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  1. I bet, contrary to it's purpose, this thread is going to turn out as one of the most civilized talks in forum history. Or as quark would put it. "ooh-mans...."
  2. irony i think less moderation only means, you can talk more independently, more raw and honestly. doesnt mean, they wont answer
  3. tldr; cruise. for most ships it does have downsides which are impractical. You are really talking about R13+, where some ships can fit cruise and remove them totally. Your wording puts it almost, as if there are no downsides at all, which isn't true. a nerf would have to keep that in mind, r9-r12 ships are a handful, which even have viable cruise fits, and none of them are easy. but i think in general i agree to your argument like this - just not like "why do fighters have highest speed possibility and not ceptors", as ceptors DO have max speed possibility, it just costs too damn much to live with it. again only problem with this is imho, that it again benefits the ships which have multiple engine modules and mobility-buffs to use cruise, and they are the problem with it. i always saw the cruise as actually something invented for the one-engine ship, mainly slower mid tier ships for open space as i recall as the original idea. the downside which should force you to hold AB is actually high energy activation cost. there is already a niche module therefore, which is benefitial to the cruise (energy recup), and cruise theoretically forces you to increase energy household. by having a bigger differential between max speed and ab speed, the ship would have to slow down more. it would also have to accelerate longer to reach full AB speed. tackling it would leave it at a greater disadvantage. so not saying, reducing acceleration isnt an alternative idea - it might be even a good additional parameter for finetuning it with a multi-nerf aswell. there is simply no "simple nerf" option for this mechanic imho, without changing it to behave like you would expect in every situation. equipping cruise to increase ab-less max speed is simply the only scenario, which should imho not be available, maybe others disagree. it is after all the max speed increase, which i would see abused in gliding, not the acceleration - and decceleration should not decrease either, as it benefits gliding. however, if the cruise would use up energy a bit longer, without boosting, and the speed would reduce further down because the max speed is lower, it would be harder to just glide and recharge, and it would not act as a mobility module while ab is off. justsayin. overall i do agree, that a nerf can be done, anyway. and now i recall we had this talk already.
  4. i find cruise engines should only increase afterburning speed (so actually buff that), but not max speed (so nerf that), and the downsides should hold a few ticks longer, when you release AB. otherwise, the real problem was imho, that people had to learn how to shoot cruise fighters, as you have to lead the prediction circle. about realism (small ships being faster) lets not get into this. it's actually pretty realistic, that the rotorcraft is slower, than the jet, if you see them like this. if we talk spaceships, it is even more realistic, that a bigger craft has more acceleration, as there is no friction. mass is much less of a factor outside atmosphere and gravity. tackling itself can be a blessing for a cruise fit, because crashes are real, and tacklers help you slow down. I love cruise as attack philosophy, but usually only see it as run-away-module, also there is only a few weapons usable. i also despise it as a run-away-module, so i understand the bad feelings about it. otherwise i do feel, the cruise theme is coming up a bit as a proxy war theme, because lets face it, ceptors are really faced with a multitude of damage sources, and suffer now from guard buffs. having the speed kingship taken from them multiple times leaves it as a hated module. otherwise i cant really say, why we would talk about the sword as an uber ship - especially since compared to the 3 katanas+strong and their dominance in t3, all 3 swords are pretty underpowered compared to commands and tacklers from the other factions, with the saw one taking away all the glory.
  5. RFB sux atm., but the new kinetic gun is maybe nice for your ceptor style. Well, except triple heatsink black bomber - havent tried it with the recent guard buff yet. But as I recall, you weren't an RFB user anyway as there are missions to complete with maximum possessed ranked ship in a faction equipped, having a tharga - even if you cant use it in battle - helps finishing them in any rank above 5. After all, that one single ship is definitely the highest rank in ellydium. some niche ships are very strong, like gargoyle and dart aswell. be sure to read their abilities. the underrank buff of "hard" tier (as there are only 3 queues now) as gizmo described also gives lots of opportunities to try t4 ships now, as they might lack all the abilities, but make up in being tough in dealing and getting damage. it's also affecting r5-r7 in medium (~old t3), with some special modules (Kite-E, Ghost, Phoenix, Reaper,...) only available to certain ships in various slots. Similarly, there are exclusive modules for the Karud the shield module which acts kinda like a passive short range IR pulsar, I am however not recalling every single ship in this.
  6. TharGas RakZas Everywhere!
  7. reveal contents doesnt work for me on firefox anymore. strange. my ff seems bugged. i feel like they made this for people like me. i am getting paranoid lately anyway, of stalkers. really interesting, lets see what comes up here.
  8. @avarshina + it's a bit weird. also good list.
  9. The new spawn protection is interesting. Not yet tested, but I assume that hasn't changed, the +-3 rank rule stays in effect? Can we look forward to a day, where deciding on the new queue system is finalized, and the rules are adapted to reflect it? So people can squad up without exactly matching ranks, just being aware of which queue they will get in... of course this would need revised rules, but it could make it easier. Also, I do not see the bad in it anymore, to bring a R10, R12 and R15 together. Please overwork this! It's so long overdue now! And it's also - from an external perspective - a constant confusion factor! If you are still unsure about the queues: the 3-queue system was always the best, no matter which 3 queues were the most successful at any given time. I'd say, stick to this. Not implementing it completely into the hangar logic kinda feels like, you are still unsure, I would say, get sure. Previewing the current equipped Deck's weight in the MM (which queue they would get into in pvp, or other modes) might also be nice in the UI, but I understand this is more complicated. Together with this feature, I would also add the ability to preview ship stats with underrank bonuses somehow. The UI just doesnt keep up with the ruleset here. Okay, I am maybe also a bit spoiled, since UI is really easy in visual programming engines, like unity, I feel the pain! Still, what was that with the anchoring of friends list to center and polls to center right!? The Guard healing buff I would have added as passive on the guard healing module, as I said in another thread. That way it would have been more visible. I think its name is liquid metal injector. But this is still a nice buff. Almost a bit overbuffed in total maybe, let's see, so LMI is still an option to nerf without nerfing. So far it seems to fit in nice. I was asking for this, so I am d'accord. Tharga nerfs are always welcome, lets see how it changes dynamics. I still think, the alien weapons of the tharga are both too strong in combining dps and alpha, especially since they seem like that even on other ships. Any news on RF Blaster? That weapon is useless without 3 heatsinks! So dev team, great work. Coming to the culprit, the marketing/progression team: 2k GS for a preview module lottery, that isn't even explicitly saying it only drops one of the listed items, misleading it would contain all*? Even if the package would drop all items on the list, update: it drops all said items. I feel like the pricing is way too high, especially for a module we await to be introduced later. But like this, it's really just a sign, you should reflect on GS prices; I am also pretty sure, most of the negative feelings about SC come from stuff like this, even if most people do not say it aloud. There should be special part missions which you can specialize in, by playing the ship you want to specialize extensively. Atm. a lot of work has gone into modules of niche ships, which probably are underappreciated, or even overlooked, as the paths to complete even a single one of those items remains a daunting task. I suggest, something like, if you play a ship you actually search special parts for, you could get the chance of a high yield loot containing a part (instead of another, or MC), until the part is completed. Boxes should probably drop two parts more often without additional resources. I still don't like RNG content, and I am under the impression, so does not the majority of potential gamers out there, especially without flat alternatives. It's morally questionable to use gambling as the only form of investment in a specific path - as there are alternative investments which allow flat pricing. The line between the greatly praised (?) blizz bonus chests and RNG content is very thin, and you are imho on the wrong beach. I know I know, this is why you go for trading, but still, without it it seems a bit... odd. I feel like you lack something like the positive equivalent of an advocatus diaboli who argues for the poor and sick. I also assume, with all the other options, nobody would really buy boxes for visuals only, so there are differences. Even if I admit, the packs I invested in contained mainly visuals, so maybe, I am even wrong, but that would even strengthen my case. *) i am not even sure! just heard in chat!
  10. I would have given liquid metal injector the passive healing - maybe even very low in combat - instead directly on the guard, otherwise excellent. this way it's a bit secret... otherwise great news for guards, but 2000GS... rather wait i guess...
  11. true. about the personal feelings, to keep calm. and i am not even saying an occasional rage quit isn't a healthy "stop" if your nerves are blank. but self restraint is a personal thing, letting it go and seeing the game as not too serious to get really upset about - totally agreed, in that aspect, it's just a game. in the light of behaviour however, the activity itself is also a social internet thing. you play with others. and whether its a game or anything else, simply leaving because you feel like it basicly is just rude. On that behalf, "it's just a game" doesn't cut it, so even if I would ragequit - which I don't since I think, staying even as observer or loser teaches you a lot of things, and stuff like morale can work magic in the last minutes of some games - I would admit to myself, it's not something nice to do, and it was me, who broke, by quitting. But I would not make it a habit, or use it regularly or do it on purpose. In clear text: if you play a single player game, you (rage)quit whenever you like, no need for shame - there should be a difference in a team game, tho. There is even a difference in what kind of game you play, as some allow you to join and quit (sandbox). In a way, you also have to take it like "okay, it's just a game" if you get banned, aswell. i find it cool, that OP actually admits, he personally felt the ban was somewhat "deserved" - and in that light i understand the puzzlement about it happening anyway, as it is still strange, but minor overall. I would have also thought, maybe you wrote something, and forgot it - Amnesia happens! Oh and yeah, perma rejoin option would be awesome to have.
  12. by the heavens, such sacrifice! such sacrifice! your wonderful spawn-camp-tool that basicly needs focus fire to die anyway can't freely roam to the promised place on the leaderboard? you get primaried. to escape primary, stay defensive, and rather support the whole team to move up. once your team is there, you can use its presence for more pressure. maybe you could also look out to learn other ships' strengths, to understand "tacklers", "ecms" and "guards", and take a look at your implants to know how to basicly use one of your maxipurpose modules to escape tackling. or just go leeeeramboy and get killed. or, farm more xenos, as your tharga seems clearly not superior enough yet. and finally, crystal plating maybe might be handy for that "manouver" seriously, this is a first. somebody complains about focus fire in pub pvp. usually its the other way around, and the complaint was reserved for kill-squads. forgive my irony here, actually, i am not wondering at all, understand your feelings, but what do you expect?
  13. in some modes, you get more points for doing it, so I see this even as encouraged atm. albeit the rules of who gets points for a spawnkill seem a bit crazy, as i would rather expect killing an enemy in your own spawn should yield more points (as in: defend your spawn), while also killing an enemy from afar in or behind their spawn should also yield points (as in, kill spawn campers, or teams trying to turtle behind spawn), but such extra points should not come from killing enemies in their own spawn (being there, spawncamp/farm), or killing enemies from your spawn (so from spawn to spawn). However overall, I'd rather see the spawning system worked over as a whole, to allow slightly more strategy. Like delaying spawn to spawn with others, picking spawn vectors (some choice in the deployment), or individual cooldown penalties and overall cooldown mix, to encourage ship switches and better micro penalize suicide spam, or just have more control on map design - with the goal to hinder allowing a team to snowball dominance too much. Not saying, it doesnt work pretty often anyway like it is, but i think changing mechanics there could improve concentrating more on the actual battlefield, as usually "finding the team" and finally doing a counterpush usually can be delayed way too easily. As said, points, inability of the enemy to regroup, increasing the spawn delay of all enemies, is just a side effect of cutting off the supply line. in return, camping outside provides easy matches, for people who want others to play their game, and are missing on the objectives, or just play that annoying flux phaser or LRF who uses an already f'd up situation to get easy kills and consta blame people who try to engage for dying too much - while their own absence and cowardess basicly creates the situation in the first place. All these dynamics only lead to finally basicly going into spawn, and win by dispersing the team into far away bystanders, and respawning "points" who you can roundhouse-kick like walker texas ranger, because they align one by one. Two things leading together, which you can't simply make disappear, as it depends on morale and skill aswell, but at least the mechanics should encourage further to do neither of: camp or be camped.
  14. forever's gonna start tonite! vampire music.
  15. well funny.... by now not rly anymore.
  16. well even copying something by another author without asking him and republishing it - it's certainly minor, but still technically without citing the source and making clear its republished or quoted, it is actually afaik not totally legal, just because they cite the username. well at least they do that i doubt however anyone really cares. especially since the page is so full of ads, you cant really read stuff without removing the overlay divs with the inspector.
  17. so, you didnt actually write that on that website? amazing.
  18. COs who equip plasma arc already make a major choice in the usage of the ship. It weakens them already in a dogfight against another fast mover, by sacrificing that active module, and i bet they add choices which increase that usage. the burst damage CO which can take out a destro uber fast, is for sure not fitted to counter all classes. Show me that fit. Yes your role gives you strenghts and weaknesses, but every regular / classic ship has to additionally make decisions in their fitting, it's not a singular role they fullfill. similarly, a destro can make decisions to be effective in different kinds of scenarios. If you would have close range defense against ceptors on that ship, to negate close range attacks, you should suffer in your medium to long range abilities. Which imho is basicly the case. Not saying I do not disagree with punctual nerfs for modules like the halo knife, errh arc.. Or that the defense batteries on the destro might not deserve love. But I am unsure, if the scenario really represents a lot more, than usually the very bitter deaths one might remember more vividly - deaths which COs kinda accept beforehand, as that ship can die pretty quick and often. If the thargas wouldnt eat your team, your tacklers, guards, healers, dogfight-cos, gunships and basicly almost every role there is could simply defend you. I do that with my fed engi a lot. COs are really weak nowadays, compared to the glorious adaptive days 4 years ago. And even back then, when tacklers were a joke - in organized teams, gunships ruled over them. I mean, they almost died out in r15 last year, and i think it is even really hard to get into CO nowadays enough to master it in time, might be a lot more frustrating aswell. Did you try flying a CO yourself, recently? I mean the Tharga kinda represents that ship without the huge risk factor, and more overall dps and abilities - while the CO basicly hurts exactly only the destro and a few slow frigs with that plasma arc nowadays, can only shoot forward, isnt the fastest on the field, and has lousy defense without hull resis from adaptives. Speaking of which, i doubt, the CO could outburst a stingray in this scenario, while the stingray still has the upside of being a gunship, and way more rounded to continue on his way. Oh yeah, the thargas killed that guy. I hope this gets my point across. I think it is very insular as a scenario, even if it happens more regularly nowadays, it might also be a scenario that has other causes intertwining.
  19. destroyers are not underpowered. not saying there cant be tweaks or stuff. but piloting a CO is still more risky and dangerous, than a destro. still better than games dominated by flux phasers and mainly range builds all over the place, just to fix the issue. and still hoping, at some point we rather get the destro balanced enough to lift the amount restrictions of them in the game - so the ship becomes a choice and not an obligation. if the arc is so dominating, it could be simply excluded from the proximity damage buff. but to be honest, a well placed destro is a suicide mission, even for that "uber skilled co". and as said, it is completely ignoring, how much effort it takes for CO atm. to compete with other roles, overall. even if theoretically, you also feel the imbalance of the tharga, as interceptors still stand a chance to evade the mayhem, giving interceptors generally more time on the field, their impact can be miniscule otherwise. and of course, a destro, whose team gets gibbed by a tharga platoon has no friends and dies to that miracle covert ops. I still bet, that CO doesnt come out regularly with 15+ kills per match.
  20. I didn't even see an announcement yet officially here, was there one? I think many do not even know, there is a mobile version But also watched some gameplay and it seems fun for an app. And since someone sold a picture of a diamond for horrendous prices, on a mobile app, why not. It's basicly a donation.
  21. why? I mean, special ships are powerful because of their speciality and cookie cut opportunities. They aren't to be more powerful overall in the balance, and the whole balancing of it kinda relies on a choice based optimization. Besides that powerful is a descriptive term anyway, it should not be more powerful, imho. I would not call it extremely slow - maybe for its class. Their Blood magic seems fine tho, and neglectable. The Permanent heal malus I can't really read from the stats, however their self healing is not affected by counter-healing-debuffs, and other classes have healing maluses anyway. None of these downsides are competing with the multiple upsides imho in power. Of course the ship itself isn't magicly op, being op is always imbalance on multiple fronts. But in the whole mechanics of the game, it gets max movement, regeneration+tank, damage and additional spellery - something no other ship unifies without sacrificing. So it really needs no "rational defense arguments" imho. In fact, reading your statement kinda reads almost sarcastic: it's not op. just following list of parts of it make it so strong: ... Not saying your call to patience isn't right, but I think, the message to the devs should be clear, this still needs finetuning. I would find it strange if we cant agree upon that So I read it as a calming voice in the discussion, that might be too early as third post --- About the proposed changes I cannot say too much tho, I kinda do not care how it is done, and I lack the experience, and therefore the ideas, what could make the ship better, without destroying its speciality. It does have a lot of abilities that sound cool, and are underused, so I would not fear if some strengths get nerfed, it still has potential for discovering new imbalances we didn't even see yet - the damage/speed/regen is just the most obviously op fit - and given it's a gunship, I think it is intentional, to get out the "theoretically strongest" fighting ship of Ellydium first, especially to balance in these spells. In that regard, reducing the slots in isolation to all other interconnected balancing mechanics is maybe not a good idea, on it's own, but maybe there should be a good reason, to reduce slots aswell on the ship for the fitting itself, when you make the choices, to balance it out correctly. It might also mean, other ships might get later additional slot choices aswell, so we dont know the long term plan yet. That's why I would disagree with the third one. But it is yet another upside of the ship, yes. as I said in another thread, I find it strange it gets also access to crew implants aswell. Instead of nerfing its abilities, it could maybe be adjusted on that level. But yet again, it begs the question, what the big plan is for all the other Ellydium ships.
  22. survival

    i think survival is fine as a filler game, it just seems to be too often in the rotation. could be subjective, but it seems like that is its most annoying feature. in fact its the mode where thargas are less dominant... atm... if any modes should be seeded more often, then its rather tdm or domination, coz well, they are mostly straight forward. but thats another topic.
  23. Mecron ffs, stop being so insulting with your bare nerdy existence!!!!1111one* Do it like me! I never hide insults in my benevolent texts of pure love and word weilding, particulary not about clarifying my priviliged intelligence over the mediocreness of the rest of the world! Be humble and charming like I am, short, precise, and to the point!* I can imagine tillo an niri having fun atm. - i mean lots of stuff just works atm. - especially as vet, and with LRF fetishes. Only disagree with niri on the ship diversity, I think that was higher around xmas. *) contains traces of irony, and this sentence was added by captain obvious.
  24. even a nab in a tharga is at least not a nab in a ship which is really hard to fly acting like the tharga needs uber l33t skillz i cant agree upon. yes people fail terribly with them, okay. but still, once it clicks, they get enough lucky shots. and in any other ship, they would have even less of an impact on the match, while the tharga killing sprees are going on. but it is just a combination of lately added game mechanics, that seem a bit out of proportion if you combine them aswell. still. that hasnt changed much to be honest in case of the tharga, imho, or not enough yet. I see a lot of things in the tharga, which would be interesting mechanics, but i would also cookie cut into that max-regen-max-speed-one-shot-damage thing. So I kinda even find it sad, as that ship has a lot of abilities, almost no one uses. i do feel they should continue to look deeper into this, and maybe a bit more communicate that aswell. something like, i dunno... maybe no implant effects for alien ships, see how it fares then. but cmon, this isnt balanced, and its not just the skill of some uber warriors which make that ship such a thing. luckily, a lot of people already HAVE the tharga, so games are somewhat interesting again - but still, the ridiculous damage proportions (which the LRFs actually would deserve to keep) between thargas and some other ship and the rest, happening in high tier games, creates imho an understandably frustrating experience. it really depends on the time of the day, and the current players. I agree some of the games currently are really great. Others, are simply frustrating. Sometimes even both at the same time - that is just weird. Or maybe, that comes because I can still fight back and enjoy that, even if the overall matches are bonkers after bonkers for hours.
  25. i do think backward acceleration is a dampened value of forward acceleration, while the max speed is lower which would result in a higher acceleration becoming a better breaking force, but at the same time, higher acceleration... might try it with collision comp?
  26. The Owl Initiative [OWL] - International We are a community which grew in different games, and are a very old Star Conflict corporation, being more nostalgic and slow growing in nature. Our international members include people from all over the world, but mostly EU and US Timezones We are mainly searching for pilots who bring their own initiative. Some Info Teamspeak (TS3) address is weltenfall.net Please behave, the server is public; anyone needing a chatroom can use one of the public rooms or request their own. (different sets of people meet in our TS) Teamspeak presence is welcomed, especially in squad-battles, and compulsory for Wings or Tournaments, if we fly any. Try to speak english if members with different languages are present in the same channel. We usually speak english, even if this is not the case! Note, that our language is not always child-friendly, but we do respect members asking for nice speech. No Racist, Sexist, or any phobic behaviour. Respect other members. We have a Forum for internal affairs, and Facebook Groups for socializing We value feedback and critics. Please be patient as we try to accomodate all members. In case of any misunderstanding, contact an Officer; the Internet is a complex medium, bad stuff happens, we are training Forgiveness! Requirements for Members At least Rank 10 Ships in multiple factions with full synergy. We do queue for Tournaments, SQ (Sector Conquest, Dreadnought), and sometimes SpecOps, too, but only if there is interest (no schedules). Expected veterancy average (if you want to apply as unknown player): 2k pvp battles, >= 1.1 w/l, 2.5 kill average, 4 assist average. We do however not overemphasize looking on stats. Teamspeak Presence. Especially in a team game. Initiative. You can also come with friends, and play your own squads; Dedication; Real Life comes first. Some notes of warning We rather have you couple times a week for years, than daily for two weeks until you burn out. We have no age restriction, but our age group is rather mature. We like to be relaxed, sit on trees and watch mice. We are Owls. We are friendly to casuals, but reserve the right to remove members who are inactive more than 90 days ingame, if they do not give feedback about their absence. On the other hand, we remove members who seem to expect more than we can offer for their own benefit. We try to keep active and involved members in the corp for at least half a year in case of absence. Once you know you are an owl, you stay an owl. You dont have to be an owl, to be around with us. Don't take it too personally, if someone has an inquiry about your teamspeak behaviour, but do take it seriously. People who show they adapt to the family, will have the family adapt to them. We are also preparing to be present in Star Citizen, and other games. ~*~ You want to become an Owl? Interested in more information? Drop a PM to me or join TeamSpeak. Or simply write into this thread.