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  1. I'm more sick of a guard than a Thar'Ga now, killing any guard inside a frigball is a pain.
  2. God mode timer is also increased to 15s-18s ish, now I can spawn, get to a beacon and not doing anything to draw fire for 10s without getting damaged, fun tactic.
  3. It's a good start, still manage to spawn farm due to combat reconstructor, this this module need further nerf, sometime like 50% heal and 5s activation would be fair. However now guards have been buffed, do need to watch out for guard+tackler combination, double slow is dangerous in open areas.
  4. I think they did nerf it during this patch...
  5. Thar'ga still need more nerf, especially for the kinetic weapon and other modules.
  6. Good contest as always but prize should be gold standards to draw more participants. You get xenocrystals daily now and it's a never ending quest like monos
  7. Better yet, can even try win a survival game without firing weapon (after the first ship, 4 instantly popped). I'm glad the Crystal Hunger and FreeHullHeal get reworked, still op at this moment.
  8. The problem is mid-join, when you first get a 4vs4 in captain match, the most skilled pilots from the 4 pilots may be okay if game is 4vs4. Then suddenly 8 more pilots have much higher skill popped in the battle and don't get the option to be captain, and they can eliminate enemy captain with ease. I suggest enemy captain is picked after 2 or 3 minutes into the game, and captain effect (75% dmg, no respawn) will take effect 1 minute after. This way all pilots on the battlefield get a chance to be captain, and also make spawn farm much harder. When a good Thar'ga pilot become captain in the beginning vs randoms, the game will be pve in just under a minute.
  9. Hey at least you can enjoy the daily login bonus and free items from time to time.
  10. But 12vs12 is the only way to stop good Tharga players from spawn farm, yet sometimes it still won't work and your whole team get 0 points. Then there's sometimes when your entire team is Tharga except for one. Imagine a 12vs12 battle and enemy team is begging you to kill their captain to end their suffering.
  11. Isn't that how search works?
  12. I get THUD medal sometimes even below 700m/s, like surfing a flat wall.
  13. Bored with OP kinetic weapon, decided to try laser, was not disappointed. Also surprised by how many players don't have eb equipped.
  14. I have leftovers, trade your xeno for my Fighter cabins.
  15. Torp... you mean instant heal capsule ?
  16. It's not like I like you or anything, mistake happens.
  17. Why fly Thar'ga when you can fly Owl'ga.
  18. Yea, I can't remember the last time 2 players are able to spawn farm pure randoms nearly every single game. Thar'ga need more nerf.
  19. Thar'ga still op and need more nerf, still 700m/s after patch, hit and run just fine...
  20. Pretty please? Still 700m/s after the patch .-.
  21. I already know which team is going to win.
  22. The short term fix is to get rid of 2 man squad vs randoms completely, they fixed the 3 man squad vs randoms recently so I don't know what's holding them back, feel like playing fruit ninja in most games...
  23. I suggest to get rid of 2 man squad vs randoms completely. Farming randoms at spawn is usually how it goes these days, even in survival games can be as short as in 1 minutes for 50 vs 50 match.
  24. If that's the case, Thar'ganam flashback...
  25. Right now, destroyer usually die in 1-2 hit in survival from fully tweaked Thar'ga, normal mode won't last more than 10 seconds.
  26. tharga

    Just use the kinetic cannon weapon, there's a reason why it's OP and get nerfed but still OP.
  27. My eyes are not what they used to be... edited: 1st: LittleChara 2nd Kyuugeki 3rd SynaPse, 4th Swifter or LOSNAR. I would put myself on 3rd at most.
  28. He would be 2nd if registered but I don't see his name on RU forum.
  29. On 1:1 no, I bet 1st LittleChara, 2nd SynaPse, 3rd Swifter, 4th LOSNAR. We shall see.
  30. Nerf Thar'ga more at the same time please? It's still too powerful at current state, there's nothing to stop two good Thar'ga pilot to farm randoms spawn point.
  31. Keep in mind that this fits all Alien ships not just Thar'ga exclusive. Now imagine teleporting destroyer and tackler. Next year the entire pvp match will be alien ships jumping around.
  32. I'm Star Conflict US player Milfeulle and here I will post my videos majorly for Thar'ga on Russian server with around 160 ping. My play style for Thar'ga is maximized DPS and yolo spawn farm. I hope these videos will raise awareness of how powerful Thar'ga currently is and push devs to nerf this ship in upcoming patch.