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  1. Or be like Milf and don't add/remove anything. Dev need to contact me and fix this too.
  2. not under my watch!
  3. I have an OCD on my total ship destroyed number and winrt in my sig, but then I can't fix it since I already uninstalled the game.
  4. Later that day after battle.
  5. Ah that explained it, glad that you can't have both module equipped, thanks for the clarification.
  6. Ellydium fighter Thar'Ga is getting a new active module ‘Reflected fury’ It removes all negative effects and grants invulnerability. Deals damage to all enemies, who lock the player's ship as their target. Damage ignores shields. Very bad idea, @CinnamonFake see video below why invulnerability is bad when combined with energy converter. If this module still get implemented, I can post a video afterward to show dev how I can instant pop a destroyer captain outside survival mode.
  7. One reason trade tax is there to discourage player from transferring equipment, items or currency to another account, let that be your alternate account, your friend, etc. For example, say I have 100k gold standards and want to transfer some to my alts, or I have an orange weapon made with Xenocrystal and want to transfer it to my alt, all I have to do is put it up on trade and buy it with my alt, therefore causing a free transfer without penalty. Now that there's a 10% tax, I would lose 10% gold standards every time I complete a transfer. @CinnamonFake How soon can devs implement monitoring system to punish abuser from trade system? I know there are shady player out there may have the intention to sell equipment/items for irl money. For example, player nub want to buy 10k gold from player ace with a price cheaper than official price, so nub put a junk up for trade for 10k gold asking price, player ace buy the junk and complete the transfer, and player nub wires the money to player ace with Paypal.
  8. Still no nerf on Thar'kth projectile speed...
  9. Path of Exile, Diablo alike game but MUCH better. I've been playing it before it go on Steam, in fact it's f2p to a point where the game doesn't even have in-game currency. If you think Thar'ga skill tree is too simple, try this game. Dungeons & Dragons online, again I played for years and not a single dime spent, became one of the top players in US server. If you think 4 active module are too less to play with, try this game. I'm sure there are more but these two MMOs I have personal experiences in it.
  10. Agree, you don't have to pay anything but time and electricity bill, just farm daily Xenocrystals and loyalty to get OP modules on Thar'ga. There's no cash exclusive weapon or module that gives anything more rather than just 3% synergy buff. An example of P2W model would be Thar'ga can only be bought with $20 alien DLC bundle on steam or on offical website cash shop and cannot be acquired with gold standards.
  11. Thar'ga will get balanced when other alien ships are introduced, and I believe non-alien ship class will slowly fade out as more alien ships rolls out, and Thar'ga won't be the only alien ship that can teleport and hull regen.
  12. Implement credit/synergy penalty system. Depends on your ship rank, you lose 50k credit and 1000 free synergy for r1 and 750k credit and 15k free synergy for r15 for each abandoned battle, and goes up 100% for each repeated offense until you properly finishes a a battle. For example, You would lose a total of 41.25m credit and 825k free synergy if you abandon battle 10 times in a row on a r15 ship. This only apply if your status is "disconnected" when battle ends. In other words, if you accidentally disconnect due to power surge or ISP hiccup, you still have a chance to get in battle before it ends.
  13. Fixed.
  14. tharga

    I would rather have 0 shield and 50% more hull, those are completely useless modules that take up space.
  15. When Alien cov ops roll out and there will be this topic all over again, an alien intie that has massive DPS, 200+ rotation, and constant regen to full hull with Matter Absorber hull.
  16. pink tag

    I got tired so I rarely play now, 20 min per day for OS and purple loot and another 1 hour per week for 15 pve Xenocrystal mission.
  17. Meanwhile I'm busy spawn farming in another universe