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  1. 0078648
  2. Post your DxDiag, please
  3. Please, contact to support team - sign in needed!
  4. WinMTR's results needed also. At next time, if repeated, do this test.
  5. we can't reproduce it, but, there is ticket in our bugtracker 0059889
  6. No, as rule, like it bugs don't depend of windows version
  7. bug

    Lag's cause into the Internet, betwen your and our routers.
  8. Unable to reproduce. May be fixed in next update
  9. Crashed in igdumd32.dll. Try to reinstall Intel graphics drivers.
  10. Anyway, at first step we must exclude internet as cause of connection problem.
  11. Use WinMTR for check your internrt connection and post results
  12. 0078219
  13. squads

    Please write step-by-step action chain for reproduce this issue
  14. Please, put WinMTR to script folder and try to repeat issue
  15. game log needed
  16. It's iridium for your corporation only. If you aren't member of corporation, you must ignore this mission.
  17. Not a bug. You should follow to cloud.