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  1. Really?! For one heating period gun can make 13 shots. In your calculation there are 26 shots, therefore, cooling period included also.
  2. I understood You calculate firerate for full cicle of heating-cooling. But it's a mistake: firerate is a property of weapon and cooling interval mustn't consider for firerate calculation.
  3. Octopus + Neuroaccelerator 'Ant' ( aka R11-2 ) 16:59:27.786 CMBT | Rocket detonation 1852, owner 'TaylorKobb', def 'Weapon_Nanobots_Cloud_T5_Mk1', reason 'hit' 16:59:28.167 CMBT | Rocket detonation 1854, owner 'TaylorKobb', def 'Weapon_Nanobots_Cloud_T5_Mk1', reason 'hit' 16:59:28.540 CMBT | Rocket detonation 1868, owner 'TaylorKobb', def 'Weapon_Nanobots_Cloud_T5_Mk1', reason 'hit' 16:59:28.916 CMBT | Rocket detonation 1882, owner 'TaylorKobb', def 'Weapon_Nanobots_Cloud_T5_Mk1', reason 'hit' 16:59:29.270 CMBT | Rocket detonation 1884, owner 'TaylorKobb', def 'Weapon_Nanobots_Cloud_T5_Mk1', reason 'hit' 16:59:29.650 CMBT | Rocket detonation 1887, owner 'TaylorKobb', def 'Weapon_Nanobots_Cloud_T5_Mk1', reason 'hit' 16:59:30.017 CMBT | Rocket detonation 1889, owner 'TaylorKobb', def 'Weapon_Nanobots_Cloud_T5_Mk1', reason 'hit' 16:59:30.396 CMBT | Rocket detonation 1891, owner 'TaylorKobb', def 'Weapon_Nanobots_Cloud_T5_Mk1', reason 'hit' 16:59:30.779 CMBT | Rocket detonation 1893, owner 'TaylorKobb', def 'Weapon_Nanobots_Cloud_T5_Mk1', reason 'hit' 16:59:31.146 CMBT | Rocket detonation 1895, owner 'TaylorKobb', def 'Weapon_Nanobots_Cloud_T5_Mk1', reason 'hit' 16:59:31.528 CMBT | Rocket detonation 1898, owner 'TaylorKobb', def 'Weapon_Nanobots_Cloud_T5_Mk1', reason 'hit' 16:59:31.898 CMBT | Rocket detonation 1900, owner 'TaylorKobb', def 'Weapon_Nanobots_Cloud_T5_Mk1', reason 'hit' time interval = 16:59:31.898 - 16:59:27.768 = 4.13 s fpm = 12 / 4.13 * 60 = 174.3 shots per minute In weapon description: 173 shots per minute Deviation is 1.3 spm. I don't see a bug
  4. Well, if I can't understand English text there are lot of peoples who can help me, no problems I saw it. Also, I tried repeat issue in SC workversion. But ... I can't do it, issue didn't repeating. Most probably, bug already fixed. So I ask you repeat it after next update.
  5. 0075812
  6. Read this please
  7. Unable to reproduce. Try repeat after the next update.
  8. What is ship you used for test fire rate of 'Eclipse Launcher' ?
  9. Give me please screenshots with examples of bugs of implants
  10. logs + screenshots needed also would be well if you check your connection and post results here
  11. Not a bug, we know and monitor the matchmaker.
  12. We don't planning making 'emergency' modules depend of ECM modules yet
  13. Please, if issue repeat, post game.logs and screenshot for issue
  14. Can you write step-by-step manual for reproduce issue?
  15. No logs, flood only
  16. Logs needed anyway, anytime. Even if they are not needed.
  17. 0075545
  18. 0075538
  19. Yes, it's a double
  20. may be that way, may be other way... don't important, I think
  21. Post screenshot please
  22. Please, make more full bugreport: quest name, date, time, logs for this period
  23. Are there game logs for this date?