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  1. Woah technology! Btw waz is a slang term for urinating...
  2. Never mess with league tournament champion!
  3. There, fixed it for you.
  4. Bring it, We have Katyusha with dual wield PPSh-41.
  5. I don't use in-game portrait they suck. Would pay 10k gold standards in a heartbeat for custom portrait, through approval process. Not everyone is willing to pay that much so shouldn't take much time to scan them through. Some MMORPG games even let you design and upload your own image to decorate your flag and house.
  6. Ppl still fly Thar'ga these days :P?
  7. Pure yuri, no male involved
  8. This is from Urara Meirocho, just watched it recently, good anime all females
  9. Why play PVP when you can have 100% win chance in SCL Fast, efficient way to farm daily xenocrystals + monocrystals.