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  1. this would be horrible for the weapon is already quite niche. also, all weapons use ammo - coil or railguns probably use way bigger ammunition, so I suppose, most of the stuff can be replicated or assembled internally, otherwise our missiles would make even less sense.
  2. the counter proposals are autocannons as far as i can see the vulcan is a rotary autocannon, and the model kinda looks like the M61 vulcan with some weird turret. so i dont really get what they did wrong. I would it take way less seriously, if they sell an autocannon as a "Vulcan".
  3. I also always think like UTC = GMT CET = GMT+1 = UTC +1 at least i thought it was that way. but indeed, another utc clock shows 1330 atm. this clockthing is so confusing with the timezones. edit: read up, utc does not have daylight saving, as does not CET so in summer it is CEST (UTC+2), winter CET (UTC+1). I also thought CET would switch, makes no sense this way. currently our time is cest in central europe, which makes it really confusing, as now it is cet in western europe, as all europe has daylight saving. it was easier with GMT, less stuff to remember. Me getting old.
  4. which is good because the GS income kinda destroys the quality of feedback and distorts values over time albeit not for a translator
  5. nuqjathl? ylDoghQo', that's not klingon, it sounds more like the insults from a Tard towards some petaQ!
  6. coming and going can also be due to debuffs, as there seem to be debuffs reducing rof, aswell as the reduction of rof if your ship spins, and of course, never rule out packet loss (losing firing packets, synced ship movement, etc.) but the general basic rof is a bit odd, especially for the rf blaster, which seems to need at least one heatsink to just reach the firerate it had once, while there was no actual official change since then. it was reported when it started but it seems to have been affected by other changes. It would make sense, that this was actually systematical - as the RF is basicly the only weapon i used in such extent that i knew it well enough to notice, and might have even ignored it at superstition, if others would not have reported the same thing independently. Did you test it koro? That seems awesome. You should post those details.
  7. Yeah, and when Daenerys and Jon Snow got on their Ninja motorcycle, and drove away reaching 60 miles an hour until the flux compensator made them slip through time was a nice ending for A Game Of Thrones. I mean, I heard George say, well, "It's just a book." -- imho, with the neccessary backstory, to make clear, this isn't actually a space shuttle, which is an orbital craft, not a spaceship, so only some retro hulljob, because otherwise it's like putting horsecarts into a car racing game as "historic cars", it could also work in the main game, ... Also, to be honest, I would be slightly disappointed, if the announced historic ships are not fictive impressions of early space crafts, but some models of orbital vessels. The art style, as it is mixed already a lot in SC, is less of my concern, but I get why it looks a bit odd.
  8. I find the sound perfect. the rather silent shooting of a minigun compared to other weapons, like giant coil and rail weapons is actually pretty cool. It seems the sound kinda should represent what you would hear through the hull, and also makes a good distinction to weapon types SC tries to use as mainstream. it also catches the obvious vibe of The Expanse, especially the pretty awesome scene of the Rocci fighting the stealth ship at Thoth Station. Of course, all this is only, because Expanse basicly is realisticly motivated, and tries to make a lot of scenes in space very silent, mostly sounds you would hear inside the ship while the guns fire outside, with some scenes showing you action without any sound at all. I find it rather bad, that the Vulcan seemed to create lag for some players, and had a nice secondary slow effect. But I am not sure, if this has been fixed, as it doesnt happen anymore that much. I am also happy, that the impact sounds seem however better to hear for the target, at least, the impact sounds should be clearly distinguishable.
  9. hm, removing the turning keys was actually the real nerf there, which made the other firing arc nerf just strange in the afterthought. By reducing the analog strength of the turnkey input, that abuse could have been stopped, and neither of those nerfs would have been neccessary. So I call both of those lazy. Unfortunately, I think, it was simply easier, than rewriting the camera control code I found it interesting, that the turn keys were in for years, with lots of people using it without abuse, until some ships got fitted to use permalooping bs - and back in the day, when CO t3 meta was dominant, the same abuse didn't work, because there were simply so many pilots specializing in that role, looping like an idiot was suicide in a dogfight, except you had the low resolution superfast shrapnel aim of takamina - and he was far from looping around like that anyway. But in any case, some nerf was neccessary after all. Funnily, I miss the turning keys mostly on frigates, and also rather would have some firing arc back.
  10. yes, to you, the value gets zero, but also interest, as there is no "demand" after that. so every participant has a demand of 1 (or x) per item. true demand however comes through necessity. after all, it is more or less an unlock, not some goods. as far as "free market", the free is certainly still valid, even with taxes. and the scarcity is also present, emulated by the items' "drop rate", still however, as long the item drops, it basicly never reaches true scarcity. it is very different from the mechanic, how a goods-market creates supply and demand, so true capitalistic economics. there are "producers" and "consumers", while "middlemen" buy cheap goods at low demand and try to sell it at an average or higher profitable price over time. much of all this still works in theory with our system here, but as said, concluding the item loses its value would mean, everyone has it, and nobody will ever join the game as a new player. Any market would break at that point. That's why I would say, our market here is much more an "exchange". in games where you buy "goods" which are destructible your demand never ceases to exist. There the value truly depends on supply and demand. Those markets would not work with GS as currency tho, except if you can transmorph GS into sellable items for the markets' currency. The thing which keeps the value the same, basicly at the average selling price, is the price of GS. It is also the only thing on the market, which in itself becomes a good, where your demand never ceases to exist. In a way, the true currency are the items, the true goods is gold standards. Only if you see it like that, some "items" lose their value as "currency" to get GS. You understand what I mean? We use the same words in both examples, but they are just "mechanically" different. Maybe I am wrong of course, but that is how I see it.
  11. actually my point is, in SC, items DO NOT lose value because your personal demand is 1. Forever. All this is is an exchange of "unlocks". It's not economic. I always try to suppress my laughter, if others talk about "economy" in this game, as if it really exists.
  12. this is the only part i cant agree on. usually, the problem of income generating loot in sandboxes is that the amount of circulation is constantly increasing, devaluing items, because loot is generated out of playtime. there are only a few parts which you basicly "use up", so you will only buy each item once, as all needed materials to really craft these things is not tradeable. so items are actually not devalued. the money in circulation is basicly endless, because people could always buy new gold standards however once you have unlocked specific items, you do not have any need for it anymore. except to earn yourself GS, for unlocking further content. But then you actually use the market the other way around, to obtain GS. de facto any whish to have a true trading system with a market, which is more than a stamp collectors exchange is hardly imaginable. I imagine, things will change if it gets expanded. But I am not yet sure, how it would work.
  13. The Owl Initiative [OWL] - International We are a community which grew in different games, and are a very old Star Conflict corporation, being more nostalgic and slow growing in nature. Our international members include people from all over the world, but mostly EU and US Timezones We are mainly searching for pilots who bring their own initiative. Some Info and Rules Teamspeak (TS3) address is weltenfall.net Please behave, the server is public; anyone needing a chatroom can use one of the public rooms or request their own. (different sets of people meet in our TS) Teamspeak presence is welcomed, especially in squad-battles, and compulsory for Wings or Tournaments, if we fly any. Please regard the teamspeak like you enter real rooms full of people. Listen in before you speak, say hello, be polite. It's not an audience service, nor an entertainment service for you as visitor, but a social environment, you become part of. Try to speak english if members with different languages are present in the same channel. We usually speak english, even if this is not the case! Note, that our language is not always child-friendly, but we do respect members asking for nice speech. No Racist, Sexist, or any phobic behaviour. Respect other members and their viewpoints. We have a Forum for internal affairs, and Facebook Groups for socializing We value feedback and critics. Please be patient as we try to accomodate all members. In case of any misunderstanding, contact an Officer; the Internet is a complex medium, bad stuff happens, we are training Forgiveness! Requirements for Members At least Rank 10 Ships in multiple factions with full synergy. We do queue for Tournaments, SQ (Sector Conquest, Dreadnought), and sometimes SpecOps, too, but only if there is interest (no schedules). Expected veterancy average (if you want to apply as unknown player): 2k pvp battles, >= 1.1 w/l, 2.5 kill average, 4 assist average. We do however not overemphasize looking on stats. Teamspeak Presence. Especially in a team game. Initiative. You can also come with friends, and play your own squads; Dedication; Real Life comes first. Some notes of warning We rather have you couple times a week for years, than daily for two weeks until you burn out. We have no age restriction, but our age group is rather mature. We like to be relaxed, sit on trees and watch mice. We are Owls. We are friendly to casuals, but reserve the right to remove members who are inactive more than 90 days ingame, if they do not give feedback about their absence. On the other hand, we remove members who seem to expect more than we can offer for their own benefit. We try to keep active and involved members in the corp for at least half a year in case of absence. Once you know you are an owl, you stay an owl. You don't have to be an owl, to be around with us. Don't take it too personally, if someone has an inquiry about your teamspeak behaviour, but do take it seriously. People who show they adapt to the family, will have the family adapt to them. We are also preparing to be present in Star Citizen, and other games. ~*~ You want to become an Owl? Interested in more information? Drop a PM to me or join TeamSpeak. Or simply write into this thread.