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  1. yes, the expectation is huge, right!? the forums... full of people... the charts... off the roof.... i hope u can read sarcasm.
  2. the thargoids in elite are just more the original in this case i liked the mystery reveal of them over the last year, too bad the game itself is unfortunately too static atm. and the C64 version still had things, they did not reimplement, so they just catching up, lets see where it goes in the 10-year-plan. the influence is anyway openly visible in so many details. And its not wrong, I rather have them take good bits that work anyway. did you also notice, SC even has the elite faction logos in a way? even jerri logo looks quite similar to the alliance.
  3. but it's quite a funny joke cmon
  4. taikin is still breaking the game. AF. games where taikins are either really bad or non present are now quite fun and close games where taikins play, indirectly get decided by them simply being frikkin broken. yes, they dont instapop everything anymore, and yes, they do die now sometimes, but usually by then, the game is already decided. it's simply totally destroying the fun. we should call it taiquit, because that's it's real special module, making you ragequit the f* out. there are many ships which we could argue about, yes, much things being slightly imbalanced, and in those i usually just trust that time will fix things, in others i came to realize, you are just not interested enough to reach higher, so I do not even bring it up... but this overmobile, coupled with huge damage dealing abilities blinking sh*t will not be detected by your statistical analysis method, you need to get into your game, play it, and see how bad it is. those blinks and all that uber manouverability needs some clearer drawback please please please make taikins actually require some skill to fly. stop stalling good decisions and make some real progress. yes fifth day license is back, nice. but all this sugar won't remove the bitter taste. removing or overworking the rank restrictions would also be a major step forward.
  5. lol u did not say much it was a bit confusing i watched the stream later aswell, and had to double check if everybody in the channel was indeed muted tho - so totally get it!
  6. na-nah too early for praise for meh! but admittedly, i am happy for them to show care. especially, the survey was a positive sign. unfortunately, some of the damage might not be undoable anymore. there is a price for arrogance and ignorance. not one i want them to pay, but karma is a small little dog.
  7. The Owl Initiative [OWL] - International We are a community which grew in different games, and are a very old Star Conflict corporation, being more nostalgic and slow growing in nature. Our international members include people from all over the world, but mostly EU and US Timezones We are mainly searching for pilots who bring their own initiative. Some Info and Rules Teamspeak (TS3) address is weltenfall.net Please behave, the server is public; anyone needing a chatroom can use one of the public rooms or request their own. (different sets of people meet in our TS) Teamspeak presence is welcomed, especially in squad-battles, and compulsory for Wings or Tournaments, if we fly any. Please regard the teamspeak like you enter real rooms full of people. Listen in before you speak, say hello, be polite. It's not an audience service, nor an entertainment service for you as visitor, but a social environment, you become part of. Try to speak english if members with different languages are present in the same channel. We usually speak english, even if this is not the case! Note, that our language is not always child-friendly, but we do respect members asking for nice speech. No Racist, Sexist, or any phobic behaviour. Respect other members and their viewpoints. We have a Forum for internal affairs, and Facebook Groups for socializing We value feedback and critics. Please be patient as we try to accomodate all members. In case of any misunderstanding, contact an Officer; the Internet is a complex medium, bad stuff happens, we are training Forgiveness! Requirements for Members At least Rank 10 Ships in multiple factions with full synergy. We do queue for Tournaments, SQ (Sector Conquest, Dreadnought), and sometimes SpecOps, too, but only if there is interest (no schedules). Expected veterancy average (if you want to apply as unknown player): 2k pvp battles, >= 1.1 w/l, 2.5 kill average, 4 assist average. We do however not overemphasize looking on stats. Teamspeak Presence. Especially in a team game. Initiative. You can also come with friends, and play your own squads; Dedication; Real Life comes first. Some notes of warning We rather have you couple times a week for years, than daily for two weeks until you burn out. We have no age restriction, but our age group is rather mature. We like to be relaxed, sit on trees and watch mice. We are Owls. We are friendly to casuals, but reserve the right to remove members who are inactive more than 90 days ingame, if they do not give feedback about their absence. On the other hand, we remove members who seem to expect more than we can offer for their own benefit. We try to keep active and involved members in the corp for at least half a year in case of absence. Once you know you are an owl, you stay an owl. You don't have to be an owl, to be around with us. Don't take it too personally, if someone has an inquiry about your teamspeak behaviour, but do take it seriously. People who show they adapt to the family, will have the family adapt to them. We are also preparing to be present in Star Citizen, and other games. ~*~ You want to become an Owl? Interested in more information? Drop a PM to me or join TeamSpeak. Or simply write into this thread.