX, so its definitely out there, but a hard to research topic. In this case, even if the geek in me tells you: go on, find out how it works, my wiser experienced self would tell you: and in the end, use a third party library if you find one which specializes in it, if its available, and safe yourself the time - however solving such stuff basicly is the best drive to learn. If you code C# it is perfectly understandable you stay in the windows world. I do from time to time take care of some unity3d code in eclipse in linux, if i am bored at work, so coding itself can be done with any editor, really, and most editors support the syntax - c# also went last year to native linux release, so its slowly coming over. You could use Mono, but f* Miguel. Anyway, Visual Studio is better than using MonoDevelop on linux. Unity/C# is basicly the only thing I do on my gaming pc next to gaming. Still, I have to admit, your defense of windows more or less opens your inner struggle of getting to know the real awesome world of unix. Where your overlay is really easy to do, btw. Just joking, it really doesnt matter, whatever makes one more productive. You gotta know your tools to use them.
  23. why - i mean yeah, maybe thats a start - but does that really tackle the mechanics which make them so strong at all? thats rhetorical, the answer is no. I just mean, they do hopefully more over time
  24. i would still emphasise on lots of cash - true, some with the cash might misfit it - but to be honest, with the powerful modules those things have, i think it still takes more to be more effective with the dart or gargoyle. so the thar ga tops them both.
  25. will there be compensation for the santa weapons, or should people sell them to get some credits, rather? whats with leftover xenochips? just poof gone?
  26. heh, yeah, smart one. it is smart to move the docs folder because you have a lot of temp file folders in there too, aswell as AppData and similar, so browser cache, logging, unzipping, etc. dont write there either. its pretty easy now (especially on young windows) and there is an official tutorial - even with the ability to prepare the windows disc itself to install like that. Of course, moving only a few folders reduces this aswell, but if you wanna make sure, the system doesnt write around, its possible. but to be honest, with a better SSD, maybe you are right, to keep it like you say: windows should read and write on SSD - but you download larger files manually somewhere else. or even use multiple disks, or partitions, which is then more about longievety. ah, i read on and you just said the same. yeah thats how i will do next time too second ssd gets even a whole partition for the pagefile. u can show although, my lenovo X1 has a really good ssd and it works since years perfectly, so its not news. And to be honest, i have no idea how to read italian. As said, i think you interpreted it as me trying to say something else, as if hdd would be superior. while since i got a cheap ssd and a good ssd, i just meant, even if you get a bad one... just reuse old disk as data storage and voila, win-win. Becuase it was for the guy who had the one harddisk. i followed some linux freaks already over a decade ago mounting a memory card for the system. u know, those terrible netbooks came out of that project. we almost set up our server like that. I have been following SSD before it was called like that - so really, not a hdd fan. especially because i own a lot of neodynium magnets, and it kinda divides my home into places where i can put drives, which i get a lot of to repair, and places where drives never should be - and even with that, there was once the nice funny day, when someone discovered, putting one of the magnet on a laptop makes it spin... i cant wait until the price per gb is low enough to make it a mass storage, or hope they advance in optical RAM drives (back to the tape! but this time, not unfolding it just write in it with lazors). our file server (which was once its own machine) currently is a raspberry pi in a soap box, with usb disks, i would love to have another bigger tupperware box next to it and call it the hdd especially, since all we do is over the years is adding hdds, which fail, but with ssds, we would not care, as most of the data on a house-file-server is read only after it gets uploaded.
  27. with cheap i do not mean the cheapest, as i mentioned 200 gigs, which i would say is the minimal size of an ssd that makes sense, over 5 years ago, i would not have gone for the cheapest at all 64 gigs is just bad, coz it might not be enough for windows in the future, same as 128 (altough, i am doing fine with my 128G) yeah, in the past you could even notice that a single SSD could not even keep up with a normal hd on a single testfile (sequential write), I would say in sequential writing, ssds overtook HDs pretty fast, but that is a pure testing scenario, you can only reach anyway, if you have at least 2 drives :)) you can still run out of cache, even if the specs wont tell you; This is something the tests just dont cover; the true workload on a single-drive-machine is random read writes occuring while your sequential write happens, which needs you to calculate in switch times. you remember my case 3 years ago, my rather cheap disk ran out of cache every few gigabytes while recording footage. in raw numbers that one is still faster than a hd in seq writing (300mbs max) and it does not have said chip on it (its a sandisk with a marvell). in fact, having two drives being wise as standard is always valid, because even if you compare two SSDs used this way to one you will win, as it was already true with two magnetic HDs. And in fact, as mentioned, all "tests" are pretty much made like that. So I would still say, it is still pretty valid. But to be fair, the reasons you just brought up are exactly why I would recommend them now blindly, without going too much into detail, as the time of bad SSDs seems over If one can switch to a fairy expensive SSD, then that actually does work quite well by itself, which is how my laptop is, otherwise, and that was my point, even if you buy a fairly cheap one, and use it as system drive, it can be a very cheap upgrade, where you can't lose. using a system drive is smart anyway, it should already be standard already to have a boot ssd - win10 finally catched up supporting this even in update process, took em long enough to finally put all writing into that user directory. damn you bill and your damn idea of drive letters! oh and i am not saying, at all, that a magnetic hd outperforms an ssd in any way, especially if you get one of those juicy samsung ones. just saying it doesnt matter, because you can fix it with using two drives any time after all, the main limiting factor is price per gigabyte. the fact an SSD stays readable after it expires is even a bonus. They are awesome. big fan.
  28. I know the best ship lineup for SC First player takes Thar'Ga, because he can lead by charging in Second takes Thar'Ga, because he can support the first player, and fall back to the third if needed Third player needs something that has good regeneration, to tank while other players retreat, so he takes a Thar'Ga as ship. Fourth player could be a healer, but it is for this setup possible to replace him with a Thar'Ga. The rest of the players have to do the DPS, so they take Thar'Ga. It works with any amount of players, and can defeat any type of enemy.
  29. I think its good to use SSD as target for things which have lots of small files, and need to be searched or read, as this is the operation the SSD outperforms best. So mainly my SSD only contains windows itself, and all basic internal programs I use (from image viewers to pdf readers browsers, etc.) while i even translocated the user folders to another disk. Which (thankfully) now is supported officially by Windows 10, but bugged out Win8 updates. Writing a continous stream of data on a disk usually ends up faster on a separate HD, even an oldschool magnetic one. Cheap SSDs even tend to have really slow writing speeds, or gaps when they switch sector or run out of cache, but even if it's a better one, downloading to a separate drive only containing data, while your SSD can be accessed by the system independently at random gives the best speed boost imho. It's not really about their decay (you will probably not live to see them failing), more about their strongest point: reading data reliably fast from anywhere, while the magnetic hd has to move the head to the sector and is limited by mechanical spin. TL;DR: I would use a magnetic second harddrive for writing big files anyway (downloads, video recording, etc.), especially if they are streamed from start to end. Otherwise the SSD might not even be that big of a speed boost, as there are many different kinds of them. But man, it boots fast. I would even recommend a (fairly) cheap one. Mainly for the system and most permanent apps, so even 200 gigs are worth it, which is more than enough, if you do the user-folder move, or keep track of where you put your files, for windows and the most barebone stuff (like office or sth). It can be a really cheap nerdy upgrade, given you invest the time to reinstall the system. Cool for any OS and PC. As long as the bios supports the disk...
  30. we are at the point where you can even talk about the girls.
  31. yah maybe a misunderstanding anyway. sorry for walls of text, didnt want to argue, just found the linux users thing funny.
  32. wtf is with you, the text is english, and wasnt salty, nor a rant - but whatever.
  33. so you cant process this amount of information, but you talk about sure.
  34. lol dude "Most of the bashers are Linux users", dafuq. Does this include android users? the main difference is, linux is open source and actually an abstract term for a lot of different operating systems using the linux kernel - while windows is a product by a commercial company. usually if someone says xy is better, then you have to ask for what exactly. Of course, some "linux users" are simply hipsters, just finding it cool, probably those bash your favourite operating system and try to tell you how great their linux may be, maybe some still carry that 90s grudge, when microsoft was only known for keeping its marketshare with misinformation. But most of those I would consider linux users, so who really use linux daily and know why, know to code windows applications and know windows almost as well as linux. Sometimes knowing the differences kinda opens your eyes. windows isnt mystically better for games, there are just less games developed for non-windows, so you basicly hurt yourself for no reason, if you join the rather small linux gamer gang. Which is why you either dualboot for gaming, or have a dedicated gaming pc. The only people I know who are purely linux users, either cant afford windows, are fanbois, or simply dont play games, so they do not need windows. But to be honest, it should not matter which OS you use, there is simply no excuse for not being able to produce products today which work cross platform; the main reason its not done, is because, people are not trained to value elegant code, and many work for money, instead of passion, in the computer sector. Proprietary code has already begun to be understood as "bad programming hidden behind the compiler" and "trying to lock out others from the market by making undocumented stuff" kind of reasons, instead of actually protecting technology. To be fair, it has also the reason of "we have no time but need to release this" as the major cause, not negligence, actually most of open source gets written by people working for the closed source counterparts.
  35. but in 5 minutes, i can click on page 2! they are devil incarnate. i tell ya. that one chip is going to ruin your linux wifi experience. but isn't that linus!? he was named after an operating system, how can you not worship someone who gets paid for visualizing his hardware knowledge instead of writing it into star conflict offtopic! He is hardmulticore man! U just jealous coz he so full of energy and gets paid to try to build machines no one in his right mind actually needs in his home... cmon. Okay to be honest mostly I watched him building those crazy rigs, coz I don't need him to explain me hardware, so I dunno how correct his stuff is. If you ask an engineer for help, he will try to explain how it works, so you can decide yourself. But if you are interested in short answers, he shows you what his employer sells you. I bet linus aint different. Oh, when I personally talk about Linus, I usually mean the other one.
  36. is that an answer to me? i said, price doesnt always correlate with quality, especially if you decide between a few in a certain price segment, which again also depends what you want (dual card, form factor, etc.). if you go cheap, price always correlates with quality. actually reading the specs, and noticing if a board has a good chipset, after viewing some reviews takes 5 minutes. I did not contradict the notion, you should not buy a 10-bucks-board for an i7. even if it says ASUS. But you also do not need a 4-card-SLI hardware raid motherboard with the slightly worse chipset, that was 100 bucks more expensive, than the board, which is better, but has less PCIe slots. And sometimes you pay extra just for a name, or a few trinkets like led lights, you could spare. each brand has its own kind of representing its layers of quality, so knowing a brand, and knowing how their pricing works, or their quality control, just safes time. As I said, once you understand stuff to this detail we discuss here, it's about decisions. With risks. And your wallet Unfortunately, brands which keep only quality products around, tend to fail, or become extremely expensive, which is why every brand has a low priced segment. That is not even intended for the guy who builds his own PC, but there is a large market for office products or replacing non critical systems with cheap hardware. This sometimes results in "hating a brand" for the wrong reasons. And I know it to be wrong, but Broadcomm and WD made it on my personal permanent hate list, out of lots of bad experience with them.
  37. It is pretty fast tho, the big slow empi engies even move the right kind of lazy. It could be a maggot, just imagine it cocoons up and suddenly turns into a butterfly We could also think about earths' early prehistoric past, when we had lots of huge reptilians swimming our oceans. Yo ho ho and a bottle of cytoplasm, arr.
  38. Have to admit, motherboards and prices do not correlate so directly with quality tho, in my experience. I found it is way better to look at the chipset and formfactor, and utilities. E.g. the asus board i got has the exact same chipset and hardware, like their flagship gaming board, but was a lot cheaper, simply because it lacks all the visual gadgets. While there were more expensive mobos with less, or worse chipsets, this was the best of its time, and wasnt the most expensive, but not the most luxurious either. For the power I actually tried to save money back then, didnt know back then that buying a higher watt PSU than you need actually reduces its power consumption, if it runs in the sweet spot. Anyway, if someone tends to already calculate his watts, look at chipset reviews, and even compare cpu features or read about current graphic chip generations, he is already in the top percentage of users, and probably just needs to make decisions, at that point, it's usually not knowledge anymore, just decisions There are brands I keep buying for specific things, simply because I know they have some serious stuff in some price ranges. Even if you are looking at brands, you should not look blindly, there are cheap stuffs, which are cheap on purpose, and overpriced stuffs - companies usually have subsidiaries or rebranding. But some I lock out after continues bad experience. Western Digital e.g. is a hard drive factory I swore to never buy drives from again, and again, and again... - looks like a seagate, prices like a seagate, runs like a seagate for half a year. but the seagate runs on for 10 years. watta fák - that's one of my primal fears it makes me double check power being off every time i leave the house for longer. luckily all psus i burned (and it was a few) died rather fast and silently. Still, stories like that help you keep respect. certifications... I don't trust certifications...
  39. Lol. "I am not going to reply to Red Elephants. I repeat, I am not going to reply to Red Elephants". Then just stop bringing it up. Your perceived harshness is just your inability to accept, you got no chance against me in battlefield. You start throwing stuff over the fence, wait until it gets thrown back, just to say, we should both stop throwing stuff over the fence or what. I know, but its quite expensive. The 1060 is still 100% boost over my card now, and actually, I am doing fine with my 660ti, its just, i really get annoyed by now by the faulty ram. so for me its less an upgrade, more a replacement.
  40. Yah, I can remember, in the past, I learned about my PSU being too weak by it burning up, so I even got used to it. Since we are past 300W machines tho, I started bringing that into consideration.
  41. I never said that, how can i be wrong. As I said, I have not compared AMD into this. You came up with AMD vs. nvidia - I only compared nvidia vs. nvidia - buying choices. While I personally don't buy apple, I do suggest it to people who would benefit from an easy to use computer, if I know they have the money for it. But I always remark, I personally do not buy apple products, because they are oversimplified for me - as a geek. I have my reasons. I explain them. It's up to them to understand. Usually if someone doesn't get my reasons, he needs his own. It is after all a suggestion, decision is up to the person taking it. As to you leaving, well, you left, I do not get why you bring that up; Many people left or joined and left; I do not even know what people you talk about. You got some personal urge for drama, fix it. If you say so, but who are you to judge others reasons? So your card can do flips'n'sheet. My plan is to upgrade further later on, so selling it later again. For me, my system is independent from my hardware, I want hardware to work reliably, when I replace parts. Brands help me keep it consistent - so yes, I stay with them, but not because of blind religious reasons, simply because I like their stuff. If I would want the best card for my bucks I can get - I might even take an R480, thank you for the suggestion. But I don't. I would love to get a 1080Ti/2080 whatever in the long run at some point, if they release it, in maybe a year or so, and until then, the 1060 will suffice.
  42. nah i meant straight forward by being explainable, and how to use the ships like they are fitted. can't really compare the mauler to anything, i dont fly that thing. for the weapon setup, double accel would maybe make me use nova.
  43. I still feel the true whales are Styx and Minotaur. Save the Styxes.
  44. I am still glimpsing at upcoming Conan game, the ongoing Life is Feudal updates, or a bit of Subnautica, but so far, I am skeptical if I wanna get into any of those yet.
  45. I still come back to DayZ standalone sometimes, I dunno but it keeps coming back. Maybe because it is hard, and leaves endgame to you. The original arma2 mod dayz and epoch may be too late to start now, but the standalone kinda brings back the simplicistic survival aspect. It still has potential to become really good. Ark was also fun for a while, but I got a bit bored about the fauna constantly trying to eat each other. It does however actually do most things perfectly you want in a contemporary survival (good abstraction of base building and crafting, endgame tiers), just not so much what you want in a game (bugs, slow graphics, ...) most others, like 7dtd, empyrion, rust, h1z1, unturned, etc. kinda have their own little nice things, but i got bored of them aswell pretty fast. I always saw the hardcore element of survival being microphone use (where your voice has to be on point to sound convincing) and other players as the ultimate danger, and all these games kind of go more into building games after a while, with lots of equipment craft tiers, ending in nubie-farming, and i feel the more age a server has, the less interesting it becomes. For that build-to-survive aspect indeed factorio is the best pick, because it has an early survival element, but offers really fun base building. Or if it can still be incomplete, also space engineers, which is less survival, but actually quite harsh in an unexpected way. It also depends on your experience with survivals. Might even be fun to pick up arma2 and enjoy some epoch until a hacker wipes your server. I played lots of survival games since the dayz mod, my library is full of them i also got used to getting drawn into them and out of them, so if you want something where you revisit it, dayz sa might be worth it, if it should be only for a while, and more pvp, maybe rust or ark, otherwise, unturned is free i think ark survival of the fittest is a standalone mod version for battle royale style gameplay, which is free, so you can test it there, but it differs a bit from the core gameplay.
  46. again this fanboi bs from someone guilty of being it. no there are other reasons than performance, not choosing amd. and the one sided mind crew just happened to disagree about your ongoing defense of amd cards, as if they were an alternative, but didnt see this as an attack on your personality - even the fact you state this like a justification for your actions, as if amd is such an integral part of your being should tell you something. it's funny if i think about it, seems like our one mindedness creates lots of discussions among ourselves about different viewpoints .... the theme came up almost always, if there was someone complaining that things didnt run on his amd rig - and yeah, i learned the hard way (having amds while others had nv) that sometimes it just counts more, if your card does stuff properly, not how fast. i used amd cards often enough, but i stay with nvidia because of their feature set and because i sometimes consider using a linux on my game machine, where nvidia has a clear lead over 12 years or so. i wasnt comparing amd and nv, and in that post i wasnt considering amd, and i even defended amd just in this same thread by explaining, that the 1050 and 1060 were reactions to amd, while mecron stated as if nvidia is so far away from amd, they are a different league - this was the only time i compared the two companies. i simply dont care about amd cards personally, i had my share of driver bugs for a lifetime, i rather take the overpriced stuff from nv. no ideology involved. and yes, i rather take the weaker nvidia than the cheaper stronger amd, partly also because it wouldnt matter - your own words - in my resolution to take the 1060 in the first place. i didnt attack amd, i am fine if people who have more idea about amd show the counter cards, i only compared nvidia vs. itself. if i see a task, where an amd is better suited, i would take it - but for personal gaming, being poor myself, and being a linux user, i found out its better to still invest into the graphics card, as luxury, than becoming angry later, and trying to justify, why my cheap card was still a good buy like some fanboi. You read those forums where they keep bashing each other over red vs green, I however really, really, really don't care - as a gamer, my card has to be both powerful and do its job reliably - nvidia rocks in that department. Even if its a gamble not to buy something rebranded or cheaply manufactured, from those greedy bstrds. the absence of comparison to amd is not a sign i hate them. I just dont buy them. I might be more an antifanboi of apple, since I dont buy apple, while my brothers have an apple cemetery. Or maybe I just dont need gadgets and dont see those as luxury. but whatever man, keep telling yourself, you get what i say while not reading it properly.
  47. Yes I would, which was my point - the reason in the past pvp players complained about pvp being neglected is because you had to play pve, period. No alternatives, no gains if you were pvping. All you got was the base missions - which were already doable in both. You do not have to do this anymore. There just never was the same situation for PvE players, so it does not matter, whether PvP or PvE, so your whole distinctions, and allegation of them focusing more on pvp players was what I responded to. Just scroll back to the past, and you will find, I suggested more than once, that all missions can be done independently, no matter, what you play. Forgive me if you do not know me so well for intrinsicly assuming this. The exception is tournaments... But thats not a mission. GS. They could do it in raids I suppose? (Self set) Waypoints would be a start. More interesting spawning could do something. I dunno, I don't see it going anywhere with this concept to be honest.
  48. I will still go for a 1060, as it already seems to have almost reached the targeted price, and the difference between 1050 and 1060 in price is minimal - however the 1050 has a 14nm chip so its basicly a notebook version in the desktop - which is kinda cool - literally. but still, hardwarewise, the 1060 is like such a jump... each nanometer jump is usually followed by optimization and increasing specs on the same platform. That's why Kepler and Maxwell cards got more complex with each generation, but they were basicly still 28nm tech since the 660. The price holding does have to do also with simply their actual complexity and size increase over the years being more expensive to manufacture, while the actual performance gain is smaller (while also less profitable). Bottom line is, the GeForce 10 is a larger switch, than what happened in the time between 660 and 980. It is indeed a completely new generation of chips, down to the physical properties. It is expectable, that from now on, nv will continue developing on the 16/14 nm platforms and do the same as before for a few years: add more memory, add more units, make the chip bigger and do more stuff, sell it with a new name. They always do that. lack of competition mainly delays release and development speed. the 1050 and 1060 were quite hasty answers from nv to amds success on the budget market, so it was already a reaction to competition in the first place. But I think we all agree, there are many good reasons to buy in right now. It's almost like GeForce2 times. I would not get a 750 to be honest, i mean, the sell difference is so small, you can get a cheap 1050 almost for the same price. Who cares if it isnt utilized, at least the 1050 might sell again in the future, the 750 for sure doesnt.
  49. "My" Thar'Ga? You seriously think, I will have that anytime soon, if my first R8 Destro was finished when the Sirius came out? All I have is stuff you get if you just play pvp for a couple hours every now and then... I do see them in the enemy team, quick suckers who recharge life as if they have an internal mini-brokk... I do enjoy, that those ships actually make people focus fire now.
  50. Heh. Talk about skill like dreaming about having it. Or by a strong urge to naturally defend your toys from being nerfed too fast. I mean, yeah, they are pretty much OP atm., I mean cmon, you don't need a doctorate to see it, so I understand there is not much to discuss. Luckily, the game has grown in possibilities how you can counter stuff with stuff you already have. Most of what I have is either DirectGS/DLC/F2P content, I have almost nothing of the new stuff, except some of the XMas Weapons; just try your best, go for it in the next game. Just be happy if you kill it nevertheless. It's a good mini-boss challenge! And if I see some flying a deck of Vigilant/Garg/Dart/Thar'Ga I even have to congratulate to being openly decadent. For me cracking those ships with what I have is challenging and fun, and they are not invincible, but I guess, if I had one of those ships, I would also enjoy the *@#! out of them. Just as other ships. I think even those who do not say it's OP, would not say it's not in this case, coz it would be really embarassing. The RNG style drops now, and the tactic to overshoot first and nerf later is of course debatable somehow, but let them first show if they actually did it to make trading more interesting, or if its just uncorrelated bad practice. Clearly winning some trash after paying GS for some of those bundles makes me question sanity of anyone not using some "reward"-GS instead of paying for it. TLDR; I would relax, pretty sure that stuff gets nerfed eventually anyway.
  51. as the new architecture jump probably will make 10x0 series cheaper faster, than previous generations, simply because of the efficiency upgrade, i would expect older cards to hold their price as long as possible, so it will really depend on the 10x0 series. The 1060 already comes close to the 200 bucks range - both the 1050 and 1060 are intended to attract buyers to buy newer generation cards and a bit of a hasty answer to amd; still the 980 wont get cheaper until the 1070 gets cheaper. So I would either go for the cheapest possible 1060 or plan for an investment at least in a 1070, if its for the future. I guesstimate, the 10x0 series will be overall cheaper than their predecessors in their respected classes once they balance in, if either one of the manufacturers brings out new stuff, or the pre-titan tech-generation (6x0-9x0) just doesn't sell anymore, since they seem to be also less expensive to produce, while of course, they are a good buy, since it might take a few generations until they make yet another scale jump in nanometers, and they just outperform the more power hungry cards there a lot. I am also thinking about soon replacing my card, hence my research. Not done yet tho, so pls no smartpanting me.
  52. Pretty sure I would take the Falcon for the Recon, and the Eagle for the Covert Ops, but that is just because they are brethren of the skies. I do not really see the ECM as a scorpion tho, more like something like a bat-winged Ferret, wearing a turtle shell, laughing maniacly, pissing in the face of the audience, possibly being totally and absurdely mad. And under besaid Turtleshell, he wears another Turtleshell weilding a T-shirt gun.
  53. of course it counts, because your complaint is in no relation to how bad pvp was rewarded, while it isnt better rewarded nowadays than pve. there are missions still, which "force" me to do pve and open space missions. some missions "force" to play a bit of pvp. still, most of the upsides of pve farming are still there - up to this day - while all pvp got was a bit more loot drop, loot drop which also drops in pve anyway. you seem to think i have a certain viewpoint as i am a defender of the great pvp whatever, but there isn't really a pve party and a pvp party who are distinct people. there are just people prefering certain game modes more. even if I personally am too lazy to do some missions needing me to go pve i do not complain about that, since i skipped it. if however all missions require me to play pve, all of them, like it was in the past, then i do complain. you just seem to be blind on one eye here - or you are focusing too much on the GS from tournaments. but tournaments being pretty much the most actively played community event in this game seems pretty popular to do, and its not like you cant "obtain" GS in other ways. the whole complaint goes into the wrong way. there should be as little gs locked items as possible imho, but its not like pvp is sooo much overloved, and the poor poor pve players have to suffer. I personally was always behind fair rewards no matter what kind of modes you play anyway. I enjoy the occasional pve, and i would love to see OS getting more mature, but the core of the game being pvp, and pvp having been neglected in the past are just facts, while pve is really not left behind at all. this "us vs. them" mentality doesnt go anywhere. and yeah, being a pve casual, i have to redo some of the missions there too. until now i had only one task which was hard to fullfill in pvp. cant be that hard to step out of the comfort zone, if you want to have that reward. I really think, most of this is just about the GS in the tourneys. But trust me, you won't get rich, even if you blast through every tourney, and have a regular team that comes to win triple each time. just trust me on that.
  54. its not weird to me.
  55. I like the fact that there is a date announced for this.
  56. it's really not hard to find people to hang out with to play games even if i think, playing for free isn't really the way to get GS, and I still think, the prices are out of proportion. thats totally not true phoenix, for years, pvp players - especially pure pvp players - had to play pve kind of games constantly for keeping up with some materials otherwise unobtainable, while many PvE players basicly entered pvp in T5 the first time, and had no income problems at all. just to finally make some of the MC drop in pvp loot was a struggle of QQ. the main income of pvp was only synergy and loyalty missions, while pve got you credits, blueprints, parts, high loot, etc, so the pvp players bought licenses, because people searching for competition usually do not like repetitive tasks. many special missions did not work there, and final weapon paths were strongly OS material, which is still mainly pve. Also, the 2017 mission is easy for someone enjoying pve, but takes long in pvp only. Finally, if you are honest about it, pve in this game is fine, but not its main appeal - not saying its bad - especially in amount of different things to do, but there are games focusing much more on pve - while there is almost no space game focusing on pvp action with team work with the amount of players. In that sector this game has no competitor, and even possible competitors seem to focus smaller scales or more simulation. SCL is an exception, as I think, there should be awards for that, but it should stay purely optional - as i think SCL would have rocked in 2013, while by now, the game has gotten a bit of a rough reputation amongst competitive players, and entertains a very pve oriented young population, and a very old pvp oriented population. Having a greater unified plan to make PvE and PvP somehow both lucrative parts of the game, maybe trading will help there, or some more "space aspect". But I am not sure, if the vision is there for that, and this may sound a bit mystical without explaining my opinion (but its not some in depth knowledge, just observation), but I think, their main successful income is basicly limiting the growth indirectly. --- Still just waiting for ship rank +-3 removal in equipping ships. Maybe also add a tooltip help for ingame bonuses as you equip to help fitting. Especially coming from the implant side maybe in explanation, those boni just need to make sense for everyone (unsupported implant slots available during a pvp match are matched with resistance and damage buffs, e.g.). That was by far the coolest content yet in the last few patches at least for me, and keeps me interested, as while i hardly unlocked any of the new ships, at least i can try a lot of ships i already had but never used in battle. Everything else is atm. for me atm in a fluid balance, meaning I think there is yet to be discovered unbalance. The Gargoyle, Dart and Vigilant dominate, and I bet all the alien ships will too. Luckily the Thar'Ga get primaried so hard by everybody simply because only a few people have them. Everyone wants to see them die. So it's fun, but I really hope, they do not lose their focus on pvp, as it is the main source for balance and fun in this game.
  57. I find the fits pretty straight forward. I wonder if the Grey would perform almost identically - even slightly more interesting - with one vernier one coll comp for the pingy games. I do not have the machine gun, and atm I fly almost exlusively Black Bomber instead of CO, so I cant try that yet. Mjolnir, Mauler, Brokk are all basicly cookie cutters, if you do not take away their strenghts too much, I do not see how one could critize one way to fit or another. I am interested in the Brokk fit, for later, when I farmed 418 more of the stuff